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Salvation Army Ghieftainess
at Y M C A Meeting
TjIIs of a Rocont Visit to the Kan
sas Scato Prisou Tho Foworof
God to Simp tho Bondago of Sin -Ho
Dr if tin Into a Righteous Life
Intentions Must Bo Declared
Mrs Maud Dallington Booth wife of
and co worker with Brigadier General
Ualllngton Booth commanding the Vol
unteers of America delivered an address
at the Columbia Theatre yesterday after
noon under the auspices of the Vouug
liens Christian Association The address
was made to ncn only The audience that
greeted Mrs Booth taxed the btiatln
capacity and the standing room of the
A 3ItMiiKfl Kriiin llrnrii
I am glad to face such an audience as
this said Mrs Booth la opening and
to be able to realize more fully than ever
bclore that I am not to utter my own
words or speak my own thoughts and
theories but to bring you a message from
on High that has meant everything to
me and has brought joy strength power
and life to thousands It Is a message
that the angels of Hrava would gladly
drlhcr a message of Christs loe power j
nnd wonderful friendship to the sons of
men It Is both yours and mine if we
will but claim It
Lakt Sunday my audience was rande
tip of the 1400 Inmates or the Kansas
Slate prison an assemblage of persons
vhose llbert was gone and whose oppor
tunities and chancis in this world were
behind them men whose despair degra
dation and disgraco were to he seen in
the garb tLey wore and the place In vhii
ihey were Incarcerated
u nimii for Innt
Amid such shadows and misfortunes
titter hopelessness and despair had 1
ever doubted the truth or Gods message
or been tempted to question that Christ
was a reality I could never have had the
ehadow of a doubt after what I wit
nessed behind the walls of that State
Bound by chains of sl3 crime and
vice men whose lives were empty and
barren and who say life is not worth
lllng -drawn as they were from the paths
of rectitude and purity jet the power of
God and the hand of God can snap the
letters that hind these poor unfortunates
Their faces an be gladdened and bright
ened by his never falling power For
Gods power is the essence of all Chris
CIirlKtinnlty In Life
Christianity Is life Itself The man
who has not found that life Is dead What
God wants Is Christians who will be
Christ followers in whose business and
work the imprints of Christ can be seen
Under such conditions as these Infidelity
would be lost in the shadows
I remember that as a child I saw a
picture which depicted as a foreground
scenery rocks and trees and In the dis
tance the ocean Amid the rocks was a
humble grave marked by a cross On the
cross was the Inscription The grave of
Napoleon Where is the Emperor A
shadow formed In the twigs and branches
of the trees portrayed the specter of a
man in uniform the Emperor
Clirlnt a Fnci
There are many who look upon Christ
as a shadow They say 1 dont believe la
the fables of the Iitble or in Christ be
cause I see so little of him Tou arc
Christians but where is Christr Wc do
not want shadow pictures of his truth
hut Christians whose lives are so truly
Christian that Christ Is written all over
them Christ is not cs ideal not a the
ory but a fact at nil times
Life life life is at the bottom of the
Thole question of the new life iou can
cel enter the human family without being
born Into It Growth loll cm a birth Why
not be as practical in speaking of the
new life When we become citizens we
declare our intentions and have to do
so before we are naturalized So It Is
with CbrmdHnily It is ridiculous to talk
about drifting into it There is no sense
in becoming good by degrees To become
a citizen of the new world yon must de
clare your intentions cut old ties and
owe no further allegiance to the old
j aer but consecrate your lives to the
ik u power go Miiment and conditions
Christ died to Oj for us what It was im
possible for us to do for ourselves
The r Cod Iip
There is no greater Joy in life than to
1 - ing blessing health atd strength to
others Kvwyoiie cm accept the message
cf truth by living It We may not hove
any brill - life of car own We may no
U- brill I nt ir and suns But by keep
ing our I - souls and lives -lean and
fire w a catch the nuasalne at His
low ami it flirt it to these in the ohoJow
Yliai tf yon to do with the truth of
itr Cht i life The Christ speaks bow
Ti nar w from the Cod of Hra en is
y hoc frc d thine heart He waas
I lie Lily loves it His appeal in to
he n
Tle i e tire of Christs love was His
dvh c the cross to brine you freedom
1 - pe cil lieaten Our Christianity Is loo
an can sav i i a orsimi
vaen sras peree ttioB ts no men-
aid give -1 a little of his life and hat
i all Hat God wants to be the r lcr of
car Hvi
One llitiflrctl CiuirrtM
What will you do with the offer he
Christ makes yon At the Kansas Slate
prlbon last Sunday oer 3W of the cou
plets stood up and a crept ed Christianity
nmld the scoffing and jeers of those who
did cot believe in God Those convicts
declared themselves for God lu a place
wherr it ft hard to lie u Christian
In this atdience of the free how- mahy
will declare themselves tor him In pre
texting to yoi this testimony of the new
life I Iwnc not appealed to your senti
ments but have brought yen a niotsane
nid now not emotionally I ask you to
take the stand for Christ
Mrs Booth then requestAd that a11 Join
In ningine the wonderfully t onawiitrd
irds Xeanx Jly tied to Thee atd
s ng it as a prayer that the cross might
1 sanctlned to all present A number
took lLo stand for Christ during the slng
liK it the hymn which the exerciees
Igkh1 with the rendition of the d otology
Il ekenteil by It lint Mnrlirii to Nn
creil llenrt Church
William II Slaclien a local artist has
painted for the Sacred Heart Catholic
Church Fourteenth Srect nnd Whitney
Aveiue four pictures which bate been
placed in the rcredos of tho altar
Directly over the altar is placed the
largest picture This picture repre
sents the love that Christ bears toward
tlio world nnd the love the world gives
CASTOR I A retinoid chii a
Jfie Kind You Have Alwajfs Bought
him Tho central flsure In the picture Is
Christ looking down upon the orld
Completely surrounding this are lliirty
llve angels Four angels In the foreground
arc throning burning Inceuse to Christ
rcprepcntlnc the love of the world Two
angels on cither side of Jesus appear to
be handing hlra hearts which represent
tho prayers of the people of the world
This picture Is eight by ten feet
On cither side of the altar arc two
smaller pictures On the left is a paint
ing or Christ as the Rood Shepherd hlle
on the other side the Saviour Is repre
sented as knocking at the door This por
trays the passaso in the Scriptures He
bold I stand at the door and knock
Under the table of the altar Is a pic
ture representing the Iamb of the slain
Tho lamb lies upon a Bible and Its head
The Church of the
Sacreil Heart nasi
Just been completed The llcv
Joseph V McRcc Is the rector
1 ather
Tlienio of Ir Iutlier II WilxnnN
Srrmmi nt lonmlry Clmrcli
As Thou Wilt was the topic discussed
by Dr Luther B Wilson yesterday morn
ing at the Toundry M K Church The
theme of his sermon was that the desire
to accomplish a thing can always be sat
isfied by putting trust in God He gave as
an example tho blind girl Helen Kcllar
who without the great power of sight
learned to read and write with the aid
cf her sense of feeling He gave as an
other example Thomas Edisons success
in electricity cxplalnng that it was sim
ply Edisons faculty of saying I will
and then working with all his zeal toward
the prize
Napoleon is a characteristic illustra
tion of what human will can do He was
not satisfied until he had reached the
pinnacle of power HI life also suggests
that there is a limitation upon tho human
will When Napoleon went to Waterloo
a limitation was placed on bis will and
he was oterwhelmingly defeated Ho had
got so far and he could get no further
II Is so in the life of the artist he paints
his pictures but it is only so far that
he can represent life The sold era en
the Held march in a great and mighty
body until tbey meet a foe that turns
them back
Another great example of what hu
man will combined with spiritual will can
lo is seen in the life of Jerry McAuley
the man who served years In Suss Sing
prison the most noted river thief In the
United States One day he was convert
ed to God and lived a good and Christian
lia for several years and then fell back
to sin Again he served time in Sing
Sing But aain he was converted and
in Hcaieu be is now singing with multi
tudes the praises of God while multi
tudes are singing his praises He con
verted hundreds and thousands of tinners
to God while he was on earth
Total Abstinence Inliinn lililreoN n
Itcctor County
Bishop Coaaty rector of the Catholic
IniTerslty has been presented by the
Catholic Total Abstinence Union of
America with an illuminated address con
gratulating him on his recent elevation to
the dignity of Bishop
Dr Conaty was for two consecuthe
terms president of the Catholic Total
Abstinence Union and the members of the
executive council believe that his labors
in this particular field arc one featurp
of his work which gained him the com
mendation of the Pope
Dr ItmlclllTc t lmln Tliem in Ilonlc
of Iln elation
The Rev DrWallaco Radcllffo prcactou
last night at the New York Avenue Pres
byterian Church on tho last words of
Christ which the speaker declared were
not the -words He spoke from the cross
but those found In the last chapter of
Revelation They are And the spirit
and the bride say come It was not the
voice of John who spoke Uiese words but
the voice of Christ said Dr ItadcllHc
Last words are Jewels in our thoughts
treasures lu our souls These words are
an invitation to all mankind for tho
words of the gospel are not limited they
are wide as the world itself and they
are the Inst ones Christ uttered for hu
man cars
When we talk about the doctrine of
evolution we are forced into the conclu
sion Christ gave His apostles A soul
must be In harmony with its environ
ments a lost soul is a moral suicide
Dread Tlmt Hie CIvilleil World Ile
Jrel Clirlt unit fall
I am In dread lest the civilized worlf
will reject Christ and have its day of
judgment and that some other race will
become Christianized and triumph
This was the expression of Itt Rev
Henry Y Satterlee Bishop of the Dio
cese of Washington who conducted the
evening services at St Andrews Church
Fourteenth and Corcoran Streets north
west last evening Bishop Satterlee
preached nn eloquent and thoughtful ser
mon taking as his theme the progress of
the world toward preparation for the
coming of the kingdom of God In spite
of the apparent triumph of iniquity He
rcsl from the thlnl chapter of Revela
tion the twenty eighth of Isaiah and the
twcnty Brst or SI l tike
The powers of heaven are shaking ns
even while wc are saying Where are the
fulfillments of the prophecies of God
The resolutions to live more Christian
lives that wc make are apt to seem fruit
less but after while we InJ that spiritual
progren has really been made Spiritual
growth U often almost Imperceptible Bat
beennne growth Is low Is no war
rant that we nfcoulj not continue to strive
for higher things
Not to mi ke fre jh resolves when a
freni year comes Is the sign of a dying
Th clvlllrjitlon of today exhibits the
greatepi blessings the nice has known
Ride by Llde with the greatest corses
Ilr Clnrk of Hnmllne M K Clinreli
lorn hen on Inltor mill Cnjillnl
At yesterday mornings services at the
Hnmllne M E Church on Ninth Street
the Rev Dr Uiclen Clark took for his
text St Luke xix 5 nd when Jesus
came to the piece he looked up and saw
Mm ami said unto hlra Zacrbeus make
luislc and come down for today I must
abide at thy houe
He Mild I la not believe as some mod
ern socialistic thinkers argue regarding
the distribution of wealth I believe in
the rich nun and where there is rich
nous there is poverty But I most cer
tainly do not believe in rich men making
misuse of their riches to the detriment of
the working class
Our young men nf today say that one
cannot lie a successful business man nnd
a good Christian They say that the prin
ciples of Chritlanlty are too narrow to
permit one who observes them to be
come successful at anything Aflcr all
riches Is a great r ilnwbnck to the suc
cess of a yuung man than poverty
Dr Clark said that It seemed that peo
ple nowadays visit houses where as lit
tle as possible of God Is seen or spoken of
and rrad books which contain as little as
possible of Gods lore The reference was
to theatres and novels
Bears the j9
etgnattirw y
Colored Inttjer mi ltnre tint Minn
Before UnnflM ij count
Ours is a civilization tint demands
that every political and civil right guar
anteed to the humblest citizen of the
Uepuhlic should be held sacred and Imlo
late It demands that anarchy moi lo
Icncc and lynch law twin sisters of hell
should cease in oiiTy portion of our coun
try and that law and order th corner
stone of a free Republic the only safe
guard guaranteed to the protection of life
liberty and property should be
above expression was the keynote
rests upon a cross t of a lecture ilellicred afternoon
by Thomas L Jones colored before
Lyceum of the Sciond Baptist Church
Ills subject was Is the Church Keep
ing Pace With the Demands of Civiliza
ilr Jcnes Is a lawyer and an active
practitioner nt the local bcr The meet
ing was presided ur by Mr II W
Thcmpsrn the president of the Lyceum
It is n lamentable fact Sir lones
said thnt during the past twenty years
thousands of American citizens mostly
negroes hae btcn lynched burned or
put to death In the most barbarous and
inhuman manner by lawless mob and
bloodthlrstv lulnans In the perpetration
of theso hellish crimes it is a notorious
fact that eien ministers hands in many
sections of our country arc not free from
the lloodof these innocent victims They
have been known to lend mobs and m en
courage these uncivilized demons in the
taking of human life
Are the churches of this country
which should bo the torchlight of civili
zation and the pioneers of Christianity
lhing up to and practicing by example
and precept the jynlera of morals as
taught by the life of Christ and as found
in the doctines of the New Testament
Hucuilty infers No Reason dissents
nnd all Christendom thunders lu thfl
Our ivlllzallon Mr Jonc said de
mands that the churches of the ountry
cciso pouring millions of dollars into
foreign lands for the education civiliza
tion ind Christianizing of the heathen to
the wiu ion of necessary missionary
work at time
I a gn the church as being a
friend oi liberty nnd the equal rights of
man as taught by the Declaration of In
dependence and the Constitution of the
United States There are churches In
every portion of this country Protestant
nnd Catholic that are not concerned about
the salvation of man but have forgotten
the faith that was once delivered to the
saints and have gone after strange soils
gods of gold 1 arraign them us not ming
up to the golden rule and I assert with
out ftar of successful contradiction that
with the demands
they are not keeping pace
mands of our enlightened civilization
The trouble Is haw ever that In many
sections of tie country the Anglo Saxon
pulpit Is In league with the perpetrators
of the dastardly Inhuman and barbarous
crimes and are dally bringing disgrace
upon our Christian civilization These
churches are In favor of mob violence
They are In favor of the Jim Crow car
They arc In favor of divesting the Ameri
can negro of his right to vote and make
no hesitancy In drawlnj the color line
against him In every walk of life
I hold these churches reponlbe for
threo fourths of the crimes that are com
mitted against Justice and humanity
HUliop Klui1t inir Tell of the Iro
Krrn Ilclna lme
Itt Rev Luden L Kinsolving Bishop
of the Lrotednnt Episcopal Diocese of
Southern Brazil occupied the pulpit at
Tiinity Ftolestant Kplscopal Church
Third and G Streets northwest last even
ing He treated in an exhaustlvo manner
the work that liis been accomplished by
the Protestant Episcopal Church since the
Diocese of Southern Brazil was estab
Every foreign missionary Is a veritable
knight of God said Bishop Klnsolving
It Is our solemn duty to catch the Christ
fcplrlt and in a noble way disseminate
it in the dismal eold world where Christ
is unknown and make the world sweeter
end purer There arc many mistakes
made about foreign missionaries
Recently Hon Selh Low of New York
City arJe roe wat motive I iculd give
him for aiding in the work in Brazil He
said he recognized bis duty us far as the
Philippines Cufca and Iorlo Rico were
concerned hut could not sen why he
should help advance Chritluitv in far
off Brazil I told him that patriotism
should prompt him to support the church
in our new- posseiskes but that Chris
tianity was his obligation to advance tho
woik in Ili ail And I miy add that hU
donation was a roost liberal one
It is now twelve jenrs since the
Irotestant Kplscbjal missionaries Invaded
the State of RIo Grande do Sul a terri
tory six times the size of Virgini i To
day there are thirteen Protestant Epis
copal congregations four of whi h have
over 100 communiiants The church there
U known as the Brazilian Kpls opal
Church It is Incorporated under the laws
of tho Slate with the right to hold prop
erty In ten years time one of the
t hurches has become self supporting and
asks no help of the mother church It is
to the dark land of Brazil that we as
Christians should turn our attention
teeming as it does with Its millions of
people four fifths of whom cannot read
or write These are the people whom we
should uplift and show the dignity of
Christ Instead of bavins them to fontlnue
to believe that Christ is but an Image
which Is the definition of Christ a given
in the Brazilian jiclionary
tiokr to Innlor ChrlMInn Knilemor
uf Melrnpolltnn Cliurrh
An addrebs on temperance by Rev Dr
Cecrse N Uuccock was the feature of the
weekly meeting of the Junior Christian
Endeavor Society at the Metropolitan
Presbyterian Church Imirth and II
Streets southeast yenterday afteraoon
Although the Junior Society was but
recently organized It has a membership
of about thirty nearly all of whom were
present yesterday The meeting was
onened by the president of the society
Matter 5 S Iuekett after which sev
eral hymns were sung Dr Iurcork pas
tor of the church was then asked to ad
iltess the members
He spoke of what the Bible Icarbes of j ject
temper mce and sought to Impress uiion hymns
the ml ids or his hearers the fact that
It is tin tendency to take the first drink
that must be the most strongly curbed
IIIMory nf Colored Aotroiini irr He
Inlril nt Otlil 1ellon Ijeetmt
The members of the Colored Odd IY1
lnws Iieum met in their hall 1C01 M
Street northwest nt 33u p in yesterday
to do honor to the memory of Benjamin
Banneker A special musical rogrammo
was delivered and a paper read entitled
Th Life of Banneker An open dis
cussion followed the reading of the paper
Banneker was a contemporary of the
signers of the Declaration of Independ
ence and was tho son of a Maryland
slave woman Kaily In life he developed
exceptional mathematical talent and sub
sequently became one of the foremost
astronomers of bis day
He was the author of the first almanac
of any valuo ever written In this country
Tho book atracted a great deal of atten
tion among European scholars
Banneker rendered valuable assistance
to LEnfnnt In the work of la Ing out the
plans and surveying the ground for the
city of Washington Ills worth was rcc
ogolzad by the leading men of his time
and It Is related that he dined with
Thomas Jefferson during the latters In
cumbency of the White House
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CINCINNATI Dec 13 The reduction
of the number of hymns In thj Methodist
Episcopal Hymnal which Is being carried
on by the committee on revision of that
church in session here has occasioned
some concern among churchgoers cf that
denomination lest old favorites be
eliminated In the desire to make the book
less bulky
Third VlerlliiK of Coininlllcr
This is the third meeting of the com
mirsloa appointed by the board of bishops
as Instructed by the last general con
ference for the purpose of revising the
ilethcdlst Episcopal Hymnal tho first
sessions having been held In New York
City The reason for holding this meeting
in the West was largely founded on a
desire to show courtesy to the Western
Methodists It Is expected that the com
mittees bcok will be ready for submission
to the Bishops at their next semi annual
meeting on April 30 in Chattanooga
The Mtretiry of iho committee the
Rec Dr Charles M Stuart of Evanston
III commented today upon the work In
hand as follows
tVorU One o Jlaciilluile
We believe the task of revision will be
nrr nlnf wl In flm fn 1 tl Iu I
Issuance cf the new hymn books next fall
or early in the winter Yes 1h bulk of
the hymn book will be considerably de
creased although the style of printing
may have much to Uo with that There
are now 1150 hymns in the book and wo
shall probably take TOO of these out and
in place of them use 100 new hymns
which will still eat down the original
number about halt Of course we cannot
tell what hymns will be eliminated or
which will be substituted as such changes
can be made up to the hour of golns to
press with the new- bonk
There will be no move towant elimi
nating such long established favorites as
Rock of Ages Jesus Lover of My Soul
and From Greenlands Icy Mountains To
cut out such beloved pieces would bo to
Invite criticism vhlch Is the very thing
we want to avoid Lead Kindly Light
and Nearer My God to Thee MrKlnleys
favorite hymns will of course not be
disturbed although ihc author of the lat
ter wan a Unitarian
rtiicntlnti of Goiiel lignum
One nf the most delicate questions be
fore the committee Is the selection of
Gospel hymns to add to the new- collec
tion Two views are rcld regarding this
mutter In the Methodist Church Ono of
these Is tlmt as these are of a lighter
rharacter and properly belong to the
evangelistic field they ought to be ex
cluded from a standard hymn book The
other view is entirely opposite and Is
that as they are of n popular character
they should find a place In the new hym
It may be stated authoritatively that
th committee will tmbdy in ihe new
bcok a proportion of the best Gospel
hvmns The committees consist
not only In looking over hymns but hear
ing them plvyed nnd sung To this end
Prof E P Harrington of the State lnl
rerslly of Maine has btcn appointed mu
tual adviser nf the committee and at
tends all the sessions giving practical Il
lustrations of the wo k Uider revision
The committee hus substantially decided
on Ihe hymns that are to be retained and
has also selected the 100 new hymns but
they are still subject to change The ob
of the present session Is to fix the
and as far as possible assign
miiHltiil setting or tuneB to them
A strong demand has been made upon
the committee to provide a series of re
sponsive readings to be included In the
hymnal This demand may be acquiesced
in The committee Ii3 decided to Invite
the asslitancc of two experts In arranging
for the musical settings for the hymns
lortrnlt imiiciiilrl liy Ilirmiir nf
Vlltiii N nt thr Miurrliiliti
Scores of people incliullng tnauy com
petent art critics fllwl Into tlio recep
tion room of tlie Sliorcliam yesterday to
lev the lift alzo portrait of the Into
President McKlnley executed liy Mr
Charles Ayre Whipple the New York
Tlio general exprcsulnn of opinion was
highly cammcnilatory The pose is par
ticularly Rrnrefui ami natural and the
life like reproduction of the features Ij
admlrahle Among those who Inspected
the portrait uere Secretary Cortelyou and
several members of Congress
Hoods Ps
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them all on easy pay
There is just time enough to fix up your dining room
for Holiday week Sideboards and China Closets are here
in grand variety and at all prices Dinner and Tea Sets in
the newest Uaviland decorations If you need a Carpet we
will make lay and Hue it for you free of cost Warm
Bedwear too for these cold nights and all on credit
1 i
Credit House
817-819-821-823 Seventh St N W
Between H and I Sts
New Store 1113 P J
Everythlnc In this Immense store X
Is admirably suitable for giving X
For this reason this Is the Mecca
of gift buyers t
Tho busiest December selling T
were ever enjoyed is being done X
Varieties are splendidly complete 4
and our work rooms and work
are being taxed to the limit to T
keep stocks intact T
Youll be amaied at the variety f
Every stylish leathor every now T
shade and design plain and mount- X
ed many of which are from our X
own work rooms
Oa large centre tables weve r
played hundreds of sorts at X
SI 125 and 150 f
Toilet Cases
Youll see at a glance more Toilet J
Cases for ladles and gentlemen A
than are shown elsewhere 4-
Ebonoid fittings polished natural y
wood fittings nickel top Glass Bat- T
ties j
250 up to 25 g
Bronze Ware f
Imported Imitation Dronzc X
ments for clock and mantel --
Hon In large assortment
75c up to SI50 t
Leather articles stamped free X
metal articles engraved free Any- X
thing laid aside and dollvered when X
desired J
v i I
Bargains in now and used
instruments of various makes
Solo agents for tho
Aeolian and Pianola
f 1209 Penna Ave
i Teeth that Fit
Including Psinless Extraction
nJ oar re entoreed suction which maVes them
fit accurately oid crownj 3 porcelain crotnu
II goIJ ailingj 150 up white nllioei 60c up
Hours 830 to 6 Sunday 10 to 1
R PATTONS Painless Dental Parlor
SIO F ri W 2d Floor
Banquet Hal to rent for Keddint recaptlsca
muairalr dances at reaionaMe rate
Aftcr Thontro Supper Specialty
A Dub Supper will be airved from 19 to 11
clock p m Table dbota at L00 each U La
41ea Heataurtmt
JOnX T DEV1XE Proprietor
New Tori ffiBMniioa Pam
A Thousand
or More
Have been added to the already
very liberal collection displayed
on centre counters main floor
The most popular fabrics import
ed and domestic are represented
and the lengths are all ample
graduated according to the vari
ous widths of the goods And
they are put up in gift shape
ready for presentation
We also offer
several lots of
Colored and
Purchased for the Holidays
At Very Special Prices
iOo a yqrd for 50c
inch Two toned Venetian
600 a yard for 75c quality 43
inch Satin Venetian
50c a yard for T5o quality 6Mit
All wool Homespun
59c yard for fL00 quality 50 ln
All wool Cheviot Plaida
75c a yard for 1J23 quality BV
inch All wool Camels Half Cher
iot 1
37c a yard for 50c quality 38
inch All wool Black Cheviot
50c a yard for 75c quality 42
inch All wool Albatross
fine a yard for 75c quality 50
inch All wool Cheviot
75c a yard for 100 quality 50-
inch All wool Zibeline Cheviot
75c a yard for 100 quality 46
inch All wool Satin Prunella
75c a yard for 123 quality 43
inch AH wool English Herring
bone Cravenette
73c a yard for 125 quality 45
inch All wool Showerproof Serge
100 a yard for 123 quality
51 inch All wool Camels Hair
Of the above fabrics and many
others out in suitable lengths and
neatly banded or boxed as pre
S20D to S750 the Pattern
Percales 100 125 and tr0
tin pattern
1J23 and
fiiiighams 100
Sl50 the pattern
Prints SOe GOc and 72o
Flrat Coor Tenth Strsat

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