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Tli8 Busy Corner Market Space
aiwais Tim nnsT or ivnnYTiiiG ron the icast monet
Four Entrances
Eighth and Market Space Market Space near Seventh
D Street bet 7th and 8th and Eighth Street
A Great Exhibit of
l5BEB p n
In our Ipliolstcry Department The w
to be ucrth 1O0OOOOO It reyulrd the
to ccmplctc tliis wonderful pipe of a
the Olrcocrj by Columbus up to the y
this plrce through the medium of pr
rrcnt and numerous On exhibition th
wLere it ran be teca ami explained b
demonstrate excry little part of Uiia n
SOCO yards of new Pongee Toulnrds
in all the new and latest stylo and
patterns and colorings for spring
15CT in such shades as navy blue
pink light blue latpnder old rssc
cerise and ether coloring In full
dress and waitl lengths which will
cost you oft the piece I9c In 1 CfJ
5000 yards of new rintH Alberto
Sateens a cry correct and pcsltiie
imitation of the finest satin liberty
this material will bo springs aiost
channipg ccttcn fabric every pattern
Lew and neat design excry color
ing as rerect as natures own these
goods are worth in the piece tec
jou can get them in drcss TC
Aaist lengths lor
Either kind put up In a fancy box
will make a most suitable gilt lor any
2000 yards of new fast colored shirt-
lng prints regular percale
sTyle and finish the Ec grade 7
for t
00 jards of cream Shaker flannel
heavy nap en both sides in
good scrxlccablc lengths Cc 07f
Quality for JS
One bale of extra quality heavy
Unbleached Muslin fine and weighty
which sells in the piece at 4X
7c for
00 yards of 3C Inch colore wool
Cashmeres In navy red brown and
black these patterns run up to 10
jard lengths worth 3c In ICC
remnants J
2000 jards of the best Indigo Blue
Prints In an unlimited assortment of
stripes dote fTires and fancy
worth in the piece 7c in JJC
1500 j ards of new Tloral Cre
tonnes in a new line of patterns on
light medium and dark grounds
worth in the piece 10c In CjC
remnants U2
5C00 yards of new Gibraltar Ter
cales 20 Inches In width same cloth
and finished as the Sea Island Goods
the line of colorings represents mny
blue French blue cadet blue red
garnet blak and grey with a nuit
ablc assortment of stripes ilgures
dots etc in wrapper dress waist
and boys shirtwaist lengths regu
lar price in the piece 10c in ClC
remnants 2
2500 yards of Wrapper Tlai3cletles
In an unlimited assortment of avy
red brown green and new fancy
mourning designs worth In fzZ
the piece 1114c in remnants B
grey and tan -reduced 1fl 0
from 15 CO to 1UJ
Second floor Suit Department
crk of A M rcltlnsKy vho claims it
irakcr six jcars almost constant work
uman art It represents America from
ear ISM It is Impossible to describe
Inters ink because the details arc too
ird Boor In our Upholstery Department
y Mr Krohn who will be pleased to
ost wonderful masterpiece
Our Las Remnant Day Before the Holidays
We shall ccdcaor to make It the largest and most successful one of
the season The past weeks Immense trade has placed our stocks in various
departments In such a condition as to offer seme crcat alucs in mill ends
as veil as broken lets and odds and ends from our Juany different depart
ments It is our chance to sale many dimes and dollars too If the pur
chases arc large enough
Anotiier Advantageous Purchase for Holiday Shoppers
5000 jards of the finest Trench flannels la plain colors not cicry shade
but r uSlclcnt to warrant us to say as many good things as this purchnse is
worth of the qualit is as line as any grade sold elsewhere at oSc per
thc colors are prey mode hello naiy black rnk red gobelin
laicndcr and cerise 2j jards will make a waist Just think how
cheap and useful a gift jou can selct from this line choice rer jard
riist Ccor Section C Tlanncl Department
A Sensational Offer of Kid Gloves
SrS pairs of arious kinds in the lot they comprise real Trench glace
Glocs real Trench Sucdc Kids English dogskin Walking nioics English
Mocha and Cboarcttcs of such wcll knonn niakis as Jomlns TrefouEse
Fisk Clark Flit Adlers La Clarion Ermine Dufoure flrnclosa the sizes
are from 5j to 7 not all the sizes of each kind but a liberal assortment
in all colors they are regular Jl J1S0 11 75 and S CO
Clocs which wc shall place on file at 1 oclock Friday morn
ing at per pair
Gloo Department First floor Section G
Now For The Biggest Mill End Sale of Fine Goods Yet
Made This Season
Two icry new specials rerrcsen ting 100C0 jards In time for holiday
Three cases of Xcw York Mills
Illtachod Muslin full jard wide one
of the best cotton cloths made In
lengths from t to 10 yards vrnrth
In the piece ltc in 7JX
naatE 12
1600 jards of extra quality Tn
blcsched Canton Flannel extra hcay
nap and milled worth In the 7 I C
piece 10c for Z
10000 jards of Sea Island and Wind
sor jard wide lercalc in dots stripes
and fancy elect printed on navy nnd
Trench blue red garnet black grey
and cadet also neat figures and
pretty designs on light Rounds
worth in the piece 154c In Q3C
remnants 04
1500 jards of new Avolon nnd Cameo
Cretonne Draperies this cloth has
the new iclcur finish xery suitable
for curtain hangings couch coicrs
and cezy earners light medium nnd
dark assortiucrts north la Q3Z
the piece 15c -in remnants
300 yard of White Wool Flannel
50 per cent Wool iery suitable for
Mtlrtif and inter linings worth 17 IC
20c per jard la remnants 2
10 yards of Grey Wool Flannel
heavy twill worth in the
piece 2Sc per jard in 1 QC
sants 10
250 jards of Dnc all wool lied
Twilled Tlamicl which necr sells for
urns inau Joe in the piece in orr
remnants Lj
250 yards of extra fine quality Navy
I Ilc Twilled Flannel xprj soft and
smooth finish worth in the onr
piece 6c per jard for 0 J
2000 jards of new wool finished
plaids and doublo
width brocaded nov
elty Dress Goods In lengths
for waists and childrens 19jf
dresses IL2
1200 jnrds of 3C inch Brocatclle
noMltj Dress Good In blue red
garnet preen prey and black 1 iir
worth in the piece 29c for I J
760 jards of 3C Inch wool Ilalds In
a new line of patterns and colorinrs
fuil dress and wait patterni icr
worth 3Sc in the piece for lj
5000 jards of new Dreii Cali
coes In a full line of brown grcj
black and fancy mourning clfecth In
dress and wrapper patterns as well
as lengths for waists and 17C
drens dresses c grade for to
1600 jards of 30 incli granllc
cloth icbble cheviot and all wool
Shirtwaist Flannels In pink red
garnet brown green and black
worth as high as 4c In the 7 Of
Iriece for fcJ
Those who are looking for useful gifts and wish to save icry near half on
their purchases can find many suilabl e thlngh In this Ilctnnant Department
which Is the largest of Its kind Third floor front
plendid Values in Womens
A clearance of this seasons
we oiler the balance of our String
Ties in plain and fancy effects
and colorings which sold for
25c for
Ic Ties
The balance of our Automobile
Which sold lor V- in all n
colors us weji as wnuc asu
black at
Turnover Embroidered Collars In
white nnd ctru which sold up CC
to lVse each for J
An edd lot of Lace Collars Jabots
and Stock Collars Automobile Ties
and other pretty effects aluc JQC
up to tSc for J
From Our Suit Department
Two fine Alaska Fealskin Collar
ettes made with Icrsian Iamb jokes
which were reduced C1C nn
from t0 00 to
One Short Persian 1 atnb Cape satin
lined which we CI Q Cn
duccd from J25 00 to MOJU
Three handsome Louis XIV Jackets
extremely swell and nobby one pcarj
fjrey one brown and
one tan reduced from fir nn
J28J0 to JIJUU
Tour light tan hong Coats
ly tailored reduced
from J25 00 to
Ten fine black nnd colored kersey
cloth Jackets satin lined through
outreduced from J10 00 7 Cfl
and 1150 to JJU
Eight all wool Golf Capes In as
lortcd plaids and color
ingsreduced from 750 CJ OQ
to Tjej
Six loose back Itaglans In shades 0
How Comes a Line of Remnants in
Just what jou want for fancy work
5000 jards of all silk satin and
gros praln Itibl cn Ends also fincy
strljes and taffetas from 1 to 2 indies
wide suitable for art work cte rr
worth up to 15c per yard for J
Short lengths of satin and gros grain
Ilibbons In all bright rolois U
Inches wide which sold for 10c Or
and 12c per J aid for O
Plain colors In Taffeta Itlbbnn 3
inches wide light blue pink cardinal
and white the 15c iuallty for 1 flr
ptr yard IU
Short lengths of fancy and plain
colors in Taffeta and Satin Taffeta
Ribbon 4 to 6 Inches wide which sold
up to 45c per j ard In these TTC
remnants J
ISaby lMbbon in spools all good
colors Including white and black
guaranteed full 50 yards CC
clal per spool 13
Klbbon Department Tirst Door- Sec
tion n
The Last Offering of Silk Remnants
Before the Holidays
IVc glie you and If you want pretty
pieces which arc suitable mostly for
waists jou can get a bargain which
will make an appropriate holiday gift
500 jards of pretty striped wajh
Taffetas theie silks arc rtrlctly all
pure silk thread and arc guaranteed
to wash arc mostly 3Vi and 4
yard lengths the colorings are all
geod and the patterns are new they
are worth 75c per j ard In this
salo wo close jour choice of JJC
any at
Many other cxrellcnt lengths n all
kinds of black and colored silks at
specially reduced remnant prices To
be found on salo Main Floor Centre
Bargain Tobies
National Mrs Leslie Carter In
Barry evening
Columbia The Chaperons evening
Lafajctte The Dancing Girl even
Chases Henrietta Crcsman In Mis
tress Nell eenlng
Academj The Heart of Marjland
Kemanc Irwin nurlcsqucrs afternoon
and cloning
Bijou Burlesque and vaudeville after
noon and vtcning
Cllili Oirirem iii rtvil
The Vaughn Class Club of Calvary
Baptist Church Sunday School has clewed
officers ior the coming jear Tiny are
as follows President Mr George II
Judd Vice Presidents Messrs G G Sel
bold and H I Davis- Secretary Dr E C
Rice Assistant Secrets Mr J A Seats
Treasurer Mr H F Farmer Financial
Secretary Dr G W Williams Guide Mr
O P Jones Guard Mr William Hum
phrev Chaplain Mr Sampson Librarian
Mr W S Wilkes Crayonist Mr Dash
loll Organist Mr Ourand Historian Mr
W I Plumlei Ushers Messrs F D
Loomis L F Gardner nnd W W White
MnrrliiKe ItrrnneN fanned
Paul Simpson Anacostla D C
Envious no tloubt of the great success of
tliitf tale other clothinjr dealers in our neigh
borhood hae imitated our signs The object
is evident llcaro bear in 111 hid that the gen
uine Suit and Chcrcoal Sacrifice at c on the
dollar is in progress at
625 Pennsvlvania Ave
See that Julius U Kaufmans Namo Is on Eery Garment
Cora L Sncll New York city
John T Porter and Magdalene Shep
William J Mockaboy and Sarah Boyd
Dudley I Ely and M1y E Lalfoon both
of Richmond Va
Edward McCaulny and Christiana Tur
ner both of Baltimore Md
James Gcttys and Carrie Hawkins
Ferdinand R Renlshardt and Bettle
Dill Not llliicuaii liner Mliintlnn
Samuel Iearson formerly commissary
general of Oic Iloer army was nmonp the
callers at the White House yesterday but
made no appeal In behalf of the burrhcrs
General Iearson bore a letter of Introduc
tion from It n Koosctelt the Presidents
uncle who Ilics in New York The South
African question was not brought up dur
ing General lcarsona ilslt
Ihc Dcntli lliwirl
The following deaths for twenty- our
hours were reporcd at the Health De
partment up to noon yesterday Lule
Manklns SO years Warren Waller 65
years Basil Chase C3 years Thomas
llaktr 5 jears Isaac IlanUs D5 ears
Ilobcrl Crutchficld 52 years Caroline JI
Dates 50 jears Fanny Iajnc Al jcirs
Ltillc Ileverly S jears Isora Hughes 2S
jears Albert Hudson 21 cars Hajes S
Dorsey 23 jears Maud Smith 10 months
Violet Mcars 4 months Infant of Imma
n Greaves 1 day
MaUlileu In purity anJ
of rkli delightful fiaor
to ioinU that make
A Iw tcfftge tliat cvrryone
cnjoyit a fuiply in
Ihc houw for the hdiy
srsivn 12 uarU tleljttrc4
in ublcltertil wgonitor IJl
th and r Streets NU
lhone Hast Zit
All Day Yesterday
The wholesale slaughter of Julius L Kaufmans fdork of
mens winter suits anil overcoats began at 1 oclock yesterday
morning with every available foot of lloor space packed and jamm
ed with eager buyers Evcrv oiTerinir was a irrnnd SURPRISE
Ladies Raglans
In the stylish blue and black
shades extra heavy weight tfl 7C
Ladies Xoats
Made of Air wool Kersey 22 Inches
long stylish and perfect fit- tO 7K
tlng for J0 J
Childrens Suits
In the best materials sizes
up to 16 yeara
Pu y iSttI
The sacrifice of this stock vtill be resumed at 8 oclock this morn
ing and will continue as long as a garment remains Its the chance Qn the Dollar
of a lifetime to buy a suit or overcoat for a song
Kaufmans S30 Blue and Black
Kersey Silk Lined Overcoats
Kaufmans S18 fine tailor made
Yoke and Raglan Overcoats
Kaufmans 30 black clay and toy 1ft
fancy worsted suits wlLA
Kaufmans 20 black Thibet
and fancy worsted Suits
Kaufmans 6 7 and 8
Trousers choice for
Kaufmans 22 blue and black
silk lined Kersey Overcoats
Successor to
juiiiib l rammum
625 Pa Ave Formerly Noah Walker Co
Zht iUadlrington Timctf
Publication Office
The YVcntlirr ImllcntitiiiN
Increasing cloudiness today rnln
night and probably tomorrow
to southeast winds
Highest temperature 4 p m
Lowest temperature S a m
fresh east
Sun rose 709 AM I Sun sets 439 PM
Mocn rises Moon sets 713 IM
Low tide
High Ude
3M AM aud 400 IM
34S AM and 10 04 IM
Lamps lit today If 10 PM
Lamps out tomorrow G 19 AM
No One Wsl
Be the Wise
If you purchase your clothing here and have it
charged Our stock of
Mens Womens and Childrens Clothing
is worthy of your selection Theres not a finer stock
shown in the city
Mens Raglans
In all the latest styles and mate
rials Regular J180O values tli Gf
Mens Yoke Raglans
Made of ctlra good materials K 7h
yoke finish JI J
Boys Raglan Overcoats
In plain and fancy effects
S to 15 years for
Toung Men 9 Blue and
Black Kersey Overcoats at
Childrens Suits and Overcoats
Double sett and Intel all wool SI r Q
Suits worth fl vUO
Oilldrens OtercoaU U
Childrens Vestle SulU twenty 1 A 0
ttrlcf to choose from IUi
adlJrena Kecfera 1IA
Boi Ileeltri ZOi
SQ 71 or aanas5 covered 3
JIJ piece Tarlor Suite worth
f 1 O Cn For very handsome Silk
worth 52JCO
E Pettit
485 417 Seventh St
Mens S Storm Cpt ZLf I
Mena JS50 Relfait Frlcie VD 4 3 i 5
UUters going at J oJ J
Mens 9 Mediumweiglit Cj H O 1
coats light colors at J e V J
Me n J10 Overcoats elegant- m r A I
ly made warm linings J 9 KJ
Mens 11 Orcrcoats Oiford vjrh fi
grey today 9JJ
Mens J12 Orcrcoats newcst Cp f
of the new stjlcs at Js
Young Men Nobby Over- f r f
rojtn strap acamfl silk velvet K W m W
coIlr black and blue 1S vf f A
quality wi
Mens J12 Overcoats equal to fj f i f
the best gar- Q I - AA I
I Special Bargains for Today and
I Saturday
At Johnstons
f Largo clusters Table Raisins 12Jc lb
t Tlie best New Corsican Citron 12c lb
The Sweet Florida Oranges for ISc doz
Special Bargains in Fruit Cake
I Material
I Packages of large Seeded Kaisins for 10c
Packages of New Cleaned Currants for 10c
I Packages of Sultana Seedless Raisins for 12c
I The large Hue Cooking Raisins for 10c lb
I The imported Amber color Sultana Raisins 12c lb
The finest Conserved Union Peel for 13c lb
5 New Currants 9c ib
This extraordinarily low price for the best new Currants should bring
purchasers from every section of the city and from the States adjoining tha
r District of Columbia
The Best Granulated Sugar for 5c Ib
The good Cooking Uutter for 20c lb
The New York Cut Shoulders 3Jc lb-
Best Oleomargarine 4ic Ib
We would direct your special attention to this excellent article which
greatly surpasses cheap butter for cooking purposes It will always bo found
to dc rcsn ana sweet ana leaves no disagreeable taste in the finest cake etc
Fairbanks Cottolene iOic Ib
Another article largely used by first class hotels and boarding houses Is
the Fairbanks Cottolene mode In Chicago Sweet economical and a magnifi
cent health food article for dyspeptics
Genuine Cape Cod Cranberries
for 80c quart
Christmas Nuts
Christmas Nuts
Po not forget our large Grenoble Walnuts 124c lb
Do not forget our Soft shell Almonds lfc lb
Do not forget the Christmas Mixed Candy 10c lb
The splendid stock of Christmas fruits and nuts Is pouring luto the bis
store Everyone knows of the magnificent quality of our Chrlstman Nuti
from their sample sale purchases and need have no fear of being illsaD
Very Sweet Oregon Prunes jh lb
Fairbanks 2oc Gold Dust lgc pkg
The lc Cans Brilliant Svrup J0c
The 10c pkgs Shred Codfish 44c
The Rest Large Lump Starch lc
The 10c Large Cooking Figs 74c lb
The 10c Large Date Fruit nc
Large Klorks Fruit Pound Cake 10c
H lbs Cracker Dust for 2ic
The Good Elgin Uutter for 25c
sTOfSS 729 7th St
JACOB BOOL Proprietor
Gifts for Men
Here you will find thing that
are coveted by all men and bora
Cunj Golf Sticks Satc PocWt
Knifes ItaioB Fool Halfci Target
Itiflw Mr Pistol etc
xyjubilee Kaiorj 2J9 Re
turnable if not jatbfictory Kept
In flrst claxs condition gratia
Walfords 2T
Fcnna ave
Hew York Buffet
4Q5 10th St N W
Hcurhs Maeiren and Senate Hecr
Elans Hudson Ale and Forter Bass
Cos AIo on draught All the pop
ular brands of Whiskies nnd IJquurs
guaranteed as represented No Keflll
Ing of Lotties
Hail Racks
Jtado of Golden Oak
Trith bcveled edge mir
ror Tvorth every bit
1350 for-
Waller k Burks
I0I3 I0I5 7th St X W
CoaL 5
SQIlC VII8VO MenV splendid etervday Suits T - J Si
jDJI U 9Jullti o tupM J8 U
Rfi 5 6 i Every stjle and materUL JN I p r
BilSHQ 8I5Q Fvcry one eellently made- O A J S
IbIOII U yllBlO tlcsantly trimncd TTreJV
Worth SIO
i8ifS SliitS 22JrSsr639
Worth St 150
B fi t Lined throughout with nnen rfi r O
II S dlillS zzzz 0
Worth 5IO and SI 8
5Z 1 Tine worsted taltor made J f f f
I O I UillO -worth 1 SO and 3 TJV
Worth 55
pa i Tail prlee wouldnt pay for ffC
9 Tl Jn0 material say nothing of th U8 3v
mil o i uiiio sv
Men9s Pants im 165
Childrens SjWi 1 00
O - sturendoiw values In Children t Tlii 7
OU IIS Suits a these at
Vorth 53
Wonders of Price and Quality m SVSens Wear
Well sell you a line ol Silk Muiflerj every
concehahle stjle and color whose ac- H CC
tual worth Is 1M for I 3
Kilk ruifit and Teclt lsht and brilliant
colors shariea CC
worth 7Jc handscmely holed for suts t0
S000 Itihbcd Teck Scsrti handsome designs
Lolced in a proper manner worth Q CC
HW -
ctt irivttf alt tniia flit Alzra but
one qualit the lest OCCandtJfic
only worth twice as much J u
A special lot of 100 dozen Japonrtte Sili
Handkerchiefs theyre the usual 13c InC
All sorts of fancy smrpemirrv plain and
tmbroidersd boied appropriately
2SC 39c and 50c
New River Red Ash
Egg Coat
Try It
702 Ecventh Street N W
6thand KSts
13th and OSts
Complete IIomefuniIihert
SOl OTJ StTenth St
Corner I Eye St
Clashing right into the heart of cost Disregarding every consideration of value We want your trade and these values and
prices are sure to command it This is a sale you cant afford to miss You have the opportunity at the lowest prices ever named
Mens 3 nicycle Storm
Coit icry nana goin at
Yourw JIen 3 V Inter Or
rrcoatf going at
A llmitetl lot ct 175 Gloria Silk fiQC
Cmbrcllaa U
TTeU elear out all usual tl Flcecc llncd Im
ported Inderwcar sizeit brgtn at 31 and ran
to ii Give jou the reduction in time C AC
tor Xmu J
A most acceptable line of
Gloves V and II CO grade
Corner Minth
and E Streets
II -
u i
1 tT ki Til i

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