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Lansburgh Bro
The Largest and
Most Complete
Flannel Department
in Washington
foreign and domestic rLNNnis
1 case of White Shaker Flannel n J r
the regular C cent lln d per
yard 0
50 pieces Colored Shake- Flannel in
grey blue brown and red 1 J i
This Is used for intcrhnings g fTX 2
Ter yard v
33c Blue Twill Tlanncl all pure
wool for gymnasium suits etc
1er yard
35t Scotch Flannels in neat 3trlpes and
checks of blue pink lavender and red
does not shrink or fade in washing
use for shirt waists pajamas
skirts etc Ter jard
i pieces 26 inch White Flannel Em
broidery with silk spots of red pink
blue and same for evening shirt
waists and sacaues 1 2o Kind
Per yard
Tie Ballardvalo Cream White In- r
aniV Flannel 35 inches wine
Special per yard
0 pieces Plain Trench Flannel for shirt
waists In sage red blue pink navy
brown grey tan old rose
lavender black and cream
kind Special per yard
A lot of Embroidery Flannel Shirt
C3c IjL
Waists 2i and 3 jards to the T Q rvn
pattern These are 323 IS fft
and J3SS values Special each J
French Printed Flannel the best grade3
and in all the new Persian designs as
well as stripes spots and figures for
wrappers shirt waists sacques kimonos
69c and 75c yard
Lansburgh Br o
420 to 426 Seventh St
Eighth Street entrance
417 to 425 Eighth Street
China Closets
Extension Tables
Dining Chairs
Haviland China
Parlor Suites
Bedroom Suites
Lace Curtains
Stoves on
Payments arranged to Trait your
convenience weekly or monthly
no notes no interest AH Carpets
made laid and lined free of extra
117 19 621 823 7th St N W
Ect H and I St3
I c u fr u h
Bargains in now and used T
instruments of various makes X
Sola agents for the
Aeolian and Pianola
1209 Penna Ave
sm h RTfis u iin
CiIyUJjjjA -
Gold OrownB S400
Gold Fillings SI50 up
White Fillings SGc up
Dr Frazer Dentist
7S1 15TH ST N W
Shaffer 14th and I N W
Teeth that Fit
Including Painless Extraction
and cur re enforced ruction uliieh males than
rt accurately Cold crowns S porcelain crowns
H cold fillings 1150 up white fillings Wc up
Ucurs fe30 to C Sunday 10 to 1
DR PATTONS Painless Cental Parlor
910 F H W 2d Floor
AanniCAX and European plan
Zsnqvitt Hill to rent for neddii k receptions
inusiesleg dances at rrasouablo rates
After Thoatro Supper Specialty
A Club Supper will be served from 10 to I
oclock p m Table dlioU at 100 each in La
dies llcstaunmt
Itrxtrninr il Irom Kxvrutliisr Ilecd
A restraining order was jesterday
granted in the Supreme Court of the Dls
trlrt enjoining Elon A Woodward Jimes
White and the officers of the Second
Workingracns Building Association from
riocceding further In the execution of a
certain deed of trust against properly be
longing to the estate of the late David
Kelligan The latter was a member of
the Second Workingmens Building Asso
ciation and gave a deed of trust on lots
1 and 2 In Pleasant Plains lo secure the
payment of 325 HI hairs contend that
the mrney advanced has been returned
while the association contends that a ztili
greater amount is jet due
Superintendent Klmlmll HeportM
Thin tin Itnliner enr trKii
ItLtter UriiiiiutTiitfon fur
SiiihtI iiteiiilentH
S I Kimball General Superintendent
of the Life Savins SerUce estcrday af
ternoon gac out an abstract of bis an
nual report for the past fiscal year Mr
Kimball expresses gratification that he
Is able to present the most satisfactory
results accomplished since the general cx
UuMon of the serico to the sea and lake
coasts in 1S7G
Further on Mr Kimball says
MmWIiNt ItnHti or lir
The statistics show absolutely the
smallest loss of life from documented cs
sels suffering disaster within the copo
of the service during these years and also
nith respect to csscls cf all classes
including the undocumented with the ex
ception of the j ears 1SS0 1SS2 1SS3 and
liSS Ecn compared with these It Is the
smallest in proportion to the number of
casualties the loss haing been only one
in every forty flvc casualties as against j
one In cery forty one casualties in 1SS0
the most favorable of the four ears men
The average number of lives lost an
nually during the entire period twenty
five years was thirty seven one life hav
ing been lost in ccry thirteen casualties
while the number lost during the past
year was seventeen or as above stated
one in every forty fle casualties From
documented essels alone the number was
only seven one to eery fifty four cas
ualties The statistics of the jear are
as follows
The tlisualtie
The number of casualties to document
ed essels was 377 There were on board
these essels 2S1S persons of whom
2 841 were saed and seven lost Six
hundred and forty eight shipwrecked per
sons received succor at the stations to
whom 1211 dajs relief in the aggregate
was afforded The estimated value of
the esses involved in disaster was j
253450 and of their cargoes J2 03055
making a total alue of property imper
iled 7334000 Of this amount JC 400033
was saved and tS955 lost The number
of vessels totally lost was forty three
In addition to the foregoing there wero
during the jear 3D3 casualties to small
craft undocumented such as small yachts
sailboats rowboats etc on board of
which were S27 persons of whom ten were
lost The property involved in these In
stances is estimated at 212310 of which
J1G0210 was saved and fJ33u0 lost
Besides the number of parsons saved
from vessels of all hinds there were
sixty nine others rescued who had fal
len from v harves and piers or v ro oth
erwise in extreme peril most r whom
would have perished but for lb aid of
the life saving crews
The crews saved or assisted to save
422 vessels valued with their cargoes
at 3133010 and rendered assistance of
minor importance to SIS vessels in dis
tress besides warning fiom danger
231 vessels The circumstances show
that many of the vessels which
received warning were large- It
Is difficult to estimate their value but It
cannot tie less tnan 4b
number of lives in danger not less than
I lie ComI or tlie hrrv Ice
The cost of the maintenance of the
service was iC4001374
The General Superintendent again ur
gently calls attention to the Inadequate
compensation of district superintendents
whom he believes to be the poorest paid
officers under the Government consider
ing the serious and exacting nature of
their duties and the extent of their fis
cal responsibilities Their salaries range
from 1300 to 1S00 per annum and they
are required to furnish bonds ranging
from 10000 to 30000 In amount
Their present salaries were fixed as long
ago as 18S2 since which time the service
has been largely extended the number of
stations in ail districts having been In
creased in some instances 100 per cent or
more and in others 60 per cent Their
fiscal responsibilities have heen cor
respondingly enlarged and their multi
farious duties inci cased to such an ex
tent that at the present time several
of them arc obliged to employ clerical as
sistance at their own expense
The General Superintendent recom
mends that the compensation of each dis
trict superintendent be advanced to 2
300 per annum whkh he regards as lc3S
than Is paid to any officers of the Gov
ernment holding correspondingly respon
sible positions On different occasions
bills have been passed by both houses of
Congress substantially proposing the in
crease requested but they have failed to
be enacted Into law
A iieclal IroKraniiae l the IirMt
leriiiu Church
The choir of the First Presbjterian
Church will render special music at the
1030 oclock service ThankEgiving morn
ing The choir will be led by Ceorge Law
rence with Paul Sperry as organist
The programme as announced is as fol
lows Mozarts Glorious is Thy Name
Mighty is Thy Name by Bellini with
soprano and baritone obligato solos and
full chorus offertory Dudley Bucks Te
Dcum in n fiat
DulTnlo Wo inn n Hi screl llcilroj Imht
im Ohjfcliiitilililf C ircular
The Postmaster General received yes
terday a letter from an unknown person
in Buffalo of which the following is a
I have through the Vnlted Stales mall
received a letter and circular addressed
to my husband from a man with the name
of Bobby Wood living here in Buffalo In
which letter he advertised and offered for
sale remedies and apparatus to prevent
roosters from crowing and men from uialc
Int love Tills letter was so full of strange
advices and names that any respectable
and old person would blush by reading it
In rage after reading the letter of
course I had to read it to find out what
it meant I worked myself into buch a
frenzy whicli did not take longer than
about five minutes that I put the papers
In the stove which is a new one I am
now so sorry that I asked my mother-in-law
to kick me which she did with a will
But 1 am sorry to have desroyed the pa
pers as you will now miss be fun of gjt
tlnz mad
I have upgrown daughters which often
in absence of me or mv husband open let
tcrs addressed to us If they should re
ceive and open such mtrsives think of
the fun Think of it If jt would happen
to you or If jou would have to ask your
mother in law to kick you
Please do all in jour power lo pre
vent that man from ending such papers
out You will earn tho thjnks of every
rcspectublo mother-in-law as well as
clJerly matrons and I hope you v ill suc
ceed In stopping this business
The letter was turncil over to Anthony
Comstock postollico Inspector at Tew
CASTOR I A fuMviiltWttll Bears tho
The Kind You Have Alwajs Bought SIgJfture
1 1
TiiiiKC cntl nnlojclxes Demi Tresl
dml nt llnHlnrioi Ueli School
Yesterday was oberved as a McKlnley
Memorial Day by pupils of tho Business
High School Exorcists consisting of
patriotic songs and an address by Jjdge
Charles r Scott of tho Police Court wero
held In the assembly hall of the school
The subject of Judge Scotts dlscourso
was The Life and Character of William
Judge Scott was a schoolmate of tho
raartvred Prcsldtnt and the closest per
sonal friendship existed between them
until the lattera death Judge Scott nar
rated incidents of Mr McKlnley s bojhoou
following it with on accoint of hU con
duct as a soldier during tho civil war of
hio struggles as a country lawjer of hi3
subsequent triumphs a a politician is
representative to Congress Governor of
Ohio and President of the United Satos
The points in the character of Mr Mc
Kiniej the man and the ruler upon which
Judge Scott Hid the most stress were his
Integrity his firm adherence to the pun
ciples in which he believed end his under
devotion to his invalid wife
In the course of his remarks Judge Scott
The cxamplo that the life of William
McKlnley placed before the world will do
more to uplift mankind than all the ser
mons that have ever been preached The
faith that lip had in his mothers Gvi
exhibited itself In his every action
Tile Ailjinllc iitlou f Spntlsli Treaty
CiiilniM la lie Dt lii oil Con
forest In lie AnUeil for mi
H vfrn Appropriation
The Spanish Treaty Claims Commission
will bo without funds before the end of
the fiscal year June 20 1902 unlcs3 Con
gress comes to its aid with a deficiency
So heavy have heen the expenses since
the establishment of the Commission that
there is left only enough of the first an
nual appropriation of 3000 to carry on
the work for two or three months longer
Kx Senator Chandler and his colleagues in
the Commission will see that an effort
is instituted immediately after Congress
opens to secure an appropriation to
meet the deficiency which will be about
lxjMtiIiturct for Iurniturc
The Conmisslon expended 10000 of the
appropriation for furniture of various
kinds and other articles necessary to lit
up the offices on II Street northwest
where the work of the Commission is car
tied on In addition to that there was
expended something ovcr2050 for pay
ment of clerks in the State Department
to do clerical work for the Commission
The Stale Department was shorthanded
when the work of the Commission bad to
be done so that the Commission had to
pay for extra help to complete the work
It Is stated that had the furniture not
been purchased or extra help em
ployed tho Commission would have been
able to pull through About lo0ij of -the
appropriation wtnt to pay for wtik done
br he clerical force In the Department of
ltlinnlcil Cost uf JlciirliiKX
As a result of the work of the Spanish
Treaty Claims Commission the Attorney
General will ask a large increase in the
appropriation for the Department of Jus
tice It Is estimated that over 30000 vill
be needed to defray tho expenses of hear
ing trials for claims coming under the
Commissions jurisdiction
7 C necessity for prompt action respect
ing the Commissions deflciencv is almost
imperative It is advisable that agents
should li tnt to Cuba and possibly to
Spain nxt year to Investigate claims
against te Government Without money
this cannot be done
rlrst Important llcrltnl of tin- en
hiiu a Crcnt huceen
Josef Hofmann gave his first recital of
the season in Washington yesterday aft
ernoon at the Colrmbia Theatre before a
large audience composed to n Keat ex
tent of resident musicians His entire
programme was attended with the most
profound Interest
Hofmann is o longer the boy v onder
who after bcinp lifted to the piano stool
would manifest an almost preternatural
knowledge of the kejboard Ho is now
the matured artist the musinan whose
effects are gained legitimately Unllko
nearly all artists of his kind Hofmann
does not present a freakish appearance
when he steps on the stase He has no
pronounced mannerisms by which be may
be distlngtilbhed nor does he wear his
balr lrnger than custom prescribes In
fact there is nothing urnommon in his
appearance and he is an altogether usual
sort of a young man which fact Ins prob
ably led many to believe that be is not a
great artist He depends holelv upon his
work for public recognition md approval
and his modesty and lack of affettalon In
responding to encores vesterday after
noon v ere among the moat delightful
features of the recital
The programmo was evidently irrangcd
with a view to displaying the young mu
sicians marvelous technique including as
it did Haudel Brahms Variations and
iFlamey an Oriental fantasiu by I5ilv
kii f a most difficult IntrUato and ta
pricious composition Both are rigid tests
of a pianists executive powers Her
manns touch is keen clear and precise
with ti subtle dreamy tone and a fascin
ating elequence almost indescribable
His execution Is about perfect Lisztj
Valsc Mephisto with its Hood of ar
pegglcs was played faultlesslv and Men
delssohns Sihuizo a Capprii cio with
Its majestic chords and intricate move
ment was handled with consummate
skill Chopins Ballade in A Hut mjjor
and two characteristic Polish songs by
the same master proved to be veritable
gems If a Lboico of Hofmanns numbers
jcftcrday afternoon could bo made It
wculd undoubtedly fall on Schumanns
Xachtstuck The pianist icallzcd all
tho poetry charm and iunato beauty of
Schumanns mclod and his phrasing was
The audifnee was an one
and at tho conclusion of tho programme
Hoffman was compelled to respond to an
1 ist night Hofmann entertained Presi
dent and Mrs Roosevelt and a number of
their guests at the White House The
joung pianist performed several selec
tions from his repertoire and at the sug
gestion of the President rendered a num
ber of compositions that do not uuully
figure on his programme
Pro in I lie ill Irtler Carrier llrrr
James C Keller of Cleveland Ohio the
recently elected President of tho National
Association of 1 ctter Carriers Is In the
city en buslncsj connected with tho asso
ciation President Keller villi remain
hero until after the opening of Congress
lll Wife Mile llcifll ar
The will of Milton C Barnard dated
September 23 last was filed yesterday
for probate He bequeathed his whole
estate to his wife Ruth A Barnard who
is named executrix without bond
Inrsc AiLlltinnnl IIVjn inlltnreH fr
the Vlalnteiianee oftlie Mteia
IlnlliHiiK fr Viipplj
Dlv iNion Ueronwariiili il
William M Johnson First AMiktant
Postmaster General submitted his annual
report for the past fiscal year to tho Post
master General yesterday afternoon
Tlie Crow th if the ervire
Referring to tho growth of the postal
service Mr Johnson says that In the five
years just passed the number of Presiden
tial potoIlcc3 has Increased from 3031
to 4ISy or 23 per cent
The salaries of postmasters ha in
creased from fliyOK3Sl33 to Jiai9513
or 13 per cent
The allowances for clerks In flrst and
second class offices have increased from
5103S2tt3l to fll23314 or 13 per cent
Ill tho free delivery branch of the ser
vice the number of free delivery offices
has increased from C27 -to 860 or 36 per
The number of carriers has increased
from 12534 to 1C3SU or 2S per cent
The cost of the service has increased
from ir713S61 to 1T526O0 or 21 per
cent with an increase of gross receipts
at free delivery offices of from 32307604
lo J74293304 or 41 per cent
Hural Tree llcllvcT
Within tho same period the rural free
delivery service has been established and
on June I 3901 tho carrier force had
grown t 4301 which by December will
number 6000 delivering mail dally to
1000000 people
The transactions of the money order
business during tho same five jears have
increased from J1SS07105627 lo the enor
mous sum of 291G18CS0S9 or CO per
So too In every other branch and di
vision of the service there have been con
stant and unusual advances
In regard to the classification of the
rural delivery service Mr Johnson sug
gests that Congress be asked to make an
appropriation In the sanie manner a3 other
appropriations are made without further
designating it as experimental He be
lieves the time has arrived when th s
service must be deemed to have passed
bevond the experimental stage and to be
regarded as one of the established agen
cies of the Department
Civil sctv ice for HurW Carriers
Speaking of tho force of rural carriers
and their efilcienty Mr Johnson says
that there is no good reason why they
should not have the prptegtion and sense
of security which the civil service sys
tem throws over Incumbents of office in
tho classified service
Kor postmasters salaries Mr Johnson
recommends an appropriation of 20000
C10 to cover compensation for the fiscal
jear ending June 30 IStWand aio urges
upon Congress the necessity for a reclass
ification of postoflicc clerks In first and
second class postofllcca
The total tost of the fre delivery hys
tcm per annum lo the Oepartment for the
jnaintenance of the service is at the rato
of on- 0 cents for eacBpersbn enjoying
Its cdnvenlencc and facilities
To IXiihllMh n Aevr Position
Under the caption Supervisors of Let
ter Carriers Mr Johnson has the follow
ing to say
To tighten the administrative grasp on
the enlarging service I have the honor to
recommend that all the large postoffices
especially those employing as many as
fifty lotter carriers an emplove bo as
signed or appointed to have exclusive
charge of the letter carrier force that
such ofilcials be designated as supervis
ors of carriers and attached to the free
delivery service also that all present
cmploves under whatever name or title
who are performing the duties of super
intending or directing letter carriers be
transferred to the rolls of the free deliv
ery division
Mr Johnson recommends that remedial
steps be taken before Ihe increased per
centage of superannuation of carriers be
gins to weigh heavily upon tho efficiency
of the service As the number of veteran
letter carrier grows larger with each
year the question of what to do with the
old and worn out members is a progres
sive one
IlutliliiiK for the Supply 111 Inlini
The erection of a new building for the
supply division is lecomraended by Mr
Johnson He recommends that the Post
master General be authorized to make ar
rangement for the erection of a suitable
building by some private owner upon an
agreement to lease the same for a term
of not less than five Jcara at a rental of
3300 per annum
Builders or others says Mr John
son will not undertake to provide s icb
htructure unless they liavo the
of renting it for a period of years
Appointments Aiiiioiiiiceil 111
mill Vnv3 Department
The President has announced the
lowing appointments In the army
f Al
War To be captains of Infantry James
W Clinton William A Ilnrnside Trank
C Holies Alexander T Ovcnshine
Henry B names ltobert PleUrf Uenjamin
II Hartshorne jr Oeorgo S Goodale
Arthur It Kervvin Houston V Kvans
Harry II TiLbetts Russell C Langdon
Itenold8 J Hurt Jntsejj Pickering
Dennis E Nolan Cuarlcs E Russell
Frederick W Lewis Kerch B Stowart
Clarence N Purdy
Navy John 11 Buchanan lo bo an as
sistant surgeon with rank of lieutenant
Junior grade r
Edgar Thompson to Wa passed nsiist
ant surgeon with rarik oMieutmit ju
nior grade
Vlmi of he llntili Confers Willi
Col Dick 1lunlett was a caller upon
tho Secretary of the lliierlor jesterday
Colonel PlunKelt 13 a wcif known charac
ter of the plains having been associated
with many Indian tribes as their repre
sentative When ho called upon Secre
tary Hitchcock ho wajniost cordially re
ceived Colobel Plunkctts call was not
only to pay his respecjs to the Secretary
but lo have a talk with him in regard to
certain matters relalivo to the Indians
who are to take part In tho St Louis
The colonel told the Secretary of the
Interior that his disposition of tho Gov
ernment lands In Oklahoma by Iotteiy or
drawing svstem was most satisfactory to
I think Secretary Hitchcock is one of
tho fairest men that has ever occupied
the position of Secretary of tho Inte
rior said Colonel Plunkctt after he had
left the Department He has shown his
justice in many ways not only in bis
opening of the Wichita und Comanche
lands but by his settlement of the quar
rel between the Western traders and the
J Indians
reUgF2yyT fy
Four Books for Christmas Gifts
1 The Out To day
BY jACY sketches and charinin glimpses of
F BERKELEY that most fascinating Bohemia of y
SMITH Paris with its artists studios models grisettes
balls cafes gardens shops etc etc
tVrl rowKlVi lrKl nra MmpihoL ly tlr author two
i oruiIrTi IrtvirVcauirt ma -
l Jnio Cliith Price S10 t Postage 11 cent
Add res
Out To dewy
Inst rumen t -wanted
According to reports received yesterday
at the Surgeon Generals office the Ano
pheles family is lo be pursued by tho
army surgeons wherever found and put
to death without mercy
For some time Anopheles tulifex the
mosquito who injects yellow fever germs
beneath the skin of the American sctdier
has had the bulk of attention but this
is now turned to his cousin Macullpen
nis whose specialty is the dissemination
of malaria seeds A number of interesting
experiments have been performed which
tend to prove that this peculiar breed of
mosquito shuns the light It has been
found that a dark dado painted around tho
walls of a whitewashed room would at
tract every ouo of these pests within its
rpiTliiient Willi tnliir Imps
Working upon this principle traps wero
made and painted of various colors rang
ing from dark navy blue down to light
tints of green jeliovv and mauve and
even white All of theso were set for
seventeen days in as nearly equally ad
vantageous places as possible and tho re
sults noted The navy blue box scored
10S victims brown and dark red came
next while white caught only two and
yellow was absolutely repellant to the
winged nuisances that color not scoring
a catch
Practical lessons drawn from these ex
periments will Include the discarding of
the navy blue armv shirt in malarial re
gions and substitution of white of n very
light jeliovv shade of khaki for general
wear of tho troops serving in Cuba or
the Philippines
AMiirilril 7000 Injiirlr
Martha A Cruit was jesterday awarded
7000 as damages for personal injuries In
her suit against the Columbia Hallway
Company She was injured whle attempt
ing to alight from a car owned and oper
ated by the defendant at the corner of
Sixth and II Streets noitheast In the ac
cident she stated thav sho was injured
about tho hip body and face Mrs Cruit
entered suit to recover 20000 and was
represented by Attorncvs Lipscomb and
Dnuclilern Inherit llieri Untitle
Mary J GrltTln by her will dated July
13 last filed yesterday for proba e leaves
her entire estate to her daughters Susan
A Griflln and Harriet C Crlffln Wolf
Rosenberg are counsel for the heirs
Easy to Take
A STIRRING tale of love and military
adventure in a mythical Kingdom of
BRYANT the Old World The style is bricht and
vivacious the characters are finely portrayed and the glamour cf
high lomance rests on the story from the first line to the last
Four Full Page Half tone Illustrations
rniii Clntli Price SlUO Vrt lot ie IB renin
Many critics airree
with Gen Lev Wal
lace that it is on of
the six irreatcst Env 1
lish novels ever written Lleven editions
have been sold in the past six months
Kasy to operate Is
true only of llooda
rills tuebesMnlUest
i 11 II- - Al tUa tannic Pta
iured by tlie proprietors ot Hoods SarsaparlJla 1
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12mo Cloth 622 Pages Price JI10
Net Postage 13 cents Holiday
Two vols in box 1C
Photogravures Price 100 net Post
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An American story i
of to day Edwin
Markham says
I find a fine cur
rent of feeling through the pages They
are touched throughout with the hues
Four Full Page Drawings by C 51
llmo Cloth 388 Pages Price J120
et postage 12 cents
HWJUI gTrTrfThilrii Wli nmimis dnl lili HJII HUH I HUH III II
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opportunity for securing the moat ac
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will close
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lltlnns In Colors or Vlilltnry
tfitfurniM tti lie Instituted
In Consequence
i 1 hii r ill1 1 I rij
gr iM
1 Tl
An article of worW wido Interest by
in the saprb Christmas lsae of
C r Plate JLslnHwm
Pterin ly llMtllnzten lllh Vlnnrlr
llculrtl thtLt iU slnsld Stirrlwrk
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JIacLcwS Kalnr trVtarniMit
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Leslies Great SI00 Of far
If tlili paper mentioned irr viit arid
our Joulle m AtuuTitNiry Numt er
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andtle mUre 12 nnmlifr ot 1 u
kftrer wtii our lU autif ui lsu Art c 1
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their larorit flow fr ipenaliy
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the fainonanAtrr olnri i frtf
wrap in 12 colors in peMl plaif
paper iDisoiii riM iait toraiiiimru
llrat and tbeuld n pirl today
9KbMiptlrrhr4 1j ill aft4lr
1 Hold by a Ietr
K ubiwai35 41 147FifttAverJ Y
o o e o
for a Beautiful Set of
fa a Tfiy tpial offer wo are now maVIns
until the holiday tit and aitutaction
Tth filled and extracted without pain
Crown and bridge work and all other dental
work at moat reasonable pricta
Female attendant Phone East SOI D
7th and E tta uv
Everything needed for Thanksgiving
Day entertaining is hero In most com
plete assortment Table Linens Dainty
China Brilliant Cut Glass Thin Blown
Glasses Pressed Glassware Decorated
Dinner Tea and Toilet Sets Artistic
Lamns Separate Lamn Glohca Ru
TOlotes Candelabra Driplcss Wax Can
dles Candle Lamps Candle Shades etc
and Kitchen Furnishings in varied as
sortment Also Table Delicacies ot all
sorts Goods of strictly flrst quality at
price3 only made possible by purchasing
in va3t quantities direct from the manu
Some very exceptional values arc novr
Thanksgiving Day
Dinner Sets
Our new open stock patterns of English
German French and American Dinner
Sets fron Thich you can select Just tho
pieces you actually need offer you the
moat satisfactory manner of buying a
Dinner Set as we carry them in stock
for three years from the time we place
them on sale and you can immediately
replace any breakage or add to your set
within that time or if longer and wo
have discontinued the pattern we can
order it for you We quote the following
items from a new white and gold pattern
Dinner Plates Each 15c
Soup Plates Each lie
Tea Plates Each 13c
Bread and Butter Plates Each So
Sauce Dishes Each 7c
Cup and Saucer 19c
Small Platters Each
Medium Platters Each 101
Large Platters Each 150
Extra Large Platters Each 200
Covered Vegetable Dishes Each 30c
Open Vegetable Dishes Each CCc
Fairy Lamp Special
We offer a new lot of those tulip shaped
glass Fairy Lamp3 in assorted colorings
complete with taper which burns threa
15c each
Candelabra Requisites
We are now showing a complete line of
Candelabra Fittings Electric Light
Shades etc and quote a few items
New Paper Candle Shades each lfc
New Silk Candle Shades each 20c
New Paper Electric Light Shades eachJx
New Silk Electric Light Shades each 50c
New Micas for Electric Light Shades
each 10r
New Mica for Candle Shades each 5
New Candle Lamps each 3Jc
New Arctic Candles for Lamps dozen
New Wax Drawing Room Candles dozlo
English Carving Sets
We offer a new importation of Englsh
Carving Knives and Forks in assorted
sizes and shapes and with stag handles
St25 a set
The Universal
Meat Chopper
We offer ten cases of tho genuine Uni
versal Meat Choppers complete with
three sizes of cutters which enables jou
to make mince meat croquettes etc
with almost no trouble and in the short
est possible time This is the best Chop
per made yet offered as low as tlus in
ferior kinds
100 each complete
Buckeye Knife Sets
We offer another lot ot those scallopcd
edge Knife Sets made by the Christy
Knife Co They consist of one scalloped-
j edge bread knife one scalloped cdge carv
ing knife and one paring Knife
lJe for -piece set
Turkey Roasters
We carry all of the best makes of Tur
key Roasters and can fit any Ue oven
10 inch Double Turkey Roasters
Each Ic
11 inch Maryland Double Turkey
Roasters Each
U inch Maryland Double Tnrfcey
Roasters Bach 50c
RoaI Double Turkey Roasters
Enih c up
Cron Double Turkey Roters
Ech 50e up
Dobs Double Turkey Rewrter
EaLh Mc P
iaory Double Turkey Roasters
Euh 100up
Terkins Double Turkey Roasters
Each K P
lso a full line of Regular UncoTered
Illai k and Russian Iron Roasting Tans in
all sizes
Table Delicacies
Fine Trench Ieas can
Extra S mall French Mushroom can
C C C Tine California Asparagus
Fine Red Whole Beets can
Choice Mixed Nuts 3Vi lb bag n
Black Walnut Heats lb box ic
Choice Mixed Nuts T lb bag 100
Extra quality Imported Tigs large
box J
Imported Mutuiuiii or apaghetti
package 10c
Chicken Tamale can 10o
Choice Imported Sardines can 13c
Russian CaUar can IOc
Mandarin Conserved Ginger can 4c
Powdered Turkey Dressing can 10c
Crosse Blacknelis Currie Powder
bottle 23o
Choice Queen Olives bottle 23s
Kitchen Bouquet bottle 2o
Eakcrs Best Baking Chocolate cake 19c
New Seeded Raisins package 10 j
New Cleaned Currants package lOo
Dunhams Shredded Cocoanut pack
age 95
Plum Tuddlng lb can lie
Trult Cake lb package 30c
Full line of fan y Cakes and Crack
ers In Inner seal packages
Fifth floor

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