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Autobiographies of Hie
Members of Congress
Calmly Records Thut Interesting
Event as an Accomplished Fact
Othor Information in the New
Congressional Directory
Just Usued for limited circulation only
The Congressional Director Com
piled under the direction of the Commit
tee on Printing by A J Halford Wash
ington The Gou rnmcnt Printing Of
This work contains mtnh laluaulc In
formation concerning the Congress of the
United States and the members who con
stitute that jntiresting assemblage of
Nearly one halt of the volume of 320
pages is deoted to the autobiographies
Of members of the Senate and House
Srcuutur Dcprw Anticipate
Senator Depcw has the longist sketch
bf himclf fifty one and one half lines
being required to state ccn In the most
concise form the long rnd conspicuous
public career of the Junior Senator from
the Empire State He tells among other
things of the many grand occasions upon
which he has been selected to Jelher ora
Although the book bears date as of
November 6 1901 Senator Depcw an
ticipates events far enough to m In his
autoblograpuj married in December
1W1 to Miss Ma Palmer
7 lie 1aiik I Mitirl if It
The shortest sketch is that of Itep
rcsntanc Hay of Virginia who tells
of the principal cents of hrs lift in vx
actly thirty two word which is three
words lf s than the story of the life of
Scud tt i Burton of Kantas
The pmo for length so far as the mem
bers of the House arc concerned goes to
Rcprctcntalhc Arlosto Appling Wiley of
Montgomery Second Alabama district
who censumes fortj die lines of the Di
rectory In telling of an active career
Which insulted in his election to Congress
for the first time one year ago
This occurred he says on his fifty
second birthday and he rccclred 2500
more votes than the Btyun Presidential
Mr Wiley professes great fondness for
military life and tells of his sen ice be
fore Santiago In the Spanish war and of
his personal friendship with the late Gen
eral Lav ton He also gives Information
concerning his service on th staff of
tarlouB Governors and in the Alabama
Mr Uutrle Point Willi
Mr Sidney Johnson Bowie another new
member rrom Alabama pridec hlmseH
in the fact that he is the first man to be
nominated In his district by acclama
tion and that he was elected without
Sir Uankhead also of Alabama who Is
mitring upon his eighth term In Con
grisb confines his biography to eight
4 A Coiiipmilnii uf Mar
SrrlCahn the genial member from the
Golden Gate tells of his life as an actor
lor ten years and of his association bo
fore the footlights with such stars of the
stage as Booth Jcflcrson Salvinl Hi and
Mrs Florence Clara Morris and others
Senator Patterson of Colorado who
succeeds Mr Wolcott narrates his efforts
In behalf of the white metal
lieprt sentatlxc Ball of Delaware gles
Ms history in six lines which also records
his marriage
The Georgia members are modest and
their autoblopnphles brief and devoted
almost entirely to what they hare done in I
Mr Plemlng tells of the Injury which
he sustained In an accident caused by a
runaway horse and which nearly cost him
his life
Senator Dubois takes occasion to affirri
that although when In the Senate before
he was a Republican lie Is now a Demo
crat In full membership with that party
3ll lenii Mi nn
Representative Glenn of Idaho Is the
proud father of six sons according to his
Sicount of himself
Mr Feely the youngest member of the
House twenty six years of age on Au
gust 1 last Is very modest In stating hl
career In seen lines
Representatives McAndrcws and Ma
honey two other Democrats from Chi
cago tell all they regard as Important
politically concerning themselves In three
nnd one half lines each In fact 11 of
the Illinois members are pitrfmdv
modest I
Representative Cannon who has served
in every Congress since the Forty third
with the exception of the 1Ifty second
for which he was defeated and is thus
deprived of being the rather of the
House tells his career in seven lines
one half of which are devoted to stating
the number of Congresses he has 1h i n
a member of
Senator lh veridxc ocuiilin but seven
Mr llollltlny n liner
Representative IlollHsy of Inrllsna 1
Clares that he Is an earliest Republican
a Mason a member of the G A II a
Presbyterian ajidlcfeated bis law- partner
In the race for Congress
Representative 1 -in lib prides himself U
having once been the editor of a paper
known as the Delphi Journal
Senator All son who began bis service
in Congress In the Thirty eighth Con
gress and has been In the Senate since
173 thinks he Is well enough known
to make It unnecessary for him to take ut
more than eight lines of the director
lliroi Are
Representative Lacey advertises the
fact that he Is the author of Laccj t
Railroad Dlerst and Laiejs Iowa Di
Representative Rhea of Kentuek
claims fame for having plaeed Senaloi
lliackliurn In nomination for President be
lore the Democratic national convention
in HiC
Senator Lodge has written man book
tonic In collaboration with Presieir
Roosevelt and one half of his olograph
Is given over to stating what his puldin
tlons are
Representative Conry a new memlM
from Boston Is remarkably modest hat
Jng but four lines In the dlre ciury
Ilcprescntativo Sheldon of Michigan dc
Clares that he has served his fellow -townsmen
In various offices with trust nn
Representative Page Morris tellB of hr
effort to defeat Senator John W Dank
tor Congress when be was a residen
of Lynchbiirg 1C ears ago lieforc w
voted to Minnesota He was uusucccs
Xul in the Old Dominion but has had bet
ter luck In running for tongirss In the
Ilnpp Intlier f It it
Senator McLaurln is the father of t n
Representative MrLnln of Mississippi
points to the fact that he was elected
without an opposition whatever
The brilliant and cental Chimin Clark
In his autobiography gives the names of
Ills children living and dead
Orlrdmii lnrtlnn
Representative Benton of Missouri has
a vonicwhal unique sVeteh He states
emphatically that he Is the man who has
the distinction or being the only original
offensive partisan who was charged
with pernicious activity in polllcs
Representative Goldfogle or a York
tellR or his labors In behalf of th3 work
ingman that he Is a member of man
clubs and fraternal organizations and the
director of an orphan asvlum
A ttegrullir ilntie Trotter
Representative Douglas of Nov York
btates that he has traveled In the -emote
parts and been around the world twice
Representative Soulhwick of New York
asserts that he Is unmarried and resides
at home with his parents
Representative Perkins ot New York
calls attention to the fact tlvit he has
lived in Paris nnd that has written
a great deal upon French history
Senator lorakcr nominated the late
President twice for the Presidency
Representathe Grosvenor avers that he
obtained a part of his education in a log
school house
Irom eliiMil llonril In ConKr
Representative Sklles of Ohio was for 18
ears the President or the Shelby School
Board the office he ever held until
elected to Congress last year
Representative Dick with characteris
tic modesty tells the story of his life in
three nnd one half lines
Representative Adams claims distinct
lion for having drafted introduced re
ported nnd passed resolutions In the
House declaring war against Spain In one
Representative Young of Pennslvanla
writes under the Initials S
Atlil It III liiiortnlte p
Representative Casscl ot Pennsv Ivanla
states that he Las always been an Im
portant factor in civil life In his commu
nity holds to the Presbyterian raltb is
an cider In the church Sunday school
superintendent and a member of the V
He also admits that as a business man
he Is a recot nlred leader
Representative Council states that he Is
prominent in eharltablc and religious I
work I
Representative Richardson holds for
life the highest office in the Masonic fra
ternity in the world
IortfefK Ills 0ontnlM nmt
RcprcscntaLve Randall In his autobi
ography cannot recollect the name of the
Republican who ran against him
Representative Wooten of Texas a new
member takes up thirty four lines to
tell the story of his life He haR writ
ten a history of Texas in two volumes of
1CC0 pages each
Representative Lamb of Richmond Vn
Insists that he Is still an ardent and
enthusiastic advocate of the free coinage
or silver
Mr Cnslimnti llti HnuKhed H
Representative Cushman of Washing
ton declares that he has been a water
boy on a railroad construction train a
common laborer a section hand a cow
bo a lumberman -school teacher and
a lawjer
Senator Quarlcs gives the names of his
three son
Representative Otjen of Wisconsin de
feated Pecks Bad Boy George W
Peck In his last race for Congress
Representative MondeJI ofJVyomlng was
left an orphan at six
Delegate Ride says he was born In
Ireland and Is self educated
Once sittticeil to Dentil
Delegate Wilcox has an Interesting
tkctch He sajs he was an Indefatigable
and fearless leader of his people and lcl
two principal revolutions against their
He was onrc sentenced to Oeath but
the sentence was commuted to imprison
ment for thirty five years and a fine of
J10000 In 1SSS he received full pardon
Delegate Dcgctau of Porto Rico has
served in the Spanish Cortes In Madrid
Reduced from 400
Very handsome dark mahogany case
4 feet 9 incbit high full swinging
front revolving fall rase elegantly
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signs of wear and would be taken by
anvbody for a brand now Instrument
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Organ 6 stops
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Can be exchanged for piano at any
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gain at f0
1 lie Clinrnrler AssIkiipiI In
li fellr Curler eenrs lnlil
lt olnt Iniitirj Irimee
Powerful llrnitin
Following the custom of present day
New York managers in taking initial pro
ductlcns away from Broadway David Be
lasco presents on Wednesday evening at
the National an original play written for
Mrs Leslie Carter dealing with the prin
cipal incidents of the lire of the Countess
du Barry
Jcanette dcVaubernler known to history
as the Countess du Barry lives today as
one of the most prominent of the petti
coat rulers of France As to her rise from
the gutter to that position where Prime
Ministers and Cardinals on bended knees
sought her Intiueiie e the pages of eight
eenth century French history speak for
Alisollitf srrro Mnilllltlneil
Mr Belasco has maintained absolute
secrecy as to situations scenery and all
of the details of the play The first pub
lished story of the drama Is as follows
The opening shows Jcanette Mrs
Carter who has spent her early life In
hand-to-mouth existence In the slums
of Paris as a milliners apprentice spend
ing her meagre Income on ribbons and
gewgaws She has the good fortune to
eomo under the notice of n contain of
J the Kings guards who Is Inflamed with a
true affection for the fafclnating damsel
and trie to win her consent to a life In
the country with him He In the warmth
and fidelity nf his pisslon Intends to
many her but she with her knowledge of
men and the- customs of the licentious
times dreams of nothing but the ordinary
arrangement passer son temps a se
divertlr Jcanette vacillating and fickle
when nway from her lover Is Induced by
promises of a life of ease and luxury to
become the bait of one of the most fa
mous gambling dens of Paris where her
beauty and bewitching ways serve to hold
as patrons the rich joung bloods and old
roues who othei lse would realize from
their continued Icssc that they were be
ing made the victims of unfair play
Coming In dally contact with the men
nf file lrHlt tiinmln TonnMtn mir1rlv nn
Representative Lever of South Carolina i wires the eiternal polish of a grande
who succeeds the ate Representative ame and while attending the opera one
Mokes thnks he is probably the young- evening her unusual attractiveness draws
est member of the House but In this he uc attrntlnn of the King Louis XV
is mistaken for he Is seven months the i10 ith his never falling weakness for
older of Representative I ecly of Chicago J
tJp msOf of a skirl or the curve of a
Reprcfntatlve Brownlow of Tennessee corsage Immediately seeks her out and
Is proud of the fact that he is from the a8 tne piy develops finally Installs her
district represented for ten years by i lllp riBC lvInE - h ho
President Vndrew Jackson a Free Trade j rvuntcs du Barry Here high and low
Democrat slV hep her favnr as tht fitnne
to power It stems as though through
all Du Barrys life Some evil gnlus
hovers over her and fight as she will to
get away from the associations of gam
bling house and palace circumstances
frfNe her every action
Sent Into Ilxilr
Her guardsman lover who in the blind
ness of his affection still believes In her
chastity and devotion 13 sent into exile
on a trumped up charge The object Is to
place him where he can have no communi
cation with Madame du Barry She Judg
ing hlra unfaithful gives herself up to the
most fanciful and grotesque extrava
gances In order to forget the only man
for whom she ever has had a true affec
tion and also to obtain relief from the
Jealous espionage of the King and his syc
ophants The climax Is reached In the
Reign of Terror when her protector bJi
lng dead her lover Is brought back from
exile The rabble have been enraged at the
luxurious magnificence In which the fav
orite of the King has lived while they
were suffering for bread and in order to
make her pain more poignant and her
cisgrace more marked delegate the man
she loves now a citizen of Republican
Trance the man who has tried by every
means In his power to wean her away
from the depravity of Paris to serve the
warrant from the committee of safety
Thcli decision Js reached and the curtain
falls as the Countess du Barry in the
rough tumbril hooted and Jeered by the
populace is borno away to the guillotine
Around these situations Mr Belasco has
woven a thrilling story and with the cun
ning of the master stage director he Is
has worked every detail Into an excel
lent setting for Mrs Carter who In the
character ot the Countess du Barry is
nlwas In evidence
In his desire to be accurate In every
particular It Is common report that Mr
Bradbury Factorys Annual Xmas
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W 1 VAN WKUU Manager
Belasco sent over toVrunc and pur
chased the entire lni4r fittings of one
of the chateaus formerly occupied by Ma
dame du Barry portlrrvs of which had re
mained untouched andgthe stage settings
are not rcprodtictlonbut actual Lnuls
XV material- So careful Is he of these
that they are In charge of - storage com
pany under lock aiilf key during the
time they arc not In mse In the produc
tion here
The play is one that exhibits the most
romantic of the Incidents of the Revolu
tion and should rival In popularity the
success of the recent Kngllsh dramatiza
tion of Dickens Tale of Two Cities
The first American appearance of Jan
Kubellk the youns Bohemian violinist
occurred last Monday evening nt Carne
gie Hall Xcw York and was simply a
repetition of the fensatloral scenes which
the Kuropcan preis stated were seen and
heard nt his concerts In London Buda
pest Vienna and Prague Every seat
In the vast auditorium was sold before
7 oclock and nt 8 oclock the sale of ad
mission tickets was stopped by the po
lice Mr Daniel Prohman through
whose enterprise he was brought to this
country has received many congratula
tions for such an auspicious opening
Throughout the evening the applause was
simply beyond precedent and even the
scenes nt the Padercwskl concerts were
rutrivaled His Paganlnl number brought
forth cheers from every part of the house
even before the number was concluded
The press was enthusiastic over the per
formance many declaring him simply a
genius and a reincarnation of
ninl and as evidence that this Interest
Is not for the moment only It is stated
that the house Is practically sold out now
for the Saturday matinee Kubellk ap
pears here at the Columbia on Tuesday
afternoon December 17 at 415 p m
Miss ConwcII will sing Gounods Ave
I Maria this morning at St Josephs
Church Capitol Hill Miss Convvell Is p
pupil of Dr Kimball and has won much
recognition through her arUstlc singing
I Her voice Is a beautiful mezzo soprano
j which she uses with exceptional skill
The Lafayette Theatre orchestra ren
dered two numbers last week during the
periormance or A Lady of Quality
which were especially noteworthy One
ot them was The John T Sullivan Two
Step by Victor II Johnson leader of
the Lafayette orchestra and which was
played for the first time Monday night
Tho composition has n line swing and
catchy air and bids fair to become one
of the popular lilts of the day The other
numncr was a wait entitled Alice op
posite which on the programme appeared
the name of Harry Corsch Clarke who
Is as everybody knows the character
comedian of the BellowEcompany The
waltz shows Mr Clarke--In a new and
agreeable light being a dainty tuneful
little ntTair
The public concerts nf the Washington
Saengerbund Singing Society arc always
events of significance to music lovers The
first public recital of the season which
takes place at the Columbia Theatre this
evening has excited an unusual amount
of Interest Two eminent artists will come
from Xew York for thq occasion One of
them Estelle Llebllng is now on a con
cert tour of America under the direction
of Henry Wolfsohn She Is from the Dres
den Royal Opera House and possesses a
voice of marvelous beauty She will sing
Dellbcs bell song frdnl Lakme and a
group or selected Songs among them
Rogers At Tartlng aad Alableffs Rus
sian nightingale songt Max Bendlx who
as1 violin virtuoso has1 np peer In Ameri
ca enraptured his audience at the Sacn
gerbund concert last year He will ren
der andante and finale of Mendelssohns
Concerto a Chopin Nocturne Zar
zyckes Mazourka and Ogarewtf Ca
price The Sacngcrbund will sing with
orchestral accompaniment Mr Xandcrs
Jubclklange and Johann Strauss waltz
song Weln Wclb und Qcsang and
several other selections The orchestra
will constet of forty of Washingtons best
musicians including the harpist Anita
Cluss and will play the overture of Mo
zarts The Marriage of Figaro selec
tions from Relneckes Manfred Bach
tounods Meditation and Dvoraks
Slavonic Dance The concert will be
under the leadership of Henry Xander
the musical director of the Saengerbund
Singing Society
A concert will be given Wednesday af
ternoon in the reading room for the blind
at the Congressional Library which prom
ises to be of an espeIally high order of
1 excellence The soloists will be Mrs
Alice Kraft Benson soprano Rebecca II
Bcbrcnd ptanlstc and Sol Minster vio
linist Mts Benson will sing a group of
selected songs and Miss Behrends pro
gramme for the afternoon will be
lude Rachmaninoff Witches Dance
MacDowell Xachtstuck Schumann
Song of the Evcnlnc Star Wagner and
valse Chopin Mi Minster will play
i Reverie by Vieuxtemps Lcgndc
i Wlenlawski Gypsy Dance Sarasale
i and Romania Chnlne
I The first concert of the season by the
Ladles String Quartette occurred last
I Tuesday eve ulng In the rooms of the
Washington Cirb The quartette Is com
I posed of Florence Stevens Marie Bastla
i nclll Mabel Montgomery and Florence
WIeser four talented local musicians and
Is under the direction of Ernest Lent The
i programme arranged for their Initial ap
I pearancc of the winter comprised many
difficult compositions which were Inter
I prcted pleasingly and artistically The
ensemble work of the club Is splendid
j They are thorough musicians and their
I work Is naturally correct The numbers
j by the quartette Included three dainty
j selections Pastorale Menuct and
Tho Mill by Lent Beethovens varia
I tions Op IK No 3 and a concerto by Mo
I zart Florence Stevens created a most
i favorable impression by her rendition of
Mendelssohns andante from concerto fur
I -violin and Florence WIeser the talented
1 cellist of the quartette played Godards
beautiful Berceuse Owing to a sevcro
I cold Mrs Ivy Herrlott Shadc was unable
to ociupy her position as soloist of the
evening and John Dutfey wss substituted
Mr Duffeys beautiful voice was heard In
three very delightful numbers The next
concert by the Ladies String Quartette
will oceur In February
Mmc Lilll Lchmanni operatic concert
Friday afternoon served to draw a large
select and enthusiastic audience to tin
Columbia Theatre -In the higher range
Mme tahmanna voleo Is still the pun
dramatic organ which has charmed the
public or two continents for ears tin
the middle and lower registers are ve v
weak and strained However she Is still
j the great singer E jpeclally In the pl n i
passages her marveiouaoniroi was mam
rest and where her viilm would at time
seem to tall her head would triumph
Too much tannot le said In praise of
Relnhold Herman who acted as ac
companist tor Mme Lehmann Ills illus
trltions of Tristan and Isolde were
beautifully delivered Unlike many ac
eorapanlsts Mr Herman dns not pose n
a soloist but plays his score with deli
cacy and finish The progrnmme Frlda
afternoon was composed for the most part
of German lleder Including Schumann--Des
Xussbaum and Waldesgesprat h
Herman Stlllet die Wlpfcl and
Wlllst du ileln Herz mir Schrnken by
Bach Or tho German lleder the favorite
was easily Schuberts Krlkonlg which
Mme 1hmanii rendered with splendid
effect ami much dramatic force The pro
gramme opened vvlth Mozarts reci
tative and arln Donna Anna from
Don Giovanni and concluded with ex
cerpts from Wagners Tristan nn
Isolde including lm Tclbhaus DI
Traume and Isoldes Llebstod Mine
Lehmann has always occupied an envlabK
position as an interpreter or Wagner
and her singing of his sco c Friday af
ternoon was marked with fine Intelllgenn
of the great masters moods
is exacting and mot difficult t
Interpret yet at all times Mme Lehmanr
was thoroughly at ease
A compllmcnlnry pianola and aculian
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917 Penna Ave N W
recital will be held at the Columbia The
atre Friday December 13 at 1 15 p m
Personnel- Rakcman string quartette
Herman C Rakcman first violin Oswald
Welti second violin Joseph Flnckel
vola W Vlllalpando cellist Mrs
William L Wilson soprano Herbert
Hlgginbottom pianola and aeolian
The Musical Art Society organized
especially with the view to artistic en
semble singing Is the outgrowth of the
Motet Choir so kindly received last sea
son Its first concert of this season is
announced for Thursday December 12
Ifrul at the Xational Rltles Armory at S
oclock p m
The soloist of the evening vlll be Mr
William Worth Bailey the eminent young
American vlollnl3t now returned home
trom nbroad for his first American tour
Mr Bailey Is young In ears being bui
twenty two but It Is not this nor yet his
affliction totnl blindness since birth that
has excited such wide Interest his play
ing stamps him as a great artist not
merely in technique but in that quality
which stirs the heart
Mi Baileys lirst appearance in this
country a few das ago In Wilmington
brought forth such favorable reviews in
the papers as have seldom ir ever been
read or any violinist sinre Sarasate The
society congratulates Itself in being able
to introduce Mr Bailey to the Washing
ton musical public
The programme follows
Cantata Gods Time Is the Bet J S
Bach concerto In E minor Mendelssohn
The Flight Into Egypt second part
Berlioz Hondo et Caprlccio Saint
faens part songs O Hush Thee My
Baby Sullivan Lady Bird Co v en
The Lost Chord Sullivan ballade nnd
polonaise Vieuxtemps Pair Ellon
The second and last concert of the Mu
sical Art Society this season will take
place Thursday Murcn 13 with Harold
Bauer the great pianist an soloist Mr
lUuer is pronounced by such critics a
Apihrope and Krchbirl the greatest pi
anist that has ever visited this countrj
sinre 1ilbenstcln
An exceptionally tine programme of ten
numbers called from the best talent at
the command of the Euterpe Musical Cl ib
was rendered last Monday evening at the
club ball KOfi Fourteenth street The
programme opened with a piano sole
valse in A Hat which was well execut M
by Mrs Frank II ram Kate Miller Ui
thnm In her rendition of the Flo Inns
Song by Godard showed her fine so
prano voice to excellent advantage an 1
two songs for tenor al Mirage by I eh
man lb May the Storinblnst rhlll by
Walling Allttscn sung bj Franl S
Pierce were enthusiastle all receive 1
Minna Helnrichs captivated the audience
by her violin solos and Mrs Blanch
Mnlr Dalglclsh sang two contralto eo1
11 her custunary artistic style while
lllian Halley contributed a pleading
soprano number James J No-
Suggestions for Maid or
Real Laces
G loves
Hosiery Fans
Dress Goods
Linen Suits
Skirts Waists
Sacques and
Robes Etc
Xotliiiijj niipoalrt to the imrchiiwr so thoroughly ia
VALlK and to think that one finds the SPECIAL ADVEK
TISEMKXTS of Win Knabe et Co mean precisely what
they are intended to convey explain the fact that the buyer
takes instant advantage of any announcement of thin charac
We have j eceived lately a number of uprights rented
only for A JSHIKF IEKIOD ranging in price from lu0
The figures placed on thesi pijinos from the standpoint of
their intiinsie value is unbiisinesslikL but we believe in
moderate PKOFITS at this season if the VOLUME of busi
ness is commensurate
Wm Knabe Co
1209 Pennsylvania Avenue
Its a nevy style Flemish oak
teat a somewhit Improved de
sign over tho ono Illustrated
Can deliver them at this price
this week only
China Cases at 13 95
Something useful
and good a piece of
furniture worthy in
every way of its gift
mission In quarter
ed oak with round
glass ends and glass
door 1395 is spe
cial for it
- f a A
Phone 725
Everything Thats New
For Womans Wear
This store never presented
such an niray of splendid buying
opportunities before The new
storks are thoroughly complete
Quality predominates exclusive
styles that claim the approval of
good taste are conspicuous in
every line
The desire for the best can
best be gratified here And this
feature will forcibly appeal to
those whose gifts will be in the
nature of something useful
something to wear
Liberty Silk Boas SI 00 to 32800
Oat lch Foathor Boas SISOOto S3I00
Slock Tlos and Jabota 50o
Umbrellas SlOO to SISOO
Handkorchlofa lOcto 31300 each
Fans 50c to SIOOO oach
Glives SlOO toS200a pair
Hosiery 23c to S500
Robos SI800 to SI50 OO
Silk Waists S400 to S3500
Dressing Sacquos SlOO to S400
Ladles Suits SI250 to S7500
Jackets SIOOO to S6000
Skirts S500 to S3QOO
nn mod mipi n c heard In a crouo
tail a nut uujj - i
ot songs nnd Arthur Franklin Comatock
contritiutril several piano selections The
nronramme concluded with the trio TI
Iri RO O Padre which was beautirullr
rendered by Cecelia V Murphy Mrs Mar
qaret Nolan Martin and Charles E Myers
The accompanists ot the evening were
Mrs Frank Dyrara Mrs Lulu
Mme HolberB Clara Moran and S J
A sacral cantata ileserihlnR the Hond
iKe In KRvrt the IMbrucs the Exodus
and the Crossing of the Ited Sea will be
Given in St Pauls Methodist Episcopal
Church next Wednn day evening A chorus
cf forty oIces under the leadership ot
Fred S Hall will be assisted by a
uringed on hebtra In charse of Ernest
Lent and by Mrs Ileosle Latham Glb
oi Ellzabtih Till Frank S Pierce
and II S Whlme
The programme of musli at St Aloy
Rius Church today will Include sperges
le Dossert Mass Silas Prize Mass
otfertory Salve Mundl Domini Karst
vespers psalms Marzo No 3 Magnifi
cat Gregorian hymn Alma Redem
lorls Haley O Salutnrls Mascanl
Tantum Ergo Shelley The choir of St
Aloysius Church is preparing for Christ
mas on which occasion they will rsnder
the Grand MIssa SolemnN by Emit In
Plzzl an entirely new work which will
then be suns for the first time In this
Subject Evening with the Komantio
German Composers- Invitation to the
Dance C M on Weber 17S3 1S2S a
sonate lb impromptu for piano i
Screuaile for contralto with violin ob
ligate Schubert 1797 18 Xacht
stuck for piano a Schumann
lMD lSfi andante for vlnlln F
MeuJclssohn 1SU3 1S47 rhapodr for
piano J Ilrahins 1SS3 1SD7 preiaflcd for
violin It Wagner 1S13 13SI Hondeaj
Ilrilluut for piano and violin F S lut
v r rtrxKSKMnr saves
-- --
1 1 iiz iiiiiitiM vw ii m Kf u n i ti taar li t
eArnruri tttt UMfi MJf Lf 1 H TPPfw lvstu Nohf
i - x tHf f at THf wpore nn ovum I
mbwitf LIQUID 25 POWDER M F0Tgox5Tffci
T Lllf

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