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Secretary Root About to
End Old Disputes
Dato Back to tho Time tho Fortfl
cation Board Was Forinod - In
volves Experiments Investiga
tions and Rocommcndatlons in
Connection With Army Material
A controtcrsy which has been going on
for scleral years between the Hoard cf
Ordnance and rortlficatlon and the Ircau
cf Oidnance of the Army as to their rcla
thc powers is about to be brought to a
clow by Secretary Root
The question imolved Is an old as tho
rortlficatlops Hoard It may be talJ to
hate originated the formation of that
body which caused much bitterness
among some of the army officers at the
Cfiiilrutloii Over UIkIiIi
The right lo experiment with ordnance
material had been conferred upon the
llurcnu of Ordnance by Congress 3 cars
before that and such tests had been con
ducted up to that time The Kortification
Hoard which had before It the work of
prenaiirir for tin Tnitftr rtiinn f
country contended that it alone had the
ngnt to conduct these xperlments and
for eicral years this contention has been
before the dlHerent Secretaries of War
IVnrr nrriirt Tlml Pnllcil
In order to bring about If possible ami
cable relations Congress upon the rec
ommendation of Secretary Hoot pabscd a
law providing that the Chief of the Ord
nance Bureau should become a member of
the Fortifications Hoard Hut tbl3 did not
end the friction particularly as general
Huffington favored the disappearing typa
of sunt carriage and the majority or the
members of the boa id the
AiifriKonUtio llnim
It wa3 contended by the Ordnance Bu
reau that the Fortifications Hoard had no
jurisdiction whatever over the Ordnance
Heard which was merely a creature of
the Chief of Ordnance to carry out his or-
It was then claimed by the majority of
the test
jnic Sccrctorjs Dccliiim
This view Is not sustained by Secretary
Hoot who has decided that the Fortifica
tions Board has not exclusive power to
conducts cpr riments but that each de
partment may conduct its own investiga
tions independent of the Board of Ord
nance and FortlficaTions
The cftPCUof the decisicnill be that
the Fortifications Board Isa body sepa
rate from the loutlne Investigations of
the different bureaus and while it may
conduct Jnxestlgaf Ices along the same line
as the Ordnance Bureau orfthe Engineer
Corps II banot exefusive noncr
Merit nml TIiiii n AiHcrlKIns Credit
c il li tlii MnunKrr
piano and Christmas
come together naturally Such is the
opinion of W V Van Wiikle manager of
tho local branch of the big piano house
at 1125 Pennsylvania Avenue northwest
llr Van Wicfck has already been the
Ojiter Hunt Wiirlirm Aily to Illi
trlet for Tr iniportntlon
Deserters from the oyster fleet in the
lower Potomac continue to drift Into the
city with stories of cruelly and maltreat
ment on the part of the commanders of
their vessels Yesterda three of them
called at lollce Headquarters to ask as
sistance to their homes All were referred
to the Board of Charities which now dis
pense transportation funds
The first to nrrhc were Hilj nrd Clay
ton and Frank Johnson two colored
youths sixteen and seventeen years old
respectively who claim Jackson N C
as their home The boys claim that for
more than a months work they were paid
only 25 cents each The shutting down
of a brick yard in Baltimore threw them
out of work and they shipped on an oys
ter boat November 13 They were prom
ised 13 a month
During the time of their service they
claim that they were beaten kicked and
poorly fed and were finally put ashore at
Vivian Va last Monday evening manag
ing to reach this city Wednesday night
and since then hae been stopping at the
Central Union Jlitslon
Later a good looking young fellow who
gave his name as Charles Lewis and whs
said he Hied at 1K0 East Lanvalc Street
Haltlmoie with his mother and sister
Wslted Headquarters seeking means to
reach his home
He claims that for seven week3 work
on the oyster sloop Lena under Capt
Herbert Drummond he had been paid
only 3 He Mid he was put ashore nt
Colonial Heach Saturday with five oher
men as the oyster season had closed and
there was no further ned of them
He came to this city on the Harry Ran
dall Saturday and has been at the mis
sion while trying to secure employment
Lewis claims that he was in the vicinity
of the lower Machodoc Creek at the time
that Hereon was assaulted and forced to
sit on a redhot stovp but has no personal
knowledge of the occurrence
He was directed to the Hoard of Chari
ties for transportation
AVji nn7 Melius Cmiimf ttic tit Cm-
sltlVr Selicilulr Mmrllj Per-
IIiIIeK if tin niol
Immediately after Congress reconvenes
the Ways and Means Committee IU take
up the matter of reduction of the Inter
nal revenue villi a view to i educing the
Inrnmn nf tlm nnvprnmpnf en fi In nrf
JntZIfnnS I0Sd hat UJDlcr its vent the accumulation of additional
powcr from Congress it alone had the la-
thorlty lo conduct tests and therefore had T1c committee will not hold
jurisdiction over those officers conducting 1 tings during the recess but thereafter it
W7ll grant hearings lo a number of inter
ests anxious for taxation reduction
TnrlfT rtintiKck tiineI
The problem nlilth confronts the com
mittee is not in easy one Such leaders
on the Republican side as Chairman
Taync and Representative Dalzeli arc de
termined to fight any reduction of the
customs tariff duties They want to avoid
reopening the tariff question and will
strenuously oppose Representative Bab
cocks plan lo remote the duty from cer
tain trust made goods efpecially certain
schedtles in steel They propose that
whatever revenue reduction is made shall
be made In the internal revenue
A MrmiKe Cmicincjicc
Just here -is a knotty problem To re
duce the Inurnal revenue tax upon
fcr instance would mean to In
crease the revenue paradoxical as that
may seem A reduction of tax would
cause it is said an increased production
no consumption which would accord-
means cf Braking many people happy with i Ingly yield a greater revenue Therefore
a new Dradbury and he predicts that
when the account for the Christmas sea
con has been reckoned up it will be found
bat the present year has been tho most
prosperous In the history of the house
which he represents Incidentally the
manager of the store paid The Times a
compliment and attributed l large meas
ure or the success which tho IJradbury
piano has had during the Loliday season
to judicious advertising in The Times
About the piano trade at the Dradbury
stcrc there is this to say The firm Is
helling many instruments more than cer
lieforc and anticipates selling many
others before the Christmas holidays arc
over As adicrtised In The Sunday Times
nut gifts deferring the first payment un
til alter January J
luiicTiiI Tiniiiirroit f Innirrirrt
tl Lurnl 3lrliniif
The funeral of Solomon Flshman who
iicS Thursday morning will be held to
morrow at 10 C0 oclock at 627 I Street
northwtst iutcrment being at St Temple
burying ground
Mr Fishinan was eighty four years of
C and hac resided in Washington sinco
12 lxliig one of the oldest residents in
the city He was a nathe of
German where after obtaining an
exceptionally thorough education he
taught school for some years
Soon after roininc to this country he
cttcbllfhcd a drr goods business hero on
the site now occupied by Halms shoe store
The neighborhood was then called North
Liberty and wai the rcene of much ex
citement on election days bullets at one
time lodging in the shutters of Mr Hisn
nuins store
Notwithstanding his age Mr Flshman
v as until a Tew months of his death as
active in butincen affairs ai cter
He left an enviable for strict In
tegrity and was a man of great bene
A frfilf milil Iln fit JrurtH
The magnificent display of diamonds
Jewelry and silverware at Salvatore
Dcslo 1012 F Street is well worth seeing
The establishment Is crowded daily with
throngs cf cagor buyers sceling the
many bargains offered there Mr Deslo
an justly lay claim to doing the largest
holiday business In his career
on a pen li t
guarantee of kib
n absolute
en r n x d
the most w
pen i n J
Orcr 150 I
other ttyl
every pur
048 is
fvnnmt 1 1
ir t
jthc world
I varieties of
Tiavc them
Accept noW substitute
The Esterbrook steel pen Co
while the distillers would be glad to
hac the tax reduced the effect upon the
Treasury would be to Increase rather
than to diminish the surplus
The same thing Is ali o said to be true
In certain of the tobacco schedules The
high rates of internal revenue tax upon
whisky and tobacco produte It Is ar
gued less revenue than a loner rate
would bring
The brewers have already received con
cessions when the first reduction In the
war tax was made and it Is not probable
that the committee will recommend any
further material decrease at this time
although an effort will be made by the
brewers in this direction There seems
to be little or no doubt thai all of the
other war rcvonuo taxes will be removed
There Is also a strong movement on foot
to abolish the tax on tea which was im
posed ns a war measure- A majority of
the dealers are said to favor it and they
will have a hearing before the committee
during the early part of January
Indications now point to there being
some interesting sessions of the Wats
and Means Committee Immediately after
the recess In nn effort to reduce the rev
enues so that the surplus will not con
tinue to pile up in the Treasury vaults
To He 0irnlil mi for AiemUeltln
ill tlic Irrneli llohiIfn
NEW YOrtK Dec 20 Max Ollell re
turned hero last night from Baltimore
where he delivered a lecture on Wednes
day evening while suffering from appen
The trouble Is of two years standing
and frequently attacks him Dr Henncr
of the French Hospital has prevailed
upon him to undergo an operation before
he leaves this country and the writers
secretary fad yesterday that this will
be performed in about three weeks at
the French Hospital by Dr Mcnurncy
In the meantime it is the intention of
M lilouet to keep very quiet In his apart
ments at Morellos
According to bis secretary his illness
has obliged him to cancel nil the con
tracts for his American lour
KnrI PrciontK Any
Tire vislied the icsldcncc of Frank J
Wagner Assistant Chief of the Fire De
partment at 1U10 Eighth Street northwest
about 20 a tn yesterday The blaze was
caused by a lace curtain blowing against
a gas jet and quickly spread to the
woodwork of the window Engine Com
pany No 7 was telephoned for and quick
ly subdued the lire The damage will not
exceed 10
A small fire In a house at 1203 Clifton
Street northwest ai un early hour yester
day morning wni caused by a defective
flue Tho building Is owned by A o
BHt and occupied 1 y Samuel 11 Lanslcy
Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution
The pollie repct that no damage re
IlnlitHnnin Iriinris mill 1IOCM
iilkliliiKN for Clirlrlmnn
A very pretty display of handsome
lamps and houscfurnlshlngs Is on exhi
bition in the window of Tropins Mam
moth Credit House This popular Wash
ington establishment Is doing the largely
business In its history From early morn
ing until J oloik In tho evening the
store Is peeked with Christmas purthas
Open Lale Evenings
1 1
Give This Suit and Overcoat Sale Con
If it wasnt offering exceptional value wed have held this
X puremifi over until alter Christmas mil ir is 100 important a
j sale to keep the saving too strong a magnet and it helps lo
X yolve the gift ne tion for some helps to supply a personal want
X to others And climaxing all we aie glad to make fetich a
mas ollenng
The Suits arc In several stylish and handsome patterns
of Fancy and Jlixcd Cheviot and Casslmcres cut In the best
Single and Dcublc Breascd types perfect fitting and strong
ly guaranteeablc Worth up to 12X0 for
The Overcoats ar nearly all the long full back fellows
that are most In demand some with yokes others without
velvet collars and cuffs Oxfords and Fancy Scotch Cheviots
also two lots of Kersosscut neUm length that every taste
may be satisfied All slzfs worth up to 11150 for
Lot cf Mens Taney Silk and Wool Fancy Vests both Single and tl CQ
Double attractive patterns anl alubs up to 3 for choice -
Dont Overlook the Boys Clothing Needs
We havent with all the holidav rush and excitement And
X we haljigjve you unusual reason to bear them in jniml to
X day VjecamV of tlie long reach a little money wnjhaVejn the
- nurcliusc of Hovs Huits and Overcoats
Hargiim opportunities do not pick their time or happening
uid siuh as these well trtke whenever we can get them
H OYS Double livuHlod ICnw Pants Suits in choice clTuuls
- strictly all wool and fast colors double stitobed edges and J J
patent bands In rants all sizes Regular 373 value
f I OT of Hoys DoiibTelireasted and Dain
- rants Suils Including Sailors all wool and fas
3 and trimmed with silk sizes 3- to 16 jcars Uegt
4- Special
Uiis nnuiie nreasieu inee i aiits runih in surviceuuiu us-
ford Orey Cheviot strongly made all sizes S to 15 years
IJcgnlar 3 value Special
irry Iln Nolcitirllij
ArllelcH of Vnlur
A Christmas atmopphcre pcradcs cjery
loor of the Totals Koyal where bargnlns
Ir almost everything under the sun can
be found by even the unskillful shopper
All the gift articles which go to make up
perfect Christmas festlitlts are packed
togther sold by experienced clerks and
nt prices which no other store in Wash
ington can afford to make lower
The holiday assortment of desirables
includes handkerchiefs and the accom
panying perfumery dainty bottlec mini I
with dainliiT perfumes and packed in I
dainty baskets and boxes which make
RIJKFKHF for Hoys to 10 years in Plain Blue and Oxford
guaranteed all wool Double Orrasted cut with small velvet J -If
collars worth 3M l and J430 Choice L 3
JB OYS Oxford J ray Overcoats cut long and full slash pock-
worth X
yoke back and front
and in all sizes from -I to 11 yearn
r OYS All Wool Oxford Gray O v e r e o a t s with yoke effect
- slash rockets Ions and full back sizes 1 lo 1C years Worth Of A A
JCS0 Srcclals
Leaders Since 1867
Mens and Boys Hats and
IT EXS Derby and Soft Hals
cnt Special
i i jj
BOYS Toboggan Caps in
iA iiinn ami nnmilnr com
binations worth 50c for 33c worth
35c for Z3c and a great hg 1 CC
special worth 23c for J
OYS All AVool Blue Kersey
and Oxford Golf Caps In the new
fdiaps with the cape tn pull down TjC
over the cars worth EOc for ta
TVIEXS Solid Plush Caps
cd with fino quality of satin
popular shape worth 16 1 QQ
AH Boxablc
Put Yoorsell in lis Place
Things Boxed
Umbrellas Canes and Leath
er Goods Marked FREK
Iuy for hint what
youll like to letrive
if you were he Ac
ceptability enhances the value of any iireseiit Swells the henrtiness of the
thank you Utility i the jiarent of ticceptability That leads you here
It is in just Jese critical times that this stores service can he best appre
ciated With its vast but carefully and intelligently gathered stocks to
prompt the perplexed donor what to give with its consistent prices ren
dering the gift purse be it well filled or ineagie competent to command
the fullest ineaure of worth and preference Were practical in our meth
ods even in this season of sentiment Weve provided ample assortments y
weve increased every store keeping facility vet Tor vour own comfort and
ZTy Dont Wail Till the Last Minute I
500 New House Goats anil as Many Bath Blankets
Never have wc had such a seascn In lhse luxurious necessities Patrons tell ns weve
tho only complete stock in town and we are maintaining its completeness and dlstirgdlsh
Ing the closing gift buying days with offerings of special values that come as the perquisite
of our enormous buying
A T5 HT IM ISrown inixed Ilonsc
Coats all wool with lapels revers
pockets and cuffs faced in red plaid and
finished with silk Very serviceable uuu
practical House Coats but i
there are none larger than 37
Worth J5 Choice
1 3IMEXSR tariety of Double-
faced Cloth and Plain Tricot House
Coats the very latest combination and
Ihn richest satin finishings Styllsi and
dressy effects cilery one of
them All sizes and the valuc3
reach up to 750 In this lot
T OT of Mens Eiderdown Hath
Blankets in pretty strlpe3 and
plaids full length and width with gir
dle of goods for the waist and fT O A f
cord for the neck Best 150 f II K
value ever shown here Special ytmyJJ
JT2CGUSII Blanket Kobes 111
striking patterns strictly all wool
cut long and extra full with
girdle at waut and cord at i
neck Made to retail at 10
Holiday Handkerchiefs and
pAXCY Web Suspenders
new effects strong and sightly
with patent cast offs each -pair sep
arately boxed A holiday leader TCC
for J
JVIGXS Janonotte Silk Initial
Handkerchiefs full size neatly
embroidered letters a big valur 1 AT
CJLK Handkerchief full
- size carried by men with
orately embroidered Initials any TCC
letter A special big value for J
MENS Fancy Bordered
JTnnrlTprriifpfa nnf now f
f heer quality half dozen
and Company
Pennsylvania Avenue and Seventh Street
Until I nil
Mrt Ity lnrlrrllrilKct
The Parker Ilrldgct stock of holiday
merchandise Is one of the largest In the
history of that house There arc all sorts
of things gathered here o ghc as gifts
to men things which are of the useful
and at the same time of the ornamental
varieties in other words almost every
thing under the sun for mankind almost
ciorythlng necessary to satisfy his wants
and tickle his vanity ennbc found within
Hie four walls of the big building at Ninth
Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
I rom I he opera hat atop df the raglan
among the most desirable of Christmas i article of clothing1 worn by man is
presents The ralals Koyal has long been i puniiutcu ni mis sLore ami ai
famous for the variety and values of 113 prices so reasonable as to make It i
11- of handkerchiefs and this Christmas Hon of doubt ns lo whether there Is an
tho big firm haB more than sustained its
reputation made in the past
ltlbbons laces fancy pins stick pins
and hair pins and nil the accessories of
my ladys toilette abound In profusion at
low prices AH of these excellent
gifts while the quality of everything
purchased at the big store nt Eleventh
and G Streets assures their reception be
ing a cordial on In other lines other
than Hioec including dress goods of
which the Ialals lloyal has a large stock
the store is pre eminently lilted to sup
ply tho wants of masculine as well as
feminine Washington
To gentlemen who
desire the highest
quality wc confidently
recommend the
other emporium in Washington where
things may be purchased so cheaply nnd
at the same time of such excellent
Ttir ICnnlic Wiii crooni1 HrjiWli c
Hiirlni the llolliluvn
The Knabc piano as a Christmas gift
will be seen In many hoiries In Washing
ton on Christmas morning and the great
stock of Instruments nt the store of Wil
liam Knabc Co at 120S Pennsylvania
Avenue northwest by the end of the year
will have been greatly reduced More
Instruments hac been cold hero this
year probably thnn ever before Among
the holiday features of the city tho big
warcrooms hero are Interesting ones
The firm la Washington are agents for
the wonderful pianola and ncotlans the
Knabc piano and ollcr Instruments of
standard matte
Icli liniliMl llrmiilM tif WIiImU Civil
li WiikliliiKliiitliliii
Old Iurislma and Duffy i Iure Malt
Whisky put up In quart bottles for one
dollnr are beinn made n specialty Oi nt
William Cannon3 liquor house
Seventh St cet He lit having a great run
on these brands of goods for tl holidays
4 ---- --
Lsttbllthtd 1197
Is signed by Justice liagner atiowsMrn
Slippers comfortable shape MW
fine stock worth 125 a pair QOr
Special JO
1VI ISSKS and Childrens
liet Slippers with fur trimmings Just
the thins for holiday giving orr
Worth 1123 Special
T A DIES Black Red
Tan Satin Juliet Slippers
med with fur French or common
sense heels hand turned soles CI IC
worth 1133 Special
Bed Brown
and Black All wool Jersey Leg
gins with three straps or all button
style full Fauntleroy height to fit
all ages from 2 to S years worth QCfj
J150 a pair Special JJ
ZxfOa Iy3 If or Shopplnz
Uiys Until Chrlitmzs
Three Truths
Our stock of 5iVfi Diamonds and other Jewels Watches
Jewellery Sterling Silver Ware Etc is UNQUESTION
Inspection of our goods invited iV in no way im
plies an obligation to purchase
JLj JhjT Voa
Jewellers Silversmiths and Stationers
1107 Pennsylvania Avenue
---- - ----
II unburn Imt lltitril Oriclnnl
Ucbccca Liverpool was yesterday grant
ed a dUorce from William Liverpool In
the original proceedings Liverpool asked
for dlvorco from his wife on tho ground
of desertion She filed an answer cnylng
th chargo and filed n cross bill asking
for a dlvo ro on tho ground ot cruelty
The proceollngs Instituted by the hus
band were dismissed The decree which
Umbrellas Samples at about half
Tho makers line that Impresses us most favorably we secure tho promise
of the samples far in advance and thus we have at holiday lime a splendid
bargain to offer the gift giver This is the best lot weve had The silks with
which they are covered are finer the handle mountings are more elaborate
and richer Both 26 and 18 Inch Horn Ivory Mother-of-pearl and Natural
Wood heavily trimmed with sterling silver upon which well engrave the Ini
tials without extra charge
Samples of values up 10 10 JM Q
choice for rJ J
Samples of values up to 5
choice for
Holiday Gloves every pair
in a boy
A Glcve that is good enough to give
anybody and wont cost you within 23c
or JOc of jrhatit Is Actually worth
Lined and Unlincd In Tan Dog3kln
and Crey Mocha with the latest
stitching and finished backs prfcct
fitting and as wc car them con
stantly la stock exchange for an
other size after the holi
days can be easily
etU Kqdal to the
123 Glove
f 4 ff
Dlack and Hed Opera and
Liverpool U rsumo her maiden name
Hcbcccj Tompkins
In the same court IMward Crump wan
granted n divorce from Kate Crump on
statutory grounds
Cruelty and desertion arc the grounds
upon which Mrs Lydta M Melson asks
for dlvorco from Samuel W Melson In
1S55 she says his habit ot drink etposed
him tn charges 0 a criminal nature nnd
ho Bed from thl3 Jurisdiction ami has not
returned Mra Melson asks the court to
grant her permission to resume her
maiden name Lyda M Wuggaman
Jay Gould tree toja and crcrylhlnj ralj tJt
viini - i
Eiseman Broilers j
I Cor 7th and 0 t
The Mans Slorc
The Boys Store
Open Evenings
j If the gift
t is to be a
boys suit
or overcoat
or anything that a boy
wears we ask you to in
clude this store in your
shopping tour to consider
this unsurpassed stock and
these unparalleled varieties
Youll be amazed at the
values we ofTer in
boys suits and
overcoats at
350 and 5
f And it is not too strong a I
I statement that we make t
t when we say that no other t
clothier anywhere offers yon f
f so much goodness at either 4
price or puts before you f
such a wide variety of f
I rics and styles X
Where von are sure there t
I are no doubtful qualities is t
i i -1 T
f ci i ninny an iucii iiiaie 10
t do your shopping for man
or boy
I That place is at Eise
man s with its clean record
of nearly half a centurr
L fc
Smoking Jackets
Lounging Robes
Fancy Vests
Knit Jackets
Rain Coats I
Separate Trousers
G loves
Umbrellas Canes
t Collars Cuffs
Half Pea Half Stove
Prompt Delivery Cloan Coal
702 Eleventh Street N W
6thandKSts 13th and D Sta
fr Special Holiday Sale o
Trusses Less than Cost
A tall tock of Premium Tiumcs and Support
rri nuici took lilchcjt award at late Part l
rosltion ullrj by lundlioy but
nw which well sell below cost Alt
truaacs for men women and children f
three dolara with the celebrated air
till department for Udlu
The Roiick Air Cushion Tr
1224 F St W Second Floor
Immense Tariety of Tree OrmuenU Stock-
Inir Tojf Faori Scrapbook Picture Snow
ItJskj wonuers lor
Solid 0k Tabottrcltes
worth every bit of 75c tor
Rolden Oak Dining Chairs
braced arm ant seat
worth Jl3 for
yin St
inriiimaai 41
Hew York Mh
405 10th St H W
Ilcurichs Maerzen nnd Senato Hecr3
Evans Hudson Ale anil Tortcr Bass
Con Ala on draught All the pop
ular brands of Whtaklcs and Uquor
guaranteed Li represented No Keftll
tns of Bottles
I013 IOJ5 7th St N W
All lt ncwat a4 iiOrt
ittractive tjlt la taaat
toB Blacks tin 1 pM
iQt Iuther Lqiul to trtr
tffi u s250
B4n lcnnirtTainln Avenne
ComItto llameturabhera
Ot H3 SerenlU St
Corner t fivjei St

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