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Senate Leaders Decide to
Enforce Economy
Dalugo of Bills Ouo Tonth of
Which Would Dispose of
l ury Surplus Problem Irrigation
Projoct May Eucountsr Chock
No attempt has been made by the Rc
publlcan Senators as yet to map out a
programme of legislation for the present
session but as socn as the rearrange
ment of the committees Is completed and
tho list adopted by the Senate a steer
ing committee will be appointed and a
line of action agreed upon The prelim
inary work may be accomplished during
the holiday recess
One point has already been determined
by an cnderstandlng among the leading
men on he cpmmlttecs that Speaker
Hendersons appeal for economy Is to be
taken serioisly and persistently urged
upon the majcitr In both houses
The deluge of bills asking for an ap
propriation of money out of the Federal
Treasury Is greater this year than ever
before and If occ tenth of them should
pass the Treasury surplus which har
caused the Govcrnirnt some uneasiness
at times would be vipod out Secretary
Gage recommends fie abolition of the
special -war taxes in order to get rid of
the surplus but n touch ihoricr method
of accomplishing this trou2 be to jiaet
Into law a lew of the gigintlc schemes
which- are being urged upon the Senate
and House
Ciiniil lllvrn nntl Slilp Subsidy
It Is probable that some kind of a river
and harbor bill will become s Jaw this
session It is likely also that the ship
rubsidy bill will pass in some shape and
that work will be started on the Nic
aragua Canal These three projects alone
if floated will cost millions
Warning to Vclfm M nntor
These facts arc now being urged upon
tho WcBtern Senators and Reprcsenta
tlves who Jiave combined for the purpose
of inducing Congress at this session to
make the Erst appropriation in the elab
orate scheme of Irrigation of tho arid
lands of the West which it Is estimated by
the experts will bo a money saicr of the
kind to raal e all other projects of gov
ernmental paternalism look very small In
Some of the Influential men in both
houses arc inclined to criticise President i
2500 value
Bargain Fri
51 798
Roosevelt Tor baring as they think good
naiurcdly and thoughtlessly endorsed the
irrigation proposition and are hopeful of
convincing him that In his message he
spoke on this subject without due con
Tho irrigation fight Is bound to he a
stubborn and persistent one but If the
Senate leaders have their way the vst
scheme will not be put into operation Just
Another tlfTorl to He Jlnile to Arm mi
the Attnolimrnt lis
An effort will again bo made this Con
gress to amend the act of Congress ap
proved Juno 19 1S7S to regulate exemp
tions In the District A bill Tor this pur
pose has been introduced by Representa
tive Dayton
The proposed smendmrnt provides that
earnings not to exceed fSO of actual resi
dents of the District of Columbia and
ho arc married persons or who have to
provide for the support of a family in the
District shall be exempt from attach
ment levy seizure or sale and tho same
shall not bo seized levied on or taken by
attachment execution or any other proc
ess or proceedings of any court Judge i
justice of the peace or other otllcer of
the District Existing debts and judg
ments are exempted from the provisions
of the proposed law
inniiIoiifcltip rliMltiIeiI for
Tonlrjlit nml Tomorrow
The Morton Cadets and Corcoran teams
will meet tonight for the first time in a
championship game in the District Bas
ketball League scries Tho game will bo
played in the gymnasium of tho Centre
Market rmory and will begin nt 830
oclock Dancing will follow the game As
neither team has lost a game in this
series an interesting contest is expected
The Y C A will have as Its gupsts
tomorrow night in the Association gym
nasium 1732 G Street the Carroll Insti
tute team for a game in the District Bas
ketball League tteries The teams arc
well matched and a good game Is prom
ised The game will begin at S45 oclock
The line up will be as follows
V JI C A Carrolls
Datcmon left forward Hollander
Ladles Grey Oxfard
Raglans tight and loose
fitting backs Regular
1500 value -
A beautiful line of La
dles Fine Net Dress
Skirts Regular 2000
value Bar- r17 08
gain Friday-
price is 1900 Bargain Friday Irice
Mens Overcoats in dark colors all exceptional qual
ities regular lengths Regular 1000 value fC fin
Bargain Friday JUU
Mens Raglans with or without yoke extra long
they come in oxford tan Krecn and the latest plaid
pffects Regular 13X0 value Bargain Friday CI fj fin
Childrens Chinchilla Reefers double breastetl velvet
collars ages 3 to S 2B0 value Bargain Friday tl JQ
Trice JJJ
Our Vnmatcbable Mens Everyday Pants ctrongly
made lu dark mixtures checks stripes anil blue and
black cheviots 225 value Bargain Friday CI fin
Irice IUU
A lovely assortment of Childrens Yoke Coats and
Raglani full length In all the latest shades
ogee 6 to 15 Regular 600 value Bargain Cl QO
dav Irire tjO
Childrens 49c Knee Rants grey and broun
mixtures Bargain Triday Irice
Cliildrcns 23c Golf Caps all wool Bargain Fri
day Trice
Bargains in Hens Fu
Mens 23c Fancy Silk
Shield Bows Bargain 1C
Friday J
Boyt CSc Madras Shirts
with two separate
collars Bargain ICC
Friday U
centre Clcary
left guard Harding
right guard Whalcn
Footbnll Game nt Hull
ut feiev
Bargains in Mens Boys and
Childrens Cicthing
100 Mens Suits single and double breasted strictly
all wool casstmeres worsteds and Scotch mixtures
thoroughly tailored and perfect fitting Regular t C JZ
nistiings Department
Mens 30c heavy fleeced
Shirts and Drawers OCC
Bargain Friday
Boya Fleocc llncd Fur
top and Dress Kid
Gloves Bargain OnC
Notion Departmont Bargains
10c for 3 cakes English Oa jncal Soap 10c for a
pair of Dress Shields tc to 3 spools of Brooks Cot
ton 3c each for White Bla k and Drab Corset Stays
2e the spool for Cc Silk 5c for Allens Talcum
Powder He the yd for our regular 12i4c Garter Klastic
Furnishings Etc
Ladles Ribbed Wool
Vests and rants Regu
lar 1 values Bar- OOC
gain Friday Trice 0
Ladles Fine Kid Gloves
in all shades Regular
73c value Bargain CJC
Friday Price J
Ladles Fancy Laco
Lisle IIcsc black Ilcrms
dorf dye Regular
75c laluc Bargain AQC
Friday Trice
Cirls Ribbed Hose fast
black Regular 23c
values Bargain 1 CC
Friday Trice U
Ladies Fancy Corset
Covers trimmed with
lace Regular 25c value
Bargain Friday 1 QC
Regular 33c Satin Dam
ask Knotted Frlugo
Towel colored bor
der Bargain OCT
fiay iTicc tJ
Regular 65c All ltncn
Table Damask 70 Inches
wide tho yard 7fj
Bargnln Friday
Accidents Put One of the
Teams OH the Track
Lively Sprints nt Night Change tho
Positions of tho Contestants in
tho Six Day Strugglo How tho
Loaders in Contest Now Stand
NEW YORK Dec 12 It was a day of
accidents arguments and numerous
sprints at the Madison Square Garden
six day race One team of the ten thai
were trailing toward the money prizes
on Wednesday was put out of the race
during tho afternoon by two succsslvc
spills that broke bones The favorite
team was indignant about n fancied in
justice and threatened to quit
At 11 oclock tonight there were only
nine of the sixteen teams that started in
the race still riding and they were nil
far behind the record There were then
five teams lied for first place one team
in second place a lap behind a team in
third place two laps behind the leaders
and two teams In fourth place four lap3
behind tho men with the highest score
AccliIciitM Ilcjrlii
The sensational feature of the day be
gan between 110 and 210 In the after
noon when there were the most disas
trous upsets In the chronicle of the race
It all bepan with a sprint by Walthour
At oclock Chevalller the Alsatian
and McLean tho Scotchman collided and
fell Chevalller was picked up with what
Ellis right forward Thompson j Wa supposed to be a seriously Injured
Fisher of course at once took
licrs place on tho tifck and he had not
been there half an hour before he and
Frederick collided and fell and Hall went
The Tanglewood Athletic Clnb football I over them The latter two were only
eleven and the Toner team will meet on
and nC1 hIs wrst The Uam
the ErWIron at the National Baseball t lfc u one th fivo tIcd
Park at 330 o clock this afternoon Great
athletic rivalry has existed between these j At lli33
two teams for the past season and It Is
carded to culminate In a warm affair
Alexander the crack full back of the for
mer eleven will occupy that position to
day and Gould will be played at left half
Cndrrli for twenty jenrs nml
curcil In n few tin Uon George James
oi JnTauton Tm soys I Lave ltn a martyr
to Catarrh or twinly years constant haulm
dropping in the throat and pain in Ike head very
tCensive bralh I tried Dr Ajmttvi Catarrhal
Powder The ant application give instant relief
After ugfn a few bottle I was cured Sold by
1 S Uillitms Ninth and F Strccti Edmonds
Williams Third Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue 1
tonight Hall and King working
with one another stole amay from tho
other riders and gained a lap by the pret
tiest piece of speeding and generalship
that has been seen during the race Im
mediately after Walthour started n sprint
that strung tho riders out like tin sol
diers on parade This was followed by
the most general and tremendous out
burst of sprinting that has been seen
since the race began
Ciinnses in PohIIImi
There was a continuous race for about
twelve miles in the course of which the
positions of the teams wcro falcfully
en Days H ow j
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counter Is laden with hundred of the mast
ajrpixpruLe things tor proem at rcmarlvably
low pnttK
- -
i i i i i i l
Special Sale of Ladies
Outing Flannel Dressing Sacques
Vit lmr about KO of tbc pretty garmtnta
of lat wrla Krrat rmrtliaw All O C C
uhtle tiity lait
Ladies Fine French
F 1 a nncl Waists all
fcLadca buttons back
and front Regular r
Yilue Bargain 0 QO
Ladles Flanncletto
Wrappers with deep
flounce and capes over
shoulders Regular 123
value Bargain 89c
Great Sale of Ladies Suits Coats Waists and Furc
Jackets silk lined and
silk faced with deep
flounce trimmed with
silk lirald Regular
Large line of Ladies
Flatn and Fancy Flannel
Waists Regular 125
values Bargain
Fino line of Brooko
Mink Collars
Regular 300 value
Bargain O IQ
Friday iJn
Regular 150 Fur Neck
Scarfs Bargain QQC
Ladies All linen Initial
Handkerchiefs hemstitch
ed border Regular 12Ac
value Bargain 7C
day Price
Ladies All linen Hand
kerchiefs hemstitched
border Regular 10c
value Bargain CC
day Trice
Ladles Puff Iloivj for
waist front made of best
quality taffeta ribbon
Regular 33c value
Bargain Friday 0 7C
Ladles Satin Rlbbbn in
all shades 1 Inch wide
Regular 6c tho yard
value Bargain C
day Price Z
Globe Corsets straight
front Regular 1
value Bargain 7Qt
day Price 3
Domestic Department
Regular 150 the dozen
All llncn 5x8 Nap
kins Bargain Fri- 1 OC
Regular 15c Plain Linen
Huck Towel red and
white border Bar- OC
gain Friday
All Kinds of Toilet Articles Jewelry Onyx Tables Lamps Pictures
and Other Articles for Useful Gifts at Bargain Friday Prices
The Under Price
- -----
Samuel Friediander 8c Co
416 Seventh St W W 416
4 --
if Desired
shifted The result of It is shown In
the 12 oclock score as fcllonb
McEachcrn and Walthour 175 J But
ler and McLeanrKaS I STaya and Wil
son 173S H New kirk and Mutiro 17561
Babeock arid Turrllle 17WS 4 Kins and
Samuclson 17302 Hall nnl McLaren
17S3 Frederick and Jaak 1733 6 Ijiw
son and Julius 17 5 The record for
ninety six hours is 1SS3 2
HrMiIt nt Jew Orlenni
NEW ORLEANS Dec 12 Hcsults of
todays races track good
First race Tor three-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile and seventy yards
Tirates Queen Otis 6 to 1 won Star
Cotton Helgerson 30 to 1 second
Major Mansir I Mitchell 5 to 1 third
Time 148
Second race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling six furlongs St Cuthbert
Cochrane even won Semicolon Dade
i to 1 second Little Jack Horner Slack
i to 1 third Time 115
Third race For two-year-olds five
furlones Lingo Illce 8 to 1 won I
Sarnelson Harshbcrgcr 10 to 1 second
The Boston Nutt 3 to 1 third Time
Fourth race ror and
upward handicap otc mile Aialay
Blake C to 1 won Henry Bert Wclr
6 to 1 second Menace Corraley 3 to 1
third Time 143
Fiftl race For four-year-olds and up
ward selling one milo and a furlong
Joe Doughty Gorraley S to 1 won
Swordsman Domlnlck 3 to 1 second
Prince Blazes Nutt even third Time
Sixth race For sell
ing one mile Dorothy Leo Nutt 3 to
2 won Masterful faormlcy 8 to 1 sec
ond Annie Thompson Coburn 4 to 1
third Time 144
UntrlcM nt rw Orlenn
NEW OBLEANS Dec 12 Entries for
tomorrows races
First race For maiden two-year-olds
six furlongs Missile Tho Way 112 Har
ry Brendan Crescent City Memo Was
tcl 103 Gra My Chee 107 May J Si ah
Hjnry A Miss Anna Stevens Wlnnora
Eliza Dillon 101
Second race For and
upward selling one and onc slxtecntli
miles Mr Itosc 1rccuraor 110 Joe
Gammage Frank Iroland Chancery Ed
win Lee Crosby Star Cotton Lady Ezell
King Elkwood 107 ftildlas Mattle Bazar
Third race Steeplechase handicap
short course Dick Furber US Bristol
147 Golden Link 139 Ilosl Dlvcrt
lscmcnt Kobt Morrison 130
Fourth race For and
upward handicap six furlongs II G
Fox Tom Kingslcy Burnle Bunton Tom
Collins 110 Lenncp 10S The Uush 103
If You Dare 100 Frank Kenny S3 Four
Leaf C 03 Haldce SO
Fifth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling one and one half miles
Barbcc 101 Dr S C Ayrcs 37 Azim
Empress of Beauty Dl Deloralne 50
Garter Ban Ihllma Iaxton Lizzie A SS
Undo Tom SS
Sixth ract For four-year-olds and up
ward sclllngj one and one sixteenth
miles Iay tho Fiddler 103 Ircstomc
Helen Faxton Donator Frank McConnell
Bequeath Jim Breeze 107 lralrle Dog
Myth Deponan 102
NW OrleuitN Selections
First race Memo Yinstcll Crescent
City Winnora
Second race Star Cottoa Ihidias Joo
Third race Dick Furber Bristol Dl
Fourth race Burnlo Bunton Tom
Kingslcy If You Dare
Fifth race Fhllma Iaxton Azim Uncle
Sixth race Myth Iay the Fiddler
Itcsnlti nt Onklniid
OAKLAND Dec 12 Results of todays
races Track fast
First race For and up
ward selling six furlongs Lou Clive
den Stuart 30 to 1 won Pat Morrissey
Mathows 5 to 2 second Midnight
Chimes Jackson 3 to 1 third Time
Second race For four-year-olds and
upward selling one mile Windward
Vitltoc D to 2 won Mont Eaglo Bull
man 3 to 1 second expedient Kelly
10 to 1 third Time 111
Third race For two-year-olds selling
six furlongs MIU3 OConnor 3 to 3
won TJendara Mathews S to 1 second
Arthur Ray Bulltnan S to 1 third
Time 116
Fourth race For three-year-olds sell
ing seven furlongs Bedeck OConnor
to 4 won koiiick spencer 4 to 1 sec
ond Grafter Mounce S to 1 third
Time 12S
Fifth race For and up
ward six furlongs Andrlssa OConnor
S to 2 won Byron Rose Hoar j to S
second Our Lizzie Adams 15 to 1
third Time 114
Sixth race For and up
ward selling one milo Whaleback
Bozeman S to 1 won Meadow Lark
Monaco 3 to 1 second Bagdad Wln
stctt 15 to 1 third Time 144
Romany finished first but was disqua
lified for foul
Onklnnil Kntrlcr
First race For three-year-olds and
upward selling Futurity course Clar
ando Nona B Almoner Katie Waleott
Gold Baron 113 Carilee Courtier Billy
Lyons 103 Rosy Cross Dawson 37
Pencil Me 104
Second race For three-year-olds and
upward selling one mile
Position Meadowlark Moat Eagle
Favorite Sidcljng Frank Duffv Com
monwealths Attorney 114 San Venado
117 Tony Lepnlng Elmer L 10S Frido
Ilue 103
Third race For Fu
turity course Shellmount Landscer
Tufts Ischtar Sister Jcanle Flourish
115 Dean Swift Discovery Montoga Tho
Giver Huachuca Porous 118
Fourth rac For three-year-olds and
upward one mile Brutal 110 CoMonc
Royal Flush 122 Rushflolds 113
Fifth race For three-year-olds and
upward handicap six furlongs Frank
Bell Janice 103 Articulate 107 Fltz
kanet 106 Princess Titanla 86 Cou
gar S5
Sixth raceFor and
upward selljjigr Futurity course Ned
Dennis Daiigirofli Maid Coming Event
Vantine Hungarian 113 King Dellls
Gibraltar US Sfcallywag Abba I The
Hoodoo 103 Brainier 37
Nona II
Onklnml Selections
rac6r CoM IJaron Clarando
Second race Sidelong
San Venado I
Third racei Landscor
Fourth race Ooldono
Fluh f t
Fifth rnce jFrauk Bell
tlculatc t Mi
Sixth racef Hut
Dangerous Maid
Tony Lopping
Ischtar Sister
Brutal Royal
garlan King Dellls
It C Il rrntortli AhIh lurcc
Robert G Dyrenforth yesterday tiled
proceedings for divorce against Jennlo
tziu o llaltliKore nml ltcttirn Via
ii o i it
Saturday and Sunday December II and 15
now to iiuvivr cttour
It will be CO1 n 0 mothers cl tmall
diiUrrn to Irani tbat croup can Ik rrerertcd
The flrt lrn hoirwncsa A day
or to Iffforc the attack tlie child become hoarse
This l toon followeJ by a leculiar ruiiN couu
Cite Chamberlain Coush Itemed freely aa aoon
i tlie child become lioirje nr even after the
rousu ciur1i appears anl It will dispel all symp
toms of croup In this wray all danger and
anslcty rciy It avoided That remedy Is used
fu tlii fay by rrsny thousand of mothers anJ
lis netrr rcn lron to tall It Is In rct the
only remedy tliat can alita L depended upon
end that ia pleasant iul safe to Laka Kor sal
by Henry Evans Vtbolculc and Itetiil All
j No Jc
for jc
1 iiii i i inmw fttttt
J fe k
7 98 for S25
Oxford Black and Grey Jtclton
Cloth Raglans half tight flttlng with
yoke loose fitting with yoke and half
tight fitting without yoko with velvet
collars and turned cuffs 793 instead
of 12X0
for S25 Raglans
Womens Black Tan and Castor
Raglans yoke effect half tight fitting
and loose flttlng styles velvet and
storm collars CC and 5S Inches long
1633 instead of 23
12 to 15 silk skirts
Silk Skirts made of excellent qual
ity taffeta tucked trimmed with taf
feta silk trimmed with ruflle3 and
ribbon velt ct trimmed and appllqued
flounccs 12 to 13 value 133
5 to 750 silk waists
A lot of new tnfTeta Silk Waists of
the most desirable style to go at
about half the regular price The qual
ity of taffeta is excellent and the va
riety of styles embraces every wanted
effect All colors 253 instead of 3
to 750
Childs 150 fur sets
Childrens Angora and Thibet Fur
Sets consisting of neck piece and iuT
which has patent pockctbook attached
the Identical set sold at 150 else
where hence a big bargain at SSc
5 fur neck pieces
Lot of handsome Black JIarten Fur
Neck Pieces with clusters of lonr
Florodora tallx full and Huffy and
instead of 5 for 33S today
Suits up to 20
Lot of Womens Suits consisting of
one two end three of a kind of All
wool Venetian Febble Cheviot Ker
sey Broadcloths and Cheviot Serges
In black brown blue and Oxford with
taffeta silk and satin lined Jackets cut
single and double breasted Eton and
coat effects with skirts having gtidu
atol flounces some plain and some
trimmed with satin and braid suits
which you cannot duplicate elsewhere
for less than 1250 to 20 for S50
Trimmed hats cut
Those who have put off tho buying of
a trimmed hat aro lucky because of
the offerings TODAY by which they
shall be enroled to secure the hand
somest creations nt half and less than
hair original prices For a quick clear
ance weve reduced prices to tlu low
est plane
188 for 4 hats
288 for 6 cS 8 hats
j i
m y nwywww if i y y wjjpg in ifftju jlT
810-812-814- 7lS re ct I 715 Mrket Soaee
- a M
TODAY for a lot of odds
and ends of 1 and J123 Cor
sets embracing celebrated
makes long and medium lengths
mado of fine coutll and Jean and laco
Dressing Sacqucs
TODAY for a lot of odds and
ends In Flannelette Dressing
Sacques with embroidered
edges and silk strings In stripes and
plain effects regular 73c values
TODAY for lot of
chsted Fascinators with bead
ed tops good size In all col
ors 33 values
Childs Coats
TODAY for lot of odJs and
ends In childs plain and ripple
All wool Eiderdown Coats
with deep capes trimmed with ribbon
and Angora fur formerly sold for
150 and 175 only a limited quan
TODAY for fancy sat
9Qpcach covered comforts double
ts bed size and filled with pure
white cotton 133 values
Lace Curtains
J E J J tains
TODAY for 10 pairs
Nottingham Laco Cur-
3J4 yards long I14
yards wide in assortment of hand
some patterns regular 2 valuta
pair TODAY for lot of Not
tingham Laco Curtains in
snlendld assortment of pat
terns values which we sell regularly
for S7c
TODAY for All wool
Chenille Fortleres in as
sortment of handsome pat
terns in red old rose green blua
etc 3 values
Smyrna Rugs
each TODAY for lot of All
wool Smyrna Rugs in Oriental
end flower patterns 1 and
3 valuc3
Childs Aprons
TODAY for lot of Childrens
Check Nainsook Aprons with
embroidered fronts and pleated
lapels over the shoulders 33c values
Childs Caps
TCDAY for lot of odda and
ends in Childrcn3 Cloae fltting
Caps velvet and silk trimmed
and some trimmed with fur caps
which sell elsewhere for 50c 75c and
Womens Aprons
TODAY for a lot of Womens
India Llnon and Swiss Aprons
J of sp
i v Willi
p 7 peach
lYSl Worn
UO crs I
splendid size finished with
deep hems and with lace ln2rtlng
above regular 23c values
TODAY for extra largo size
Aprons for women in ten dif
ferent styles some plain hems
with tucks above some trimmed with
embroidery insertion above hems
some trimmed with embroidery around
bottom 33c values
7- each TODAY for 23 dozen
I L Children3 plain India Lawn
3 Aprons with reveres trimmed
with lace and with fronts trimmed
with laco embroidery sizes 2 to 12
years 23c values
Spachfel Shams
TODAY for lot of odds
ends In Spachtel plccea
rich have become slightly
soiled from showing In handsome
open work deslnns in shams bureau
scarfs table covers etc originally
sold for as much as 125
Corset Covers
TODAY for 50 dozen
omens Muslin Corset
tlnlshed with felled scams
perfect nttlug all sizes regular
12sc values
Womens Drawers
pair TODAY for lot of
Up Womens Muslin Drawcra um
brella style finished with wldo
cambric ruffles with tucks In ruffle
tho regular 23c values
Womens Gowns
TODAY for 30 dozen
mens Muslin uowns
yokes of fino embroidery with
tuck between ruftlo trimmed down
frtnt aad neck 63c values
free vilh
j jf
The extent of the bargains in merchandise particularly suit
able for giving makes this Fridays
today the most important of the season and more firmly
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385 for
For Womens SIO
auto coat
Fashionable Automobile Coats made
of excellent quality kersey broadcloth
in the correct shades of castor and
tans also black In womens sizes
from i2 to 15 and misses sizes from
16 to IS years half tight fitting and
yoke effects with and storm
collars instead of 10 for 323
for womens
985 SI250 toSI5
auto coats
42 Inch Automobile Coats of excellunt
quality kersey broadcloth 42 inches
long in black and correct shades of
castor -and tan made with storm col
lars 3Sj Instead of 1230 and 13
childs 5 and 6
auto coats
IjOt of Childrens Kersy Beaver
Automobile Coats In castor blue and
red with deep capes some plain
tailor stitched some with appllqued
velvet cape sizes C to II years fuli
length automobile style 383 instead
of 3 and K
Specials in
These special values for TODAY
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I VL Jointed Undressed Dolls with
J long hair pretty faces samo
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large size Undressed Bisque
Dolls with natural rurlv hair
tho kind which go to steep Instead
of SI
Corset Bargain
yard TODAY for lot of fancy
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patterns the same as sells for 10c
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Womens Hose
1 0 1 r palr odar for a o2ei
k Par of womens fast black
ne gauge full seamless
e which are splendid bargains at
Smyrna Rugs
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VU sortment of oriental patterns
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Makers Sample Skirts
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Underskirts will be ready for selling
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as 2 The variety of styles is large
There aro some with accordion pleat
ing ruffle3 finished at top with ross
quilling forming Van Dyke3 there are
others with rose quilling at bottom
others with ne pleated rudes and
with fino cords and still others which
space forbids describing The cbolco
is offered you at 53c
SI25 and S2 Wrappers 69c
Lot of Flannelette Wrappers of
heavy quality In large variety of pat
terns some velvet trimmed and soma
trimmed with lace inserting others
braid trimmed all mado In this sea
sons latest styles to bo sold TODAY
nt 63c each because they have a shaded
spot hero and there makers seconds
of wrappers which he made to sell for
JU3 up to 2
Waists worth SI 39c
Lot of odds and cnd3 of Wal3ts left
from recent waist sale consisting of
Mercerized SaUen and All wool Flan
nel Wai3ts not all sizes but a fair
assortment waists which sold up to
1 each for 23c
7tc for Childs 15c Hose
One case of Childrens Fast Black
Hose color guaranteed mado with
double knees and spliced heeU and
toes THe pair Instead of 12C and
15c These are NOT seconds but per
fect la every way
Opal dresser seis
98 cents
TODAY we place on sale a lot or
handsomely decorated or rather hand
painted dresser sets of opal ware in
blue pink lavender green and other
shades such as sell for L19 every
wherefor 9Sc
Sterling silver pieces
25 cents
An enormous assortment of Sterllns
Silver things will bo placed on sale
TODAY at 23 cents for choice all of
which aro the same ns those being
sold elsewhere at 35c embracing
Tooth Brushes Nail Brushes Shoo
Horns Seals Taper Cutters Cuticle
Knives Blotters Darners Dinner
Bells Tenknives Nail Files and
other articles In beaded and fancy
Engraved free of charge
25c placques 10c
Lot of handsome hand painted
Hacque3 In pink blue violet green
with gold trimmings and beading
edges through which a ribbon may bo
drawn 10c instead of 23c
49c Jewel cases 25c
Lot of Jewel Cases with gilt and
silver trimmings satin lined In all
colors and different shapes 23c in
stead of 13c
49c chatelaine bags 25c
Lot of Chatelaine Bags with oxi
dized and silver trimmings chamois
lined and with outside pockets for
25c instead of 13c
Comb and brush sets 98c
SSc a set for Comb and Brush Sets
with silver mountings same as sell
for 143 elsewhere
10c japonette handkfs 4gc
Lot of Womens Japonette Silk In
itial Handkerchiefs with hemstitched
borders for 44c Instead of 10c
I7c handkerchiefs I2c
Lot of Womens Handkerchiefs
with embroidered lace nnd hem
stitched edges of fine Swiss and
linen 12c Instead of 17c
79c collar and cuff boxes 49c
Mens Leather Collar and Cuff Boxes
with oxidized tops tor collar and cuff
buttons 43c Instead of 73c

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