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Says Freedman Will Leave
Baseball Today
A Suspicion That New National
Loaguo President Has a Majority
of Cluba Stock A Statement
to tho Press Controversy Do
clared Thin of tho Past
NEW YORK Dec 13 At 130 oclock
tomorrow afternoon Andiew Ficcdman
will cot out of baseball ana A G Spald
ing wins
Such was tbe announcement made by
Spalding this afternoon at i oclock
Newspaper men who asked thc new presi
dent of the National League what he
jncant by this statement were laughingly
watcd aside with the further remark
I mean Just what I say In twenty
four houiB I will announce hc e that An
drew Freedman and A G Spalding sepa
rate as far as the Issue Is concerned and
that Spalding wins Then there will bo
other issues that will be similarly
Mr Slinlillimx Mnleiiiciil
Then Spalding went away and prepared
a statement for the press In which he
said cf Freedman
I can unJerstand why the nceting of
Friday night and early Saturday morning
mlgit seem farcical and my actions
hysterical but ne must foou begin to
think that there Is a certain sequence
of events In this control crsy Mr Freed
man In staling that I precipitated the
Urothcrhood war of lK O indicates his
Ignorance of baseball history In which
U hu will look it up he will And I had
something to do with the conduct of that
campaign to its final settlement and I
sin thankful I was not handicapped
through that fight with Andrew Freed
ClinrRc Vit I plie lil
ilr Freedmans effort to attach my
name to the so called Freedman Brush
baseball busted trust must fall flat after
my announcement to the press as to the
efforts 1 nade last summer through lir
Hart cnlj for the one special purpose of
protecting the interests or ilr Treidman
end his fellow -stockholders of the New
York Club and getting his baneful influ
ence out of th National league
I have had no correspondence with
Ban Johnson but I did see him about the
dddlc of October on my way from Cali
fornia to New York ard from casual com
ments that he made on Andrew Freed
man I believe he will be with me in this
con trot crsy
A Tliiuc ln
Now Mr Freedman as the public
must be pretty well surfeited with this
control crsy between A G Spalding and
Andrew Trecdman and ab practically the
case Is made up so far as I am con
cerned unless jou hae some real evi
dence to offer 1 am unwilling to permit
my name to be any longor coupled with
that of Andrew Freedman and here Is
Tkhere we rart
At 4 SO o clock tomorrow afternoon at
the Fifth Aenuc Hotel I will announce to
the reporters that I will treat this con
Irotersy between us cb water that has
passed the wheel and will introduce new
Issues into the baseball campaign looking
toward improved conditions In our great
xatlonal sport
Krcelninn link Mi ItriI
Freedman said when asked for an In
There Is nothing that Mr Spalding can
ray that Is worthy of reply from me The
Intel ests of the stockholders of tho New
York club will be amply protected
Roblson when he heard of Spaldings
defiance asked to have it repeated to him
halt a dorrn tlms
The only construction I can place on
It said the St Louis man is that he
must have a card up his Eleco for othcr
wIec he would not make such a hold bluff
It appears to me to be possible that
Bpalding in some way has secured control
of a majority of the slock In the iCew
Tork club
Detection IliinU Jnnir HnnLf lft
slnjcr In In Tlil
Haling been on several wild goose
chases through the wilds of 11 ryland for
Thomas Morse the negro who thot and
killed James Haskens another negro in
a stable near Cbevy rhase Circle on Fri
day morning the detectives of this city
have turned their attention to this city
They have good reason for beliclng the
negro Is in thlB city as it le said he has
been seen on the principal thoroughfares
by persons who know him A conductor
on the Ilockville LMeitric Hallway bald
yesterday that a negro buswerlcg Morses
description rode on hU car as far as
Georgetown the afternoon of the shooting
Major Syli ester has offered a reward
cf tlbO for the arrest of the negro and
several thousand circulars with his de
scription have been sent to all parts of
Maryland and Pennsylvania
Srrlftloii r K Tropic flirlft
tlnn Kndrnor Solclj
The Intermediate section ol the Young
Teoples Christian Endeaxor Society of
the EattTn lTeauytcrlan Cburili will thl
Mason dcote its Christmas otJerlns to
the btncflt of the Cornelius Memorial
Mission in Southeast Washlncton The
Christian Endtator of the Eastern Church
- one of the raalnetays of the National
Junior ltnubllc at Annapolis Junction
Vd but it vos decided at a business
rcittlriK follolnK the rccular meetlnR
yesterday afternoon to demote the entr
fclcs of tbe intermediate pvction to Klin
the attendants of the Cornelius Memorial
Illusion the merriest and bappiuKt Kind of
a Christmas
The intermediate sertlon aI11 hold a
sunrise iirnjer meeting at the Eastern
Church on Christmas moraine at C30
oclock The Junior section under Miss
Deborah Easton has nlso arranged for
appropriate sen Ices to be held during
the holiday veek The Sunday schools
ChrlstmaH czerclHes vlil be held on
Christmas Ete al the East Church
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End of tho Contest a Lively Mlx up
With Plonty of Hard BIowb De
livered on Both
Mot in a Ring at a Now
York Theatrical Club
NEW YOltK Dec 15 Jtobert Kltzslm
mon formerly hcavywelcbt champion
pugilist and Thomas Sharkey an aspir
ant for that title met jn a fifteen foot
ring early this morning and boxed Ave
rounds for points
It as the first meeting In a ring flnco
LJnky Hob put the sailor out In the
second round before the Cone Hland
Athletic Club a jear and a half ago At
that time boxing was legal In Ibis fatate
but it Is not now
Trlendly bouts however are oft n held
and the bont today between the
van of this order That the bout
a as to take place was a secret and few
people knew that Sharkey and Iltxslm
nions were to don the gloves until tho
men entered the ring
ApiM iiirit n I n Mmilrr
The bout was held at the Theatrical
UuslncBH Mens Club 139 West Forty first
Street The club held a smoker for mem
bers only and the tip went forth that it
would be worth while attending On the
second floor a prize ring had been erected
and the master of ceremonies was a well
known theatrical man
The fun began with a bag punching ex
hibition and this was followed by n couple
of local lightweights who made things
lUcly for three rounds Three other bouts
followed and shortly before 3 oclock the
event of the night vas announced Up to
this time many of the members did not
know that ritxslmmous and Sharkey were
to spar
When the two heavyweights entered the
ring they were cheered to loudly that the
members were told to desist or the police
might call at the clubhouse to see what
the noise was about Doth fighters were
ftrlppcd with the exception of their
trunks and they donned eight ounce
They selected their attendants from
among the club members one of whom
aclei as referee It was announced that
the bout was to be a friendly one and
simply for point tMien the gong sound
ed for the bout to begin both Ashlers
Jumped to the centre of the ling
JIU up In lie riflli
The bout was comparatively tame till
the fifth round when the men agreed to
mix It up and started right In Fitzblm
mona led with a right forthc body and
landed good and fctrong He followed this
up with n right hand hook that landed
Sharkey swung his right for KliSslmmons
head and lift a red spot on the lanky
fighters check to show for it
They fought at cloe quarters and there
Wat an even exchange of blown Jloth
iun were puffing before the round was
half over They were warming up to their
uik and the spectators gale cnt to
their delight in muffled cheers
Sharkey rot in a couple of body blows
and Kilxftlmmoon returned them by laud
ing on the tailors massive head Trom
this on until the bout endid they went
nt each other hotly
The blows were coming so quick when
the gong sounded that they could not be
counted Vlien the bout was over the
men shook hands
The referee declared the fight a draw
CilllMltlldniinl Defriire JfflIe 1
Algernon Critie
A Constitutional Defence of the
Negro was the subject of nn address de
livered last night al the Metropolitan A
M E Church by Algernon Sidney Crapscy
Senator Cullom presided over the meet
ing and In a short addrets Introduced the
speaker of the evening
Mr Crarsey started out with a criticism
of the Americans who created the great
est Republic on earth when he said
Never in human hUtory did men so
belle their own professions as did our
forefathers when they set up what they
claimed to be a free government and
then made constitutional provision for
the enslavement of a portion of th peo
They did not do this with a clear con
science They did Lot dare to use the
word llire op cly In the Constitution
In speaking oi the prevalence of lynch
ing in the Souili the orator said It prac
tically placed that section of the country
in a stale of anarchy
So common in tbla method of punish
ing supposed crimes in the Southern sec
tion of our country that It has displaced
the regular proceedings of the law iourts
Iiiet j car more than ISO human beings
chatged with crime died without trial at
the hands of the mob More tlinu three
a week And the perpcuatons of this
trcacon against the najcsty of the State
arc today living al large their crimes un
punished many boasting of their rimes
and their Simpathlztrs tlt In the Con
gress of the United btatcs Surely
anarchy can go no further than tbi ex-
le pl It murder our rulers ravub our
women and burn our homes
Referring to the disfranchisement of tbe
negro Mr tiapscy said
The political dirilciiltles of the North
as of the South are to be solved not by
dibfranchisement but by eiifranchliement
The enfranchisement of the mind from
Ignorance and pride and prejudlie the
tiifranihlsenieut of the heart from basa
hatredi and unl olj fears
Mr Ciatfcl alleged a serious large
against the Southern people when he Oe
uiaiiued effual rights tor tbe negro
And In pleading for political and ilvil
righs he declared for those who today
are deprived of ihe n we are not pleading
for men and wotrcn of African blood only
we are plindlng for our own brothers and
sisters our bloeid relations vc are
pleading for tlose In whose veins runs
she beit or our own ingio rtaxon uiooa
we are pleading for ihe descendants ol
the best famlliei in the South for the
rhlldrcn of the linckne s and Ihe Itan
dolphR the Masons and the Slidells We
ask these gentb men of the outh to b
fair and Just to their own llesh and blood
He adverted to the Hooker Washlngtoi
iii ldvnl when he said
I can only say that our social pme
is measured by the e xtent of our socio
sympathies There Is something want
lug In the man who cannot associate c
e ijual terms and uiiconiclously with Hi
millionaire and the man without a dol
lar with the President of the Unite
Slates and the hod carrier or the waltc
at table with the fairest daughter of Hi
palarr and the duslle3t maiden ot th
Mr Crapsey advised the negro to re
sist any eflons to prevent him from vol i
Vour excu e for this submission t
outrage and wrong Is that If ou reel
jou will bo killed Killed What If you
uie killed Were not white men klllc
by the huudred thousand to secure t
jou undr the Constitution the politic
and civil rights which you so easily sut
Cod forbid llml you should lift up your
bauds tavo in defence of tho rights i f
man and th lives of women and ehlldrei
Do not kill but be killed He kllle
until ou have lost from your veins tl i
last drop ot tho blood of the slavo ar 1
can stand up as free nun In a tret land
IltrRer Altemlniiee IllirltiK Hie Pre
cerilliiKH Minn nl Any Miiec
Mm Mirrnlt W Arrnleii
rl Hefirc the ilier
The trial cf Mrs Lola Ida llemry no
nlno for tho murder ot James Seymour
Ayres Jr which ended In her acquittal
on Friday last will long be remembered
by the rcldents of Washington as the
most sensational which has taken place
In the District since the conviction of
Mrs Surratt as an accessory totho murder
of President Lincoln That trial how
ever was many jenrs ago and the people
of the whole country as well as the resi
dents of the District were In a state of
fevered excitement There are not any of
the officials connected with the Supreme
Court of the District now who were thero
at that time
Olil Ceurt Kmplijei
With Ihe exception of Mr Return Jon
athan Mcist one of the assistant crks
of the eourt who has occupied tho posi
tion for more than thirty years perhaps
the next oldest in point of service Is Mr
William U Robinson First Assistant
United States Marshal for the District
He was hm appointed to the j03ltlon In
September 1SS2 but resigned In US He
was again reappointed In 1831 and has
since held the office During his Incum
Iwney Mr Robinson has always personally
taken charge of the court rooms during
the progress of an and nil Important
In speaking of the great trials which
have taken place in the local courts Mr
Robinson stated that he never remem
bered one during which there was such n
great desire and demand for tickets of
mlmlttance tis during that of tho one Just
niilphcd In fact only onee before ho
said did he believe that It wouid be lie c
essary to place some restriction upon ad
mission to the court roon during the
progress of a trial That was during tho
progress of the suit of Madeline Pollard
against Representative llrccklnridge of
Kentucky for fyOdOO tig damages fur
brpaeh of promise lo marry
The liillnrfl re2ltirll Re tne
Even then Mr Robinson says the de
mand for adtnlttancedld rjot come from
be people in all walks of life as It did
ng the trial of Mrs During
Hal of the lollard nrejcklnrldgo case
an In sellon and the great
applications for admittance
y members of Congress and
llclal circles Even then the
not near so great as It was
mi wnien enueu lasi vveeK
rest was greatly aroused at
the Schneider Canty Funk
nekton trials but not to such
Robinson paid as to cause
at the eourt room would bo
suffocation by overcrowding
ot his wife Tunk murdered
ooks foi her money Snell
ttlc girl and Lanckton killed
i Wrcnn In a lit of Jealousy
i ii
t th
11 convicted of murder and
ally on tho gallons except
10 was found guilty of man-
aad Is now serving his
ies Just mentioned greatest
ilred In tho trial of Funk
victed principally on clrcum
ence At his trial the Gov
l represented by Justlco An
prrsided at the Ilonlne trial
that time was United States
f tho District
ew Orlenn Hntrles
NEW ORLEANS Dec Ii Kntrwi fir tomor
rows raew
First raft For and upnard
lx and one ltalf fuilonza Teucer Hi Ilop
icotcb Mop Hi Alpaca 103 Little Jack Horner
Wcidcman Old Fov Itnlucrr Warre n lint 107
1 ancle Jlaude Tour 104 Pirate Quern It
Second race Por two tea r oId Acllmz iN far- t
longs Cast lion 10J Lrenjj IX Lirgo 10J
a rur xasril 3 WBlj
Colonel Munr
Ik n nullum Kmma A ii i y
Laurie W TV Widow til
TMnl rao For tlirrr r ear old ami uptMil
wiling oni anl onc cichth mile Ijjt tlie KM
illrr 10fl TjniVna 106 Major Mitulr ltf
Itnbfrt Honncr I to Ualrith W Zjl tticlps
Ilijj W
tourtii racr Vvr all asM liamlicip svrcn fur
lonnA Tom A llm 110 B Ct 10a
chnell Laufcr PrmIttTun 103 Senator HfprMze
neuron 100 frank Ktuni ndes S3 Ualm of
Head CO
Fifth race tr and upward
Hlms one nl i ne rfsMh mllr lien Chance
107 tvfordman Wooikilce 103 Trebor Irnric
ilfjcr 102 Free Paw M Pmlerlch 01 Hn to
Sixth race -Fur three jearoldi ard upward
one mile and MTenty jardi Stranjcst rMlma
raxton 107 11 HattM Jackanapu Kuterpe
lUDUh AVatet Iou lVn tor P3 Albert Lef W
Sir Pomeroy 3 John null 96
mv Orlennif eIrrIon
First race lpaca Pi ate Queen Tcurrr
Second rare Merac Maitell MLMile lat Inm
Third rife 31aJor iliniir Tjrsheca Zack
Third race Malar Fleuro Turn CVIItn
Fifth race uordnan Ttelor Piedrkh
faUth race IJanLli Kuterpe n date
rlinrtptfin llnirlr
aiARfJsTtN 3 a Dee- 13 Entries for to
morrow races
First race For thrccjejr olk and upward
elllntr sU furlong rrcloniiw 119 Sam I atiru
115 Jele V 11 iecn I fjuria IK O Kccd
lncatidccent Tom Owl Ordeal 112 Tremar 110
Vtvctf D 100 Kdllc C 101
herond race For and upward
tellug Jx and cne Jialf urIonir llenrj llm
monfl 1W Gale ToH 10G Dandr Itclle Slam
llolton 103 Jiin Minn PE Jindder O icuj D7
Third rice For all are ititn furJonga pa-
110 Iloral Kom hMU How llfl Uzzle
felt 3W aifton Hoy 5 Tout 7S
Fmirth rar t Fur sellinc Ire and
ont half fnrloni Poadlr Nizht Miadr llitiie IH
tU 116 TrUtram 103 Dr orth 37 Jim Srin
lon Swan Panco 04
Fifth ratr For and upward
pellinr one mil Kipffalonff 112
100 Mark Hanna EMe Vcnntr Salome If hing
full 10 A 107 Rwehud W
CIiHrleon heleelln
Fltt race Trrmar Jim Ijurui Incamlewmt
Serond nn Jlarlc lldlton Jim Hlnn Iiandy
Third race IaMtc Tout EJb
- Fourth race llatti Riru IJaJIjr Mght Shade
Dr Worth
Fifth rate Klngfull IloJt Illrd Ijrriiiuise
OnUtnitd ditrle
OAKLAND Drc 15 Krtriet for tomorrowa
First race For and upward fire
and onc haU furIon Hjnancr US llie Ulller
KC Frank Hell HJ EiWardo 107 Captirate
Ijica 102 Crinkl Fcmrlno 107 Ccmullator
Hi Ilfj ill San Juan 10T Jack eial WJ
Sxmd race For anil upward
jclllnc one and on flitenth rail Sir Bru
nell W Talnia Monlcaal 1W El Jtldo 107
tree Lance 110 FonJj 10t tunejo TO A Jl
Rothwlilld 103 Whaleback t Im lttl
Thlnl race rer eourac
inaf n
rtojal Hoe tie
lla tio euiTcr iiu
riubiu J10 IMecorerr 10J Hamcaca 113
liAtanr fllr ntlmnln 115
Fourth race For and upnard
all and one hall furlongs Watercure Tho irlde
Aeauvian 105
Fifth race For and upward
MVfn furlongs Dr ncrnarj Marlon Ljnch
Coining Ecnt Katlie Duekor Itarlno 111
Mllhrldatca Oicar Tolle 110 lltlailo 107 Plohn
11 Itrdsald 113
Sixth race For ana upward
aelllnjr ont and ont sixtcfntn milM Morlntl
It EI Oricnte Cromntll 110 Utjj b 107 Sin
Vcnado IO Ecnee 107 Lodeatar 109 Artllla
1U7 Darlcne 00 Huahlltlua Womlni 111
Oiiklnuil Seleutliiia
nrst race Frank Bell The SlilLf Crinkle
Second raco Uhalcbaek JIontMiU Frtc Lann
Third race Ramee Jlatanj Flo CuWar
Fourth race W atcrcuft cauTlan The Tride
Fifth race Jtlt Duckor rfetwaU
Slith race San Vnailo Wjomlnj Itushflclds
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