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Prince of Wales London
Address a Revelation
English Poopto Awaken to a Real
ization of the Talent of thoHolr
to tho Throu a Promise of
Bsiuj a Wiso Statesman
LOKDON Dec 7 The evolution of the
rrJncc of Wales has Interested the Ilrlt
lsh public lu lh protmt week more than
any other inaltcr f general concern HU
visit to tlic city and wi at he said there
Mere core or iees of a revelation to tho
country In regard to the personality ami
character cf the heir to the throne
ThS truth has been that the Duke of
York was never much la the rubllc CJC
and the popular impression of him while
cot unfriendly en the whole has been
vaguely tolirnnt He never won the warm
place iu the public affections which hi
tactful and very human father won at a
much earlier age He had no opportuni
ties to display Ins Individuality and per
haps It was only natural that from this
lack of evidence of any spcciil talents
came a tacit belief in their absence
1iisllKli People jMirprlned
It was a welcome surprise therefore
to the English people yesterday In read
a speech from hia lips which ically said
something and which carried Ideas at
once sound thoughtful even eloquent It
was much above the average of royal ut
terances Cynics at once assumed that
the prince merely rercated -words put Into
his mouth by a convenient bureaucrat
whoso duty It is to write royal speeches
This Is an absolute Injustice The prinui
not only wrote this excellent address to
the citizens of London but performed the
far more difficult task of composing all
cf the many responses to public addresses
in his long tour These included a great
variety uf ideas and sentiment often ex
pressed in exceedingly graceful and happy
language The English public has taken
on the whole remarkably slight Interest
la the details cf the six months toar
A Incld Ziiltnrue
The princes summng up of the whole
story in his Guild Hall address was
therefore in the nature of a new narra
tive to his listeners His straightforward
review and careful analysis of his ob
servations with their lesson to the moth
er country constituted an epitome of lie
current history of the Empire which sur
prised and delighted his hearers
There has been conslderwrul5or3e
and extreme l0B the princes
- Is rather
men nauseating but
it should net o scure the fact that the
future Kins of Great Britain has shown
himself to to a man of parts with brains
and logic and an appreciation of his re
sponsibilities and the duties of statesman
ship Those who were In close personal
association with him on his long trip
gained the truest Jdca of his real char
acter Some of them admit a certain
amount of surprise at the extent of his
Free Prom Prejudices
It is a satisfaction to learn that there
Is nothing small nothing of the snob
about him He Is as broad minded and
democratic as his father and Is remark
ably free from prejudices The chief crit
icism If It be such is that intellectually
ho Is still somewhat boyish
JJy this It is not meant that he Is un
sophisticated or uninformed but his hab
its of mind are those of one younger than
ho In jears Far from being ignorant It
will be difficult to find a man of his age
better equipped with knowledge which nc
time goes on he will undoubtedly assimi
There is every prospect also that as
the country comes to know him better his
popularity vv 111 be rapidly increased
DliinT to 1 rlice f Wnlcri Causes
Hot Dlxrimnlnii
LONDOX Dec 7 A solemn protest has
been raised against tho city magnates
supplying lark pie at the luncheon for
the Prince and Princess of Vales at the
Guild Hall on Thursday
It Is pointed out that more than a
thousand larks were sacrificed to produce
n dainty dish to set before a probable
king while he himself Is the President of
the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty
to Birds
The Saturday Review waxes Indig
nant over the vulgarity of the whole pro
ceedings and especially the publication of
buch details as the number of turtles in
the soup the lumps of pate do folo gras
the lobsters the turkeys and the wines
It suggests that It was a conception of
lojalty which however genuine would
only seem appropriate to a man of beefy
Loyalty says the editor is not best
expressed In terms of lark plo
A In Ilrooklj n
An adults food that can sue a baby
proves Itself to be nourishing and easily
digested and good for big and little folks
A Irookljn man savs When baby wan
nbout eleven months old he began to grow
thin and paio This was at first attri
buted to the heat end the fact that his
teeth were coming but In reality tbo
poor little thing was starving his
mothers milk not being sufficient nour
One day after he bad cried bitterly for
an hour I suggested that my wife try
him on Grnpc Nuts She coaked two tca
spoonfuls In a saucer with a little sugar
and warm milk This baby ate so raven
ously that she fixed a second which ho
likewise finished It was not many days
hoforc ho forgot all about being nursed
end has since lived almost exclusively on
Grape Nuts Today the boy la strong and
robust and as cute e mischief maker as
n thirteen months old baby is expected
to be
Wo hare put before him other foods
but he will have none of them evidently
preferring to stick to that which did him
ro much good In bis time cf need his oil
friend -Grape-Nuts
Use this letter any way you wish for
my wlfo and I can never praise Grape
Nuts enough after the brightness It has
brought to our household Tbrsn state
ments can be verified by cn one who
wishes to make a visit lo our home P
1 McElroy 2G So Si St Brooklyn N Y
Crape Nuts Is not made for a baby
food but experience with thousands of
babUs stows it to be among tho best If
rot entirely the best in uw Bclns a
scientific preparation of Natures grains
It It equally effective as a body and brain
LrSlItr fir crows ups
TJirec eRTr In n Pitiable Condi
tion Arrive In Tlit CHs
The abuse and brutality to which the
crews of the ojster dredge boats in the
waters of the lovCer Potomac are subject
ed continues to be kept prominently
bclore the public by the frequent arrival
of nc victims
Yesterday three colored men arrived In
the city oti the steamer Palomae They
were Henry Knight William Crccn and
James Cd arils The men claim to have
been worked Incessantly for two months
with but scant food and clothing Al
though they had been promised 15 a
month they were each given a pair of
shoes and a second class ticket to Wash
They were put ashore when from
exhaustion and exposure they were no
longer lit for work Knight and Green
were also suffering with frcst bltten feet
They were temporarily provided for by
the Board of Charities until further pro
vision an bo made for them
Knight in nineteen years old and Uvea
at 120 Main Street Itichmond Va Wh n
he shipped from Baltimore October lie
waB told that he vss to receive 15 a
Capt Jim Summers commanded the sail
boat which took him to the incuth of the
Potomac Ulvcr where on October 4 he
commenced work rn the dredge James A
Hooper Capt Tom Trcnck Hi and the
others were required to work eighteen
cr twenty hcurs a day were poorly fed
arid ladly treated he claims
Finally his feet were frcst bitten and
exhaust on rendered further work Impos
sible The three men were put ashore
Thursday morning in the vicinity of the
St Marys Itlver They had each received
a pair of hoes worth J1S0 an old oilskin
rulL valued at 2 and were furnished with
a ticket to this city
The rtcn wanted to go to either Itich
mond or Baltimore but the captain they
say told them they could go to Washing
ton or nowhere They did not receive any
compensation for ther two months work
they say
Major Sylvester yesterday forwarded lo
Governor Tvler of Virginia such addf
tional information as his recently been
accumulated by th department concern
ing the brutal treatment of Edward Hcr
rng by the captain and mate of the ojstcr
dredge on which he was employed The
names and addrcssis cf several witnesses
lJVe been furnished and everything pos
sible has been dene to assist the Virginia
authorities la suppressing a savage prac
tice that has become only too common
in recent jears
The determination of the Virginia au
thcrltics to bring Ihc guilty parties to
Justice and to Institute a general crusade
agains these men is made evident by the
fitting out rf a patrol boat which will be
sent after the culprits
Tollowlng the discovery of His serious
condition of Herzog report has It that
the otrcr cystermeu In the of
JIachcdoc Creek where the assau 8 oc
curred wore aroused to action auJ ar
ranged to mete out summary vengeance
en the eflenders The guilly parties be
came alarmed at the feeling which was
evident on every side and In the middle
of the night raised anchor and departed
They have not been seen since
The fact has been recalled by many of
the men that have business In the vicinity
of the lower llachodoc that during tho
past J ear several drowned bodies have
tra found in the vicinity In tacb In
stance they have borne evidences of hav
ing met with violence
Hcrrn l - - r 3
tal and is believed to be slightly Im
proved although he is by no means out of
Wnnla form Trntonlr Irlemllilp
n mi ifTectlvc InlN of Op
lioaltlon lo the t tilted Mnlt B
lu onfli America
LONDON Dec 7 That rabid hater of
all tblngs American The Saturday Ite
vicw prints a savage article In support
of Germanys rumored ambitions In South
America It quotes Gaston do Segur who
recently visited Emperor William on the
royal acht Hohcnzollern
According to M de Segur the greater
part ol his hosts conversation was direct
ed to pointing out the folly of European
nations engaging In internecine quarrels
when a greater danger is growing up in
the Far West
The Saturday Bcvlcw then goes on to
In the light of these disclosures the re
cent assurance of Baron Von Hollcben
the German Ambassador at Washington
hat the pursuit of coaling stations on
the South American continent by Ger
many Is a figment of the Imagination may
bo received with respectful astonishment
or admiration of such consummate diplo
Interference Inevllnble
Now that President Roosevelt 1 as
thrown down the gage in bis reference to
military powers of the old world which
means hands off Immense growth of
the German population in Brazil Implies
that inevitably some day there will be
German Interference In that country and
the same remark applies with less force
lo Chile
Such Interference In nny form wll
involve n conflict with the United State
This Is what Emperor William with a
jUtesirans foresight kccs but If England
were alienated Germany could not hope lo
at such a distance carry on a war suc
cessfully with a naval power almusl her
equal Then with an ally It would be no
easy task unless that ally were England
with htr naval bases across the Atlantic
With England hostile It wouU be an
impossibility We are not advocating an
alliance with Germany agalnjt the Unit
ed States We advocate still l 8s one with
the United States against Germany Iut
In the event of a conflict we might with
advantage to ourselves hold the balance
Hope for tin Future
Under tho existing Ministry we should
undoubtedly pull chestnuts out of the
fire for the Americans but this Ministry
is not Immortal and a Tory Government
of a different calibre Is conceivable The
permanent alienation of England from
Germany would be injurious to Germany
and more so to England
With friendly Germany posted In
South America and loyal Canada In North
America we rould hold the United States
In some kind of cbcik With GTmnny
eliminated from lac political chessboard
of the New World we should with the
present policy of admitting the unbridled
pretension of the United States every
where one day find ourselves elbowed out
forever from both North and South
An Oppot Vler
Oddly enough the Spectator prints
simultaneously with tho above a care
fully reasoned article on the Drllltb for
eign policy tbe conclusion of which Is
It is Impossible for us to expect friend
liness from Germany She Is our rival
she wants to win rom vs Therefore let
us recogntio the facts and banish the
notion of working with Germany against
HUESIa or Indeed any other ror A
German alliance Is the Isast stable ground
on which c can lay llir foundation of
foreign policy
Bullet Wound in Ayres Hip
Not Explained
Wranglo Ovor Admission of Expert
Testimony Regarding- tho Posi
tions of lira Eonino tid Hor
Victim Whon Shots Wero Fired
tenllons cf the Govcrnmcnt havc been
successfully comligJlinjanaJbut one
point To disprove the p osecutlons
theory in regard to IhelsurBhat Wound in
Ayrcs hip every erfortsof tbdefence is
now Lcing directed
Her attorness have tal en a firm stand
upon the statement made by Mrs Bonlne
and assert that It Is still the only plausi
ble thcorj of the tragedy The motive as
stated ly MrKTloalnc which brought her
to A res rooiruhas been substantiated
her attorneys are satisfied tho revolver
with which the deed was done found in
the room the day after has been proved
to have been previously In the possession
cf Avrcs and the stains on tho wrapper
have been conclusively analyzed as blood
The attorneys believe that the Jurors have
rlrcady rome to a definite conclusion on
these paints
Ihc WounI In lie lllp
The last and only- remaining point in
lesue is in connection with the wound in
the dead mans hip caused by a bullet
fired from a pistol ranging upward In
Mrs Bonlnes story of the deadly strug
gle on the morning of May 15 her body
assumed many position as she a crea
ture of ninety four pounds and feet 11
Inches high grappled with Ajres voting
tall athletic But she was never la a
position th Government declares to en
able her to dirett a shot entering as the
tip wcund Indicates
The better part of the last two days
have been consumed by the defence In en
deavoring to give a solution of this prob
lem through the lnedlurashlp or an expert
witness Dr W P Carr But it has been
strongly resisted by Mr Gould who has
not raly objected to every Interrogation
bearing en thcsiibeCl but hassonc even
furtbrr and denounced as utterly value
less such testimony when emanating
fru an expert giving hjpotheticnl views
Opposition of Mr Could
The District Attorney has contended
tme and again that It Is a matter for
the commoisf life of the jury to decide
and has advised opposing counsel to dc-
lart irOUl lUU WUriU Ut lijjnJlUcala tvt
more matcrlaUplanet Mr Goulds atti
tude has forced the defence from deploy
ing longer on the skirmish Ilneand caus
ed It to bring its heaviest guns Into ac
Vvhcn the lawyers came Into court yes
terday morning each one of them stag
gered under an armful of serious looking
borVs bound In pumpkin colored calf Mr
Gould rnd his assistant Mr Taggart sat
at a table fortified behind a similar
breastwork of literature
Dr Carr was immediately called to the
stand After tie had given tho result of
his measurements of Mrs Bonlnes body
he was permitted at the end of an hours
argument by opposing counsel to give his
opinion as to the dlstancc froin the point
of entrance of the wound In Ayrcs hip
to the bottom of the foot Witness ap
proxlmatd distance at theirty elght
and one half Inches
Ho was then aeked by Mr Douglass
the question which caused the debate of
the day
Tlie Qnloii Objected to
In your opinion what difference If
nnf would there be In the height or di
rection of the wound assuming that the
party receiving the wound is cither walk
ing or running
Mr Gould who had been listening sus
piciously as Stenographer Gait read tho
question over several times for the Judges
btnclit was on bis feet In a second ob
What Is the use of all this he de
manded with an air of Irritation Every
fact in the possession of Dr Carr as to
what transpired In that room can be
placed before the Jury Just as clearly as
beforo the witness Ihc Jury is as com
petent to Judge of the different positions
of tho parties in the struggle as Dr Carr
In his examination
Mr Gould said It did not require tech
nical tklll to understand the situation
and referred to Dr Carr as an alleged
expert He claimed it was not compe
tent for an expert to testify to the rela
tive lsltlon of two persons In a homi
cide when one of tbcm had been killed
Mr Goulds Contention
Here tho District Attorney referred to
Mr Douglass skillful phrasing of ques
No matter In what language It may
masqueradn such a Question should be
overruled he commented
Mr Gould said assuming the ques
tion was answered the answer would
possess no value to the defence unless
they followed it up with expert testimony
as to the position of Ayres and Mrs
Bonino when they were engHgcdln the
struggle He thrn read st great length
from a number of authorities in support
of his argument all of which bad decided
against expert testimony being admitted
in similar rases
We arc not here to consider that
argued Mr Douplass when Mr Gould had
finished Authorities differ as to that
In every State In the country But I
have here a decision of the Supreme Court
of tbe United States made In the ease of
Bram vs tho United State admitting ex
pert testimony of tho very nature to ob
jectionable to my friend the District At
A larnllrl Cne
In the case referred to by Mr Douglass
objection had been made to a question
asked a medical expert as to whether In
his oplilon a man could btand at ths hip
of a recumbent person and In striking a
blow on that persons head with an nxc
bo necessarily spattered or covered with
somo of tho blood
In this case observed Mr Douglass
tho Supreme Court ruled the question as
competent Furthermore the question as
sumed tho position of both parties we
only a3sume tho position of the one
Mr Gould answering said that In the
Instance quoted by counsel It was a mat
ter of tho expert possessing great arterial
Mr Iloufclnfcii Argument
Is tho muscular system any less com
plex than tho arterial system demanded
Mr Douglass explaining that It required
a knowledge of the former lo answer the
question In dispute and assuring tho
court that from Dr Carrs long experience
as a surgeon ho was eminently equipped
to qualify as nn export In giving such in
Val I U ety la aar cm W
consideration of this matter so grave Is
the sltu vtlon so vital the Importance of
the nnjcr to the defendant that It your
honor takes for -our chart and compass
the deruijjn of tlje court that contrcU all
the federal Judiciary from whose decis
ions thcllslrlct Attorney has quoted you
will flniljthjs doclslon of the highest tri
bunal in tfcr lacil embraces all the condi
tions of Vjhs present situation Mr
Douglass as very impressive as he said
this it
Judge Anderson aftor making cbnlous
notes of the various authorities cited by
opposing cunst l adjourned the court rc
servlngflifnjdeclslcn in the premises until
Sciirtnr Unite vn ij V re i I lm I it
itnnfccvclt Is a Iliilitcr
Joseph W Bailey Jr the eleven-year-old
son of the Junior Senator from Texas
former leader of the House and defender
of tho Coistltutlrn some time ago de
veloped a strong partisan opposition In
It lLtkjM T in- It mti
The attrrneys fcr Mrs Bcnlne arc sat-
isfled with the testimony so far submitted r7n
- I from partisanship based on divergent
In litr defence They believe tint the con-
j sprang up Both boys attend the Inrcc
j School a pubilctnstltution en Masaachu
I setts Avenue Vcurtg Jorf cajic home
from school a few days ago ami dcrounc
ed Archibald as a bad boy
Do you know what that Archibald
Hooscvclt docs he said Ho fights
He wants to fight every boy in school
I thought I heard him swear too I ran
ngalnst him colng through the door to
dav I didnt mean to do It but do jou
know what he did He doubled up his
list and knocked mo down I never did
see such a fighter
Mlrr Likely to Hie of HxlinuHtlon
Ilesnltliii from UN Wound A
SturtHnir Humor from
The tragedy of Tuesday night at Oak
Grove Ta still Terrains an absorbing
topic cf interest Yesterday efforts to
loiale Herbert Marx whose shots fired
from a pistol killed two men and wounded
two others proved unavailing A digest
of varied reports fenm different sections
however loads to the belief that Marx Is
now In Baltimore A despatch last night
gives cofcjvo this theory
Illiicsi oT Tuylorn Mother
It is learned that a brother of William
T Taj lor one of the victims of the Vir
ginia tragedy Is now very 111 in a private
ward at the Johns Hopkins University
Hospital Baltimore Even thename of this
patient ws refused yesterday by the hos
pital authorities Because of his pre
carious condition the patient knows
nothing all about the shooting The
news is L akcpt from him studiously
Taylor hae1betnt the hospital several
weeks Some years ago ho broke his leg
by a fall ajrytlif bone has nttr mended
StlfUsTlekcrliijc Life
No perceptible change was noted last
night in the condition of John Q Stiff
third victim of the tragedy now lying
at the Emergency Hospital In this city It
Is only a matter of time the physicians
state before the patient will die from ex
haustion resulting from his wound
Tho condition of Stiff Is thus explained
by one of the attending physicians
It appears that the patient is para
lyzed tbe bullet having shattered the
vertebra at the base of tho neck nnd
caused severe laceration of the spinal
cord Thus the entire nervous system Is
crushed as it were and can supply no
nerve force to assist the muscles and va
rious organs of the body In their work
The food does not nourish the body under
such circumstances Therefore as time
passes the tissues gradually weaken and
finally decay and fatal exhaustion must
be the final outcome
An Operation InelTrctnal
An operation on the patient is useless
because of the evident injury to the spinal
cord In fact It would almost certainly
result In death One reason for this Is
that the precise condition of tbe spinal
column has not been determined even by
the use of the X ray H seems likely that
small pieces of bone or possibly a par
ticle of lead from tbe bullet Itself may
press on the spinal cord In such case the
paralyfls of the patient might be thus ex
A sister of Stiff Miss Mary SUB arrived
in the city yesterday morning from West
moreland County Va and is stopping with
relatives on Fifteenth Street northwest
She visited the hospital shortly after her
arrival and remained at the bedside nf her
brother most of tho day Miss Stiff was
alto at the hospital for hours last night
Dr James Stiff brother of the wounded
man who camo here Immediately after
the tragedy has departed to his home at
Fredericksburg Va whore business calls
him Dr Stilt Is a dentist He is ox-
pected to return here for a few days about
the middle of the week
ItrnnrtN Coiirernliijj Jlnrx
A story comos from Richmond that
voung Tavlor who met death at the hands
of Mnrx was la love with his pretty
cousin Miss ItoiQ Talor and that he was
led to the attack on tho Cedar Hill resi
dence because of jealousy prompted by
seeing Marxkfss the girl It is now re
ported thatMIss Taylor admits that Marx
did kiss her bu states that he had done
so before regtrdlng her as a mere child
Statements embodied In several de
spatches last night are to the effect Marx
Is on the verge of nervous prostration It
Is said be l t nearly crazed as a result of
tho shooting Wlicrevnr he Is It Is said
ho Is under medlcal treatment
In a telegram last nluhl from New York
this assertion as fan Interview Is made
William B Marx brother of Herbert
Mnrx tho Jliung Brooklyn lawyer states
that tho latter tas not yet returned to
New York City- He Is In tho country
but not In Virginia Ho was much upset
several days ago but Is now hotter
A SlarllliiK Development
A startling rumor from Warsaw Va
last night Is that lha party which attack
ed Marx in his own homo Intended to
burn the dwelling if necessary to force
a surrender Since the night ot the trag
edy n can of oil and a big bag of straw
have been found lu the yard surrounding
the house It Is supposed these prepara
tions for a fire worn made In advance ot
the actual nttnek on the residence
From Oak Grove Va yesterday came
word that Ernest Marx of New York and
his Abel E Blarkmar an
attorney spent Friday night at the houao
of Commonwealth Attorney It J Wash
ington of Vestmorolsnd County whera
the whole affair was iltcuscd Nfbat
action w elrcldul upa l hs not
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Annual lllertion nf ItllerrN nnil
The Sons and Daughters of Maine held
their regular monthly meeting last night
at their club rooms 719 Sixth Street
northwest and elected officers for the en
suing year
The monthly meetings of the Maine pco
plo are always well attended on account
of the social programme one of tho fea
tures presented after the routine business
has been disposed of C II Ellis tho
president of the society occupied tho
chair with S E Barber as secretary
After the reading of tho minutes and
transaction ot other routine work the
election of officers for the coming year
took place and resulted as follows Presi
dent Walter Hlggtn3 First Vice Presi
dent Oeo ge Hall Seconi Vice Iresl
dentMrs Marian Longfellow ODonoghuc
Third Vice President Mrs York Secre
tary Mrs XI M Metcalt Treasurer Wal
ter Hlgglns Corresponding Secretary
Mrs O II Ilriggs Orator Mr DaCostn
Sentinel and Lshcr C S Sands
The following executive committee con
sisting ot ono rerson from each county
was also elected Androscoggin M M
Thomas ArooJtock O II Drlggs Cum
berland Thomas 1 Cleaves Franklin
William S Hopkins Hancock J W Bab
son Kennebec Dr A Patten Knot lien
Ellis Spear Lincoln It A Dlnsmorc Ox
ford Hon Sidney Ielham Penobscot
Judge I G Kimball Piscntaques C 11
Ellis Sagadahoc V V Da Costia Somer
set George W Hall Waldo Charles S
Sands Washington F B Barbour Zook
Walker Ilicslns
George Washington Hall the chairman
of the entertainment committee had pre
pared a very Interesting programme of
musical and literary numbers Among
those who contributed to Its success were
Judge KIcnner of Ohio who gave recita
tions from James Whttcomb Itllcy Mrs
Kitty Thompson lterry who sang A May
Morning and II Baclo and was ac
companied on tho piano by Pror Waldcck
er funny stories by Mr Woodbury and
the Misses Barrows with piano ducts and
vocal renditions Tho evenings entertain
ment closed with an old tlmo country
school spelling bee
Colonel Jtcnile Ilecrlves Ills Sirord
NEW YORK Dee 7 Following the re
ceipt of papers from Washington an
nouncing tho dismissal of the charges
against Colonel Meade commanding om
crr of the marines at the navy yard Hear
Admiral Barker command nt of the yard
handed Colonel Mesde his sword today
and ho resumed his duties There was no
formality or display Colonel Meade was
confined to his room with a severe cold
today but his son Robert said his father
had no intention ot making a counter
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125 imp breasts 29c
50c imp wings 9c
50c feather Pompons2lc
Biggest stock of toys games and dolls in town
and a fourth less than others ask
Childrens dresses 75c
Lot of Childrens Wool Tlald Dresses
long effect In front yokes ot plain
contrasting materials with bretelles
finished with braid Instead of 123 and
J1S0 to go for 75c
Childrens aprons 1 7c
25 dozen Childrens Plain India Lin
en Aprons with fronts trimmed with
embroidery and with lapels trimmed
with lace sizes 2 to 12 jears instead
of Sc for 17c each
Unb leached canton flannel 8gc
vnoiner lot ot LnDieacned canton
Flannel the heavy quality tho reg
ular i l 2c value for S 7 Sc yard to
S2 blankets SI39
Lot of slightly soiled ll quarter white
Blankets with deep colored borders
half wool extra good weight the J2
value for 139
75c blankets 59c
Lo if ll quarter grey and white
IIlaiiKts of good weight wth taped
edges Instead of 73c for 39c
nlil to lie lrepnrini tu Ilca
Trade Itclutlons
OTTAWA Ont Dec 7 It Is said that
an Intimation is on Its way to Hon Ed
mund Barton Tremler of Australia to tho
eflect that the Government of Canada is
prepared to dl3cuss with the executive of
tlc commonwealth the subject ot closer
trade relations
The negotiations on behalf of Canada
will doubtless be conducted through the
Postmaster General Hon M Mulock
who when In Australia last summer had
a preliminary chat with Mr Barton Can
adas exports to Australia for the fiscal
year ended June 20 last amounted to
2211103 as compared with 16251 for
the previous year
COCAS On Sturdjy Ptccmlxr 7 1901 AX
LKLS COO S LcloTrtl children ot Kdward U and
JUrjr tin n Ituikr aecd tro jrars nine
month nd one year nn monttu lcplfTcly
Kuneral pnrate Sunday IVcccmrs 8 1901 at
2 p m from rnddrnce of partatd 53 IlrlIit
wood Avenue ahingtons P C ml
ESCLlII On Saturday DfffinblT 7 1501 Jt
2 p m lsAUkL widow ot Col Ji nWi
Puntral private1 from ISO it Strte iortliwt
Monday lictnilier 0 at 4 p in ml
of the late John II Oberly at 2 a tn Dumber
7 1COI
funtral froT her late rwMence 129 Jtarjlind
arcnue ne at 10 a m MonJay lK cember 9
7 2
IA KOSTVIS 1IAI5Y Y beloved wile ot J fa
Iontain at 1 ocloek Dinlsr 7 1901 at tte
home of tier son 13 Viirjrtand arcnue aw
Notice of funeral hereafter el
OURIBX On Thursday PeccniiKT 3 WI at 4
p m JIVItY widow of the lite Jam ami
mother of the late John Ollrien natlte of the
County of Limerick Ireland
Itineta from tltr residence of her daughter-in-law
Mm Vtargaret A Ollrien 1910 Thirteenth
Street northwest Monilay Dctrobrr 9 at 9
oclock a m Mom ot requiem from St Pauls
Churili Kiiteenth and V Streets northwest
ltelatitc and frienda inTited mC 4
nnvn LKTrnn svin
C G SbOAN CO Auctioneers
The fnrlalmed Articles accumulated in
DEAD LETTER OFFICE will lw sold at l -
AITTIOV at the aales room of
C 1 M0 VN Jt CO 1107 H ST N V
CVmmenrins on VIOXDVY DECEMIIER 0th 1901
anil continuing dally at 10 a m and 7 p m
until the nholr is dljposci of
Catalogue U1 be furnUifel for distribution
during the sate
By order ot the Postmaster leneril
Supt Dead Utter OSIce
lostotllce Department
Xor 27 1901
CO Uiin Store Corner 7th and R
r Streets Sranthes alt otcr the eltj
as la sU suteta nc23 ttera
free with
Ifte Most Marvelous Value- Weve Yet Offered
Are Surpassed by these Splendid Bargains
which we have arranged for Mondays shoppers For the savings which you are
enabled to make by taking advantage of them they are extraordinary because in
every instance they concern tho most fashionable and most wanted wearables for
which other stores are asking full prices
3 Lots Auto Coai
AQ For Womens S10
WO Auto Coats
rishlnnablo Automobile Coal tnflilo
of excellent quality kersey broadcloth
in the correct shades of castor nnd
tans also black In womens sizes
from K to 16 and mNseV sizes from
IR to is years hair tight lilting and
yoke effects with velvet and storm
collars Instead ot 510 for JJIS
for womens
rt r n n
42 Inch Automobile Coats of excellent
quality kersey broadcloth 12 inches
long In black and correct shades of
castor nnd tnn made with storm col
lars J39S Instead ot 11230 and i3
2 Specials in
798 for 51200 Raglan
Oxford mack nnd Grey Melton Cloth Itaglans half
tight fitting with yoko loose lilting with joke nnd half
tight fitting without yoke with velvet collars nnd turned
cuffs J7SS Instead of 1250
for childs 5 and 6
auto coats
Ijt of Childrens Kersey Beaver
Automobile Coats In castor blue and
red with deep capes iomn plain
tailor stitched some with afollqued
velvet cape sizes S to li yeara fult
length automobile style J3S3 Instead
of nnd Yu
for S25 Raglans
Womens Black Tan and Castor Raglans yoke eTect
half tight fitting nnd loose fitting styles velvet and
storm coIar M nnd 5S Inches long 1635 Instead of J2i
Specials in ladies silk waists skirts and neckpieces
CO QO for 512 ami 515
tJOyO sikw gists
Silk waists made of excellent qual
ity taffeta tucked trimmed with tnf
fetn silk trimmed with ruffles nnd
ribbon Vilvct trimmed and appllqued
flounces Ji to J1S value
C7 QO for 5 10 750
v0 silk waists
VI A for 55 far
pOtO neckpieces
Lot of handsome Black JIarten Fur
Neck Pieces with clusters of long
Florodora tails full and fluffy and
Instead of JJ for K13 tomorrow
Childs S150 QQr
fur set OL
Childrens Angora and Thibet Fur
Pets consisting of neck piece and mutt
which has patent pocketbook attach
mentthe Identical set sold at JtSO
elsewhere hence a big bargain at 83c
S125 flannel waists 69c
73 dozen Flannel Waists In alt col
ors Including black with fln tucks
front and back formlng V yoke but
toned front and back with new
lars and sleeves Instead of J123 for
Flannelette skirts 25c
Lot of Womens Striped Flannelette
Skirts with knee flounces the same as
yoQ see elsewhere at 23c to go on sale
tomorrow at 25c each
39c window shades 25c
23 dozen Opaque Window Shades
with fixtures complete ready to put
up- in all colors with deep fringe
Instead ot 33c for 25c
S3 and S250 portieres 5198
Lot of sll wool Chenllla Portiere
with heavy fringe In all colors ln
stead of 250 and J3 to go for 133
SI50 lace curtains 98c
Lot of Nottingham Lace Curtalna
In an assortment of lovely patterns
with taped edges instead ot 150 to
go for Kic pair
Childrens coats 98c
Lot of childrens all wool Eiderdown
Coats with ripple and plain Klderdown
Capes trimmed with silk ribbon and
Angora fur In blue white etc In
stead of 2 and 150 tor 3c
49c brushes 25c
Lot of sliver back Hat Brushes In
n splendid assortmecu of handsome
designs the kind so elsewhere at
49c to go for 23c
Chatelaine bags 98c
A large lot of new Chatelaine Bag
of oxydized sliver and also black and
steel beaded bags with chamois lin
ing for 5Sc Instead of U3
10c handkerchiefs
Lot of womens and misses Japon
ctte Handkerchiefs with initials of
silk and hemstitched borders look ex
actly like silk for -17-Sc instead of
SPECIAL MrriCE meetirc of the stockhold
ers of the National JlttropoaUn Fire Insurance
Company of the District of ColvnbU wUl b
held at the office of the company UECEVIDEIl 22
lwt for the election of directors Polls open at
12 m anil close at 1 oclock p a
SAM CROSS Secretary
TfcU U the season for FIRE 3
If not call at once oa the
inwoifc St X W rtIj to Oas OHct
Chartered by Congress in 1S13
XcTer dwputeil a loaa
Tald its tlth dividend of S per cent
- IV P YOISO Secretary
of Columbia Volunteers ot ISfil win holj an ooen
Hall corner of Mfth and II sts nir The Com-
Tii iTL0 K01 mV r rPrt
VII Utlrlet of
Columbia Volunteers ot 1SS1 art
invited lij order iVIL LA PORTE Secretary
purchased the renUursnt ot 3ias D og 820 Penni
ate uir TI e above Ann will not rcDoraihU
fr any debts contracted by Chuj Rinj mi 7
THE Childrens llorpltsl has a deed ot trim oa
It lor twenty thousand dollars on which It U
pajring literal Help to pay It
Clldtrlaktr and Hlubalmer
O IO V St v
Eierythlnz strict srct clas on the mot rts
ooiblj tenu
Telefhone eU Main 240
InilerlnUer mid Livery
J22 Tenn Ate N W Wasllnjton a a
aixtms siis
DUNCvX OS nilOS Auctioneers
To settlo the biKiness of the late ilrm of Kelk y
Chamberlain iHwlted by the death if 1
ward II Chamberlain I will as surviving part
ner sell at public auction on WEDNESDAY
OCLOCK P M at OU Louisiana aenuc a
the following personal prope ty belontflcff to sail
Two horses 2 vtarons 2 sets harness iron 5f
2 trucks 2 pairs Kales 1 office desk 1 tahlr I
stute lot ol egg cases potato baxs and chitar
i ooprf butter boxr table etc and on urt
ot stock in the Lircotn Hall Asscciatioi t l
par value of 100
C7910 Surtitlnj Parta
I will sell by public suction at 427 11th
TCESDVY DkCEJtnKR to al 7 n n
goods on which interest remains unpaid ccit
ing ot gold silver aut metal itarciirs
tloctu chains rrs jewelry of ail tdfett ctr
ina books musical instrumentj genn tmez
nietlunlca toola aatcheas earner op ra ft
and 5Weieil instrument etc
Cl I HEXEl If CIOCi Twviw

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