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A Vnvel Tcniilti TonriieyAlilr tles
nl V d tlireornri CmletM
AlIimlnc Tfiuiis Anotlu r
Iliilctiill lcnini
A number of novel ten pin tourraments
have been from time to time arranged
In the various bowling centres of the
country and successfully carried through
Slany of these freak Ftyles have been
permanently adopted and call for expert
howling and for this reason have not be
come popular among the general run of
bow lers
The latest bidder for popularity and one
that Is deeldedly unique is the Twentieth
Century game It divides the bowLirs Into
four classes and the man who win- In one
class is debarred from In an
other The jcorM are arrangeu on the
basis of three balls Those who bowl
down thirty pins with three balls must
roll off with the men who tic them in
that clans and get first prize In the thirty
class or nothing at all Those who bowl
down twenty nine pins with three balls
play oh the ties with the othcis who do
likewise There is also a class for those
wbo made twenty eight and twenty seven
A tournament on this basis is claimed
by those who Introduced the new game to
be the fairest that could be devised as
it gives bowlers of every degree of pro
ficiency a chance to be a winner of a
prize of whatever class and prevents all
the prizes from going to a few good
Aiifithcr Iliinkriitnll Ienrtic
This city will be well provided for In
the of basketball this season In ad
dition to the teams already in the field
and doing good work and playing to large
crowds another league was organized last
Trlday evening
It is really the reorganization or re
vival of the old District League which
has furnished the game here for the past
seven years All Its games will be played
in the Light Infantry Armory
The ollcers are President Major S
Porter House- Vice President George T
Hosd Secretary Capt J L Ilobin
son Treasurer Lieut S P Shrcvc The
schedule for the first halt of the season
appeared in yesterdays Issue of The
Atlantic Afcfcitvlntliin finiue
The Indoor track and field ganv s held
last Wednesday at the Sportsra ms Show
at Philadelphia under the auspices of the
Atlantic -Association of the Amateur Ath
letic Vnion was not the great success
predicted for It especially in point of at
tendance of representatives from the ath
letic clubs interested in the association
The University of Pcnnsjlvanla had
entries in every event and as the list
uiluat d uearlv all the Pennsy stars
tiutflde entrants had very little show and
he university won nearly every event
The most notable performances were
these cf Tewksbury who won the Imp
step and Jump covering 40 feet 9 Inches
snd Dowen who won the two mile run In
the fast time of 9 minutes and Z5 l I
seconds with V G Stewart formerly
tf this cityVHIgh School and T M C A
a good second
tonilnir KvrtitH nt MrtMiieiin bhoir
The next event to be run off at the
Sportsiueus Show of Interest to local ath
letes several of whom will be entered are
lie gymnastic championship open to all
amateurs registered with the Atlantic As
sociation December 11 12 and 13 are the
dates fixed and the events to be con
tested arc horizontal and parallel bars
flying rings German horse club swing
ing and rope climbing Sliver cups will
be given to first second and third men
In each event and a gold watch to the
winner of the most points in the compe
Next come the national Indoor track
and field championships open to all reg
istered amateur athletes The games will
be held on the afternoon and evening of
JVeember IS Entries close December II
with J W Kelly Jr Philadelphia All
the usual track and field events will be
Athletic nt V M C A
Pending the completion of arrangements
for holding athletic and gymnastic con
totts In this city and In Baltimore to
decide the intercity championship Mr
Beckett of the local T M C A has ar
ranged a preliminary series of basketball
and indoor baseball games to be played in
the two cities respectively
The fechedule Is as follows
Indoor baseball With Central V M C
A of Baltimore at Washington Decem
ber 21
Washington Y M C A with Central
at Baltimore January 10
i j with West Branch Y M C A of
Baltimore are bclnc nrtanged
Basketball schedule
West Branch Y M C A of Baltimore
at Washington December SS
Washington Y M C A with West
Branch at Baltimore January 4
Dates with Central Y M C A arc be
ing arranged
The bowling team is doing well for a
comparatively new team and Is fixed for
n time at lejst In third place The team
Is nt coming on with the rush which
marked the work of last j ears five
which almost from the start had steam
find took first place and held it What It
needs Is team work and steady bonllnK
In the last l of contests for the all
around championship of the association
Gleason broke the gym record cf nine
teen times for the -till dip hud raised
the mark to twenty four times which will
probtbly stand for some time
The events ronttsied were- Hunnlug
high Jump still dip and rear vault over
parallel bars The best Individual
aoores over 100 out of a possible 220
points were as follows GItason 1CS
Mclntyre 112 Stabler 1CIV4 rewkes
lOtl Pltchlyn 105 and Spauldlng 1C2
Gleason handily wen the Individual
lead and his gooi work helped bis team
to score a lead over the other four teams
Ills team scored 412 points Captain
1ewkes team hid 37S Captain Mcln
lyres Sjim Captain Richardsons 334
Captnln Batemans 228
iurcurnn Cfidet Corp
good effects of bard practice and
am vork were clearly rhown In lsnt
wcekV deft at of the Association team by
the Corcoran Cadet Corps baskotball tem
and Manager Edwards will see to it that
the same line of work Is kept up
Visiting teams and the home team too
for that niitter are considerably handi
capped by the running track over tho
playing fields In the Association and Car
roll Institute gymnasiums The forwards
art compelled to back out or stay from
under the gallery entirely when receiving
the ball or else have the forwards remain
under to receive the ball and then pass It
to the backs to shoot to the baskets
The Cadets baakclbsll team Is doing
better than tbo baseball team It is win
nine more games and thats what tells
The dereat of the Carrolls by the Ca
dets baseball team compcrsatert for some
of the rrnt losses and put new life mid
confident In the players Captain Chick
will coach bl team rcguarly t lis week
In the lilt and run game ami Lopes for
nood results
Captain Edwards has given up tin- so
Hon of taking his team in compel in th
Atlantic Association A A basketball
championship for the re on that he
could not secure the reduction of fare he
hJ hoped for He hopes later nn to get
ilatvt with the winners of the games at
the Sportsmens Show
Tho tubs or becond team went to
Alexandria last Tuesday and defeated the
Alexandria Light Infantry team IS to 7
It was a eood clean game but the Alex
andria boys showed the need of good
coaching and when they ret that the
will put up a better game They have gooJ
material and when u is devtitiHu iij
will make some of the big league team
work hard to win out The Corcorans
line up In the gsme was Nash right
field llarnholl Icftfield Dowllng centre
Slicohy right guard Shoemaker left
guard The Alexandria team will pla a
return came here during the holidays
The Corcoran playcru arc registered with
the league team in the Amateur Athletli
Colon and they are eligible to play when
any of the players In the regular teams
are disabled All players In all the teams
should bo registered for their own protec
tion as veil as for those they play
The basketball game scheduled for
last Krlda night between the Corcoran
and Lrell Klfles was postponed until after
the holidays on account of tin1 inspection
and drill cf the Second Begimcnt held
that night
The basketball team plays Its hist game
this year next Iriday with the Mortons
and tho baseball nine will not have to
face a pitcher again until January S when
it has a game with the Y M C A
TVatloiinl tlinnl Gj minis t m
The National Guard gymnasium is a
very busy place every night In the week
It has grown to be one of the big fea
tures of the local militia Prof Horan
has rendered most efficient service
for three or Jour years for which he
deserves ti be well compensated He has
his class exercises Tuesday and Thursday
evenings and Monday Wednesday and
Friday evenings he assists In coaching
the baseball and basketball teams
The Athletic Association of the District
National Guard was organized in IbW by
Capt K C Edwards of the Corcoran
Cadets end under bis direction as Presi
dent the association has become quite a
factor in local athletics It has bene
fited the whole guard and has created u
nightly attendance nt the armory which
no other feature ever succeeded In doing
With the assistance of lrof Horan
Captain Edwards has organized nnd put
In the field to represent the Guard a as
sociation In the several leagues the Cor
coran and Lrell Hltlcs indoor baseball
teams and the Corcoran Morton Cadets
and Sixth Battalion basketball teams
The lutcrcst has increased to such an ex
tent that the association now numbers
more than 400 members
Prof Horau is directing his energies
toward putting out an athletic team
which with the Young Mens Christian
Association and Carroll Institute will
BlV9 a -tries of lntcr club athletic and
gymnastic contests The events to be
contested will embrace work on the par
allel bar and flying rings heavy lifting
high Jump putting shot potato race In
dividual track and relay races
Such contests would undoubtedly create
a large amouD of local Interest and
should prove a profitable Innovation
White cf the Mortons and Chick of
the Corcorans are class leaders assisting
Prof Horan The latter Is now changing
and correcting all apparatus and when
finished the gjm will be the equal of any
located here Better lighting facilities
ntc very much needed
Score r 11 i O
The eleven canvas clad cridlron
reprchealini th Tanglewood Ath
letic Clnb defeated the eleven knights of
the padded ultn Troin Laurel High School
ou the Xallonal larlt grounds yesterday
by the score of 11 to 0
The winners wcrt their opponents
aside like leaves and plunged through
the line snd around the ends for lone
sains On every tuTiramage play the
High School lads were hurled out of the
path and trampled upon by the htrong
winning team -
At no time during the entire matinee
did th visitors have the leather nearer
the goal line than the five yard line They
were held for downs every time they got
possession of the oval
These to teams played a spirited game
at Laurel on Thanksgiving Day and the
Cadets won out by the close score of 5 to
0 after two fiercely fought halves Yes
terdays contest K carded to be a I
affair and both teams v en- there vlth
the goods
Although the Marj landers were de
feated they put up a rattling good game
They were unable however to check the
terriblo onslaught of the local lads when
they tried their ZLabS plays The locals
played fast from the first whistle and
went Into the game with the determina
tion to come out on top and made good
Ilrewcr end Kerr the two crack half
backs for the Tanglenoods made numer
ous gains around both right and left end
and etch run averaged fifty yards
Kerr made the longest forward advances
during the performance At one time ho
broke through the hunch and without any
Interference whatever made a gain of
sixty yards
Kerrs gains were made around right
end After making several runs aver
aging forty yardk lie skedaddled across
the last chalk line for the first touchdown
of the afternoon
Gould and Bailey aKo played fast ball
former was aiwsys good for the dis
tance when ground was needed
Dalley the quarterback made several
beautiful tackles In the first half he
tackled an opponent on a flying run and
brought him to the earth The line buck
ing done by Callow Dyram and Chesel
dlne whh tho noteworthy
Kisihcr and Flestor did the best playing
fur the High School tram and made the
larg M contributions In end runs Duvall
and Little ulso went through centre on
shoring plays and made reveral yards
The Laurel team outweighed the locals
about fifteen pounds to the man The
Tangle oods were a great deal swifter
and plowed through the line on numer
ous occasions
The first half was flercebt of the
two The visitors kicked ol and got pos
session of tlc golden egg on a fumble
They were burled back for repeated
losses and the ball went over to the
locals who rarrlrd it steadily up the field
on end runs nud centre smashes
When the forty yard line wr s reached a
delsed pass was tried Scott who was
playing left end made a gain of about
thirty yards IJrewer was given the pig
skin next and made ten yardB Kerr then
took the oval over the line on a run
around left end flyram failed to kick
AioiU four remained to play
The Mrrylandcrs kicked off again
Tanglewood tarried the ball back about
twenty yards and had It on the twenty
yard line when the whittle blew for the
end of the half
The second half was begun after an In
termission of ten minutes Could kicked
the leather to the visitors fifty yard lino
Hamilton who got the ball was downed
before he had made any advance Laurel
wak held for downs
Tanglewood made steady galus on end
runs and had the ball near the fifteen
yard line when it was fumbled Flester
of the Laurel learn fell on the leather
but the ball went to Tanglewood on downs
a moment later
Kerr was giren the leather on the next
line up and made a forty yard run
Ilrcwer carried the leather over the line
for the wcond loiichdoTii The close for
mation used In the latter urt of this half
netted the touchdown
Kerr kicked gul mnkfug the scoro 11
to 0
The Ijurel team kicked o7 again Tho
whistle bared them from having their
goal line crossed again
The Katne attracted a large crowd of
spectators and the Tunglewood colors
orange and blatk were predominant Tho
PaderewsM iS Huntington Piano j
Tlif following letter from the j irsitesl of iihmists speaks volumes for the sutieriori
tv of the Jluiitiiif toii Piano we have sold it for iiiuiiv veais Its TOXK iV delightful its AC
TION perfectly halaiued its CONKTIUTTIOX up to the standard sot by the highest grade
manufacturers and its durabilitv its strongeM feature
May KUh lfll
To the Huntington Piano Co
Dear Sirs Having heard excellent accounts of your instrument T hereby request that
you will send one of your pianos to the Iaderewski Singing Society at Chicago 111 for my ac
count Yours very triily I 1 PADKKKWSKI
Piano to be delivered at once to the order of ioj ef P Szymiuiski President of Paderewski
Singing Society ii7 Dickson Street Chicago III
THE HUNTINGTON as a Christmas Present
Of course there are any number of pianos which are more expensive we sell the finest and
most expensive The Stein way however everybody cant buy it Steimvay and it is for those
that we M llcthc Huntington ISeginning MONDAY morning and continuing until Xnias we will
olTer a 7 I octave Cpright Grand Huntington including stool cover and music book ten yuars
warranty and one wars tuning for
e will send you particulars
Laurel crowd although not quite as large
was equally as enthusiastic
The line up
Tanglewood Position Laurel
Scott left cad Hamilton
Cheseldlne left tackle Livingston
Harris left guard Lanaban
Dalai centre Simon
Hyram right guard Wallach
Callow right tackle Stanlcy
Alotander right end Duvall
Bailey quarterback Klcstor
Brewer left halfback Fels
Kerr capU right halfback Little
Oould fullback capt Klschcr
Scoro 11 to 6 Touchdowns Kerr and
Brewer Goals from touchdown Kerr
Goals ml9sed Hyram Umpire Kerr
Referee Watson Time of halves JO
minutes each
Iiintlfutc HnMelinll Tcnin nrrrxTl
IHinprn n Cunt if WltHertlinh
Except for the nerry KQirouud on the
bases by the V M C A players there
was little to entbue the big crowd which
witnessed the Indoor basketball game
last night In the association gymnasium
1 etwecn the home team and Carroll In
stitute The latter was snowed under to
the depth of 29 to 1 In a saven lnnlng
The defeat of the Institute team H net
chargeable to Murphy who pitched a gool
game He struck out nine men and only
gave three bases but he had no support
hit men seemed to forget all about the
fielding features of the game and glaring
errors resulted in runs which should have
been easy outs The association boys
tired of going over the path worn nround
the diamond nnd retired from the game
exhausted from their running exercises
Speare only struck out five of the
visitors but his men fielded in an almost
faultless manner and put up a splendid
game The institute has good players
and in former game made a most credit
able showing and it la hard to acrount
for their poor work of last night
The score
Y M C A n 11 1 Carrolls
Lindsay 1 ss 5 - jTliomtMon 1
hirre p
Ilrrene II
Kinir Cb
S hlepatd 2b
Xeall I I
Tlwimlwrm 1 f
It Slier1
Hrown r t
4 3 lary ro
n Johnson
I Sietliy Sb
J Mrty r
11 tioK r
3 f
3 2 JTate I f
O 1 Ha ditK c
4 4 IVturjt p
3 S
l I 10
1 8
- 1
To bue hita lilrlaslti i ircenr 2 Nrle
Iid i ftruik out D Speare 5 by Murphy
V Iljfej s in hall 02 Speare 1 on iiurr by 8
lflnpire Mewira MitcLell and Tade Heorer Mr
Time 1 hour and JO intnutci
Curcornii lllteketliitlt Teuin Winn
liy lleoorilIlreMUIiitf Neore
The Corcoran Cadet Corps baskotball
team established a new record Friday
night when It defeated the Sixth Battal
ion In a league game by the overwhelm
ing score of 45 to 0
Both teams played a clean game no
fouls being called The Corcorans ux
cellcd in passing and the plan of play
ing their first and second teams worked
to advantage
The line up
Corcorans Positions Sixth Daft
Zell right field Scrogglns
NaBh Tucker
Mastln left field Mooney
BarnholL Burke
Boyle tcntre Clum
Dow ling
Moriarty right guard Harley
Walter left guard Coon
Shoemaker IMschal
Umpires Messrs liouvet and Chase
Referee Mr llustu
Iltivvnril lrep lrven Vlrtor liy
Score nt -7 lo O
The preparatory school of Howard Uni
versity easily defeated the M Street High
School jesterday afternoon In a game of
football by the score of 27 to 0 The
game put up by both teams was at times
very ragged but the Howard boys dearly
outplayed their opponents nt nil stages
In the first line up Suthcrn broke
through the high school line for a touch
down running from the centre of the
field After this Howard seemed to sr ore
without much difficulty Banks Shorter
nnd Barnes making big gains around the
unds and through the tackle
Last night the students of the
Terms H cash and l per month
As our lock is complete embracing every style and every wood we invite your early in
spection if you are contemplating a puichahc
Pianos Delivered on Christmas
A small payment now will reserve the instrument you select and it will be delivered
promptly on the day designated
First time in this city Hare opportunity for securing the most acceptable Ninas presents
If You Want a Retina EViusic Sox Washburn Guitar Stewart Banjo
Washburn Mandolin Autoharp
In fact any instrument except a piano or organ lill in the following coupon and mail it at once
Inst rumen t wanted
Will place any of the foregoing instrument iu jour home at once
Steirrvvay and Other Pianos
925 Penna Ave
slty gave a reception to the varsity eleven
at Odd Fellows Hall
The following U the line up
Howard Positions High Pcliool
Shorter left end Wormley
Iloberts left tackle Bcrrjman
Scott left guard Dixon
Smith centre Complon
Sandford right guard Neugent
Quander right tackle Mattlngly
Cotter rizht end Urucc
and Bailey
Cashln quarterback Butcher
Banks capt left half SI Francis
Suthcrn right half Lewis
Barnes fullback capt J Francis
Umpire Mr C05k Cornell Kefereo
M Tnnn Howard T lAR
Linesmen Messrs
and Brown Timekeeper Mr
Tnos Howard Time of halves 20 and S3
New OrleuilK
ltCMllte Of tclls
race trark fait
First race- for all sum - It You
Dare DraD S to 5 won Ilojal Jtwlina Domi
nica S to i Sim Coclirane 13 to
1 third Time 113 3 1
Sei ond race For tire and one
half furleran Olltian Domini k trnjri3
Siphon Strle C to 1 second Caat Iron
S o 1 tMd Time 107 3 t
Third race For all ago ait Ccorse
Arnold OViniflrid J to 2 won Nellie WuMtll
Cotrarn 5 to t acond Tom KinjJfy DI
i to I third Time 113
Fourth rati The Palmetto Stteplcrhaae Handi
cap for and upward ahflrt cmirw
Uov Boyd Comer 3 to 1 won Dick Fiuber
C Johnvn to 1 rcond CU anl Hunt
1 to 1 third Time 305 t 2
Fifth race For and op iani
one mile snd a furious Felix Hard
Dominica i to 3 won Ii dericlt Cochrane
J til 1 rerund Jraie Jarboc McGinn 8 to 1
third Time iH
Ruth rate For and upard
erllfng cne and one sixteenth Jena
DoralnicV 2 to 1 won Allien I ee Cuburn
S to 1 Mcond Edna nile black i to I third
Time J 18 1 i
Aevv Orleuii Iliitrle
NhW 0tLES Iiee 7 Kntrim for Morula
First rare For maiden three-year-old and up
ward lit furlonc Infallible 11 Hand Sjuttie
Frank Kenny 110 Carter Han Curlorienun W7
VV II Diiun Kaater Time Sasma VI Kate
Ayre Chantlclur Frank Johnson taraslji lot
Second race For and upward
nix furlopea IIoraplioe Tobacro Tom Collinp
Jli Matter llinntr 112 air rmiuy liv Alpaca
Iittlo Jack Ilcrner Sir Florian Jloomcrack Ilea
107 Sad Sam Fannie Jlsnd 101 Stmirolon 111
Third race For three-year-olds ami upward
aelling one and uuIm Swordsman
Teucer lt Judge Meadman l iianiiti IU2
Irring Uairr 100 Mr lomeroy OT Free Iava
Syncopated sandy 9 Little tlkui j7 Sarajarop
M Farmer Itninett 32 Falrjdar 91
Fourth race Fpr and upward
handicap rfile and peienty ya iU Henry
Bert ICrt Andes tSraeda 1W Menace W Jcale
Jrboe 12 Ida lYnzancc 14
Fifth race- For even furlongs
Marco 110 Lecnji Itwe of May 1 Ernest
Parham W Xctiieriand 107 King TjtiiH 7
Ilro All About iJj Wlnnora S li M Hin
llullum l Kentucky VuJdle A3
Sixth race For four j ear oM and upward
selling one rnileWrank Ireland W Dandy II
Jim V frt King Elkwood V hliprr Low Ihidlai
tUtfentc S- Laitr Knit Joe iammaxe Major
MaRnir Easter Lily Monmouth Hoy W
Onkliiml Results
OAKLAND Dec 7 Heults of todajt ta w
4 Fart liadw
Firt race For and upward
one mile PInhn OXonnor i to 0
won Lett Cirl Hoar 15 to I accond Firt
Shot J Wd tu I third Time 1 JO 3 1
Second raceFor scllintf Futur
ity courn llainault Hour 3 tu won Dr
Scharlf Vounce 0 to 1 econd UommUatoner
Foster J Wood P to 3 third Time 115
Third race For and upward
Rte and one lull furlong Meolianus J VVooda
3 to won Frank Dell Mounce 3 to Jc
ond Mice OConnor 0 tu 5 third Time
110 3 1
Fourth race Itullnsrae Sellin Mjkcn for
ami tip ward one and
utlea trcjftld Ruiiianan 3 tu 2 won Berrpita
Wirutrtt i to 1 kerond Hortou Hoar t to
1 third Time 1 St
Filth race Handicap for even
furlong Autolight OConnor 3 to 2 won
Eonlc Iluchannl even pet ml Calanthiu 1
Daly 3 to 1 third Time 1 ol
Siath race For and upward
idling lit furlongi VVjoming llullnun A to 3
won Flamtro OConnor u to peroral llolIUk
J Wood 3 to I third Time I1T l J
Xebb How docs It come you bought
your wife a sealskin suque tills year
Why didnt you put It off another sea
Noble To tell yoc the truth I was
afraid sealskin raglani would be the style
next year Ohio State Journal
Mick u II friiiil Inrir uf llrallt
take too much stock In the fel
low who tells you that life Isnt worth
living says the Manayunk Philosopher
The doctors onice aro crowded with
such people Philadelphia Ileconl
information AViilllcil
Miss Kurnl And were you npver In the
country during the season for husking
bees Mr Sappy
Sappy No The lca How tin von husk
a bee anyway Philadelphia Press
The llntlroiul Vlnn Ilxetl the Sclicil
Ille So Hed Win
Some years ago a man now way up In
railroad circles held a position with the
Central branch road Just big enough to
enable him to take a trip over the lino
now and then In a special car He was
somewhat of a poker player and occa
sionally would Invite some of his friends
who knew- tho game to take a trip over
the line with him Oa one of the return
trips his friends were getting Into him In
good shape He was 400 or J50O loser
The train was within seventeen miles of
Atchison and he knew there was no show
for him to pull out even In the time It
would take to run In So ho excused him
self and went to the baggage car and
pulled the air The train came to a stop
He talked with the engineer for a few
minutes Then he went back and resumed
playing The train didnt move The
friends asked him what was the matter
He said that the engine had slipped an
eccentric and he had telegraphed to Atch
ison for another engine In a couple of
hours through some lucky plays the rail
road man got even with the game Then
he stepped to the platform of the car and
yelled to the engineer Hun like h 1
Into town Im even with the game
Kansas City Journal
in Electric
elt Free
Send our A pitl Irn t Ion It Onrr To
1 Iir Initllutt
They Will Sen I Von Aht iltitrlr Frrtr
Our of Tlifir lOO titmice Supreme
nirelrlc IleltN tltr licit Wlilrb Htm
Mntlr Sit Mirny Wonderful Cure
Von Neednt 5end Iirn u Ptnttnjcc
Mum Ii Juvt li u r JNnme nitil Vil
li reus
iSevun year ago the Stnto or Illinois
granteil to the Ihyslclans Inntltute of
Chicago a charter
There was need of something above the
ordinary method of treatment for chronic
dlaeuses something more than any one
siieclallt or any number of specialists
acting Independently could do so the
State Itself under the powers granted to
tt by Its general laws save the power to
tliH Ptiyulcians Institute to furnish to the
sick such help as would make them well
and strong
Ker since its estaliLrhment this Insti
tute has endeavored In every possible way
to carry out the original purpoeen of Its
establishment under the beneficent laws
of the State
Threo ears ago the Physicians Iii3tl
tute realising the vnlue of electricity in
the trralment of certain phases of dis
ease created under the superintendence
of Its staff of specialists an electric ueu
nnd this belt ha been proved to be of
great value ut u curative agent From
time to time it has been Improved until it
reached that stage of perfection which
warranted Its present name of Supreme
This belt Is tho most effective of all
ngents In the cure of rheumitlm lum
bago laino Kick nervous exhaustion
vteukeiied or Inst vital functions vari
cocele kidney disorders and mans other
This Supreme Ulectric Holt Is mulo In
one gride only gauge and It Is given
free t all tlm wl feel that they should
hie the effect of the current which Is
given by thlsgrealest of Natures healing
eleinentM Vim have only to write to the
Physicians Institute and one of thene
hells will be sent to ou absolutely free
It Is not wilt on trial It li yours to keep
forever without the payment of one cent
This generous otfer may be withdrawn at
an time jou should write today for
Ibis free Suprem1 Klectrlc Helf to The
Plivslrlins liitltutc W 2 Maxuttli Tem-
pie Chliago Ill
Leaders Since 1867
Two Popular Winter Styles
H l3tor
Tuxedo Boot
Are You Puzzled
to get a Shoe that is fully up- to your notion in style
and fits perfectly and is comfortable whether you
wear it an hour or all day long
The Famous Shoe for Women
is that kind of a Shoe Made of the best materials
shaped on perfected lasts and never fail to give com
plete satisfaction The best proof of it is the way its
list of wearers grows nearly two million women now
Handsome sensible and typically a
Walking Boot iWade of Heavy Kibo
Box Calf with extra heavy sole
extension edge and low heef -
Wm Cannon
New York Buffat
405 10th St N W
Heuriohs Maerzen and Senate Beers
Evans Hudson Ale and Porter Bass
Cos Ale on draught All the pop
ular brands of Whiskies and Liquors
guaranteed as represented No Helm
ing of
- jvll til atMI aaa mot
ypfTPfl I ittractiTt atylca Is mani
V6U abara Blackt tan
klivvu iff
tat leatatr aq jai w nr
h s250
M3 PennsrlTanlK Artaai
Do You Eat
Meals 15c and 25c
SH F St bet Eth and 9th Sts
Washington Paris
Amonj tho Intcreatln hiblU
at the late rrla EspoiUiim waa
nne diiplajr of Uoilck Air CuiMua
Tnno of U HnilJ aupportera I
and various appllancf for ma
women and children Itcro lSJt
F St X VV which took the high-
tt award OTtr all eompetltora
amriran and foreln The Itorlck i
Air CuJiion Tru Company leads
the world Tno weeki trial Tw
eara cuaraniee viaioue aou
consultation free
in r st n
S IPe2ff0
Sfflssfi WMskey
Castilian Boot
A very graceful stylish refined Dress
Boot made Kibo Kid with patent tip
light flexible sole neat close-trimmed
edges leather Louis XV
heel and high arched instep
Saks Company
Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
iiiiiininiinii niiHiniHiniMiiimtM
BH ju jaWQfllEaW T
tafajiasaTfffffSr smsh FrMiA tvatjgsSissTDaaBBuav
Many persons want to know where they can buy
No Need to Tell You Where to Find
us Q T T l Ful1
the Best ffTTfTlTCJTEiC W
Ar xUtCDinA B lle
Orders Delivered Anywhere in the City
1222 2 Till St N W
Goal - 5
Wevv River Red A9h
Egg Coal
Try It
702 Eleventh Street NW
6th and K Sts
13th and D Sts
Star or the East
fancy patent flour
S4I4 per bbl
For a few daj only at either of
Cheaper than anybody becauae you pay JU
tub We want jour trade Anthracite
oo dellTerid Aak f
1207 O Street northern
1bona 33d aid SIS
Kinds of
High Grade Liquors
to supply tour XmzJ want Co otfa picked
for shipment to an point In Inltrtt States
Chris XanderKYik

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