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franka munsey
Toilnv the fever of competition Milv
si lcs iKilitics is a mere ember hesiile
1lic 1 iilr loff anil mans iitiinniiitv to
liian makes countless thousamls jflad
The man who sees no good in am iu
Mitution is not extinct but the
chorus of Christmas cheer will rentier
hit complaint inatiiliblc for one day
at lcit if t hes not convert him
To argue that the olisertnnoc of
riuistmas is but an artificial manifes
tation of an artificial age is to con
fess pessimism of the most superficial
Despite the imperfections of citili
itfon etcn that of the twentieth
centurt design there is an oter
whelmintf fiith that the gleam of the
Mar of IKthlehem has become the ef
fulgence of a Min to guide humanity
mittnul and upttard ThesfaVise Jlcn
tin legion instead of three and the
g Iel of lvtc chaiity and patience
his spread its beneficence until its re
generating iufluencc t felt like an
let trie tin III in the furthermost cor
ners of the earth
The exnie will reply that commer
cialism is the hex note of the times
and p irnile his usual contrasts of
wealth and pmertv as his argument
Tor weeks the intincible armj of the
happv has been imading the strong
holds of commercialism to prac
tice the gospel of giving and to prove
thiil it is more blessed to give than
to leeeive
tvnirs will pass away but Christ
mas is lmcrishablc and the world
todaj has plenty of charity cten for
the curie In its better wisdom it
would adwse hiintto contemplate the
melimorphosis of Old Scrooge to
disc ml Ids frown anil attune his voice
to the melody of the Yuletide bells
1 emerge trom the cloud iu which he
ha- wrapped himself to turn the sil
ver lining outward and dance around
the C hristmas tree
A HeformlnR luflnciirr
If Mjjiis mean anything by the time
another Cluisunas Day rolls around
the isthmian canal will be something
of an entity IVitli American energy
behind the jitojeel after the question
of a route has been settled and the
prtliuiinaiicK arranged the waterway
j honld make rapid progress
I uless its advocates arc mistaken
the cinil will mean more than an
mcirie of commerce It should send
to the southward not only greater
irgosHf freight eil with the indus
trial products of the United States
but extend the sphere of American
conservathe influence
Today V gieatest need in Latin
merica is Mobility Some hate pro
fesad doubt that the cSfert eseence
and temper of the Latin will cter sub
mit to the assimilation of enough
ngIo Saon conservatism to produce
self lcstraint An -example to the
contrary may be fonnd however in
the growth and rapid deielopment of
Mexico during the last decade
through the introduction of the Anglo-Saxon
spirit and progresshe com
mercialism of their northward
Ict us hope tint after a while the
lesser America is will accept the
beneficent influence of something be
sides the Monroe Doctrine and that
they will learn the lesson that rcto
lion should be a dernier icssorl and
not a national habit -
rouml for IIujm
Kx epling the statement that the
Philippines had been actually and
permanently pacified at which some
of the readers will smile nothing
lould he more gratifying at this time
than the announcement of the Taft
got eminent concerning the financial
condition of the archipelago
The commission announces an an
nual Increase of nearly two millions
in revenue ahovc insular expenses
-mil adds that there appears to 1c no
nasoii uhy the islands should not be
si if MippirtIng iu the future and in
Mil nm proiide Mifliciciit money for
si iihI and road detelopment and the
iii siry expansion of the police vs
t in
Mlhiditrh there is much to engen
der 1isk ttisfaction in riiilippiue con
iliiiiuis Ih rc is also a great deal lo
o lie optimism So long as the in
telligent men who are wrestling with
tin piolh m on its naiiic soil are cn
tomagwl theie is no reason why any
hliscin Auicritvin should pi rsist in In
coming discouraged
I lie If Mlern lilrn of Vrt
It is liudirMood that the Kaiser
p unts a bit as well as rules Germany
and it is found that his ideas of ail
are as btiongly developed as his other
notions which hnic made him one of
the most conspicuous figures of the
day It was as natural that he should
express Ids conception of what should
be put on cam as at his dinner to Ger
man artists and sculptors as it xtas
that many of the gifted Teuton
should differ with their sotereign
Einpero William detests the school
of naturalism Portrayal of the con
dition of the poor excites his special
fintipatby The defenders of the mod
ern bchool aver that this is due to the
XJmperors hatred of social democ
racy But it 1b quite as reasonable- to
believe that it is to be attributed to
Ids environment and atmosphere
Men and women bred in the exclu
sion and pomp of royal circle hare
traditionally rejected nnd must ncces
barily dislike the spectacle of the low
est strata cither la reality or as de
picted by the brush A well kept
hedge is more beautiful lo them than
a gnarled and blasted tree A scene
at court on cam as is doubtless their
ideal of the picturesque and the cx
r amplification of genius while the
Augclus causes a shudder and
throws them out of harmony wlti the
highest results of iuoiiarchieil prog
less as daily portrayed in the giye
ties of the palace and the kaleido
scopic lites of those who occupy the
seats of the mighty
yin It He WTrj
thilethe American people gather
this morning under the gift Iulen
branches of their Christmas trees
they should not forget to extend
good wishes to their chief and his
family who will celebrate the great
day in the same spirit as the humblest
citizen of thT liepuhlic
Perhaps a lienetolent telepathy will
carry the message of good will to
the White House and the President
will he made to fed that the hearts
of his countrymen glow as warmly
for him and his as the flitting spaihs
from the iule fire
It is an occasion for all hearts- to
beat in nuison and as Tiny 1 im said
God bless us every one
Sometimes Ilis regarded as unfor
tunate that the Monroe Doctrine is
not sufficiently elastic to enter the
South American retolution situation
The Venezuelan Christinas tree
seems lo hae an excellent crop of
gnus and ammunition
Doubtless F iininnny will not like
what Mr Low gets out of his cabinet
Chile and Argentina seem to care
more for a frowning crisis than a
merry Christmas
Yesterdays big break in Sugar at
tributed to the liears was a mere in
cident in comparisouwith that to be
caused loilnv bv Ihehids
According to indications Mr Cro
KVr was not so very dead after all
lie seems to hae exercised the power
of self resurrection in time to lead
the onslaught in the Belmont fight
The Siclc Man of Kurope has recov
ered sufficiently to sit up and look
The late Charles A Dana once told
a child enquirer in a very eloquent
editorial flint Santa Clans was no
my Ih it would be interesting today
to take u census of the individuals
who can testify to the truth of the
assertion and back it up with empty
pocket books as documentary cti
lrom the physicians olnt of view
the night before Christina is not half
ho interesting as the dnv after
It is to 1 presumed that the rag
time music in the American talking
machine on the Kaisers Christmas
tree did not have to undergo n micro
scopic examination
There is etery reason to believe
that Charity has been a good Santa
Clans to the poor children of the Cap
General Kitchener regrets to rcpoil
that he has not found General 12
Wet in his Christinas slocking
Apropos of appointments a con
temporary reinailvs that the Presi
dent is not a saint with wings and so
long as opinions on saints dilTer so
widely crhips it would not simplify
matters mueh If lie were
A scicty of Dirt litters in St
Louis advocates eating dirt and dis
pensing with doctors Many people
hate Kad lo consume dirt at some
time In their lives but it was never
thought that it made them feel any
It looks very much aR if in order
lo get nn island for the anarchists
to lite on we should cither hate to
wail for the coral iiiccts to btild it
or let them hoist it up with bombi
from the bottom of the sen
The do goicrncsji is llic latest
j fashionable dog fad The chief good
accomplished by this lady is I hat she
relieved the district telegraph boys
fiom the duty of taking the dog out
to walk
Philadelphia consumptives arc lo
lite in glass houses and breathe
oone and there are sonic people
just contrary enough to go iu for the
treatment with their pickets full of
stones to throw
Icriisnlcm is to have its water sup
ply through plpi s and it is to be
hoped thit no dishonest contractor
will get the city Into a condition cull
ing for a new dispensation of minor
Hi- IMini lf lln snil
Baltimore Herald On December 2S Sen
ator Chaunrer 51 Depcw will proceed to
vcrir irrtaln statements In the Congressional-
I hf m rlrnii liiinnliii
DoBtun Globe -All the nations seem In
he sending apcnls to this con u try to study
our bualneits methods and especially to
enquire into the norklng arrangements
of trusts Tlie vrlll cro lone havo a
dunce 10 stud our business methods
nearer home
Our llrllUli CoiiMii i Crlcf
Calvcston Nevis If o read some ex
pressions of the Enellsli papers in regard
to the ratification ot the
Treaty vte must romc to tho conclu
sion that the British feel about as Ladly
over it as do our Senators Culbcrsoa and
Trances Hrnvy Inml
Baltimore San With a national debt ot
0000000000 snd a population practically
at a ttanditlll with a costly standing
army and an expensive navy Tranco Is
stagKtrinc under a bcavy load Perhaps
her shonlders are strong cnoueh and broad
enough to liear It but tho crash nay
come some day despite French confidence
In the stability and financial resources of
the Republic
Like nearly all other leRlslaUre mai
lers at the Capitol the measures pecu
llirly affecting the District ot Columbia
are at a standstill or perhaps It ttould
lie n little more accurate toiaythat they
hate ss yet taken no rielinltf Jiape and
will not until after the reconvening of
Congress on January C
The Commissioners estimates have
been filed with the npproprJitfc commit
tees and there for the present they
rest The grand aggregate lsJ10tlllSt97
Tills sum lionet er Is rcduccn by the Sec
retary of the Treasury to 7S201C or In
other words he thinks that the last
named sum Is as much as ought to be ap
propriated This cut Is made as a lump
sum the various Items being left un
triitttli of KMtnmtr
The steady growth ot the District esti
mates white in no way surprising Is
highly Interesting In Its hearing upon the
general development of tho Capital City
In 1SS7 the total was only J3C5G000 Since
then each jear excepting 1S92 ami 1S9
has shown a progressive Increase until
for the current jear It Is almost three
times as great as It was fifteen years ago
No one having the slightest familiarity
with the strides which the city has made
In wealth and permanent population di r
Ing that time will be inclined to wonder
at the inlarged bill oT expense As a rule
the appropriations fall considerably be
low the tomm1 sioners estimates and
the reason for such action Is not hard to
find The Commissioners flguro upon
what they think ought to be done while
the appropriations committees naturally
desire to seep the cxpcuillUircs down to
the liolnt of what they considci to be
actual necessity tlctwccn these two
standards of computation there may be
and frequently Is a rather wide mar
gin as Is evidenced by the fact that in
making the appropriations Congress has
cut tinder the estimates all th way from
half a million dollars to a million and a
half annually a rather large reduction
considering the total amount inrohed
Such action is not Intended as any re
flection upon the Commissioners and In
truth there Is frequently a cutting of the
appropriations below the estimates for all
branches of the service where the ex
penses are not la the mture ot fixed
charges The differences turn upon what
the departments nnd Congress respec
tively deem to be necessary The feel
ing In Congress Is that It Is better to
limit the appropriations and thus hold the
departments In check making up the
shortage If there Is any by deficiency
bills On ths other hand the depart
ments regarJ such action ns misdirected
economy which cramps and cripples them
In their operations and saves nothing in
the end
On n Different fmiltiiK
In these matters the District stands
upon a somewhat different footing from
the executive departments of the General
Government Much of the money annual
ly expended is for municipal Improve
ments of various kindsj and both the ex
tent and nature of the improvements to be
made ore In a sense matters of conten
tion The Congressional friends of Im
provements upon an extended scale take
the position that Washington being the
Capital of the nation Us welfare is the
concern of the entire country and that
all should feel a pritien giving lo It n
character befitting the grandeur ot the
nation as a whole They point out that
halt the property Intho1 District belongs
to the Government and pays no taxes
while the people are without representa
tion Conceding that the persiairent resi
dents trc benefited by the giet works of
Improvement It is nevertheless urged
that this is no argument against the
works If they are necessary and proper
That result altvajs follows In every com
munity where public Improvement
made t
In reply to the contention that the
District asks too much they say that
while Washington Is already a very
beautiful city there are still many things
needful and that as ct It raimot Iu
fairness be said that conditions Justify
the claim that too much has been done
Government buildings of course are not
to b charged up aghlrbttbDlstrictandir
they are left out of consideration It is
not apparent that the public betterments
to which the Unied States has contribut
ed arc of a very extraordinary character
The most enthusiastic friends of the Dis
trict do not claim that there should be
extravagance in embellishing and Improv
ing the clt but tbey fcel that Congress
should be gencrou In the matter to the
end that Washington may In the near
future b a capital city of which every
American citizen can Justly bo proud
llic nrliig lommNslmt
The estimates above referred to do not
Include anything on account ot the great
system of parking and other Improve
ments planned by the special committee
having the matter In charge This com
mittee It Is to be understood has no offl
clal standing ot its own that is recognized
at the House end of tho Capitol It was
created ny a resolution of the Senate only
and It is a sort ot adjunci to the Senate
Committee on the District of Columbia
Lp to this timo It has made no report
and when It does so tho report will go
lo the Senate committee referred to
This committee ma adopt the recom
mendations In their entlrct or only cer
tain parts It may modlf those adopted
or It may reject the scheme In toto This
IntKr however Is not in the least prob
able for It Is scarcely to be doubted that
Committee on the District will
make tin special reiwrl tin- basis of some
important measure or measures affecting
the interrst of the District Whatover
is done on this line will not It Is sild
bo intended for the benefit of the people
living here but will bo adtocate 1 upon
the broad principle that Washington Is
the Caplial of the United states
Ailininnloii f IVrrltorlc
Another matter which will assume nn
Interesting phase Immediately after the
holiday recess Is that of the admission of
Arizona New Jlcxi o nnd Oklahoma to
statehood Western representatives in
both houses are quite generally in fator
of the admission of these Territories but
Haslcrn sentiment Is less neirly unani
mous There is soue Indisposition on the
part ot the larger States to accept into
full sIslThood any more small ones Just
now and It Is iroslblc tint party consid
erations may play some little part
The rnrty question has alread been
raised with reference to Oklahoma not
lu Congress but praong the piople of the
Territory Two plans have b en proposed
one looking to the admission of Oklahoma
alone and the other to Its union with tho
Indian Territory and their Joint admis
sion as oni State Oklahoma alone U
Hepuhllran vHlc a Stste composed of the
two Tcrrllnrics might be and probably
would be 1 ejicx ratic
Some ar Hit opinion that the Terri
tories be inlted in onlrr to give
tho Slate a she approximately lint ot
-Kansas Sebra3la and Missouri and It
Is not Impossible that the hopes of Okla
homa for Immediate admission may be
djuhedljy the Issue raised over tho ques
tion of union with the Indian Territory
Hut as jet the wholo subject of Terri
torial admissions Is completely In tho air
and no onn can tell what tho presi nt Con
gress will do in the premh
Culimrl Ochiltree VlnWr llrllei
NKW VOIIK Dec U fhfottel Ochil
tree is rccotrrlug from nit attack of
pneumonia but his phslclan will not al
low htm to leave his home at 1 West
Thirtieth Streel for a week He expects
to go to the Hot Springs of Virginia in
V TTiit IIIcsIiik I mll ilci
Llsttn my friend and I will tell you
a horrible BtoT of the way In which con
solidated Interests called by some people
a trust I tvc worked their will on the
helpless people of Baltimore said Mr
Robert Crnln an eminent lawyer of the
Monumental City at the Shorcham
Our street car lines are operated by a
single company he said last night I
am fairly well Informed as to the facts
and unhesitatingly declare that Balti
more has tho best street railroad system
In the world This 13 a broad assertion
but It Is based on the truth In the first
place through tho liberal scheme of
transfers a passenger can ride almost 200
miles for a single faro The service is
wellnlgh perfect the cars following each
other so rapidly that tho public demands
for transportation ire fully met The
cars arc comfortable aid clean
Abotc all however the city of Balti
more receives 0 per cent of the gross
revenues of ihesi lines A total of 135
000 was turned Into our public treasury
from this source during the past year
The monc went to the support of our
parks Nowhere Jn the world Is a tax of
one half this amount collected from local
street rnilrniq Hear In mind that the
company pays Its regular taxes In addi
tion Just as all property owners do and
the J1S3000 came solely as a percentage
on receipts It Is proper to add that un
der unification of control the lines pay
handsomely andi so both the public and
the owners are to be congratulated
Under a competing arrangement of
icparatc companies and diverse manage
ment no such goot1 re ults could have
been possible A good deal of rubbish
about trusts has been spoken and writ
ten but If our street railway sstcm Is
one then its beneficence ought to bring
along mauy others of the same kind
Our Irmle Willi Sontli Ami rim
In a tour I mado of South America a
jear ago In tho Hartford as tho guest
of Capt John SI Hairier I learned that
the United States illd not enjoy over one
seventh of the trade of those rich coun
tries said Sir Douglas White a well
known newspaper man of the Iacific
Slope at the Arlington list night Sine
then I have been a thorough believer
In the necessity of some form of en
couragement or subsidy whereby tho I
American merchant marine may get Its
fair share of the commerce of the Latin
American countries With our proxim
ity to their markets we ought not to let
Hngland and Germany get the lions share
of the business There la no particular
bill that I am hare to advocate but tho
principle ought to find favor cter where
Another thing that Injures us in South
America Is the absence of a Pan American
btnk or financial Institution of some
sort to do away with the need of buying
Iandon exchange by people when they
want to do business with this country
Eten our Stlnlsters down thcro have their
salaries sent them in the shape of drafts
on England
Ir Hiik1IIi Old ce
Sir Arthur English by a reporter for
The Tlme3 was seen at the Raleigh last
evening He is the son of Dr Thomas
Dunn English the noted I Itcrateur whoe
poem Ben Bolt written when quite a
oungnian lias won as permanent a niche
in the temple reared to Imperishable
songs as Annie Laurie or Home
Sweet Home
Sir Arthur English Is a lawyer of New
York City He has made a specialty ot
defending libel suits for magaziacs and
other publications nnd has succeeded
In speaking of Dr English he said
Sly fnther lives at his old home In New
Yorlc He will be eighty three years old
his next birthday Ills mind Is Is clear
as a bell nzJ he is In fairly good condi
tion physlcall except for his blindness
Ho- has the leading newspapers read to-
nim every moraine iuiiuu6m iu
fonnert on current events A short time
ago he had a spell of sickness and before
It was over three doctors were attending
him He made up his mind one morning
that be would stay In his room no longer
One of the medical men protested and
the patient waxing indignant gave the
trio of doctors a frank piece 01 his mind
nnd discharged then with some words
that sounded greatly like a malediction
V j
Prlwco I ftun In
We havent any Hise for pennies In
California saUOIr J M Slorton of San
Francisco at the Talrfax In Los An
geles they circulate a little owing to
the fact that many Eastern people have
mado that town tltclr adopted home
Every there olacYln the State these small
coins are scorned because they arc
thought of too little financial significance
But It occurs to one that we could well
copy from New York anil the East In re
gard to pennies To my mind their pres
ence and use in a community indicates
thrift Tho boy who learns to lake care
of the cent pieces will acquire tho habit
of saving his dollars I well Teraembcr
a lime in tho Southwest when even nlckeli
were despised Nothing circulated much
of smaller value than the two bit pieces
as they called those old time quarters
The bootblick got two bits for a shine
The barber was similarly paid and n
drink was the same Times have changed
since then and in proportion as smaller
coin came to be use 1 the people pros
lvint Oienr it IliiKiiNt
The King of Sweden Is regarded as one
of tho most learned men In Europe Kins
Oscar can speak and write perfectly In
seven different languages
A Itojnl sciential
1rlnce Ferdinand of Belgium Is almost
the only one of the roaltles of Europe
who has no taste for sports He much
prefers books and is besides something
of a naturalist and botanist
Ilrit C lilr llierlnlelit
About a hundred Odessa drosky owners
have petitioned lo the town council lo
be allotted to reduce their fares from 10
kopecks to 10 popecks per Journey The
owners say In support of their petition
tint they cannot compete successfully
against the trams and omnibuses which
practically run in eter direction The ex
periment will be worth watching If It is
sanctioned by the authorities as doubt
less it will be
Arnlt Opiiiiprtl In liNIIInc
Arabs call whistling the devils
music and consider It the most un
lucky sound that can proceed from human
lips An old proverb of theirs Is to the
effect that afer whistling the mouth Is
not purified for forty days In many other
parts ot the world n similar Idea prevails
In the Tonga Islands for instance where
whistling Is tabu and iu Iceland whetc
the peasants strongly object to it be
lieving it to be a violation ot the Dltlno
law Whistling Is quite unknown among
the descendantssit llic lcrtitian lncas
llnmliiiillitfi llitlnK Cnriln
PInyIng cards piiuted by I ami are be
coming popular and a lad In Paris nott
Ins a studio of design where one depart
ment is entirely devoted to producing
these prett trIUes Onl ladles arc em
plocd and some ofnhe designs arc real
ly exquisite A itood deal of work Is ex
pended on the MiKluitl one made to the
order of an AuSIrliK prlncesn who Is an
javeterato canltfla Is ililnty and lux
urious The cnril S are made if thin
nest Irorlne jiiid on each Is painted
it tiny crottn and monogram as well ns
a motto
Tho rcildence of Sir and Mrs John
Cropper 1712 JI Street was the scene of
a Christmas jBve dance for the younger
set including the debutantes of this and
last season Miss Allco Roosevelt was
among the guests The daace was in
honor ottijs Lydia Lorlng daughter of
Dr and Sirs Lorlng The spacious re
ception roomTiand handsome ball room
were appropriately decorated with Christ
mas wreaths tied with red ribbons and
holly from the Croprcr place In Accomac
County VAJV
Sirs Cropper received In a handsome
gown of white brocade satin trimmed
with gold passementerie with pink roses
on the bodice and was assisted by SIis3
Lorlng np and Sirs Lorlng being with
Sir and Sirs Cropper In thoreceptlon
room Danrlng began at 10 oclock and
ushered in the dawn of Christmas Day
Supper wascrved at 12 and five pieces
of the Marine Band furnished the music
The guests besides those already men
tioned were SIlss Wadsworth SIlss
Warder Miss Poor SIlss Slerrlam SIlss
Katherlne Parrlsh SIlss Wilson SIlss
Bell SIlss Olivia Howard the Misses
Lntrobe of Baltimore SIlss Patterson
SIlss Fftulkc SIlss Sargent SIlss Edith
Chllds SIlss Dorris SIlss Kellogg SIlss
Allenc Kerr SIlss Ward SIlss Grossman
SIlss Ray Miss Carnta de Peyster SIlss
Grace Edcs SIlss Cisscls SIlss Austin
SIlss Peter SIlss Frances Newlands
SIlss Rush SIlss SIcGowan SIlss
borough SIlss Wallach SIlss SIcCauley
Miss Alice Langhorn SIlss Sallie Walker
SIlss Almie Powell Sliss Maud Vincent
SIlss Zadlc Cobb Sliss Mayo SIlss Chris
tine Owen Lieutenant Poor Messrs
Jesse Blair Ormsby SlcCnmraon Sler
rlam Pulldo Newton Adams Robert
Keeling Glvcns Brysen Taylor LIcu
temnt Hudgklns the Slessrs Poe of
Baltimore Lieutenant Rowland Scnor
Paston of the Spanish Legation Slessrs
Horace Ffoulke James Wadsworth Jr J
Guest Sir Lardy of the Swiss Legation
Sir Hlllynrd Owen Charles Horsey Jas
per Wilson Charles Woodhull A H Hop-
kins Dion Carr tho Messrs Hoc Sir
Humphreys Owen of the British Embassy
Captain Langhorne Lieutenants Jewel and
Toole Slessrs Beale Bloomer J C
Crawford C C Hackctt Dr Cliytor
Captain Gilmore Slessrs Peter II II
Rousseau Mansfield Patterson Rodger
Wctmore Charles Richardson Lynch
Luqucr Charles Howard John Patterson
SI Wyeth M Zelcnoy J Van Ness
Phillips II Hopkins Jr Charles Wcst
cott Blngtnm A D Hayden F Vincent
Walker Alfred Elliott Van Royjen Flem
ing Newbod the Slessrs Finney Klein
Clinton Slc ait Plquettc Sllchclt and
Hall Harmer pf Baltimore
Sirs Warders muslcalc was another de
lightful feature of the festivities of
Christmas Eve Aboul seventy live guests
listened to an artistic programme Inter
preted by SIlss Olive Sleade and SH33
Cole both a Boston the former a violin
ist of rare excellence and the latter a
singer whoe sweet and vibrant voice has
been cultivated py Sir George Henschfl
Both the violin solos and vocal numbers
which were principally old French songs
were enthusiastically received After the
concert a buffet supper was served Sirs
Warder and her daughters have been a
distinct loss to society during lhe two
past years that they have been abroad
and they hse been cordially welcomed
since their return Last nights muslcale
was the first of a series of like entertain
ments to be given throughout the season
the second to take place on January 11
Sirs and the Misses Langhorne hare
cards out for atca Thursday January 2
from 1 to 7 oclock
3Ir and SIr Charles SI Floulke will
give a reception this evening in honor of
their daughter Sirs Chapman Smith of
Philadelphia who Is Lero for the holi
Stutter worth U spending
the Christmas holidays in New orK with
her son Mr Frank S Buttcrworth and
his wife
A merry Christmas Ete partywas given
last night bysYrs Weston of Rhode Is
land Avenue forthe young friends ot her
son lilatn Weston who was quite III at
school and wj unable to come home for
the holldaysjlljjrbe dance was planned
when the lad jul home for Thanksglt Inl
and at his urprfll request the entertain
ment was glrenas though be bad been
the ercnuiRa itoit A telegram was re
ceived from WW early In the evening to
the effect thjfklle was much hotter and
that he hopelf ever body woull have a
Slerry Chrisfnitd and enjoy his share ot
the fun 3rJ
M t
Sirs Thomas it Anderson entertained a
company of young people at dinner last
SUsm Amy Dlnkelsplcl ot New York Is
visiting her aunt Sirs II J Goodman of
1003 New Hampshire Avenue At homo
Wednesday December 25 from 2 to 3
SIlss Isabel Slay the daughter ot Col
and Sirs Henry Slay Is visiting Sirs
Sherlock Swann ot Baltimore
SIlss Eugene D Borden of 1622 Q
Street will be at home Tuesdays In Janu
ary between t and G p m
The euchre party given by the Colum
bian Women for the benefit of the col
lege library was held at the Ci Iro Fri
day evening About 200 wearers of the
orange and blue and their friends en
tered Into a spirited rontest for the forty
prizes that were temptingly displaed
The merry clatter of tongues attested to
the spirit of college friendships and the
hell provided to command silence had to
be rcpHced by a large tin pan before the
rules of the game could be read Sirs
Carroll president of the Columbian Wom
en Sirs Hodgklns Sirs Charles
and Sirs Schneider whose hospi
tality added much to the occasion re
ceived the guests
The following oung ladies assisted by
punching for the cause Sllsses Edson
Richardson Barrett Jlllson atuart Par
ker Wilkinson and the Misses Schneider
Sliss Ilolbrook presided at the lemonade
bowl and after the distribution of tho
prizes Sir Holcomb auctioned orf the
plating cards to the amusement of the
guests and tho profit of the library
Sir and Sirs Leo S Schocnthal will
hold their marriage reception ou New
Year Ia at their home 200J Third Street
A Christmas reception was given last
night In Post Gradinto Hall by the stu
dents of the Columbian University in
honor or the faculty ami their wives and
the alumni of the university from S to 10
The roccptjon rooms were decorated
with theAnltersity colors blue and or
ange nuJ an abundance of Christmas
holly and nibstlrtoe Follow Ins the recep
tion canw the tun Incidental to the pres
ence of n Christmas tree laden with
cverthlng in the toy line from a Jack-in-the-box
to a Juniping Jack etery student
present receiving some sort of childs toy
as a gift and the fun bad at the expense
of both the boys and the srls as ncarl
The wives of the faculty Stcsdames A
M CnrrolLiJV A Wilbur II L Hodgklns
J SI Sterrett and J II Gore were the
chapenvMW tu ctealng and the college
fraternities represented wero the Kapia
Alpha Phi Alpha PI Beta Phi Thcto
Dtta GldKapptt Mgma Sigma Chi Beta
Theta Pln7 ilhd Phi Delta Gamma
Aniongj those present at the reception
were Dr Samuel II Greene Dr and Sirs
St Carroll Dr nnd Sirs W A Wilbur
Dr and Sirs II L Hodgklns Dr aud
Sirs J SI Sterrett Dr and Sirs J II
ore the Misses Frances Randolph Pau
lina Stetenson Cecil Franxonl Olive
Dodge Amy Thompson Uladya Ames
Genevieve Showalter Chrlstlnl Dale An
ita Slaion Elsie Turner Josephine Shal
lenbcrger Louise Chlsholm Lola Evans
Helen Beale Nellie Burt Ruth Wellman
Kathryn Slcllhenny Florence Frlsby and
Stanton Peelle Hatch Sterrett William
Sterrett George II Terrell Thomas C
Slusgrove J A Thome Colton Slaynard
11 B Fuller 0 E Slaybmigti William
Peters John Snced IU C Leach Harry
Richardson Homer Dels Douglass Ster
rett Donald Parson Weston Flint and I
T Domcr
Sciv of he llniie nnd llotv
He secnrrd Appointment
There Is a new Janitor ot tho House of
Representatives who Is enjoying his holi
day season It Is presumed better than
he did last year
A year ago William F Stiles was serv
ing the CommlJtce on Accounts as mes
senger upon a no more substantial basis
than a hope that the House would pro
vide for his compensation In the general
deficiency approprlatlonblil When that
measure was reported to the House there
was an Item ot 700 to pay Stiles for his
services as messenger to the Committee
on Accounts
Who Is this man Stiles asked Sir
Loud ot California when the item came
up before the Committee on Appropria
Search me replied Sir Cannon the
Treasury watchdog In effect If God
doesnt know more about him than I do
hes lost
Stiles was In a neighboring corridor
awaiting action on his claim and a mem
ber passing out related the conversation
whereupon the claimant cheerfully re
sponded O thats all right What I
want Is for ctf to know me up at tho
Durfng the summer this rejoinder was
reported to Sir Cannon and Stiles now
has a satisfactory acquaintance at the
other end of the Avenue
Philippine Service Offers Ipuurtlin
tleM for Advancement
The Civil Service Commission yesterday
Issued a notice that n special examina
tion wilt be held on the 6th and 20tlrot
January 1802 for positions of stenog
raphers and typewriters In the Philip
pines as the list ot eligibles has become
reduced and the Manila authorities have
sent notice that they need twenty or more
to fill existing vacancies
Examinations wilt be held la Washing
ton Boston Chicago Cincinnati Denver
New Orleans Now York San Francisco
and Seattle tor the purpose
Appointees vill receive a salary of
J 1200 per annum and those who prove
competent wilibe promoted to 1100 per
annum In six months or less time If va
cancies occur subsequent to the date of
Ihclr appointment Applicants wilt be re
quired to pass a physical examination and
appointees will be required to remain In
the service at least two years Appli
cants must be between the ages of
clghieen and forty years
This examination offers an excellent
opportunity to young men to enter serv
ice which has many attractive features
and to see a most interesting part of the
world The Philippine scTVlce Is classi
fied and the law contemplates promotions
on the basis of merit from the lowest to
the highest positions
Appointees will be required to pay their
traveling expenses to San Francisco but
the Government furnishes them transpor
tation free ot charge on Its transports
from that point to SUnila but extracts a
charge ot jlf0 a day for meals while en
route which is returned to the appointee
UDoa his arrival at Manila
The Philippine climate Is good and
nearly all the employes are 1n excellent
health Medical attendance U furnished
employes without cost Good accommo
dations room and board can be secured
In Manila for about 135 a month while
employes assigned outside of Manila ob
tain cheaper accommodations
Ortfereil to Take Coiiiiunnil or Cin
cinnati Knslne rr Sluttiili
Col Garrett J Lieckcr of the United
States Engineer Corps who was statoned
at Washington eight years ago and since
that time at Detroit has been ordered
to Cincinnati where he Is to report not
later than the 15th ot January in relict
ot Lieutenant Colonel Hanbury who Is
In charge of the engineer work at that
Colonel Hanbury wilt take the station
at San Francisco and relievo Lieut
Col C E I Davis of fortification river
and harbor works as well as the duties
of euglneer of the Twelfth Lighthouse
Lieutenant Colonel Davis formerly
stationed in this city will report to the
commanding general of ihc division of the
Philippines at Manila Philippine Islands
for duty as engineer officer on hi3 staff
and as senior ollicer of the board appoint
ed last September to consider and report
upon the defences of harbors In the Phil
ippine islands
Slajor Clinton B Sears is now perform
ing those duties but has been ordered to
the command of tho Second Battalion of
engineers serving in the Philippines
Major Bixbr now In Cincinnati will
on being relieved of his duties at that
place taketation la Detroit Slieh
Wlrelcs Telfsrnpliy lo lukr rinrrt
of illRril VlrieiicTi
NEW YORK Dec 21 The homing
pigeons of the Navy Department are to be
sold at public auction on December 20
Wireless telegraphy Is to be used Instead
of the pigeons
Real dmlral s Barker commamant
of tho Brooklyn navy yard said tod ly
that he Inferred that th department In
tended to develop wireless telegraphy
Just as It has demonstrated the value of
smokeless powder
I suppose they will first develop the
wireless telegraphy and then establish
stations wherever tley please said the
admiral There was a nsvy board ap
pointed to look Into the matter some time
ago I suppose the sale of the pigeons Is
the result ot their libors
PupIN of llic toir lonjs Il
null school Ire Henirinlierril
nvsmn BVY I I Dec 21 Every
nupll attending the Cove Neck district
school In this village will receive a gut
from the President of the United States
tomorrow But there Is one disappoint
ment In store for the little ones Here
tofore President Roosevelt has appeared
In person as Santa riaus and distributed
tho gifts This year the Gotcrnmcnts
business demands his entire attention
A check was recelted from Mr Roose
velt by SIlss Sarah Provost teacher In
the school on Slondt with which to pro
vide gifts for the pupils The amount was
not made pulblc For more than fifteen
year President Roosevelt has looked after
the children In Cote Neck school at
Christmas time
Maine Uiilvcrslt tew President
BANGOR Sle Dec 21 -Dr W E fel
lows assistant professor ot history at the
University of Chicago has been elected
president of the University of Maine to
succeed Dr A W Harris
Iiifersfnt Commerce CommNttlon
lleclifr n Itnllvrny CnveljT
Tho Interstate Commerce Commission
In an opinion by Chairman Knapp has
rendered Its decision In the case of tho
National Wholesale Lumber Dealers As
sociation vs The Norfolk and Western
Hallway Company the following Import
ant facts appearing In the decision
Lumber In carloads Is shipped from
points In West Virginia and Virginia to
New York over that road to Hagcrstown
and thence via the Pennsylvania Railroad
to destination and over the Norfolk
and Western to Shenandoah Junction
and thence via the Baltimore and
Ohio Railroad under rate made by
adding to those of the Norfolk an West
ern to Hagcrstown and Shenandoah Junc
tion a specific or arbitrary one of 13 cents
per 1C0 pounds charged by the Pennsyl
vania and Baltimore and Ohio respective
ly therefrom
Tho specific rate was advanced from 12
to 13 cents In 1W3 and the Norfolk and
Western charges were generally Increased
in 1899 and 1000 about 14 cents per 100
Stuch lower rates on competing lumber
have been anl are maintained from neigh
boring points In the same shipping section
to New York by the Baltimore and Ohio
and the Chesapeake and Ohio Railways
connecting with the Baltimore and Ohio at
btauaton and the Pennsylvania Railroad
at Washington The Norfolk and Western
line Is considerably longer than the Ches
apeake and Ohio line but present rates by
the Norfolk and Western yield higher
rates per ton per mile than thoso of tho
Chesapeake and Ohio line
The rates from Norfolk and Western
points to Philadelphia are 6 cents lower
than those for the ninety miles greater
distanco to New York while nn the Ches
apeake and Ohio the difference In favor
of Philadelphia against New York Is only
2 cents
Upon all the facts and circumstances
the Commission holds that the through
rates complained ot are unreasonable and
unlawful and that thcro should be an
aggregate reduction In the through rates
of 24 cents per 100 pounds
Hnlf of Annual Salary Prevented o
Clerical Ktnplnycs
NEW YORK Dec 21 Santa Claus In
raiment of gold cloth with a beard of sil
ver thread Santa Claus carrying a huge
bag of bank notes visited Wall Street to
After a year of enormous transactions
and immense profits the exchanges tho
banks the trust companies the bankers
and brokers made haadsomo Chrltmas
presents to those who have well scrveil
them as employes and those in more con
fidential positions who have helped them
to make millions
These presents were In cash of course
for Wall Street and everyone la It values
cash most of all It was conservatively
estimated that il000000 was given In
these presents
Tnii3 J Pierpont Slorgan the Colossus
of the street gave to each of ten ot his
most trusted employes a new JiOJO gold
certificate Besides this JOO000 sir Slor
gan presented half of their annual salary
to every man and boy In hlT banking
house to the clerk who get3 3000 J1S00
to the messenger whose pay Is J30 a
month 150
rnniile TA lilch Shotr Tlint Great
Men AVere Verer Mode
A writer in the London Standard de
clares the Idea that genius- Is usually
modest to be a popular delusloc 0n tho
contrary he alleges egotism to be the
very essence of true genius and quotes
many amusing examples
When Wordsworth Southey and Cole
ridge were walking together and Cole
ridge remarked that the day was so lino
It might have been ordered for three
poets the gentle Wordsworth promptly
exclaimed Three poctsf Who are the
other two
Disraeli then a mere youth wrote to
his sister that he had heard Slacaulay
Shell and Grant speak but between our
selves I could floor them all And again
he said When I want to read a jowl
book I write one
Our own Joaquin Miller wrote lo Walt
Whitman You and I are over the head
of the rabble We know we ore great
and If other people dont know It It is
their otn fault
It was President Grant who being told
that a certain Senator an admitted
genius who was very hostile to him did
not believe the Bible expressed his esti
mate of the Senators egotism by rejoining-
Why should he He didnt write It
you know New- York World
IiiHtruntent Iixpectctl tu rluy m Great
Part In S urKcry
Eugene W Caldwell has recently per
fected in the Edward N Glbbs X ray
Laboratory ot the University and Belle
vue Hospital Sledieal College an appa
ratus dcslgneil to give stereoscopic vision
by x rays The new apparatus Is de
scribed for the first time In tho Electri
cal Review recently
The principle upon which It operates Is
very beautiful and depends upon the fact
that vltflou persists for a brief Interval
and a succession ot Images falling upon
the eye with great rapidity gives the im
pression of a continuous Illustration In
the ordinary x ray outfit consisting ot a
tube giving out v rays and a fluoroscope
all that Is scn Is the shadow cast bv the
object under examination upon the sensi
tive screen
A bullet in a mans arm for example
shows Its shadow but while It maj ba
een to be at a certain distance away from
a bone for example to one sldo or tho
other it is not possible to tell whether
It is in front of or behind the bone
In the snme v ay the radiograph of a
mans ehst untie ordinary rondltions
would show his coat buttons but would
gltc no idea whether hey were worn la
front or behind
To accomplish stereoscopic itslon that
Is to use both ecs and to sec objects
in their proper space relation to one an
other was Sir Caldwells purpose In de
signing his beautiful Ingenious appnr
atus He used an x ray tube having two
anti cathodes and so driven by an alter
nating current taken from the strec
mains and stepped up to high voltage by
means of an Induction coll th tt the two
anti cathode give oft x rays alternately
ibout sixty times a second Each of
these throws thirty shadows per second
of tho objects examined upon a screen
and these shadows are of course slightly
dlspbued from one another
B using a shutter turned by a motor
driven by the same alternating current
the vision of each ye is cut off from Inn
impulses romlug s cne r
sources so tin ius
a second the siadows due to- oft if these
antl cathodcs The result of the blended
impressions Is the samo as when two pho
tographs taken from slightly different
points of view are examined la the stereo
scope and the Hat shadows suddenly leap
out Into space apparently standing clear
of the fiuoroscopcscrecn and showing the
objects examined In their true relations
with one another
Tho instrument Is expected to be of the
greatest importance In surgical diagnosis

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