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Lansburgh Bro
liWll il
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Her Liberty hliorlMvcd
Jessie McCoy who has been enjoying
liberty for more than a month was again
r prisoner In the Police Court yesterday
on a charge of vagrancy Policeman
NevIIl testified that be had seen her In
toxicated flvo or six times the
ptst three weeks and specified the dates
Jndre Kimball sent hr to the workhouse
for thirty days In default of a fine of 10
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Hardware IOIO Pa Ave
The Contract to Co u a Ilnl
tlniorc Firm
The award of the contract for con
structing the new cadet quarters at tho
Naval Academy at Annapolis will in all
likelihood be made to a Baltimore Arm
whose bid li the lowest of four proposals
rccchcd The authorities have limited the
cost of the building to 20S0000jivhlch
Involves a larger contract than was eer
awarded for a structure at Annapolis
Since bids were opened two weeks ago
the Navy Department officials with Com
mander Hlchard Walnwright the archi
tect and others have been considering
that of the ion est bidder and have practi
cally agreed that If the stone used In the
construction of the building conforms to
that of the armory and bcathouso which
are to form wings of the structure the
bid will go to Baltimore
The sample of stone submitted with the
bid is not regarded as of tho right shade
but it is not thought difficulty will be ex
perienced In securing stone of the requi
site color and composition
Vnnt Mr tnco Hnjolncd lrom
Turning Oier luney for Innd
A petition was filed yesterday in tho
Supreme Court of the District by Lono
TVolf principal chief of the Kiowa tribe
of Indians and others representing the
confederated tribes of Klowas Apaches
and Comanches asking that Lyman J
Gage as Secretary of the Treasury of tho
United States be restrained from paying
to anyone J2CO0000 held tor the benefit
and use of the members of the tribes
named It Is particularly asked that none
of this money be paid to any of tho
members of the Kiowa Apache or Co
manche tribes
It Is alleged that the act of Congress
making the appropriation for the pay
ment of this money is null and void be
cause it a based upon fraudulent repre
It is explained that through fraudu
lent representations the members of a
certain commission purchased 2000000
acres of the lands of tho confederated
tribes of Klowas Comanches and
Apaches at the rate of il per acre The
contract of sale it Is claimed was gained
through the Inability of tho rank and file
of the members of the confederated tribes
to understand English
Justice llagner Issued an order re
quiring the Secretary of the Treasury to
show cause on January 2 next why tho
Injunction should not be granted
ntTnrl lo Secure Her Admlsnloii In
hi Klirntit IIix
Mrs J B Cooper of the Episcopal Hos
pital of Philadelphia Pa recently wrote
to the District Commissioners making en
quiry relative to the care of the widow of
a late omcer in the United Stales Army
Tho woman has been given temporary
care In the hospital at JCorrlstown Pa
and pending her removal from that Insti
tution Mrs Cooper desires that she be
given authority from the Commissioners
to take her to St Elizabeths
The Commissioners referred the com
munication of Mrs Cooper to the Attor
ney for an opinion and Instruction as to
what course should bo pursued
The Attorney jestcrday advised the
board that it would be an Impropriety for
the Commissioners to enter Into an ar
rangement for brlngln tho Insane woman
to tho Government Hospital for the In
sane She Is not a resident of tho Dis
trict Is not Indigent and Is not possessed
of homicidal or other dangerous tenden
Mrs Cooper will be Informed In accord
ance with tho instructions of tho Attor
Bears tho
Ilelnset mv lln iiiili lntlcnll J
llrcclicil nt I hi- Antloiinl Tlienlre
There was hardly a perfon In the Im
mense audience that witnessed the first
presentation of David Mclascos new
drama Du Barrj nt he Xallonil The
atre last night by Mrs Carter and a com
pany of uncommon strength dramatically
and numerically but that quickly realized
why It wai Impossible for Bclasco to pre
sent his ork on schedule time and there
were Indeed expressions of wonder and
astonishment that he was able to give n
performance at all so stupendous and
elaborate was the production the like of
which has nccr before occupied a stage j
in this country
This may seem to the person who ras
not rrcsentnt the National last night like
an extravagant statement but the student
of the drama the man nho makes a busi
ness of attending tho theatre of studying
fhe methods of tho different plajers and
dramatists he who has a fairly good con
ception of what it means to present even
an ordinary play will agree that Mr Ile
lasco s achievement In Du Harry will
stand ptc emlnent for jears It ha3 never
been ettn approached not even by this
past master In the school of stagecraft
hlmtelf As a production pure and sim
ple Du Barry is the three ring circus
of the present day drama In the matter
cf overwhelming Immensity The five acts
with their vast scenic equipments and In
troducing the small sized army of actors
and actresses garbed In gorgeous rnlment
prote that Uelasco has squandered money
with a prodigality that recalls the pro
verbial drunken sailer Any attempt to
describe the Imposing display must rob
the mother tongue of Its stock of adjec
tives and then the reader would have but
a faint conception of the hugeness of tho
whole affair
Belasco lns not aimed at historical ac
curacy but has endeavored U produci a
drama of strength clinging to verity at
much as possible but departing from fact
when he considered the play demanded It
He has made no apparent effort to turn
out a finished literary product but has
snapped his fingers at literature and his
tory and written a play that will Imme
diately establish him as another Sardou
a dramatic composition that teems with
emotional Interest peopled by men and
women of fiesh and blood a play that af
fords Mrs Carter opportunities that were
lacking even in Zaza
The audience that saw Du Barry last
night was one of the most representative
assemblages that has been in a local the
atre for some time that it liked the play
and the Irterprctatlon mightily almost
goes without saving There was an
abundance of applause not the forced
sort of hand clapping hut evidences of
encouragement and appreciation that
were unmistakably genuine And while
Mrs Carter came In for a most liberal
portion of the praise nobody for a mo
ment forgot the modest retiring little
man with the mass cf mussed iron grey
hair who is responsible for the shaping
ot mo characters the laying out ot tne
story tho devising of tho numerous ef
fective scenes and situations the drilling
cf the players the artistic settings of the
stage the light effects the master hand
that refused to penult the curtain to bo
lifted until he considered his work worthy
of a public view this wonderful man
David Belasco Tho audience called tlmo
and again for the dramatist-producer-manager
In tho hope that he might be In
duced to say that he too was well pleased
with hla effort but beyond a few words
of thanks Belasco remained silent dur
ing the reception accorded to the drama
and its chief Interpreters
Mr Belasco commences his story of
Du Barry in Lablllon millinery estab
lishment In the Hue St Honore Paris
The scene at the rise of the curtain Is a
very animated one the shop is filled with
employes while customers come and go
Among the latter Is the Marquise Do
Qucsnoy known better as La Gourdan
She Is tho keeper ot a gambling estab
lishment patronized by royalty and the
like and Is In search of a pretty face to
add lo the attractiveness of her resort
CosRe Brissac In a very pretty scene
tells Jeanettc Vaubernler Mrs Carter of
his lore for her She Is a
sort of a creature light airy frivolous
Irresponsible a trifle vain and delighting
In admiration Cosse Is aware of the
fact that Jenette is passionately fond of
violets and brings her some Jeanettc
promises to go with him to the fields
tho following day and gather more of the
Suddenly music Is heard nn the street
outside The King is passing All the
employes of the millinery shop rush to
the door that Is all save Jeanette She
lingers a moment to pick out the pret
tiest hat in the establishment that her
beauty may bo tho more accentuated
Jean du Barry happens In and Is quick
to detect tho vanity of tho girl He In
vites her to the balcony In front of the
Marquise de Quesnoys gambling resort
that she may obtain a bolter view of the
King and she innocently accepts She
becomes an inmate ot the establishment
Two of the Kings ministers the Duke
du IUchclleu and Terray conceive tho
Idea that Jeanettcs pretty face and In
genuousness will appeal to the fancy of
Louis and they arrange that he shall
vUlt the place Incognito Jean du Barry
learns of the plan and seeing therein
an ultimate advantage to himself
schemes a marriage between Jeanettc and
his brother Count Gulllaume du Berry
Intending to send his brother from Paris
immediately after the ceremony Sho Is
quickly established In the royal favor of
Louis XV nlthough sho never onca for
gets Cosse the lover of her more humblo
The third act discloses Jeanette now
the Countess du Barry la her bed cham
ber After n petite levee a shot Is heard
and Cosse staggers Into the room He
has sought out his lover of the mllilnry
shop and in the endeavor to reach her
chamber has been severely wounded Jean
du Barry has seen Cosse enter tho room
and Informs the King The roval volco
Is soon heard even abovo tho loud knock
ing on the door Du Barry Is at her wits
ends to conceal ber lover She deliber
ately strikes him upon his wound render
ing him insensible and sho hurriedly
pushes him back upon her bed and draws
the coverlet over him The knocking at
the door has become more Impatient but
when the King and his followers are ad
mitted to tho chamber their search Is
After tho departure of the searching
party Jean du Barry returns Du Barry
realizes the Importance of l r brother-in-laws
silence and as he has lost a con
siderable sum at the gaming tables ho is
not difficult to deal with
It is a moment of fearful suspense
How much the countess asks
Two hundred thousand louls calmly
replies the brother-in-law this being the
amount of Du Barrys monthly allowance
from the King which has been received
that very day
To cause Louis to partially forget the
visit of her lover Du Barry arranges a
magnificent fete In tho royal gardens at
which she Is to masquerade ns Polly
Queen of France Jean Du Barry to gain
the favor of the King violates his prom
ise to his sister-in-law The hiding placo
ot Cosse is about to he disclosed during
the festivities when Du Barry seizes a
candelabrum and striking Jean on the
head renders him Insensible This mad
act merely verifies tho suspicions ot Louis
and Du Barry realizing the utter hope
lessness of her position vows to him that
she will reveal her lovers hiding place If
his life shall be sparod Louis endeavors
to make her acknowledge her hatred of
Cosse and her actual lovo for him She
does this at first but overcomo by her
emotions she exclaims that she cannot
tear her lovor from her heart For hos
the man I love for hes tha man I love
for bos tho man I love she cries as
she collapses In a hysterical fit
The concluding act concerns the last
days of French royalty Among the pris
oners given up with tho fall of tha Bastlle
Is Cosse who has been confined In ac
cordlncc with the Kings promise to Du
Harry who has looked forward with great
happiness to the day when her lover shall
return to her The committed of public
nv haF cnispn Ofcae fo announce Du
I Harrys fate to her The red handed Pop-
uisis are lomi anu persistent In their de
mands for her life and as sho Is led to
the guillotine Du Is deserted save
by her faithful servant Donys who has
followed her fortunes from the days ot
tho millinery eelabllshment In tho Hue
St Honore and the cver lovlng Cosse
She Is draged In ri cart past tho shop
where she first appeared her luxurious
red hair Is shorn and she comprehends
the scene with horror taring out of her
eyes She Is too weak to cry out but
the cart stops long enough for a pathetic
farewell to Cosse Sho speaks sorrowfully
of their happy youthful days nnd the
sweet opportunities In life that have
escaped them
As they part Du Barrys last words
are Its too bad wo Cldnt pick those
violets In the country
True to his promise Cosse stands wlero
he can see Du Barry on the guillotine aid
the curtain descends on a scene that has
rarely been paralleled In the nnnals of the
native stage
Mrs Carters acting was not on trial
last night she proved her right to rcigu
In the realm of the drama years ago but
her admirable work In the role of the
Countess Du Barry only emphasized the
fact that she has no equal among her
contemporaries In the faithful depiction
of the emotions From the very first mo
ment when she was the frivolous milll
nerygirlto tho final scene with her stead
fast lover Cosse Mrs Carter displayed
a variety of moods that swept like sun
light and shadow over tho mirror of a
lake Her scenes with the King wcro
admirable and the Du Barry characteri
zation will go on record as a greater ar
tistic triumph than Icr Zaza of the
mulc halls
Charles A Stevenson makes a graceful
and dignified Louis XV Campbell Gol
lan Is a splendid Jean du Barry and bo
forc the play Is halt over succeeds In get
ting himself quite generally disliked by
the audience the ambition or every fin
ished stage villain of which type Mr
Gollan Is an eminent representative A
small part is that of tho servant Donys
Ho Is scarcely called upon to speak but
as plavcd by Claude nillingwater tho
role Is made to assume unlooked for
prominence nnd as a contribution ot al
most perfect acting It Is notable among
the various other excellent characteriza
tions Hamilton Hcvelle makes a virile
Cosse and some ot the best scenes of tho
play arc those between him and Mrs
Carter Walter Belasco and 11 It Rob
erts give good accounts of themselves In
the rather minor parts of Jeanctlo Vau
bernlcra father and the papal nuncio re
spectively Beresfonl Webb Is a capital
Compto Gulllaume du Barry a Fred
erick Terry as the Due de Hicholieu and
C P Flocton as Terray are also excel
lent Blanche BIco plays the proprietress
of a Parisian gambling establishment
most capably and Eleanor Carey as the
manageress of a millinery shop gives a
splendid portrayal
The Immense company or extra players
is handled expertly by- II S Mlllward to
whom not a little of tho credit for the
smoothness of this purtlon ot tho per
formance is due
There are so many find products of the
scenic studio that It Is somewhat difficult
to particularize although the lart scene
showing the different stories of the mil
linery shop wherein Jeanettc Is first In
troduced Is a very remarkable sample of
what Is possible In modern stage mechan
ism The bed chamber of Du Barry the
scene In the royal gardens wherein Is
held the fete and the retreat In the
woods of Louvcclcnnes are noteworthy
specimens ot the artfsts brush
Du Barry will be played at the
National by Mrs Leslie Carter and her
company tonight aiidSaturday afternoon
and evening
Squndron Ao Longer
Needed nt the lalhnins
Tho breaking up 6f the emergency
squadron assembled at Panama and Colon
recently to preservo treaty rights on the
isthmus has been ordered in Instructions
sent yesterday to Captain Perry of tho
Iowa He has been directed lo proceed to
Valparaiso where his men will be given
shore liberty Tho battleship will be
docked at some Chilean port
The gunboat Machfas which has also
been In Uthmlan waters left Colon yes
terday for San Juan and Key West Tho
gunboat Con nrd will remain at Panama
and the gunboat Marietta at Colon
Itev Mr IIcrcc TVII if III Ilxprrl
eneen nnd Gives hlereopllcon Views
With Blanket and Camera In the Ari
zona Wonderland a story of tho wan
derings of Rev U G B Tierce pastor of
All Souls Unitarian Church was related
to a largo audience at the All Souls
Church last night Beautiful stereoptl
con views of the wondrous scenery of the
great Southwestern Territory were given
The views ot tho grand canyon of the Col
orado Ulvcr were especially realistic and
Mr Pierces word pictures were equally
strong The lecture was given under tho
auspices ot tho Parish Union
The IreMdrnt Forced lo Decline In
In Bnitiinrl
In the Presidents greeting yesterday
to a delegation from the convention of
the Delta Kappa Rpsllon fraternity now
In session In Washington there was a
warmth not usually accorded visitors to
the White House The President Is him
self a Doke
The delegation headed by Senator But
ler called to Invite the President to at
tend the banquet at the Now Willard to
night but stress of public business ren
dered acceptance impossible
A noticeable figuro In tho delegation
was Mun Yew Chung secretary of tho
Chinese Legation who Joined Delta Kappa
Fpsllon while in college In this country
Velrrnn of Civil Wnr Inld lo
Iteit In Arlington
Tho remains of Capt Charles E Stuc
vcn who died suddenly at his residence
410 First Street northcaat Sundaj last
were laid to rest in Arlington Cemetery
yesterday with military honors
Captain Stueven was a gnllant soldier
In the civil war having servpd over four
years and rose from the rank of prlvato
to that of captain and was mustered out
at the close of the war as a brevet major
He was born In Hamburg Germany
December 3 lSH and came to this coun
try In early life He enlisted ns n
private In Company K First Iowa Regi
ment Volunteer Infantry April 13 18G1
and re enllstcd as a prlvato In Com
pany A Klghty second Illinois Volunteer
Infantry June 7 1SC2 He became second
lieutenant August 25 I3S2 and first lieu
tenant March 3 1S63
He Berved as captain In the Kansas
State Militia from October 20 1S75 until
January 22 188C when he resigned Ho
was a member of the Military Order of
the Loyal Legion ot the Stato of Kansas
Kncampment No 23 U V L and of
Lincoln Post No 3 G A R
Ho left a widow Mrs Carollno G
Stueven and two daughters and two sons
Mrs Edward Smythe Wichita Kan
William and Emma of Akron Kan and
Walter E Stueven of Washington
Or Lpfs
Usod by pooplo of refiaeicoa
for over a quarter of ccnLttry
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Missouri Ilepubllcnn Association was held
at 719 Sixth Street northwest last night
There was a fair attendance of membors
W J Dow presided while T V Ellis act
ed as secretary Tho report for tho past
month was read and approved President
Dow delivered a brief address In which
ho urged tho mcmbirs to bring their
friends to tho meetings and Increase tho
membership nnd Influence of tho associa
A number of members entertained the
audience with brief talks on their c
pcrlcnccs In their honjo State After
passing a pleasant evening an adjourn
ment vas taken until January 12 1502
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Five oClock Tea Kettles
Our New Five OCIcck Tea Kettles ale
also of the Lest makes only and a o
shown In the latest designs and with all
the latest Improvements A charming
Xmas gift at a very low price
Brass Five Oclock Tea Kettles 1 or
D ass Five OClock Tea Kettles 0 5
flat share complete
Nickeled Five OTIock Tea JT 75
tics complete
Set well Closet Sets for Seu
The Setwell Closet Set makes aa Ideal
Holiday gift for men or boy3 It will
Mu ih nnv tn tppn pvervthln In its
place It help3 the man to utlllie all the
I ha Mnept tt mmes in comnlflto
sets or you can buy the separate pieces
and make up tho set as you think best
The complete set consists of
4 folding and self locking trouser or
skirt hangers
4 folding and self locking coat or Jack
et hangers
2 extension shelf bars with screw
1 door loop and screws
2 shoe or slipper holders and srew3
Si 75 fo set
Fifth Boor

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