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So Kami Son
Illauatha Kancellnc and Iucilla
finished nlth dainty little bind- If
Ings each
Charming floral gift books and 7CC
Handsome Rift editions of Ella
Wheeler Wilcox a roeias for
I Special sift edition of collected
poems mother Eongs and ihild songs
t Because I Love You So Heavens
tant Land Poems of American
1 Patriotism War time Echoes QflC
I each 3J
Music lovers appreciate artistic
dainty bindings on muslral copies a
very select company of these volumes
handsomely illustrated vIlh full-
pzged photogravure a few titles ve
J nrmc nrc A Ciltlcal Hlitory of Mu
tt sic Grand Opera in America 1
both by A Elscn J
Famous Flanlsls of Today and Yes
terday by La Hce Stories nf Famous
Optra by II A Guorbcr Stciies of
the Wagner Operas by the 1 AA
tame author all at J
Dainty gift volumes In cloth bind
ing Et decorations beautiful
thoughts a lino of collective gems
KlDssley DrummonJ CQC
low and Browning per volume UJ
Llop leather volumes ppprcprlately
named exquisite series in red and
black limp leather bindings gilt ti
tles boxed among them youll find
ricasurcs of Life Lalla Rook Imita
tion of Christ Trincc In the House of
David VTaltUers rooms Hia
watha Itublynt choice per tqC
4 volumes of Shakespeare QQC
complt te vrith cloth binding
13 handy volumes of Shakespeare
railed by Valpy bound in red cloth
pllt titles with notes and fcls
totlcal introduction neatly Cl JO
1 J
cased perwt
Ycu -Kill find In Ibis department the uirscsi
selections In the city First Coor section M
Heres another Eectioa vsnica iiiio
to you while on your tour ol snapping
Brlebt pleasant Utile gifts at most
any price can be had In this depart
1000 bright fancy bores of Holly
tint In writing paper cpcclal J yi
per box
Cabinets of fine writing paper con
tain CO sheets and 50 envelopes iSL
four different tints special
Beautiful lithographed ml8
lust the thing for the little folks
alai fancy specials for parties jn
the new dainty thapes and sires jjL
per box
Elegant line of Decorated
fifty different
Ttoxed rapctrie more
ferent styles from which to choose
4vc we ana izc
Pretty Cabinet filled with four
tints of organdy writing irap
Ten styles of pretty Paper
Dolls each doll having four cos
Handsome Bride and Crocm 25
Tapcr Dolls per set
Fountain IVns In all the 750 jm
well known makes from
Tourtecn carat gold band CI n
Fountain Pens for J
Kvcry pen sold here carries Its guar
We are also showing a lmndsoine
line cf solid gold band Watermann
Tens at different prices
National diaries neatly bound
3 days to the page special
Popular Indies Diarlee In TSC
cloth binding tJ
Oblong vest shape rule Dlarlo
5fJc35c 25c and 15c
Three leaf pictorial drop Cal
endars 25cklnd
Big showing of Christmas Cards
10c 8c 5c 3c and 2c
Assorted Booklets from I3c
down to
Illustrated Hymns
In IcalUJ folders
10cand 15c
25c Dresden and Crystal Ink- ini
Wells with pretty metal trays U
Combination Brass and Chrystal
Ink AVells Stamp Box and TCC
Metal Tray tJ
Perpetual CalcndarsTCCaild JQC
In dainty metal frames ti J
Kancy Brome Ash Trays with
mistletoe decoration a pretty TKC
noeUy LO
Hundreds of Dainty Desk Novellic3
98c 49c and 25c
Pearl Penholders Holl Gold inC
Pens In dainty line boxes
Sterling filher lcni with ZC
fancy pearl holders neatly boxed
One word about our engraving de
partmcnl for Christmas festivities
and New Year social functions ou
will find our work the finest ours
prices exceedingly modest place your
orders now First Floor Section K
Fdme binding
13 volumes limp cloth bind
ing gilt top Shakespeare O QC
Handsome edition of de luxe Shakes
peare sets In fine cabinets at special
ly attractive prices
Dainty devotional gift books In
dnlnty appropriate bindings special
edition of Life of Moody cloth iSC
binding silver titlo tJ
Special line of finely bound elonga
ted prayer and hymnals single prayer
hooks and testaments all neatly
boxed handsome family Bibles In
bindings that last a lifetime JJ lV
very special price iju
Handsome lino of rosaries
pretty stslcs from which to 1QC
choose -
Leather bound Key notes of 25
Heaven per copy
Handsome line of dainty gift book
over 200 titles to select from iX
Th Utile- I Raw of Cuba
folio of photos taken by the au
thor Burr Mcintosh
lG0 girt volumes rootrv
tiaveli and fiction volume
Our famous fiction library In
rl clulb gill titles per volume
Kc Dally Food Gift books
daluiy cloth blndln
35c dainty birth day books
floral cloth tannine
Sc cloth bound large print
nibl03 ttiCewnm
1P0 Bibles Icctbtr covers
Big -picture book bright cov
ers forHUlc folks --
i Wc
brightest and best jutcnlle
Have You Placed Your Orders for Your Candies
attention and better ser
Is the time to da it e can sue 5J letter
vice Wc have enough pure candies In cur establishment to Wy all homes
Our three great rpcdals represent oxer C0C00 pounds of pure delicious rtets
-which are frefb end toothsome
Our lie quality contain more than C different kinds
cf chocolates and bon bpns and every
The ISc grade oilers a bcore cr more
S50urfPcCrnc5rsndlcs which are equal to the best are represented by sH
llnds or fine chocolates pur cream bon btcejjftal fruits ytc
lL i iv Miools churches and entertainments and even private
families who can use V icunds or more can have a speclaroiscount
If so desired can have half pound boxes without any txtro ccst
Give us your orders and ve will sen e you promptly
Stationery Headquarters
and also
Fine Fancy Leather Goods
Heres another Department whlrh
shines forth like a bright ray of sun
shiae The difplay we make in ths
Dcpaiment is bigger larger and bel
ter than any you have ever seen Its
a little Leather Store to Itself where
everything can he had from a little
Dime Purse to thc finest of High Art
Goods made We name as lotions
some of the best Christmas sellers
Ileal Seal Walrus and Morocco
Leather Chatelaine Bags In colors
black tan brown and grej at1 or 1
the bpeelal price of- IiJ
Real Alligator Cliatelclnc Dogs
with patent attachment
llnt d which wc Lave made
special at
Seal Grain Chatelaine Bags small
size for muses and 25c
Seal Leather and Suede
Bags with nickel and gold
chamils lired Juslde nor
The New Narrcw Pockelbocks
athe13 5149 and w
Grain and Seal Leather Music Rolls
89c 69c and 25c
Combination Books made of real
seal alligator walrus morocco
buffalo elephant and monkey
leather In black and fancy col
corners ors with sterling 1 ltJ
snd 98c
Combination Books snd Card Cases
50 or more different btylps izr
Seal Card Cases Letter
and nill Books OCC
Mens Peal Grain OCC
leather Stran nooks JO
and 49c
Cowhide Leather Dress Suit Cases
heavy leather tipped brass O fjn
lock and tltm special 1JU
Fine Art Leather Combination
S398S298 and si98
Horn Back Alligator Club and Ox
ford Bags
S1450 51298 S950
and 798
Polish Alligator Tracllng Bags
and Black Alligator Traveling J7 Cft
Heal Leather Dressing CO QO
Boles ebonold fittings JtJO
Collar and Cuff Boxes such as
monkey and grain U athcr solid oak
top and bottom satin lined
Boston shopping bags 1QC j TCC
In styles J auo tJ
Cowhide Leather Hat
498 up
Satin Lined Card Cases
complete with chips and1 Aft
cards tfJ
Stal Leather Collar and Cuff
This Department you will find lo
cated on FcctloES II and J flrn floors
s Co So Kaon Sons Co
Ooen i iate TTirtil Glxristncias
It surely niiisl have been a leniltle slate of affairs and yet with all the exeitement ami tumult the rushing crowds
we are able to inaer the situation Its always the ease as the days pass crowds become bigger Tluee more shopping days
before you AVe are just as well prepared to till your wants today as we were a fortnight ago Shopping must be done Jf
you look upon it as an ordeal youll fortjot it when yon come lien and see how easily and quickly we can serve you Make it
your business that today is the da that you are going to shop and von can easily do it with such a line of big specials as we
have laid before vou at random
The Book Question
Heres vilicro thTold the young aro very much Interested Its n hsrn of
delight for those that like literature of facts and fiction Its a studio where
knowledge can be developed in eery form Our Book Department as you see
It toiay is a complete store where cno can select from a tiny little picture
book to a Jumho Webster Dictionary Let US FUggest the following different
klnfls as very suitable presents for these that loc to revel In books
Single complete
The Hems of Santa Glaus
Is beginning to tell hov many buyers have already been seeking his wares
Our toy floor Is beginning 1 1 show the strain of the yuletidc shopper Our pre
parations have been of the greatest sort Our assortment has been the best
which has ever been gathered unsr one roof Our prices have been made
low enough to meet every demand Those that have seen and bought can
verify our statements Another big shopping list of toy specials for today
lS Inch Santa Dolls made with
strong joints closing eyes and hand
fccwed wigs some have short curly
hair and can be dressed as Infants
this Is the finest doll ever IOC
shown for the price 30
Ppnch and Judy Dolts made of a
composition that Is poittivily
unbreakable cannot be had tl 4 0
elsewhere In the city 0
20 Inch jointed cork stuffed kid body
Dolls has closing eyes sced
wig pretty teeth shoes and
10 Inch jointed Dolls made with
double elastic joints finest hand
sewed wig has every strong tA JO
feature of a fine doll 4jO
Ingersoll Watches for boys
which wc guarantee for one
Solid Wood Hobby Horses 13 Inches
high made with strong tpring tj Q
Iron Tire Engines llirec horsemen
rubber hose and bell attach- Cl 00
meal all parts nicely nickeled IJO
1C0CC0 other Toys at various prices-
Police Patrol Wagons with 1 Inch
oval tire steel box hubs bell ti QV
attachment tJO
Columbia Toy Washing Machine a
toy that will do Iho work of a OOC
large w ashcr OJ
Rapid Air lUHes the only
sold with six months guarantee
Mechanical Merry-go-round CT 10
with music box attached AJ40
Mechanical Automobiles rub tT 98
ber tires strong clock springs 0
Express Wagons Iron body
substantial wheels and axles
Desk Chairs that revolve
llko the larger kinds very
Boys Printing Presses
with full separate type
Boys Saw and Buck
Baby walkers each
KM - --------- f
75c up
wniough nor
Solid Wood Horses ou rockers
metal lawn swings for the doll3
and oak bureaus with drawers TCC
and mirrors each
Fourth floor
Sterling Silverware
Did you ever see a belter or a prettier display of Sterling Silver Goods
than we are showing Wc never make a display of any of our stocks unless
It Is full and plenty That has been the open Eecret of our success How
Ices this line suit jour Ideas of a Christmas present atad how do these
prices fit your purses
silver top Hair Z
tery special at tJ
Solid silver topallToUsh MCO
ers very speclalat sll4 J
Solid silver toplous JiUullctl 1 ft
Hat Brushes ery special IIJ
silver top Powder 7QC
ucr Jars ery special
Jars very special
Sterling silver top Salve Jars
ery tpeclal
Sterling silver top Tooth Pow-
Sterling silver handle Button Hooks
Cuticles Shoe Horns very 1 nrj
cial each 7
Sterling sliver handle Button Hooks
Shoe Horns Erasers and Curl- OCt
Ing Irons very special at
Sterling silver top Military 7fC
Brushes very special 0
Sterling silver long handle 7TS
Bonne BruphcF very Jt
Sterling silver long Jandln CQT
scissors very special r JJ
Steiilng silver Frencfi 1
bright flniMi Manlenre MirtrirMW
for 43
JJi f
Pearl handle Pen Holders 1QC
very special rtTiTT 3
Sterling silver Hair llrushrj Mirror
rnd Comb Sets In snlln -d boxes
bright and Frcmli grey finish from
S 1950 down lo 4M
Solid Gold H caral Shield Mirrors
Military Brushes Hat and Bonnet
Brushes Shoe Horns Combs Button
Hooks FIle3 etcwe arc allowing 15
per icnt discount off marked prices of
these goods
Solid gold and hllvcr Watches for
men women and Willdrcn
We can show you more than 500 of
the different kinds and varieties
Every watch we sell has the same
guarantee which exclusive jewelry
nouses give and- that Is for
year If you are goine to buy a nres
ent In this line and wish to save from
35 to 40 per cent in your buying let
us bo the ones to supply your wants
Solid gold Hunting case Watches
ladies size New England movement
full jewel stem winder and setter
guaranteed to keep perfect CIO en
Solid gold Watches Hunting case
the fashionable -small site either
Vkaltham or Elgin movement stem
winaer and setter fully
Hunting Case Watches 10 years
guaranteed gold filled cases the Al
bert movement none better made
full Jewel stem winder and set- ffl CA
tor fully Guaranteed JJU
Gold filled Hunting case Watches
with New England movement the
wear oi tnese cases guaran
teed for 10 years fully guar-
ante ed
Womens and mens gold plated
Watches American movement stem
winder a good time piece
guaranteed ono year
Enamel Chatelaine Watches all our
stock of J7 and S trades marked
down at closing prices
Mens Gun Metal Watches sfem
winucr ana setter open face
fully warranted at
Gun Metal Chatelaine Watches
Swiu movement stem winder 1 00
and setter hinge back tJo
Solid Silver Chatelaine Watches
stem winder and setter Swiss V fin
movement fully guaranteed U
First Floor Section G
one X
If You Are Going to Buy Something Useful for a Hfiiss
or a Child
Buy a Raglan fVlackintosh
We just received 100 Raglan Mackintoshes made with yoke hack iml v
In our Womens Suit Department Second floor
Umbrellas for Yulelida Presenls
We haw an rndlcss chain of pretty
umbrellas for men and oman which
were bought specially for Christmas
felling an assortment which la be
yond approach prices without a peer
If ju are going to make a present
which is hcnleeablc useful and ap
pi eclated take a look through our Im
mense assortment and see whether or
not you ian be suited
1000 Umbrellas made with different
assorted bandits for men and wo
men made of fine union taffeta silk
mounted on paragon frames f 1 1 t
with steel rods worth 2 forJJ
SCO Umbrellas for men nnd women
the arc made of the finest quallty
ttiion taffeta silk with casing and
tassel to match horn pearl sliver
and natural wood handles
worth 275 which wc arc
Ing to sell at
00 All FIlk 26 Inch Umbrellas for
women in colors and black mounted
on fine feathcr wrlght frames all
Mirts of fancy unique handles fO nil
worth 1 to be sold at JtJU
Womens All Silk Umbrellas dis
playing a beautiful ahsortuicnt of
burnt Ivory handles silver trimmed
nnd handsome siher trimmed princess
effect a charming clft at a
little prUo worth 5 which wef JTfl
Hiall sell at
200 fine closs roll All Silk Umbrel
las for men mounted on
paragon frames with unique na
tural liaidles which have genulno
sterling trimmings Including mono
gram plate worth 3S0 which Cl Cfl
we shall sell at SiJV
First Floor Section J
Wc wish io rail your attention to
the fact that wc will box any pur
chase ou make or engrave any ster
ling piece ou buy free we have five
experts engram right here In our
establishment who Till If necessity
compels rngrae your orders at once
Also li athcr goods lettered lnslhcror
gold where the purchase is Jl or
i vears
- w uiuMfvn vunD ju un tones irom a lo IS
v j MM jut Liuiiui ne uaq ciscnncre
mis iiij ik uniteriai price is jjuo wc shall offer them
day In all these dlffereutslrcs for
Toilet Things
Ehonnid Comb and Hair Drush Sets i
sterling trlmnif d 75c I
Military Ilrushes good bristle per i
ret uc
Ebonold Hand Mirrors strrlln I
trimmed for Cc i
Hbonold Cumb Hair nrmh and Mir- t
ror wllh lares
sterling shield per
set 2ia i
Fbonold Sets consisting of cloth
velvet and hair brusli comb and I
ror sterling trimmed 3i I
Haml palmed Comb llnnh and I
Miror Stts in beautiful celluloid
decorated box J2JS
Comb Hriish and Mirror Sets
celluloid decorated boics SSc
Celluloid Glove Xecktie anj Hand
kerchief noxes ISc nnd Ze
Fhaiing Cases beautifully decorat
ed razor mug and brush jijs and
M0 Class Atomizers pretty covered
bulbs 25c
Triple plate Mirrors ebonold frames
lHonoId llonnct and Hat nriishcs
sterling trimmed
Mirrors with gold plate frames 75c
Ebonold Sets consisting of valtct
cloth and military brushes sterling
sliver trimmed J203
Colgates Italian Violet Perfume In
sailn llned box C9cv
Lundborg Violet rerfumes 2 bot
tles In a box for 7c
WoodworthB Violet of Slelly Per
fumes 1 bottle In box Me and 75c
Ilogcr Galrts Marguerite Per
fume 1 bottle In box I1
Luxus Violet Perfume 1 bottle lu
box for 75c
Houblgants Violet Idealle rrrumc
1 bottle In box iM
Houbigants Violet Idealle Iiiu do
Toilette J2S3
Roger Calets Vera Violet Per
fume 2 bollIr In box
Plnauds Homan Heliotrope Pcr
fum 1 bottle In box JllS
Crowns Crabapplc Dlossoin 1 bulllo
In box 1
First floor Sections A and II
A If it
Jf u
I 1
Mens Rag
lans In a
fine assort
ment of
Mens Hag
lacs extra
toe bread
tits bst ma
worth o
far j
Mens Suits
The new and stylish 2 button box
and round cit Cost In cheviot
mere and unfinished
worsteds Full mil
Itary shoulders and
worth 1500 for
Mens Pants
All wool and any number
of stylish materials to so
Icct from for
In coTert cloth and
made nnd finlshedr Sizes
up to 13 years Price
JlUJj For Morris Chair worth 13
tr nr For a very large size full tuft
ilJj cd velour Couch worth 512
Publication OBlce
The Weather Indications
Fair today and tomorrow rlMng tem
perature tomorrow light north to north
enst wids
Ilishcst temperature t p m
Lowest temperature
IIIh tide
Low tide
6 a in 12
Sim rcsc 715 AM I Sun scts4N2
Moon riots
Moon sets2 37 A
320 A M and 401 P M
U50 A M and 1042 P M
Lamps lit today
Lamps out tomorrow
r CG P
623 A
National Uosers tlrolhers lu Washing
ton afternoon and evening
Columbia Andrew Mack In Tom
Moore afternoon and evening
Chases Percy Ilaswell lu The Liars
afternoon and cicning
Lafayette An Enemy to tho King
afternoon and eveninz
Academy Across the Pacific after
noon and evening
Kernans Dig Sensation Burlesquers
nftornoon and evening
IIlJou Uurlesquc and vaudeville ailcr
noon and evening
llltnrrr Aflcriiialli
A preliminary hearing will be given In
the Police Court this morning to Charles
II and George C Grimes brothers who
were arrested Thursday on -a charge of
perjury It Is alleged that while testify
ing recently In n divorce case before Jus
tice llradley they made certain false
A Woril to Mi rIini I i H
To plfj C jour ImJumU I Ili4e lo lir lie
thirl aim t cvrry one of you and if lie 1 1
mokcr you roiilil utarrclj pli him moir Hun
liy Einiiit lilm a lv uf EhI cIbj for llirlt
ma Many I may Iiitale aliout inakin a
purcliase of lliw kiml n the uncertain lyullty ol
many of tlic bramU can but tonluse the unin
itiahd -My llirLitiou gooili are rlcctnl from
il l irll Lninn mprit aiwl I will rherrfiillr
aislt you in inaVing a cltin that will wirrh
please A goou L gar pjioi ti in uu hmj
Lr bad lor Ul i in bo WIHum
Id II Sttrel wiilUwrt
llnxeinifri UiirIIIi Irnli talc
taili 4 just lite lliu Keuutiie It kiliL It
m rich fmitj anl dcliiloiw II u arcn I go
inic to make jour own fnnt rake bj all m ia
get tins At all gr cr in 1 ami i lb uikafei
Phone East 254
fnr Kone Coa fainoui ColJfn Hop Ocer for
IUI ULtl Dclhcrcd la unlettered itajcoj
Yoke Overcoats
Yoke Overcoats
Yoke Overcoats
Yoke Overcoats
Yoke Overcoats
ndest Opportunity
To Buy Your Christmas Clothing at the Lowest Prices Ever Quoted
Just Charge the Purchase Credit to All
Dont look shabby when you can buy on credit at cash prices fiiip Winter Clothiii Saturdays
offerings in Clothing are of unusual merit and well worth your consideration
Ladies Tailor made
In Cheviot and Venetian Cloths Eton
effects neat and stylsh Suits worth
from 1300 to JI2C0 ilj en
Ladies Jackets
Handsome All wool Kersey Jackets
perfect fitting and guaran
teed for wear J1200 v
Ladies- Raglans
They an 11 the go now
elegant Ojord Raglans
worth 1800 for
See onr
Ladies Raglans
In Oxfords Kersey and
Coverts swell looking
garments Regular 1S
Boys Raglans
All wool In Covert and plaid ma
terials sizes up to 13 tC Crt
years for JJU
Childs Suits
The rough-and-tumble kind for tha
boys to knock about In J1 QO
Childs Suit all wool in
a neat variety of materials
X JLJiillllijl
V7 nc For a
very handsome saddle-
iJJ scat Itockcr highly
excellent values at C0 Ji
For n clco a
hogany finlahad
Music Cabinet
Cheap for 550
Fcr Music Cabi
net worth 9
For Music Cabi
net worth 13
Misses Jackets
The nobbiest line of Misses
Cloth Jackets elegantly
made and worth double
icna SSJ0 Ifeltat Frieze nter siiie at
Hens P Inltuni weiKht
ileas 10 Overcoat ctcantl made warm
Mtns l Overccat
Jlen8 li Otrrcoat
Mnnc S 1 1 li o PndM
HflnrN E3nn rln wcrtfd
bvscii d rdiiisai torn
Double at and kne all wool
Suits- worth ft
Children Overcoats
dildrens Hccfert
tnewnt cl
yle al
Younj Jltnit Nobb OTcrcoat t Irani
zIk Trivet collaiv black and Muf li nujit
Covert I
5 Fyrnittire Oepartmerit
Purchase Your Presents Now and Have Them Charged
For an oak frame Morris Chair
for which others aro asking
For Handsome Velour Covered
Morris Chair
For a very fine Morris Chair
which would be cheap at 10
We aro displaying n largo stock of
Farlor and Library Lamps Is the new
est designs plain tnt3 and decorated
415 417 Seventli Street
For a pretty oak
I5ssk nicely fin
ished worth JS
For highly pol
ished cak Desk
worth 3
For mahogany In
laid Desk worth
Than Any Other Store In Washington
Our up-to-date methods of doing business giving the best Clothing al tha
very lowest prices and guaranteeing every article we sell has placed U3 in
the foremost ranks of value givers
PhiWranlc YnL ri fiuarnnaicr GtoISS
uiiiiuicn o tunc uiiuuuio yoara
sa on
UVcriiUdlb Tounc lltnr ii lVintei Orcrcoatj coin2 al
ljun men f 79 llnir and ulack KerseJ
Overcoat al
Mena t Storm Ciatcff Snerlal at SJVHU
ntn 57 iiTcrcwaiJ cnuai ia me lHCia3 sn
everT tijj SutU
BVigu J wui K wortn
hery alIe and material hverj one
C 11 4 0 ecellentlr made elepantljr trlmmett
OUIIb Worth I0
CSailfc DouMe and single breat absolutely
C9UI19 pure wool Worth 1150
Lfne9 thrnushnut with finest ailk the
S a lite est uciL icanuficturetl Worth 16
iZUILO and 1
tailor madr Trouser
-north IIjO and j
RNnnlo Dn4o ThI Price nouldal pay tor material-
I0SIC7I B 9 1 C3I I a3 x coming ol thr macln
MenS PantS SpIendlJ 3 quaHtj CbrJuroj
rtora neefera
wmm y
Mens Bicyle Coats S298
Childrens Suits and Overcoats
si68 I KJJIM
Slupendoi valuta In Childrens
Suiti Worth J3 at
Xmas Gifts in Mens Fisrnishings
lliiiiiMiiiiir VecUwenr Iloxcil
1lue Sunjillulvriv Unscil
Ilrri iIiiici Huieil
Jleni h enter
Jersey Cunln
Ilrnnllfnl 3IufHerft Unveil
MIU Inlllul lliiuitkrrclilefs Ilozed
llojn Svrruter
Aiunlrii 21nip
Cnrillffnii JueUe 1
Sultnlile ilftx for the 3Ien H bo AVorU Out Dour
3Iulirincn nnil Coniliictor Urn ilnnnrtcr
H FriedSander
Corner Ninth and E Streets

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