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Secretary Gratified by Len
iency of Criticism
Avoidance of Financial Pitfails and
Panicky Disturbances Well-
Nigh Assured Ho Thinks if
His Idoas Prevail
The criticisms rasscd by various states
men aul editors on the new schemo of
and currency proposed by the
Bctretary of the Treasury In his late an
nual report to Congress Ime beca much
less unf m ornlje than Mr Gage expected
they would be To use the Secretarys
o vn words he thinks his iIowb lue re
coiled -cry kind treatment
Since the report made public last
Tuesday 31r Gage has tecehed clippings
of numerous editorials from newspapers
published Jn New York Chicago and other
large cities and has recched Usits In his
office from teveral leading Senators and
members of Congress came express
ly for the purpose of discussing his pro
posed banking scheme
This Mr Gage says Is precisely what
be wanted He invited criticism and
would have been disagreeably disappoint
ed If the criticism had not come He
recognized that nothing could be realized
from his plans unless the publication of
them should arouse sufficient Interest to
provoke a widespread discussion
Secretary Gngc talked freely yesterday
of his new banking scheme He spoke
especially of his reasons for belle Ing that
the ntgument for legal tender notes or
greenbacks in preference to bank notes
is fallacious
Wlij GrrriitjiirK UiitlcMrnlie
It is a long story he said to tell
why the greenbacks in ray opinion nfc
undesirable but It is a bad condition
when we And there are outstanding 340
000000 in redeemable paper and a gold re
scne of only 150000000 in the Treasury
The Goerpmcnt strictly speaking lias
no assets as a prhatc business institu
tion has assets A bank issues currency
but It does to only up to the limit of cer
tain dellnlte resources which aro con
stantly and carefully supervised by the
Federal authority Its Issues of notes are
at the mailtuum strictly dollar for dol
lar against Government bonds deposited
with the Treasurer of the United States
The disadvantage of greenbacks oer
bank notes in the system which I propose
consists also in the extenslveness to the
people It is a less economical form of
The objection has been made that un
der ni the proposed fT Z plan for banking
A 2tMturul Wfntlcr 1miril In
Cniijon of tlic IrrTcrson
BUTTE Jton Dec 8 A new and won
derful cave believed to be one of the
largest known has just been dlscocrcd
In the canjon of the Jcflcrson on the line
of the Northern Pacific Railway about fif
ty miles east of Butte A partial explora
tion of It has been made by a Butte news
paper man and a small paity
Sei cral days wire pcnl In the cac and
explorations made an extent of
ten miles or more and to a depth of near
ly 1000 feet A large rlcr with a cat
aract of about 100 feet was explored for
a distance of several miles without dis
covering its source or outlet
Articles of stone and copper utensils
and some believed to be liuinin
bencs were also discovered In one of the
large apaitments explored There were
other evidences that at some time in a
prehistoric pcrlcd the cave was used as
a habitation Th belief of J W Gilbert
a scientific gentleman with the pirty of
explorers is that an earthquake closed
the entrance to the cave and killed Us In
The present opening of the cave was
made by some limo quarry men at a point
1C00 feet above the bed of the Jeffi Ron
River while engaged In blasting rock Tha
formations of stalactite and other natural
decorations throughout the cave are pro
nounced the most beautiful and varied
ever seen
A more thorough exploration If lo be
made as soon as proper equipment for an
extended stay can be provided
rriKnncr Sfntcmetit ItKnrdtiiB
I nimiicnclicil in Any
rnrtleulnr licrf AVItiifwes
to He IMuiilncd
Today the Bonine trial enters on Its
fourth week and ever one in any man
ner connected with this celebrated case
devoutly hopes that It will soon end
Drill Cim ril li Tncl I-
Last week District Attorney Gould said
he expected the case to go to the Jury
not later than the coming Thursday But
in making this prophecy he did not in a
measure consider the nature of the ques
tions counsel for the defence have bem
propounding for the past two davs to
their rxpert witnesses
All of these questions phrased in tech
nical language have met with the most
decided opposition from the Government
That the opposing lawyers have argued
for two days Friday and Saturday on
the competency of one question and
that it has not yet been ruled upon bv
the court Illustrates the tortuous prog
ress the trial Is making
Dr Cnrr to TuVr llic Mniul
Dr V P Carr will resume the stand
hls morning after Justice Anderson has
and currency the private Institutions I
would reap a profit that the Government iu cuuuiu
might Just as well enjoy for itself The be rule adversely to the defence they
same criticism is made under our present j will very likely pursue the tactics of
system The answer to that Is that the j masking questions objected to In guise of
banks take the risk perform the labor
and devote their energies to the conduct
of this business Why not ask why a mill
owner should be allowed to nJoy profits
from his business or the merchant or
the steamship company As long as it
is recognlicd that banks arc a useful
agencj In the community and that they
have an important place in the great
scheme by which industry and commerce
arc carried on they should be allowed to
provide the most convenient means In the
form of currency with which to perform
these functions
Ko lVarn of Ytlldrnt Cnrrrar
Mr Gage said he had no fears that un
der the system which be proposes there
would be any return to the old condition
of wildcat currency and he did not con
template that banks would be formed for
the mere purpose of making a profit out
of currency It happened he said that
the bank of which he was president for
some ears In Chicago with n capital of
J3C0O0C O novcr Issued a dollar uf cur
rency during the period of his Incumben
cy Of course this condition would have
been changed probably had such a system
in national bank currency as he now pro
poses existed at that time Still he has
no Idea that new banks would spring up
for the sole purpose uf Issuing currency
Iftnur of Cirrnlnllnir oIph
The radical new departure of allowing
banks to issue circulating notes up to
the limit of their capital with only 30 per
cent deposit of Government bonds will
bear the most searching analysis Mr
Gage believes The creation of a guar
anty fund by annual contributions from
the capital stock of the banks amounting
to 1 S of 1 ptr ceat he relies upon as an
adequate insurance against loss
To Ilrtlrr tlir Crr nliieL
At the same time the deposit or 20 per
cent of the capital in legal tender notes
r the United States would in time ac
complish his varaem desire to retire the
ereenbaclts from circulation On the
basis of the present total capitalization
of the banks Jirs 000000 in greenbacks
would be turned into the Treasury as
soon as the banks should organize under
the proposed new law
He predicts that the prescal capitaliza
tion under the successful operation of his
plan would be Increased within three
to 1000 000 000 and the deposit of
icreenbackB would therefore rise to
JIOO000000 This would leave about JH6
600000 of these notes still In circulation
but this amount would gradually be re
tired as new banks organized Thus the
change from greenback circulation to
bank note circulation would be accom
Illt bed by degrees and as Mr Gage said
yesterday the change would make no
Impression that Ik no disagreeable im
pression on the Industry and commerce
of the country
of lijf rlrn
The proposed guarant fuod Ik based to
TOie extent on experience the Secrctarj
says He rcferc to the time forty years
xo when the so called safety fund
a fealurr of the State banking law of
New York The banks under that law
passed through one of the worst financial
panics In our history Thp moneys con
stituting the safety fund were diverted
fo another purpose but it is a mere mat
ter of a little figuring Sir Gage s to
show that had they ben um to pay tin
losses of the failed banks all obligations
would have been disposed of and a large
balance of the fund left over This cita
tion from actual e jierlence is re enforred
by the computation nude by the Actuary
of the Treasury under the Secretarys di
rection which showed to his fatlhfartloti
that a guaranty fund of the kind proposed
would have afforded ample -mil r lion to
all the banks of the countrv during the
last thirty six jears a period In which
occurred two of the moi disastrous pan
ics ever known in the Inited States As
the Secretary said in lil annual report
there would still be left a balanre of the
guaranty fund amounting to raoic than
Hire Dkiiidhv
About C20 oclock last night Georg
Palmer turnnd In an alarm from box 2C1
for a Are at 1013 Thirtieth Street The
property was owned and occupied b John
Hickman The fire was caused by explo
sion of s lamp The flames were extin
guished before any damare was done The
damage is estimated at rlout JI
phraseology in nn endeavor to run the
blockade of such objection so vigorously
maintained ny the District Attorney
This tbey kucceeded in doing last Fri
day after the court had ruled out as in
admissible evldcnsc submitted by Dr
Frj bearing on Mrs Bonlncs phjslcal
condition at the time of the shooting
Slrnivxy of Dpffitre
Through the strategy of Mr Douglass
senior counsel he succeeded In getting
the leetlmonv In by what Mr Gould
characterized as indirect examination
The court however sustained Mr Doug
lass In a polite speech declaring the
lawjer was guiltless of any impioprlctloi
in his conduct of the case
Mr Gould chacrlned at the accomplish
ment of this coup has drown the line
ngalckt expert testimony more rlgidl
than ever since this occurrence and as
the defence are equally rtubborn in
their stand all calculations are
upset in figuring on the termination of
the trial
Other Kviirrlt to
When the defence finishes with Dr
Carr thev have still to call Dr Dovec
and Or Huffln The amount of time they
will consume depends entirely upon the
methods of the Government and counsel
for Mrs Bonine
At least two days will be consumed In
the closing arguments to the jury Mr
Taggart open for the Government fol
lowed by Mr Fulton and Mr Douglass
for the defence and District Attorney
Gould clous for the prosecution
In consideration of these facts It may
be Saturday before the fate oi Mrs Bo
nine will be 1ti the keeping of the twelve
men who have sworn to do her Justice
C crmiifiitn nf Wrilk
IteIwlng the evidence submitted fot
and against the defendant it must be ad
mitted even b Individuals prejudiced
against the womsn that the Government
despite the splendid efforts of its prose
cutors has not a very strong case said
one of the best known criminal lawyers
In Washington jesterday
Mrs Bonlncs statement has not been
impeached lu any particular Speaking
professionally I do not see how the Jury
can do other thm acquit her
Hut It Is MI iMM lri Mutt Tin-
AVIll jj Aollilnir
tle Methodist Church In Welshlll le JKH
in debt and the young women of the con
grecatlon to cancel the lLdebtedntss will
saw wood for a near by wood acid factory-There
arc 100 cords now plied up and
-lie managers of the factory offer the girlt
SI a cord to saw the sticks in halves
A cltlrrn offers to glle 10 to the girl
who raws n cord of wood the quickest and
similar offers hsve been made by othern
The sawing will begin tomorrow
Ariero Mr Mn mhIm Os Hrr
of lip PriiTl
Robert Grays determination to turn
over a new bat resulted In his being land
ed behind the bars with two serious
ehnrces against him
Robert is a sixteen-year-old ngro Sat
urday nlfcht he vinltiHl a store kept by
Anna Goldberg at K K Sucrt Mnithwcst
tend while Mrs Goldbergs head was
turned Robert is said to have been seized
wit1 an uncontrollable desire to surprise
hlnc elf with u bath At all events when
Mrs GoldlwiK turned again she claims
that hIic saw in placing a box of tolM
soup tinder his coat
Mrs Goldb re called to the negro to
drop the box -hi h be valued J 0
cnts As he started for the door iho
tried to pprehtUd him Gray turned
upon her she Rntes and after assault
Ing her managed to make his escape
The police were furnished with n de
scription of the man Yebterday morn
l Pmclncl Detective Ctrnncll arrested
In the Police Court this morning he will
have to answer a charge of assault In
addition to the one of petit larceny
Ilcclnrc Mntcmciilh llcjrnnllnK the
toiitlminnre f Ilmil Miirsliiije
Ij ii true Prophet
tlonnl Amendment
Three Mormon ciders sat throughout
the mectnc held at the First Congrega
tional Church jestcrdav afternoon in the
intert st of the constitutional amendment
against polygamy as it exists in Utah
and listened to an open and weeping de
nunciation of what was held to be one of
the principal tenets of their faith at the
hands of eminent divines
The elders were Albeit K Miller Pres
ident of the Xntthwcst Virginia Confer
ence of the Church of Jesus Christ of Lat
ter Day Saints Ambrose Shurtz of Es
calante Utah and Joseph B Harper of
Murray Utah The elders were nccom
pnnlcd to the mcetlns by Senator Frfd
Dubois of Idaho
Mr Clemen llris
The principal speaker at the meeting
was Rev X E Clemencon pastor of the
Fresh terlan Church at Logan Utah who
came from a Mormon family and las
spent nil of his life in Utah In his
opening remnrhs he declared that there
was never a time when polygamy was as
wife as at the present time when shelter
ed behind Slate supremacy in the domain
of Utah He also read the manifesto by
whkh the practice of polygamy was sus
pended and contrasted It with the revela
tion In the hook of doctrines and cove
nants which commands polygamy
This movement against polygamy de
clared Mr Clemenson Is Interdenomi
national Xo appeal is made to political
parties as wc wish to avoid politics It
Is by no means sectarian as it Is not an
effort to suppress or oppose the Mormon
Church as a religious body as this would
be entirely foreign to American senti
ment Wc arc simply an Interdenomina
tional council for Christian and patriotic
service looking toward the suppression
of n crlr ic wheh the present laws of tho
United States do not affect
t tnh lnvv At Iitifnrrcl
Congress itself does not and cannot af
fect polvgamy The law making poljgamy
a crime Is only operative In the Territo
ries of the United States but not within
the boundaries of any State In the Union
There would be no need to amend the
Tederal Constitution if the State of Utah
would enforce Its luws against polygamy
but It will not Therefore the aim of this
council is to secure on amendment to the
Federal Constitution so ns to enable Con
gress to legislate on this subject md rd
mlt of the Federal courts having jurisdic
tion over It
Rev Dr Nichols of St Louis a mem
ber of the revision committee of the
Presbyterian Church which Is in session
at the Church of the Covenant presided
at the meeting short addresses were
made by Rev Dr Wilson of the Methodist
hurch Rev Dr Power of the Christian
Church and Rev Dr Fish of the Presby
terian Church all of whom denounced
polygamy and voiced the sjmpathy of
themselves nnd the members of their re
spective congregations in the movement
to have the Federal Constitution amend
ed so as to make polygamy a crime Tho
following resolutions as read by Rev Dr
Fish were unanimously adopted
Itrsoliitions Adopted
Whereas we believe that polygamy
as taught by the Church of the Latter
Day Saints Is still a part of tbjir be
lief and practice and that the laws
of the State of Utah as administered
by the government of that State trc
Inadequate to suppress It nnd
Whereas there Is no way by which
this offence can be reached as through
the Constitution of the United Stales
Therefore be It
Resolved That this meeting most
heartily endorses the amendment to
the Constitution prohibiting polygamy
within the domain of the United
Slates and urges the passage of this
bill by the Congress now In session
I1I1h Ifllfr
A letter from the Rt Rev Henry Y
Satterlec Bishop of the Protestant Ii Is
copal Diocese of Washington was read
by the Rev Dr Xlchols In which lie ex
pressed regret at not being able to be
present at the meeting and earnestly
hoping that the amendment to the Federal
Constitution looking toward the prohibi
tion of polygamy would be carried as It
was In direct line with American tradi
Elder Miller was seen last evening and
said that poljgamy never was a tenet of
the Mormon faith and that It Is not em
braced In the thirteen articles nf faith
cf the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter
Da Saints
o tliiortunlti to ltril
As to the resolutions passed at Hie
meeting held at the First Congregational
Church euld Mr Miller they were In
troduced and adopted without an oppor
tunltj being afforded for discussion Had
such an opportumt been afforded I most
ccrtalnlj would have made a statement
of the condition in Ltah
At St George Utah for example
where poljKaniy forniTly flourished the
are but seven out of 300 families where
polygamj cxits and in every Instance
the plural marriages wtro entered Into
prior to the IssiMiiee of the manifesto
The youngest of these seven piliamlts
is fifty five while the oldest is nlnetj
four yeats of Rge
The Church of us Christ of the Lat
ter Day Saints bus nevei asked the PolC
amlsts to break their contracts but I can
sa with all truth that there lu in VLr
occurnd a plural marriage In Ui ih mc
the manlfiSto was Issued
Mill llnils lru Simillpoi Tow ii
Mini Out
Twelve eat es of stiillpox in the village
of Savcrvllle cansd Mich a rush to he
vaccinated jestcrdnv and today that the
Town Iloatd of He ullli had to hire the
Town Hall Three hundred and seventy
live persons were vaccinated up lo noon
There ire two haudkerehlef factories in
the nrighliorlng village of 5nnth River
nnd many of the Saycrville people work
there- On the recommendation cf ph
slclans the management of the factories
served notice upon tfci eniplojes from
thnt they niuut not return to
work until the epidemic was under con
trol This order affect d about 300 hands
most of them the support of families
The i ople bobbed and V gcd the fore
tnau to let them work They declared
that to enforce the order would mean that
their children would have to go without
gifts for Christmas a id perlups without
food Women k ramit hvriterical nnd ono
girl dropped on her knee and pruved
ltetreNi ititlv p IVnrre Helieefc III
Stllte Oltulit lo llnve One
Ki pi stnlutive Parre has Introduced In
lloiif e a bill providing for the Jipro
priatinu of the sum of tSiGOU for the cc
tabllthment of a fish hatchery and fish
culture station in Maryland The money
U to be used for the purchase of a site
the construction of buildings and ponds
and equipment
The 111 does not designate the site
but leaves that to be determined upon
by the Fish ConimHstoner
Iror tiirp lKporfjon of llir
Wireless TplPRriiili SjhIpiii
Prof Willis L Moore Chief of tho Unit
ed States Vcnthcr Bureau In his report
o the Secretary of Agriculture saysJn
Substantial Improvements have been
made during the past jear In the Weather
Bureau system c wireless telegraphy
While there la yct much experimental
work to be done beoro our system
or any system of whjgh 1 have knowledge
Is reliable for Intershlp communication
or before any two systems can work
within tho same field without each render
ing the other useless such progress has
been made by the Government experi
menters that with no interference from
private systems stations can be success
fully operated over at least 1L0 miles nf
coast line and they are now in operation
on tho North Carolina and Virginia
coasts and soon will be Instituted be
tween the Karallone Islands and the main
land and - the Tntoosh Island and the
mainland on tho Pacific Coast
If n system of selective telegraphy
cannot be perfected so that one Sistem
decs not Interfere with and tender useless
another and thereby prevent alt use to
commerce of recent discoveries In wire
less telegraphy II may become necessary
on account of the value of these discov
eries to cur uarlnc Ititcre sU for the
Government to take exclusive control of
all systems of cthcrls space telegraphy
and to establish stations along our exten
sive coast lines at such distances nnd In
sueh relation the one to the other that
they shall not Inteferc Even then thcro
will occasionally be dldlriiUy In communi
cating with the mainland whenever two
ships In close proximity are attempting
to transmit or receive messages at the
same lime
lrof Willis devotes considerable space
In his report to the extension of the bu
reau nnd the placing of bulletins in tho
liands of farmers by means of rural free
ieerrtnrj of Ciine Grower AsmopIu
tlon MnrtH for Washington to
lllreet Iiulit Other Inter
est to De Involved
NEW ORLEANS Dec 8 On the repre
sentation of the Louisiana delegation that
the situation looked squally In Congress
relative to reclproi Ity with Cuba and a
reduction of the duty on sugar Mr
cock secretary of the Louisiana Sugar
Exchange and secretary of the American
Cane Growers Association has started
for Washington to represent tho interests
of the cane growers In the pending fight
before Congress and to furnish any in
formation that may be desired ns to tho
needs and condition of the cans sugar
Industry In this country
To IchiI the Iliclit
Mr Colcock received an Indefinite loave
of absence from the sugar exchange and
will remain In Washington until the
sugar and reciprocity questions arc dis
posed of He will lead the fight of the
cane growers against tho reciprocity
treaty D A Oxnard will represent tho
beet sugar Inleret tF snd the tobacco and
other Industries t which a reciprocity
treaty with the Island would be Inimical
will also have representatives In Wash
ington and a concerted plan of cam
paign will be formed John A Wogan
president of the sugar exchange said
The sugar tobacco and other Indus
tries opposed to a reciprocity treaty
callzc that the time has come to make
a determined fight against the proposed
tteaty and with this aim In view have
sent representatives to Washington and
every effort will be made by them to de
feat the proposed legislation
Competition ot Possible
The sugar men of the United States
cannot successfully compete with the
sugar growers of Cuba tinder a treaty of
reciprocity and at the me time compete
with the bounty fed sugars of r The
cano sugar men have power- allies in
the beet sugar Interest the tobacco grow
ers and other Industries which will be
Immediately or remotely affected by the
proposed treaty and n strong effort will
be made to defeat It
Mr Colcock has received an Indefinite
leave of absence from tho directors of
this exchange and will stay in Washing
ton as long as htn services nre needed
by the sugar interests
reeillnc Hour for the Tow Is Snveil
1 hem Irom ltotstlitc
Engine No 15 was called out yester
day afternoon for a fire that had It oc
curred several hours later would have
resulted In a bounteous supply of roasted
The lire was In a chicken house belong
ing to Julia Conway who lives on the hill
between the Bow en Itoad and lranklin
Street HllUdiile Its origin Is not known
Fortunielj the number of valuable
fowls that Inhabit the little building were
out at the time an 1 its destruction Tas
only attended by lu damage
are most fre
quently to be
seen upon the
face neck or
breast though
they nre liable to appear upon other parts
of the body When they begin to spread
and eat into the flesh sharp piercing
pains nre felt as the underlying tissue is
octroyed and the tender nerves exposed
Citncerous sores develop from very trifling
causes a carbuncle or boil swollen Klaiict
a little watery blister on the toneue or
lip a wart mole or bruise ot some Kind
becomes Rn indolent festering sore
which in time degenerates into cancer
Ten years aco I
had a sore on ray left
temple which the
doctors pronounced
n cancoroua ulcerj
it would itch bum
and bled then scab
over but would
nover heal After
taklncSSS awhile
tht bore beiran to
discharge anil when
all tho poisonous
matter liivd passed
out It sot well I
took in all about
thirty botMes continuing it for some
time after the sors had healed to bs
suro all tha polson wis out of xny sys
torn Have seen no lien of tho cancer
In ton years JOSEPUUS REID
Oant Audrlan Co xfo
is strictly a vegetable
remedy and vvhile
possessing purifying
and healing properties
that no other medicine
does contains nothing that could derange
the system While cleansing the blood
it also builds up the general health
If you have a suspicious soreor other
blood trouble send lor our free book 011
Illood and Skin Diseases and write to ns
for nny information or advice wanted
we make no charge for this service
ltefu es l Itevpnl to thp IiiIkp
YVIhtp Her nooOtll In Ilonils
Cun He- Iounil IihikIis unit
Knts Cornell Ilcrf
the belief that she Is a martyr In the
cause of womans Tights Mrs Mary E
Wright Smith worth 00000 and more
was yesterday committed by Judge How
ard J Curtis to the county jail for an
indefinite period In contempt of court in
refusing to reveal lo the Court of Com
mon Pleas the depository of 500000 In
Government bonds which she owns
She submitted to the commitment with
all the firmness of a martyr nnd even
after an hours confinement was cheerful
In tho statement that no power on earth
could force her o disclose the hiding
place of her fortune
Shu Is the frst woman to he committed
for contempt under the laws of Connecti
A tVoniiiiii Wont
The litigation to which Mrs Smiths In
carceration dates back was begun nbout a
year ago when Orrln P Dallcy
York hat manufacturer sued her for 300
which he alleged she owed him The suit
was tried and the court found for Mr
Dalley awarding him Judgment for 00
and costs Tho Judgment was not satis
Three weeks IgO Mrs Smith nnneared
make mc tell
Three times since Mrs Smith has been
Riven the opportunity to give tho court
the Information desired Each time sho
declined to do so
Then a writ of personal attachment
against Mrs Smith was Issued Tho sheriff
made the service
Unmoved hy Jnlls Terror
At noon yesterday Mrs Smith was on
hand apparently as Independent as be
fore Judge Curtis addressed her saying
thnt sho hid been in contempt In not ap
pearing on Tuesday and asked tho rea
son wny
It was n very stormy dav sho said
and I did not feel very well
Well said the court today ou I
must cither pay the judgment or tell us
where your personal property Is or
much as I regret to do so I will bo
obliged to commit ou to Jail
I will answer questions to the best of
my ability said -Mrs Smith and went on
the witness stand
Then where nre the bonds she was
DrlllH Hie Powers of Jnrtl
I refuse to toll and no power on earth
can make me tell was the reply of the
determined woman
Again the warning was given and again
Mrs Smith refused to testify as requested
Mrs Smith I will be obliged to com
mit you to jail said Judge Curtis
For how long said Mrs Smith
Until you choose to purge yourself of
contempt It will rest entirely with you
said the judge
LnuKlicd nnI Ate Corned lleef
Mrs Smith emitted a laugh that seemed
to be mirthful and yet without dlsre
spectand then said
I will not tell you The bonds are not
In Connecticut and you have no Jurisdic
Judge Curtis then directed Clerk Havl
land to draw a writ of commitment for
contempt and Mrs Smith was taken to
Jail and there she nte her first meal the
customary dinner of corned beef with ap
parent relish
Muslcl Senson Opened AVitli n ot
nlile Heeltlll
Tho first public concert of the season
of the Washington Saengcrbund was Klvcn
last night at the Columbia Theatre be
fore an audience which filled tho house
to overflowing Several hundred persons
had to be turned away for the want of
The bund has long ago established a
reputation for musical entertainments of
tho highest order and their recitals are
equaled by few musical events given in
this city if Indeed any Last nights
concert was market by the appearance
with the bund of two eminent artists Es
lelle Llcbllng and Max Bcndlx
Miss Llebllng comes fiom the Dresden
rtoynl Opera and is now on a tour of this
country Her voice Is a soprano and the
prlmt donna has a very charming and at
tractive personality She captivated her
audience and had to respond to several
encores Her Interpretation of tho In
dian Dell Song from Lakme by De
Ilbcs of Stanges Die nekehrfe
Rogers Parting and Alableffs Itus
slnn Nightingale Song elicited applause
Max IJcndlx tho violin virtuoso Is not a
stranger In this city having played here
last season with the Scenerbund when
he created such a favorable Impression
that the directors of the bund offered
special Inducements to bring him here for
last nights concert His Interpretation
of the andanto and finale from Mendels
sohns Concerto Chopins Nocturne
Zarzyckls Maiourka and Ogarcws
Caprice were executed and presented
with marvelous skill and the perfection
of technique
An orchestra of forty selected musicians
under the direction of Henry Xnnder tho
musical leader of the bund played Mo
larts ovrture to Marriage of rigaro
Dvoraks Slavonic Dance nnd several
other selected numbers nnd also accom
panied the bund In choruses which Included
Jnbann Strauss Weln Wclb und Ges
ani Henry Xanders
and several other selections
Altogether the occasion was a notable
one nnd will go down In the annals nf
local musical events as one of tho most
successful recitals ever given in this city
Dr von Hollcbeu and party occupied ono
cf the boxes
I entile llnsletlinlt tiiime
The Sixth Ilattallon basketball team
which has shown considerable strength In
tho District Ilasketball League series
will have as Its opponents tonight In a
championship game tho team representing
Carroll Institute The game will be called
at 8 oclock tnd will be plajod In the
gymnasium of the Centre Mtrket Armory
An Informal hop will follow the contest
Half runI ChocolatM and 7C
Bonbons In fincj boxes
lund tain 1J
1 ClUHllllAS
The Greater New York
Fine Confectionery
712 7th St N W
Xcw v
In court In response to a summons and I -
tho court demanded to know where her V
personal property lay iv
I refuse to tell that said Mrs Smith i
I have the utmost respect for ou 4
Judge sho said but I will not tell where I j
TT1V rSOTIiTa Urn nml nn nn sn null soltl r
- j u s n uv iiu n ii uii uaiiii tut i j
Parlor Suites
It makes no difference
how much or how lit
tle you wish to pay for
a Parlor Suite you
will find one here to
please you All the new- j
est patterns and up
holsteries intIudiiig silk
and satiii damask tap
estry and brocatelle
You are welcome to the
handsomest one in our
entire stock on easy
weekly or monthly pay
ments No notes lo sitfii
I Our Q
Yi 1
Should Have First
You liave the time this week to give these household
matters your ittention Nest week 3011 limy be too biisy
The inurricHt Christmas of nil will be in homes that are
eozily furnished and etirueted It isnt a lack of cash that
prompts credit buying it simply bespeaks confidence in
the future and a determination on your part to pay for
what you buy as you earn the money We sell onlysnch
grades of furniture and carpets as we can personally guar
antee for durability and we make lay and line all car
pets fiee of cost Xo charge for wasteiu matching figures
Chamber Suites
You will find an al
most endless variety of
Uedrooin Suites here in
solid oak birds eye ma
ple etc Headboards
and dressers are hand
somely carved and the
latter are fitted with
unusually large mirrors
You will find a suite
here at any price you
wiih to pay and on
terms that will be ar
ranged to suit your con
venience weekly or
There are a thousand and one articles here that are
suitable for Christmas giving including Morris Chairs
Jlnsie Cabinets Decorated Parlor and Ilantjnet Lamps
Leather Chairs Dinner and Tea Sets Itook Cases Rugs
Fine Leather Furniture etc You are welcome to a choice
of all these and more on cum- weekly or monthly pay
ments arranged to suit vour convenience We are com
plete furnishers IJedwear Stoves EVERYTHING
vll UClli o Credit House
817819821823 Seventh StNW
Between H and I Streets
reatest Sal
Of Suits and
Overcoats to Order
oiste week oisrx sri
Weve readied the acme of value giving in this of
fer Weve bettered till previous offering and stand to
win your orders with the greatest tailoring proposition
of the season
This sale is for one week only The selling is bound
to proceed with a rush and that emphasizes the virtue
of an early ehoice
Suits of Dlaek and Blue Thibet and Fancy Mixed
Woolens made up in any of the snappy new styles
Overcoats of Blue Grey and JJrown Fabrics tailor
ed to your order in any of the long graceful styles
Trimmings of guaranteed excellence every garment
tried on in the bastings fit guaranteed
diiib from our 4 and 5 trouserings tailored to fit yZi I 3i
409 Seventh Street
Xer Orlcnim liiilrlri
JKW ORLEANS Dec 8 Lntncs for
First race For maulen ana up
ward Jit furlcnzs Infallitit IU IIjiuI mhm
Frank Kenny 110 fUrtcr llja Carlovlenlan 107
II Dllon 11 Easter Time Sama Nn Kate
Wre Chanticleer Frinlt Johnson Caralj tOI
conl race For aiwl upward
i furlon Horseshoe Tobacco Tom Collin
113 Mater Marintr lit Jir Ihinzr 110 Alpaca
I title- Jack Horner Sir FlorUn Dooinratk ilea
107- Sail am Fannie Maud 101 ncolon US
Third race For nnd upwanl
Mlllnir one and one iiteenth mlIes SKOrdrnan
Teuerr 1W JudRC Meadnun W Hanlih 102
Irrine Hater 10O Mr Free I3H
STnconited t IUIe tlkln S7 bara amp
04 Farmer llennett M Falrjdir 91
Fuurth race For and upward
lundicap one mile and Mtenty yadi Henry
licit KK Andea lteed ltO Jlenac e OS Jruie
Jarbve W Ida lcnrancc 00
Fifth race--For fcven furlons
MarcoJ 110 Leenjj Rose ot ly 1U Urneat
1arham W Netherlaml 107 Kins Tallin 97
Linco All Umt 06 Mnnora Si ah 05 Utn
Hullum 04 Kentuik Muddle H
Sixth race tor four- ear old and upwranl
elinie one milcr rink Ireland lfl Handy II
Jim 00 Kntr Klkwood Uhi per Low 1hldtu
Fi eenie S Lad Fr 11 Joe lamnune Major
Muislr Lister Lily Monmouth ltiy OS
Firt race CarloTijnian iarter Han Infallible
Second rae Alpaca Master Ma iner Mr
Third race Swordman Judae Meadnun
Fourth race tnd Henry llert Jeaaie Jarboe
Filth race Roue of Mar Lingo Mart
Mxlh race tatter Illy MniC r lkood Itardy
Onklnml Kntrle
OAKLAND Cal Pec Hntrlea for tomor
rows race
Firat rac -For and upwanl
aelllni alx turlorcs Xatite 111 Fridolin IK
Vantlne 112 St tnthuy 107 JlU Icp VH
Torsina 107 Clarando 11
Second race For sellh fit
Nonie 103 Phil Crimmlnt lOii Er
ander 107 llr ScharS 103 John letera 100
Ugal Maxim 103 Row ot China 101 Ilrainc
IM St Seren Old Lngland 1U7 inowberry lie
Third race For and upward
selling one anil onj sutcenth mfies Honnttf
LLak 00 Windward HW Galanthiu 1M Dr
lene la Herculean 111
Fourth race tor and upward
five and one half furlonir May W Hilee Xotia
107 Abba L Captivate 102 Lou Cliveden 107
Sharp Dipt Roial Hush 110 Baau Ormonde 100
Doublet 112 Iompine 107 Frank Belt 112
Fifth race For three-year-olds and upward
aelllnir one mile llohn 112 Bangor 115 Wy
oming 112 Orleans 103 Tony lerpinjr lOd
Hohenlohe 113
Mtth race Fur three-year-olds and upward
Hrllfnz seven furlongs Vavorito 119 Go Out
122 Turn Tuckr John tbh Romany n hate
hick It l Mi on jlaro IMomrd Sidelong Mac
MeiLnoe CVmmonwealtha Attorney 3Jalaia Hi
OitUlnm rUrtfiii
First Tact tantine Xative Tormina
Second race Kvandcr Nonle Dr ShariT
Third race Darlene Herculean ZiUnthua
Fourth race Frank 1111 Hllee Slurp Illnl
Filth race Hohenlohe llohn
Sialh race Favo lt Commonnrcalth Ittor
liey SlacFleeknue
uiiii v vi
The many friends of John Blount wil be pteaacd
to learn that he has mturelj recovered from hit
attack of rheumatism Chamberlain Iafa itjira
cured htm aftr the lot tloetors in the ton a
where he lives Manon Ind had fatktl to gle
relief The prompt rfliet from pain which th i
liniment afforda is alone worth many llmra M
coat If troubeil nith rheumatic pains lama
shoulder lame back or stiff olnts ive tt a
trial and you are certain to be delighted with
the pomrt cure which It will effect For sale by
Hecry Lvaiu W bole ale and Retail Ill Druggists
By the Koch Luna Cure
150 Xassau Street Xew York
And 627 E Street Washuu tsa

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