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Strictures on Congress and
Conditions to Which No Other
Civilized Community Would Sub
mit Congross Now Orders the
Work But tho District Pays tho
The Taltoma Tark CitUetiB Association
held a large and enthusiastic meeting last
night in Takoma Park Hall in the course
of uhlch the Washington Traction Com
pany and the National Government came
in for a large amount of spirited comment
The meeting was presided over by Pres
ident Klcnenr It had been expected that
Representative George A Pearre of Mary
land Kould deliver the address of the
evening but he si unavoidably detained
He sent a letter of regret which was read
b Mr B H Warner who then took the
floor to discuss the question of suburban j
ttreet railway transportation as exempli
fied by the Washington Traction Company
JVo Other Cl Would illimlt
Mr Warner declared that no city In all
the North would submit to the treatment
which the suburbs of Washington have re
ceived at the hands of the traction com
pany In no other city he iald are the
transportation facilities as wretched as
they were In Washington In other cities
there were more cars operated and there
was a better schedule and a more accom
modating spirit exhibited by the street
railway companies
He thought that one great reason for
the shabby treatment of Washington by
the street rallwavs was the form of gov
ernment The people did not govrn them
selves the road to redress va long and
tortuous and the men to whom they had
to appeal wrro frequent from far dis
tant cities and Slates who could not be
expected to undrrstand local conditions or
sympathize with local grievances
But the citizens must do the best the
could with what they had Much could be
accomplished by organization and by
working together and appealing in force
A Couiitrj Tm u
United States Attorney Gould followed
Mr Warner In much the same tenor He
ald he had but recently made a trip
through Massachusetts and he found that
throughout that State you could ride
a iix v
lifmr I I
13 r
I suffered fur four v can with
pain id m ttomaclt so that at
ilmealcouldnt work nor cat
writes Mr 1 rank hnuth of
Granite chafTiT Co Colo I
writctoniiaboiit lnyicknf
and wi totd to ti mt mnli
cine whhh I dkl with good
reau1 I onlt ucd four tot
tleiof Golden Medical
cry and mun that I am
ClltitT tv rarrri ml f l 11V m
rew man and I can liignlj irximiurrd vour
juedictue to any auDcrer -
The Peoples Common Sense Medical
Adviser 100S pages ire on receipt of
ftamps to pay expense of mailing only
Send sr one cent stamps for the paper
covered edition or 31 stamps for the
cloth bound volume to Dr K V Pierce
Buffalo N V
ftrrvSRSfr xyr w tt v jPftH1 IMiwiPIW VKJV J J 1
caused an increase of taxes on tlie prop
crty that remained
Tlio people of the District hail to pay
for all the street improvements and tho
Government requited them to bo laid out
on a national scale and the expenses
vere on a national scale likewise
The Ctiinct f 1H7S
Mr Shoemaker made these remarks In
connection with the Introduction of a res
olution which was adopted with much
promptness and vigor calling upon Con
gress to live up to In compact of 1S73
which was that Congrs would pay one
half of all the District expenses
The resolution also demanded that Con
gress should reimburse the District for
the moncj It had paid out in eees of its
share of the expenses since Congress had
entered Into the compact to p one
Another resolution adopted at the Meet
ing called upon Congress to condemn
land Tor the opening or ImatiHa Street
from Ilrlghtuood to Taloma IarK The
street is now used by the street railway
tut It is not a thoroughfare
Continued from Iirt Pago
float jinil fly and play on harps and hear
with joy the gpianK and ehrteks u tho
lobt in hell There is n evidence
In the presttre of the mysteries of
life and thought of force and substance
of growth and decay of birth and death
of joy and pjln of sufferings of the good
the triumphs of the wrong the Intelligent
honest man is compelled to say 1 do not
The letter was net jigiiiM while the
words craxv and sane srere heavily
unde recorcd to emphasize their meaning
Oiie tin iiirer Iliiiur
On the table tinder the letter was a
larger piece of purer on which Mr Frcs
ley had roughly penciled the following
stanzas of One Day Nearer Home It
Is said that he hummed tho twin In th
cigar store already referred to last Sat
urday night
Oer the MIL the sun i m ttufr
And lc e o I itraninc on
Soft drop the gentle twilight
1vr another djy is gune
Gone for aye Its we is over
Vn tlie darker e hatlea will come
Mill tij -sort to know at eveahy
Ttiat were one dat nearer lioinc
Vn All- nt Tntl oTlnck
Although Mr Presley was dead when
found at a oclock and had been dead for
over an hour according to Dr John Lutz
he was alive at 7 50 oclock when James
McDanlel who slept in the adjoining
room made an nttcrapt to arouse him for
Mr McDaniel told a reporter for The
Times that he was awakened bv a nolso
In Mr Presleys room at 4 oclock Fear
ing he was ill he went to his room to
arouse him hut could get no response
He knocked several times the noise ceas
ing every time ht knocked but was re
sumed again In a few minutes
Mr AtrllAnlel then Wnn ilnun in ffiA
second floor and aroused another boarder
farmer for one fare and in better
cars pot n rennnc rn ii a-
and mora rapidly and on a better j attempts proving futile Mr McDanlel in
vile than you could in the famous capital fisted on Victory turning in with him
of the nation for the rest of the night as he was
Visitors from other cities laughed at afraid to go back to his room alone
the country town system of stre ct railway When thev awoke at 7 oclock the noise
transportation that ruled here They de
dared it rotten and it was -often It
would not be tolerated in anv other civil
ized community
The Government was to blame Con
gress had the whole matter in lib hands
Congress In one day could remed the
whol matter It should be made to
do so
entering again into the discussion Mr
vvarncrjsaia mat tne one and onl excuse
In Mr iresley s room could still lie dis
tinctly hard and continued until they
Vict downstairs at 7 10 oclock
Idlr Mncc DriinW milt
According to the people at the Inglesidc
Mr Iresley had been drinking heavily
since Thanksgiving Day He has not
worked since last Tuesday the day the
Dennis assault occurred complaining to
that the Traction Company gave for its i the foreman at the Government Printing
rioor service for it didnt have the m
Jo uphold It was that the vves not
bufilclenlly patronized to admit of the im
provements asked and that a better ser
vice would not pay
ftlMMMlOOO Miirlli r VVnlT
Sir Warner said that an one who had
half an eye could see that the patronage
was- sufficient for the maintcnanco of a
first class service but it was not to be
i xpecjed that it would turnish dividends
or 112000000 of Mod that was purer
water than the average citizen got
a chance to drink Somebody profited by
lbs twelve millions excess of capital and
now they were evmandlug as much divi
dend 03 this water as If it were real
But th people who used the road and
who paid the fares that went toward pay
ing the dividends on this MZOOOOOO of
water should not be made to sutler They
were entitled to a good service to pleny
of cars and to a schedule that wt s a
and not n puzzle picture
Prof Hooper offered a resolrtloa which
was unanimously adopted declaring that
Congren should be asked to tou pel the
company to provide a better service more
tars and a better schedule
District liis f If II
Mr 1 ouls P Fhocmakcr addressed the
meeting on the general subject of the ex
penses of the District and the aid that
Congress gave in the matter He said that
things had come to nuih a pass now that
Gnsros practlcall contented ilself with
ordering this work and that work to be
done and left the District to pa the bill
The Government was constantly takin j
more and more land for Government us
and consequently dei reaslng the amot
of taxable property which of course
A Tola fenpst
Any man can produce a lotal eclipse
of the sun so far as he himself is con
cerned by holding a dollar close to hii
eve Trie total eclipse
of health is oflcn pro
duced in much the
same way by letting
the dollar shut out
from view all other
things and interests
A great many jicople pj for wealth with
health and admit at last that they have
made a poor bargain In the chase of
the dollar people are too eagtr to tate
time to eat regularly or choose proper
food the stomach becomes disordered or
diseased the food eat
en ceaseii to nourish
and phv sical break
down conies
Dr Pierces Golden
Jlcdical Discovery
cures diseases of the
J stomach and other or
gans of dilution mid
nutrition and so enables
the strengthening of the
body in the otilj way by
which strength can be ob
tained bv food nronerlv
digested and pcrfectlv as-
X Emulated
Office that he was ill the Dennis assault
having unnerved him
His brother bad cot scn him since last
Tuesda on which day the compositor
told him he had won on playing long on
Manhattan To V T ltazey personal
frend Mr Iresley stated that ho was
long on Manhattan end thai it he won
he wouldbo well fixeduo start the new
year but If be lost he losLhls all
Mr Presley wastinHP uiue jears of
nge and came tovVBshirjgfon from Many
Sabine Parish Louisiana Beldcs the
brother here in Washington he has a
mother Mrs A K Preslej five sh ters
and three older brothers all of whom live
in Louisiana
llnl In Ciiriiitrrs Ctisffiil
Deputy Coront Clazebrook Investigat
ed the case pronounced it unquet tlonably
one of suicide and decided an inquest was
not He thereupon Usued a
bnrlal permit and turned the body over to
his brother Hie discovery of lh blood
stains on Mr Prelevs clothing and the
mildewed iat together with the two keys
that opened the front door of the Dennis
residence was zuDcicnt to warrant Dr
Glazebrook withdrawing the death certifi
cate and holding the body pending an In
vestigation Later the body was taken to
the undertaking establishment f A J
Shippert 200S I Street northwest but It Is
still In the custody of the coroner
Mr Presley was a member of Century
Lodge Knights of Pythlssand the funeral
strvkes will be held under the auspices
of that society The brother is loath to
carry cut the dead compositors wishes in
regard to having the body cremated and
simply sending the nxbes to Louisiana for
lutcrinent His desire is to send the re
mains direct home so that his mother
mt have a last look at her son
1rnctlcnllj I neliniiKcil mill still
to MiiUt n MnlfMiiriil
The condition of Mrs Ada Gilbert Den
nis at the GarBeld Hospital practically
remains unchanged according to all that
the doctors in charge give forth List
night her pulse was normal and her fever
had slightly abated
The phvsiclans still declare lhat she
Is virtually delirious her lucid jterlods
being rare and of short even momentnrj
duration Kven In these periods tVy sty
she speaks with but little oheruny
As to her final recovery th doctors
said last night that they could give no
assurance Dr Atkinson did say this
There will be no crisis In the case of
Mrs Dennis Gradually slow 1 y she will
fight her way back to life and health or
sink into death
The police are unable to And an basis
for a story given some circulation vester
day to the effect that Mrs Dennis had left
her residence late on the night of the as
uault met some person or persons and
had become Involved In a wrangle of some
sort No one In the house or neighbor
hood knows of such action on the part o
Mrr Dennis It was a stormy night and
if Mrs Dennis had ventured out it is thi
confident belief of the police that her gar
incnts would hve shown some evidence
of It Hut the most cnreful and exhaust
ing examination of all bet clothing ha
failed to reveal the slightest sign of he
having been out of the house that night
IltRlivvn in to lrfofi
Thomas Grlgsbv Lewis nnd
Prank Williams alias Black Man In
dieted for highway robbery when ar
raigned yestetday before Justice Andei
on pleaded guilty Grigsby was aenteneed
to ten sears and ImwIb and WIlliauiK
orb to four years imprisonment In the
1 1 tiiivln rot r Ilri l
Rev Davis Poster died iu this city Sun
diy night Ills remains wore conveved to
Winchennen Mam for burial visterday
Dr Poster was born in Massachusetts and
bad lived In tin- it but a short time
prior to his death
Line tt ltmi to Oileutim Whence
llrniieli Will lie It it I It tint
llmnrc Jeciml tniler
Inklng Ilnnneil
The Washington and Annapolis Klcclric
Railway Company has established Its con
struction department otilccs in the Uond
Building and work Is going rapidly for
ward both at the offices and along the
route of the two proposed lines of the
company The statement was made by
Vice President James Christy yesterday
that the routes are now being cleared and
tbat grading will begin In about a month
Lilies Itrmirli nt Oitrlttoii
The Annapolis line chosen by the com
pany runs from the Chesapeake Jul ctlon
of the Chesapeake Beach line In a eilrcc
lion pamilcl to the Pennsylvania Itall
iiad and about a mile to the east as
far as Odenton Md about nineteen miles
from the District line IVom Odenton
there will be two lines one to Annapolis
and one to Italtlmorc The line to An
napolis rill bo thirty three miles long
from the District line The Baltimore
branch r ill tm thirty one miles from the
District line to the Bnltlmors corpora
tion line Doth these lines rut down tho
by present routes somewhnt
It is proposed to use the tracks of the
Columbia Railway into the city for a
time The ground for the Washington ter
minal of the company has been pur
chased as exclusively stated In The
Times on Sulilu The lot Is nearly an
acre In extent at Fifteenth and 11 Streets
northeast and Is the southeast corner of
the old Graecland Cemetery The sum
of JIC000 was paid for the lot by the
Will II11II1I Vnutlicr Itmiil
The statement is made that in addition
to these two lines the same interests un
der tho narao of the Berwjn nnd Laurel
Electric Company will complete he elec
tric line between thee two points thus
giving a through connection between
Washngton and Laurel Traffic arrange
ments have been made with the Washing
ton Traction Company which owns the
line to Berwyn about seven miles from
Washington It Is said that this Hue to
Laurel will be In operation first nnd that
cars will be running over it within three
Ti lrcct n Power llnnsi
A rower house for the Annapolis and
Baltimore line will be erected on the Pa
tuxent River and electric power will also
be purchased from the Washington Trac
tion Company
The Washington and Annapolis Com
pany Is compound of the Cleveland Ohio
electric railway magnates who have ac
quired the most extensive traction system
in the country embracing a large part of
all the street rallwavs of Ohio and impor
tant lines in other States
The officers of the company are W H
Lamprecht of Cleveland President
James Christy Jr Vice President and
Otto Miller of Cleveland Secretary and
VlrKitilns Ipiicr Hfitm IltirtcM tlel
rnlc Protest In Committer
RICHMOND Va Dec 15 The Vi girla
fenate today referred to a committee the
resolution adopted Saturday by the House
expressing svmpatby with Admiral Schley
This Is equivalent to killing the resolu
tion for It will never be heard from again
Senator narksdale In speaking against
the resolution characterized t as un
seemly undignified and out of order
while Senator Keezell declared lhat it was
all buncombe
The resolution as adopted by the Ileus
expressed the indignation of the iody at
the verdict and provided for the appoint
ment of a commltee to call on the Rep
resentatives of Virginia In Congress to
use every effort to secure Jmtlce for Ad
miral Schley
Verdict AcecpleI li llrmirii of lias I
tlinorr It Council
BALTIMORE Dec 16 A Joint resolu
tion was introduced In the first branch of
the city council tonight calling upon the
Maryland members of the House of Rep
resentatives to have adopted by act of
Coneress a resolution directing the Navy
Department to expunge from the records
the findings of the Svlicy Court tf En
The resolution was adopted by unani
mous vote When It retailed the second
branch however It was met with decided
opposition Major Venablc the Demo
cratic leader said that with ie
believed Schley had been persecuted but
after reading the evidence he thought the
findings were in keeping therewith
I was n soldier for four years he
said and I know what It is to reeelve
orders and obey them The court was
composed of navy men and they know
what It is to obey The people arc not
properly trained to measure military slt
nations and to bring such a resolution
Into a legislative bodv is out of place It
is overturning the fundamental conception
of the government of this country for a
legislative body to Interfere with the
Judgment of a court
Councilman W C Smith Republican
memlHT then arose and said be agreed
with Major Vcnable He said his opinion
had been changed by the evidence and
he would vote against the resolution for
the s me reasons
A vote was then taken and only one
rouncilman of the eight favored the reno
iutinn Pour Democrats and three Re
publicans voted in the negative Mr
ton a Democrat alone supported It
Gezsedl of Fisos
mos Crocker of Worcester writes
After going through a frightful surgkal
operation and after trying any number of
salves and olntncnls one Mo box of Pjr
atnld Pile rure gave speedy relief nnd
qiicklj turel mi AH druggists sell it
Little book ilti t auses and Cure
Pvramld Drug 1 11 Marshall
Mb h
Continued from Firt Psr
The findings of this board and the divi
sion In the board Justify Ttngrcss by a
yea and nay vote with fulttacccss to nil
the testimony on whichthe finding Is
based recording lis JudggfSat upon Ad
miral Dewey s decision Vti
Vulc of Tlinuls In Spnnir
Senator Jones of Arkansas yesterday of
ficially brought the Schley case befora the
United States Senate He offered a reso
lution which tenders the thanks of Con
gress to Rear Admiral Wlnficld Scott
Schley nnd the officers and men under
his command during tho naval battle tit
The resolution which Went to the Com
mittee on Naval Affair la is follows
Resolved by the Senate and House
of Representative of the United States
of America In Congress assembled
That the thanks of Congress nnd the
American people -are hereby tendered
to Rear Admiral Winflcld Scott Schley
and the officers and men under bis
command fnt highly distinguished con
duct in conflict with the enemy as ills
plated by tbcm In the destructon of
the Spanish fleet off the harbor of
Santiago de Cuba July 3 1S0S
Resolved That the President of tho
United States should be requested to
cause this resolution to be communi
cated to Rear Admiral Schley and
through him to tho officers and men
under his command
Kcoltllliiii rlKcnnliolrll
It Is not believed that the Republicans
of the committee all of whom arc Ad
ministration men and in close accord with
the Navy Department vvlirtshc any ac
tion on the resolution If they should
be compelled to do so which Is an un
likely thing they would cither report un
favorably or amend it so as to Include
first the name of Rear Admiral Sampson
Should the committee remain In posses
sion of the resolution for an unreasonable
length of time without taking action upon
It It would bo possible for Senator Jones
to move lhat the Senate proceed to Its
consideration Indcrthcse circumstances
It Is believed that even the Republican
frleuds of Schley would vote against the
motion on the ground tint It would be a
discourtesy to the committee Such ac
tion would make it a party question
which is Just what Admiral
friends In nnd out of Congress desire to
avoid If possible
Representative Whoeler of Kentucky
says he will Introduce In the House a res
olution similar to tint offered by Senator
iJlfaJa the Senate
Jlmi Amuses Nnvnl Circles
Naval circles arc reported somewhat
amused over the decision of Admiral
Schley and his advisers to have Repre
hcntatlve Schlrm present a resolution de
claring Admiral Deweys views in the
Schley case to be the sentiment of Con
gress i
As Admiral Dewey Joined with Admirals
Bcnham and Ramsay in declaring that
Schlejs conduct was marked by vacilla
tion dllalorlness and lack of enterprise
and tbat his reports ahputscnnl supplies
and coaling facilities vfcrr Inaccurate
and misleading and thai He was guilty
of nearly everything charged against hlro
the passage of the resolutjpu will not be
wholly distasteful to tho bo believe
the court gave a Just verdjeu
Itilhrhnll VVnr Comlilic In n Crisis
Heller Thnt the Suit VV III Not
Do More- I
Aevv Jlnus
NEW YORK Dec IS At the Klfth
Avenue Hotel at about r 34 oclock this
afternoon nn hour after the scheduled
time A 1 Spalding in the presence of
tho newspaper reporters a crowd of base
hall men and his attorneys said
An president of thoNational League
hnd American Association pf Professional
Baseball Clubs I declare AbUrew Free1
nmn out I defy him to attend any fu
ture meeting of tho league while I am
president It Is now- up to the stockhold
er h of the National Inhibition Company
otherwise known as the Ntjw York Base
ball Club at a meeting in Jersey City to
take the final step Kreedhian is now a
dead Issue with me and Is off the base
ball map
Sfrv lee of Injunction
Ths declaration came afier a long state
ment by Spalding in which lie went over
tho ground with care and evidently guided
by legal advice
At 7 oclock as Spalding was leaving
the meeting room u man handed him u
bunch of legal documents It was servico
In a suit brought by Ireedman in which
a Supreme Court Justice Issued an order
to show cause why a temporary Injunction
should not be Issued p nding tho determi
nation of an action to test the title of the
office of president wcretary treasurer of
the National league
In other wordsi the Krcedman combina
tion succeedid 111 binding Spaldings
hands for tho time being but he was not
served until after his official action In
declaring the New York man out
Spul tint In tonllllllllil
Its too late said Striding as he re
ceived the papers
While on the face of it Spaldings decla
ration that Prcedman was out does not
appear to be satisfactory proof that the
New York man h is been ousted thero are
enough indications to show that Spalding
has the whip hand Yvi ether or not Kreed
man and his friends succeed In nullifying
Spaltings action by procedure In the
cou ts they cannot hope to beat the va
rious combinations lint Spalding has made
during the past two months
In the first place no nittler what oc
curs an amalgamation of i the present
vtuerlcan League and he Spalding ele
ment in the National league seems to he
a certainty
To scuil for loliiisou
In making his statement this aftttnoou
Mr Sialdlng read in opinion by his it
torin in which he held that his clcc
tiou and subseiiiint a ts xs picsidci
wre legal In his declaration thvf Creed
nnn was out he said
Now we are going after rieodiuan 111
and nil Hut It Implies I hate ncnt
grams to Bin Johnson preslib nt of tl
Vmerlcan langue and IT Powers pr
blent of the Nation it insoctalimi of I rti
fui Blonal Baseball Leagues and the- rc
with me 1 think w will git together
here later 1 am going to evtend in in
vitatiou In Han to uln Jiii
here and see us ti a f w il Then
with Mr Powers ami Mi Ward t wll
see if we mnniit build thiii up
still tin- Vlr oT Irvcloiii
Despite Major Svlvesttrs offer of 11 re
ward 01 IllXJ for his arrest the dlstribu
Hon of thousands of descriptive tr ulnrs
throughout Murjland and Virginia and
the continuous and etiergetli scannings
of the polhe and detectives Thomas
Morse colored the alleged murderer ot
James Havens also t nlored on t lie dairy
farm of Ofng Wise near Chevy Cha e
Is -till ai libert
i n
Wtr Wra5wr
Athletic ltrlntliins rnruinlly Scv
crrI the locnt Vnrslty Hpnrt
VlniiiiKcmrnt lllc Footlinll
Gnnle Sncrlllccil
Georgetown University has severed all
athletic relations with the University of
Virginia No games win hereafter bo
scheduled between teams repressing the
two Institutions
The Georgetown athletic advtnry board
met yesterday and It was unanimously
agreed to break sporting bonds with Vir
ginia Not a small factor in determining
the Blue and Grey to take this course was
the statement made In Topics the Uni
versity of Virginia paper recently that
victory In Iho football game with George
town on November 16 could hardly have
been expected because the Georgetown
players were sprinkled with holy water
before they entered the contest
Curt Notice ilru
Tho reference to the religion ot George
town University angered both faculty and
students The following letter notifying
the Virginia athletic management of
Georgetowns action was mailed last
Mr C P Carter Secretary of the Ad
visory Committee General Athletic As
sociation University ot Virginia Char
lottesville Va
Dear Sir The executive committee on
athletics of Georgetown University with
the approval of the advisory board unan
Imously voted today to sever all athletic
relations with the University of Virginia
Yours respectfully
Graduate Manager
Other ItriiNons Also
Mr Thompson In discussing the action
Of course the slur on our religion was
the immediate cause but it was not the
only one Allegations were also made
that the Georgetown team was undo up of
men whose right to play was questionable
It was complained that Georgetown was
Persistent rumors have floated to
Georgetown to the effect that Virginia
was contemplating breaking off sporting
relations with Georgetown The csciu
tivc committee on athletics of George
town University came to the conclusion
that Georgetown was well situated to take
the Initiative If athletic relations were to
be severed and the letter sent today is
the result
The step was taken only after mature
deliberation It Involved the sacrifice ot
n big football game every jar the great
est event of the football season In Wash
ington but Georgetown ts willing to risk
the loss No games will hereafter be ar
ranged before the two universities come
to an amicable agreement which will pre
vent in the future any complications sim
ilar to the ono whleh has caused the
Committees Which Acted
The executive committee which hs
tken the step resulting in the atbUtie
break ot the two colleges consists of
Frank Kanaley manager of the baseball
team Joseph Lynch president of the ath
letic association Victor Wlhon manager
of the tennis association E P ODonnell
manager of the football team C J Ryan
manager of the track team Rev T I
Crsan of the faculty and SI J Thomp
son graduate manager ct athletics
The advisory board conrlsts of Dr
Samuel Adams SI J Colbert and Ross
Perry Jr of the alumni Joseph Lynch
of the collegiate department William J
Holland of the Sfedlcal School Robert
Blewett or the Stedlcal School the Rev
T I Cryan of the faculty and SI J
Thompson graduate manager of athletics
The action seems to meet with general
approval of the acuity and students ot
Georgetown University although therein
regret that the great football game of the
season with Georgetowns old rival should
thus be cut out of the seasons schedule
Indulged In Ton Slueli Celrlirnlliiii
of Ills Return Iliimr
William A colored arrived in
AVashlngton from the Philippines at 6
oclock Saturday evening and was ar
rested before he could reach his home iu
Jones met a friend Just as he left the
railroad station and they proceded to
celebrate his return after his two years
army service for Uncle Sam
Jones got drunk and while displaying
his army revolver to his friend was taken
In tow by an officer
In Tollce Court ysterday mornng he
wss fined j for Intolcation and released
on 300 bond for trial on the charge of
carrying a concealed weapon
Vtlniieliitlin vnrlnl Club iterflnjr
A large number of members and friends
of Sllnnehaha Social Club attended Its
regular meeting on Friday evening with
Sir and Mrs Alfred C Newman at 1211
Thirtieth Street northwest An Ingenious
geographical puzilc game was provided In
which nil took part The winners of
prizes were Sirs Hall SIriJ Dalcida I
Dlnsraore J Walter Jett and Sir Cark
Kord Sir Alfred C Newman was elected
becretary ot the club and It was decided
to hold the next meeting with SIIss Nellie
Iollock 100 Llghth Street northeast
Thursdar December IS
Among those present were Sirs and
Sllss Newman SIIss 1 Shields Sllss Lena
Roach Sliss Bessie Holbnrt Sir John G
Smith Sir C N lhelps and Sir Schroe
der This Is one of the oldest social clubs
In the city It having held continuous
meetings for about twentv years
Iti j llnrni il In Lump llsplnslmi
While filling an oil Ump at 9i2 Liberty
Street southwest aoout 9 oelock last
nWht George Werner 11 negro boy living
nt Vf Liberty Street was painfully burne I
about his face ami hands by tho explosion
of the lamp Sledlcil treutnieut was ren
dered by Dr Rlcbardaon
1 WW iilW
Our Christmas Gift
to You
To wind tip a most successful years
business wc shall offer special Christmas
prices this week which will practically
Itcsults nt Srw Orlrnns
NEW ORLEANS Dec 15 Results of
todays races Tracl good
First race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling sli and one half furlongs
Old Koi fDale 15 to 1 won Alpaca L
Smith 6 to Z second Little Jack Horner
Cochrane 4 to 1 third Time Z1
Second race Two-year-olds selling
six furlongs Cast Iron Domlnlck 3 to 1
won Sttaslle L Smith 3 to I second
Lingo Rice 2 to I third Time 1 1JV4
Third race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile and a furlong
Slajor Jlnnslr J Sillier 5 to won
Dalkeith Cochrane 4 to I second Iay
the Fiddler Domlnlck 3 to 1 third
Time 1 59
Fourth race All ages handicap seven
furlongs Sialay Blake I to 1 won
Andes Otis 9 to 3 s cond Balm of
Gllead Meade 10 to 1 third Time 1 29i
Fifth race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling one mile and a furlong
Trebor Otis even won Ben Chance
Slunroe 8 to 1 second Swordsman
Domlnlck 5 to 1 third Time 1 57
Sixth raet and up
ward one mile nnd seventy yards Albert
Lee J Sillier 10 to 1 won Banish
Dean even second Watcrhouse Min
der S to L third Time l17yi
Aeiv Orlrnns Untrles
NEW ORLEANS Dec 16 Entries for
tomorrows races
First race For two-year-olds seven
furlongs Circus Puryear 113 Duke of
Connaught 108 The Hoyden Insolence
101 The Way Goldaga 95 Eliza Dillon
King Tatlus All About Sfazzara Henry
A 93
Second race For three-year-olds and
upward selling six furlonzs Sterna St
Siren Song Sim W Laureatca Nina B L
Ben I rost 104 Lowell Edna Bergen Ron
delle Olckraa 93 Kohnwreath 95 Gal
lopin 91
Third race For two-year-olds handi
cap six furlongs Lou Woods 112
OHagan 110 Kaloma 103 Rose of Slay
Lord Quex 107 Cadet 102 Serpent Slar
cos Siphon 93 Postillion 90
Fourth race For three-year-olds and
upward one mile Red Pirate Joe
Doughty Sfenace Bombshell 102 Jena
Eva Rlwv 99 Alard iS Donnn Seay
Frank SI Slasterful 93 L Plllot Jr 99
Fifth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling one and one eighth miles
Sir Phlnlzy 10S Judge Steadman 10i
Elsie Bramble 103 Robert Bonner 100
Frank SIcConnell 53 Jim Breeze Little
Elkln 9 Farmer Bennett SO Plederlch
Si Janonood S2
Sixth race For three-year-olds and up
ward selling six furlongs The Rush
111 Poyntz 10S Weldman John Grlg3by
107 Locust Blossom Master Sfarlner 10
Carl Knhler Apple of Sly Eye Booroeracit
Hob Baker Sister Kate II Gracious 99
evr Orlenns Selections
Tirst race King Tatius The Way Tha
Second race Sim W Siren Song Low
Third race Lou Woods Rose of Slay
Fourth race Alard Eva Rice Frank St
Fifth race Janowood Tlederlch Judge
Sixth race The Rush John Grlgsby
Slaster Sfarlner
Chnrli simi S Results
CHARLESTON Dec 16 Results ot to
days races track slow
First race Three-year-old t atJ up
ward six furlongs Treraar SI Johnson
even won Sam Lazarus W Woods 4
to 1 second Jessie Y Bonner 5 to 1
third Time 1 19
Second race Three-year-olds jelling
six and one half furlong3 Dandy Belle
Alaire even won -Marie Bolton Cas
tro 3 to 1 second Sludder Blacklock
S to 1 third Time 1 27W
Third rare All ages seven furlongs
Passaic J Walker even won Clifton
Boy neddlng o to 1 second Lizzie I course
T lIo Meyer 6 to 1 third Time 1 31V
Fourth rare selling
five and one half furlongs Tristram
Enos 5 to won Deadly Night Shade
White C to J second Dr Worth J
Jones 1 to 1 third Time 113V
Fifth race ana up
ward selling one mile Salome II
Enos J to 2 won KIngfull J Jones
8 to 1 ecoud Elsie Vcnner White S
to 1 third Time 1 30
Clmrlesloii JRnlrles
CHARLESTON S C Dec lfi Entries
for tomorrows races
First race For and up
ward six and one half furlongs Tom
Curlee Ellis Ill Petronlus Negoncle
Stuttgart Larcqunlse 111 Virginia Wil
cox 10li
Second race For five
and one half furlongs Hattle Davis
Deadly Night Shade 102 Harrison J 101
Emigrant Lady Riley 93
Third raci For all ages one mile
Royal Rover Grace 115 Clifton Boy
Slollie Brooks Tout 97
Fourth race For threc jear olds and
Mertz Merfz
amount to presenting you with several dollars in cold cash Our
regular prices arc always too low to allow us to cut on them with-
g out losing money but wc arc going to make these concessions
as a mark of appreciation of your generous patronage during
P the year and to insure your being well dressed for the holidays
commencing AlonciaVj we oner
All our 18 nntl 20 Dlnck Thibet Suitings mailo to
your mensuro In proper style for
Allnnriani25 Mixed Scotch Sultlnjn
antl snipes for
All our - fl mid 7 Trouserings the best lino In
nil the city for
In plnlds li fi
rnSiarf f Tailoring Go
528 12th St Just below F
Wonder what Jfertx will say todayr
blast of
wiml Is
our ndver
for this
ing 3ou
of this snug well fitting
Overcoat we are making to
order and asking so lit
tle in let tun for
Christina drtsinc ts
speaks for the Suits
Like the proverbial snow
ball this sale grows as it
progresses growing great
er ever3 day Your chance
is passing grasp it
1 FvBRiCS cq i on
TO lOLIt oitiin Jj4yU
w fabrics enn n n
m Fvnnic 2 S O tr n a
TOToircoiiDLit jslyu
jioruiRics sin nn
13 fadrics sn nn
TviLotw nn c Cf
upward selling six furlongs Tortugas
Collect 105 Two Annies lot Sutler B
O Reed Ventoro Dominis Queen L 97
Fifth race For and up
ward selllnz one and one sixteenth
mites Sam Lazarus Esq 111 King Ga
Iong Aborigine Haco Slark Hanna 119
Clinrleatun Selections
First race Stuttgart Ellis Negoncle
Second race Deadly Night Shade Hat
tie Davis Emigrant
Third race Tout Clifton Boy Slollie
Fourth race Ventoro Two Annle3
Fifth race Sam Lazarus Esq Kins
Galong Haco
Onklilml Ileiults
OAKLAND Doc 16 Results of todays
races Track fast
First race Three-year-olds and up
ward five furlongs Frank Bell Slouncd
1 to 3 won The Sillier Kelly S to 1
second Pozupino J Rausch 3 to 1
third Time 1 01
Second race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling one and one sixteenth
miles Slont Eagle J Rausch S to 1
won Clm Siounce 15 to 1 second El
Stldo OConnor 3 to 2 third Time
1 4SH
Third race Two-year-olds Futurity
Josio G Howson j to 2 won
Botany Bullman 3 to 2 second Flo
Culver Dogin to 1 third Time 1 10
Fourth race Three-year-olds and up
ward six and one half furlongs Witer
cure OConnor 1 to 3 won Veuvian
Siounce 5 to 2 second The Pride J
Woods 6 to 1 third Time 120v
Fifth race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling seven furlongs Plobn
Ilullman 6 to I won Duckoy OCon
nor 6 to 1 second Native L Jackson
i to 5 third Time 1 2714
Sixth race Three-year-olds and up
ward selling one and one slxteentli
miles El Oriente Ransom 3 to 1 won
Wyoming L Jackson 3 to 2 second
Slerops Hoar 3 to 1 third Time 1
Note Oakland entries delayed
Petty Inrccny Cliarsnl
Godfrey Siason forty six years of nge
was arre3ted yesterday afternoon by Po
liceinjn Peyton who preferred a chargs
of petit larceny against him Mison U
aald to b charged with stealing four
nicktlei and a pair of cults from a dry
goods store
Maidenhood and Womanhood
At the threshold of vvctMed life with its care- and responsibilities
than bos of tho med
what more npprcpriate could a brids consider a
icine that wilt keep the new family in perfect health
I took 1 it ta mylf ami they an rni
I alii bar brn ntvlnctbem to nj hlulrtn
with bt result
Mr IuiljrCaritolt Wabncton
Catf arela are tk bet mlleln I
tried 1 taanot b t aratefut for tli
Mm ElUSauitere 5Ii
I iraa for a loot tlrao trraMa l It
tlrallon and raurrh o the throat Arj
nirulnstevreta with rwd reanlM U
amaatlald I wilt Mm
II V iiomaaa ITSlfhunplalnVv Oh cazo
I havo ued CaearM anj niut ar th jr
r woudf rful 1 rwrnnianit them ti all
my lady friendi
J It Marea Charhn la
T hare ft tnraor Tnicn an in n wr
toM mo toul I b eottsn rl 1 of low ouir
w Jhan Will Ih knit but I think Ul
Cucinu aabsorMiiltMlrlr
-lira E Dixon tljinore CaL
Cane arta bad itranja iftJ In my rut
I took thm tot sormi anil rot rid of thtin
Tor about a jrear I hJ U narett f rum
mrrlibtfin continually waterlnt Afltrl
took ton irfon t ioo of CajearaU n J
cot wetland haabtniTIITertnc n
rtowman 111 jania i oa wiw
I Ml iimntV tnn
illffleult operation and plnea then euffero l
from lerer healahe I tried t aita an J
tha reiult u wonderful Hud tlati yowl
-Mm Jtoiee Leeee UUaian Cola
physical disturbances of the bodily functions connected
There are many
and tho
nected with the change from maidenhood to womanhood
health nnd wholesome Sife not only of the brit the new wi and
prospective mother out unit oe mencwScuiii fi
upon lecpinK all operations of the digestive canal regular natural
Cascarcts Candy CaMartic tna omy mciueiui --
gently yet surely without grip or gnpe
r - t Alt iraIata loc Jic 5- v
ld In bulk The genuine VctvUnte idtsSwct
satesd to cure oryeur money tack niple a f tf1
free Address Sterling Remed Co CMcus or it Y Ho

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