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Incrcisinc cloudiness today ran tonirht
and prcbably tomorrow fresh east to south
east winds
Number 2755
Colored Child Shot Down
Near Anacostia
A Merj Tot Stnughterod With a
Shotgun Wihout Provocation
While Boturning to Her Homo
From a Christmas RehcarsaL
The little colored settlement on the out
skirts of Anacostia know B as Garfield
was the scene of a most brutal and so
far xnystorlo jr murder shortly after C
oclock last night
Carrie Corbn a nine-year-old negro
girl had her small body riddled with
buckshot by an unknown boy who fled
after seeing the child fall The Ctrl was
killed Instantly some of the buckshot
having passed entirely through her body
besides peppering her face and blowing
out one of her eyes
Although the murder was committed at
on early hour in the evening it was not
until 8 oclock that Captain noardman of
tlio Detective Bureau received word of
the affair He at once detailed Detective
Sergeants Trumbo reck ODea Laccy
and Miller on the scene to co operate
with a largo force of mounted policemen
sent out by Sergeant Anderson of the
public sub station in Anacostia
Tuo IIon Arrested
The police hate now lodged behind the
bars two young boys upon whom suspicion
rests One is Paul Johnson thirteen
years old the nephew of William N Free
man a well known merchant of Good
Hope Hill A negro by the name of Er
nest Jones is the other under arrest
The statements made by both young
sters arc at variance and after consider
ation It was decided to lock them both up
nil hough both profess innocence of the
The scene of the murder Is about a mile
and a halt from Anacostia near Cood
Hope Hill The dead girl resided with
her mother Maria Corbln on Augucr
Early yesterday afternoon she set out
for the home of her aunt Agnes Butts
located directly in the rear of her own
Going to a Christmas KrlirniMiI
The girl was accompanied by her broth
er ltobcrt a lad of about ten years and
both were soing to attend a Christmas
rehearsal The exercises la the home of
Mrs Butts were over shortly after C
oclock nnd both children took their
Holding each others hand for it was
almost dark the little ones ran out of
the front yard of the Butts home They
were about to go down the road In the
direction of their home when a young boy
appeared on the scene The stranger car
ried with him a gun
Shot Without Protncntlon
After halting the two children he asked
them what they were doing there Be
fore cither could reply the boy discharged
his sun point blank at the little girl With
a scream the girl seizing her brother
by his coat started to run Into her aunts
home and had just reached the side en
trance to the house when she fell dead
Mrs Butts heard the report of the gun
and came to the door There she found
the boy leaning up against the door trem
bling from fright Sho also noticed some
one run down the atcnuc and disappear
Into an adjacent field
It was some minutes before the woman
could make the brother of the dead girl
talk Upon being informed of what had
occurred the woman ran out of the house
There lying with her head against a
board was the little girl bleeding from
numerous wounds about the head and
body her clothes riddled with the shot
The news of the shooting spread quickly
among the colored neighbors and In n
very few nilautes the yard was filled with
people A messenger was despatched to
the Corbln home to tell of the affair An
other ran post baste to Good Hope Hill
a short distance away where word was
sent to Sergeant Anderson
Mounted Men In Pursuit
Upon hearing that the child was dead
the sergeant ordered out his reserves
Within a short time a score or more of
mounted men were scouring that part of
Garfield Is hopes of securing a clue to the
Captain Boardman also sent men out
from Detective Headquarters The little
livery stable In Anacostia did a thriving
business In the lilro of buggies to news
paper men and detectives Every detec
tive that could be spared from Washing
ton was ordered to the scene
Mnjcrn Color ITticorf nlii
The police questioned all residents of
Garfield regarding the matter but no one
vas able to give a description of the
slayer Even the dead girls brother w ho
was with her was unable to say posi
tively whether his sisters assailant was a
colored or white boy his impression be
ing however that It was the latter
After scurrying around for a couple of
hours the police were Informed that young
Taul Johnson had been gunning during the
day He was soon located and put
through a direct examination
He denied emphatically hating teen
near the scene of the tragedy at the time
it occurred He said that lie had been
hunting on the farm of a Mr Lohr locat
ed some distance away and In an entirely
different direction His statements were
also corroborated by his uncle Mr Frcc
rnar who Informed the detectives that his
nephew was home long before dusk The
police honcter took the youth into cus
tody together with a losg barrcle1 shot
gun he had used and escorted him to the
nation house
busplelon Aitnlutl n Xeerro
The strongest suspicion however ac
cording to statements made by the police
last night rests on Ernest Jones the ne
gro youth who the police claim tells
anything but a straightforward story con
cerning the affair He was taken Into
custody by Detcctitcs ODea and Trumbo
The boy claims to hate been told of the
affair by the Utile brother of the dead
lories Fall fa Arzrec
The brother of tho girl Is said to have
made an incriminating statement regard
ing him to Detective ODea which caused
the latter to take blm Into custody The
police have secured statements from both
colored boys that are not corroborative
The tragedy caused intense exrittnicat
In the vicinity and th body of the little
girl was left lying for hours in spot
where sho had fallen iurrouadcd by a
curious crowd of citizens
When Detective Lacey arrived he or
dered that it be taken Into the house
Iloer Autonomy Conilltlnnnl Itinil
Ilrltlsli Muprnlnl
LONDON Dec IS The Brussels cor
respondent of the Standard says that
Mr Kruccr lias been Informed of the
willingness of some of the powers to In
tervene In South Africa If the llocr lead
ers will accept autonomy under the su
premacy of Great Ilrltain
New liiriirdo Hunt Ilestrojcr luKt
Ilacreds Ilruulrciiicntri
ANNAPOLIS Md Dec 12 The torpedo
boat destroyer Decatur built by ths Wil
liam R Trigg Works of Richmond Va
had her final speed test over the Barren
Island course today The speed required
was twenty eight knots for two consecu
tive hours run and that obtained was an
aterage of 2S137 for the period
At the conclusion the machinery was In
rcrfect condition and all the requirements
of the test were obtained The Thornton
will begin her tests tomorrow
Kslnlillslimrnt of ncli Assoctntlons
Drelnreil to He Crlmlnnl Ito
irurleo nit Consplrneles Un
der Olil vjanlKli Mntutcs
SAN JUAN Porto Klco Dee 12 In the
District Court today Santiago Iglesias and
seven other labor agitators were found
guilty under the Spanish law of being
the founders of the local labor federation
which the court holds is an Illegal or
ganization In that it conspired to raise the
price of labor which is a violation of the
Spanish statutes still In force here
Iglesias was sentenced to three years
four months and eight days in the peni
tentiary and the other setcn to four
months and twenty one days in Jail The
court also ordered that the local federa
tion which Is now under the auspices of
the American Federation of Labor be dls
solted end Governor Hunt was notified
that the society no longer exists
A Dlwsenlliic Opinion
Judge Savage who la an Amerlcai dis
sented from tho decision holding the fed
eration illegal but agreed that Iglesias
was guilty of conspiring to raise the price
of labor He however did not concur In
the sentences Imposed
An appeal will be taken to tho Supreme
Court of Porto Illco but the plans of the
federation have been at least temporarily
frustrated As a rrsult of tho decision a
labor mass meeting which was to have
been held here has been called off
Threatened Suicide fo Sectire HI
llclcnnc Wi1uIiik Mnj Com
plete Hnrlford Ctrl Piti
ful Itomnncc
Vadda Geszler fell upon her knees be
fore Captain Boardman last night and
with tears begged for the liberty of her
lover for whose arrest she had been Im
portuning the police since Tuesday night
when she arrived in the city
The young woman brought a letter to
Major Sylvester from Clrief of Police
George F Bell of Hartford Conn where
she was employed as a domestic Her
story was both romantic and pathetic Sho
speaks but little English and It was only
through r German interpreter that sho
related her story and aski d for help
Tliry Ilernllc KucnKri
She stated that while employed as a
domestic in Hartford she became ac
quainted with Joseph Deutchcr pro
prietor of a nearby grocery They were
mutually attracted and an engagement of
marriage was entered Into
Deutchcr she averred drew for her a
roseate picture of the happy little home
they would build and with this in view
she advanced J300 to her lover which
she states he was to put Into his busi
ness She had hardly done so Ehc says
when Arc destroyed the butcher shop and
Deutchcr received tlOOO Insurance
Left Willi Insiirnnce Mono-
Following the receipt of the money
Deutchcr disappeared from the city and
It was with some difficulty that Miss
Geszler finally located Mm here through
the general delivery The young woman
was almost entirely without means when
she reached the city
Captain Boardman detailed two of his
best men on the case The young woman
who has a most pleaBlng face was cared
tor for the night at the House of Deten
tion but the following day was provided
with a room opposite the City Postomce
where she could sec those who might
come and go
Cnuftod Iovrrn Arrest
Last evening she saw Deutchcr call for
his mall and he was taken Into custody
by an officer and carried to Police Head
quarters Captain Boardman had no
sooner directed that he bo locked up for
tho night however than the young wom
an repented of what she had done and
pleaded for Deutchors freedom They
both declared that they would marry at
once II they were permitted to do so but
the expel lenced chief of detectives con
sidered It unwise to let them do so at
the time
Ilirrntrncu to Kill Herself
Following Deutchers removal to a sta
tion house Miss Geszler finding that
tears and pleadlngB were of no avail
dramatically declared that bhe would
take her own life If her sweetheart was
not released Fearing that they had a
serious case on their hands and knowing
that they could do nothing If the woman
refused to appear against Deutchcr Cap
tain Boardman at last ordered the butch
ers release with the understanding that
ho would return to headquarters this
morning with fifteen dollars with which
to pay the expenses of the young woman
back to her home in Hartford
Owing to the excited condition of Miss
Geszler she was sent to the House of
Detention last night where she was com
fortably provided for She will probably
leave the city this morning
SI 2 To Iliiltlniore niul He Ifljr
urn tin Icihinj It nutn llnllromt
T ctx on a Saturday and fcunday IVccmbe r
II J 11 limited to retain uitil Monday
t 10 All trains csce t Cjnirculonal
President of tlie Blavatsky
Branch Resigns
Toachiaga of Present American
Universities Better Than Orlont
al Mysticism of tho Past Rea
sons tor His Now Viows
If the teachings of American Uni
versities are followed as to psychol
ogy and they ought to be pe plo
will not lose mental balance as they
now do by following such weird un
canny and Incredible teachings com
ing from so called teachers who aro
psychically Insane and who have
roamed clalrvoyantly drunk on un
seen plains
Having reached this conclusion after a
thirty years study of thcosophy psychol
ogy and ethics Maj James Albert Clark
veteran soldier lawyer journalist and
Government official has tendered his
resignation as president of the Blavatsky
Branch Thcosophical Society of America
The resignation was presented last even
ing at the regular weekly meeting In
Metzcrott Hall
A WldrljKnottn TlicosnpliUt
Major Clarks resignation will be a
great surprise to the leading theosophists
of the country among whom he Is well
known His long standing Interest In
thcosophy has grown with Increasing In
vestigations and for the past seven years
he has been a close student of the East
ern wisdom During five years of this
time he lectured without pay in Baltimore
and Washington feeling that as a theoso
phlst he ought to do as the society re
quires of Its members For the past three
years he has held In the local society the
office which he resigned last night
The Letter of Wlthilrnvnl
The resignation of Major Clark Is as
To the Officers and Members of the Bla
tatsky Branch
I herewith tender my resignation as
president cf your organization For flte
years I have devoted serloua study and ef
fort to the diffusion of theosophlc teach
ing as I saw it in Baltimore and Wash
ington and in parting from the work I
hope to carry the friendship of the mem
bers with rac
The memories of these years of toll
arc tcry dear to me and I would gladly
continue the work as heretofore were it
not that my conscience tells mo I can do
greater rork In a larger field
Thanking you each and all for the
happy momenta I hate passed with you I
remain sincerely
3njcir Clnrks Itensons
The reasons which Impelled the presi
dent of tho Blavatsky branch to leave his
associates of the past and seek a broader
field were explained to a Times represent
ative last night by Major Clark who said
I hate come to the conclusion that
accepting tho results of the latest scien
tific achievements and In conformity with
the Zeitgeist the time spirit which
seeks to attain not only tho best thought
but etcn to strive for higher 1 could
not conscientiously bind myself to the
grooves of any specialized school
The Drift of Present Tlmiiclit
Tho whole drift of the higher thought
of the day Is lrenlc B3 opposed to polemic
taking the best there Is to be found In
everything magnifying the essentials and
minimizing the non essentials Theoso
phy and all other schools will be obliged
to succumb to the lrenlc method
Injured liy Dissensions
Theosophists by dissensions have In
flicted more Injury upon themselves than
It wfs possible for the whole outsido
world to inflict upon them There has
been so much tearing down that It has
been Impossible to build up and there
fore do a greater work In lrenlc methods
I lie Ioenl I heosonlilst
There arc already in Washington four
camps of theosophlc Ihought without
counting the theosophists at large who
will not unite with any crmp but who arc
numerous enough to make a respectable
The thcosophical society In America
to -which I belong has clung nearer to
scholarly methods In my opinion than
any other The so called Besant branch
located In India and presided over by
Colonel Olcott has become so unduly
weighted with vapid mysticism that It
can neter he assimilated in American
The third branch known as the Tlng
lcy faction with headquarters at Point
Loma Cal Is now practically a reincar
nation of the strictest pontifical authority
known on the face of the earth Her rule
Is absolute The fourth differentiation
carries the leaching through the medium
of The Temple the most recent organi
zation Its great strength Is In the oc
cult power claimed by the originators
An Tenrlilntr
Back of all these camps there Is an eso
teric teaching freighted with all the mys
terious and vag problems peculiar to
Oriental though The thcosophy of
Americans who uo not belong to any of
the camps has been taken from Emerson
and tho transcendental school In New
England and when properly Interpreted
would appear not to go beyond even the
teachings of Prof Ladd of Yale Unlter
slty In his Philosophy of Knowledge
Dublin ii Heretic
In addition to the American teaching
the liberal tlicosophlst has clung closely
to Prof Max Mullcr but where these
broad teachings arc forced upon the
members of the various camps the teach
er Is dubbed a heretic In short hq docs
not give strict theosophy
Tho substance of the six sj stems of
Indian philosophy by Max Mailer the
various commentaries on the ancient
Unanlshads and all of the Vt dlc liter
ature Is now compressed In serviceable
form by Prof Ladd who haB attained by
his flight as high thinking as this age
can assimilate In that direction thus
proving what I and other liberal theo
sophists have tried to advocate that we
are the ancIcntB In other words we in
herit the best of tl past thought now
developed In the broader light which
scienco is throwing upon both philos
ophy nnd religion This was made clear
by the lato Prof Brlnton of the Uni
versity of PennsylvanJ who elaborated
the Idea that there are fixed psychic laws
ever working otcr the tamo material
from ago to age and nn older authority
the sage of Kohelcth Solomon declared
there is nothing new ut ucr the sun
Continued on Second Page
Norfolk d- Wli kill ii prion Stennilmnt Co
Deliatitful tnp daily at fl 10 p m from loot
th L to OT It In T mf Tt Nertol IrjlMi
Buib and Newport Ntai tec ad pae V
Police Believe Revenge the
Motive for Assault
Nothing Tangible Evolvotl From
Many Thcorioa nnd Rumors Re
port of Goat and Apron Found
in a Sowor Discroditod as Bearing
on tho Mystory
No sign no finger of suspicion yet
points to the perpetrator of the murdcrouj
assault upon Mrs Ada Gilbert Dennis last
Monday night at her residence 1117 K
Street northwest Profoundmystery sur
rounds what may prove -a tragedy At
Garfield Hospital Mrs Dennis lies in a
semi conscious condition Her recovery
is unlikely Al no time since the assault
ha3 she been able to make any clear
One theory alone bobs up persistently
as the police delve into the labyrinth of
mystery It Is that of revenge as a motive
tor the crime On this tho police base
their Investigation yet they see no bot
tom to the perplexities of the case Yes
terday a ray or light beamed when a
man3 overcoat and an apron were taken
from the sewer at Thirteenth and N
Streets northwcat
The Clue IVnrtlilcus
Already this supposed eltio has been
found worthless Tho District chemist
John D HIrd has examined the two gar
ments and finds no blood stains upon
them A sensational story representing
that the garments might havijlvcn worn
Ly persons who assaulted Mrs DcnnU Ii
thus discredited
An effort to locate tho otrscr of each
garment will be madv merely as a mat
ter of precaution The police meanwhile
Lave charge of the coat and apron an
the makers of each article have bee
It Is worthy of notice that Dr RIchc
derfer one of tho staff ofGarlleld Hosp
tal finds Mrs Dennis utterly unable I
speak intelligibly Ho says
Notwithstanding all reports It Is
certainty that Mrs Dennis Has not bee
a bio to tell anything at all about the a
tack upen her She has uttered sound
and also words but while In a scml cot
scicus state and therefore riot tangible t
of a reliable nature --
Put lent- Condition wPrlllcnl
It Is an unfavorable syrajlloin sold
Dr nichelderfcr In cpcakl of the pro
longed state of semi conscltfjsncss oftho
patient Her present condition cannot
remain such beyond threeor four days
at the most A chango must soon come
cither for tho better or the worse This
will determine whether Mrs Dennis will
Judge W B Fleming of Chicago
formerly of this city whose family is at
Louisville Ky visited th hospital yes
terday but was not permitted to see Mrs
Dennis because of her condition Ho was
accompanied by Mrs Silas Merchant of
131S S Street northwest at whose heme
he Is a guest
Last night Judge Fleming had an Intcr
tiew with Major Sylvester the second one
since the arrival of the former In this
city Wednesday afternoon An old per
sonal friend of Mrs Dennis under whose
roof he once found hospitality and good
cheer Judge Fleming is a striking char
acter A typical Western lawyer he Is
likewise a Southerner as may be told by
his demeanor
JuiIkc ricniluBa Mnlement
I came here from Chicago said Judge
Fleming last night to lenU what aid was
possible toward ferreting out this mys
tery 1 find I can do ithlng I really
know nothing On learning that Mrs Den
nis had been assaulted and because of
my past business relations with her am
her family It was thought possible thai
something I might know might have some
bearing on tho case ThfcJ has proved a
About ten years ago I first met Mrs
Dennis when she kept a boarding house
at 720 Thirteenth Street northwest With
several members of ray family I occupied
apartments there At that time Mrs Den
nis was quiet agreeable and a good busi
ness woman It was part of my profes
sional work while I remained In this
city to advise hqr as to certain In
vestments both hero and elsewhere Of
her girlhood days 1 know nothing Major
Sylvester and Captain Boardman havo
advanced several theories about tho as
sault but I have not been able to assist
Yesterday was a day flljil with rumors
and fruitless Investigation Detectives
came nnd went visiting everyone who
might In any way however remotely be
connected with tho Dennis household
After all had been said and done at 10
oclock last night C tptaln Boardman
made thU statement
Police All nt Sen
We hate no cluo td the assailant of
Mrs Dennis We have nothing to go upon
All seemingly Is conjecture A hundred
theories hate been suggested and as
many run down with no result No at
tention should be paid to the shirt or
apron found in the sewer today Nothing
has eter been suggested In the waj of a
clue by the discovery
Half a dozen detectives worked con
tinuously on the case yesterday nnd last
night Two of these were detailed at Gar
licld Hospital so that a statement might
be secured If Mrs Dennis became con
scious Last night Dctcctites Helan and
McNamee slept nt the hospital
At the house of Mrs Dennis where the
elder Mrs Dennis sits through the long
day nnd far Into the night attended by
an occasional friend or relative several
detcctitcs were on duty until four oclock
in the afternoon At that timo me prem
ises were turnul over to the elder Mrs
Dennis She was sltcn tho keys to tho
Before the residence stood a curloui
crowd most of jestcrday Carriages and
timns stolined fn front of the house
while their occupants mado enquiries as
to the latest phase of the case Within
following tho transfer cf the premises to
tho senior Mrs Dennis by tho detectives
a few frlcnda of tho family gathered
Smith WInchclt a lodger in the dwelling
formed one- ef the party Ho said
Tho detectives havo left us but mys
tery still reigns Oa the night of the as
sault I attended the theatre returning
home about 1150 oclock I stopped u
moment on the little porch while taking
my door key from m7 pocket At that
time I saw nothing h ird nothing
Mr Wlnchll then itcJ that ho might
possibly have been th m n scin by WII
lie Lansdalc of 1219 I Street northwest
Continued en Srcond Iage
Crisis Between Cliile and
Argentine Republic
United StatoB Ministors Ropcrt
Rotations Strained to tho Ut
most Tho Slightest Incident
May Procipitato Hostilities
Official dispatches received here yester
day Indicate that the differences between
Chile and the Argentine Republic have
reached a crisis Efforts to avert war
have not teen abandoned however and
tho information conveyed to the State
Department shows that a continuance of
peace Is not Impossible But the state
of feeling Is such bctwen these two most
progressive South American Republics
that the slightest incident may bring
about hostilities
3IlnlNlern Inform Depnrtment
William P Lord United States Min
ister to Argentina and Henry L Wilson
United States Minister to Chile both
communicated by telegraph with tho
State Department yesterday The texts of
their communications are not obtainable
but the two diplomatic representatives
agreed substantially In the opinion that
the relations of Argentina and Chi e were
strained to the utmost
Both however were of the opinion that
war might be averted
Tho Icg ins of the two South Amer
ican Itcp received information al30
of the of affairs and
the of the Argentine Mis
sion - i State Department to
talk lation with Secretary
Hay - reference it Is sup-
poi less of the United
St i ng an adjustment
cf It i tc
lhlc Medlntor
- will not offer Its
i inlcss requested by both
ii - ghbors It has however
ntlmation to- each that
jtovMt stands ready to pxert
ces to bring about a better
g between them So far thcro
no disposition on the part of
rgcntlna or phile to scele uuislde
bringing them Into more amicable
jns and that would tend to give the
cssion that the United States
jt bears to them tho relation of the
jenttojils children i
TheTdiiposlllon torcoudlate any
tionthat the Washington Administration
exercises a paternal or corrective Influ
ence over the Latin American Republics
has been growing In Chile ever since the
Baltimore affair In SJ which nearly In
volved this cation and the Chilean Gov
ernment la war
There are indications too that Argen
tina while more friendly to Its northern
neighbor than Chile is docs not desire
American mediation until the absolute
Impartiality of the United States in the
questions at Issue has Leen demonstrated
Onr Sliled Iutert entlnii
In their general disposition to resent
anything that Would Indicate the ex
istence of tho right of the United States
to a voice in tho affairs of Latin America
some of tho South American Republics
have shown an Independence which show
no signs of Inconsistency except when ths
danger exists of reprisals by European
nations for the failures of these Repub
lics to liquidate long overdue obligations
Then tho United Statc3 Government Is re
minded that there Is such a thing as the
Monroe Doctrine
Cause of the Tmiilile
The troubles between Chile and Argen
tina Involve a disputed boundary and the
accusation that an International agree
ment not to fortify the Straits of Magel
lan has been violated
Trcntnnotf Xnt In Jlnrry tlrs Lucille
IllnrKliiirn liuie
MILWAUKEE Dec 12 Slgnor Trenta
novc the sculptor whose marriage to
Mrs Luclllo Blackburn Lane has been an
nounced as set for January 7 In London
says that the report of h coming mar
riage Is not true This information Is
contained in a letter which has been re
ceived here by his friend Dr Horace M
Brown of this city
Trentanovc is vcll known in this city
and tho report recently from Washington
that he was to be married to Mrs Lane
caused a good deal of surprise here Pa
pers containing the announcement wero
sent to the sculptor In England and
brought a prompt answer from him that
there was no truth In tho stories that
have been circulated This statement
from tho sculptor himself shows an Inter
esting state of affairs
Mrs Lane from time to time Ins an
nounced In Washington that they were to
Le married She is the widow of Thomas
V Lane whose sensational suicide In
Washington caused much comment Re
cently she gave It out that the marriage
would take place In Washington Several
days ago she sait that the place had been
changed to Lady Catlton Carcws rime In
London because the Bculptor could not
come to Washington
Yesterday It was rumored that the en
gagement was broken off but todays de
spatches lrom Washington brought a
prompt denial from Mrs Lane
SpnIilliiK inccteil to Win In Ills
1IbIiJ Atsnliint lrpcilmnn
NEW YORK Dec 12 Tho situation In
the affairs of the National League of Pro
fesslonalBaseball Clubs was reduced to
day to a fight between A O Spalding on
the one side advocating clean sport nnd
healthy competition and Ircdman on the
other offering the trust schemo of the
eininniii mimate presented to the del
egates In a new form By the handwriting
on the wall it was deduced that Freed
mnn will bo vanquished and that Spald
ing will hold tho whip hand In the near
ilrooklyn Chicago rittsburg and Phil
adelphia are a unit against the trust
schemo which though it received a death
itAinaliii wns revived DV the
Bchemers tonight wlth a thick coating of
Ilremrn Snlute lie Irrslllellt
One of tlte rat rrrommemlatory futures of
the parade u thf doMnc of thir capa by tn
Dutrlt firemen aj thry paa td th VwsMmiIs
rcYlcwInff tand and alw utkr F l Patrick
Cinnona ICOI Pennsylvania Avenue who U tls
proprietor of the celebrated nliiAey Vninn u
Tann in Ilall 1 full quart Dehmcd anj
- - - r ifJ irmf WiHI3t lr JJr ly TSJjsFWsf t
President Jlnonrtclt lo Preserve
Aou Coiiimlttnl A tilt ml e-
The caucus of tho Republicans on the
question of reducing Southern representa
tion will not bo called until after the hol
idays Representative Crumpacker has
enough signatures to the call to force a
caicus If he desires but he wishes to give
the members opportunity to consider the
Whatever the attitude of President
Roosevelt may be on this project assur
ances have been received that he will not
exert his Influence to promote or defeat
the measure It Is well known that Pres
ident McKlnley frowned upon the move
ment last session and prevented consid
eration of the subject by means of his per
sonal influence The attitude which Pres
ident Roosevelt wilt assume according ta
reliable Information Is one of non-committal
believing that the House should
determine this matter for Itself
Those In favor of action believe that
something will bo done at the present ses
Cmml In llnston Court to Henr flie
Uv Sitenker
BOSTON Dee 12 Thomas B Reed
made his first pica In a Boston court to
day before Judge Barker In the Supreme
Court It became noised about that Mr
Reed was to plead and the room was soon
packed with lawyers courthouse officials
and outsiders
Tho case was a suit brought by the
Provident Savings Life Assurance Society
of New York against Insurance Commis
sioner cutting of this State It raises an
Interesting question relating to the dis
cretionary power of the commissioner In
tho matter of computing reserve liability
and fixing the valuation of a foreign com
panys assets
Colnmlilnn Soldiers Atlnck n Mem
ber of the Crew of the Crnlser
Tribune Dispute Otcr Pun
lnhment of Offenders
NEW ORLEANS Dee 12 rassengors
from Boeas del Toro Colombia report
great excitement there over the demon
stration oC tho British cruiser Tribune
over a matter which EaJ not been re
lieved when they left
The Tribune which was at Colon at the
tlmq of Its recapture General Alban
went to Bocas del Tom being the first
to bring the news of the Government vic
tory The Tribune carae to Bocas del
Toro with Consul General Hudson cf
Colon to Investigate a number of oat
rages reported on British subjct3 by the
local authorities
British Stevrnril Attneked
The news of the recapture of Colon was
celebrated In Bocas and most of the sol
diers got drunk The steward of the Trib
une while visiting the cuartel or mili
tary barracks on business was assailed
by the Colombian soldiers nnd beaten
Captain Galloway of the cruiser already
Indignant over the report of outraqes on
British subjects at once made a military
demonstration against the town
Seven boats equipped with rapid firing
guns and a full force of marines formed
in battle order In front of the town nnd
Captain Galloway accompanied by the
two flrltlrii Consuls of Colon and Bocas
respectfully called on the alcaide or
mayor and demanded that the men en
gaged in the outrage on the steward b
The alcalde offered to flog them but to
this Captain Galloway objected n3 unmill
tary and suggested that they be subject
ed to some military punishment like im
prisonment ThU was agreed to hut the
next day British Consul Jackson found
one cf the Colombian soldiers engaged In
the outrage at large
Punishment IicmnnilctL
When protest was made to Alcalde
Taclo of this breach of faith the Utter re
plied that under Colombian law the of
fending soldiers cculd not be Imprisoned
The Consul General then Informed the al
calde that unless this was done he would
send for the Tribune which had left Bo
cas In the meantime The question re
mained In this status when the steamer
left Bocas for New Orleans
Designs Adopted ly the Committee
ill Clinre of the Work
FREDERICK Md Dec 12 At a meet
ing of tho committee of the Reformed
Church having in charge the erection of
the new edifice for Grace Church where
Presldeut Roosevelt worships It was de
cided to adopt the plans submitted by
Paul J Pclz of Washlnstou und A A
Rltchcr of Lebanon Pa
nl toalon nf th neu edifice will bo
Tudor Gothic the main structure to front
62 feet on Flllccntii street wun a uepm
of JS feet bringing It back nearly to tho
present building
When this portion Is completed the
building now in use will be removed and
a structure for Sunday school purposes
will be erected
The new building Independent of tho
organ and the furniture it is estimated
will cost 350O
Dr WnxliliiEtou S njs Ifnrv Trenleil
Mls Tot lor With lllsiespeet
at the Emergency
At a late hour last nigtt
gency Hospital it was announced that
there was no material change In the con
dition of John Q Stiff one of the vctm3
of the Marx shooting Stiff constantly
grows weaker
A despatch receive 1 from Warsaw Vc
says that Dr Washington the family
i tn nt fiea Tnsn Tivlor of Oak
Grote denies emphatically that he had
said that Miss Itcsc layior ramie- mum
of the allegation that Herbert Marc was
tingenllemanly toward her on Thanksgiv
ing evening Dr Washington mado the
statement In wrllng and the language Is
rrent Inlustlce
in stating that I did not think Mr Marx
treated tho young lauy vuu uov
said that I did not believe n cr me mean-
---it lnil heen committed
But from the statement the young lady
mado to me I tiunic tir juifa ii
V nno nrnn fil nplPcl
tho youns lads own teptlinoay can think
rVrtSTS ran4IirO
9 1 ft in ltnllluiore mil llrfnrn Mn
II V O It- ttitiirdny imil hniutny
IUre nbtr 11 and 15 Ti ket coo1 returning intil
Mlowlns Monday Good on all t una eitept Loy
al Limited
Price One Cent
Al Adams Caugtif New
York PoiiCf vnkr
Hoadquartora of I- - Visited
By an Armed All tho
Clerks Prisoner ryo
Ai on Cipturod
brawnstone house
first Street which i
Al Adams who I
policy shops In tl
surrounded this
btned forces of Ci
anti policy soclet
clety for the Pre
Armed with ere
- Tb - e story
J v i Tblrty
ie h - rtera of
stem of
i npletely
luc le com-
Ni oddard3
Fr iun osi So
ot r e
- mx sols and
Jimmies the invad - t a way
Into the house Every avenue 3f escapo
that AI Adams young men thought open
to them was to their great surprise
closed Even Adolph Jantzen tho busi
ness manager of the Adams system of
policy shops was headed off
Mur Slop the Giime
Captain Guddard and Frank Moss claim
that the ralil3 struck a blow at tho policy
game In thU city which will not only send
1 Adams tho man who has made
t000CW out cf his policy shops and all
his partners and managers to Sing Slag
but will also put a stop to tho game here
It was the first and most Imrortant of
a series of raids that Captain Goddard
and Mr Moss had planned for tho after
noon and tho others were equally suc
cessful although not so important as
this one It was in one of theso other
raids that Al Adams himself was caught
and with him wa3 taken a lot of letters
and papers which Mr Moss says will not
only prove beyond any doubt his su
preme control of the policy game la thl3
city but may result In showing why ho
has been long undisturbed In his conduct
of cheap gambling houses
Descent of the Haiders
Pandemonium reigned In the Thirty
first Street house The big meu In tho
place wero surprised but they did not
stand still Jantzen known In tho sport
ing world a3 Dolph who Is business
manager for Adams tried to get out by
way of the roof and when ho found tho
roof he was frantic
The raiders wanted Al Adams- They
had reason to believe that he was in tho
house but he wasnt la the bunch of
prisoners trying to pose as one of tha
clerical force was Mike Bergen the chief
of Adams clerks who is Deputy PdIIp
Commissioner Deverys brother-in-law-Mr
Moss almost danced with delight at
this and Captain Goddards taca beamed
Other Important Arrests
The prisoners were sent down to tha
Criminal Courts building where Justice
Hinsdale who had issued warrants for alt
the John Does in town was waiting for
The first batch of prisoners had scarcely
left the house when Agent Dillon said
that he thought he saw Thomas Coughlln
whom he had expected to find In the home
on the street Dillon grabbed him and
hustled him Into the house Ho was aa
Important arrest because with a man
named Bernard Levy he has been en
trusted with the collection every day of
all the printed slips from tho downtown
and uptown policy shops
After bagging Coughlln Dillon suggest
ed that he get Levy Levy was at hU
post at the Ninth Avenue Elevated sta
tion when Dillon got there and told blm
he was under arrest Levy struck Dillon
and there was a lively battle
Cupture of Atlnms
When the raiders failed to find the pol
icy king in the house they decided to go
to his ofTice at 10 West Thirty fourth
Street close to the Waldorf Astoria
Adams was out but while his visitors
were looking around for him he came In
as though In a great hurry and It Is be
lieved that he was after those very things
that Mr Moss got later and to which he
attaches so much Importance viz Adams
letter book and sundry reports and sheets
showing something of the present profits
of policy The minute Adams entered his
office he was placed under arrest
Profit of the
The financial accounts indicated that
the shops under control of Adams wero
doing about JT30O a day One sheet
which bad been balanced and put In tho
farm of a report showed that more than
JS02C0O had been taken la during the past
eight months
Meanwhile several policy shops wero
raided the Inmates arrested and truck
loads of evidence seized In all seven
teen prisoners were arraigned before Jus
tice Hinsdale In special sessions Three
most Important of course were Adams
Jantzen and Bergqn
Roosetelt Ileelnrcd ltesnonsIe for
the Assnsslnntlon of Melvlilrjr
NEW YORK Dec 12 The anarchists
are beginning to crawl out from the hid
ing places to which they scurried In such
haste after tho assassination of Presi
dent McKlnley nnd already their talk Is
almost as Incendiary a3 It was before
Last Monday night a gang of them had
a meting In Civic Council Hall Emma
Goldman presided nnd Alexander Horr
who Is now under arrest for shootln
Francis McGInnls Ivcagh Joined fith
others In abusing President Roosevelt
Hurr said
Teddy Roosevelt Is the only ono who
had en object in tho killing of President
McKlnley as by It ho being Vice Presi
dent stepped Into the Presidency Ho
Is therefore responsible more than any
one else for tho taking of the lato Presi
dents life No other ono could havo had
such a motive
Teddy Roosevelt wanted to bo Gov
ernor but Tom Piatt wanted It otherwise
Teddy thought he was being placed In an
obscure position by being mado VIco
President Then he thought to hlraael
If McKlnley Is removed I will be Presi
Horr then put his hand to hi3 cheek
tho gesture supposed to be illustratlns
Mr Roosevelt communing with himself
and said
Then Roosevelt says to himself Mc
Kinley must be removed Ho stands In
my way He must be got out of tho way
Tk n Mlnitlon of McKlnley followed
and Teddy Roosevelt became President
So you see that as Teddy Roosevelt had a
motive he Is responsible more than any
one else for tho crime
riyuui Business Collcac Slh nnd K
Bulnesa ShoitnanU Tjpewritlnc ii Xr

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