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Hay Pauncefotc Gompacl
Ratified by Senate
Throo Hours of Dsbato Precede
tho Boll Call on the iutornatoijil
ARroemsuta Anieadiaents Ol
foied by Messrs Boson and Cul
berson Promptiy Swopt Aside
Fynopsls of the Senates Tote on the
IIa Iaunccfote Teal
Tor Aldrioh Allison ltird Date
Berry Itrrldge llurcfcaia Burrows
Burton Cannot k Clapp Clark of
Montana Clark or Wyoming Cla
Cockrcll Cullom Deboe Dietrich 111
llnsham Doilltcr Dubois Fairbanks
Toraker Foster cf Louisiana Fester
of Wuf liingtcn Trje Oallinser Gam
tic Gibson Hale Hansbrough Har
ris Haw ley Hcltfcld Hoar Jones of
Arkansas Kcan Kcaras Klttrtdsc
Uodge ilcCuaias JlcCmibcr 51c
Kiitv Mrln - M ssslppi ilc
Laurln of South Carolina McMillan
Martin Mason Millard Mitchell
Money Morgan Nelson Penrose Per
kins Pcttus Piatt cf Connecticut
llatt of New York rrltchard Troctor
Quarlrs Scott Simmons Simon
Spooner Stewart Taliaferro Turner
Vest Warren Wellington Wetmore
Acalnst Bacon Blackburn Culber
son Mallary Teller Tillman 6
Paired Bailey with Depew and
Elklns Rawlins with Scwell and Ilan
na t
Not votins Daniel Jones cf Ne
vada raltcrson Quay 1
At Work In Sccre t Scnxion
The Senate went Into executive session
at 1I1J oclock yesterday afternoon for
the consideration of the compact between
the United States and Gnat Il ltn with
reference to the construction of the pro
posed Isthmian waterwa which has agi
tated the great Powers of the world for
the past rlecrtde
The titac for action on a rre Mem of
such magnitude was nusplclous all cir
cumstances tXerc favorabe England had
withdrawn opposition to fortification and
control of the canal by America the Gov
ernment of the United Slates was la
financial condition to commence the vast
undertaking nnd the majority of the peo
ple had been led to bclevc that the proj
ect was one that would protc of immense
talee to the nations commercial progress
In time of peace and of Incalculable ad
tantage to tho country In lime of war
So It was that the statesmen is charge
of the treaty had but to lay it before the
Senate permit it to undergo a few pre
HmnarJcs and then rclly their forces for
the Una act In the consummation of the
international transaction The compact
was adopted as it was prepared by Lord
Salisbury and signed by Secretary Hay
Not a word was changed Two amend
ments were oZcred at the last momnt
but these were signally defeated
Cnnnl nn Isatirnl Inct
The Nacaragua Canal Is cow an assured
fact and a bill for the construction of the
waterray will be rushed through without
A sjrprlse was spruns after the debate
on the agreement when It was believed
that It would be permitted to go through
without any attempted amendment Act
ing under promises of assistance Sen
ators Bacon and Culberson submitted
amendments to tho treaty The promised
aid vanished and both proposed changes
were swept aside The Democrats then
gate up and the treaty was ratified by
an oterwhilmin vote
Jtnturc of the m mliiicnts
The Bacon amendment proposed that the
treaty be changed by the Insertion of a
few words so as to permit the United
States to blockade the canal In time of
war This was defeated by a tote of CO
to IS
The Culberson amendment was the old
Davis amendment giving the United
States the right to fortifj the canal and
to exclude any of the teasels of an enemy
In time of war This was defeated by a
vote of K to IS
The adoption of cither of the amend
ments would have killed the treaty and
would hate delayed action on the Nicara
gua Canal It was claimed for at least an
other year
Plnnl Voir n nrprlr
The tnal tote on the treaty came as a
surprise and the failure to secure prom
ised assistance on the amendments em
bittered the Democrats Senators Teller
and Tillman who bad openly announced
that they would not vote against the
treaty because they wanted to sec the
canal built nftcr seeing what had cocie
to pass voted against the treat without
qualifying statements
Ibrpr Hour of Ilcbntr
Nearly three hours of debate preceded
the ratification of the treat No new
points were brought out by cither side
and these who poke simply did so to
place themselves on record for and against
the proposition
Senator Tiller spike lor over an hour
against the treaty contending that the
United States should not go Into any
agreement with Crcat Britain Senator
Tones of Arkansas also spoke arainal the
treaty as did Senators Culberson and Ba
con Those who argued in fator of the
compact were Senators Lodge Spooner
1Ialt of Connecticut and Foroker
The Democrats bold that In time of war
the treaty can he disregarded and the
anal fortified and closed to the tectcli
of en enemy
1t of the Tri iil
The text of the now Haj Tauncefote
Treaty rs ratlflod Is as follows
Article I The high contracting parties
fierce that the present treat shall super
bode the aforementioned contention of
April ID ISM
Article If It Is pgreed that the canal
may be conslrLcteil under the auspices of
the Government of the United States
either directly at its own tost or by gift
or loan of money to Individuals or cor
porations or through subscription to or
inirchasc of stock or shares and that
subject to tho provisions of tho present
treaty the said Government shall bale
end enjoy all the rights incident to such
In the loins
Nervousness nnrtVcshlnE sleep despon
It Is lime yon w ere doing something
Tlia kidneys were anciently called the
reins In your case they arc holding the
reins and drlvlag you Into serious trouble
Hoods Sarsaparilla
Acts with the most direct beneficial cflcct
on the Kidneys It contains the best and
finfett substances fcr correctlnc and toning
these organs
onstructicn as well as tho exclusive
Ight of providing for the regulation and
sanagemrnt of the canal
Artlclo III The United States adopts
as the lans of the neutralization of such
ship canal the following rules sjbstan
lallr a embodied in the contention o
Constantinople signed the 2Sth of Or
lober 1W for tho free navigation of the
Sues Canal tint Is to sa
rirst The eannl shall be free anil open
o the teasels of commerce and of war o
ill nations observing these rules on
terms nf entire equality so that there
ahail bo no dlscriminstlon agnlnst anv
suih nation Its ritlzens or subjects
n respect of the conlltlons or charges of
raffle or othe wlse Such conditions and
bargee of traffic shall le Just anj equita
svrr to He IXIockmlcii
Fccrrd -The canal sbsll never le WrcK
adc1 nor shall any risbt of war be ox
crciucel nrr any art of hostility bo
within It The United States how
eter shall bo at liberty to mnlntan such
police along the canal as may b
necessary tp protect it against lawless
ness 2nd disorder
Third Vessels of war cf belligerents
slmll not retlctual nor take anv stores In
Hie carnl crept so far as may be strictly
awessart rnd tho transit cf such ves
sels throueh the canal shsIl be effected
with the least porsiblo delay In accord
ance with the regulations in forco and
with enly such interrilsslon as may re
mit from the necessities cf the sen Ice
Prlres shall be in all respects subject to
the rates as vessels of war of the
Aft to Kltilmrkntlori of Troon
Fourth No belligerent shall embark or
disembark troops munitions of war or
warlike materials used in the canal cx
ci pt In rase of accidental hindrance of
the transit and in such case the transit
shall be resumed with all possible de
Tifth Tho provisions of this article
shall apply to waters adjacent to tho ca
nal within three marine miles of cither
end Vessels of war of a belligerent shall
not remain in cuch waters longer than
tvvrnty four hours at any cno time except
in case of distress and in such case shall
depart as soon aa possible but a vessel of
war of one belligerent 3hall not depart
within hours from tho depar
ture cf a tcsscl of war of the other
Sixth The plant establishments build
ings and all works necessary to the con
struction msintcnanee and operaticn rf
the canal shall be deemed to be parts
thereof for the purposes of this treatv
and in tlrso of war as in time of peace
shall enjoy complete immunity from at
tack or injury by bclllge cnts and from
acts calculated to impair their usefulness
as part of the canal
Terrllorlnl Utile
Article IV It is agreed that no change
of territorial toverelgnty or of Inler
nalirna relations of the country or coun
tries traversed by the before mentioned
canal shall affect the general principle
cf neutralization or the obi gallon of the
high contracting parties under the present
Article V The present treaty shall be
ratified by the President of the United
States by and with the advice and consent
of the Senate thereof and of his Britannic
Majesty and the ratficatlous shall be ex
changed at Washington or at Loudon at
the earliest possible time within six
months from the date hereof
In faith whereof tho respcctlto plenipo
tentiaries hate signed the treat and
hereunto afilxed their seals
Done In duplicate at Washington the
1Mb aay of Not ember In the year of our
Lord 11H31
At 6 13 p m the doors were reopened
the House resolution announcing the
death of Kerresentntlvo Brcslus of Pcnn
syltanla was adrptcd and as a further
marl of respect to his memory the Sen
ate adjourned until toda
TrnirlliiK Snlesmnii I nrounclnns on
Street ntiii lnll Irnctnrril
Trank B Biley a traveling salesman
for the Burbank Manufacturing Company
cf Boston Mass was fouzd In an uncon
scious condition near a treebox at the
corner of Marion end Q Streets about
11 oclock last night
He was sent to the Homeopathic
where It was found that he was
suffering from morphine ioison His
chrntec fcr life were declared small but
be v as no- thought likely to die during
the nlzht
A relative of the man called nt the hos
nrilf llntlrr Coloit il n niiposoil
Icllm ol Alcoholism
Lying on the floor with her head under
neath a small Iron stove She dead body
of Annie Buller colored about forty
j ears of age was discovered in her home
1153 Cedar Street northwest shortly after
7 oclock last night by 1ollcemen Sweeney
and Oawlcr of the Eighth precinct police
The woman from all nppearanres lad
been doad since Saturday the air In the
room being of such a foul nature as to al
most rindi r one of the bluecoats uncon
The iiollio made r careful examination
of the bod but could find no marks of
tiolencc It Is thought the woman died of
the effects of alcoholism A bottle con
taining some corn whisky was found on a
shelf In the room
At a late hour last night the body was
remotcd to the morgue by direction of
the Coroner and by orders of Lieutenant
Joidan the room wherein tho tomin vas
found was locked pending an examina
tion which will be made by the police to
The disovery resulted from the police
being called by Ellen Reeves colored who
rents the house She soil no one hail
Keen the Butler woman since Mic tamo
In late Saturday night when she was said
to have becu under the juQuenee of
Alltlomtl 1 11I011 Ofltf cru
Columbia Council No UZ National
Union has elected the folic ting ofllccra
E M Webster president n D Barrett
tlcc president G M Perkins speaker
Francis M Hosier ex prtnMent Joseph
Casey secretary re elected John E
Hammond financial secretary re-elected
William B Rellly treasurer re
elected Charles H Grenadier chaplain
Ambrose F Bart urher George W Cox
Richard Murphy door- I
keeper trustees J M Cralfr F W Bonn j
nnu w T Kelly delegates to cabinet F
M Hosier and J M Craig delegate to
Immediate relief Frank W Donn repre
sentatives to sstcmbly William B Kellly
and J M Craig alternates George W
Cox and Ftank W Donn
Many Eastern Railways
Still Crippled
Intense Cold in tUo West ClaimB
Its Victims -Others Perish in
Flood3 Tho Dclnwaro nt Its
Groatcst lovcl in Years Land
slides and Washouts
the stalled trains extricated The Central
Railroad toda tried to engage 3000 min
ers from this valley to clear up the slides
but allboush they are Idle owing to tho
deeding of the mines and the scarcity of
cars very few accepted the chance to
The villages of Wcstmoor Riverside
and Firwood near here are all deserted
and the water Is up to the windows of the
houses Some of the people escaped dur
ing the night with dimculty Only one life
Is believed to have been lost
HInRc Krimrtetl Ieslronl
An unconfirmed report is received here
that Monroctin a mail tillage near To
vanda was swept by flood last night and
man lives lost Every attempt to com
municate with the place has failed
The mines throughout this valley are
badly damaged by water and it will prob
ably be a week before 3teady work is re
tomac Rlter which Is In flood by reason
nf the heavy rains of Saturday night Is
higher than It has been slnco the memor
able flood of 1ST The stream is twenty
feet cbove low water mark at Williams
poit where the river has overflowed the
towpatli bank of the Chesapeake and Ohio
Canal and united with it
The lowlands there arc Inundated for
some distance and a turbulent volume of
pital and Informed the doctors that Kilcy j water is rolling down stream
was a morphine fiend
Hileys ri lathes reslJc at 1C18 Marlon
Street northwest and he had been tisltlng
them for several days He lites at Itock
bridge Md and was on his way on a col
lectlnj trip when lie visited his relatives
He is said to hate been drinking heavily
since bis arrltal in this city last Frldty
When he arrlted he registered at the
Baltimore and Ohio Hotel and left his
tallsc there Ills brother-in-law who
was seen at the Second precinrt after the
flndlnr of the man said that be had left
Biley In a drug store at the cornr of
Sixth and Ilhodc Island Avenue about an
hour before he was found unconscious
Riley has a slight cut over the upper
lip and a slight fracture of the skull orer
his right eye
Reports from Pennsylvania New York
larjianl aid other -States wheic the
storm of Saturday r s most sctero tell
of contnued destruction by reason of
rapidly rising riters In many instances
these statements nrc coupled v Ith details
of loss of life through the floods or In
directly through accidents brought about
by tho high wind and hoity rainfall
In the Western States where the storm
assumed the form of a blizzard followed
b Intensely cold nealacr many persons
are said to have been frozen to death
Throughout the East railways are com
pletely crippled almost none of them be
ing able to send trains through to the
West Tho Pennsjlvanla lines in New
Jersey hate suffered greatly by reassn of
the high water in the Delaware
In Pennsylvania Wllkcsbarre and Scran
ton have been badly cut ofT It tIII be
some das before the damage can be re
paired and trafTlc be resumed
Tho South baa also been a sufTcrcr
through high winds and severe frosts
WILtESBUtHK Pa Dec 1C It will
probably bo four or live days before trains
from New York can reach this city and
nearly as long before the caslbound trains
from Buffalo can get past the many land
slides that choke the Lehigh Valloy Iloyl
Between Pittston and Sayre where the
road runs close to the edge of the Su3
Mucbanna and at the foot of precipitous
hills there hate been numerous landslides
ami washouts and it Is Impossible to get
ncn enough to clear them awa rapidly
Ilrlilsin Sttc pt Attn
The same condition exists between
White Hat en and Mauch Chunk where
the Central Uailrcad of New Jer3ey and
tne Lehigh Vallc pass through a aarrow
iiJlu for set oral miles Along the banks
or the Lehigh the waters hato swept away
the Centrals bridge at Pcnn Haven the
Lehigh Valleys at Bays Creek and have
damjged etcry other bridge along that
portico of the line while numerous land
slides Late covered the tracks
It ill be wll on toward the end of the
week before the damage Is repalrel and
with lumber trees and debris from js
upLer river region It Is feared that tne
Hooded liver will damage the canal bank
Cnnnol Lfic IVrrjIinntu
A gale has been blowing since jester
da making It impossible to use ferry
boats on the rlter Communication and
travel oter the fctream Is Impossible
Many persons have fled from their homes
to places of safety tut so far no serious
damage has been reported
The Conococheague Creek and other
tributaries rf the river are at Hood tide
and factories and mills bavo been stopped
The rainfall In IhU section was three
EASTON Pa Dec 1C Che Deliware
Riicr nftcr reaching thlrt on feet
abotc high water mark at 9 a m today
remained stationary lor an hour and
then began to recede It had fallen twenty-eight
inches by nightfall Till marks
the highest freshet in the Delawie since
1 when the milk was 22 feet 1 Inch
the highest on record
I lie I oss nt Knstoit
The pumping station of the Lehigh
Water Company Is completely under
water but as the corapany3 reservoir Is
full no appnhenElon Is felt as to the
water supply for this city The pl nt of
the Lehigh Power Company at Baubs
ville Is ten feet under water tonight Tho
damage there vill lm seteral thousand
dollars The damage to industries iu this
city will exceed JI0O00
Them Is a smaller loss spread oter
storehourea and dwellings along Dock
and Canal Streets The entire trolley
sen Ice In Easlon and Phillipsburg Is still
idle tonight owing to the south aide plant
of the Easton Power Company being sub
inergod and tho Ferry Street plant only
p irtlally in operation The company loses
heavily through damages to the south side
pl int
1 lilali Vnll j IlloeUeil
The Lehigh Valloy Railroad Is still
blocked beyond Mauch Chunk on its main
line It Is sending a few trains between
here and Wllkcsbarre by way of Its
Fottstillc branch
The first mall train to paBS up to
Wllkcsb irrc for two days left here at 10
oclock tonight via Pottsvlllc The road
bcng blocked abotc Plttstou traln3 will
be sent forward tla Scrantou
Tho Dclawnre Lackawajna and West
ern Is bidly damaged between Mantnka
Chunk and Water Gap atd p isscngcrs
and mails htto to bo transferred
Through traffic on the Ontario nnd West
ern Railroad has been completely tied up
since Saturday night owing to indsllds
and waxhouts tint occurred at numerous
points between Summlldalo and Walton
Tfie principal washout Is Lear Fishes
Eddy where the roadbed follows the
course of tha east branch of tho Dela
ware and hero the track was swept out
for a dUtanco of 600 feet Largo forces
to etui a coin in u day
Tiln kiutlvt drome eulnse Tibleti AH drur
giU refund the licnry i it fall to rare E IV
Orsvct tlxaalLrc Ix on etch box 3c
f men haye been engaged sine c in shovel-
raiVd ad removing the rocks that slid
town the- mountslns onto the track
The milk and other through trains from
ho far north have lern sent to Wee
iwkeru ojrer tho Deliwarc and Hudson
cpncctuic with tho WcU Shore at Voor
leesv lie j
llirce Itrldsrs DnmnKoil
Three bridges mtlrs over
tho WJJIopiae between LlvIrgMon Manor
and Itorllinil had all the false work
cashed atay b the highest water seen
In many tears The ilamace it is
iiateil vvlll cost the Ontario and Western
about JJOoon to rcrair
NBW ORLEANS Dec 1C Great suffer
ing Is reported in the Southwest from the
old wate that reached here today nnd a
number of casualties In New Orleans
two ptrsons were frozen to death during
tho night Victor Oller n mule man of
twenty nine living on Bourbon Street In
poor health anil Ixiulso Butler a negress
of cighly fito ears who fell into a illtch
nn Tunelo Street Thero were three
Icalhs from burning of persona who
crowded ton near the open grates to get
warm nnd hug the Tire Similar accidents
arc reported at many nolnts in the South
west At Canton Miss three negroes
wore found frozen stiff nun near the Illi
nois Central depot one nt Turner station
iml one in an open Held While the cold
was not as severe as In some past years
Its suddenness n fnll of sixty degrees In
less than a dar made It more felt
A negro named Henry Clay was frozen
to death today near Napolconvlllc La
The set ere w either has caused sugar
mills to shut down on grinding as the
cane Is frozen
Alrrnilr t father Itnrrna
rnnfres for Anntlirr
The end of tho cold snap which has kept
Washlngtonltns moting briskly for two
das Is In sight
Mercurial standings will today be but
little If any higher than yesterday but to
morrow warmer weather 13 expected It
will not as a seasonable matter of course
be as warm as It was before the cold snip
but the frigidity of the atmosphere will
not be so pronounced a3 It was on Sunday
and yesterday
Fcr the first cold wave of the season
Washington has thus far escaped easily
Few rates of suffering among the poor
classes caused by cold weather and want
of fuel hate been reported
The forecast Issued at he Wetther Bu
reau last night predicts partly cloudy
weather today end probably tomorrow
with slowly rising temperatures and light
northerly winds becoming variable All
over tho East the temperature u sbed
uled to rise
In tho Rocky Mountan region nnd the
Northwest another fail of temperature
has taken place and Washington rinple
may expect to feel the hrenth of still
rolder ticather within a week
Wnnilnrfnni Gnnrtllnns of the
Ilrnre jlnHt Inr Tliclr Mills
One Me Nlsriiiitlnn ltecrlreil
Iu Anticipation of
u lc iinlt
The Dlifrtct Commissioner yesterday
passed upon several police cases that had
been sent to them by Major Sylvester In
c ich Instance Commissioner Ross who has
Immediate supervision over the police
force approved the recommendation bt
the Major and Superintendent and for
warded them to his associates for action
The cases considered were the accumu
lated work of the Trial Board for the past
three weeks
Private II A Quail wa3 charged by his
superior ofllcers with conduct unbecoming
a policeman in tint he went to a private
hous at the Instigation of an angry
nssa broke open the door and made an
Major SylveBtcr In passing upon the
matter recommended that the finding of
the Trial Board be approved as the ar
re was without warrant and in lil3
opinion the officer should bo warned to
e iti hotter judgment in similar mat
ters in the future The mitigating cir
cumstance according to Major Sylvester
was that the olQccr was under the Impres
sion that the lives of thosa Interested
were in peril
Slce I of
A flee of 20 to be paid In four equal
monthly installments Is the gist of Major
Sylvesters recommendation In the ease of
Private J M Wasson charged with neg
lect of duty The Superintendent adds
that tho officer should bo warned that a
repetition of such conduct would be visit
ed with dismissal from the force
According to the evidence before tho
Trial Board Wasson was in the habit of
entering n shed on his bit and there
resting from his labors On one occa
sion the rest continued for the period of
forty eight mini tes The finding of tho
board was guilty on three charges
Private T F was found guilty
nf a similar charge before the Trial
Board bis dereliction of duty lasting for
n period of rurty elght infinites Major
Syltestcr recommended that Sweeney be
lined 10 to be paid In two monthly in
Private J P Welsh pleaded guilty to
tho charge of neglect of duty In not re
porting from hla patrol box as required
by the regulations The excuse rendered
was that tho officer vas suffering from
temporary stupor caused he thought by
takinz a Iitko dose of quinine Major
Silvesters recommendation in his case
was a fine of J10 and greater care In
the future In obeying the regulations
Absence AWIhout Irntt
In tlcw of charges preferred against
Private W L Aud that officer tendered
his rcslgmtion as a mcniLcr of the police
force and Major Sylvester has recom
mended that it be accepted Policeman
Aud was cliarged with failing to report
for dut on two occasions and In falling
to glto good and batlsfactory retson
Additional Private F A Dyson was re
cently before tho Trial Board charged
with conduct unbecoming a policeman In
falling to kcop a specific promise made
to the Superintendent relative to the pay
ment of a debt Major Sylvester recom
mends that the officer bo required to dis
charge the obligation on or before the
fifth day of January 1902 and If ho
falls to comply within that time that he
be removed from tho service
The same officer was later before tho
Trial Board charged with neglect of duty
and Intoxication while on duty He was
found not guilty
now to iivit uoui
It will b aod to U mother of taiill
children to letrn tint croup ran be rrevected
The tint frn cf the duciit U hoirsentsj A day
or tivo before tl ituck the chill becoma hoirie
Tlili is soon followed by 11 peculiar rouh couth
lire Chainbrliln Cough Itemed Iretly as toon
11 tli child becomes hoarse or even after tin
rough coujli an- nu will dupel all symp
toms ot noup In tlU way all danger anl
amiety may be aeoIJeJ That remedy i mi
in thin way by many thousand of mother and
haa nerer ten anown 10 fall It If In net tha
only remedy that can alffara be dpended upon
and thtt u pleasant and aafe to tale For aal
by Henry Lvjri nLoluals and lletall All
Cable Company Relics Upon
Its Monopoly
AnRlo Amorican Concern It la
Feared Cnn Compol Him to
Coaso Experiments in tho Colony
and Oo Elaowhoro Not Discour
aged by His Buainoss Rivals
ST JOHNS N F Dec 16 The Anglo
American Telegraph Comrany threatens
to seek an Injunction from tho Supreme
Cou t against SIgnor Marconi to prevent
Ms continuing his experiments In wireless
telegraphy and to compel him to remove
his apparatus rrom the colony without de
lay The Anglo American Company when
It laid Its first cable secured a monopoly
for fifty years This period expires in
April 1S0L
Co u lit Sccrie nn Injnnrtlon
Tho rimpanys threat may compel Mar
coni to caso operations here The caso
might be tested in the Supreme Court but
tho company would probably securo a
temporary Injunction which would re
strain him from continuing work for some
months Ho says ho cannot afford to
wait and If tho company persists In Its
threat he will havo to remote his appara
tus to Nova Scotia where no such regula
tions arc in force
Nova Scotia U 500 miles farther west
which dlstanco might make It Impossible
for Marconi to perfect his apparatus to
the advantage he could In Newfoundland
Great hopes were being entertained that
tho discovery couli be perfected In this
colony and there Is some Indignation ex
pressed here at tho action of the Anglo
American Company
I t is corsidcrcd n gratifying tribute to
the Importance whlchthc cable companies
attach to MarconTT venture that they at
tempt to crush It at this time
Marconi visited Capo Spear today seek
ing a site for a station He did not
make any tests as the weather was bad
It Is doubtful whether Marconi will bo
able to carry out the proposed exhibition
before the Gotcrncr Premier nnd other
officials tomorrow owing to the Anglo
Americans threat
Cnlileil Sperln Instructions
He cabled to his Cornwall station this
morning special instructions for tomor
rows tests hoping to bavo the signals
come audible enough to be heard by the
tUilors but now these may be held lae
Marconi says he cannot be crushed
Newfoundland is a small part rf the
earths surface and he can establish him
self off the extreme point of Labrador or
on the east coast of Nova Scotia cither
of which points would be alnost as ron
tenlcnt for him The loss he emphasizes
will be Newfoundlands not his He wa3
prepared to start nt once the building of
a J60C0O station to be succeeded In duo
course by a second
No Site Selected
He did not Anally decide on a Capo
Spear site today The fog prevented a
proper view of the country He rather
favors that place It being loner than Sig
nal Hill but the access to It Is difficult
and In view of the convenience which
the proximity of tho town afford3 for the
latter site It may eventually be chosen
Marconi says he would resume work
with his kite tomorrow but for the fat
of the cable companys artlon If an ar
rangement of that difficulty 13 made he
says he will stop here longer than this
week and make such experiments a3 will
satisfy the most skeptical He has for
warded Information to King Kdward
whose reply 13 expected tomorrow Tho
Italian Government has already wired Its
VII1 Use n Pole
Marconi 13 prepared to stake hU repu
tation on the truth of his announcement
If he had a pole 200 high It Is estimated
he could give ocular proof of It to etcry
body because he current would then
probably work tho recorder whereas now
he and his assistants receive the signals
by a telephone pole The test Is soon
coming cither hero or In Nova Scotia
-iv Verl Inventnr Declares the
Kxiicrlmriit n Irnml
NEW YORK Dec 1G Lee DeForest
Til D one of the Inventors of the
system of wlrcles3 teleg
raphy has been deeply stirred by the re
ports of Marconis success In receiving
signals across the North Atlantic from
England In Mr DeForcsts remarks It
is etident that he is quite sure that while
somebodys system Is likely to accom
plish In time all that SIgnor Marconi
seems to have accomplished already there
Is no faith to be put in SIgnor Marconis
Dr DeForest Is so anxious to sate the
public from being oversangulne as to tho
talue of SIgnor Marconis achievements
that he visited a number of newspaper
offices today in the publics Interest Ho
even Intimates that Mr Tcsla with his
belief In Martian communication Is to be
put on tho same plane as that on which
he would put Marconi oad indeed all
others but the Inventors of tho DcForeat
Smltli sntem
Dr Drrorcst said that It was no wonder
that SIgnor Marconi got sparks from a
line 400 feet from the ground The won
der Is said Dr DeForest that sparks
were so weak for It Is no uncommon
thing to get sparks an Inch or more long
from an upright tvlrc thus disposed to
catch atmospheric electricity
Marconis coherer tars Dr DeForest Is
too delicate for practical telegraphy nnd
is given to the receiving of false and
misleading signals
Why asks Marconis rival was tho
prearranged signal merely the letter
3 three dots Why was it not a dot
and dash letter Ilka If It will be re
membered that Just about n year ngo an
other Investigator also announced tho re
ceipt of tho letter S- from a sonler so
ronioto as to make the Lizard seem in our
back yard
These dots also ect the world agog
but telegraphic communication with the
Martians at rates damaging to the cable
companies U jet In tho future At the
time of tho Queens funeral Marconis
company claimed to have sent n message
ISC mlle3 but tcsscls have goze on In
their humble way communicating at
tventy thirty or even sixty miles as
thougli tho 200 mile mark tva3 reserved
for great occasions
A Fnst Ice Wncon
About 2 oclock yesterday afternoon a
horse attached to an Ice wagon the prop
erty of A Donaldsou ran away from
Seventeenth Street and Pennsylvania
Avenue northwest and although the nul
nial was not caught until It reached tho
corner ot Fourteenth Street and tho Ave
nue no one was Injured and no collisions
J Jay Gould tree toys and ererythinf
I Open Evenings Open Evenings
A s 7 T s
to purchase an Instrument here
Our liberality his created our pop
ularity Our prices for high class
musical instruments are within tho
limits of reason anil economy If
you can
j Pay 500 j
I or 5600
I Monthly
for Either
wo shall te happy to accommodate
you Let us talk tho matter over
We shall arrange satisfactory
Staynian Co J
The Leading Piano Organ and
Music House- in the Na
tional Capital
1327 F
Baltimore Store 13 North Charles
Street delT tf
Ililtvnnl J LIvernnsli AilTnnce
Gtlnnl of n Commission Snys
Coiisrcsa Will Also Itf Asked
to nxclmlc Japanese
Edward J LIvernash ot San Francisco
one of tho editors of the San Francisco
Examiner is here in advance of a com
mission from California which will advo
cate before Congress a renewal ot the
Geary exclusion act against the Chinese
In addition to Mr LIvernash the commis
sion Is composed cf the following gentle
men Ex Got James IL Budd Truxtun
Bcale ex Mmister to Persia James U
Phelan mayor of San Francl3co and
Andrew Turuscth a well known labor
leader on the Slope The commission will
arrive in Washington within a fortnight
and will Immediately commence Its
labors to protect the interests of the
working classes not only against the
Chinese but the Japanese 33 well
We will not contuse our eiort3 In
these matters said Mr Livernash last
night but we want to awaken the peo
ple to the danger that threatens from
Japanese immigration With the Japs It
will not be seclusion but restriction so
far as we can go without precipitating a
diplomatic embrogllo Indeed Japan
would rather keep all of her pcuplc In tho
East as subsidiary means to the great
policy she has outlined the policy of
turning Japanese Immigration on Asiatic
lines and colonizing the Orient notably
Formosa with her citizens until she has
become In the Eastern world what the
United States is In the Western
Low Class Comes Here
Mr Livernash said the Japanese com
ing to this country were ot the very low
est clasa mudsills as he characterized
them and he compared them most unfa
vorably with tho Chinese Immigrants
A Jap he said will work for much
lower wages than the Chinaman and does
not approach him in intelligence Because
Japan Is a most progressive country the
Idea 13 pretalent that she docs not pos
sess an unprogrcssive class tne uues
and a most objectionable class it Is both
at home and abroad The Japanese la
borer as we know him on the Pacific Slope
Is a mere beast ot burden to tho people
whose purposes he serves and we want
to keep him away from our shores
At nuts No In et
Regarding the Geary act Mr Hvcrna3h
said his commission wanted It renewed
without change in any of Its provisions
It has stood tho test for ten years
he remarked hard as the Six Companies
have tried to find some flaw in it and wo
do not want Congress to amend It for fear
In being too generous to us It might
jjave some loophole for litigation You
know the Chinaman Is the wiliest creature
that walks and we do not propose to af
ford him any opportunity to slip in
through some defective phraseology In tho
act De Qulncoy wrote about Chinese
trickcri When I gazed at the face ot a
Chinese baby I felt as If I were looking
Into centuries of cunning
lulerest on In Vrrenrncet
Rcrresentatlvc Pearre by reqiest has
Introduced n bill which provides that the
rate of interest to be collected of any
person ovlng arrearages of general taxes
prior to July 1 1500 now duo to and tha
liens for which are held b7 the District
ot Columbia shall be C per centum per
annum In lieu of tho rate nnd penalties
now- fixed by law and oil accrued costs
The bill applies only to taxes paid on or
beforo January 1 1S03
RvrtRV uddenly rn Monday rVewntair 1R
lml at 313 oilotk m tIBGIMV twlorcd
daughter ot Patrick V lUrrr
Funeral Wednesday at 2 oeloes from lir late
residenee 1010 1 street northweat IrieiuU anl
relativM invited ral
On Saturdar rieccmlwr II lOl at
p 10 oIW p m after a chctft illnex Irni
11 lHIMN4 Moved balvind of Battle Peknw
Funeral fmnt hl late residence 3W Third Street
nortlinnt Le Uroit lMrlt at 2 o clock p in
tvtTitots rrwrntiv r WVTKOI at la
late resilience 513 lourteentli tnet northwest
Service at iHiiiae Tnw lay at I 10 p m rut
SltlfiirV On Monday lire ember 10 1101 at I
a m JtlH beloecd He ot imes Slight and
itiiikhler et Abhy and the ltte John Eauan
luneral Wednesday mornitat s 3D a m from
her late reaulenee IBS Focrli sireet norlhet
trienil and relatives invitt ta attend cIH 5
MST tslli M nee lit t nearly beloved
wile of tlbtecht Net iu the tliiily aittli car of
luneral Wednesday the lth iixtunt from her
late resideme No 10 Uthtir Ilaee nortlmeat
Irlends and relatives respectfully invited to at-
Itiehmond Va ItrooHvn N V and San Fraa
cmco Cat papera please copy el
nLCMllt On Saturday Hetfmber 11 lffll at
0 W p m at her late residem e iH l Street
iulheat MtltY J beloved wife of V Howard
Duialer tnd daughter of Jane and the late John
A Jarthwaite
Funeral ervicc at Trinitr Jfethodnt Ipiseopal
Church liltli and Stieets aoutheaat Tueeday
lceemlier 17 at 3 15 p la Irltmts and relativea
Invited m 5
KELLY- On December 13 Fl at LU rehence
Ml Fit 111 Street New J or fltr IrTEIt C
hLIJV the beloved husband ot hate belly for
rrerly ot South ttaHnjton
The friends and relatives of the family the
ttulibifton brarch of the tranlte I utters Lliion
of which he was formerl President and the
members of Dlvlion ft ot He Hibernian Order
are resreetfuHr tmlted to attend the funeral from
th reiMcnce ot hta brother James Kellr UJil
Siith Street outhwet at 3 30 m Tuesday
Dixember 17 and thence to M Dominlcks
Church where a hirfh mass will be celebrated
for the repose of his soul at 0 a m The inter
ment will be at lit Olivet Cemetery inls J
The Rush for
Music Boxes
has been unparalleled The great
demand for these popular Instru
ments came In excellent time be
cause we anticipated the repeated
calls and were well prepared Wo
are exclusive agents for the
Music Boxes
Wed be pleased to show you
these marvelous Instruments Their
musical accuacy Is almost beyond
belief Prices range from 3c to
Sanders Si
Stayman Co
The Leading Piano Organ
Music Housf In th Na
tional Capita
1327 F
rEitcYs rosTmt
Baltimore Store 15 North Charles
Street- delT tf
Schwartz Pelzman
Open Evenings
As a pedal inilncfment
for your tailorinfr trade now
we offer to make to your
measure men s oveiToanntia a
1 from oxfords worth 1S
for lu75r and make thorn
up as well as though we
were asking fnll prices
Yon can harp them with
or without yokes with vel
vet collars and turned cuffs
fnll lengths
for 4 and 5
to measure fine worsted
st ripen
505 507 Serenth Street
iTbroitT by TiitTcoNnfnov ok the ittcoi
N VTION VL UAMv of Washington X C at
the close of business December 10 1301
Lesns and dvecourts - 0ft3OTI 53
Overdrafts secured and taisecured 353 01
I S bonds to secure circulation 50 0CO 00
I S bcmls on hand 1 5 00
Stocks eeenrities ete 3S23 V
Banktn home furniture and fixtures 313715
Due from 2vatloul Hants not reeerve
agents 703055 61
Due f n State boas and bankers 131056 EO
Due front approved reserve agents 1150153 60
Internal revenue stamps 50 00
Cheeks and other eath items 73512 37
Ijrcbansres for clearing bouse 55645 81
Fractional paper currency nickels
and cents 435 1J
Lawful money reserve in bantc viz
Specie S3S40
besal tttdzz note POOCO
L 3 certificates for gold de
posited SaSOOO 857SH00
Total 7S15I92M
Capital stock paid in J50O00OO0
fund loOonooO
Inrfirirfrd profits lees cifenses
and taee paid tiUili
Due to other National
Hanks 3573 S3
Due to State Canks and
Hansen 85 JiH 07
Due to Trust Companies
and Savings Rinks 143553 64
Due to approved reserve
aeit 13 U
Individual deposits sub
ject to ehees CrMIS3 0
rmand certificates of
deposit 17113 73
Certified clwcfcj llS173i 79 ilSiO 00
Total S7S15liM
DUtrict of Colurrbia
I Arthur T Driee Cahier of the above named
hank do solemnly swear that the above statement
is true to the bne of my knowledge and belief
sirriirrt t n it ice CaMer
SubeenU d jml sworn to before ire this 14th xj
cf Deeen ter 1901 D IUTTFJiHOrSF
Seal Notary Public
Correct Vttet
ruts c rtotER
THOS Hi lib
R ItOrf IhKHi
MECif rsoricK i
SPI CIU OTIlE Tbcre will be a spe isl meet
inir of riiviion No B 11 II on Tt l SDIY
KVKMNR mXhalllM 17 at S F M at N rth
east Temple Hull Business nf importame ml
902 renaa Ave b t nashieston Nor 13
1S01 Policy holders a e notiJed that the Man
agers have ordered a return or savings paid the
members according- to the value ot each policy
at the cloe of 1POO Renewals for 1002 arc pay
able to the company at the same time at the
rate ol 1 per cent- on the premium notes
ami Policies tluet Presented that payments
mav be ente ed thereon Policies evpire on the
Iat Monday In December sath Please attend
early and avoid the crowd
L ntfiCE UOTELER Secretary
Notice is hereby civen that n meeting of the
stockholders of Trie TInw Company will be hel I
at the offlte of the company in the Hutchlnl
IuiWm corner cf 10th ami I Le nw Wash
ington II C on the 13TH D OF JVM MtY
IKK at 2 OCLOCK I M for tne purpose of
electing five tr uleea for the ensuing year and
tor the transaction of such other business as rcay
properly come before amli meetin
Dated Washington n C December V 1X1I
delSMri Seeeeta ry
THE Childrens Iloepltal has a deed of trut on
It for twenty thousand dollars on which it Is
paying biteret Help to pay It
Cnilcrtnker mill Ciuliulruer
Ol K St W
Everjthln strictly flrt class oa tie meat ret
enable terru
Telephone call Main 40L
UndertuKcr nnd Livery
XK Tcnn Ave S W Waihlnston EL O
By the Koch buns Cure
120 Nasuii Street New York
AoJ C7 L Street Wuhinztoa

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