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rrnn m
Will Pass Upon Changes
Made in Committees
Displacod as Chairman of Coni
mittoo on Establishment of Uni
versity of United States
Probablo Changes Tho leaders
Plan Econcmy
A caucus of Republican Senators will bo
held this morning before the Senate
meet1 for the purpose of finally passing
upon the revised committee lift which has
now been finally arranged by the commit
tee on committees As the Senate chair
manships are decided by the Inflexible
nil j of seniority of service It la easy to
figure out who will get the Important va
cant chairmanships
1Ixod li Utile fif ritIorlt
Senator Cull ora of Illinois will succeed
the late C K Davit of Minnesota as
Chairman of the Committee on Foreign
Relations Stewart or Nevada wilt go to
the head of the Indian AfTalrs Committee
Elklns of West Virginia will suecced Cul
lom as Chairman of Interstate Commerce
Dolllvcr or Iowa will get Pacific Rail
roads Mason of Illinois will succeed
Wolcott of Colorado as Chnlrman of Post
offices and Post Roads Burrows of Michi
gan will take Privileges and Elections as
the successor of Chandler cf New Hamp
shire and so on through the list of Im
portant committees All the old ex-Senators
will more up a peg toward the chair
manship of the various committees on
which they serve to make room at the
foot of the list for their now colleagues
Wellington Displaced
The most Interesting change to be re
ported to the caucus is the selection of
Senator Dcboe of Kentucky to be chair
man of the committee to establish the
ynivcrslty or the United States in place
of Wellington or Maryland who deserted
his party and has been retused house
room by the Democrats He will retain
his membership as a Republican on the
other committees or which he has been
a member as this will net disturb their
political complexion
It Is not likely that an attempt will be
made at the caucus to agree upon a pro
gramme of legislation for the session
This question has been discussed infor
mally but nothing definite will be ar
ranged until after the holiday recess The
House will pass the Philippine tariff bill
tomorrow It will reach the Senate
Thursday and be referred to the Commit
tee on Philippines of which Senator
Lodge Is chairman Both houses will
then adjourn until January C
The story that on attempt was made to
oust Senator Morgan as Chairman the
Senate Commillcc cn Interoceanic Canals
at a meeting or the committee on com
mittees yesterday morning is denied ty
Uie ItepUUUcaii leadrro In the Ronald
Senator Morgan has for twenty rears
had charge of the canal bill and the credit
for securing the waterway will be given to
Im Alabama statesman He will eijaln
Chairman or the Cnal Committee as long
as ie remains In the Senate
The only changes proposed arc to plaie I
iwo itepuuiicans on tnc committee as is
being done with every committee A gen
eral reduction of Democratic members Is
proposed with Increased Republican ma
Plmi DuNlneksllkc Scktlnn
The leaders In both the Senate and
House have made up their minds that so
far as they can control the situation the
session shall be rhort businesslike and
economical A deluge or bills has been
Introduced In both houses everything un
der the sun being mentioned In them
but only a very small proportion or them
will get bcond the stage or the first
reading Notwithstanding the large and
Crowing Treasury surplus some or the
most Influential or the Republican Sen
ators are of the opinion that eternal
vigilance will be necessary to prevent It
from being turned Into a deficit by the
eagerness or the Representatives or the
various States to open the pork barrel
and distribute the contents
Xn Redaction of Taxes
Chairman Taync or the Wajs and
Means Committee sajs he will after a
time bring In a bill abolishing the special
war taxes so far as is necessary to get
rid of the surplus but members of the
Senate Finance Committee arc not satis
fied that there will be any surplus to get
rid of by the time the session is well un
der way They arc rather Inclined to
think thererorc that there will be no leg
islation In the way of removing or reduc
ing internal revenue taxes
The leaders arc determined to have Just
as little legislation as possible on any
subject and to bring the session to a
close Just as soon as possible after the
appropriation bills and other Important
measures which cannot be postponed arc
disposed of H seems to be the consensus
of opinion now among the bcsl posted
Senators and Representatives that the
canal construction bill will follow the rat
ification of the treaty and that some sort
of a ship subsidy bill will also become a
Hut IrrlKnlloii Ilulit Inipi nillmr
The Joint committee of Senators and
Representatives appointed to prepare a
bill providing money for the Irrigation of
and lands have a measure about ready
to bo presented This bill Is bound to
Ettr up a long and stubborn contest as
tome of the mos influential men In both
houses regard it es a hhiniug example
of that kind of Tatcrnalism that should
be nipped In the bud
The friends of the Irrigation plan have
organized a very thorough campaign in its
behalf nnd as thoy can command the sup
port of a laige number of Senators and
Representatives from various States they
will exert a strong influence and make it
very difficult to defeat tbelr bill
IteportK Iikii of Dlnimiml Iiii
Mr Mary King of 1S1E Sixth Street
north st reported to the peine yester
day that a diamond pin in the shape of
a four leaf clover had jeec stolen from
her residence Tin pin is valued at 29
To gentlemen who
desire the highest
quality we confidently
recommend the
YrrniiKeniriit Mmlc for n DclcRtillon
to ro President
John Foonl of Now York Sccrcinry of
the China Asiatic Association wade an
appointment jesicrday for a delegation
representing the ascsciatlon to meet
President Hooscvelt
The delegation -will present a memorial
First that the Government should talc
steps to assure immunity from Russian
encroachment In Manchuria on account of
interests of the exporters of textile pro
aueu In the United States especially
the South
Second that the tax en tea should be
Third That an International bank
should lie establishel in China
Fourth that tile privilege of laying a
Pacific cable should dc granted to a pri
vate company which promises a rate of
1 a werd to the Orient In place of the
present rate of Jl SG
Mnrrles Jlr tulenlicrrj Principal
of Cnrrillliin Ho II lull fcrhool
nie Ray Qulscnbcrry daughter of Judge
Robert D Ray formerly of the Missouri
Supreme Court was married here tcday to
Dr Orcn Root only brother of Lllhu Root
Secretary of War
Dr Root was formerly superintendent
of the schools here but Is now professor
of mathematics in Hamilton College New
York Mrs Qulscnbcrry has been princi
pal of the Carrollton High School for sev
eral years
The wedding was very simple Professor
and Mrs Root left at noon for Chicago
where Dr Root will attend the Hamilton
College alumni bnnquet
Denounces tlic Intv 1ndcr IVIiIch
Poilti lllrnii mi Coin ictril
nml Cnlls tlmn Coiircs
tu Ilefirnl It
The Central Labor Union last night de
nounced the eonvlctlon of Santiago Igle
tlas presldcntof the Federation or Work
men of Porto Rico as an infringement
upon the rights of organized lalor
The matter came up for discussion on
the proposition to endorse resolutions on
this subject adopted by Columbia Typo
graphical Union No 101 The proposition
was unanimously endorsed
The resolutions passed by Columbia
Union denounced the laws under which
Iglcsias was arrested as barbaroLs Span
ish statutes -which declare trades organi
zations illegal and treat members of them
as conspirators
WorllncmciiV Right Ylolnlnl
These laws It is dcclasod are In viola
tion of the rights of the laboring mans
Interests are opposed to our form of
government and against the Interests of
the individual
The resolutions also call upon Congress
for the repeal of these laws and the en
actment and enforcement In Porto Rico
of statutes similar to those In operation
in the United Stater
It Is also asked that an appeal be made
to the President and Congress to prevent
the carrying out of the sentence of tho
court against Santiago Igleslas
Oppose License Hill
A protest was also made against the
bill recently introduced In Congress pro
viding for the licensing of clcctrleal work
ers and linemen
A communication was received from the
glass bottle blowcrsassoclation of Alex
andria Va asking for information rela
tive to forming an alliance with the Cen
tral Latior Union
To lie Sold to the Illclirrt Illdder
nml Iro1itilI Ilrolrn Up
The Board of Construction yesterday
decided to dispose of the old receiving
ship Vermont until recently used as quar
ters for enlisted men at tho Brooklyn
Navy Yard
The lrcasury Department declined an
offer from Secretary Long to utilize tho
Vcrment for quarantine purposes at New
York or some port where detention facili
ties arc limited and as the navy lias no
further use for the vest she will be
sold to the highest bidder
Not less than J1S000 will be taken for
her Her purchaser will probably break
her up for the copper that Is in her
rather than employ the ship for seafar
ing purposes
The board also went on record as unani
mously approving the plan suggested by
Rear Admiral A S Crownlnshleld for the
erection of barracks on shore at navy
yards to replace receiving ships
Noiulnntlon of tin- Wr llcv T J
OConnor Announced
ROME Dec 1C Tho Pore has an
nounced the nomination of the Very Rev
J J OConnor as Bishop of Newark and
Mgr OConnell formerly rector of the
American College at Rome as Bishop of
Tortland Me
Bishop J J OConnor the new Bishop
of Newark N J was born in Newark
July 11 lfcJ3 He began his education in
the parochial schools and later went to
Setcn Hall College South Oranijo N J
when the Right Rev Bernard J McQuald
now nishop of Rochester N Y was pres
ident of the college At Ills graduation In
U73 Archbishop Corrigan was president
of the college For eighteen years Bishop
OConnor was professor of dogmatic thc
olosy at Seton Hall College
From Seton Hall he went to the North
American College at Rome and 3tuded
theology nearl four jears continuing
his stiJles after that In the university at
Louvain Belgium While at Louvaln he
was ordained to tho priesthood December
22 1877
Upon his return to the UnltcM States he
was appointed by Archbishop Corrigan to
the professorship of dogmatic theology nt
Solon Hall and later vas made director
of the Seminary of the Immaculate Con
ception connected with the college On
30 1S95 he was made pastor of
St Josephs Church one of tho largest
and most Important charges In the New
ark Diocese in which post ho has con
tinued to the present time
The first Bishop of Newark vas Bishop
Da ley who afterward became Archbishop
of Baltimore
Itcjieftl AnmicIxiIIoii Incorporated
Articles of the Incorporation or the
Ladles Friendship Association of the
District of Columbia was placed on Hie
yesterday In the office of the Recorder
of Deeds Tho business and objects of the
society are stated to be to care for the
sick nnd to bury Its dead
The Incorporators are Louise Amos
Mary Ncrvio Barbara E Powell Matilda
Payne Virginia Tlnney May T Reese
and Salllo Ruxs
Continued from 1 irt Pace
A Model to Be Avoided
That speech was a model to be avoided
He advised the larty not to move much
faster than the mass of the nation wa3
prepared to move otherwise it would find
Itself Isolated This advice could have
been better put by a better authority than
himself namely Theodore Hoosxcelt the
head ot the greatest democratic commu
nity in tho world Continuing he said
Wc hope to keep going on by steps not
bounds We must keep our ejes on the
stars but also remember that our feet arc
on the ground
Lord Rcsebery declared that he knew
there were many idealists and honst fa
natics far In advance of the Liberal party
and their times who would repudiate this
advice but If the blew their trumpets
until they cracked their cbccKs the walls
of Jericho would not fall
The enf tnirtit of Kitiir
His last piece of advice was that the
party ought not to dixsociatc itself even
Indirectly unconsciously or by carelcs3
words from the new sintlrcent of empire
which occupied the nation To many the
word empire was suspect indicating
aggression greed and violence but the
sentiment now represented by the word in
Great Britain had nothing of that In It
It was the sentiment cf affection In
volving a family feeling of pride and he
statesman who dissociated himself from
It must not be surprlrcd It the nation dis
sociated itselt from him If asked to state
the policy to which lh axioms he had
laid down should be applied he mUht find
difficulty In compling except by imagin
ing himself a responsible minister which
he added facetiously would be an Incon
ceivably wild flight of the imagination
but his watchword If In office would be
ecil of nnictrnt
If the nation had not learned from tho
war that it was greatly behind In cfll
ciency it had learned nothing and Its
treasure and lives had been thrown away
The people had first to examine the effi
ciency of the Parliamentary machine
It had been said thai Parliament was
en trial He was not sure that the trial
was ended and that the Jury was consider
ing Its verdict He could not show moro
absolutely the ridiculous impotence to
which Parliament had been reduced than
by stating tho fact that 7G per cent or the
money votes in the Houso of Commons
last session had been closured
To Itrform Wnr Oilier
Next It was Imperative to examine and
overhaul the administration of the War
Office the complaints against which he
believed to be Just Again It was most
desirable to explore with exceeding vigi
lance the efficiency of the navy particu
larly the location of the various squad
Ths did nc Imply doubt of the navys
emclency lut it was a matter concern
ing whicn watchfulness could not be re
laxed for a Mngle moment Then an en
ergetic cnnrry should be made concern
ing common e and Industry He admitted
that In connection with this subject he
did not entertain the optimistic views ex
pressed by Mr Balfour In a recent speech
He Lord Hoscbery was alarmed con
cerning the future but most important
of all because underlying the emclency
of the nation was the question ot educa
tion In which Great Britain was sadly
lagging It was the weapon with which
the nation has peacefully to fight other
nations At r resent constituted or net
constituted It as a
weapon There wu nothing like a na
tional tysru of education All was
The if the people and tempcr
ELc8 were other matters demanding cfn
ciirl treatment
At a fircnt Crisis
Lord Rosebery recalled that when he
accepted the Chesterfield Invitation he
had tald that the nation was at the great
est crisis of Us history There were
Uircc elements In the crisis viz In for
eign relations la the Ministry and in the
When the King meets Parliament he
might be able to announce that his rela
tions with foreign Governments were sat
isfactory but how about foreign peoples
He ventured to say that in the whole his
tory of England there was no parallel to
the hatred and ill will with which she
was regarded almost unanimously by the
people of Europe
When the Government went Into offli e
In ISM It found peace with honor and as
much good will as could reasonably be ex
pected It had now Incurred the 111 will
of almost every nation of the globe This
was a meat dangerous state of affairs
The GoTerrment to a large extent wan
lnlnf lilenn Convened
The peoples ot Europe had received the
Impression falsely communicated to them
through impure but glided channels that
the wur in South Africa was the war of
a powerful Empire animated by greed
and lust for gold against two feeble Re
publics He would not say that the Idea
could have been altogether dispelled but
the Government had not taken all possi
ble steps to counteract it
The Government had also been tactless
In all Its dealings He instanced the is
suing or General Kitcheners description
or one weeks operations as a total bag
This was calculated to produce the most
detestable lmpreslon ns was also the
Colonial Secretarys oratory
on Cliniiilicrlnin
Mr Chamberlain forgot what often was
good for home consumption did not an
swer abroad He wished Mr Chamberlain
would keep his power or invective for his
opponents at home His indulgence in this
stjle of talk was becoming an inconven
ience If not a danger abroad
He condemned the Government when It
became aware of Mr Krugcrs great war
like preparations for not demanding the
cause of them and demanding that they
cease It It had done so the war would
have been or far smaller dimensions
The Government excused itself by aay
lng Us hands were tied by the Jameson
raid but this was not wholly true The
Government ought to have probed that
raid and Jostly compensated the Trans
vaal Government
Jtti Iliifinlr Asinlleil
Lord Hosebery attacked the ronduet of
the Jameson enquiry which formed the
lmprcsIon abroad of guilty complicity
on the part of the Boer Government w ith
the raiders sapping thu very basis of its
diplomatic attltide regarding the TranH
vaal lie did not believe a word ot these
accusations of complicity
He vihemently condemned the Govern
ment for appealing to the country last
year on the strength of its announcement
that the war was over He demanded an
other appeal when It Is really over Po-
lilkil immorality he declared mm com
pelling tbe electorate to become accom
plices In the Governments misdoings
MliiitTlnl AhikiIIoiin Uc pmllilletl
He scornfully repudiated the Ministerial
assertions that no alternative Govern
ment was possible If this was true it
was time to foreswear empire and go and
dig In n cabbage garden The nation that
could not produce nn alternative to the
present Government was fitter to control
the allotment of cabbage gardens than an
Discussing the war Lord Hoscbery said
C Credit terms itrrnngcil a suit
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he was most anilous for many reasons
that It should end but he was convinced
that the nation must prosecute It with all
the energy and resources of which It was
capable Loud cheers Tho nations
honor and character equally with tho fu
ture ot South Africa demanded a com
plete solution
Defence fif tlie Arm
He could not allow any Impression to
exist that hct In any way supported the
vile and Infamous falsehoods spread on
the Continent concerning the behavior of
the Urltlsh army of which he made an
eloquent defence He equally acquitted
the Government or any member of tho
Government ot barbarity in intention or
The refugee camps were n necessity for
clearing tho country They were doubt
less mismanaged at first but they arc not
easy to manage Lord Hoscbery also
supported the proclamation of martial
law although lie feared there were
grounds for complaint against Its ad
ministration If he was going to discuss
atrocities which he was not he would
dwell rather on those ot tho other side
Loud cheers
VKnlnt Mllnern Piillc
Lord Ilo3cberry protested against what
he understood to be Lord Mliners policy
that there should be no formal close of
tho war no peace signed but to hunt the
Iloers until a few only remained and
then to treat them as bandits That
meant there would bo no settlement In
South Africa
He urged the Government to study Mot
ley and learn from the fetrugglc of the
Netherlands against King Philip which
was carried on by the ancestors of tho
lloers There must bo a regular leace
ho said and to that end ho would not be
dear to any overtures from any respon
sible men among the Doers especially
those surrounding Mr Kruger
They might represent nn exiled possi
bly n discredited government but It was
the government which Went to war with
Great llritpln He would not have the
Government offer terms but it should cer
tainly recognize and consider overtures
Lincoln inmiilr Cited
He cited the case of President Lincoln
who did not disdain any means of com
munication with those whom ho regarded
as rebels and also tho effortSrof DIsmareK
nnd Pitt to bring about a formal peace
with vanquished rocs Ills policy with
the Doers then was ono of passive not
active peace
It would be the greatest possible mis
take to make overtures to them It
would be a mistaken arid fatal weakness
to encourage the enemy lu thu field but
the obstacles to pence wxre In no wiso In
superable He did not bellevo that noth
ing woull now satisfy tho Doers but In
Tho lloers are the shrewdest people
All but the fanatics among them know
that independence lias ione forever They
are too shrewd to build anything on the
crazy foundation laid by a handful of men
In Lngland who hold out hopes that In
dependence will bo restored Loud
Must Abide li Tliclr Choice
They cannct complain If they aro Incor
porated into tho Urltlsh Umpire They
chose their arbitrament of the sword and
by that they must abide If they had
never crossed the frontier never Issui l
nn ultimatum he did not believe that any
Urltlsh Government would have attacked
They must be aware that Great Urltaln
had not made such sacrifices as she had
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with the Intention of allowing an Inde
pendent Transvaal and Free State ever
again to threaten the people of this Em
pire Loud cheers Out the Doers will
doubtless uphold the flag of independence
until a definite peace or a definite armis
tice Is signed
He could not understand the demand of
certain persons In Great Urltaln to get
rid of Mr Chamberlain and Lord Milner
Tho latter was particularly deserving ot
confidence If he was recalled they would
And themselves In a worse position
Wo ii lit lie Illiernl Willi lloers
It would be as fatal a mistake as low
ering the flag He would not in any way
favor tho sending of a special commis
sioner to negotiate peace or to re scttlc
the South African question
Ijrd Hoscbery dwelt lengthily upon the
settlement of the question and the future
of South Africa He declared that he
would favor as large and as liberal an
amnesty for the Doers as It was possible
to give
He would giant full civil rights to all
Doere taking and signing a definite drastic
oath of allegiance nnd would treat them
most liberally in money matters rebuild
ing and restocking their farms
Tho couotiy was spending 5000000
monthly on the war He would rather
spend the same amount In procuring
peace even by lavish generosity He
would certainly annul General Kitcheners
proclamation which he suspected em
anated from some one nearer home than
General Kitchener They wanted to bind
up and heal not to keep open the wound
which was being caused by tne war inis
was the best advice he could give and
what he himself could do to further it ho
would do
A Demonstration f Aniiiiic
This statement called forth n loud
and prolonged outburst of cheering
Many of those on the platform stood up
and wildly waved their hats which led to
fresh outbursts of applause Whrv the
demonstration had subsided Lord
bcry added
My services arc as they have always
been so far as my health and strength
will permit as tho services of all Urltlsh
subjects are at the disposal of my iun
try Kcnovveil cheering I nm aware
that my policy does not run on party lines
but It Is not to the party I appeal Party
In this matter can avail little or nothing
I appeal unto Caesar from Parliament
with Its hair hearted but overwhelming
Government supporters and from n dis
tracted ami disunited opposition I appeal
to the silent but supreme tribunal which
shnpes nnd eootrnls the destinies of our
people to the tribunal of public
ot common sense If that fall us we
arc lost
I have only ono further appeal to
miko to you for yojr friendship if not
your support In this countiy yod llko a
man who speaks his mind I havo spoken
mine ltcncwcd and enthusiastic ac
loril Itii eliery Tliniikcd
A resolution thanking Lard floscberry
was moved It was seconded hy Mr Her
bert Asqulth who congratulated tho
Derbyshire Liberals on his own behalf
and on behalf ot his colleagues in the
House of Commons for providing Lord
Hoscbery with an opportunlt which ho
had turned to snch excellent -- iniltful
He rejoiced that Lord Hosebcry had
definitely returned to active politics The
meeting had been n rebtiku which ho
hoped would bo taken to heart by thoso
who made up for lack of nuinbc by lus
tiness ot voice and who were stilnt
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This 3 pIece Reception Suite mahogany-finished
frames covered In
assorted covers good tin 7C
tSOaty seven mors skopplsg
days until Christmas
Stcrs Opea Cicaicjs
Our watches are the VERY BEST They are constructed
for those who insist on ACCURACY at reasonable cost
They arc CORRECT in time CORRECT In style COR
RECT in price
ZlTIaspecUoa ot our goads laltedit la ao nay tajlUsen cbtizstlaa to purchase
Establlihel IS12
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue
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with Intolerant temper and methods alien
to the best Liberal traditions to drive out
of the party the element that vra3 indis
pensable to level headed Liberalism
If the Liberals endorsed and acted upon
Lord Hoseherys declarations In united
loyal and disciplined allegiance the day
would assuredly come when a brighter
state ot things would be witnessed for
their party
Minnlil Iollovv Itoselierj
Sir Edward Groy M P followed Ha
said It was needless for him to speak ns
his mind had been spoken for him It
was on the lines Lord Hosebery had laid
down that the Liberals could alone be
found united It would be more than ever
a misfortune now If Lord Hosebery should
stand aside from public affairs
I ml llircnliiieil VlcliusIlfe If Stic
pilule Oilier
While on her way homo from a drus
store in the southwestern section of tho
city last nlnht Laura Sopor an
girl who lives with her parents
at 239 Street south
west was held up by a negro youth and
robbed of 73 cents The thief Informed
the Kirl that If she made the slightest
outcry he would kill ter and made his
escapo after securing tho money
The girl ran to her home whero sho
Informed her parents of the robbery who
In turn communicated tho Information to
the Fourth precinct police station Ser
geants Dunnlgan and Montgomery at onco
sent pollcciren out in citizens clothing
to look for the highwayman but their cf
torta had been or no avail up to a lato
hour this morning
The bor as described by tho girl was
about slTieen or eighteen years ot ago and
wore brown canvas legglns Miss
Soper says sho is certain she could Iden
tify him should ho bo captured
wfhaIdnsImevafdiac ip 7
- suuc cemrai arait burn- J
enameled founts of the famous B V
H make at a discount of noarly 23 T
per cent
esteemed than A GOOD
Jzwcllers Slh crsmlths and Station
Will Deliver Jlclvlnlcy lleninrlnl
Address llefnrc Congress
Secretary Hay has accepted the Invita
tion of the Senato and House to deliver a
memoriil address on the late President
Tho notification committee called on
him yesterday presented their request
and received a tavorablo answer
Leaves llstnte to Aleee
Emellnc 11 Conover by her will datd
October SO last leaves her estate to her
niece Lottie E Walt In recognition ot
her kindness and affection for the testa
trix and her husband in their last Ill
Good for Dnil Teetli
ut Kail for Good Teelli

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