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DENVER Col Nov 24 A co-opera-tie
colony for consumptives planned to
be self supporting In which patients in
the first stages of the disease can livo
In tents and work outdoors in the dry
health Firing air of Colorado has made
a start In a ten acre tract of frjit land
near Darnum It Is backed by several
men prominent In business in this city
and about twenty physicians of hish
standing are watching the experiment
with interest
If It is a success the colony will oho
the biggest problem that the sanitariums
of this State hae to face and it will
probably save the lives of thousands of
men from all over the country who dis
cocr the disease while it is still In an
Incipient stage but cannot afford to come
lo Colorado and remain here In idleness
Iiiiiplnj mrnt the Problem
The great problem with the majority
of consumptives who tome here is how to
stay in Colorado and to support them
selves by some healthful occupation dur
ing the long period In which the wasted
lung tissues are repairing In the moun
tain air
Hundreds come here each year effect
a partial cure and then because their
money has given out und they cannot
uffxrd to live any longer without work
ing return to their old homes and un
fcealthful occupntiens only to succumb to
the disease In a tew months Hundreds
more go to work here in offices and stores
with the result that they derive little
benefit from their change of home and
only succeed In deaving the end for a
little while
Tor these two classes of patients the
colony is founded It has been Incorpo
rat d as the Rocky Mountain Independent
Sanitarium Its present quarters are
oniv temporary Thty would not give the
colony a chance to expand and the dream
of its directors is to see it occupying
about 2000 acres self supportinc and in
dependent of outside labor
Chnrlty ot the Ilasli
It is not a charitable institution nor is
It a money making concern Its constitu
tion is framed with a view to prevent it
from becoming the latter
It has been started and got under way
- by a few local business men as their con-
trlbution toward solving the tuberculosis
problem and their idea Is simply to help
consumptives to help themselves
Onl patients who can do outdoor work
or have money enough to pay for their
r iard for the present and are likely to be
able to join the able bodied workers before
tha money is spent will be accepted at
this time They will have a good medical
treatment but it Is upon the outdoor life
that the principal reliance is placed to ef
fect a cure
To ensure the patients being In the open
air all the lime they will sleep in tent3
nnd will een eat their meals outdoors
This Is the plan followed in the temporary
quarters at Barnum and the results have
be n most satisfactory
Tuciii CoiiHUUiiiti en Tlicrc
There are now about twenty consump
t ts there Among them are a carpenter
and a shoemaker but the majority find
work on the fruit lands which now corn
in se the homes territory
The Institution will stay near Barnum
until next spring Hen It will seek larger
quarters When it Is well established it
Is expected to make it capable of living
entirely by Itself its inmates suppljing
ail its wants The Idea is that men of all
trades will go there and ply their trades
si that the home will not need to buy
n tch of anything but materials
Even in the winter the patients will con
tinue the tent life That is the pivot on
which the whole system hangs
Some of the present patients have been
at the sanitarium for about six weeks and
hey find that their condition has been
very perceptibly Improved by the life
outdoors They say that it Is uncomfort
able to go Into heated rooms since their
lungs became accustomed to the cold air
War ure the Superintendent
The tuperintendent of the colony Is a
convalescent consumptive She Is Miss
Margaret S Dunne- In the war with Spain
sdie served in Cuba as a nurse and at the
close of the fighting she was put in charge
of the officers ward In the military hospi
tal In Havana There her health gave way
and she came to Colorado
She is tryln to found auxiliary branch
er of the home in the East with a view
to interesting philanthropic institutions
throughout the country in it before It
launches out on a more extended scale
The laud it will take will be used princi
pally for fruit cultivation as that gives
the best field for labor but some of it
Till be grain and pasture land
II the experiment continues to fulfill the
promise with which it has opened there
arc plenty of phjsiclans ready to encour
age it anil It will have the most modern
and complete medical equipment that It is
potiblc to obtain
lj itehiiiK follow u Crime In Vmler
non mint y C
COLUMBIA S C Nov 24 Late to
il iht news was received of the lynching
1 ndcroa County today of an unknown
ji sro
Yesterday afternoon the man went to
il e home of Mrs lerry Craft and asked
f r something to eat
Vvhen she turned to get him a plate of
f d he shot her through the back iu
1 ing a fatal wound
An Ment itrnctetl from Them hy
uuii Who lont Aeeil the lnetv
V e have more than twice told the
i ctder of the fact that he or she may
perhaps easily discover the cause of the
i lly ill feeling and the experiment is
not difficult to make
But there are readers who think truths
a e for ome oue else and not for tliem
i elves
Pome day the oft told tacrSvill flash
upon us as applicable when the knoul
i tfi comes home that day after day of
Ininnvcnitnee and perhaps of suffering
It is been endured the cause not being
r Ognlzed or believed although we may
Ijve ben told of the cause many times
m r but never believed It applied to us
It would startle a perton to know
how many people suffer because they
ii lig themselves dally with coffee We re
fcat It it Is a rowerful drug and so af
fects the delicate nervous system that
license may appear In any part of the
body all parts bclnc dependent for health
-ii a healthy nervous svstem
itellef from coffee for thirty dais has
rured thouandg of people who never sus
pected the cause of their troubles
The use of Postum Food Coffee Is of
K e t benefit to such as It goes to work
directly to rebuild the delicate cell struc
tures from the elements nature selects
for the work Relief ficm a heavy drug
ftnd the taklii of proper nourishment is
the true and only permanent method
The Ceriiinn Mili Ilolllirk Driven
Aftlmre eiir I m llrnneli
LONG BRANCH Nov 24 The large
three masted ship which was in distress
dent to her rudder went ashore about the
same time as the ship at Long Branch
and was smashed into kindling wood
against the iron pier the pier itself be
ing demolished later by the waves
All of the crew of the tug except the
mate were rescued in the nick of time by
some volunteer life savers The mate
was washed overboard but managed to
swim to the beach
The Flottbek left Plymouth October 3
and had good weather until some hour3
after she passed Barnegat on Saturday
morning When off Barnegat the tug Rob
ert Haddon came up and offered to tow
the ship into New York for 5150 but the
captain refused the offer
Captain Zlngier sajs it began to blow
hard soon after When the wind shifted
to northeast it began to blow a gale The
sails were reefed but when 4 oclock came
the German skipper made up his mind to
accent the offer of the tug Signals were
made which tho Haddon promptly an
swered and then an attempt was made to
put one of the ships hawsers aboard the
The hawser w as too heavy to manage in
the heavy sea and a lighter one was
strung from the tug to tho ship After
half an hours towing in the teeth of the
gale the tugs rud ier was unshipped by
fouling wih a shad pole
Captain Stark signaled that he was dis
abled and Captain Zlngier let go his
anchors About 1030 they began to drag
and the big ship drifted broadside toward
the sho e Captain Zingier as soon as he
saw that the anchors had parted ordered
bombs and red lights to be set off In
setting oie of them off himself it ex
ploded and the captain was severely
burned about the face
The life avlng corps la charge of Cap
tain Mulligan saw her signals of distress
so that whea the ship was about 700 yards
off the beach an attempt was mado to
throw a line across the vessel Finally
on the fourth attempt when the ship was
about 300 yards off shore the life sav
ing crew managed to get a line over the
vessel that those en board could see and
the breeches buay was then quickly rig
ged and all were taken off safely
When the tide receded this morning the
Flottbek was left high and dry on the
sand It Is believed she can be saved
Captain Zingier expects to have wreckers
at work on her tomorrow
Latest Addition tu Iliilldlnci in Acvr
Vorlc Zoo
NEW YORK Nov 21 The latest addi
tion to the buildings In the New York
Zoological Park is the Primates House
which will be completed and ready for the
reception of the animals about December
1 It is tio first of the series of large
buildings for tropical and sub tropical
animals It will undoubtedly be known
as the Monkey House although Its of
ficial crme for the sake of scientific
accuracy will be Primates House In
explanation of thi3 term William D Horn
aday the director of tho park says
Primates is the name of the zoological
order which Includes the apes babooes
monkeys and lemurs Possibly until the
new word becomes well known and estab
lished the building will be popularly
known as the Monkey House Meanwhile
the inscription in cut stone over each
doorvay will serve as a perpetual remind
er that the great apes the gibbons and
the baboons are net monkeys any mora
than horses and burros The comprehen
sive accuracy of primates is worth to the
public all it will cost to bring the word
into general tse
The building like all the others in tho
group is one story high the material
being buff brick grey granite Indiana
limestone grey terra cola red slate and
copper It is 162 feet long and 74 feet
at Its greatest width including the out
aide tages which have a maximum width
of 24 feet
The collection which will be placed In
the houie consists of 103 specimens rep
leseutlng thirty four species For the ac
commodation of these animals and those
which will be added to the collection
there arc cages of various sizes and styles
including one jungle cage arranged to rep
resent a tropical grove
The south hail of the house will be oc
cupied exclusively by the monkeB of the
New World The main hall will be given
over to the baboons monkeys and lemurs
of the Old World The north hall will be
occupied by anthropoid apes orang cu
tanea chimpanzees gibbons and goril
las The ground plan and cage arrange
ment of the Primates House were de
signed by Mr Hornaday In 1S95 and the
aichilcctural work was done by Helns
La Iarge The terra cotta ornaments
winch were modeled after studies mado In
the Zoological Park are by A P Proc
tor The total cost of tho building is
In the current number of the Zoologi
cal Society Bulletin which is a hand
somely illustrated pamphlet devoted to
the intercuts of the society reference is
made to the odious nicknames often ap
plied to the Zoological Park Tho officials
of the park know that it will be a long
time before the public will adopt the
name Primates House for tbo new build
ing but they see no good reason why the
good name New York Zoological Park
should be displaced by such nicknames as
Zoo Zoological Oarden Bronx
Zoological Garden or Bronx Park Zoo
Zoo says the Bulletin Is a term
for small and Inexpensive collections and
despite tho pernicious example of the peo
ple of London no well equipped zoological
gardtn should be called a zoo any more
than a clipper shp should be called a
Ireslilent Itiionevclt Cheered
trlct Anvul llnttnllnn
While steaming down the Potomac yes
terday near Quantico thirty members of
the District of Columbia Naval Battalion
on board the Oneida passed tho Sylph
coming up lo this city with President
Roosevelt and party on board For the
purpose of drill and exercise Lieutenant
Brummctl and Lieutenant Dcmpf took the
sailors out for a cruise The Oneida left
tho city about S oclock in the morning
and returned shortly after 6 oclock last
As the boat bearing the sailor boys
passed the Slph there were three rous
ing cheers for President Roosevelt and
the colors of the United Stales were low
ered In salute The President stood at
the bow of the Sylph and gracefully ac
knowledged the salute doffing his hat
The Oneida then proceeded on Its way
ilown the river some distance On the re
turn trip a series of maneuvres were un
dertaken by the crew
off here last night went ashore early this QUESTION RAISED IN THE COURTS
iiiuiuiui uiiHtii iiuijiiiuuiii 11114
Long Branch and is now high and dry on
tbo sand
She turned out to be the Flottbek of
Hamburg a steel ship of 1971 tons bound
from ris mouth England for New York
with a cargo of china clay and arsenic
and carrying a crew of twentj four mn
including Capt Leo Zingier and a mate
All of the crew were rescued by the
breeches buoy after the hardest kind of
work oil the Dart of the lire savcrs
The tug Robert Haddon which was tow
ing the Flottbek when the storm came
up but which had to cast her adrift by
being disabled herself through an acci
uf Mime Hue in CltlxeiiM
Under Contrnet I emit tit Attluu
in lh Ilfifleliili iu Anxiety
un tu Result
courts of Pennsylvania will soon be called
upon to settle a case which willluive an
Important bearing not only on possible
future litigation but upon public work
of all kinds inasmuch as it will define the
rights of aliens notwithstanding acts of
Assembly and ordinances of councils pro-
vidiug that no laborers but citizens shall
be employed on public work within tho
Commonwealth or city
The question of the unconstitutionality
of these acts has been raised by Eugene
Raymond who as counsel for the city of
Philadelphia to tho use of Joseph MacFar
land assigtee of twenty nine Italian la
borers has brought suit against the Union
Surety ami Guaranty Company the bonds
men of James McLinden who it is
charged defaulted in tho payment of
wages to the aforesaid tvventj nlne Ital
ipn laborers Under the ordinance of
councils when a city contract is entered
into the contractor must execute a penal
bond for each contract respectively that
he will promptly make pajment to all per
sons suppljing him with labor Tho ordi
nance further provides that in case of de
fault in payment for tho said labor or
materials persons wishing to suo for such
default may procure a certified copy of
the contract and bond and shall be au
thorized to bring suit in the name of the
city of Philadelphia for his or their use
That is what has been done in this suit
Demand for Ill me lit Refused
In his statement of the suit filed in
court Mr Raymonds client sets forth
that McLinden v ho had been engaged on
the grading of Stenton Avenue and Wy
oming Avenue having refused payment of
the claims a demand was made on the
surety company which was refused on
the ground that a balance of the funds
appropriated by councils for this work
remained unexpended and should be ap
plied by the citj for the payment of these
claims The defendants also filed an affi
davit of defence in which they set up
mat the assignee nor any
of the assignors had furnished any labor
and materials and that the assignors
were only general laborers that only
citizens of the United States could be
protected by such bond as by the act of
Assembly of 1S93 none but citizen of the
United States were entitled to be cm
plovcd as laborers workmen or contrac
tors upon the work in question
Act of Council Involved
In fact while the defendant alBo claims
that it demanded from the city the money
it then had on hand and which was due
said McLinden to be applied to the pay
ment of said claims and that the city
declined and paid the money to McLin
den the real Interest In the case centres
on the act of Assembly and ordinance of
counciU whereby the assignors or Ital
ian laborers who seek to recover their
wages are barred from collecting Inas
much as they are aliens and not citizens
of the United States In support of this
claim they set forth the art of Assembly
of June 25 1893 which provides that none
but a citizen of the United States shall be
employed on public works provided it
does not apply to work paid for in part
from payment of assessments and which
requires a stipulation in the rontract to
that effect by tho contractor The ordi
nance of councils of December 1696 pro
vides practically the same as the act of
Assembl with an additional clause fix
ing a penalty of to per day for every alien
so employed by a public works contractor
Lawyer Raymond has taken the broad
stand that such defence is invalid Inas
much as such laws while they may have
been well meant are unconstitutional
and In fact have been so declared by the
United States statutes and courts There
fore he has gone into court with a rule
for Judgment for want of a sufficient affi
davit of defence
Victim of fen vnjee Trentnient Mnklne
Untler lneuniunla
Pneumonia Is playing a final card In the
case of Edward Herzog oyster dredger a
patient at the Emergency Hospital aud a
victim of unknown human brutes far
down the river or in Chesapeake Bay It
Is now feared Herzog will die His in
juries are of a most serioui nature
Some ten days or more ago Herzog suf
fered murderous treatment at the hands
of oyster dredgers being beaten almost
to death then placed on a redbot stove
and finally towed ashore and abandoned
by his assailants He was left for dead
This wa3 at midnight and it was hours
afterward before tho unfortunate man was
picked up and cared for by the crew of
another boat Then he was brought to
this city and he has since been lying at
the point of death in a hospital war
On a report of the case being made to
the police steps were taken to capture
and Identify the assailants of Herzog
Nothing has yet been accomplished in this
direction Capt James Herbert and Mate
Russell of the schooner Beware now ly
ing at a wharf in Southwest Washington
1 ave reported to the police that they heard
cries of murder while olf Lower Mach
odoc Point on the ver night Herzog was
beaten The Virginia authorities have
been commuuicated with and arc trlng
to learn something of the identity of the
Both iclinii uf Uremlii mid Vlun
3ln Iteeover
Husband ill wife dead at the Emer
gency Hospital Henry Jackson negro
aged sixty suffering from uremia is the
husband whose wife lies dead in the
morgue room of the hospital She was
also a victim of uremia and died yester
day about noon Jackson has a chance
for recovery
The couple live at 207 I Street south
west Jackson suffered an attack on the
night of November 22 from what was
supposed to be a fit He was taken to
the hospital in the ambulance which the
police summoned
Saturday afternoon his wife who had
been 111 for some time was also removed
to the Institution The physicians say
both were victims of the same malady
The body of the woman liar yet to be
cared for bv lelaltves or friends She
was fifty eight years old
Fire Cnnnril li Defective ilue
About 4 oclock vesterday afternoon
tire was in the residence of
George W Tiirnburke at 402 P Street
northwest Gen George II Harries liv
ing at 401 P Street turned In a local
alarm and several engine compjnlcs re
sponded The lire was caused by a defec
tive flue In a rear parlor of the house An
opfn grate flro had been made and the
defection In the flue started a blaze In
Hie chimney There was practically no
damage done by tho blaze
Hoods Pills
nil a and bet
ter results than any oilier 1aiy to
take easy to operate AlldriikjuMs 25 cents
or by mail of C I Hood Co Lowell Mass
Compnny Tunneil to Oiiernte in
RICHMOND Va Nov 24 A company
las been formed in this city with the
purpose of developing the oil lands of
southwestern Virginia ami as strange as
it may seem the man whowroto the fa
mous Chimmlc redden stories and who
has turned out several novels and plays
recently Is in part responsible for this
new movement of Richmond capital
Edward W Townsend the author and
piajw right has been In the city for a
week and has undsrtaken for his brother
of tho lirra of Townsend Reed of Chi
cago tho task of looking up oil prospects
in the Old Dominion and organizing a
company to work them
Mr Townsend expects to leave the city
some time next week He came here pri
marily to get a rest Just having finished
a new novel but his brother heard of his
presence in Virginia and being something
of a capitalist himself begged him to
look over the field and buy up a few thou
sand acres of Virginia land where oil was
likely to be fqund
Ileforo I pot into the newspaper busi
ness and Ions befcre I became a novelist
and magazine writer he said I was a
civil engineer You see I have something
real worihy in my past
My brother has been to Richmond and
advised me in fact that there was no
spot on earth where a man could find so
much delightful recreation as here I came
and I am now trying to get down to the
task of writing him a letter a brotherly
letter telling him that he was right He
came here to try to get the franchise for
the electric railroad to Petersburg and got
left But he stayed over for awhile and
has never forgotten Richmond
hen I came ho asked me to look over
the land In southwestern Virginia and I
have done so and wo think there is oil
there We have taken ail the necessary
steps lo form the company here and I
have just turned the matter over to a
lawjer who will see that ever thing is
iione according to the formulas necessary
The company has been formed and we
will develop many acres of Virginia land
Into oil fields Things look very promis
Peculiar KlTcct of n Stub Wound
Aenr n AeruM iyplnc
The surgeons at the Homeopathic Hos
pital hI a peculiar case to deal with yes
terday when Ernest Strothcrs a colored
man twenty three years old was taken
there for a peculiar aliment
The negro engaged In a street brawl J
with Richard Goodall another colored
man on Saturday night During the fight
Goodall stabbed Strothers in the back of
the neck with a largo penknife Strothers
was taken to the hospital in a police pa
trol wagon
An examination by the surgeons de
veloped that he had merely sustained a
deep gash in the neck After having the
wound dressed he was taken to the Sec
ond precinct aad locked up
Yesterday morning when tho turnkey
was making the regular rounds Strothers
complained of a peculiar sensation all
down the left side ofhis Lody and stated
that at times there was practically no
feeling there at all It was found that
the negro could not more a muscle on
that side of his body -
He was again taken to the Homeopathic
Hospital The surgeons raade a hasty ex
amination and at flrsc thought that the
man was shamming No particular at
tention was paid to 111m After a further
examination it was atsccvercd that tha
man waa apparently entirely paraljzed
on the left side of his body All the mus
cles irom the shoulder doivn to his toes
were completely motionless and could tot
be moved
The burgeons were not quite
that the man wa3 not faking As a last
resort they decided to sent a number of
volts of electricity through the mans
liorty This was tried several times but
with no result The arm or leg could not
be moved
There are no apartments at tho Homeo
pathic Hospital for colored patients and
he was sent to Frcedmans He refused
to enter the institution and begged to be
taken to his home This request was
The doctors at the Homeopathic Hos
pital declare that tho man was very muili
Intoxicated when he was taken to the
hospital Smurday nighU They could not
fay be man had been paralyzed
by falling t ihe ground and striking his
head or wtjther It was caused by the
knife wound The knife entered Just to
the right of the backbone and may have
penetrated to the spinal cord The sur
geons declare that it is very rare for a
knife wound of the nature of Strothers
to cause paralysis The man was resting
quietly at his home last night
Richard Goodall the man who stabbed
Strothers escaped after the fight Satur
day night He was caught yesterday af
ternoon by Policeman Smith and locked
up at the Second precinct station to
await the result of Strothera Injury
Ileiilh of Heur WnlLrr mi Old Rest
dent of the City
The funeral services over the remains
of the late Henry Walker who died at
Previdcnce Hospital Saturday night as
the result of n fall from a rocking chair
at his home will take place from his
late residence 1133 Eighth Street north
west The Rev Dr Myer pastor of
Christ Church will officiate at the cere
monies which will be very brief In
tenrcnt will be mado at Rock Creek
Mr Walker was one of the oldest in
habitants of the District of Columbia
having recently celebrated his ninety
sixth birthday He was one of the best
known printers In the city and had work
ed at his trade of typesetting longer than
any man living in this city
He set type for the famous Eton Cir
cular which was used by Andrew Jack
son In ihc defence of a beautiful young
woman Tho practically broke up hl3 Cab
inet While working on this circular tho
printers were Ioiked up In one room to
keep the matter secret Mr Walker was
also foreman on the old Globe which
was published semi weekly a number of
years ago on a hand press
Mr Walker Is survived by three chil
dren Ida Slinms of New York who is
connected with the Roosevelt Hospital In
that city and Malcolm and John T Wal
Suspeeted of Home Menlliir
Sip en Thomas negro aged twcnly
five will to arraigned today in tho
Poll t urt charged wlAbrlnglng a
horse said to have been stolen Into tho
Dibtrlct of Columbia Policeman San
ford made the arrest It is his belief that
Thomas stole the horse from his father
or other near relative Thomas lived out
In Maryland and Siturdiy lie appeared In
this city with tho horse It is even said
lie offered the animal for sale All this Is
denied by the prisoner Young Thomas
dainis that ho was given the horse
It will be koo1 ncwa to the mothers o small
iliiMrin to Irani that croup can Lc pruentcd
Tin fli 1 man of the ducasc u hoarsened A day
or 1 j bfi rr Hie attack the child Ijeromrs Imirse
Tim H boon followed by a peculiar rough cough
lie luniberlatns Coujli liemedy freely as foon
an Hie ibiil 1m cornea Imu or even after the
miijli coiirIi appears and it will dUpel all ijnip
tniiLV of cimip In thu way all danger and
auxict may be avoided That is used
in ihia wa by many thousands of mothers and
lias never le known to fall R le In fact the
only remedy that can nlwaii be depended upon
iimI that la pleasant and ufe to take For sale
by llenrj lvans ttholeule and Retail All
Will Review Ilmg ABIllniit n Colored
Mini Chlirseil AVItli fl Hcliiou
OITener Wet Wenther
iluce Church Attenilunce
ALEXANDRIA Va Nov 21 Judge J
il Love of the Alexandria County Court
has summoned a special grand jury to
meet tomorrow in the courthouse on Fort
Myer Heights at 10 oclock for the
of investigating the case against
Samuel Thompson colored now confined
In the county Jail on the charge of an
attempted criminal assault upon Vlrgio
Smith also colored aged twelve years
If the prisoner is indicted his trial will
occur some time ihis week The prose
cution will bo conducted by Acting Com
monwealth Attorney James E Clements
So far Thompson has not secured counsel
although he has made an effort to do so
The alleged offence is said to have been
committed on a night in October The fol
lowing morning Thompson was arrested
on a warrant sworn out by the father of
the girl He was tnken before Magistrates
Birth and Moody and after being given a
preliminary hearing his case was referred
to the grand Jury Thompson Is about
twenty eight years of age
Owing to the inclemency of the weather
the services at the different churches
were but silmly attended The services
at the Second Presbjterlan Church were
conducted by the Rev A O Link of Stras
burg Va The first mass at St Marys
Catholic Church was celebrated by Rev
Tatber M J Ahem and the second inas3
by Rev Father H J Cutler The services
at the First Baptist Church were to
night conducted by the Rev Mr Bctts
of Washington The services at the Rail
road Reading Rooms were this afternoon
conducted by D I Slgourney of the The
ological Seminary The services at the
other churches were conducted by tho
resident pastors
So far the police have been unable to
locate William Mangle colored who last
night about 6 oclock shot Maf Hender
son also colored The shooting occurred
In Pollards Alley Just north of King
Street near Henry StrecL Mangle fired
two shots One of them entered the wo
mans hip and the other flew wide of its
mark The Henderson woman is doing as
well as could be expected Tho general
Impression among the police seems to be
that Mangle has left tho city A warrant
has been issued for his- arrest The Hen
derson woman did not make known the
particulars leading up to the shooting
CapL Charles W Kelly died at 11
oclock this morning at the residence of
his brother-in-law J P Forrest 223
Queen Street after a lingering illness
Atlantic City Hotel Sent Home
tu Ilia Planter
The aristocratic nnd discretionary hunt
ing dog that registered from Atlantic
City N J at an uptown hotel on Satur
day nght left Washington yesterday in
charge of a chaperon
He enjoyed but a brief stay at the Cap
ital returning last night to the city of
boarding houses in the land of the mos
quitoes to patrol the boardwalk beside
the bounding billows of t e broad At
Yesterday morning Lis host sent the
following despatth to the owner of the
canine Charles R Myers Hotel Rudolph
Atlantic City N Just arrived bird
dog wearing collar with your name in
scribed He has no baggage and could not
pay In advance He awaits your pleas
A reply was promptly received which
said- Hold the pup at my expense
Brother will call to conduct him home
Many thanks Charles R Myers
How the dog got here whether he beat
his way on railroad trains whether he
walked or swam is not known He had
no good cause for leaving home no do
mestic troubles or feline embarrassments
to tempt him to abandon his well kept
kennel and run away He left Atlantic
City about three days ago without saying
where he was going or when he would be
back It is surmised that being an ex
pert bird dog he might have pursued a
feathery creature all the way to Wash
ington before capturing his game or giv
ing up the chase
Wagging his caudal extremity In appre
ciation of the favors shown him at the
hotel he left for home on a late train
last nisht
Inrce lluul of Customers nnd
Liquor 31nde hy the Police
Sergeant Lyda and Policeman Turner
of the Second precinct planned a little
surprise party for Oscar Yates a colored
resident of Kings Court who has for sev
eral months past been running an unli
censed bar at his residence at 413 Kings
Court The neighbors near Yates house
have complained to the police of the Sec
ond precinct that the man was selling all
kinds of spirituous liquors in tho house on
Sundays and that quite a large number
of customers came to the house and left
very drunk
Yesterday morning the two policemen
went to the house fter waiting outside
for several moments and hearing the
clinking of glasses they rushed In on the
inmates of the place As soon as the oc
cupants of the house saw the bluecoats
they bolted for tho win lows and doors
and sought to mako their escape None
however got away and they were all
taken to the station housj
In tho houso weru found a number of
bottles of gin several eases of beer a
number of bottles of whisky and three
bottles of wine all of which were confis
cated by the policemen to be used as evi
dence against tho accused
lle Arrest Mmle hy the Police In
an Uptown Hotel
Plajers of the alluring game of poker
to the number of five wero arrested
early yesterday morning by the Tirst
precinct police pending Investigation
Afterward John II Jackson broker aged
twenty years was held on a chargo of
permitting gambling in a room at an up
town hotel while William C Duval Alex
ander Mclarland and William J Earle
tlciks were released Having been sum
mcued as witnesses against the accused
Subsequently Jackson gav o collateral In
tho sum of 100 and was released to
await trial
A raid by Sergeant Williams Police
men Catts Emmcrt and Carlston before
daylight yesterday resulted In the ar
rests Tho prisoners wero all found in
a room on tho fourth floor of tho hotel
It Is said they were orderly playing
quietly and studiously The ihips lay
upon tho table tho money rolled about
at Intervals and tho card3 wero shuffled
with a regular Btyle
A3 tho police entered there was a
jump for cover but all in the room were
rounded it and taken to the First pre
cinct station Thore they were search
ed being relieved of their valuables
Crorci Tasteless Chill Toaia cults lialaria
tr ss b n
ures ootis
Dear Sirs After reading your adver
tisement I bought a bottle of your whis
key which helped mo right away I am
now on my third bottle using It for con
sumption and I feel like a new man I
think if I had known of your whiskey when
I was at home in Chicago I would have
never come out here for my health ED
SCHUBARTH 103 Market St Denver
Col March 30 1901
Stopped HeninrrhnKen
Nashua City N If June 13 1901
Gentlemen It is with great pleasure
that I write to inform you that I have
used eight bottles of your Pure Malt
Whiskey I would not have been here to
day only for your wonderful medicine
I have used all kinds of medicine and
been under the care of doctors I have
had three severe attacks of grip and pneu
monia which have left me with a bad
cough and weak heart I am 67 years old
It has toned up my system and stopped
the hemorrhages and I cough but very
little I only regret that I did not know
of your whiskey before I cannot express
what it has done for mc I beg to re
main yours respectfully MRS II 0 AL
Gentlemen I commenced on your Duffy
Malt Whiskey last March and have been
faithful In taking it ever since I have
used one dozen bottles and am feeling
Letter My hemorrhages have almost
stopped and cough very much Improved
WILLIE D BALL No 718 N -First SL
Richmond Va September 11 1901
11 Venrn Old
Abraham E Elmer of 34 Spring Street
Body uf MeMnrrj Will lie Hurled nt
nin former Hume
William H Brennlng brother-in-law of
William McMurry former Treasury De
partment clerk dog fancier and racon
teur who died Friday at the Emergen y
Hospital left the city last night In charge
of the remains of his relative The body
of McMurry will be buried at Williams
port Pa his former home
Forty years ago McMurry first appeared
In Washington where he has long been a
unique character Thee he was young
fearless handsome He went to work In
the Government service Ills mamfer was
pleasing and he made many friends It
was not until he begai to drink that his
path led downward Excessive use of
liquor caused the loss of his position and
he had to find Dther fields of employment
From Government employ McMurry
ttirned to the rearing of dogs for a liveli
hood This he followed for years All
manner of dogs were his he trained and
then sold them In tho hotel lobbies of
the city In the saloons and other public
places he went about carrying his dog3
with 11m Some he led by a string some
he carried In his pockets and some he
held In his arms
In another peculiar way McMurry was
also known His method of rapid calcu
lation of figures was remarkable He was
titled by friends Lightning Calculator
On the subject of arithmetic and especial
ly In relation to his particular method of
calculation McMurry wrote two books
Ada Ilnrdy AVns Tired of Life
nnd Wnnted tu Die
While in a melancholy and despondent
mood Mrs Ada Hardy a young woman
residing at 1053 Warehouse Alley in
Georsetown made a fruitless attempt to
end her life shortly after 7 oclock last
night by drinking a small quantity of
laudanum Relatives of the unfortunate
woman saw her commit tho act and at
once summoned the police
She was removed immediately to the
Georgetown University Hospital in the
patrol wagon Upon arriving there Mrs
Hardy was unconscious and was at first
thought to be in a serious condition By
cnergetic work on the part of the sur
geons consciousness was restored It was
stated at a late hour last night that the
womans condition was greatly improved I
and there was ery little dangor of her
dying i
When asked by the surgeons as to why
cihM Tintl iwnllnwpd the laudanum Mrs
Hardy said she was tired of life and
wished to die The woman is married
and has two children and a husband all
of whom reside at the above number
Better for the lllond Tlian Samnim
For thost lirins In the malaria districts Crortl
Tasteless Cliiil Tonic
CINNIXGII M On Xovrmber 51 1001 L
I1KKT 1 CLNMNOII VSI of Clicrrydale Va
ascd tbirtj four viars
Funeral from Jit Olrret Church at 5 octotk
p in Monday ml
SCIlUCKhUS On Xovember 23 1901 at IluSTalo
v v nrnn w sr llt CKEUS
Kum ral from the residence ol hia Mer airs
John 11 Oberly E3 llirjland ATenue northeast
at 2 p m today ml
1HLY On SunJay November SI 1M1 at 8 30
a in JOHN J only son of John J ami Aane
Daly aRed twcnt five jcaia
funeral from his late residence 13G7 C Street
southwest Wednesday November 27 at 8 iO a
in Mass at St Dominics Relatives and friends
respectfully invited to attend mlJ 2
Utica N Y who 13 nearlng hU 120th
birthday says Duffys Pure Malt Whis
key is my only medicine It has pro
longed my life many years
Pnennionlir Cnreil
Gentlemen I had a Bevere case of pneu
monia last fall and have used about ona
dozen bottles of your whiskey to build me
up and find It docs what you claim for IL
Youra respectfully E PEDERSEV Ham
line Minn May 14 1901
Thousands of such testimonials arc re
ceived from patients who have been cured
by Duffys Pure Malt Whiskey
It cures consumption coughs colds
grip bronchitis catarrh and all diseases
of the throat and lungs It also cures
nervousness and Indigestion It gives
power to the brain strength and elastic
ity to the muscle and richness to the
blood It is a promoter of health and
longevity makes the old young keeps the
young strong It is absolutely pure and
contains no fusel oil
It will cure almost any case of con
sumption If taken in time
Over 7000 doctors prescribe It and 2000
hospitals use it exclusively
CAUTION When buying Duffys Pure
Malt Whiskey be sure you get the genuine
Unscrupulous persons mindful of the ex
cellence of this preparation are seeking
continually to put upon the market cheap
Imitations which far from relieving the
sick are positively harmful Remand
Duffys and be sure you get IL Look for
the trademark The Old Chemist on
our label
FREE If you are sick and run down write to the Medical Department DUFFY
MALT WHISKEY CO ROCHESTER N Y freely All correspondence in strictest
confidence It will cost nothing to learn how to regain health strength and vital
ity Medical booklet free
It is the only whiskey recognized by the Government as a medicine This Is a
guarantee All druggists and grocers or direct t a bottle
THE MEMBERS of Columbia Lodce No VS K
of P are requested to mwt at their Cutle Hall
la Penna are iw tins MONDAY EVEX11G
vT S OCI OCT P M to make ammjeincnta for
the tuncril of our late brother Robert L
II R PIDDLE Keeper Itcconb and Seal ml
THE Childrens Hwpital baa a deed of tnat on
it for twenty thousand dollars on which it If
pajing interest Help to pay it
St boarding and day school for frirls and jtmits
ladies primary commercial and college pre
paratory coutsea mcsit and art classes resumed
Monday September 1ft 1S01 for further particu
lars aihlres S1STEK 31 AUGUSTA Superior
I Specia for Thanksgiving
CLARET SOc full -gal bottle
SHERRY 73c full -gal bottle
PORT 75c full 4 gaI bottle
gaL bottle
ANGELICA 73c full H gal hottl
All the ingredients for eggnog and
614 i4ih St
lhone JIalu DOS
m4 4
Do You Eat
Meals 15c and 25c
811 F SL bet Sth and 3th Sts
The dressiest kind of Overccat3 In
the vcr latest cut and tailored
in our inimitable manner for a3
low as
505 307 Seventh St
delightfully pure VI 11 1
uluskev Uisiilled ex- S III I I
Jl lor icy trade vl u Hl
Edward J fjoinn 604 Pa Ave
C Main Store coner 7th ami E
Mreet Ttranchrs all over the city and
in all markets no20 tfem
Complete Homefurnlshers
KU W8 Seventh SL
Corner I Ere St
U DCSTA K litl a
CnilcrtnLer anil Unibalmer
Etertthinu strictly rit class on the moat rea
sonable term
Telephone call Main ZVL
Undertaker nnil Livery
SJ2 Penn Ave N TV Wsshlcetnn IX O-

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