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Partly cloudy today and probably tomor
row slowly risinc temperature light
ly winds
Number 2759
Ex Prime Minister Ready
to Lead Liberals-
Speech at Chesterfield Awakens In
creasing Enthusiasm
Peace in South Africa Following
Boor Overtures Advocated
Willing to Grant Goncrous Terms
and All tho Freedom Consistent
With Honor Need of Elflficncy
in tho Homo Government
LONDON Dec 16 Ex Prlmc Minister
Rosebery wearied of plowing that lonely
furrow to which In hlk last public speech
he consigned himself declared In a great
fcpetch at Chesterfield this evening his
willingness to place hlsiervlces at thedis
poEal of the country and enunciated the
policy which In his opinion should be
adopted for healing the nations ills and
uniting the Liberal party
The speech awakened unbounded enthu
- llcnrcrn Cnnip TlirmiRli novix
The immense audience which packed the
great carshed of the Lancashire and
Derbyshire Railway which was converted
for the occasion into a meeting hall Is
estimated to have numbered fully C00O
but a far greater number was unable to
gain cnrancc
The weather was most Inauspicious
Snow from the storm of December 12 lay
deep and frehh enow is falling but the
eager Liberals were not deterred They
came from -all parts of the country by
train and from the surrounding districts
in carriages and carts
After the main speech Lord Rosebery
addressed an overflow meeting although
his voice was so hearse that it was with
difficulty he mado himself audible It may
unhesitatingly be said that the impres
sion created among his hearers was that
he will -again lead the Liberal party and
lead It to victory at the next election
Xjlticrnln Approve Xll View
ills views although professedly un
framed on party lines met the party as
pirations bo far as they were represented
at the meeting His bold cutting oft of
the Irish alliance was greeted only with
less approval than his strong Imperialis
tic views on the war
-v During his speech which occupied two
hours the attention of his audience never
flagged while the enthusiasm grew as he
Decides Mr Asqulth and Sir Edward
Grey about a score of membcra of Par
liament Lord Brasscy and Lord Burgh
clcrc supported Lord Rosebery on the
Sir Henry Fowler formerly president of
the local government board and others
wrote sympathetically regretting their
Came to Speak HI Mlnil
Ijrd Rosebcry opened his speech by ap
pealing for a patient hearing even if his
audience disagreed with him He said he
had not come to ticklo British ears with
eloquence and rhetoric but to speak his
mind being prepared to give some advice
to the Liberal party which would at any
rate be dispassionate and Impartial
There were thrre or four preliminary
facts to be remembered regarding the
party If the situation was to be looked
fairly and squarely in the face The
first was that the party had passed
through a long and painful sickness and
was only now approaching convalescence
lrce From IriMli lllnnrc
Second It was now free altogether of
the Irish alliance and its consequences
The Irish party had repeatedly repudiat
ed any alliance with the Liberal party
In terms that were almost insulting and
an they had now racped themselves openly
with the enemies fighting the country in
the field he did not suppose much embar
rassment was likely to arise from a too
Intimate connection between the two
Loud cheers
Third the Liberal party had to gain or
regain unity He did rot pretend to say
how that was to be done H was not
part of the adiice he proposed to give
3Xuit Itenln Confidence
He was not sure that hit own impres
sions regarding this subject were i en
dear hut since he expressed his views
of the situation In Jjly every day had
emphasized what he Had then said
Fourth and most Important they had
to gain or legaln the confidence of the
The speaker proceeded to deal out his
promised advice He said it was sixteen
cars since the party had been in any
thing like power Consequently it was
Its primary duty to clean its slato and
rensldcr most carefully what to write
thereon In the future There were many
of the party who would not agree to this
for there Is a great deal of Toryism In
An VptoIintc Policy
There were men In the party who sat
rt ill with fl blown phylacteries hound
around their obsolete policy who did not
remember that while tbe7 were mumbling
their incantations the world was march
ing and revolving and If tfcey hoped to
lud they must march and move with It
But when the party rewrote on Its clean
rlate It must write a policy adopted in
lfOl or li02 not In 318C or 1SS2
Moreover It rust not promise more
than it could perform
In this respect he rpoke as a penitent
for en relnspcding the Queens speech of
1S53 which was prepared bj a Govorn
rocnt of which he -vas a member ho
found It promised a new statutory Parlia
ment for Ireland the dlsestablubmint of
two State churches and other matters
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JolillMin Irnctlonlly Atlmlt nn
WIJIi i pnldliiR
CHICAGO Dec 16 Dan Johnson prac
tically admitted today that there had
lecn a secret understanding between his
league and A G Spalding for six months
or more Tho opinion Is broadcast here
that this means a rcrfect peace with two
big baseball organizations In the field re
specting each others right and players
This explanation also Is given for the
remarkable stand which Spalding took In
the New York meeting when ho forced
the Issue with Frcedman This much Ban
Johnson declares
The acceptance ot the presidency of
the National League by Spalding was no
surprise to inc I met Spalding at At
lantic City last June and I saw him
again In October I am glad that he Is
elected because it means that there is
practically peace between the two leagues
There will be no amalgamation of the
two leagues Spalding and I agree on
that point I cannot say that there will
be a non conflicting schedule next year
but Spalding will make out the schedule
for the National League and I will make
out the one for the American League
Krcedman Brush Sodcn and Robl
son blocked the peace negotiations that
were started last hummer I predicted the
pasting of these men last year and it has
come abouL 1 see that the execution of
Trccdman is to take place In New York
this afternoon The others must follow
rhialclnno Ilrport Tlmt Illn Condi
tion I 3lueh Imprnv ril
CAMDEN N J Dec 13 Senator Sevv
clls condition was so much improcrt to
night the phjslclans entertained slight
hopes of his recovery
Document Trniisferrinir WeM Inilta
lnlc Sent o Klnc lirlfstlllll
NEW YORK Dec 17 A Washington
special to the Tribune says
Secretary Hay and the Danish Minister
at Washington as plenipotentiaries for
that purpose havo completed the treaty
for the purchase by the United States of
the Danish possessions In the West Indies
The draft ef the treaty has been for
warded to Copenhagen for King Chris
tians formal assent and it is thought
that the signatures of the plenipoten
tiaries may be affixed in a few days mak
ing the convention ready for the Senates
consideration immediately after the hol
iday recess
As the Government cf Denmark has al
ready approved the terms which have been
reached after tedious negotiations and as
a poll of the United States Senate has en
sured prompt ratification there stems
scarcely any doubt that the formal trans
fer of sovereignty may be accomplished
in a few months
The Danish Cabinet has made every ef
fort to induce the United States to pay
more than J45O0C0O but was finally In
duced to give way
DlKenKlon In High ItnnUa Irml to
a DeelRlon to Almndoii Acvv
YorUtf Monument to
Anval lleroek
NEW YORK Dec lC Park Benjamin
president of the Naval Arch Association
which Las been promoting the movement
to erect a 130OW natal arch and water
gate at tho Battery announced today
that the scheme was dead and that the
1500000 already received would have to
be tefunded
line to 1nnnlrjN Outcome
This was due he fir id to the outcome
of the Schley Court of Enquiry Mr Ben
jamin had a consultation this morning
with Col Robert M Thompson treasurer
and manager of the finance committee
after which he said
Colonel Thompson and I have agreed
that work on the naval arch project must
stop We are ot the opinion that the out
come of the Schley tilal reveals so much
dissension even in the highest ranks of
the nary and is bound to reopen so many
other matters for argument and dispute
that it would be altogether inexpedient
at the present time to do anything further
In the matter
Mu He Placed In Muctini
A model of the proposed arch has been
built complete In all its details at the
crpenee of Colonel Thompson He informs
me of his intention with the consent of
the proper authorities to place 11 in tho
Mctiopolitan Museum of Art as a remind
er to tho cltzens of New York of what
might be done by the naval aich commit
tee and which I sincerely trust at a
more propitious time It will be able
to do
When that time arrives it will find
this association ready to resume Its work
There will probably be a formal meeting
of the trustees composed of Colonel
Thompson Lewis Nixon and myself to
adopt resolutions to that effect
CoiiKrc Uracil lo onrerM
from Iioxcr Iprlftliifr
Tho Secretary ot the Treasury has
transmitted to Congress a communication
from the Secretary of State enclosing
resolutions impropriating 000000 to
meet the pressing claims of American
citizens who were sufferers from the
Boxer uprising and providing for reim
bursement lo the Government out of the
indemnity of 15000000 to be collected of
the Government of China
Tho payment of the 13000000 Is recom
mended by Minister Conger and
Prank I Baldwin Urged l Itrprr
cntntlvc Smith of Mt lilinii
Representative Smith of Michigan called
at the White House yesterday to present
the name of Frank L Baldwin for one of
tho vacant brigadier generalships that
will soon be filled by the President
Colonel Baldwin has received two med
als for bravery in the war with Spain and
in the Philippines
Vnrfolk A AYnnliliictnii Slrnmliont Co
clllitful Uipt daflr it 0 30 p m from foot
till it Ir OIJ Point Comfort Norfolk Virginia
Ucicli and Newport Ken See nd pje S
Maryland Delegation Will
Urge Tills Plan
Boar Admirals Friends Contem
plate Petition to the Executive
Requesting Official Disapproval
of Report of Naval Court Somo
Criticism of Dowoys Stand
Friends of Rear Admiral Schley will not
ask Congress to InvcsUgalc the Santiago
campaign and his connection therewith
but they will request that body to pass
resolutions approving his course and to
give him a vote of thanks for hl3 distin
guished services
This much was definitely decided last
night by the members of the Mar land
delegation They reached this decision
while gathered about the festal board at
tho New Willard last night at n dinner
riven by Gen Felix Agnus of Baltimore
AH the members of the delegation were
present with the exception or Senator
Wellington Several other personal
friends of Admiral Schley and General
Agnus were there Including Mr M A
Tcaguc of Admiral Schleys counsel
Neither Admiral Schley nor Mr Rayner
was present -
Ilnn of Action In Concron
In consequence of the decision arrived
at and following the plan agreed upon
Senator McComas will today offer a reso
lution In the Senate Its preamble will re
cite Admiral Deweys supplemental state
ment contained in the report or the Court
of Enquiry as published In The Times
thus making the Admirals expression the
scnc and sentiment of Congress The
tody of the resolution will declare that
Admiral Schley be restored to the active
list of rear admirals with the full pay
and emoluments of that office but not re
quired to do active service
akr Vice Aitmlrnl
A further purpose is nhilc the ron is
hot and the matter Is before Congress to
make an effort to have Sthley made a vice
Representative Charles R Schlrm will
present a resolution in the House which
will likewise recite Deweys statement
and tender a Congressional vote of thanks
to Admiral Schley for bis gallant service
in the Santiago naval campaign and for
his brilliant victor over the Spanish
fleet -They will discourage nn effort
which may he made by any other num
bers to institute a Congressional investi
gation They believe that such resolutions
will pass and there the matter will rest
so far as Congress Is concerned
ecrelnrj Lone ami tin- Ileport
Secretary Long In reply to Admiral
Schleys request that action en the major
ity report of the Court of Enquiry be de
ferred until such time as ho is able to file
his objections last night scat a letter to
Admiral Schley in which bo stated that
he would hold the matter In abeyance un
til i oclock tomorrow afternoon By that
time Admiral Schleys objections must be
filed An effort will be made thte morn
ing to have the Secretary extend the time
until 1rlday afternoon
May Appeal fo Irrnident
In caEC Secretary Long approves Hie
majority report of the court as It is cx
1 cctcd that he will do It is highly prob
able that an appeal will be made to the
President to pass upon tho findings anil
set aside the verdict of the court The
naval regulations permit an appeal to the
President In cases where the court Is not
appointed Ly the Executive If the Prcsl
nt should disapprove the action of tho
court no greater vindication could be de
sired by Admiral Schley or his friends
Will ol Ak Dnmacex
While the matter of possible civil action
will not be taken up until after the case
has been passed upon by the Navy Depart
ment and tho President this much has
bicn definitely determined Admiral
Schley in bringing an action against the
Applctons and Marlay will not ask for
any monetary damages He has stated
firmly that he desires no golden salve to
heal tho wounds Inflicted by the charges
made against him In Maclays book or by
any ether of bis traduccrs that he Pimply
wants vindication In a verdict If it Is
found necessary to ask for damages they
will bo ut nominal and will be waived
in court
hoinr Crlllclxiii of Ilevvrr
There is much speculation as to what
Secretary Long will do with Admiral
Deweys supplemental report In which Le
disagrees with the two other members
of the court upon certain points and gives
Schley credit for the Santiago victory The
general opinion Is that he will ignore It
and simply append his approval to the full
He could not well endorse both and
the view held by the majority of naval of
ficers Is that Admiral Dewey went outside
of the precept In attributing the honor of
tho victory to Schley Again It is
pointed out that Secretary Long ha al
ready taken the stand directly apposed to
Admiral Dewey as he has declared of
ficially that Admiral Sampson vas In
command at lantlagu and tho courts in
awarding the prize money have so de
etintor McComui Vleu
Senator McComas last night made the
following statement In regard to the
course of Admiral Schleys friends
I think I do not mistake public senti
ment said he I confidently believe the
people of our country approve the finding
of Admiral Dewey that Commodore Schley
waB the tcnior officer In command and en
titled to credit for the victory in ti
naval battle off Cuba I believe an inves
tigation by Congress would not have de
cisive results It Is not advisable n
some fashion this Congress should have a
chance to vote Admiral Deweys finding to
be In the judgment of Congress right or
wrong I want to see such vote and I
want to see it before the serslcn ends
I will later introduce a practical propol
toii tending lo bring such vote in ILa
Senate at least The details I do not now
deirc to elaborate
Aihocnlr Ilrllherntlon
Those who with me endorse Admiral
DcwejB opinion should be prudent and
deliberate There Is no need of haste
Ustitued Hi tilth Iajr
Accept the Ailmlrnl JntlRuicnt In
the Scliler ISnqulrjr
CINCINNATI Dec 16 When asked his
opinion of the Schley verdict General
Miles who arrived here today said
Personally I prefer to abide by the
Judgment of Admiral Dewey He has com
manded a fleet and has felt the anxieties
and responsibilities that go with such n
duty He also aided In tho destruction
of a Spanish fleet and can better appre
ciate the feelings ot a commanding officer
under such circumstances
Dewey I think has summed up the
case In a concise manner and I have no
doubt bis conclusions will be accepted by
the people
I do not sympathize with the efforts
which have been mado to destroy the
honor of an officer of the navy
The Ixrrtitltf oT Itliotlc Ifilnml
Iiikm Aw ny uilriciily
PROVIDENCE R I Dec lC Governor
William Gregory of Rhodo Island died
quite suddenly at his home in Wlckford
this afternoon The Governor had been
ailing for some weeks but his sickness
was not consldired of a ccrlous nature
The Immediate cause of death was
Brlghts disease Governor Gregory was
born In Astoria L I Ills father was a
carpet weaver At the age of ten years
young Gregory went to work In a mill at
Mocsup Conn He went to school nights
until he was about nineteen years old
when he received charge of a small mill
In 1SS0 ho went to New York as general
manager for A T Stewart Co Later
ho returned to Rhode Island atd Logan
operating a woolen mill at Wlckfcrd Ho
amassed a considerable fortune In the
mill business
Mr Gregory fcrved several terms In tho
State Legislature and was a delegate to
the Republican convention at Minneapolis
He was elected Lieutenant Governor of
the State In 15SS serving two terms
In April 1500 he was clcctd ilovernor
He was re elected for another term In
November last his term of office begin
ning In January next
Unvrlopeil In nt cn site ItuMiciI
Into the Street mul Then
Through flip IIoiikp o the
Hear Ynril Where
1 She IHciL
Miss Jcpnle Barry of 1010 P street re
ceived burns at her homcycstcUUy after
noon which resulted In her death
She fell asleep while sitting in front of
tho kitchen stove i d her clothing caught
fire When she awoke sbo rushed Into
the street and back Into the house and
then to the rear of tho house where she
was found later by a neighbor
Coal Oil on Wood
Miss Barry had been working Industri
ously during the afternoon and sat down
before the fire which had been kindled by
one of her brothers A quantity of coal
oil had been poured on the wood to make
It burn faster Neighbors noticed smoke
Issuing from the kitchen but paid little
attention to it as they though some one
was burning trash A few moments later
they heard Miss Barry screaming for help
and saw her running through the house
and Into tho street
A colored woman living on Eleventh
Street near P started to the womans as
sistance but for fear of catclTlng flro her
self made no efforts to extinguish the
flames Enveloped In flames Miss Barry
rushed into the house and ran into the
rear yard where she wns found
Frank Wright of 1212 I Street south
east who was passing saw the smoke Is
suing from the rear of the house and
turned In an alarm from box 23G Several
engine and truck companies responded to
the alarm but the lire was extinguished
before they arrived
The young woman was found In a sit
ting posture at the head of the steps at
the rear of the house Her rlplhlng was
entirely burned off and her face bands
and body were burned to a crisp Tho
police of the Second precinct were noti
fied of I he accident and a p vtral wagon
was sent to the house to convey Miss
Barry to a hospital but when it arrived
life was extinct and the Coraner was
notified He Issied a cert Urate of acci
dental death and the remains were taken
lo the morgue at tho Sixth police sta
1iiiicrnl Tomorrow Afternoon
Miss Jennie Barry was about thirty
years old and was a daugbAr ot Patrick
C Barry who la employed at the Navy
Yard as n molder Her irothor Irani
Barry Is a draftsman employed at 61J
F Street north vest Tun father and
brother of the deceased wre at work at
the time of the arcldent and were noti
fied of It by friends They will take
charge of the remains this morning after
the Coroners Inquest and hare them pre
pared for burial The fuucrnl will take
place from the homo tomorrow afternoon
at 2 oclock The Rev Mr Pollard pas
tor of the First Baptist Oturch ft which
the deceased was a member wilt officiate
TakcN the Onth lUHtlc 31or
Knn 1 Ollrlen
NEW YORK Dec lo Mayor elect Low
look the oath ot oflcc this afternoon at
the Appellate Division courthouse in Mad
ison Avenue He had mafic arrangements
earlier In the day with Jv lco Morgan J
OBrien and arrived at tho courthouse at
2 15 oclock and went to Jiuitlcc OBriens
Gen Patrick Collins the mayor elect of
Uoston had been at the courthouse earlier
in the day and on hearing that the oath
was to he administered o Mr Low he
said that lie would come around to sec It
Mr Low steod wllh hs hand uplifted as
tho Justice read the form of oath pre
scribed In this Stale for elective officers
and then he signed the document As he
was doing th 3 Justice OBrien asked
General Collins Jf he should swear him In
also General Rollins said he thought he
would wait z
Hut 1 think that I can take that oath
he added
Improved Service Went II - It
inaVr rrctiit clitc of fcbcd lle train IraifrC
Hllnn fl a p m lOillf nrrirfi in Tii
acu in tmr to tmntrt with i aik train- t
StMc n toad Inibiltnz Omland Iipntc I
and Callf rnia I Ued eltof cjuick tcrvi c
i i all lj ifli ol intirnmllatc I oinl AUo
LltidU mice and good connctiunj to pointa
cut of Cbfuzg
Important Conference With
Viowinp Rocont Activity of tho
Burghers It Is Not Boliovod That
tho Voto Was to End tho Conflict-Results
of tho Gathering
Howovor May Bo Far reaching
LONDON Dec 17 A despatch to tha
Dally News from Johannesburg dated
December 13 says that important devel
opments may be expected In a few days
General Botha has summoned a meet
ing of burghers for December 15 to dis
cuss the situation and to communicate
Sleyns and De Wets views Dclareys
proposed meeting with the burghers was
also postponed until December 13
The Ilenult n ToaxUp
The position at the moment is such that
It Is a toss up whether peace Is concluded
or the war continued Everything points
to December 15 being bigger with rcsult3
than proclamation day three month ago
The correspondent details some unhope
ful signs in the activity ot tho Uocr
He remarks upon the significance of the
recent disturbance In Johannesburg t nd
In the Rand for which 200 suspects were
Otnecrn Going Armed
All the officers In Johannesburg wear
revolvers at night and have been cau
tioned against walking undei t trees
lining footpaths
Wanton Crime Commuted n Iml
In Athens tin
ATLANTA Ga Dec 1G A special from
Athens Ga says tho eleven-year-old
daughter of Mrs A C Lamport a well
known woman of that place was wanton
ly burned to death tonight hy an unknown
negro boy about fifteen or sixteen years
The negro went to the Lampcrt home In
the absence ot the mother and offered
some warea for sale When told of her
absence he went Into the house to await
her return
Suddenly he said to the little girl who
waa caring for three smaller children
that hcbellevcd lie would burn her to
death With an Improvised tofch he
chased the girl who ran screaming from
him He overtook her and set fire to her
Tho child ran screaming Into the yard
where she fell unconscious She died a
few hours later
Search Is being made for the negro and
If he is captured he will be lynched
Seiintc Jmlletnry Committee Aftnln
Milken Fnvornble Ilrport
The Senate Committee on the Judiciary
yesterday decided to Ignore the charges
filed against Attorney General Knox by
the Anti Trust League and when the
Senate met In executive session Senator
Hoar reported that the committee re
iterated its former unanimous recom
mendation that the appointment of Mr
Knox be confirmed
The nomination was thus for the sec
ond tlmo favorably reported The request
of the Anti Trust League to be given
more time in which to obtain testimony
was refused
This action on the part of the Judiciary
Committee followed n three hour meeting
yesterday morning when the great mass
of testimony prepared by the Anti Trust
League and submitted on Saturday was
carefully gone over and considered
In the opinion of tho committee the evi
dence submitted carried no weight and
could not be used to hold back the Domi
It was decided not to withdrew tho
nomination and by a unanimous vote It
was agreed lo report the matter favorably
This was done so as not to cause a split
In tko vote In the Senate when the nomi
nation comes up
Those present at the mcetlns wer Sena
tors Hoar Piatt of Connecticut Clark of
Wjoming Spooner Fairbanks and Simon
all Republicans and Bacon and Pcttus
Democrats Senator Teller vms absent
Under the rules of the Senate the nom
ination went over for action until today
when It Is ovpected that It will be con
firmed without further discussion
Fori iiKiiee ItCNlilenfK of ltoiton
Meet to Make n lrotrt
BOSTON Mass Dec 16 A mass meet
ing ot Portuguese residents was held here
last night to protest against Senator
Hoira reference to Portugucso immi
grants In hl3 comment upon that rortlon
of President Roosevelts message dealing
with Chinese exclusion
Tho meeting was called by the Mass
Portuguese Benevolent Association the
speakers Including Dr J C Frlctas Rep
resentative Bacarda and Dr Francis P
Sllva of Harvard Hcsolutlorj wcro
adopted as follows
Whereas George F Hoar senior Sena
tor of the Commonwealth of Masmcliu
setts In newspapers nnd In n comment
upon the recent message of President
Roosevelt did assail the manhood of the
sons of Portugal and gave expression to
sentiments of enmity which are not only
unmerited but nlso unpatriotic and un
worthy of an America statesman
Resolved That thohortuguese citizens
or Massachusetts do licby condemn said
statements and the position assumed by
our senior Senator and
That a copy of these resjlutlons be
sent to Sennlor Hoar nt the lamo time
demanding that ho explain and defend his
hostile altitude
Follnh tVomcn Uoyrott German
BERLIN Dec 15 At a meeting of a
thousand Polish women at Cracow Aus
trian Gallcla It was resolved to boycott
Prussian shops and to take the education
of their children out of the hands of
Plynni llualnca College Mill nnd K
Iliuincu SliortbanJ JCir
Illiprrieil With n Severe Io nt
i in lire lie Dion
COLON Dec 15 Two vessels have ar
rived here from Nombre dc Dios bringing
the principal employes of the Caribbean
Manganese Company who fled from the
The few Government troops at Nombre
dc Dios dispersed the rebels killing many
of them
More troops will be sent there
New York llrprmrntntlrrn Vicwi
of the IrrMldrnt
NEW YORK Dec 16 William Sulzcr
Democratic Representative for the
Eleventh New York district was in tows
the other day nnd he said a few thing
I like Teddy very much said Mr
Sulzer speaking of the President Hes
a good fellow I have known him far a
good many years in New York City at
Albany and In Washington
Hes making his party look like 33
cents in Washington Just at the moment
but I II bet you he wins out In the long
run Hes cute he knows the ropes and
hes not going to let any of the old fel
lows run over him
I tell you hes a corker
Consistory Iltteni to the Adilrcii
of the Fnthrr Condemn
Ihk the Hill iiv in the
Itouac of Drputlcn
ROME Dec 15 t a consistory today
the Pope made an Impassioned address
against divorce He urged Italians not to
allow such an evil to become prevalent In
their country
The allocution is based on the bill now
In tho Italian Parliament making divorce
legal His Holiness deplored the fact
that he must speak ot the sorrows which
marked his last few years
Cannvt of Trouble
Many aad various causes troubled
Catholicism He did not propose to dcat
with all of them but to confine himself to
one which was damaging to faith and
He appealed by his old age aad faith
In their common fatherland to those who
proposed to vote tor the bill to desist In
the name of all they held sacred and
dearHe exhorted then not to refuse to
consider Christian conjugal bonds az holy
Indissoluble and eternal In virtue of di
vine right
nvll IlcsnIM Involved
No human law could ever abrogate such
a righL Urgent evil results were Involved
for the family end society He declared
that Inasmuch as the States power was
closely allied to its morals and laws cor
ruption meant its ruin and laxity would
not only be a private but a puMlc ca
lamity contributing to the pervcrsun of
the nation
He concluded by exhorting the cardinals
to pray to God to protect Italy in the
present difficult times
Must Turn n Drnf Ilnr tn a Dextltutc
AVIfeN Apprnl
Tho District Commissioners find them
selves In an uncomfortable situation
They have been appealod to to release a
man from the workhouse la order that he
may take care cf his destitute wlto and
children The hearts of the Commlsslon
3 are touched but they are unable to
grant the pathetic reqjest
Such application hns been sent to them
by the wife ot James Poindcxter
It appears that Polndextcr was convict
ed In the Police Court for violation of
the excise laws and sentenced to the
In the petition pardon Mrs Poln
dextcr submits a statement to the effect
that she has been left In destitute circum
stances with four dependent children and
she petitions that her husband bo re
leased in order that he may rrovlde for
their wants
Tho petition nlso sets forth that tho
violation of tho laws was only technical
in that he sold on Sunday morning to a
neighbor a small quantity ot whisky from
a bottlo kept in the houso for medicinal
At tho Instance of Commissioner Ross
the Board will reply that the Commis
sioners of the District have no power to
grant a pardon the circumstances
The sentence In the case was for three
months and It la alleged In the petition
that the wlfo and children arc much of the
time without sufficient fuel and clothing
to be comfortable
Forfeited ltnllmm Given
Over to Knriurm
LINCOLN Neb Dec 16 The cpcnlng
cf 10000 acres ot forfeited railroad grants
to public settlement today caused a great
Intlux of settlers to the Lincoln Land Of
fice Over 300 farmers crowded tho hall
ways of the Federal building long before
oiuco hours and In some respects it was
a duplicate of the Indian Territory boom
ers episode
Tho land was originally granted to the
Burllngtou but Itsentry after ears of
litigation was rejected and somo of tho
choicest farming lands In southeastern
Nebraska were reported for entry at the
nomlLal price of J20 an acre
Most of the entiles were made by men
who have lived on tho land for twenty
five years but the right of many of these
Is challenged by their renters who claim
squatter rights
Ocean Mrntimhlp Jliivcmciil
NEW YORK Dec 16 Arrived Mes
saba London Marquette Iondon Cana
dian Liverpool Arrived out Bremen
from New York at Bremen Poatdnm
from New York for Rotterdam off The
lnlille Itiiiiln In Porto Ittco
Representative Crumpacker has Intro
duced a bill to give the Secretary of the
Interior supervisory authority and con
trol over all public lands In Porto Rico
Price One Cent
Police Investigating the
Presley Tragedy
Man Resembling Presley Was Seen By
the Lansdale Boy
Quoor StatomontMadoby thoDoad
Compositor Last Saturday Night
in Rofaronco to tho Assault on
Mrs Dennis Said Ho Was Being
Shadowed Had Keys That Fit
tho Front Door of Dennis Homo
There arccurou3 features about thceaso
of Samuel Crawford Presley a compositor
employed In tho Government Printing
Office who committed suicide yesterday
by Inhaling Illuminating ga3 In his room
at the Ingleslde 1119 K Street which may
have some connection with the brutal as
sault upon Mrs Ada Gilbert Dennis
whose home Is next door 1117 K Street
The police have seized upon theso fea
tures and are endeavoring to find what
relation they bear If any to the as
sault on Mrs Dennis
Jinn Seen hr YonncLnnilnle
At the outset of the Investigation of tho
suicide the Lansdale boy who saw a man
leaving the DennU house at an early hour
on the morning of the assault was sect
for to see If he uftuld Identify tho body
of Mr Presley as that of the man he had
seen The lad was not certain but was
of the opinion that there was a 3trong
The boy in describing the man whom ho
saw leaving the DennLi residence said he
wore a slouch hat
When Mr Tresleys trunk was searched
a slouch hat slightly milJowed which
looked as though It had recently been put
In the trunk while damp was found The
deter lives recalled the fact that It rained
hard during the night en which the Den
nis assault occurred
Presley Uncer Statement
Another feature Is a statement made to
Captain Boardman by the proprietor ot a
cigar store In the downtown district to
the effect that Mr Fre3ley entered the
store last Saturday night and after pur
chasing some cigars Joined In a discussion
then tn progress in regard to the result of
the Bonine trial Later the cigar man
avers tho discussion turned upon the
Dennis assault during which he says
Mr Presley remarked
Why the police are shadowia me for
that assault
When asked why he 13 alleged to hava
stated that It was because he knew the
man who had committed the assault that
he lived In the house with him
Mr Presley then gave a description ot
the man his manners and his walk and
this the polloa have been informed tal
lied exactly with a description of himself
Illooditnlni nuil Ki
Again what appear to be blood stains
have been found on Mr Presleys over-
cent his coat and trousers and on hU
The blood stains on the sleeve of the
overcoat wcro tcslcd by Profeor HIrd
the Chemist of the Dl3trict and pro
nounced blood The coat trou3rs and
slices have not as yet been thoroughly
The finding ot two keys In Mr Presley 3
pocket which opened the front door of tho
Dennis residence Is another result of tho
Investigation made of his effects
The keys In question would not open tho
front door of his boarding hou3e and tho
police are trying to solve the problem a3
to how they came into his possession
Sevier Overcoat Not Presleys
An effort was made by the police to
have the overcoat found in the sewer at
Thirteenth and N Streets northwest Iden
tified as Mr Presleys property The tt
fort was abandoned however when It
was found that the garment wa3 several
sizes smaller than one that could pos
sibly have been worn by Mr ITesley as
ho was a tall broad shouldered man and
weighed 3 pounds
How Snletde IVni ntrrcted
The suicide of Mr Presley was discov
ered at about 9 oclock yesterday morn
ing when the door of hl3 room was
broken open and he was found lying on
the bed dead from the effects of gas Ho
had unfastened the tubing which connect
ed with the gas stove In his room Tto
end of the tubing that fitted to the stova
was lying under his chin when he was
That the suicide was premeditated thero
c n be no doubt According to William
Carter a colored servant at the Ingle
side Mr Presley told him last Saturday
that ho wi3 going to kill himself but re
quested him to say nothing about it
Tl e boy paid no further attemlou to it
bolicving that the compositor meant he
was to kill himself by overindulgence In
strorg drink
Presleys body was found lying on tho
bed which had been moved close to tho
tubing which connected with the stove
from a bracket on the wall attached to
which there Is also a Jet for illuminating
purposes Mr Presley moved the bed
Sunday giving as a reason that he wished
to bo nearer the light that he might see
to rend
Mlieldfx Letter to Hit Brother
A letter addressed to hs brother
Henry M Presley 61i Eighth Street
northwest which he had written on a
scrap of paper was found lying on tho
table beside the bed It reads
Dear Henry- Have my body cremated
and send ashe3 homo miry In family
graveyard at New Hope Some ma7 say
that I am crasy but If I am not sane now
I never was Alcohol l tho child ot
misory the mother of crime Thrre may
bo a power superior to nature a power
that govern nnd dlreets all things but
the existence of this power has not leen
established -
Possibly thero Is n place called hell
where devils live a hell whose followers
are red hot and waiting for all men llko
me but I am happy to say there U no
proof So there may be a rlaco called
htaven tho home ot God where aagcU
Ccntmuiil on lia fast

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