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Fair and coM todav and probably iomor
mow fresh northwesterly win 1s diminishing
Numiiu 75s
Millions ol Acres Asked for
Right oi Way
Interior Dopartmont Puzzled for a
Tirno by Plans of Bival Syndi
cates Pvoprcscntative Sibleys
Generous Mcasuro Bonanza for
Promoters if It Goes Through
Two brothers named Smith ha J a quar
rel and the sequel is the existence ot
two great railroads on paper each
lighting for supremacy One Is the Trans
Alaska Hallway Company and the other
Is the Trans Alaskan Hallway Company
Doth are ambitious so their promoters
Eay to build a line from Southern Alaska
to the Arctic Ocean and thence across
Bering Strait by bridge or Terry to
Siberia and the Orient
The Irans Alaska corapanj employed an
engineer who trarled over the route of
the proposed railroad and Upon his gen
eral description of a fear Me toJte a
formal application was mane to the In
terior Department for right of way The
engineer was Norman Smith
31itcr if Tlio lilitllN
Almost Immediately a duplicate of there
plans was filed in the Interior Department
Ly 1 concern calling itself the Trans
Alaskan Railway Company and the name
ot the engineer In this case was Warriner
E Smith The officials of the Interior
Department were mystified Hero were
two companies each declaring the same
objei is with names differing b only a
sngle letter n and each employ ug an
engineer named Smith
The injstcry began to dlssohe laBt
week vhen ReprcsentatU 0 Mbley of
Pennsylvania introduced a hill In the
incrcsl of the Trans Alaskai compane
roreons interested in the rival company
began to visit membcis of the House
Committee on Public Lands complaining
that the Trans Alaskan Company had
stolen its plans and vab encroaching upon
its rights It appears from their stories
that Warriner Smith had quarreled with
Norman Smith his brother and that the
result was the formation of a rival com
Irlncn mid Denier Cnittlnl
The Trans Alaska Company was organ
ized in San Trancisco several weeks ago
by Charles Nelson W C Van Vleet and
several other vcaltby men The com
pany has a capitalization of several mil
lions In their application to the Interior
Department they simply asked for right
of way through Alaska and s far as any
body knows the application was made In
good faith
When the Trans Alaskan Company filed
Its application in the Department with
the name of Smith No 2 attached as en
gineer it appeared that the company was
organized under the laws of the State of
Washington and that a syndicate of Den
ver capitalists was the moving spirit of
the enterprise J J Krey formerly gen
eral manager of the Sante Ie Railroad is
general manager of the new company He
Is now in this city
Gcucrouw ih Public Lnnd
It was Immediately noted that tho
Trans Alaskan Company would not be
satisfied with a mere right of way but
that it was resolved in obtaining an
enormous grant of land from the Govern
ment Mr Sibley s bill aa introduced
proposes to give to the Trans Alaskan
Company every alernate section of pub
lic land along the line ot the proposed
road for a distance of ten miles on each
tide of the trn k The whole grant would
amount to many hundreds of thousands
of acres
The bill is slnpularly generous In Its
provisions A study of the map of the
proposed road shows that thj Govern
ment is asked to give away some of tba
most aluablc mineral lands in AlaBka for
the route extends through the lart of the
gold and copper country It Is regarded
us rather significant too tht Illamna
Tiay the point selected by the Denver
promoters as the southern terminus of
their road is the scene of recent oil
strikes which promise to be valuable
Give Cnnipnny lull Titlr
One of the generous provisions of the
bill is that absolute title to the land
shall be given to the company as soon as
twenty miles of the whole 1000 or more
miles of track shall have been laid It
is also provided that wherever the name
Trans Alaskan Company appears in the
jTant the words shall be construed to
mean successors and assigns as well
The bill generously provides that all tho
shipments of Government troops and
military stores over the railroad shall be
carried free for a period of ten years
The scheme of the Denver promoters
lias been criticised by some members of
tbo House Committee on Public Lands on
the ground that after twenty miles of
track good bad or Indifferent In char
acter shall have been laid the railway
company or its successors and assigns
would be at liberty to turn its attention
to tbo mining business and that It would
have hundreds of thousands of acres of
the best mineral lands in the North In
Which to operate
SOO Slllm for SO of Homl
But of course these criticisms arc re
garded as absurd by representatives of
the Denver syndicate now in Washington
Tbey point to that provision of Mr Sib
leys bill which causes the company to
forfeit its land grant In case tho road is
not completed within ten ycrrs They
reserve all comment bovever on the
provision that the company shall still be
allowed to retain permanently 200 square
miles of land for each twenty miles of
track laid
The same criticisms have not been made
In regard to the scheme of the Trans
Alaska Company the San Kranclsco sn
dlcatec projectalthough little is known
about the Intentions of that company
They ask for no grant of land but such
application may be made later The com
pany has already established a stage line
over a part of the proposed railway
route and a few weeks ago secured a
contract for carrying United States malls
to the miners and other Inhabitants of
northern Alaska
Ilett Honor for Srenf
TAKIS Dee 15 Tbe cademy of Pine
Aria has appointed John S Sargent tho
American painter a corresponding mem
ber In succession to the late M Criflins
of Brussels
Ocean ttlrttniklilii 31m ciiirntn
NEW YOIIK Dec 15 Arrived- Etruria
Liverpool La nrctagnc Havre Canadian
Liverpool Trojan Prince Genoa British
Queen Antwerp Arrived out Uinbrla
Iroa New York at Quosnetown
Jillf fr
S njK
tr llcltihcirlt Ik Doliifr Well
AfliT III lnIiloii
NEW VOniC Dec 1C am not going
to discuss the Administration President
Uoos evell Is getting along a11 right after
his fashion
Thus spoke Senator Mark A Ilanna last
night In accordance with an interview In
this city today
He ended the remark with a character
istic little chuckle but could not be In
duced to further comment on President
Roosevelt turning down his friends
The Senator who arrived here last
evening will remain two days When
asked how lie could be absent from the
Senate today when the Nicaragua Canal
Treaty is to be voted on he ripllcd
Of course 1 n n in favor of the treaty
lrom such Bdvlrcs as 1 have received I
have no doubt it will be ratified This is
the only Important subject that will bo
considered before the holiday recess
What are the pros els of tho ship
I beleve the bill will be passed
the Senator
Mnrilrroil in sun Ii nnrlcn fter n
DcKlK rntc MrliKiile
a professional Chinese highbinder was
found murdered tonight In the rear room
of CO Jackson Street on tho second floor
Ills head was crushed evidently by
hatchet blows and It was nearly severed
from the body by murderous cuts with
the same weapon
The dead nans clothe were torn and
his hands gashed showing that he had
made a desperate resistance He be
longed to the Ping Kong Society which
has a feud on with the Quan family and
tonights murder is believed by detectives
to have been In retaliation
There is a reign of terror in Chinatown
and most of the gambling dens are closed
as the proprietors fear that murders will
take place in their boutcs or mat iuy
themselves maj be killed
Invited to Dine With nvcrnnr
Iole Intliorltlrs U for
Puller Detail further
ST JOHN N F Dec 15 The one
topic here today is Signor Marconis feat
in opening communication by wireless
telegraphy with his station on the coast
of Cornwall England The Inventor is be
ing followed by enwds of sightseers and
crowds are gather d about his hotel
He had luncheon today with the Cath
olic Bishop and he dined with Governor
Boyle tonight The latter has been asked
by the British Government to forward
fuller details of the lest
lurthcr Tft lil Wcelc
Signor Marconi will visit Cape Spear to
morrow and select a site for a station
Ho will give the Governor the Premier
and the Chief Justice an opportunity to
test the signals on Tuesday if possible
On Wednesday he expects signals from a
Cunarder in mid ocean On Thursday he
hopes for more powcrfu signals from
Marconi displays serene confidence In
his achievement and what It Is likely to
attain He Is fully satisfied that it is
only a question of a short time when the
station here and at Cornwall coast will
be exchanging business messages
iinmiiicrmcnl In London
LONDON Dec IE The Marconi Wire
less Telegraph Company has received a
cable despatch from Signor Marconi an
nouncing that signals sent from Poldhu
Cornwall had been at St Johns
N F The despatch adds that severe
weather is making continuous tests -very
A representative of the company says
that before leaving England Signor Mar
coni made most careful arrangements that
a certain letter of the Morse alphabet be
repeated from the station at Poldhu at
certain Mated times
Mr IMIhiiii l DoiiII f ill
ORANGE N J Dec 15 The report
that Marconi had received a wireless
message from England Is discredited by
Thomas A Edison Mr Edison said to
I do not believe that Marconi has suc
ceeded in receiving a wireless telegraphic
message He is a practical business man
and of course is trying to establish his
scheme of wireless maritime telegraphy
If it were true that he had accomplished
bis object I believe he would announce it
himself over his own signature
Marconi is all right and is working
diligently and when he succeeds I believe
he will make the fact public himself au
Ieuulr Tier Into Street Iamlon
IViintru to Ile nmo Tnft
MANILA Dec 15 An earthquake
which lasted slxt iive seconds and ex
tended over a very wide area occurred
here this morning
The people were terrified and rushed
from the churches hotels and houses
man of tf em falling on their knees and
pravlng In the streets Quite a number
were injured
General Punston who was occupilng a
ward in the hospital near that occupied
by Governor Tail prior to the latter re
moval rushed with nurses and forwards
and attempted to remove the Governor
Governor Taft however decided to re
main in the hospial until later
Driilli Howler It iill 1 Al
limit An I line
CAMDEN N J Dec 10 -1 a m
Senator Sewells condition It somewhat
His physicians report that ie had ral
lied slightly
However his death is expected at any
Ciiunnlrr Ciiibrln Hiinrtu
rncln n fnlt lit ien
LIVERPOOL Dec IS The Cunard Lino
steamer Umbrla which arrived here from
New York reports that sle encountered
a gale on the passage d -in which her
uck was swept by n fifty oot vave
Missel sustained no serious damage
Resumption oi Business in
tlie Transvaal
Rand JMinos Starting a Hundred
Now Stamps Weokly A Solution
of tho Meat Monopoly Offered by
a Competing Company From
Australia Burghers Take Oath
JOHANNESBURG Dec 13 Within three
months ten thousand refugees arc expect
ed to return here Permission has been
grantr i to the mines to start a hundred
Lew stamps weekly
I he railway Is now able to cope wHh
the increased traffic Eight new engines
-ere bought during the last few months
and herc have also been large additions
to th new rolling stock
The stock cxchingc will shortly ieojcn
The Star newspaper will start after
January 1
The registry of the Supreme Court will
open In January for the Issuing of wiit3
The court will sit In March Twenty two
prisoners charged with conspiracy aro
about to tc brought to trial
To right jlcal Monopoly
The Australia Rand and Natal Cold
Storage Company has Issued a prospectus
showing that it will have a capital of
100000 Of this 300000 rill be the
working cash capital the remainder being
held as a reserve The company Is a
Queensland enterprise and under tho
auspices of the Central Queensland Meat
Export Agency and the Quccnslard Meat
Agency the largest meat agencies in
This cold storage company will offer
the first serious opposition to the present
South African meat monopolies It Is
understood that tenders arc being made
for military contracts and every facility
is bolng given the concern by the nutLori
ties to this end
Tho company can supply the best qual
ity of meat at five pence per pound de
livered at Johannesburg which will en
able retail prices to be reduced about 30
jcr cent This will prove a great boon
A Vow ntul Itollvtn
PRETORIA Dc 13 The Natal Rail
way Department is completing the sur
vey of a new line which will run from
Verulam up the Umginl Valley to Grey
town Tho Intention Is to secure a route
with easy gradients and escape the dan
gerous curves of the present line
The new road will be eighty miles short
er to the Transvaal border It will deal
mainly with heavy Transvaal freight and
fast passenger traffic
The road will open up tho best agri
cultural district In Natal and will assist
in the development of the Greytown coal
fields which are now being tested and
will have the advantage of traversing a
thickly populated district
IllirKberN Tllke the Ontll
100 burghers here lately taken the oath
of allegiance In the Harrlsmlti and
Bethlehem districts
The Gazette publishes a further list
of 220 deaths In the refugee carap i in the
Orange RlverColony
IlcclnrrM Thnt tli Drnnin I Ant lr
cnIner In Amerleii
LONDON Dec 15 The annual ladles
dlurer of the Old Playgoers Club took
place today Miss Maxinc Elliott who
occupied the chair received the t lft of a
fan for which Cecil Raleigh In Nat Good
wins absence through indisposition
thanked the givers
The principal speech was made by Mr
Gillette who criticised those critic of the
United States who are convinced that the
stage and drama there are rapinly decay
ing He ventured to say from what he
could gather from the other arts of
poetry music painting and literature
that if the stage in America was going
to the dogs it was going in pretty good
He did not believe there was another
calling on earth where each one from
the highest to the lowest strove to ear
nestl to do his uttermost He could not
sea that the stage In America was differ
ent from that of England and that one
stage by presenting to tho people of each
country dramas dealing more or less I th
the life of the other Illustrated to each
side more vividly than could anything
else the fact that they were really one
people having tho same Instincts and as
piratloni the same passions and affec
tions the same sense of duty decency
and fair play that made them what they
The stage so far as It showed this as
sisted In promoting the welfare and peace
of two great nation
Aiih Wounded During he Vrrlotl
Itcwme nt liinrlirr
LONDON Dec 15 A despatch to a
news agency from N Kandhla Zululand
dated December 5 which was dclied b
the censor reports that Gen Iouh Botha
was wounded at Luneberg when eight
Boers were taken prisoners by the Brit
ish and that he onl escaped by crawling
away In the bush
Hauls feir llu ettlrlnritt ot lllsptite
lib rK Him
IJNDON Dee 10- V despatch to tho
Tltnfs from Valparaiso says that Chile
has proposed to Argentina as a Imsts of
sdtlement of thrlr dlKputc that rhlle
disavow all Intention of trentlng the loads
Irto the territor urder arbitration ps
evidince of previous possession that with
the object of avoiding action calculated to
mislead the British arbitrators the Ar
gentine ofllclils be withdrawn from doubt
ful territory lntr territory that in Indis
putably Argentine and that paths to facili
tate the surveys or lue British cummli
slon hi In the future constructed at the
Joint cepense cf the disputants
A despatch to the Dally Mall from
Buenos Avr 3 aS It Is reported that
Chile has aicept Great Britains ofirr
of her good alliens to settle the boundary
dispute between Chile und Argentina and
that Arfceiiiina ii di lav e ncr reply
bin Toll A nalilnKlon Strnmlioat In
Urhglillu tr jt iljilr at t 30 p r fuiro to
ill t lo fl Pont n ft rt Nnrf I - liruu
Uuch and TttuiLlt tas Sic J ilc r
Grrimtn nrIilp It Ik Snlil Mill
Itciulezvun nt Ilnvimn
NORFOLK Va Dec lu The engineers
of the Gcrrum cruiser Vlncta now here
sa the vessel will sail for Havana on
Tuesday to mtct three German warships
Then they will go to seize a Venezuelan
rort If the debt claim Is not paid
The American cruiser Prairie will go
with the Vincta and will follow her when
aha sails from Havana
Thlrt tlirce Men Tnken From tlie
V rcfkril lliirlt Miltlln
ing a strong easterly gale which swept
the coast late last night the English bark
Stadia Captain MrKlnzIo and crew ot
thlrt -three men was driven violently
upon a bar one mile below tho Ocean City
life saving station about midnight
The Slndla was caught In the storm as
she came near the coast
Before the lookout tiai aware of the
exact locality of the vessel she poked her
noEc deep Into the sand and after being
heavily poucded by the crested waves
swung about and nt last reports lies
broadside to eborc It was not until she
grounded that the signal lights were visi
ble from shore Tho Ocean City life savers
immediately put out In their long boat
ice crew oi tnirty tnrco men were
taken to the beach some by boat and
some by the breeches buoy
The Slndla is loaded with valuable Jap
anese ware and brlcabrac from Kobe
Japan consigned to a New York firm
Loeiin ii ml Alleged Pnrlner Hurried
Otr li Kiinilllc Police
Sajlor nnd U M Dinwiddle the two
policemen who were shot by a man sup
posed to be Harvey Logan a notorious
Western desperado connected with the
famous Montana train robbery were very
popular in Knoxvlllc A rumor current
on tho streets this afternoon that both
were dying Is supposed to hae actuated
a mob of over lOvO people which formed
at the Southern RallWny depot to see
Harvey Logan and his alleged partner
Butch Cassldy when they were brought
from Jefferson City where they were cap
tured earlier In the evening
Angry mutterings were heard long be
fore the train arrived and when It did
come and the two prisoners were seen
at the door a cry of Lynch them lynch
them went up and at first things looked
As Logan stepped dovrn he was Btruek
at with a club and the crowd surged to
ward him But in from curses that
was as far as it nt for policemen
formed n solld cordon brushed the crowd
back and rushed the prisoners into the
patrol wagon
s Logan mounted the steps some ono
fired twice at hlra but o sptedlly woi
the would be assassInV swallowed up by
the crowd no arrests rould be made AH
Is quiet now
Tonight the police found i000 addi
tional Montana bank note tens and
twenties In a grip at the Southern Rail
way depot Logan Had a check far a
trunk at the same place When the trunk
wa opened It wns found to contain seven
suits of reversible clothing one side be
ing different from the other a valuable
revolver and other articles
Mnn In LlinrKe of thr fnrrlnKC
lie Ill to Vvtllit nil Invc vtlKiitlun
Snlil to llnvr Ileen
Charles Cox an old soldier and an In
mate of the Soldiers Home was killed
In the King Building at that Institution
yesterday afternoon by an elevator He
was found In a dying condition underneath
the carriage which was on the ground
door Walter Kmerman and William
Keris inmates of the institution made
the gruesome discovery about 1 oclock
The had been attracted to the scene by
the groans of the Injured man Cox wns
taken to the Institution hospital where
he survived ouly a few minutes
Illpwitor Mtio LovUfil Up
Lewis B Leech the elevator man who
is said to have been intoxicated at tho
time of the accident was locked up at
the Home and an investigation will be
made this morning by the Coroner and the
police to ascertain wfether or not he was
In any wa roponslllo for the death of
The building In which the accident oc
curred Is used as a sleeping ap irlnicnt for
the soldiers Umcrcian und Kerns were
on their way o the eVvalor to go to their
rooms wncn hey heard the groins of the
imprisoned man
Cox It Is thought fell from the second
floor through the elevator shaft and was
ro stunned he could make no outcry
While in this condition he was pinioned
down by the carriage The surgeons at
the hospital found the mans skull had
teen severely fractured and that h was
suffering from concussion of the iln
He died on the operating table
Coroner TUnf catloii
Upon Investigation If -was learned that
the elevator man was Intoxicated nnd
thinking that probably his negligence
might have had some beariug on the case
the oflliltls lueii jirrfers for his arrest
and detention Actios voroni r Glazcbrcul
was notified of the delh and after an In
vestigation Issued a cvrtltaatc of death
from arcident
Iullrcmau lrrly of the Tenth pre
cinct was in the Home with a summons
for a soldier when Cot died and at unco
notified the Oorone Several policemen
end the Coroner will pi a visit to tho
Soldier Home this morning to further
Investigate tho case
Tie tirf eiisrd was about sltt tars of
Mr House ieli IrlviiH irri liirj
Soon to leieir llospllill
The condition of Miss llclle Hagner so
ldi secretary to Mrs Roosevelt who has
ieen 111 for two or luce weeks at Gir
fltld Hjpitai was ieportel lost night
to he oinehat Improved his rw
s luVr rg from typhoid fever and her con
illlrn several dayp o was
licf that lime si e rne id iduv
i vrd 1 will tr h
avi Ie Vipital -e h ilk
I Iiiuim litiKlnrhK uli jr fill ruil If
Uusmctt Muitttuj tei tlC 5 v a iaf
2500 Yearly to Entertain
in Foreign Ports
Scerotary Long Prosonts Mattor
to Sonnto and Houso Commit
tees on Naval Affairs A Com
parison With Europoan Practieo
Other Allowances Asked
Two thousand five hundred dollars a
year as table money to each flag officer
of the navy afloat
Thi Is the request which Secretary
Long has made In a letter addressed to
me ncnaie anil J louse committees on
Naval Affairs and asked that provision
for the same b made In the forthcoming
appropriation bills
KiitiTllilniMciit for rorrlt ner
Table money is an allowance for of
ficial entertaining It is Intended for
the purpose of providing wines cigars
and choice viands to delight the nabobs
high officials and persons of note and
distinction In ports where American
ships may anchor
The Secretary of the Navy believes that
the good will of foreigners may be reached
through tho alimentary canal and thinks
It well to cultivate friendly relations
abroad by catering to the gastronomic
tastes of the representatives of tho
Iow crs
A Snclnl ilnninear
There Is a sort of social diplomacy
which our naval officers must exercise
and they desire carlo tltnche to tho
extent of 2500 each to drew upon their
Uncle Samuel to cover the expense They
dont like tho idea ot partaking of hos
pitality without on opportunity of re
turning it In kind and they prefer to
feast and drink and smoko on their great
rich uncle than to be compelled to Issuo
checks against their ow private bank
accounts to cover the cost of official en
Grent Britains Illirrnllt
There Is nothing like saying coute que
cnute with a shrug of the sholders
when It comes to extending official cour
tesy these officials believe nnd the Sec
rotary of the Navy agrees with them John
Bull allows thi sort ot spending money
to his naval commanders they say and
why should not Brother Jonathan who
wants his boys to appear as well In their
font and lace as any other sea dofbe
In his letter among other things Sec
retary Long sas
The low late of pay allowed our Gag
officers as compared with the total pay
anti allowances ot lorelgn Hag officers
puts them at a disadvantage which re
acts upon the Government Tor with the
lower fay they can less satisfactorily per
form the very important duty of the naval
oGIcor In times of peace namely the cul
tivation of friendly relations abroad
A IteelproenI ArrnnRe nicnt
It Is expected that officers command
ing cur squadrons and vessels rhall accept
Invitations which will cultivate friendly
telatlcps and Indeed they cannot de
cline many of the invitations received
abroad without giving offence Such In
vitations haviug been accepted It would
bo discreditable to the Government If the
courtesy were not returned In a fitting
manner Moreovcr it Is cx iectcd that in
proper case our officers ohall offer such
courtesies nnd entertainments In our own
and foreign ports as the nature of their
duty In the port may serm to call for
During past years the Department has
frequently been called upon by officers in
command at home and abroad to make
speeial allowances to them to meet the
cost ot certain formal official entertain
ing Tbo Department has a few times
seen fit to grant these request and w ten
it has done so the allowance has been
made from the appropriation contingent
navy Such allowances however aro
without the express sanction of Congress
and or that aoount the Department has
felt obliged to make the allowance only
for specific and single Instances It has
felt obliged to refuse such a request sx3
was rc cently receved from the
of the North Atlantic Squad
ron for a fund to be made aviilaMe to
cover expenditures ciurtng ine coming
West Indian cruise although It appears
onl Just that such allowanee should be
made If It could properly be dono
Iiircc rrlnl Allnminccw
The Secretary goes on to state that
the allowance which the department has
made for defraying the cost of certain of
ficial entertaining have in some instances
been considerable As much ns JSil was
allowed in December 1S9S to the com
manding officer of the Oregon But al
lowances have only been made for unusual
entertaining Less lormal entertaining
has been paid for by officers out of their
own pockets
He cites another Instance that of the
Chicago which made a cruise around
Africa for the cxprcas purpose of shov
ing our Hag In foreign waters The ex
pense which the offieer Incurred in shav
iug the African courtesies was the Sec
retary say strictly In line of dut but
It had to be borne by their own purses
llrltlsli Villi llnvvnni en
Rear admirals of the British navy act
ing as on foreign
station arc allowed 7993 in as table
none whirh added to their respective
salaries of i32i makes their pay about
double that of the United States naval
officer In n corresponding position The
seronds in command In tho British navy
also recelvo 32C6 table mone
Table mone to Hag officers and com
mand money to other officers Is a per
sonal allowance In the British uav
In adiitlon to the J2C0 for table
money for flig officers Secretary Long
asks tint nniits within the discretion
of the Secretary of the Navy may be al
lowed to other officer of the navv for
unusuil and extraordinary necess ry of
ficial entertaining
linperiiil Pnrt
Jiuirm to PiLliic
PKKIN Dec 15 lelegran has been
rctehid 1 ere tinting that tho Imperial
party nxi ed the Yellow RIcr yesttrda
und lftr irriied nt the first station ten
mlhs tl ii side zt the river
A m llion liPl of iowrnmmt treasure
irricl trday fmm the south to pay fj
th reconstruction of pal ccs nrJ o hci
Isldor Ilnyncr Dre llnr In Tnlle
llefiire tlie I nlrn ii iv
BALTIMORD Md Dec 15 Until I
have seen Admiral Schley said Isldor
Rayncr tonght and discussed his plans
thoroughly I will have nothing to say
concerning the course we shall pursue
I have given no Interview today and
will glvo none until I see the admiral
Even then I do not know that we will
announce our course It may prove more
effective to spring It as a surprise
There are several courses which we
may pursue As I have before said I
will advise him not to let the matter
rest I will confer with Admiral Schley
tomorrow In Washington
I really do not care to criticise the
verdict of the majority of the mombo s
of tho court for the simple reason thi
I do not think that it would be politic
As I said I think that the people will ac
cept tho fcrdlct cf Admiral Dewey
Iossllilo Action Congress Ite
Knnlcil n Deplornlile
LONDON Dec 16 The Standard
thinks that the report of the Schley Court
of Enquiry will satisfy nobody and is cal
culated enly to embitter the controversy
It trusts however that an enquiry by
Congress will be avoided It would lead
to a waste of time and serve to arouse
temper It Is of the opinion that the dis
pute ought either to be dropped or Ad
miral Schiey court martialed but as the
engagement off Santiago was fully suc
cessful silence Is preferable
The Chronicle commend Admiral
Deweys gallant loyalty to a comrade but
thinks his Judgment will not upset the au-
tnorlty of the main report
Alleseil MluiiilrrMnntlln of Order
Mllil to llnir Cnimeil Inlnl Col
Union enr
vlllc III
ROCKlORD III Dec II The failure
of a conductor William Osten of Iree
port to understand orders Is alleged to
bo tho cause ot an accident on the Illinois
Central Railway at IerryvlIIc earlMbls
KlKht Persona Killed
A freight train with six cars west
bound and running on tho time of the
castboend Omaha special collided with
the latter on a curve Eight persons
are known to have been killed and sixteen
were injured The dead
DHID CEIIW Fruport engineer ot the
frefcftt tnln
LUMIIUrEY rmport fl unan of the
nr igfii irnn
J HK CMe go IraVtnnn of tlw pac
ftenfftr train
ltIClM OIIMsDY Clil 5J engineer of the
pMnjrer trjin
JOIE3 HKAItDOV Cbfcsgo Srem n of t e
psflteneer train
ROUfcRT TllOJirsOX Dubuijw Ex
press menaenser
IlhltT Chicago news aent on pmeirger
Section foreman of IlllnoU Central name un
it nown
The accident wa3 prlmtrlly due to the
weather which had delayed the Omaha
flyer due In Chicago at 3 10 oclock It
Price One Cent
Destruction and Loss of Life
Rivers Rise Swiftly Carrying Away
Bridges and Houses
Pennsylvania Towns Out Off by
Washouts Along Eallway Linos
Many Places in Daikness Dam
Bursts Near Ithaca Causing
Many Narrow Escapoo An Ital
ian Colony Roported Drowned
Advices received from many parts of the
country affected by Saturdays storm tell
of great floods In the East Central Xew
York and Eastern Pennsylvania suffered
the worst from the deluge of rain and the
high winds and railroad wrecks loss of
bridges and ncshouts are reported
Cloudbursts anil broken dam added to
the destruction and in many places peo
ple fled from tho low Iand3 before tho
torrents of rushing waters swept them
away along wllh their homes
Others were not so fortunate and loss
of life wai added to tho already Ions list
of the storms havoc
Home A Y Sulfero
ROJIB Jf Y Dec 15 Heavy rains yes
terday afternoon and last night caused tho
most disastrous floods that have been
knoxn hero In many years Three wash
outs occurred on the Central tracks west
of here about four miles and two within
the next ten miles Traffic has been com
pletely stopped since 6 oclock this morn
Ins and will not be resumed before noon
tomorrow A washout also occurred on
the Ontario and Western Railroad about
three mites south of here
Lock No 1 on tho Black River Canal
was greatly damaged The Rome Water
Work3 pumping station was flooded and
tha pumps stopped for nearly ten hours
llooil In Iurt Jerrlii
PORT JERVI3 N Y Dec Ii Asa re
sult of the almost unprecedented down
fall of rain accompanied by high winds
I which visited this section last night the
I la nnrt t m Inf TIB V
overflowed their banks and flooded a large
expanse of territory driving many fam
ilies from their homes and tleln up tho
Erie Railroad and branches by numerous
washouts and landslide
Passengers from two Erie express trains
that were held up by washouts and land
slides last Msht were brought to this sta
tlon today and are belnf afea for itio
Erie company at a hotel
IoiiT Irrxtle Dmrn
The long trestle over the Susqttehann
River at Wcllsbon m -Carried away On
he aley branch ot the TSHe there
of Rockford aro
pulled out at lto oclock
nearly fio hours late and sped onward landslides at various points and -several
In an effort to make time Ten miles ea days must clicae before general traffle
of Rockford and two miles beyond Perry- be resumed At Port Jtrvis part of
vllle a small way station there U a curve the new railway bridge across the Nave-
In the trark and here th two trains
came upon each other each going at al
most top steed
Ai Time tn lump
Neither the engineer nor fireman ot
either train had time to Jump All four
men were caught In the awful crash They
could be Identified at the inquest this
afternoon only by the torn and mangled
scraps of charred and burned humanity
that were gathered from the pile of debris
The shoik ot the collision was accen
tuated by the explosion of tho freight
locomotive boiler scattering the wreck
age In all directions In the exprets ear
of tho passenger train were Messenger
Robert Thompson and J W Funk the
brakeman They were crushed to death
when the smoker telescoped the epre33
Think Colorfil Mini l Tleiul
Cert the new agent whose list name
Is not known here and the section fore
man of Irene a station Just beyond were
sitting in the front end of the smoker
and were wedged into the debris by the
pile of seats and other wreckage that
heaped upon them
Conductor Quintan fajs he is sure a
colored man was also a passenger but
this has not been substantiated
Lumber Imlrn Schooner Crrvr
it rerllnili Sltuiitlnn
lumber laden schooner was caught off
Cape IIattcra3 yesterday evening by a
thirty mile gale blowing Inshore and
came to anchor to avoid Rolng on the
During the nlsht while the life savers
at Durant station patrolled the beach
unable to launch a boat or to reach the
schooner with lifo lines the vessels deck
load of cypress lumber came ahore At
nightfall tonight the wind blew off shore
but an attempt to rescue the schooners
crew wa still impracticable
The veser name Ins not yet been
learned She Is a mile off shore and -111
probably outride the storm
Innlilril to Itetiirn Prom HiisiiIIhI to
lllllnetliillii tliltlee
MANILA Dec 15 Goernor Taftj con
dition has so Improved that he was per
mitted to return from the hospital to the
Malacanan Palace todav but he will have
to remain In bed for some time
llnht Irrmim llrrt Dentil
tnilll Trill n Ureek
cer train on the
In Hon-
Great Northern was
wrecked ono mile west of ITasex station
In the Rocky Mountains at 2 oclock this
morning After the baggage car mall car
and smoker had passed the rails spread
and the rest of the tralu was derailed
Otto Erichson from Sweden on his way
to California and seven others were
killed The others were three ladles a
young girl and three men wheso mines
cannot be learned
The other passengers who were Injured
are at the hospital lu this city
sink River which the Eric U building tr
replace the old structure was carrie
away by the flood making it unsafe fc
trains to pass
City Without Llsiit
TTt Jervis Is in darkness the water
from the Delaware having backed In under
the railroad track flooding the lower part
ot the town where the electric light and
power horse Is located Tho trolley care
are left standing in the streets wbtre they
were when the power was shut off
At 8 oclock this evening the water in
the submerged streets Is still rising and
the people are in a state of anxiety and
Alarm In Ithnca
ITHACA J Y Dee 15 The hard
rains of Saturday afternoon continued
throughout the entire night and did not
abate uulll 2 oclock this morning when
the rain turned to snow and as a result
the whole city Is a sorry sight Debris
Is scattered over the lower portion but
as far as can he learned no lives were
A cloudburst about ten miles to the
east of Ithaca was responsible to a large
extent for the damage This caused the
big dam at Dryden which furnishes the
water supply to that town to burst Fall
Creek which empties into the Inlet at
Itlucn was the only outlet to this great
volume of water and Dryden at once noti
fied Ithaca by long distance telephone of
the impending danger
Ylnrned of the Danger
When this message reached Ithaca the
fire bell was rung and the authorities at
once tried to notify every citizen of tho
approaching danger Eiery person In the
neighborhood ot the creek was communi
cated with as quickly as possible
Kitty men working In the plant of the
Ithita Street Railway Just escaped with
their lives while other narrow escapes
were recorded
When the volume of water reached Ith
aca It picked up the Ilhaca Street Rail
way cnrbirns and the house of Clarence
nimtndorf whlci was situated at the ex
tremity of the gorge and carried them
away like pnper The flood quickly put
out the lights of the city and stopped all
traffic on the street railways
Thr lJniiuiire Hen 5
It was noon before tho water began to
to down At that time the Hood had
reached a pont the highest kno vn since
1837 and had caused 250000 damage In
this city alone
Tho tracks of both the Lehigh Valley
and the Delaware Lackawana and West
ern Unllnnvs were Inundated by several
feet of water and trafile wltlj the oulsldo
world was entirely stopped
SCRANTOV ri Dee 15 One of tho
worst storms of recent years visited this
cltj last night and rjged uwll morning
At midnight the fury of thewlnd was so
great that houses were rocked like cra
dles and pejple were aroused from their
bed In terror
A number or smaller structures were
overturned There was a downpour of
rain within the city limits reumbllng a
cloudburst and the downpour seems to
ha o visited the entlr region on a scalo
nearly as severe
o Trains Vrrlic
Not a train has reached this city either
from New York or Philadelphia or points
west today Hundreds of Federation of
Continued un Second lae

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