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Hostile Interests in Senate
to Prevent Change
Tho Presidents Recommenda
tions to Bo Sidotrackod by In
voking Excuso of Constitutional
Prerogatives of Legislation
The fact that President KoosetcU lias
come out Rat fooled la favor of liberal
concessions to the Cubans In the ua ot
reductions In tho present duty on sugar
nnd tobacco Importid luto the United States
from Cuba has brought the new Chief
Executive directly Into conflict with Con
gress and according to the Republican
leaders iu the Senate a merry war Is In
evitable unless Mr Ilootcvelt does what
he has never been known to o in the
past back down and surrender
In the recommendations In his msiape
which refer to Cuba the President has
Rotten as far away from the Republican
leaders iu CongrcsB as he could poislbly
Ret lie has made It clear that he IU
hUcd by his position end will continue to
demand fair treatment for the Cubans
until lie evokes some response from Con
gress The Republican torifl leaders are
equally certain that the will not sunen
der to the President so that the outlook
for a fight between the White House and
Congtcs is very bright The lYesIUciils
reciprocity declarations are not consid
ered by Republican leaders rs demands
for legislation on that subject and the
President himself agrees with this iovv
n Alllnncr if Intercuts
With the backing of the high protection
ists and their allies the beet sugar peo
ple the Republican leaders In both Sen
ate and House have prepared a little
scheme whereby the President will be
compelled to acknowledge himself beaten
and which will ensure those Interfiled
from any disturbance In the ratei on
sugar and tobacco The plan was -greed
upou at a conference held on Saturdaj
and If It is put through will In all prob
ability proc successful
The proposed plan Is a clever one and
will prove entirely xatinfactorv to all
high protectionists It provides that u
cumber of prominent Senators who hire
expressed themselves as favorable to con
cessions to Cuba and who arc known to
be on good terms with the Preside will
suddenly discover that the House leaders
are to luslsi on the exercise of the con
stitutional prerogative which gives to the
House the authority to originate legisla
tion alicctmg the revenues of the Oovera
1 lie Inrt of lliinr Lrndrrx
The Hotree leaders according to lite
programme are to demand that the legis
lation reparfllug reduction on Import
from Cuba shall oilginstc in the House
and not in the Senate The Republican
Senators who arc only too glad to ovad
the responsibllit in this delicate matter
will cheerfully concede to the House
everything that H demands and will at
the same time compel the lower branch
of Ccngras to shoulder all the onus ami
trouble that go with the privilege of
shaping the Cuban legislation
The Republican leaders In the Senate
white admitting that something should be
done for Cuin are of the opinion that
nothing will lc eflccted in the way of
tariff conccustons during the present ses
sion The high protectionists nnd the
beet sugar people Jxrins in power on the
House side will attend to seeing that the
rates on sugar and tobacco arc not dis
turbed It Is held so that the Senate will
not Tie held responsible for lack ot action
and will avoid the unpleasant ordeal of
toting en the tariff question
XxilulnlnK lmU of Aefinii
la the House the claim will be made
that this Is not the proper lime to adjust
this question and the argument will be
made that -we must wait until the Cu
bans are in a position to give nn re
turn for the concessions they demand
Cuba Is expected to do something for cer
tain products of the United States In ex
change for the concessions It will also
be held that these are matters which arc
usually adjusted by treaty negotiations
nnd It will Le nearly a jear before there
will be an Independent Cuban govern
ment capable of arranging commercial
In all probability the whole matter will
be laid ocr until the second session of
the present Congress and despite the
fact that both the President and Secre
tary Root are working hard for the tariff
concessions It Is predicted by thoic who
ought to know- that nothing will be done
for Cuba at the present session
ltM Alslll Xfntt Iflorilf tllllM
Alesved on Twelfth MkIiI
BOSTON Dee S Mrs Jack Kardncr
a Boston societ woman whose eccentrici
ties liavo given rise to wide comment
has completed her Venetian palace in the
Mack Bay fens This is the wonderful
edifice that was taken to pieces and Im
ported Trom Venice rt cently by the
wealthy Mrs Jack
Her first function will be given as a
gorgeous celebration in the great ball
room whl a is one of the largest private
ballrooms In the country It will take
place on Twelfth Night January C and
many guests have len hidden from
Washington Baltimore Philadelphia and
New York It will be her Brst public en
tertainment since her husbands drath
two years ago and she will lay aBldc for
the nonce her widows weeds
This palace which stultify will visit or
the first time Is magnificently decorated
and St ted up the hangings and upholstery
betng of the most costly materials in the
richest Venetian colorings Pink vivid
orange and magenta arc some of the pre
vailing shades
Although CutTi p 1oiiL Ilia Ksrslglii
for a While
A Colorado camp cook had to quit his
Job because he could not make coflec
without dilnking It himself and It was
killing him He saa he used to take a
cup of coffee before he got his breakfast
for the men for lie felt the need of keep
ing up his strength and his stomach trou
bled him so much
rinall he sas I got so bad 1 was
tjken to the hospital The doctor told
pi it was a clear can- of coffee poison
nod if I did not quit I would never pet
x ell I had lo quit In the hospital and
gradually got a little bettor then I took
to drinking Postum Iood Coffee nnd took
1 out Willi me to a Job in the woods
I have ix en using Postum steadily for
about efghteen months and have entirely
recovered from dyspepsia and all my nil
aches and nils 11 y eyes are ho well now
thai I can sec the gun sights as good as
anvbody but two years ago I never could
hunt because ot my ryes I know It is
the quitting of coffee and using Postum
that lias benefited me Nobody could have
dyspepsia any worse than 1 had All my
neighbors thought I was going to die but
I am all right now I have to send thirty-five
miles to the city ot Trinidad tor
my Postum but It is worth while Wil
liam Green Burning Col
TIic frlrnn nnpflnt Asftnrlnllon
Condemn lnnlrinr
NEW ORLKANS Dec S The African
Baptist Association In convention at
Amltc City has adopted strong resolu
tions denouncing lawlessness among both
whites and negroes and appealing to
Congress not to cut the representation of
the Southern States because of the suf
frage systems in those States
It was reiolved to hold the next meet
ing in Washington Parish the scene of
the lato Halllown race riots In the hopo
ot inculcating in the negroes of that par
ish a proper regard for law and order
A special committee on barbarity and
lawlessness and their remedies declared
that acts of lawlessness and barbarism
are commuted by both races that the
tendency toward lawlessness Is growing
among bolh races especially among the
younger element The organization ex
pressed the opinion that assault should
be punished to the fullest penilty pre
scribed by law that Is by death and
at once but by a lawfully constituted
It was resolved further to ask Con
gress not lo accentuate the race question
bj a reduction of Southern representa
tion thus stirring up race hatred In the
South and causing a repetition of tho
bloody scenes of the seventies
The negroes ore urged to lead sober
moral and industrious llres obey and re
spect the law nnd cultivate the friendship
of the Southern whites
Im fillx llm Olijretril lo Their
rtaee on the JVire r Youth
CoiiKrnltiltilloti Aov
and Jlrs Harry J Parr Jr the young
couple who eloped from Daltlmorc and
were married at Wilmington Del re
ceived messages of forgiveness and con
gratulation from their parents last even
ing According lo the marriage certifi
cate Mr Parr Is twenty one years old
and his bride eighteen
The 1 n teli OpiiikmI
The btide who Is the daughter of Mrs
P Rryton Wood of Baltimore made her
debut In society only a week ago Talk
ing of his flight end hurried weddinr Mr
Parr a sturd -built youth said todaj
We liave In love with each other
for two jenrs and frequently met at
Cape May where we spent much time to
gether Wo told our parents of our love
and declared our Intention of getting mar
ried Thcj opposed he union because
they thought we were too young nnd
v anted its to wait several ears
This vas not satisfactory to us and
wc concluded to leave Baltimore secretly
with Miss nHe Vogelcr the brl lesmaid
and Allen P Janes the groomsroMi We
selected Wilmington and on our arrival
Mr Jones secured the marriage certificate
at the courthouse
Tclcsri niihed In Piirriilx
Wc did not know where to go to have
the toot tied The Old Swedes Church
was near b aud we went there and were
married by the Rev Mr Dunlap After
the ceremony wc bad luncheon at the
Clayton liudsc
Wc teloKzantaed our parents and came
directly to Allrnlic City Mr Jones and
Miss Vogeler returned to Baltimore On
our arrival here we found telegrams or
congratulations and forgiveness from our
In fonllllnii In l Innln
IlmirilliiK Humor
ST LOUIS Dec 4 Second Lieut J H
Bradford Seventeenth Infantry who mys
teriously disappeared from San Francisco
three months ago and for whom the War
Department has been searching ever
since wns found jesterday living In a
boarding house on Washington Street un
dcr an assumed name and supporting
himself a a leachel aud wbcrlw right
Ills mind is affected He believes that
the War Department the officers of his
regiment and the members of his family
are striving lo keep him In the service
against his will
He was eent to the Philippines with his
regiment nearly two years ago He was
stricken with Jungle fever and while suf
fering therefrom tendered his resignation
This wafc accepted by the War Depart
ment and afterward revoked on the re
quest of the officers of his regiment who
explained the lieutenants condition and
he was ordered to San Francisco frr ob
Fcmttion He is now In a detention ward
at Jefferson Barracks
Lieutenant Bradford Is a son of the late
Lieutenant Colonel Bradford of the Nine
teenth Infantry
Itcncllf In lie flsrn 13 ft riiiiin Ilrn
iinllt Club
A benefit for the unfortunate wives and
children of the Boers who arc being held
In concentration camps by the Rnglish
will be given at tbc Chapel of Concordia
Church Twentieth and C Streets north
west Tuesday evening December 17
Members of the old German Dramatic
Club will be assisted by Prof Christians
Juvenile Orchestra Miss Rebecca Behr
end planosolo the Misses Wlllcnbrucher
duet on piano the Misses Bcrgmann
scene from Schillers Mary Stuart Mr
Fred Louis Schadc recitation The Last
of the Boers Miss Kayser vocal solo
Mr Arthur Schoenfcld violin solo Miss
Ilke Miss Bennet and Mr Scholt trio
for violin cello aud piano and other tal
Iiidlfinn Mnn tilveii tp for Insf He
lliriin from KlomllLe
INDIANAPOLIS Dec 8 A husband
with 60000 has Just returned to the gas
belt town of Succtscr Ind from the
Klondike to find the wife who believed
Mm dead slaving for a pittance In u
hotel there
William Iloyd and his wife Mary arc
hero and heroine In the romance
The Boyds formerly lived In Oreat
Falls Mon Several jears ago they came
Kt living In various Ohio and Indiana
cities Fortune did not prosper them
Four years ago iloyd went to tho Klon
dike In two years he returned without
having made a strike He decided to try
again This time he has brought back a
fortune But nearly all the time he has
been gone his wife has considered herself
a widow
Soon after ho reached Alaska the sec
ond time word rama to her that ho had
died and sho went to work as cook In a
hotel They have a son thirteen years
Inctnccr niil Conductor Defied
Moillitlllll lien flnrer Ireillen
inrnt f SlierlU Who
flic Arrrnt
CORBIN Ky Dec S Friends of Berry
Howard made an attempt to rescue him
last uight but were defied and outwitted
by Sheriff Boughlon Conductor Dooty
and Lnglneer l tngan ot the Louisville
and Nashville night express to Louisville
with tlie result that Howard was safely
delivered at Frankfort today
The railroad officials wcro warned of an
attempt nt rescue and the passengers in
the day coaches were transferred to tho
sleepers before reaching Plnevllle There
Houghton defied n crowd of Howards
friends and got the prisoner on the train
nnd held the crowd at bay from locked
Kngrlncer Refused to ItneU
The mountain men then held up the
train nnd commanded the train crew- to
lack the train to Middlesborough En
glnter Lnngpn refused to back the train
without on order from the conductor as
a freight train was closely following
Conductor Dooty also refused to back
the train and when covered with a pistol
said boldly
You may kill me If ou will but I
shall never back this train
About this time Langan by a ruse ht l
gotten rid of the thrco men who had
overpowered him In the engine among
them a deputy United States marshal
and sent the train ahead so quickly that
the conductor barely had time to swing
nboard and the friends of Howard were
ArrchtH tins He Mntle
As tbc traia carried mall and was de
layed steps arc being taken to appre
hend those responsible for the delay and
especially the deputy marshal whose duty
it was to sec thai the train should bo
given free headway
Berry Howard Indicted ns ac
cessory to the murder of William Gocbel
was brought here this morning and lodged
in jail
There Is a reason for the change of po
sition of Sheriff Boughton In making the
arrest after so long a failure to perform
this duty At the last term of the Frank
lin Circuit Court Commonwealths At
torney Franklin asked Judge Cantrlll for
a rule agalnt Boughton to show causa
why he had not made the arrest
This rule Is still pending It Is the
Iut or the sheriff to make his settle
ment in person with the auditor before
tho JOth of December each year
lrcMl to Appcfir In Prmnn
Wbcn Deputy Slusher was told that tho
sheriff must come in person und settle
he replied that tho sheriff would not
come that thctc was a rule against him
by Judge Cantrlll for not making the ar
rest of Howard
The auditor said he would make no set
tlement unless be came There is a heavy
penalty on a delinquent sheriff and
Boughton was between two Arcs a con
tempt rule If he came without havlLg
served the warrant and a heavy penalty
if he staved away and failed to settle
with the auditor
Sir Mf Inurlit cif MlsielNltil Sntcs
Her from Ileitis Itun Owr
Senator MrLaurln of Mississippi saved
the life of a little deaf girl at Seventh
Street and Pennsjlvanla Avenue early yes
terday evening and showed himself a man
of rare presence of mind
The rescue of the little girl by Senator
McLaurin at the risk of his own life oc
curred so quickly that for a full minute
the onlookers did not seem to realize Just
what had happened Then camp the ap
preciation thai an act of courage had keen
performed and found expression In cheers
and applause
Senator McLaurin was one of a consid
erable crowd which was waiting for the
cars going In the Bcveral directions As
the car he wished to take approached he
walked out Into the middle of the street
Then for the first time ho noticed that
a child who rould not have been more
than ten years of age was standing on
the north ear track also waiting for a
downtown car
The Senatoi from Mississippi saw a
second car coming up from the Capitol
When he noticed it the headlight was not
more than twenty feet away He thought
the girl would step off the track but she
apparently had not noticed that another
car was coming as her back was turned
toward it and her face toward the car
she wished to take All this occurred In
the space of a second of time Tho rap
idly moving car crossed the Avenue al a
high rate of speed
Senator McLaurin showed himself lo he
gifted with presence of mind and the abil
ity to think and act quickly to an emer
gency He sprang forward seized the
girl In his arms and leaped again into
safety The fender of the car grared both
the child and her statesman rescuer
Senator McLaurin after this exhibition
of jculhful nglllly was once more the
calm collected and dignified member of
the upper branch of Congress He placed
the uninjured child on the roncreto and
spoke to her reassuringly Then he
brushed a siwit of lust from his trousers
and removed his high silk hat to brush
bin liHlr Ih his hand
When he removed his hat a man In the
crowd recognized him Instantly he
shouted Three rheers for Senator Mc
liurln The crowd took it up and the
Senators ntme was cheered repeatedly
and coupled with the most complimentary
The Senator stooped to speak to the
little girl again who was Just beginning
lo realize the danger she had been In
He then found that the child was almost
totally deaf
Senator McLaurin walked uir the Ave
nue endeavoring lo escnic notoriety
OWES 35000 HAS 4
Tlintn vliiinl All ierpt n Con
tlimenl Milnrj of
NFW YORK Dec S Yea its a fact
that Judgments for about Ta000 have
Lcen obtained agslust rue and I suppose
the arc still In lorce I reulli luvc no
property of an value
JevclryT Yes Ive one small gun
metal watch Its worth about 1 I
guess were sotco of the statements made
jostcnlay by Bryant W Dlnsmorc Who
lives in bachelor apartments at 1SS Wcit
Scvcnty nlnth Street and who Is th cdl
tor of a Wall Street publication
Mr Dlnsmorc was being cxauiired In
supplementary proceedings by Lawjer
Daniel J Karly Dlnsmoro patronized a
Fifth venuc tailor and ran up a bill ut
IZo Jacojson sutd Dlnsmorc and se
cured a Judgment which wns returned
satisfied Tho lawjer then had Dins
more up In supplementary proceedings
Dlnsmoro said his salary s S3 sup
posedly 30 a week
I say supposedly he add because
my salary Is contingent If It Is con
venient I get my pay otherwise not
llrn or Cilrl Who IMnj oil Inly In
NEW YORK Dee 8 The young woman
who has given her name In turn as Marlon
Wanamnkcr Marlon King May Walker
Daisy Merrltt and May Huntington since
she skipped from Broolfttno Mass with
JI 500 worth of the Jewelry of tho family
which employed tier as a servant and
went to he In reputable hotels wa9 held
yesterday by Magistrate Brnnn for requi
sition to Massachusetts on charges of lar
ceny She says that her real name Is
Mary DrfecoH but she went down In tho
police records as Marlon King She is
nineteen years old Blandly sho admitted
taking the Jewelry as charged and with
apparently an unassumed naivete said
that she never could holp taking dia
monds when she saw them She lived
with the the family she robbed
In Brooklne for threo woeks In October
aud November She had intended to he
a stenographer sho says but her eyes
railing she had been farced to become a
If people would not Insist on trusting
me she told reporters yesterday 1
would not be so tomplcd to steal
She said that the temptation to steal
the Merrill Jewelry came upon her con
stantly all the time she worked for that
family Finally sho could no lunger re
sist It She took the jewelry on November
7 and came to this city b way of Provi
dence In the Rhodo Island city sho
pawned a diamond cross part of her
plunder for 30 On this money she camo
to New York Hero she rawned Hie lest
of the Jewels In a Sixth Avcnua tawnslop
for a little less than 3C0 On her arrival
hero she went to the Ollscy House and
registered as Marlon Wanamaker or San
Francisco She said that she was In tho
city to do some holiday shopping
Her appearance In tho police cnirt was
calculated to deceive the sharpen of hotel
clerks Sho carried lierselt well was
quiet reserved and apparently of su
perior intelligence Sho Is good looking
She wore a long coat of Oxford cloth a
small black hat of smart shape and set
She has black hair and grey eyes which
are parlly hidden behind rlmleis eye
glasses with thick powerful lenses
Sho told tho reporters that gathered
about her in the court room that hr bill
the first week at the Gllse7 was J 10 The
next week she cut this down to 30 Tho
last week It was 10 rhlch 3he aald was
still unpaid Leaving some ot her be
longings at the hotel she wont to board
at it West Twenty seventh StrecL Sho
was arrested at this last address
I didnt do very much here she said
I went to a few of tha matinees and
visited tho shops I saw no one was with
no one I do not know why I took the
diamonds I simply cannot resist the
temptation Other things do not affect
me the way these diamonds do
Ienvrn Hume HiiMbnnil nnd Chil
dren Without Cniiftc
Zabrlsklo wife of John J Zabrlskle a
wealthy farmer living on the old Paramus
Road about eight mllct north of Pater
son disappeared from hvr home on Fri
day When she went away she said sho
was going to Jersey City to have a check
cashed In the evening her oldest daugh
ter Hattie received a postal card dated
Paterson which read
Dear Htttle Do not wait for me as
I am not coming back Etgaln Be good to
the children and let them forget me
At the same time the hU3band received
a letter in which the wife asked him to
forgive her for going awry
There arc nine children la the family
and Hatllc aged twenty is tho oldest
The youngest Is nice months old Mrs
Zahrlskie Is about forty years old but
looks younger and Is Landsome Miss
Zabrlsklo asked tbc aid ot the Paterson
police today In finding her mother
Mrs Zabriskles sudden disappearance
Is a shock to all who knew- her as well
as to her family She always showed the
greatest affection for her home and for
her children and she was prominent In
church work Some ot her friends say they
have noticed a gradual breaking down In
her spirits l ttely and that she acted as
If she were In great sorrow Others be
lieve she has worried over the approach
ing marriage of her daughter She had
often expressed a destro to go West and
live on a ranch Her frknds In the West
have been communicated with
nrnli Ileriilinrdt TnUes n Mnnd
AKnlnst Malis Apiiircl
PARIS Dec 8 Sarah Bernhardt an
nounced jesterday
Since I appeared In Hamlet and
LAlglon the playwrights send me noth
ing but mens plays I will not appear In
trousers aznln
I cant find a suitable play to produce
Probably I will appear In Marlon Craw
fords Francesca do Rimini
I am not overplcased with the piece
but I like It better than DAnnunzios
play of the same title which Is nbout to
be produced in Rome
llnirUe pprnl Vnsvrrreil
li n WIOOO Cillcctliili
CHICACO Dec S As tho principal
speaker at the Boer mass meeting held
under the auspices of the Chicago branch
of the American Transvaal League
Bourke Cockran of New York City to
night held four thousand persons nt the
Auditorium responsive to his eloquenco
nnd satire In an address denunciatory or
Rnglnnds attack on the South African
At the close of the meeting voluntary
contributions from his audience amount
ing to nearly 9000 were made for the
relief of the nocrs and resolutions wcro
passed unanimously that a committee of
Chicago citizens by appointed to request
of the President that the Itiltecl States
Interfere to stop tho war In South Af
rica i
Vlnn Im Wiuitcil In flnrrovv lruui
Hit President brut Home
Adrian C Plckhardt did nut succeed iu
effecting a loan from President Roosevelt
although he claimed to bo a relative by
marriage with thcJCltlof Executlvo
Tho police surgeons who examined him
decided that hu was not Insane but only
hutterlng from ihii clloct of drink A
message was receded from the Plalnlleld
authorities stntlnefthit Plckhardt was a
spendthrift and harmless
Plckhardt wus accordingly taken to the
depot by DclccllVo Reynolds placed
aboard a train and started on his way to
his home Iu Plalnlleld N J
Best Turkish Tobacco
Concoctions of Mnllissc nnl liter
Trenlril Willi llretvcrn Vrnst
Disco crel lluw
tlnu Held In ClircU
The activities of the food Inspectors of
the Health Department aro Just now be
ing cxcrci3cd in detecting the sale of
spurious elder Judging from the samples
brought to Prof J D Hlrd tho chemist
of tho department every day the sale of
elder must be quite extensive in Washing
ton The results of analyses show that
only a small part of tho liquor sold under
the name is genuine cider
Prof Hlrd was In Ills laboratory on Sat
urday with a dozen six ounce bottles of
so called elder before him which tho In
spectors had recently brought In Of
fourteen bottles which he wa3 then test
ing only one was apple cider The rest
were decoctions of various Mirts which
resemble cider In greater or less degree
3lnlnssis nnl AVnter
Prof Hlrd explained that the majority
of tho bottles of stuff before him con
tained a solution of molasses and water
treated with brewers yeast to start tha
fermentation nnd then doctore t with
some disinfectant to arrest tho fermenta
tion and to keep It from getting sour
A Times reporter was allowed to taste
and smell of the contents ot several bot
tles and to compare them with the real
cider which one of them contained The
difference was apparent for the decoc
tions had little resemblance to elder One
or two of them tasted quite like sweet
cider but It was evident when compared
with true elder that here was something
Prof Hlrd explained that with the ex
ception of tho drugs put Into the stuff
to keep It from souring the spurious
elder contained nothing that is positively
harmful to the human system He said
that Instead of drinking a glasr of elder
which he bought and paid for tho man
would be drinking a few ounces of cheap
molasses and water with enough brewers
joast to disarrange his digestion for
twenty four hours Prof I d said this
was the price which tho in Iber of soft
drinks paid when he took a glass ot cider
at the bar
The Ingredients Dntilitfnl
It one could always be certain that the
ingredients used were good the spurious
cider would not be particularly harmful
Prof Hlrd thought but he showed a sam
ple In which npplc pulp bad been intro
duced to help out the deception This
formed a dirty sediment In the bottom of
tho glass and the impress left was that
it would not taste well or ensure personal
comfort afterward
Prof Hlrd said that the real harm
came about In the use of salicylic acid
and formaldehyde to arrest tho fermenta
tion These he declared to be harmful
when taken In the quantities In which
they arc introduced Into these drinks
Vinegar Lsnnll nod
With regard to vinegar Prof Hlrd
stated that there was little deception In
Its sale Ho said there wa3 no cheap
imitation of vinegar which was not at tho
same time so harmful that It was dan
gerous to use it Prof Hlrd said that the
best vinegar Is now produced from malt
by a distilling process and that tho
product Is far ahead of cider vinegar It
should Le nearly clear and should have
a sharp acid taste he said due to the
presence of acetic acid He said that It
was preferable In quality to elder vine
gar and free from the vinegar ells which
almost Invariably Invade the vinegar bar
rel of the old farmhouse
Prof Hlrd explained that the results of
tho testing were to warn the persons sell
ing the decoction and if persisted In to
bring thorn into the Police Court and
subject theni to a fine under the food
Prisoner Ilenrs Verdict While mi Cot
in Court Itnoni
UTICA N Y Dec 3 The fact that
George Trowbridge alias William Keefe
was at the point of death during his trial
In the Federal Court on a charge ot Im
personating a pension examiner had little
effect on the sympathy of the Jury for
within fifteen minutes after the body had
retired for deliberation It returned a ver
dict of guilty
The testimony In the case Involving
several corresponding stories of how
Tronbridgo had spent the month of Au
gust In the vicinity of Durhamvllle Onei
da County detraudlug old soldiers whllu
In the guise of a pension examiner left
no doubt In the minds of the Jury as to
tho guilt ot tin man on trial
The verdict was read to the prisoner as
he lap propped up on a cot near the at
torneys table His head resting on the
mattress which had been propped up was
covered by a blanket and a long growth
of beard shaded his pale face
Judgo Coxc remanded him to the care
of Sheriff Brownell and Jail Physician
Klnloch until January Then sentenco
will be passed
Colored Women Arreslrd Clinrccil
With Disorderly Cinilnet
As a result nt having engaged in a
fight kite Saturday night Ani
illes a colored woman abont twenty two
veirs old appeared at tho rail at the Sec
ond precinct with her head swathed la
bandages Her name was recorded on the
blotter as a disorderly person Emma
Allen another dimsel was also locked
up but had no scars of battle on her
when tho war cloud passed over
The two women met at a friends house
In Logans Court After rti3hlng the
growler several times they both began
to be diagreeablc One word led to an
other and when the argument had be
come overheated pitchers glasses dUhes
and all other crockery ware In tho hou3c
were Introduced Into the discussion
During the fracas tho Giles woman was
struck n the forehead with a largo water
pitcher which rut a gash about three
Inches long over her left eye Sho was
ttken to the Homeopathic Hospital
After having four stitches taken In her
wound she was then taken to the Second
precinct nnd locked up on a charge of
disorderly conduct
Cettlis Worl nt a IlKlit
Ilriiwn llli Wrnpin
llecause he drew a razor anil threat
ened tn sever Moses Hills Jusular vein
list nlRlit Ileniant Williamson wHs n
prisoner nt the Second precinct station
esterday on a charge of assault and bat
He engaged In n quarrel with Moses
After receiving a thrashing nt the hands
of the latter lie drew Ills razor from his
hip pocket to assist him out of the
Just then Iollccrain Finns sauntered
In aud arrested Williamson
Urlllshtfil Hrllrf frnm Cntnrrli
Ilrre Is one ol a thousand such tctimooles The
Iter A I Iluclley of Buffalo nyv I wish
ill to Inow vvlut a blessing Mr venrws Catarrh
al Ponder is In n cae ol Catarrh I wa
troubled with thU cllseaie tor jears but the nrt
litre I uied this remedy It Rave most delightful
teller I now regard inyiell entirely cured after
mini it for tvio months bold by F S Wil
liam Jcmth and F ttreeti and Edmondi
VUIIfami Third itrect and Pennsjlvanla venue
Special 2 Day Sale Trousers
HegiRiiinn this morning we sliull ninkp to your measure
for two tlays Stripetl Worntetl Trouseritijrs iu varied assort
ment which have been otir best sellers at
4 and 5 all
season at
I will sell by public auction at 137 Itth
nvr TVtSDIY DECEMBER 10 at T p m all
on which interest remains unpaid cont
foods irold silver and metal watchev diamond
clocks chalin tir Jewelry ol all knds cloth
ing booU musical Imtrumentv runs revolver
mechanic tool wtchets cameras opera glasses
tnd urgical instrun entv etc
ct T IIEMO R CROCE Treaiurer
RMSTROVB vt his late residence PJ
Eihth Street northwest December 1
Notice of funeral in tir ml
JI VRTIV On Sunday December 1 1901 it 3M
Funeral from the residence of hu cUihter
Mrs Frank Taylor Monday DeeembT 9 at i
oclock n m 111 Maryland Avenue ioutiiwfti
tuneral private
May he rest In peace rat
IV FONTAINE stidJenlr on Satutdiy mornm
December 7 Id MAUY beloved wife of
James La Fontaine
Funeral from her late residence 111 Marvland
vvenue southwest at 2 p m Tue nlaj Decem
ber 10 Friend and relatives invited Interment
at Conaresslonal Cemetery m9 2
of the late John II Oberlj at 1 a m December
7 1501
Funeral from her late residence rt9 Marvland
avenue ne at 10 a u Monday December a
e7 i
OBRIEN On Thursdar December S tool at I
p m MvRY wiJow ot the late Jam and
mother of the late John OBrien native of tha
County of Limerick IrpbnX
Funeral from the rcsiJenre ol her
Mr Mariraret V OBrien WOT Thirteenth
btreet northwest ilondar Ilecember I at 9 J
oclock a in Mai ol requiem from SL 1auls
Church Fifteenth and Sreets northwest I
Relatives and friends invited mG i
S0Z0D0NT for the TEETH 25c
Com for 11ml IVetli
Ant Hail fur Gouil Trttli
nnnrcTiov sim kvuiiku thvx tsiwi
Rather than wait until laimarj ant to give those who
wih a new suit or overcoat for the holidays we start the
cutting of prices now
75 for 15 and 18 Suitings Es
15 for 25 and 39 Suitings
22 for 39 Full Dress Suits
senciAi soricEs
All Mlk Mnrd
1375 for 8 Overcoatings
witli or without yoke full length and of handsome ox
foids have velvet collars and cuffs You know that you have
to pay 18 for coats of sreli fabrics as these ready to wear
And though prl es are so greatly reduced we guarantee
the lit and workmanship to be fully up to the standard
which has made our tailoring famous
Wonder What Mertz Will Sy Today
2d Week of the M M Cos
SjO Tain let
SIO ltirlc
to your orter
9t5FnTirl t
to jnrtr o ilr
SiocMoving Clearance Sale
You would be glatl of thes e sav
ings in January Xo wonder you
jump at them in December To
day is the seventh business day of
our clearing sale and has every
promise of being us busy a day
as we ever had Hut good values
are good advertisers Our second
week should be the busiest yet
Every fabric iu the house goe i
into this Clearing Sale some of
our swellest and most exclusive
patterns which moved slowly be
cause they were expensive but
are fairly Hying now because the
price bars have been let down
Xo stint to good dressing now
you can have the Dress Suit
Frock Suit Iusiness Suit and
Overcoat for all will cost less
than voir had ever hoped
S3490 yoVder 2190
- S2990 toydnronier SI730
2590 soarrori SI390
15 Fabrics to your order S990
Ilad to put on extra sale men this week but will be ylad
to put 011 more if you say ho
Remember we make the garments in our own work
Many ladies are buying these cloths by the yard for thev
ar going at less than -remnant counter prices For in
stance i Herman llroadelotii 2i0 yard
Mextz Mertz Co
906 F Street
Do You Eat
Meals 15c and 25c
Sll K St bet th and 9th Sts
Art rioi siis
niSCVNsON BROS Auctioneer
To settle th tome of the lit ftrm of Lelley
t C tumbdlJin cli MolvtJ by the ileath ol EJ
irjnl II rtumbetliin I till uiTirme prt
nr ell at public auction on VEINKM tha
OciotK I JI it OH Loimiim arenue mr
the folWiwin peraoaal property betonjinc to lilJ
Two hor S wason 2 setn hamm Iron afe
2 truck J pa il 1 Ik le 1 table- 1
store It of en caiw potato bagi anil ihiclen
COOM butter botel laoie eir c
of itocV In the Lincoln Hall tnocutlOD ot the
eoio Surrirlnj Partner
This U the season for F I It E S
If not call at once on the
113 it V vv next to Gu Offlce
Chartered bv Conirou a 1813
Never disputed a losa
Paid iu lii iliTHlend of 3 per cent
-3 W P 1lfNG Secretary
THE sritt ivorty ISSOCIITIOX of the Dutrlci
of Columbia W lmtccn 0f l wilt hold an open
iftir headquarter St Joseph
llll corner of Fifth and II sti nir The Com-
hc J0m mj4 Port
Ill Dvtilet
of Columbia Volunteers of 13CT n
nvited Bj order WJI LA TORTE Secretary
purchased the rtitaurant of Chaj Bin M Prana
jve mr The above Arm will not be renpomibl
tor any debu contracted by Cha Bin mJ 7
iiir iminrcni Hospital h a deed or trust oa
It for twenty thouand dollari on which II U
paving literejt Help to par It
A delwhtrollr pure roe- f IU
low whiskey diluted - Nl Til flf
ptessly for my trade VI lull Ljl
iiione m s
Edward J Quinn 604 Pa Ata
Cudtrtnker nnd Umlialmer
Everrthlns strictly nrt claa on the most ret
GDablc terru
Telephone rail Haln JM
Cmlcrtnker and Livery
ZZ Penn Ave V W Washington a a
the publication of
Your Name
Tslephone Directory
Application for vrvlce thouM be m klc btfort
December 15 1D01
Whtn legal restrict iotu da rwt prevent the
buiMir of line station will be Cttib
liiheil promptly
Washington Service
Reixfile m e from 2i pr rw nth
Ilibinfari from J7j per tnontb
Annual contr ct Monthly pigments
Chesapeake and Poto
mac Telephone Co
619 l4thNW

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