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Not to Form a Proprietary
Company Yet
Will Soo tho Outcome of tho At
tacks on tho Northorn Securities
Concsrn Tho Directors of Ihreo
Railroads in Session
NEW YORK Nov 16 W K Vander
bilt attended meetings of the boards of
directors or three Vandcrbilt railroads in
tho Grand Central Station today and
with President IV II Newman Chair
man Chauncey M Derew and J Pierpont
Morgan discussed New York Central mat
ters in a meeting of the executive com
Only routine matters were considered
a member of the board said after the
meeting of this committee Some small
contracts were approved and others were
Mr Vandcrbilt said nothing about any
plan to form a proprietary company to
hold junior Vandcrbilt stocks and I de
cot Leliec such a proposition mill come
before our board for some time
Milijcct Aut Hrouclicfl
At a meeting of the directors cf the
New York Chicago and St Louis Rail
road Nickel Tlate President William II
Conniff and the other executive officers
were re elected Tho announcement ef a
financial policy that would take tho Nick
el Plate stocks out of the treasury of the
Lake Shore Railroad Company and put
them in the control of a new proprietary
company in such manner that the New
York Central stockholders who own tho
Lake Shore could realize the profit that
their equity Justifies was not made
Mr Vanderbilt declined to make any
statement regarding his plans or his pur
poses A man who should know said
There Is no possibility of any Vandcr
bilt plan of readjustment of junior securi
ties being made at this time The condi
tions are not propitious So long as any
uncertainty attaches to the floating of the
J4CO000OCO of stock of the Northern Se
curities Company there will be no
launching of a new Vandcrbilt scheme
It is true that the Vanderbilts own
many millions of railroad stocks which
are woni two and three times their cost
but until these stocks can be marketed
In a way that will meet the approval of
the public there Is not likely to be any
attempt at establishing a Vanderbilt pro
prietary company
3Ir Aanderbilt Self Cantnlnci
It is not possible for any associate or
subordinate of W K Vanderbilt to tell
wnat is going on in his mird He keeps
hts own counsel very closely and he never
declares his plans until they are ready for
immediate fulfillment He has not jet sug
gested any departure from present condi
-The Lake Shore directors re elected
M Depew chairman and did
nothing else of public interest so far as
Ife known There was no meeting of the
lljchigan Central directors- today but
there will be in the latter -part of next
month when the rate or uiTidmd be
Crippled Sihtcr nlil to Have Thrown
pc Aside Her CriilchcK
ITTSBURC Nov 26 In the name
of God and through the Intercession of
St Anne de Baupre I command you Sis
ter Mary Aldegonda of the Convent of
Mercy of Pittsburg to lay down your
crutches and walk
After the Very Rev Father Therielelr
of the Chapcd of St Anne de Baupre of
Quebec Canada Issued this command
Sister Mary Aldegonda who had been un
able to walk without the aid of crutches
for thirteen years laid them before the
shrine and placing her crippled foot on
the floor walked with a firm tread from
the chapel
Such is the remarkable story told by
the sisters at the Convent of Mercy this
city About five weeks ago Sister Alde
gonda spoke of her case to the mother
huperior of tho convent
Her friends had heard of the shrine
at the chapel of St Anne de Baupre in
Quetec With three companions 3he went
to the chapel After six days of praying
Father Therielelr asked her if she
thought she would be able to walk without
the aid of her crutches She replied that
ho might be able to throw aside one cf
No replied Father Therielelr you
can walk without using either of them
She then placed the crutches at the foot
of the shrine and walked away
financial Situation Cleared Up liy
CoxnxitrolIerH Uepnrt
CHICAGO Nov 2C My forthcoming
annual report will show that the cash
deficit now existing in the citys accounts
is between 4500000 and 3000000 said
Comptroller McGann today
Heretofore tho comptrollers reports
have cot been correct They have shown
surpluses when there were deficits
Last years report shows a surplus
of Jl200000 No account was made of
the 1500000 the city owed ii unpaid
bills There will be more unpaid bills on
December 31 The comptrollers reports
have shown the amount due on the citys
chare for paving street intersections
opening of new streets etc as 599000
Tho fact is the amount due Is 2C00C00
There is due the sinking funds 2000000
My report will show all these liabilities
in their proper places and It will be tho
first correct report published la nuny
years v
Chicago UrfilcK IiiIIiit AkIIx for Iii
Ilee lrulccllon
CHICAGO Nov 2C George R Peek
general counsel for the Chicago Milwau
kee and St Paul Railway alarmed by the
reign of crime in Chicago last night se
cured a polico guard for a pile of valuable
wedding presents at his home 17 Dela
ware Place
Presents valued at nearly 3000 and in
bel and George Neal Wilson whose mar
riage will be solemnized at the Peck resi
dence today are arranged in an upper
room of the house
Senator bun Head a IIIr Ja
Kallon Company
DETROIT Mich Nov 26 William C
McMillan has been chosen to succeed the
late David Carter as general manager of
the Detroit and Cleveland Navigation
Mr McMillan who Is a son of th
United States Senati r has been treasurer
of the line for a number of years
la Catarrh Your IUea Cloud
Eminent note and throat rpeciiHsti in daily
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bannltu in all rues ol Cold in the Head Ton
fillli Ilearccnm and Catarrh It cirei rellel
In 10 minutes and banlahnl the CiteaM like
jnajric Sold- by F S Williams Ninth and V
Streets Edmonds Williams Third Street sod
Pecnavlaiila Avenue 1C
rCMiIts of tlie CoIlcctloiiN So lar In
New York
NEW YORK Nov 26 The executive
committee of tho McKinley Memorial
Association of the State of New York
announced today that since its last meet
ing additional subscriptions to the amount
of 1G3S6 had been received The total
sum so far collected in this city by the
committee Is 10330
Cornelius N Bliss presided over a meet
ing of tho committee this afternoon at the
offlcc of the association 100 Ernadway
Mr Bliss Siald that plans had been com
pleted for the forming of sub commlttces
in the various trades and professions By
systematic work of this kind it is expect
ed that larger sums of money will be ob
tained than by the making of general ap
Mr Bilss read a letter from the Buffalo
association which pledges Itself to con
tribute at least 23000 and hopes to raise
A scheme has been adopted for the dis
tributing of small collection boxes
through the city Ten thousand have been
ordered and 4000 have been placed It la
estimated that from 2 to J4 a month
will come in from each box
Among the subscriptions already sent
in are several from school children one
of whom gave a cent on the same day that
a contribution of 5000 was received from
a millionaire
Tic organization of country branches of
the associ ion it being pushed and by
the time tl committee meets again It is
expected ie branches will have been
formed in every county of the State
Ilnndctl Together for Irutcctlon
AKnlliHt DiHCiiilillH nntl tlie
bvi inillcrM Win Hob
CHICAGO Nov 2C Wholesale clothing
merchants of Chicago have combined with
these of New York and other Eastern
cities in the formation of a National
Credit Bureau The scheme as promul
gated at a meeting in Chicago last May
has been consummated and the office of a
so called actuary will be opened in this
city on December 1
Many Millions Represented
Fully UOOCO000 and possibly 200000-
000 capital is represented in this com
bination There are thirty three whole
sale clothing houses in Chicago and twenty-eight
hae joined Associated with
them are the houses of New York Roch
ester Baltimore Philadelphia Syracuse
Utica and Buffalo This leae3 In the
wholesale clothing market of tho United
States only Cincinnati and St Louis and
both cOJhesc clUeslberron cters say
will be brought Into the combine within
tho next six months
Not lu lie a Trnst
Rumor that the combine was In the na
ture of a trust to dictate prices is denied
It is admitted that a plan to prevent dis
counts has been under consideration In
this manner an Indirect method of main
taining j rlces may be achieved The
wholesalers however claim that this
could have little or do effect on the cost
of clothing to the consume-
For the present tho association claims
that It will limit itself to the regulation
of credits A scheme has been devised to
ferret out thousands of swindlers who
the trade asserts have been systematical
ly robbing the jobbers year after year
flev IJr Davlil Crrc r of Zvevv Vorlc
lUfrsos lllllee
Rev Dr John Cotton Brooks chairman
of the committee of the Episcopal dio
cese of western Massachussetts who noti
fied Rev Dr David Greer of New York
City of his election as Bishop today
raid that he had Just received Dr Greers
letter declining the office
Rev Dr Brooks at once communica
ted with the other members of the com
mittee appointed at the convention to
notify Dr Greer of his election He
said there would Lc no baste In calling
the convention to make another selec
tion and that the call must be issued
thirty days before the convention
Dr Brookb seems the logical candi
date for the position as his church is
tho largest a the diocese
Local Contractor Axli Jliat Irose
eutlon of MitM He ItcHtrnliicd
In a potltlon filed yesterday in the Su
preme Court of the District Warren
F Brenizer a local contractor declares
that S S Dalsh Sons have begun a
number of suits for damages against him
in Justice of the peace courts for the
purpose of annoying and harassing him
He declares that In all the defendants
have caused to bo filed against him eigh
teen suits for damages In amounts vary
ing from J1M to 3000 Besides these
he states they have begun proceedings In
equity against him to prevent hlra from
rompletlns a certain contract Mr Bren
izer asks the court to restrain the de
fendants from proceeding with their
suits for damages until the equity pro
ceedings arc finally settled
Some time ago Brenizer was award
ed a contract by tie Commis
sioners for the grading of Third Street
between L Street and Florida Avenue
On the ground that the execution of this
contract would Interfere with and damage
their business S S Dalsh Sons filed a
petition In the Supreme Court of the Dis
trict on September 3 last asking that the
Commissioners be restrained from award
ing the contract and that Brenizer bo en
joined from the operation of a certain
tramway in connection with tho comple
tion of the work This petition was de
nied by tho court On the day following
September 25 the application was renew
ed in another petition This Is still pend
it was after this on October 13 last
that Dalsh Sons tho complainant says
began to annoy him by tiling suits
for damages In sums varying
from 100 to 300 before justices of tho
peace In all he says eighteen sult3 have
been filed before six different Justices The
time for tho hearirg of tills multiplicity
of suits Brenizer states extends from Oc
tober 21 to November 30 instant and is
greatly to his annoyance and Inconveni
ence Brenizer asks tho court to restrain
Dalsh d Sons from prosecuting tho sev
eral suits for damages pending the final
hearing on the petition now on the calen
dar of the equity branch of tho Supreme
Court of the District A A Hoellng Jr
is named as counsel for Brenizer
Itlicnmatlmii Cured In n liny
Mystic Cure for rheumatism and neuralgia
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system la remarkable and mysterious It re
moves at once Ilia cause and the disease Imme
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75 cents and 1 Sold by Kerens lharmaey
Icnnsylvanla Avenue and Mntli Street
TTie cw Ilcimrduriit Cc Wit li
SerioiiH Problems Order IIcIiik
Urnilnnlly UriiiiKliI Out ol
ConlllcdiiK Kllorl
The District Board of Charities
through George II Wilson their secre
tary yesterday submitted to the Com
missioners their first annual report It
covers the operations f the depaitment
from its organization last year to the
end of the fiscal year The report is of
a preliminary character dealing with
the principles involved in the adminis
tration of and the conclusions
of the board in reference to Important
matters of policy
The first duty after the organization
of the board on July 12 1900 was to
study existing conditions rather than to
do things They adopted certain rules
to govern the proceedings of the board
and appointed committees to study spe
cial subjects comlnir under their consid
eration The board as organized con
sisted of S W Woodward President
Dr Charles P Ncili Vice President
and George W Cook John Joy Edson
and Simon Wolf
Preparing tlie itImutcH
According to the report the real ac
tivity of the board began in September
1900 when the work of preparing tlie
estimates for 1902 was taken up The
board found it necessary to devote a
great deal of attention to this work
and to afford hearings to representa
tives of various institutions Much time
was consumed in this way During the
year thirty one regular and special
meetings were held nnd these with
rare exceptions were attended by the
entire membership of the board Much
time was given also by the board and
Its committees In visiting institutions
For convenience the various Institu
tions under their supervision are con
sidered by the board under four di
visions namely 1 Iteformatories and
correctional Institutions 2 medical
charities 3 child carins Institutions
and 4 miscellaneous institutions
These divisions correspond to the four
standing committees of the board each
of which is expected to give special care
and study to the department assigned
to it
The report shows that the total com
mitments in the District during the
year 1901 were 4023 as compared with
4210 during the previous year showing
a falling oft of 1S7 commitments The
dally average number of prisoners
hhows a slight increase the daily aver
age for the year 1901 being 260 as com
pared with 255 for the year 1900 The
most satisfactory feature in connection
with statistics of commitments is the
falling off in the number of commit
ments of boys and girls fifteen years of
age and under
Condition of Mntc AVorkliomec
The board considers tho conditions at
the male workhouse as very unsatisfac
tory because of the necessity of confin
ing from eight to twelve prisoners In a
single room but these conditions they
say will soon be remedied by the con
struction of the new workhouse for
males work upon which has been com
It Is stated that the work at the Re
form School for Boys has continued
along the same lines as formerly The
daily average number of inmates at
that institution during the past year
was 220 as compared with a daily aver
age of 197 for the preceding year
At the Itefirm School for Girls the
new building has been completed and
opened thus enabline the insitutlon to
receive white girls and obviating the
necessity of sending young white girla
to the workhouse The building Is well
equipped and on the whole well adapt
ed for its purposes
Probation hj Mem Commended
The report commends the operation of
the probation system under which
youthful offenders xire permitted to stay
In their homes during the usual period
of punishment under the supervision of
a probationary officer
The work of the hospitals and dispen
saries during the year appears from the
report to have been about as satisfac
tory as could be expected with the fa
cilities available has been as In
former years some dilllculty about se
curing admiss ion of chronic cases ns all
of the general hospitals with the excep
tion of Washington Asylum Hospital
and Providence Hospital as a nile de
cline to admit tfhe cases One of the
most encouraging features in connec
tion with the hospital work of the year
has been a further increase in tho pay
patient work at the Columbia Hospital
The Washington Asylum Hospital
has coitlnued through the year to ren
der efilcent service In caring for the in
digent sick
Some Important changes were made
by the board In the work of medical
charities which took effect July 1 1901
These changes were brought about by
executive orders of the District Com
missioners whereby the physicians to
the poor were assigned to work under
the immediate supei vision of the board
of charities The almshouse service was
also placed under th immediate super
vision of the board and the issuing of
permits for admission to hospitals and
other public institutions was made the
duty of the board
The AlniNhoiiHe
The dally average number of Inmates
in the almshouse duilng the year was
237 as compared with 220 In the pre
vious year Of this average number
57 were white males 31 white females
84 coloied males and C2 colored females
The conditions at the almshouse during
the year were largely similar to those
obtaining In the preceding year
In concluding their comment on the
problems with which they have to deal
the report says
The public charities of Washington
are organized some ulider the District
Commissioners others under the De
partment of the Interior and still
others under the Department of Justice
All this simply tends to confusion and
lack of uniformity In administration
The board believes that all District
Charities should be under the Imme
diate supervision of the District Com
missioners and it therefore recom
mends that those charities now organ
ized under departments of the Federal
Government should be transferred to
the control of the District Commission
PrNuner DIitcreilltN rolireinnnw
Mory iih IIIh Conduct
He lias been drunk half a dozen times
In tho last month said a policeman to
Judgo Kimball yesterday when MlLhael
OLeary vas called to answer to a charse
of vagrancy And lost night ho was on
Pennsylvania Avenue in that state
screeching like an Indian
OIeary wa3 in court yesterday charged
with disorderly conduct A friend paid
mo out said Michael to his honor and
then gave me a drink I took an over
dose but was not seriously anVcifd
This tale that I was howling on tho street
13 a stiff one I dont believe It
In default of a line of 10 OIeary went
to the workhouse for thirty days
-- I I H H n
-- HI4IHIHI --
J t -------
1 n
Xrvv Mnit Stranded In the
ClIJ In CnnneuuVnce I lor
elinninir AIltRCd WurtlilmM
liileliiinrI Test Cno
Because of the alleged worthlessncss
of a ticket scalpers guarantee Emll Eb
ert a Ocrman whose home Is in Newark
N J is stranded in this city The ticket
was taken up by the Baltimore and Ohio
gateman In this city who notified Ebert
that he could not travel on It
Tlie broker from whom he bought the
ticket has temporarily refused to refund
the money unless Ebert should return
the ticket
Iteoent Mnillnr Cnci
Captain Boardman states that he has
had several similar complaints of late In
regard to the manner In which the ticket
scalpers are doing business
The ticket was a through one from
Chicago to New York with the privilege
of a ten day itopover in this city by de
positing the ticket Ebert bought the
ticket yesterday from F S Cole a
clerk In the offlco of Wright Co 471
Pennsylvania Avenue paying J3 for it
The original holder cf the ticket accom
panied Mr Ebert to the Baltimore and
Oblo depot where ho Identified himself
and after securing the tlctet gave It to
Ebert It was promptly tuken up by tho
railroad officials when presented at tho
Ten Cnie Iltely
1 T Wright who says he is a member
of the Consolidated Ticket Brokers As
sociation stated this afternoon that ho
would eventually reimburse Mr Ebert
bit that he wished to keep him here
as a witness
The railroad people had no right to
take up the ticket said Mr Wright
and v e propose to make a test case of
Ills I shall take legal action against
jo persons Involvfd and want Ebert to
lfy that tho ticket was taken from
Ebert cannot leave the city because ho
is without means lie has been stopping
at 223 1 Strict northwest
Chicago AiitfiliHilflllMN Claim Illcri
Willi City Cimixil
CHICAGO Nov 2f rWilllani U Shep
ard Jr Insurance broker wants the city
to pay him 105 Ho put In his bill at the
city council meeting last evening The
bill was itemized as follows
To one overcoat f0 to one pair ot
trousers Jin total 10G
The claimant explains that In company
with a chauffeur fc wes tiding in an au
tomobile along Kant Avenue Tho ma
chine came In contact with the tramway
built by the city there as an aid to the
construction of a sower throwing him to
the pavement and destroying his clothes
Wisconsin Mull HrsrlUH Sllll RlllilHt
Dominion Cov eminent
WEST SUInniOR Wis Nov 26 John
E Connor a blacksmith of this city has
begun suit in tl 3 Canadian courts against
tho Canadian Government to recover an
estate valued at over 13000000
The cBtate romprlses the site of tho
town of Guelph In Ontario a city of over
K000 people which Is regarded as one
of the handsonest In Canada
The Il xl ITcucrliillnn for Mnlnrln
Chill acl fewr la o Ii- tile of droves Tmtflev
Chill Tonic It U nimpy Iron and quinine In J
Usltlciu form No no iy -
Open This Evening Close at 1 oCIcck Tomorrow
- JT
Leaders Since 1867
Grnvnll Charged With Holililns IIIh
nm plover Taken to Clilcnso
After having spent twenty four hours
in the Twelfth Street police station Jesse
Gravatt a member of an old and wealthy
family in Virginia was again taken in
charge last night by Detective John Galla
gher ot Chicago and the two departed
on their journey to that city They were
accompanied by a brother V Gravatt
and Attorney Wineburg who came from
Itlchmond where the young man was ar
rested with the party
Jesse was formerly employed In Chi
cago and it H alleged made away with
several hundred dollars of his employers
money He then disappeared from tho
Western city It is said and was only
recently located at his home
The brothers were well dressed and da
monds adorned their shirt fronts
Power for the Columbia ltnilwnj
Col John Biddle the Engineer Commis
sioner has forwarded to his associates
for their action a request ot tho United
States Electric Lighting Company for per
mission to connect their conduit on Four
teenth Street northwest with a manhole
on the line of the Columbia Railway Com
pany to furnish power to that road from
the plant on Fourteenth and B Streets
---- ---- t
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Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
rlfti Mrcct Condemnation Airnrdx
He Ialil
The Attorney for the District has noti
fied the Commissioners that the time in
which to file objections against the find
ings of the jury of condemnation in the
extension of Fifth Street has expired and
that no objections have been made Ac
cordingly he says that the payment of the
award and assessment may be Immediate
ly made
The Engineer Commissioner has offered
a motion that the notification be for
warded to the Auditor for his informa
tion and action
Police inspection delayed
Deficiency oflnIfnrniN nnd Uquln
lucnt Causes Postponement
The regular Inspection of stations uni
forms and equipments cf the Police De
partment has been postponed until Mon
day owing to the failure of the contractor
to properly equip the men on time The
Inspection occupies three days and wa3
to have commenced yesterday
Immediately following the Inspection
arrangements will be undertaken for the
annual parade of the Police and Fire De
partments vihich is scheduled for Thurs
day December 12
District Official Will ot Itcmove
Sjcnmore Complnlnctl Uf
-Aaron Baldwin residing at 120a Elev
enth Street northwest has called the at
tention of the Commissioners to the con
dition of a tree planted last year Id front
of 1203 Eteveuth Street He states that
the tree has not grown as the others la
the row that It presents a sickly appear
ance and he asks that it be removed and
a new one put In its place
Trueman Lanham Superintendent ofc
Farklng has reported that he has made S
-personal examination of the tree He sayj
It is a healthy sycamore and that there
is nothing unusual in Its condition Ho
says that it has not grown like some of
those planted at the same time a thins
which frequently happens elsewhere The
roughnss of tho bark Is no sign ho
thinks that the tree is not a good speci
men Mr Lanham recommends that no
action bo taken in the matter
Children Inherit in Initial Shares
Elizabeth Sewell Barton by her will
dated April 3 1SD7 leaves her estate to
her children Charlotte Elizabeth Earton
de Bodlseo Alice Sewell Barton Cowell
Joseph Wil lam Barton and Harry Thall
Barton in equal shares
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