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Lansburgh Bro
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and Wraps
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1424 How York Avenue
Vntlrr Itnlr In Ia Sou
Thomas Kennedy by his will dated
September B 1SSJ leaves lilt entire es
tat to his ron Ceorge W Kennedy who
Is nsned executor without bond
MetMIst Plan lor
Concludo That Millionaires Tcudor
of Monoyfor Educational Pur
poses Docs Not Balk Project
Will Provo Boncflt Ruthor Than
The promoter of the Slcthodist Uni
versity project nt first fearful that the
Carnegie gift of ten millions of dollars
would balk their plans and defeat their
alms have upon careful consideration of
t the subject come to tho conclusion that
Instead Mr Carnegies generosity will
work to the Inllnlte advantage of the un
dertaking of the Methodists
The matter was talked of yesterday at
the semi annual meeting of the board cf
trustees of the Amoilcan University
which met at the offices of the university
A Inrse Attciilnner
An unusually large number were pres
ent Including Bishops Charles I Fow
ler C C McCabc and John F Hurt1 Mr
John larson Chicago V I Robinson
Hock Island 111 Dr D H Carroll Balti
more Charles Seott Philadelphia Dr J
W Hill HarrUburg Ta Dr C W Bald
win Baltimore A B Browne II F
Lolghton A B Duvall Judge W M
Springer Charles C Glover John n Hor
rcll nnd Thomas W Smith all of Wash
ington Others presen1 were Dr W L
Davidson Secretary Dr John A Guth
crldgc Financial Secretary Itev Albert
Osborn Registrar and Dr Royal Cope
land of the medical department of the
university at Ann Arbor Mich
Jn the absence of President John n
Andrus who was detained by important
business Mr John Farson of Chicago of
the well known stock firm of Lef cb Far
son Co New York and Chicago was
elected president cf the meeting
3riiOfIst Projector IlennMircil
While the exact purport of Mr Car
nogles proposition is not definitely
known looking at it from the interpreta
tion and explanation made In The Times
by Hon Carroll D Wright the projectors
of the Methodist University believe that
it will be of Immense alii to their insti
Some cf them were at first inclined to
be somewhat dlsrouragcd frrlng that
after their long years of labor to bring
about so vast an undertaking and the
efforts put forth to secure sufficient fundi
that to have a multi millionaire stoo In
and found an Institution which would
completely overshadow their oim would
compel tho abandonment of the Methodist
University plan After yesterdays meet
ing the board took exactly tho opposite
view of the matter and is more encour
aged than ever Kith the outlook
IlUIinp HurMpi ImlcD lntulInc
Bishop Hurst said last night that as he
now understood Mr Carnegies plan It
was not proposed to erect at great cost a
group of buildings but rather to aid ad
vanced students In profiting by the ex
periments and researches of the Govern
ment and to have easy and free access to
the vat stock of knowledge and Informa
tion which the Government has been ac
cumulating for a hundred years
The Government could not take up any
sectarian matters ho said For Instance
It could not take up the study of com-
paratlve religion and the Carnegie
i project would thus leave a wide field for
I sueh Institutions as the Methodist
vrrltr anri nf Ine Rnmo tlraa enaht Id
students to have the advantage of re
search Investigations experiments and
tens which a private Institution could not
provide He said that after carefully
considering the matter from what Infor
malon has already been made public that
he thought the Methodist University
would be aided and benefited Instead of
Injured by the carrying oat of Mr Car
negies plan
A fnt tf I irtlK
Ho added further that It would mean
that Washington would not only become
the greatest seat of learning in the
United States but one of the greatest If
not actually the greatest In the world
At the meeting of the board the re
ports made by the officers of the univer
sity for the ear just closing were full
of very great encouragement The finan
cial side of the years work was most
gratifying showing a decided gain over
any recent year The large holdings
which the university has in stocks and
bonds whirl Lvo been given for build
ings and endowments are yielding fine
The laying of t e foundation of the Mc
Klnrey Memorial Ohio College of Govern
ment which Is now In progress Is turn
ing afresh the thought of the people to
this enterprise It had been expect d to
lay the corner stone of this memorial
building during the meeting of the trus
tees but the necessary delay In the wrk
and the uncertainty af the eaher at this
time of year prompted the delaying vf
ihs iirprrsslve service until the days tf
rarly spring at which time tho founda
lon will be fully completed and ranch
of the grading whkh is contemplated en
the university site shall have been fin
Mljcrltllnnpi Coinlnc In
Subwriptlons are being received for ths
MtKlnley Memorial Ohio College of Gov
ernment In the lifetime of the rxar
tyred President this memorial wts con
templated snd his tragic death has
given new Interest to the perpetuation cf
his name and fame at tho nations Cap
Large nnd wise plans were laid for the
accumulation of 5090000 more than half
of whkh Is already In hand so that the
doors of the university may be opened for
post graduate work and original Investi
gation utilizing as has been contemplated
Blnce the organization of this university
the rare and unparalleled scientific col
lections provided by the Government in
the city of Washington
Mr CirieKlc Pr nUrd
Many kindly references were made by
the trustees to the princely gift which
Mr Carnegie has Just proposed for edu
cational work In Washington As the ex
act conditions surrounding the gift have
not yet been made public no definite
action of course could be taken but It
was fully believed that the work con
templated by Mr Carnegie would make
more certain the necessity and useful
ness of the American University and
would contribute largely toward making
Washington the greatest educational
centre In tho world
Moro than 1600 students from all parts
of the world have already made applica
tion for entrance to some special line of
study in the American University and tho
Tlifi Kind You Have Always Boueht of fflZcm
plars proposed look to the speedy opening
or tuc doors ior worn
Bishops Hurst Fowler and McCabe a
coianlltee from tho trustees called on
PreslJent Roosevelt nt tho White House
who is also a member of the board of
trustees conveying the greetings of the
assembled body
Iciti Anions Truateri
The American University has lost b
death during the past six months five hon
ored trustees among the number Presi
dent William McKinlcy and lion Mat
thew G Kmcry who for ten jeara had
liecn treasurer of tho university The fol
lowing were elected as trustees to fill
vacancies Senator Jonathan P Dolllver
Iowa Judge ThomaB 11 Anderson Wash
ington Mr C Price Socer Chambersburg
Pa nnrt Rev Thomas Iloylc V I
LL I Pittsburg Pa
Mrs M II llartsock president and
Mrs J Ellen Foster vice presldent at -large
of tho Womans Guild of the Amer
ican University interested In the elec
tion of the College of Comparative Re
ligion were introduced nnd briefly ad
dressed the meeting This movement Is
gaining headnny throughout the country
among prominent and benevulcnt women
and many annual nnd life memberships
arc being received
An extended discussion took place con
cerning the early organization of a medi
cal college In connection with the univer
sity A committee was appointed to care
fully consider the matter and report at
an early date
Old onivprn lte tireMl
The personnel of the office and Ctld
forces remains unchanged for another
year The trustees elected as President
John E Andrus New York Secretary
Dr C W Baldwin Baltimore Treasurer
Mr Charles C Clover Washington
The executive committee which will
very largely control the affairs of the tnl
versity for the comliia year Includes the
following well known members Bishop
John F Hurst Judge Thomai II Ander
son Thomas W Smith Judge W M
Springer B H Warner T Duvall
John K Hcrrell A II Browne II F
Leighlon Dr D II Carroll and Dr C
V Baldwin
The meeting was full of harmony and
encouragment and great gains are ex
pected during the coining jear
nishop Charles H Towler left last
night llarrlsburg and Bishop C C
McCabe for Chic so
OinveM of Hunker Axioilntlnii
lrr iu nt JfretliK
tlminl rurpnovN of the
Muv riirit
A large number of the local bank
clerks held a preliminary meeting yester
day afternoon in the rooms of the Wash
ington Stock Exchange to consider plans
for the formation of a chapter of the
American Hank Clerks Association The
meetlDR was held under the auspices of
the Washingttn Bankers Association
which Is much Interested In tho plan
The officers of the Bankers Association
were pment Including Messrs C J Bell
Thomas Hyde A K Parrls and W A
M earns
Oil Vtrllioils
Tho chief event of the meeting was an
address by Mr George E Allen the as
xlstant secretary of the American Bank
Clerks Association Mr Allen described
the motives of the association In detail
and gave nn enthusiastic commendation
of Its benefits The chief Idea of the or
ganization is tho educational one the
plan being to train clerks to the duties
of the various bank positions that they
will bo able to fill any position from that
of messenger to that of teller satisfac
torily If called upon
Mr Allen said that the system In the
past has tended to make specialists of
clerks and not to give them any knowl
edge outside of their particular fields
He cited many Interesting examples of
the bad effects of this system
Mr C J Bell President of th Ameri
can Security and Trust Company spoko
in favor of the organization nnd Inti
mated that he would advocate Its adop
tion and request the clerks of his own in
stitution to Join Messrs Hyde and Par
rls also commended the plan
Cuimlllre on Orcruiiljiittnii
After Mr Allens address Mr Charles
Howe of the American Security and
Trust Company took charge of the meet
ing nd It was arranged that n committee
on organization be appointed to meet
those favo able o the plan and desirous
of Joining the astoelatlon at a later date
Icfiun Inniml He Tiikr n After I3x
Iitrntliill of Orlgrlnnl Itutr
J T Petty the District Auditor yes
terday submitted to the Commissioners
an Important report relative to tho ex
tending of the time of contracts for tho
completion of municipal work Mr Petty
states that I he Comptroller of the Treas
ury uolds that the time limit of a con
tract cannot bo extended unless action to
that end be taken before the date fixed
for tbo original Instrument to expire
The question was brought to the atten
tion of the Commissioners upon an appli
cation of the National Electrle Supply
Company The Auditor is of the opinion
that the time may be extended on the
contract owing to the fact tlirft the com
pany made appllcatljn for the same be
fore the limit of their contract though
form h I action was not taken until after
The Auditor however suggests that In
tbo future the Commissioners take the
precaution to act on such mutters before
the time of the expiration of the con
tract so as to conform to the decision of
the Comptroller of the Treasury
nrfimltllitr llnuk feller I imlilo to
Leave- IIIh IIi iI
BALLSTON N Y Dec 11 Charles
Fltcham tho defaulting teller of the
First National Bank was arraigned be
fore United States Commissioner Davison
this afternoon The examination was held
at the prisoners bedside as he was too
ill to be removed
United States District Attorney George
B Curtlst of llinghamton was present
Fltrhman pleaded not guilty nnd waived
examination Bail was fixed at 0000
The ease was adjourned for a week
If ball Is secured the examination will
be dismissed and Fltcham will bu held
for the UnUJ States grand Jury
The work Df straightening the books of
the bank Is nearly completed and It is
expected the bank will reopen In a few
Inon iicct Olllerra
Tcdcral Ixdge No 1 F A A M has
elected the following officers for the en
suing Masonic year
Worshipful Master J It S Dickens
Senior Warden A J Arnold Junior
Warden E J ShumaU Secretary G Y
At Leo Treasurer W S Jcnks Marshal
V IL Sheld Senior Deacon Nat B Fu
gltt Junior Deacon Joseph R Fague
Ssnlor Steward Ralph W Lee Junior
Stoward William T Richardson Organ
ist Otis D Swett and Tiler J Richard
niggles The officers were Installed by
Past Master Richard B Nixon
ln llnrrj tlpeiilnir TiiiIkM
David Belasco recked the announcement
that Mrs Carters nevf play Du Barry
will Burely be given Its first presentation
tonight at the National Theatre Tho de
lay In msklng the production was oc
casioned by the unusually largo scenic In
vestiture nnd ths dosire on the part of
Mr Belasco to have the performance per
fect In every detail before presenting his
work to the public
A dress rehonrMl vlfos held nt the Na
tional last pht and the performance
moved without a hitch of any kind
The entire theatre Is sold for tonight
nd the audience promises to be ono of
tho most brilliant assemblages of the sea
Tin- ColinliIn Vnilmr Miicl
Andrew Mnck will appear at the Colum
bia next week In his new comedy drama
Tom Moore n play of which great
things arn expected nnd which is said to
be an Innovation so far as Irish plays aro
concerned Moore was one of tho men of
his period a time in which emanated
bright thoughts witty writings poems
and melodies oIch hold their standard
with all that havo succeeded them in the
pnst 100 years He was the pet of the
fashionable set In tho early nineteenth
century and Ms voice and songs secured
him fame and fcrtuno
The chiractcr presents a fine oppor
tunity for Andrew Maclc To Impersonate
Moore hhould be the height of any singers
ambition While Matk In reality Is a long
way from Moore yet the two possess
many characteristics of a similar nature
Moore wrote songs am ang them to his
own accompaniment with a voice of singu
lar sweetness and sympathy Mr Mack
la likewise gifted and while his melodies
may not linger In the hearts of the people
rs long as Moores have they please for
the time being nt nil events
The Antlonnl HiiKerM Itrothrrn In
The Klaw Erlanger Company with
the Rogers Brothers In John J McNallys
latest vaudeville farce Tho Rogers
Brothers In Washington will be the at
traction at tho New National for one
week beginning Monday evening next
This company and its stars havo al
ways scored a great hit In this city and
from the advance promises that arc mado
they aro quite likely to more than eclipse
any past successes recorded here In their
Mr McNally the present season has
given the Rogers Brothers the best vo
hlcle they have yet had The lyrics arc
by Harry n Smith and the score by Mau
rlco Levi widely known here for his com
position When Reuben Comes to Town
The production Is staged by Ben Teal who
has Interpolated the farcical story of Mr
McNally with a large number of brilliant
ami original specialties and musical con
Several notablo surprises will be pre
sented during the performance of which
nn mention is made In advance but novel
acts and musical numbers may be expect
ed by tho Rogers Brothers Hattle Wil
liams Grace Freeman Jeanette Bageard
Edith SL Clair Gus C Weinberg Pat
Rooney Jr Emma Francis William
West Nora Bayes and Kuby Dawson
One of the special features of the entire
performance will be the singing of The
Wedding of tho Reuben and the Maid by
the Rogers Brothers and Jeanette Bage
ard and Edith St Clair This musical
number is a seqiiel to the Rogers Broth
ers hits of tho last wo years The Inno
cunt Maid and When Reuben Comes to
Matinees will be given Wednesday nnd
Saturday Seats are now on sale at tho
box office
Infnjettr n niicmy of the Klnir
Next week the Bellows stock company
at the Lafavcttc Square will give another
revival An Enemy of the Kiag a four
act play by R N Stephens will be pro
duced on n most elaborate scale Tho
plans nnd preparations lead tho manage
ment to announce that it will give a
two dollar show for B0 cents
The story of the play concerns a young
French woman who In order to savo her
father from death for treason against the
King undertakes to trap a slippery
Huguenot follower of Henry of Navarro
into a tryst with her where he may bo
taken and falling in love with him con
siders she has bartered away her honor
and gives up the undertaking
About this rather commonplace theme
the author has constructed one of the
most dramatic of all stage stories of ro
cent years An Enemy of the King Is
too well known to require extended iic
scrlptlon It ought to make one of the
best bills yet undertaken hy the local
stock company
Clinsen Perry llusitell Compntiy
Percy Hasnell supported by her own
company from Chases Theatre Balti
more will appear at Chases Theatre In
this city next week presenting The
Liars tho well known society comedy by
Henry Arthur Jones
Miss Haswells stellar appearanco In
Washington Is an event which has been
long looked forward to by the admirers of
this talented icttess who was leading
woman of the Columbia Theatre summer
company and of the Lafayette Squaro
stock company last season
Since September Miss Haswell has been
appearing at the head of her own com
pany at Chases Theatre In Baltimore
and after her weeks engagement hero she
will return to that city for the balance of
the winter season coming to Washington
again In the spring In Miss Haswells
support will be Prank Glllmore Alfred
Hudson George Fawcett Frederick Lewis
Lloyd Carleton Regan Hughston Austin
Webb Frank Craven Laura McGUvray
Aileo Uutlcr Juliette Atkinson and Ag
Durlng Mis Haswells engagement thero
will be dally matinees and the schedule
of prices will be the u ual Chase scale
The Arnilrrilj Across tin- Ineinc
The attraction at the Academy of Mu
sic next week will be the comedy diama
Across tho Pacific which scored a hit
when presented at this house last sea
son The play will be Interpreted by a
strong cast headed by Harry Clay
Across the Pacific Is a military play
depleting scenes Incident to the Spanish
American war In the Philippines and Is
considered ono of the most realistic pro
ductions over given at popular prices The
play la staged elaborately and Is calcu
lated to please those who enjoy thrilling
situations and dramatic climaxes
The story of the play Is an interesting
one beginning In a mountain town of
Montana from whero It shifts to San
Francisco giving a vivid picture of
Chinatown in the coast city Tho next
scene is on the deck of a United States
Army transport which Is carrying volun
teers to Manila and the last art is lo
cated In Blockhouse No 7 In a 1hlllpplno
Jungle where a genuine rapid llro gat
Ung gun Is brought Into action
Kernnns IIIc tenant Ion HiirlcxjiiiTn
At tho Lyceum Theatre next week tho
Big Sensation Company under the direc
tion of James J Johnson and comprising
the best of European and American vaude
ville talent will bo the attraction
It Is said that this show Is better than
ever It can usually be depended upon
to glvo a good performance as Manager
Johnson seldom spares expense when se
lecting his company for the rood
Tho company this season Includes
Collins and Collins parodists and pun
atots Conroy and Kecler Irish comedi
ans the Batchelor Sisters tho only
musical sister act now before the public
tho Seyons In a comedy skotch entitled
Mr Button Renders Reception which
Is said to be one continuous laugh Far
num and Nelson tho comedy acrobat
who profess to have a standing ch lleng
of J100O to any persons who can
i a
Tho burlesque will auoru the dllterent
members of the stock company splendid
opportunities and the vocal portion of
the performance will Introduce soma new
3Ime IVevnilnN Concert
The Nevada performance at the New
Notional Theatre Tuesday afternoon Do-
ccmber 19 will Klve the admirers of tho
old school bel canto in this city a splen
did opportunity of hearing one wno is lis
best exponent now before tho public
In addition to the diva herself tho
company will Include the court vlolon
titt nt th Queen of Soatn lablo Ca
lais who was a protege of the Spanish
Queen she having borne nil tLc expenses
of his education and presented to him
the magniacent lnatrumtnt on wnicn ne
Morcau the pianist ot mo pariy is one
of the newer school of Trench com-
i id iiirr1 Ihn freatptt
technician among tho pianists of trance
Maquarro has been the nute soioisi oi me
Lamourcuxand Colonne orchestras for the
vAn nnd aaa thm winner nf thA
gold medal at tho Conservatoire Heatha
Gregory the only vocaiisi oi mo panj
besides tho prima donna Is an American
singer of unusual powers nnd a splendid
Tho length nnd diversity ox ine pro
rnna make It appear more like a musi
cal festival than a concert
The ICiilirlll Concert
v York nnd Boston seem to havo
caught the Kubellk fevcr a term
iii n writer used In describing mo
enthusiasm and furore aroused by tha
young nohcmlan violinist In London tho
past two seasons
1 - nrtnf nt Pirneele Hull
ills livu aim iivt j - -- -
New York last week drew enormous audi
ences over 4300 people ny mtmi
i -At ni hu riehnt Dli moor 2
while his drat recital last n after
noon Is stnted to nave urawu iiw
t inhenpil nf for flrt
recoru aiutw - -- --
netranccs of foreign artists In America
Washington will hear this young wli
ard ot the violin -the so called now Pa-
M ln rnlitmhln Theatre next
Tuesday afternoon his numbers Including
compositions oy lurnai naeu uecmuiuu
Wlenlawskl and of course Pagantnl to-
1- l nln m anlnv liV most
llant young player Miss Jessie Sfcfxy of
New iotK ana iiorr imuuu
compinwt That ho will have a brilliant
net i rested house is nireauj nuauu u
s ah of the boxes and many of th
-- Knn cnM nt Sftnrlrs
aians where tho sale la now In progress
srjjT Oaly eleven more shopping
KU days uatil Chrltlmat
mounted in tlic niMvest and most artiitio settings era
bracinsj It wfllpry for ALL occasions
Whether costly or of moderate prices EVEIIV STONE
IS ABSOLUTELY PUKE and represents in value the exact
amount asked
In buying Diamonds above all other things one must
One who bins a Diamond that is pure and for n price
that is commensurate with its value makes A GOOD IN
VESTMENT creates an asset
Day Inspsctlon of cur goods Invited 7u no way Implies
nn obligation to purchase and remember when QUALITY
Is considered our prices are INVARIABLY TUB LOWEST
Jewellers Silversmiths nnd Stationers
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue
----- - - -
Is not dependent upon showy exterior nor upon reduced prices which aro
frequently misleading
The Stein way Piano
Has by Us unparalleled and unapproachable excellence occupied and nian
talned a distinctive sphero of its own As
The samo superiority they are forced by competition to
We have Pianos in all grades
And other lending makes and whero comparisons of their respective merits
may be made
Host obtainable value now on the market we are showing
at 25000 upon the terms of 1000 cash and 000 per month
A choice selection of slightly used Pianos at greatly re
dnccd prices on easy terms
100 sh ami a Small Monthly Vijramt
First lime In thU city Hare opportunity
for ecurin toe most acceptable Anuu -present
It jon want a Jtejrjna Music Hot Wash
burn Guitar Stewart IUnjo Wast
bura Mandolin Autoharp
In fact any instrument except a Piano or
Organ fill In the following coupon and
mail it at once Wo will seed jou par
E F DROOP fc SOsHS stopon
cato their feats the Newell Sisters son
and dance artists Miss Josle LeCoy the
German yodier and tho Orundy Trio In
songs and dances The olio will be
brought to a close by a very funny bur
lesque cntltle King of the
Ilie Illfon llarciiie ami Vanile
For next weeks offering of burlesquo
and vaudeville at tho DIJou Manager
Schleslnger will present the great Powell
one of the cleverest magicians of the day
whose achievements both In this country
and abroad have placed him In the very
front rank of his profession Powell Is
a magician of more than ordinary origi
nality and the major portion of the per
formance will consist of act3 of his own
Another Important feature of ths BIJou
show will be Elsie Bernard the widely
known vocalist who will offer a new rep
ertoire of sonfrs The Garclnettl family
seven In number will display soma won
derful feats of ncrobatlsm and there will
be In addition a number of other vaud
vlllo acts of similar celebrity and merit
Tho stock company will present a bur
lesque on Mrs Carters now play Du
Barry In which Bert Leslie will play
Mrs Carters role and Dato 1w1s will
b Iuls XV with a German makeup and
a dialect that In described as a marvel
Instrument wanted
Wil place any of th butrumeaU la
your borne at once
Best Good at Lovreat Trices
Below we cire a partial list of th man beau
tiful and uwful flits to be bad here prices
not exceeding 1 Erery item enumerau i la of
reliable quality and worthj of a placti in mj
FOR 25c
Brrakfut Tea and Soup Plates
Tea Ctips and Sucara
After Dinner Coffee Cupe and Saucers
Water Dottlea Glass Ben la Olaas Pitchers
Decorated China Pitchers Vi ptnt to Z qt ilaa
Cut Glaaa Cream Pitchers Water Tumblers Oil
Bottles with cut glass stoppers
Larje GltM Vase and Rich Colored Glass Tina
PLATED WARE Suar Spoons FrultJtnlTes
I dot Nut Picks or S Picti and cne Cracker
Salt and Pepper Shakers with aterllcz sllier
Individual Glaaa Salts sterlicc ailTer mountad
aVMany pieces JJc to Wc
FOR 50c
Cake Plates Pitchers Creams and Sugar
Bon Bon and Olire Dtshes
Pin Trays Powder Doxes Hair Receivers
Plain Decorated and Colored Glaas Vases
Oit Glaas Cream Pltchera
Cut Glass Tumbler Cut Glao Individual Salt
with Surlier Spoon
Cut Glass Salts and Tappers with atarUn silver
SILVER rLATEB WARE Soiar SpooivA Better
Entree Chew Scoops Galta and Peppent class
STEINS snd Jardinieres
5Many choice pieces from 50c to J
FOR 100
Cups and Saucers
Chocolate Pots Cake Plates
AH alies Pitchers rora H pt to I qts
Suzar aod Creams Bon Bon and Ollee Dishes
Salad and Fruit Bowls
Elegant Una cf China and Glass Vaseo Carver
and Fork pair
Steins in great variety Jardinieres of various
Glaas Pitchers and Water Bottles
Variety ot Tun blers 1 doa
Out nljja Table Salts with Sterlic Silver
Rich Cut Olaas Oil Dottles
Sugar Tens Bon Bon Spoons Olive Spoons
Creacv Ladles vjajonnitie Ladlv Sardine Forks
Olive Forks Butter PlcU VapXIn Rings
Talcum and Tooth Powder Bottles with sterl
ing tops
Pen Holders Combs etc
TUTED WARE CVrd Tiers Berry Spoons Pie
Knives I dor Tea Spoons Cheese Scoops
GiUiTs Knlle Fork and Spoon Childs Cups
Cothor Gifts from SI up to S230
TrrESSors to ii w beveridge
1215 F Street and 1214 G Street
Full Cream Cheese Ho
1 U packages Macaroni 5c
llolojna Sc
Nutrmcs per dot 3c
Hatches per dux 10c
j AU in new etc toa men
pllf ittractiTt ttIet io vioi
1U srr MUcka UQJ
nt Eaual to an
oes 250
0 43 rnnaylviirjlA Avennr
Shaffer I4th and I Sis
CO alslti store corner w m
Streets Branches all over the city
and In all markets 20 tfes
New Yori WaiUmztan Parii
Dainty and
Beautiful Gifts
On the Fifth Floor
No placo la the house U fuller of
Christmas opportunities than our mors
than half acre Housefurnlsnlcg Store on
Hfth Boor Its abundance of natural light
Us broad aisles Its systematic classifica
tion of stocks Its every modern facility
for the proper displaying and selling ot
the various lines of goods its mo3t rea
sonable prices make It at once a great
satisfactory Inexpensive Christmas Da
Here are displayed Dainty China Rich
Cut Glass foreign and Domestic Crock
ery Artistic Lamps Fancy Baskets and
Ornamental and Useful Articles of House
Here are also displayed a vast array of
Fancy Pieces from the leading potteries ot
France Germany and Austria rich one-of-a-kind
things which have no duplicate
Here are also displayed elegant Limoges
China Course Services Rich French Chins
Fish Sets Came Sets Salad Sets Ic
Cream Sets Oyster Plates etc
Also Rich American Cut Glass la a great
variety of unique and artistic designs
rich and lustrous
Also multitudes of practical useful ar
ticles ot Housefurnlshings exactly those
things uniting economy and attractive
ness and very appropriate for holiday
1 II2J
Xnias Dinner Sets
Our new open stock and completa Dla
ner Sets offer an unusual opportunity to
secure the best possible Dinner Est for
any amount you may desire to give We
quote a tew Items and invite Inspection
100 plece English Dinner SeU3
113 plece White Dinner Sets3v
102 plece Decorated Border tlO En
Dinner Sets liJV
115 pIece Decorated American tIC t
Dinner Sets IJUW
102 plece Limoges China Din- tTQ CA
cor Sets Jvlil
100 plece Havlland China OI Cfl
Dinner Sots fcfcV
102 plece Havlland China VC in
Dinner Sets LJMV
100 plece Havlland Chins Ml flf
Dinner Sets border pattern
New 500 Lamps
a pkttma rfr that nlwarc Dleases
We offer seventeen styles ot central draft
Parlor Library and Banquet Lamps
complete with shade or globe and chim
ney and ready for use at
500 each
A very attractive assortment
Black Iron Candlesticks
1 n 1 lino nf Artistic Black
Iron Candlesticks In the popular Dragon
and Snake designs and call especial at
tention to the Black Dragon Candlesticks
which we offer with gold trimmed twUted
candle3 at
15c complete
New Chafing Dishes
v rnaflnir niches are from the
best factories ocl and we Insist upon
having them extra well finished on the In
alde pan where the wear comes from
mixing and stlrrlnff Even though our
prices are low they are all tho best of
their Rind ano inorouKiny r
n vit i rnpini nishes com
plete with wrought Iron stand 95
DUhes complete
3 pt Nickel Chafing
plete with wrought Iron stand JJZS
Each - -
j pL Nickel Chafics Dishes O CJQ
complete with nlcUol stand Each JJW
3 pt Nickel Chafln Dishes complete
with nickel stand regulating lamp jQ
and side handled hot water pans
ive oCiock Tea Kettles
- t i rvrloilr Ton Kettles are
uur lew re v v
also of the best makes only and are
shown In the latest aesigns ----
the latest lmprovemeuia a
Xmns gift at a very low price
Brass Flvo Oclock Tea Kettles tl QC
Brass Five Oclock Tev Kettles 57 Jjj
flat share complete
Nickelcd Five Oclock Tea IIS
ties complete
jefweil Closet Sets for Men
l f ti einat 3A makes an Ideal
Holiday gift for men or boys It will
teach the boy to keep everything In Its
dace It helps the man to utlllie all tho
F - i inet it enmes In comolete
space iu - -
sets or you can buy the separate pieces
and make up the set as you iuibk u
Tho complete set consists of
4 foldlnt and self locking trouser or
skirt hangers
1 folding and self locking coat or Jack
et hansers
2 extension shelf bars with screw
1 door loop and screws
2 shoe or slipper hdlders and screws
175 fot set
Fifth floor
-4 1

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