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City Has Few Outlets to
tiie North
Capital Traction Lino to Bo Es
tonSod ns Soon as Straot is
Graiad iiccant Usaty Trans
actions and Building Operations
The 1111 for the extension of Fourteenth
Street to Brighlwood introduced by feon
ator McMillan during the past week
again revives the bis street extension
problem of the District lu half a dozen of j
Its most Interesting jjhason and It has
been a chef subject of discussion rinong
tho real estate men As to the desirability
of outlets for the city in the north there
docs not seem to be any difference of
opinion It is said that there Is no other
largo city In the country v 1th so few ar
teries to the outside world as Washfng
ton Along Iho entire northern boundary
Florida Avenue for years offered an al
most Impassable barrier like a Chinese
nail During the past few years a
number of openings have been cut in tho
wall but It still stretches oicr long sec
tions and forms a no thoroughfare at the
end of many city streets
Between Seventh Street and Fourteenth
Street there Is Sherman Avenue not in
first class condition by any means and
Thirteenth Street has been extended only
a short way A little farther out ticre Is
no street between Seventh Street extend
ed or Brightwood Avenue and Fiacy
Branch Road and nothing between that
and the Llnncan Hill Itoad and nothing
between that and Connecticut Avcnie ox
tended away on the other side of Kock
Creek Park
noulcvnrdn in otlit r Clllei
Outside New York Chicago and Bal
timore great boulevards stretch for miles
In every direction almost Ths difference
Is crj apparent to residents of other
cities and has been wondered at by
mat vibo have bad tbe chance to sec the
suburbs of Washington as well as the
concreted streets of the city proper
It Is a noticeable fact that all of the
street extensions that have been made In
the northern suburbs have proven their
value in a -very short time Fourteenth
Street extended for Instance has a big
apartment house at the point where it
ends and becomes a winding country
road and Is filled with handsome resi
dences along its entire length Thir
teenth Street extended Is built tp In tho
same way quite to Its end It cannot
be doubted that further extensions of
both these streets would be followed im
mediately by Immense building opera
tions nor can it be questioned that the
houses would be needed and would be
filled as soon as they were erected
The question as to tbe cost of securing
the right of way for Fourteenth Street ex
tended fortunately Is a comparatively In
significant one In this Instance the property-owners
along the right of way havo
donated almost the entire necessary land
They have teen owners of large tracts
which would be benefited by the exten
sion for the most part Perhaps for this
reason the old dispute between the Gov
ernment and the District as to whether
the Government shall pay half the cost of
the extension has not been much under
discussion The cost be almost Im
Origin of Sv nntor McMillans Hill
Sir Blair Lee who has been working for
the extension of the street for the past
two years In the interests of Brightwood
chiefly wrote a letter with reference to
the till to Chairman McMillan during the
week that has not been printed hereto
fore it was In response to this letter
that Senator McMillan introdurwl ili Mil
completed for a residence oa the prop
erty to cost J3C0O
Mr Shoemaker is having water main
and tewer extended to the proicrtv from
Chestnut Avenue Mr Shoemaker will
himself build two cr three houses in tho
vicinity in the near future
S r A Blundou has sold through
Stone Fairfax during the past week
on entire row or houren on First Street
one fronting on Hie corner of S northwest
The corner hcuse was sold for JtlWO and
the others each for 5000 The fiurthasers
were Charles A Craft Walter Atkinson
Amy L Chapman Lewis H Lang George
Lautcnslager and Henry Austin
Stcne Fairfax report that they havo
Eold nineteen houses this month so far
Mr Fairfax said yesterday The real
estate business is better than it has ever
been before during our experience at
letst There is every prospect that th
coming rpring will be an Improvement on
this winter however
The firm has sold during the past week
to John Wright a residence en Tenth
Street near P Street for Mrs Mary Jack
son for 5500 a residence on Kenesaw
Avenue near Sixteenth Street for William
Soudcr for J3000 house 47 Quincy Street
for James Davis for J4000 and house
1106 Yale Street for M L Johnson for
The Annnpollx Itnllnny
The sale of property at the corner of
Tlftccnth and HSJrcets northeast to the
Washington and Annapolis Railway for a
station lat Its Washington terminus de
scribed In cnother part of The Times
will attract much attention among real
estate mcD on account of the Impetus
that the building of the railway will un
doubtedly give to the market in that
vicinity It Is predicted that the Northeast
which is practically the cne advocated by J
Hrlhttrnv1 1 1 i 1 SOCIIOn Will
ww uuu luc iiuiiuuu fiuuuruj
Mr Lee said in part All the owners
appear ready to donate the rights of way
who can act sul Juris or who understand
that their remaining land will be bene
fited by the donating The enclosed bill
is designed to secure these righs of
way practically without cost to the Dis
After referring to the progress mado
by him in securing agriemehts to donate
-at the time of the Introduction of the
bill for tbe same purpose last year Mr
Lee said Since last jcar several prop
erty holders have seen fit to Join In
these donations from the present ter
minus of Fourteenth Street to within a
short distance southwest of Brlehtwood
ono and seven tenths miles of its length
from Lydecker Avenue Is now ready for
dedication with three exceptions
Cot to Dlntrlct Almoxt Nollilncr
Mr Lee appends In tabular form a
statement showing that la the first one
and one third miles of the length of the
proposed extension C0T5 feet will be do
nated and only S73 feet wilt have to be
condemned He closes his letter by say
ing that the situation with regard to
Fourteenth Street extended seems to of
fer unusual advantages to the District
for securing the extension His letter
takes up the question of the citrnslnn nf
Thirteenth Street In the same way though I
uu i ucuiliVU UUVB I1DL 10X73 SO
large a proportion of the whole as In tho
case of the first street referred to
Mr Lee is of opinion that tho prop
erties on Fourteenth Street extended
which have not agreed to dedicate could
be assessed for benefits logltlmatcly to
such an extent that the cost of the en
tire right of way would be practically
Cnnltnl Trnctlon to Be Kifeiiiled
The Capital Traction Company proposes
to extend Its Fourteenth Street line im
mediately on the opening of the street
Its charter permits this extension to the
District boundary without further act of
Congress and President Dunlop stated a
day or two ago that the company would
be glad to proteed with the work as soon
as the rtreet has been graded This will
probably lc a matter of news to the resi
dents of the Northern suburbs generally
The street will reach Brightwoofl only
a quarter of a mile west of Brightwood
Avenue Two lines o rapid transit will
thus be provided lhat will cry fairly an
swer the needs of tho section
Opinion of Tliyr Interested
Mr Louis P Shoemaker who lias been
one of the most earnest advocates of the
Improvements of tho suburbs said of this
proposed street extension yesterday
There Is already much enquiry for prop
erty in the section and I know person
ally of many building plim lhat arc only
rivalling the extension The improvement
Is not only a desirable one tho section
Is tuffcrlng for It
Mr Fulton It Gordon who Is putting
North Columbia Heights on tho market
said The proposed street will be of
rrct benefit to my property Looking at
tho matter from the selfish point of view
1 am naturally etlrcly In favor of the
plan and of Its Earliest possible consum
mation But tsldc from my personal In
terest I believe that the extension Is one
of the most needed In the District that
It should have been made long ago and
that It will bring prosperity with It to c
big section of country
Mr Hen ry cfB 11 Warner Co said
The section Is very badly off for outlets
nd inlet Tho great portion north of
the city proper is crossed by one or two
streets and one or two country roads
whnre if the picrcr street extensions
were made It would Le built up with mil
lions of dollars worth of homes In r
very short time No other city has so
few cutlets as Wash ngton and no portion
of Washingtons suburbs Is worse pro
vided than this
Mr John F Donohuc said jcalerday of
the real estate situation on Capitol Hill
I have btcn in the business in this sec
tion for eighteen years and except for
the boom n ar Lincoln Park in 1S92 I
havo never seen any such activity as at
present The demand for medium sized
residences is excellent The rental de
mand Is mnch In excess of the supply
and in fact there arc nlmcst no desir
able houses in the entire icellcn The
apartment houses that are going up are
filled as rapidly as tbey are completed
iclinnuc HI Br n Surcc n
The meeting for the organisation of the
Heal Estate Kxchangc adjourned from
December 3 will be held at tho Hotel
Barton on Wednesday Mr William Cor
coran Hill the Chairman of tho commit
tee named to formulate a plan for tho
exchange states that good progress lias
been made and that the outlook is bright
for Its success
One or to changes have been raaJc In
the committee as originally constituted
owing to the Inability of members to act
Tho gentlemen nov at work on the plan
arc William Corcoran Hill Chairman
Thomas U Waggaman Jesse L Hclskell
George W Swartzell David Moore Bob
ert C Rutherford Charles J Bell James
B Wimer and Edward S Westcott
Messrs Bell and Westcott take the places
of Mr Filch and Mr Stellwagcn
IIoiiicn for Westminster blrcrl
Wlllard Reed the real estate brokers
will build a row of seven handsome
houses on the south side of Westminster
Street near Ninth Plans have been
completed and the work of building will
to begun early in the new year The
houses are similar in plan to those re
cently completed by the firm In the same
street vtlllard Reed report that their
first houses have all been wild and that
there is a suOclcnt demand to assure
them that they will be able to sell the
second row without trouble
The grading of the streets and general
Improvements in North Columbia Heights
are progressing rapidly and Mr Fultoa R
Gordon reports that the property will be
In condition for building Inside of two
In Tnkiima Parti
Mr Louis P Shoemaker has sold to
Lawrence V Gary of Takoma Park an
acre lot on Blair Avenue near Chstnut
Avenue Takoma Mr Gary has had rlj
see tbe beginning of much
livelier times with the coming of the line
and its city improvement
A Acir uburli
A new suburb Is soon to be opened on
East Capitol Street extended beyond the
Eastern Branch Marie V Gehring of
Philalelphia has purchased tho tract
knowj as BoJc properly comprising fifty-
seven acres and will plat It into acre
lots This addition to Washington will
b3 known as Central Heights This bec
tlon Is developing and Improving rapidly
The property Is finely located
Meridian Hill Property old
The McLachlcn Real Estate and Loan
Company In connection with Messrs
Fitch Fox Brown real estate brokers
has sold for the estate of Joseph Casey
to John A Masslc and George S Rees
trustees lots 22 23 21 and 23 in block
3 lots 12 13 14 IS and 16 in block 6
lot 32 In block II and lot 20 in block It
in the subdivision of Meridian Hill con
taining In all 1015i square feet and hav
ing frontages on Ontario Avenue Superior
Street and Central Avenue
A lot has Just been purchased by Col
J II Alexander U S A retired through
i C Baumgras real estato broker It Is
on the west side of Connecticut Avenue
between Hillvcr Place and R Street and
has a frontage of twenty five feel and a
depth of one hundred fecL Tho price paid
was about It per square foot It is the
purpose of the new owner to erect on this
site u residence for himself
Odd Iiifitnnrrn nf Ktinllsh
Aindiit Itinlt
For a long period subscribing a letter
or a more important document was a
very ceremonious affair and we maj be
sure that many a lord or fair lady per
formed the task with as much labor and
difficulty as John Ploughman docs now
Fvcn Queen imzabeth who was as highly
educated for her day us the modern
joung lady who Is bracketed equal to the
senior wrangler evidently took her sig
nature very seriously It is Impossible 10
look at that wonderful effort witu its
stately and complicated callgraphy with
out wondering how many minutes were
required for Its elaboration The modern
sovereign who is sometimes compelled to
sign his august autograph hundreds of
times In a day would be unable to do
anything else If he endeavored to emu
late such mathematical precision
Dy Elizabeths time English royal sig
natures had already taken their final mod
ern form Our medieval kings signed en
tirely in Latin Kdwardus Hex or
Hcnrlcus Hex but by degrees this ar
chaic form was dropped the Ihigllsh
name was used and Ilex gave way to its
Initial letter This usage continued un
changed until after the passage of the
royal titles act Queen Victoria adopted
the form of II I llegina ct Impera
trix to the Intense disgust of the little
Icelanders of a generation ago It is
notable that tbe Rcrman Kmperor puts
his Imperial dignity first Wllhelm I
II As a rule sovereigns sign documents
at the top of the paper Instead of nt the
foot while the Kings of Spain still write
the old formula To el Itey I Io
Members of our own royal family even
when they are peers sign their Christian
na no or names only the Prince of Vralis i
e o
8mm -
Tuperty to ut reaoa at ruk anj cost u uc
auiUnt iHirthaser Comosndit and rtvordis
ai putchjr cot
CK p ROniXSOV Trustee
701 14th at nn Wa Jilnon I C
for the tlmo being Always adding tho
Initial I for prince although George
IV when prlnco recent affiled the cipher
1 it to his name Princess Louise
Duchess cf Argyl sometimes subscribes
herself by her husbands title like an
ordinary peeress The gallant and lament
ed joung husband of Princess Ucfltrlco
used the lie famlltir form cf Henry of
Battenberg Tho Lord Protector of the
Commoiiwtalth vas tftcr lie recclvid
that tltlj Oliver P a signature strong
ly renlnlsrent of the style of the Trinre
of Wales Unlike other sovereigns lh
Popes add their number to tho Christ an
nan they assumo upon their elevation
London Standard
A new tip todafe modem home on Columbia Heights for
3SjO 3o0 cash and balance 30 per month including principal
and interest Only
9J e
Apply to
Eugene E Gaddis Owner
425 9th Street Northwest
TItLlfis isMAZ
It F KNOX Auctioneer
By Mrtu of a of tnwt nronlcd in Liber
No 4 folia 527 one cf the land rerwtdj of
Mrxandrla County Ireint default daririj
cu red In the pajmtnt of tbe note t urcd tlit bj
ami at tlte rcqurat of the hoUcr thereof the
krftigftcti trute will ofer for fl at public
Auction m the prrmb on TLIJIM UK-
TJHILK 0C10rK I M the follonin durable
real wtate In the Count j of Mexaidria Mate cf
WrcinU to wit IxU numbered four I and i
fire 5 In Llock nutnbrml three 3 in the i
subdivision of Fort Mier IleUbU I
Trrau of ac Three hundred dulla j cash I
balance in one and to year at ifx prr rent per
anntn fcciired by trt d ed on tUl proptrty
V drixtelt of fiO rt quire at lime of talc
Tmu to be compiled with In ten daya or the
IV w
middaugit shannons
Are the result of experience and
We arc nuvr building for spring
lid u
UlfpO M
1 1 IIU
Mill lllUli
idcip jr I I - Uy
I t fi ii ii rr
Teu can look for a great
streets are now built up In solid blocks to their present terminus
8 2
o O
- W a
So a o
n o 2
co -
n o
o c 3
B 2
o n n
The above plat ilhiotrates the relative position of North Columbia Heights to Mount Pleasant Holmcnd Manor Thir
teenth and Fourteenth Stretts etc
Senate Bill to Extend 14th St
A bill was Introduced It the Senate tlna week fo rraIi nth St fmm Its nrnent terminus to Ilrlehttrnnil A similar
f bill will be Introduced In a few da3 for 13th St IThc right of way for these two streets U nearly all secured
The assurance of this Important Improvement 1 booming real estate at North Columbia Heights You must buy b
NOT AFTKIt the extension of these great thoroughfares If ou wish to receive the cnormou3 increase in value that
Is sure to follow
BUILDING nOOM along nth and lith Sts as fast as they are graded as these two
Only 150 Lots to Ba Sold at 30 cents to 33 cents
The nemainingr Lots Reserved for S150 to S250 a Square Foot
The fact that we oifer 130 lots at M to 25 cents and reserve M loU for 1 50 to 2JM a square foot will naturally raise
the question In the mind1 of a good many persons why we do not reserve the cnlre subdivision for city prices anil why
should we sacrifice 150 lots at 30 to 35 cents a square foot Our answer is thnt wt cannot raise the value of our lota to
city prices unless we Invite the city to spread out over our property When half of the lots are built upon with
beautiful clt houses then the reserved lots will up cltl lots and therefore worth city prices JIM to S559 a squire
foot What would bi the value of the lots in OULCoIumbii Height Mount neasunt and Holmead Manor today If tho
owner had refused to sell or to invito the city tosptead out on tnelr respective subdivisions
Act now or you will be unnblc to secure a lot fron first hands as they will all be sold in Ics3 than 00 days Besides the
first bujer secures the choice locations
Slxe of lots 25 to ICO feet front not IT feet front by 73 to IV feet deep to 15 foot allevs Trice 30 to K cents a squaro
foot Terms JOO to 109 cash and r to 123 monthly on each lot or one third cash balance one two and three years 5 per
cent off for cash Money loaned to build at the lowest rates of interest Ca riagc furnished to see the property Drop
postal for new IC page illustrated booklet plat etc
FULTON R G ORDON 704 14th St N W
Improved and unimproved real cstntc for sale
Varnished and unfurnished houses for rent
Money to loan at lowest rate of intetest
Agent for the Uoyal Fire Insurance Company of Liver
pool JIngland
Telephone 313 -Main
Only 4000
Easy Payments
If hn Ipl
One of the handsomest and best con
structed houses In this choice location
Beautiful front of stono and brick stono
porch and steps dry cement cellar tiled
bath porcelain tub nickel plumbing two
story back porch good lot alley room
for stable
Stone Fairfax
806 and 808 FSf
A good Investment 11 pt r cent net Two
new Hats nnr Lincoln Park I roomt and
nam eacii porcelain tubs ami stationary
vvniitlU lot 15 490 to 12 foot Paved
all y Kent Jj
Price 2950
A home for whit you arc nov paying
rent JIOO cih and balvne CT monthly
Including Interest Iltli st ne A rooms
and bath brick complete In ever detail
1111 II UOU1 ETC
I klr an I tivtiiu il V
ETOIlvOE 75 cents load UXITFI
rnlJ 0
Ir iLuumni or busmen J 11l I1TKK NTH ST llopitii for Anlnuli rarjirat
i V nr Mh and il mitllia rasr Alwujra open Telephone Ul i
ll i aiJT lmo 1113 FviirtrcntU St c 3nw
3850 3850
Columbia Heights
Xcar the beautiful residences of Mrs John A Logan Justice
LTarJnn and the late Dr Ilaniinond Not a cheap neighborhood
but amid the homes of the cultured and refined
Harvard Street between Ninth and Tenth Streets Columbia
Take cither Fourteenth or Ninth Street cars
Apply to
Eugene E Gaddis Owner
425 9th Street Northwest
Locai and Long Distancc Telephone East 84
We Handle Property in the Eastern Section Exclusively
A Street southeast one block from Lincoln Park a seven room brick all
modern Improvements In perfect order Tho houso has been built within tho
last thrco jears could not be built for prlco asked today Has hallway cellar
under entire house all open plumblnff Will sacrifice for S2ZI Tho cheapest
house ever ofTercd In eastern realty Any reasonable term3 nccepted
A six room modern house hallway Insida blinds all open plumbing Lot
1SS7 to an alley under good rental A modern houso In every detail We havo
two left and can sell them for J2000 J100 cash balance on small monthly pay
ments Do ou own your home If not this Is a golden opportunity Tltla good
or no sale
A seven room frame SO feet from Lincoln Park on Eleventh Street Lot runs
100 feet deep to a 30 foot alley room to build a stable now under good rental
Will sacrifice for I7W The ground 13 worth more than is asked for the wholo
A seven room frame with all
modern Improvements situated on an Im
proved street has both hot and cold water modern In every detail lot IU10I a
genuine bargain Price JI5W Will make a comfortable home for anyone Easy
Tenth Street northeast near B a six room modern house cabinet mantels
niceiy umsneu tnrougnout under good rental Price J2CW Any reasonable
terms No better house In Washington for the price asked
We can quote jou the lowest price on any realty that Is for sale In East
North Carolina Avenue southeast an eight room brick rented at J13 per
month In good order lot Is 100 feet deep Trice J1C09 Think it over but dont
tako long If jou want a bargain
Two frames rented at JD per month on street not In an alley one square
from Pennsylvania Avenue car line In good order Price JS30 for tho two Buy
them if you aro looking for a bargain Abstract within tho last year showing
title good
A five room frame with water and sewer hydrant running -water
closet In jard new granolithic sidewalk paved alley in rear will mako a com
fortable home for anyone of moderate means Will sell for CM 10 cash balance
JIO per month Including Interest Abstract to date good title or no sale Theso
houses cost owner JS to build and are now under good rental to white tenants
The cheapest house ever offered
If you are thinking of buylns any realty consult us before doing so We can
save jou money No trouble to show property
John F Donohoe Son
308 East CapitolStee Local and Long Distance Phone East 84
3850 3850
Columbia Heights
Washingtons best residential section near schools and
churches best street car facilities no permanent cheap surround
ings but amid modern homes valued at from 15000 to 100000
These houses will double in value within five years
Similar houses are being sold for more money in cheap neigh
Apply to
Eugene E Gaddis Owner
425 9th Street Northwest
Never have such elegant houses been offered so low in this
city located on iH autiful Columbia Heights High healthy no
malaria wide street nowhere in the city are there so many
blocks of beautiful homes Convenient to cars stores schools
and churches houses occupied by persons prominent hi business
and otllcial circles
Apply to
Eugene E Gaddis Owner
425 9th Street Northwest
ommDia oeigms
SlJdO 5o0 ca sh balance U per month including principal
interest buvs a new modern home on Columbia Heights
Thee houses have 5 room bath
heat and all modern improvements
concrete cellar furnace
Apply to
Eugene E Gaddis Owner
425 9th Street Northwest

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