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TLl n 1 J I Kllzalretli Failcr Miss -Miss
1 neatre racked From Pit im is nueii miss uncom miss
to Dome for Charity
Spontaneous Applause From
Enthusiastic Audience
The Itcviniil of lmiir Ills mill lie
TnMemix Pnsslnjj nl Time Pre
sentee I mler tile Ilrcetinn of VIrs
llnrne imtl Mrs Ilnithln
f Success in great glowing letleis
blazed everywhere at Chases Tneatrc last
night when the entertainment for tl e
benefit of I lie National Junior Republic
the Diet Kitchen and the Associated
Charities as given hy the society mat
rons and maids of Washington under the
direction cf Mrs Albert Clifford Harney
and Mrs Archibald Hopkins
It blazed from pit to dome for never
before was there such an array of dia
monds sparkling in the uppermost bal
conj easting don rn inn more fortunate
ly lucated persons below lhc glint if
jewels worn by those whe e inteiest in
the charities was just as grem but who
had not hastened ilivs and dav s ago to
ire erupt a chair or two on the lower
floor It was reflecteO back and forth
from he bocs and throughout the audi
torium Had ones gaze been directed
into the grandest kaleidoscope that the
cenius of man could conceive the scene
of color and btauty would not have iiecii
more entrancing thn was this represen
tative gathering In the Capital of the
nation of its fair women and gallant
men assembled in the name of charity
Success it 1oregiiin iiiielu iuii
The spontaneous response of leading
residents of the city as toon as the first
mention of the performance was publicly
made predetermined this success but
hardly the most ortimisllo of all those
to contributed of t ir time their talent
and their inluencc toward ttls end could
have honed for such a magnificent triumph
rs was achieved
The performance was given without a
flaw and the iarticipants acquitted them
selves with such unusual credit that a
society stock company for nrivate ball
room Dcrforrcanccs nest winter would not
be regarded as at all an unusual outcome
by anyone who saw- last evenings court
The audience was not only representa
tive locally it was cosmopolitan If
there Is any member of the Diplomatic
Corps who is not here tonight I do not
know him said one of the popular young
diplomats as he strolled through the
theatre with a shepherdess Just from the
stage during an Intermission
At any rate I will not know him after
this if I find such a one he added It
only proves once more this performance
tonight what we diplomats always have
Eald that the American women are di
Doing lnliie Things for Chiirit
In the name of charity one may do
unique things and by the same token as
by the wafting of a wand conventional
ities disappear and human kindness
crowds beyond the hospitable portals cf
charitys temporary temple all thoughts
cave those that arc gentle and good and
It was so last night The playhouse
became the temple of charity all society
tame to pay Its devotion in material
contributions and ephemeral applause
and beautiful women with a taste for the
unusual claimed the pages place in the
foyer and sold programmes and bouton
nlcrcs of the daintiest flowers for a
quarter each or more
If one did not have a 23 cent piece it
Has Just as well to give up willingly a
half dollar or a bill for It was all for
sweet charity you know And even If
enc Is really not aware of what that name
covers he may rest assured that one of
the omissions which Is not regarded as a
un Is forgetting to ask for the change
Mr De Kove n in III I Ieiiient
Promptly at the announced time 843
oclock Mr Reginald De Koven raised
aloft his baton and the orchestra selected
end trained and specially augmented for
this particular occasion swept into the
strains of the latest success of the direc
tor himself the overture from Maid
Marian If there was anyone who came
lurrying to the theatre a bit late and
there were Just a few feeling just a bit
tremulous lest the performance proper
thould have begun as promptly as pre
dicted by those in charge Mr De Kovens
few minutes of overture saved them a
great disappointment Hut fortunately
perhaps for their peace of mind they
were unable to appreciate what they lost
lninlsslnE the music and Mr De Koveii
to one who looked at the energetic di
rector once but looked again Even a
deaf and dumb man would liae known
that it was no ordinary performance for
the performers benefit after one such
glance It couldnt have been done so
thoroughly for mere money this leading
of Mr DeKovens It was for charltx
with all the heart and soul and mind and
Elrcnglh of the director and everyone
ho watched Mr DcKoven from any part
cf the great auditorium knew it
A Sjililitlltl Iteiieiltloii
The Reward of Amarjllls Mrs Bur
ton Harrisons pantomime needs of
course no explanatory note of Introduc
tion The rustic ntaise setting was ad
mirably done and formed a most effec
tive background of green with a contrast
ing touch of brown and white
The recitative by the Muse Miss Wet
more in flowing tolie of w lilts was pre
cise and clfectiro within range though to
auditors in the far scats and in the upper
rallcry probably a bit faint To fill a
theatre auditorium vith the speaking
vclce 3 sich a task for one unused to
Hut work that discerning critics com
plimented Miss Wetmorc considerably
The Singing Nymph -Mrs Shade was
irrcettd with generous handclapplngs also
for lcr dainty solo part light as the
air in lis swinging melody
XjmliliK in the Pniilomiiile
The dance of the nymphs quickly fol
lowed Sixteen buds of this and the past
few FCntons vied with ono another In pre
Mnting the most graceful trippings to and
fro and intricate Dclsartean variations
which -have been seen on a public stage
in Washington The maids who represcnl
i the nvniDhr were
Miss Hopkins Miss Goldiborougb Miss
I ininn ills Clareil Miss Ilailov Miss
Bainej Miss Worihiugton Miss Merritt
Miss Train Miss Fairish Miss Miller
nnMnnrn i n
uuniintBi ur
Continued from lirt P1
of Chicago of writing an anarjinous letter
It Is understood that she endeavored to
discover tLe popular sentiment bj enter
ing the race this tune
A vite rcent for Marj laad was nlo
The afternoon sessen was called to or
der by t r piesidcnt general at 2 a clork
The credentials committee made the fol
lowing report which ias adopted
The credentials committee has the
honor to report that there has been a
careful verification of the reports of Chap
ter Regents and an earnest effort made
that each chapter should have full and
just representation
In accordance with the laws governing
ths body there are one piesident general
20 vice presidents gencial and J active
officers 47 State regents COO chapter te
gents and 10 delegates entitled to vote
in the eleventh continental congress of
the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion making a total of I17 votes an In
crease of 37 over last jear
Mauj of the chipters hear the honored
names of those noble men and women
who by their patriotic demotion and self
sat rifice through those seven long years
of the American Revolution made the
congress possible It seems most fittinh
that the roll should be called bj chap
ters thus commemorating not only tho e
sacred names but emrhasizing the record
of historical places
By the lecomrncndatlon of the board
the official reader will call 11 j roll in
this manner State regents responding
for States and chapter regents for chap
ters subject to the approval of congress
lhc credential work includes this jear
117 letters received and 1S1 letters writ
The report was signed bj Miranda It
Tullock Martha L Sternberg Mary S
Lockwood Jilia T C Melllalr -ml Ger
trude B Sarwin
lter lie report was adopted th roll
was called by Miss Jeanctte Ui hards the
Mrs Donald McLean of New York was
then recognized chairman She rpoke of
the assassination of the late President
McKinley and offered the following reso
lution of sympathy to his wife
tesoliillnii Comlnllii Mrs HolCIiiIe y
Whereas This meeting of the Conti
nental Congress of the Daughters ot the
American Revolution is the first since the
death of the late President McKinley and
Whereas This society represents the
pure American spirit of the women of the
naticn that nation which gies liberty
but not license to its citizens therefore
be it
llcsohcd That this Continental Con
El ess in meeting assembled decs as is
first business record its desolation of the
crime which remojed from life the late
President MqKlnley and its abiding sym
pathy with Mrs McKinlej and be it
Resolved That such expressions of
sympathy frem this body be coneyed to
her whose less is unuterable
The resolution was passed unanimously
by standing ote
The report of the programme commit
tee made by Mrs Ceorgc M Sternberg
chairman showed that only a few unim
portant changes had been made ia the one
originally agreed upon With the changes
the report was unanimously adopted
The next matter for consideration was
the questicn cf amendments The hour
was getting late and as the mcetlnf
could not last later than 3 oclock owing
to the entertainment held there last
night it looked as though no action would
be taken in regard to them
Then Mrs Miller of Washington sprung
her surprise by making a motion that the
Congress do not adjourn but take a re
cess The efforts of the national officers
who had been at work among the dele
gates rroved unavailing and the motion
was carried The question can therefore
be considered today and many import
ant amendments which have been held up
for Ecveral years will be acted upon
The announcement of the committed
on recommendations of national officers
will be heard today
Aildres of AYfcoiu
At the opening of the congress jester
day mornlni Mr Fairbanks president
general called the convention to order
and delhcred an effective address of wel
I it nas onen ueen asKea uy tne unin
formed rcrchancc skeptical why do th
Daughters of the American Revolution
hac this yearly congress
It Is known to all that the Daughters
of the American Revolution come here Ir
order to exchange their views on their
own goicrnment to formulate laws which
shall bring nearer to perfection its work
ing powers in all chapters making up its
grand union To receive reports from all
parts of America advices of what is be
ing accomplished by etry chapter ecry
There has grown up a strong belief
as It is the highest authority the Conti
nental Congress Is to act as a court in
which any daughter in the society may
seek redresc In fact it may be consid
ered to all Intents the present Court of
Appeals of the Daughters cf the American
Another object of the Continental Con
gress is to deepen the interest and exalt
ths power of the bociety which It repre
sents These purposes may be aided by
listening to the reading of the reports
from he diffcient States of the work they
have alieady accomplished that which
they arc doing now that which they may
hopc to do in the future Even the stories
of their failures may be of some value
maj serie as a guard or Incentive
In conclusion Mrs IalrbanLo said
Daughters of another ellmc Daughters
of a far different and grander chillatlon
Daughters of the American Revolution
you may find in this ancient practice an
exalted example so lei It be jour sacrd
duty to hold eternal vigil that the lamp
of liberty may ferecr shine from a mod
ern temple where arc taught the lessons
of nllghtcned freedom a temple dedicated
to the services of our crcruueil native
land to loc and fraternity aaiou its peo
The ItilHMle IJ Mri Mtlft
Mrs Pali banks address was inter
spersed with applause kindly reference to
Mrs McKinley meeting with specially
symnathet response in the hearts of the
Mrs Jnhn T Swift of California re
sponded to the address of the president on
the part of the society reading first a
letter from the California chapter
Men have not been over eager to assist
In this patriotic enterprise for the rea
son that they arc In the habit of watching
the proceedings cf congresses and conven
tions and heretofore hac not had reason
to admire the wa ii which vc hae
sometimes conducted ours
Rut Madame President we pledge you
our tatreJ honor that the second con
gress of the twentieth century shall be
conducted in a uplrlt of Justice and fair
ness and we shall endeavor to make a
reputation for ourselves as an orderly
body of dlguilifd women
IlilliH for ilitlnciidil IIrII
The most Important business matter
that will comu up for eonslderalon is
the proposition for the erection of a
building fcr th sole use- of the society
ivi h 4 pt wSfV
St Peter nf the Coiilen Cintr Hnril
WorKe fl nnd OltliuJiij Iiikck Mrs
MelelinV Itesolut Ion
Mrs Charles W Palrbanks the presi
dent general of the national society of
the Daughters of the American Revolu
tion had ample opportunity to demon
strate to the Daughters her eminent fit
ness for the responsible position with
which she was entrusted last jear by the
Tenth Continental Congress There Jre
many members even among those who
woiked against her election as president
general most assiduously who now admit
that she makes an ideal presiding offi
cer firm obliging and alwajs collected
Of course onr of her former antag
onists remarked yesterday afternoon
she hasnt had inucii cpportunily as yet
to show how she will conduct herself and
congress when matters begin to get se
riouswhen tilings get lively you know
when everyoedy talks and everybody
asks to be heard
A coch Plirliltlilrntlirinii
Mrs Iairbanks appears to be a well
posted parliamentarian She consults
Mrs Rrown whose services as paid par
liamentarian have beta secured for tl Is
years congress on few occasions Mr
Tairbanks has a pleasant voice which can
be distinctly heard and understood ail
over the house
The attendance at ycslcrdavs tessiens
in the gallery reserved for the public was
no comparison to the crowd that filled the
place last jear but it is expected that the
suffragists convention now attracts many
of those who after tomorrow will make
their appearance at the Daughters or the
American Revolution convention
The State regents ut former congresses
occupied seats on the stage This year
they arc assigned to seats In front of tin
stage where the representatives of the
press in former years wrote their stories
The press this jear is accommodated on
the stage in the rear of the places occu
pied by the general officers
M IcIct lit In- Colilc li
Mr S Z Stokes assistant treasurer of
Chases Grand Opera House Is doing
duty as gatekeeper at the entrance to
the house He scrutinizes everj one who
applies for admission and soma of the
Daughters have dubbed hlni St Peter
at the Golden Gate The members be
fore they enter the hall must pass
through a gate of chain brass burnished
like shining gold whence the sobriquet
St Peter at the Golden Gate
A largo sign displaying In conspicuous
black letters the word Silence Is
plated In a prominent position at the en
trance to the hall Its effect on the
Copyrighted bj Ciiucdimt
President Genera D A R
It is to be known as Continental Hall
and is to be built en a plot of ground
not as yet selected
ALcut J3CC0 is in hand as a mucleus
fund for the project and a plot on Con
necticut Acnue between II and I Streets
adjoining the Corcoran House is believed
to bo most favored by the Daughters
The price of this land is 000M Some
of the members arc in favor of Congress
donating th land upan which to erect
the building while others insist that the
pride of the society will not admit of it
Leeoming an object cf seeming charity
I hrre Ulllnlrewl Itcil liiiiitttr
One of tic most interesting features o
the annual meetings of the Daughters of
the Amercan Revolution i3 the report of
the number of real daughters or members
whose fat ers fought in the Revolutionary
War There are now about COO of these
enrolled in the society and several of them
are rrcfent at this congress
A movement to Tension these women
of wrom arc poor in worldly goods
has been on foot for some time and Sen
ators Hoar and Lodge of Massachusetts
have promised to lend their aid in secur
ing the passage by Congress of a bill to
this effect
IciiilM rKtiiit Hut Inrlj Thousand
The total iiembership of the society s
now there having been 3S30 lie v
members enrolled during the new year
About 00 delegates are present and as
each delegate has an alternate and the
regent of each State cluptcr has -he
rrivilegc of the ileor these and the other
Daughters and visitors ciowd the theatre
to the roof This being the largest con
gress ever held by the society a fall da
will be required to verify ircdentials and
arrange the delegations in their proper
Owing to the constant and rapid growth
I of the society the increasing number of
delegates to the annual congress has be
come a serious problem and it is possible
tnat some amendment to the constitution
of the society will be adopted looking to
restrictions in this line which will reduce
the number of delegates 50 per cent
Mrs Fairbanks a Good Par
t x-
me nbers so far has net been -
The Daughters have taken precautions
to have lire nnd police protection at hand
In case necessity should arise to have
their immediate services A member of
the Fire Department is en duty in the
wings ef the stage and C II Murphy No
267 was detailed on police duty
An Industrious InKe
Miss Rmily Ejre Iiaker Wllson as page
to the president general was continuously
kept busy jesterday delivering messages
to and from her chief Miss Wilson is a
highly ae omplishcd beautiful j oung
nnd is a reat favorite with the members
When Mrs Donald McLean of Xew
York asked the floor on a juesiien cf per
sonal privilege silence and inxpestancy
overspread the AVhUr she read
her resolution on the death of the late
President everybody paid theutmost at
tention to her She was heartily ap
plauded when she finished -
During the afternoon session the Ala
bama delegation requested the privilege
to occupy scats near the front The re
quest was granted by Mrs Fairbanks it
is complained that the voice of the offi
cial reader Miss Janet iRIcbards can
scarcely be heard at the farther end of
the house
How all the delegates can be accom
modated on the floor of the house Is a
questicn which Is very perplexing to Mrs
Richardson the chairman Xfihe seating
committee The floor hap a staling ca
pacity of 318 and there are317deIcEatc3
entitled to a seat on tlicfloor
J I -
An I n e re t i f i u Discussion
One of the questions that came up dur
ing the afternoon yesterday- and claimed
the undivided attention of the Daughters
was the Chapter Warren of Illinois em
broglio Word had been passed around
that the matter would come up during the
afternoon and some members who had
engagements with their dressmakers pre
ferred to forego this most Important mis
sion in order to be present when the Illi
nois chapter dispute canc up Those in
the rear of the house rose to their feet
and stood for over fifteen minutes while
the discussion was going on
Miss Annie Greenless cne of the young
lady pages through her ehaimii man
ners nnd politeness has had thrust upon
her moic work than she can handle with
proper care She Is very obliging and is
e ceptiunally well posted on matters per
taining to the congreso
The Stars and Stripes are the prevail
ing decorations througnput the huue
but not exclusively Colors of Con
tinental regiments are festooicd around
the galleries and bakonies
nvnl Itonril Itcportn Wfirslilp First
Cluss in Ytnlrrinl iccsiiMN
The report of the naval board of In
spection on the official final trial and in
spection of the battleship Illinois on her
run from Hampton Roads to Twnpkins
vlle last week was received by the Savy
Department jesterday
The usual number of defects were dis
covered by the board but the vessel was
found to be first class In every material
A two hours full speed trial under na
tural draft developed an aggregate indi
cated horse power of 8602 During that
time 10170 pounds of Xew River coal
were isrd an hour
On account of the extreme cold and the
fact that the guns and their mounts were
covered with Ice it was considered in
advisable to test the batteries The re
port of a previous test of them was ac
cepted by the board
The machinery worked splendidly
Itolilteis Hold AVilte lililllli Mill
PisIoPs Iolllt
safes In the street railway companys
olhce in Northampton were blovn open
early this morning and 1000 in cash
Five masked men held up the watch
man and kept him covered by revolvers
while they worked on the safes The
safes weie blown open and the explosion
attracted the attention of people who saw
the robbers drive toward Hatfield
Whistles were blown to arouse the peo
The police of all the surrounding cities
and towns lme been notified and the
chase Is a hot one
National University Law Deparment
frtiioni oi miritui ahmimsTk vTivn iuv
iriiic linn laigcuc taiui II Han
tOUt t 1 oviniinint Ontrai U and Uamtt
Prof coryo A King II M
CuIIM II MiIiIjij 1 iw mid 1 ourts irjrlial
PrcKricorKe II 14K Judtf dl CcnLtA
COritM III Drganiution Jurwliction of In-
teller lltiarlincnl Jlid ielrril Land Office
1ref l rank L ampUIl -VS-I kritjry
Intrilor Awt Prof Sjmucl 1ioudat
First Vet Attnrncv
COFItiri I OrgJiiiutiuii Juri diition Practice
P b Dipt of Treasury 1rof Hilton L
Alios t secretary of Tna urv
1X0 Sill I3T1I ST X W
School of Practice and Summer Law Course
For Fiippleincnt and review
01KNS JLNi S3 11-
For caUlofrur etc apply to
118 Slh kt n WasliinctV I C
fel516t General Sectttary
Continued from lirsl lase
a private dinner tonight at the Metro
pclitan Club Several of the officers of
the yniht attended the theatre and half
ths crew had shore leave
Itrtiirn rroin Muslim
The four officers of the Hohenzollern
who base been visiting Niagara Kails
returned this afternoon Cnntain Hippar
Pirst Lieutenant on Rcbensberg Captain
Lieutenant von der Osten and Tirst
Lieutenant von IIalhauseii accompanied
by Captain Mahan will go to Buffalo to
mcrrow leaving here at noon and will re
turn on Wednesday night or Thursday
Orders Issued From Head
quarters Governing Parade
Itojnl Visitor In lie- Sllliitnl Hne li
Solilirr lis Mr Pusses Ill
s It until
Orders have bten Issued at National
Guard Headquarters governing the parade
of the brigade as a portion of the escort
to Prince Ilenrj when he visits Wash
ington Monday February 24
The entire District National Guard
with the exception of the corps of field
music is ordered out and will be formed
at Pennsylvania Avenue and Fifteenth
Street as a double line of sentinels ex
tending from the Pennsylvania station
Sixth and II Streets northwest to the
White House
Kucll Soldier to Snlutr
The sentinels will be stationed at in
tervals of four paces They will stand at
lest until the head of the column ap
proaches when will be brought to
attention Each sentinel will then suc
cessively salute the marching column by
presenting arms until the column ha3
The Inspector general the aides-de-camp
of the commanding general and the
regimental battalion and separate or
ganization commanders will assemble at
headquarters Sunday February 23 at h
p m to receive anj special orders that
may be Issued
StlllT Moiliitril
Undress uniform with overcoats for
age caps leggins and white gloves will
be worn the Naval Battalion to be in
its prescribed uniform All members of
the general staff and general non-commissioned
staff the colonels lieutenant
colonels and regimental staff officers will
be mounted and will wear the prescribed
undress mounted uniform with overcoats
Special Commission An
nounces Entire Itinerary
Prlne Ienvcs Gntlintil feir AVilsItine
ton oil s iimlnv Fehrmiry 1KJ A
Miort stii n Ililtlinore
The special commission which has
charge of the arrangements for the re
ception and entertainment of Prince
Henry of Prussia during his forthcoming
visit to this has made public the
entire itinerary of his stay from the
time he is expected to land on Saturday
net February 22 until he sails for Ger
many on March 11 It follows
The first IJuj
Saturday February 22 Arrival In
New York habor probably about noon on
Kronprlnz Wiihelm of North German
Llojd Line Adm -al Evaas commanding
the special squadron will meet the
steamer at quarantine station and con
duct his rojal highness Prince Henry of
Prussia with his suite to the Hohenzol
lern which the Presidents delegates
will then visit to extend greeting Ex
change cf official visits during the af
ternoon Prince Henry and his suite will
attend the Irving Place Theatre and re
turn to the Hohenzollern for the night
Tin beconil liny
Sunday February 23 In the morning
religious exercises on board tln Hohen
zollern If the weather is favorable a
visit to the tomb of General Grant in the
afternoon Private entertainment the
Deutscher Vereln Leave for Washing
ton In the evening by special train on the
Pcnnsjlvaia Railroad
Tin- Third ln
Monday February 21 Short stop at Ral
tinorc at 9 a m Arrive at Washington
at 1020 a in Military escort from the
Pennsylvania Railroad station to the
White House and thence tn the German
The President wiI return the
visit of the Prince at noon Visit of the
Commissioneis of the District of Colum
bia and brief address of welcome Visits
of ambassadors and ministers Visit to
the Capitol at 1 p m Dinner at the
White House at S p m After dinner the
Prince will return to New York by special
train on the Pennsjlvanla Railroad De
parture of the President and his party for
Jersey City by the Pennsylvania Railroad
Tin Fourth llnj
Tuesday February 23 -Departure of ihe
Prince and his suite and of the President
and his party from Jersey City for the
ship yards of the Townsend Downcy Ship
building Company at Shooters Island
Launching of the jacht of the German Em
peror at 1030 a in Luncheon to the
President on board the Hohenzollern at 1
p m Military escort to receive the
Prince at the custom house wharf
terj where he will land at 330 p in and
President McKinley In the House of Rep
resentatives the Prince and his suite at
tendirg Visit in the afternoon to Mount
The Seventh Dny
Friday 2S Vl3lt to Annapolis
In the forenoon Luncheon at Annapolis
at 12 neon Farewell visit of the Prince
to tho President Dinner a the German
The Klshth liny
Saturdaj March 1 Departure of tha
rrince and his suite for his Southern and
vVrstein tour en special train Journey
across theAlleshany Mountains Horse
shoe Curve on Pennsylvania Rallrcad
Stop ten ralnute3 at Pittsburg and Col
ijialus and twenty minutes at Cincin
The Mnlh liny
Sunday March 2 Arrival at Chatta
nooga at 7 a n Presentation of sou
venir album of views Three hours and
thirty minutes for a trip to Lookout
Mountain Departure for St Louis at
10 30 p m Stop of fifteen minutes at
Nashville ten minutes at Louisville and
minutes at Indianapolis
The Tenth Day
March 3 Arrival at St Louis
at 7 a m Reception at the Union sta
ion Presentation of an address Car
riage drive to the Lads ISrldge and thence
to the St Louis Club Breakfast at the
St Louis Club After breakfast drivo
through the west end to Forest Park
whore the special train will be In wait
ing Departure for Chicago at 11 a m
irrival at Chicago G30 p m Union de
pot Reception by the mayor the Ger
man consul and a reception committed
Drive from the depot to the Auditorium
Hotel -with military escort Dinner at
the Auditorium Hotel given by the as
sociated reception committees at 7 p m
A choral festival at the Tirst Regiment
Armory by musical societies at D p m
Grand tall in the Auditorium at 1020
p m Supper following the ball
The lleventh nay
March 4 Visit to statue of
Abraham Lincoln in Lincoln Park De
parture for Milwaukee at 2 p m Arrival
at Milwaukee at 1 p m Reception by the
maj or at the station escort to
the Exposition Hall Greeting by the
United Singing Clubs Drive through the
illuminated Court of Honor to the Hotel
Pfister Dinner at the Hotel Pfister If
time allows representation at the Ger
man theatre Departure from Mllvvaukea
at 10 p a for journey eastward
The Twelfth Dny
Wednesday March 3 Arrival at Buf
falo at 113 p m central time Stop of
fifteen minutes Arrival at Niagara Tails
at 313 p m eastern time View of
the Falls and departure from Niagara
Falls at G p m Stop of twenty minutes
at Rochester at S13 p m Stop of ten
minutes at Syracuse at 1023 p m
The Thirteenth Day
Thursday March 6 Arrival In Boston
at 10 a m south terminal station Re
ception by the mayor and the German
consul Drive from the station to the
Somerset Hotel under military escort At
1043 a m the Governor mayor president
of Harvard University and others pay
their respects at Somerset Hotel Short
drive through the city and stop at the
State house to return the vljlt of the Gov
ernor Visit to Shaw Memorial Drive to
the Public Library to return the visit of
the mayor Visit to Cambridge arriving
at Memorial Hall at 130 p m At 115
p m visit to the president of the uni
versity The president will
tne lrincc to tne faculty room At - p
m luncheon In the faculty room At 213
p m visit to the buildings of the uni
versity At 3T0 p m entertainment
given by the students of the Harvard
Union with short speeches lasting until
115 p m At 3 p m reception of dele
gation of the Germanic Museum Associa
tion at the house of Prof Munsterbcrg
At 530 p m leave Cambridge Arrival
at Somerset Hotel at C p m At 730 p
m dinner by tl o authorities of the
The Fourteenth Dny
Friday March 7 Departure from Bos
ton at 2 a m Arrival at Albany at 830
a m Stop of two hours Reception at
the station the Governor and mayor
escort to the Cltj Hall where the
freedom of the city and a souvenir will be
presented Milltarj escort from the City
Hall to the State capitol bulldlns Re
ception by the Governor Senate and
Departure for West Toint at
1030 a m Arrival at West Point at 2
p m Visit of two hours Departure from
West Point at 1 p m Arrival at New
York by soecial ferry from Wcehavvkcn
at 513 p m Dinner at the University
Club at S p m
The Fifteenth liny
March S Day spent in rest
and recreation Dinner of the Crosse
Deutsche Cesellschaft at S p m
The Mxtcenth IJny
Sundaj March 0 Luncheon at the Uni
versity Club at 1 p m Private dinner
for the Prince Visit to the New York
Yacht Club at 930 p m
The ie entcrnth Dny
Mondaj March 10 Departure from New
York by special fcrrj from Tvventj thlrd
Street at S a m Arival at Broad Street
station Philadelphia at 1020 a ra Re
ception at the station the mayor of
the city and the German consul and visit
to the city hall where the freedom of
the city will be extended Visit to
Cramps shipyard Luncheon with the
Union League Club at 130 p m
parture for New York from Broad Street
station at 330 p m Arrival at New
York by special ferry to Twenty third
Street at 530 p m
The- IHKhteenth Daj
Tuesday March 11 Farewell visits and
Union of Socialists AVnrns Members
to Itenialll Fuller Cover
NEW YORK Feb 17 Carpenters Un
ion No 373 composed principally of so
cialists has passed a resolution direct
ing its members to keep away from the
proceed to the City Hail Visit of the Xorth German Llojd pier when the Krcn
Prince to the mayor of New- York and
presentation of the freedom or the city at
City Hall at I p in Dinner of the mayor
of New York at 030 p in Gala opera at
the Metropolitan Opera House after the
The liflli Dnj
Wedncsdaj February 2C Luncheon with
representatives of commerce and indus
try at 1230 p m Sight seeing In New
York in Ihe afternoon Torchlight con
cert at the Arion Club at fi30 p m Ban
quet of the press of the United States at
S p in Special ferry to the Pennsylvania
Railroad at midnight and journey to
Thursday February 27 Arrival of the
Prince at Washington anil escort to the
German Embassy Memorial exercises to
prinz VVlineim uearing rnuce nrmjr unci
his suite to this countrj reaehc3 port
The socialists do not wish to appear
enthusiastic over the arrival of the prince
Other socialist unions have passed simi
lar resolutions
VTPTr t s At lil II Street nortliw t thU
eltv on IVbruaij 17 1rtA MIs KIIKN KOi
IAN VII MfllliM s Horn at The jkr warren
Count- ddlKJ 1 Auziut 10 171 ml
HOItsTK IMP On Sunday February 18 ct 330
a in beloved laihand ot liar E IIorit
kjinp in Iim Itftr ciKiitli icar
Mav lie n t in peace
Funeral horn lute nsilpnee 1210 Ninth Street
northwest at 0 a ni Vcdnrtitv February 19
thince to Hie Church of Hie Immaiulate Concep
tion where rcspirm umi will lie said for the
rti ose ot bis toul Priomli rcspcttlutly invited
ml7 -1
Tercentenary of the Founding
of Jamestown
Mas Mcetlnc Held in Interest of Se
curing Celebration for Cltj Plans
for PnjiiiK Municipal Delita
meeting was held in the opera house to
night and preliminary steps taken toward
securing for the city of Alexandria a fit
ting exposition and celebration to bo
known as the ter centcnary celebration
marking the settlement by the English at
Jamestown in 1G07 The proposed celebra
tion will be held In some city In the Stato
in the j car 1507
The meeting however was far from be
ing an enthusiastic one there being only
about one hundred people present The
scheme Is being pushed by Mr A J Wed
The meeting was called to order by Col
K Kemper shortly after 8 oclock with
the following on the stage Mayor George
L Simpson and Messrs A Kemper
Charles Bendhelm James E Clements
A J Wedderburn and James H Loh the
last two named of Alexandria County
Upon motion of Mr Kemper Mayor
Simpson was elected chairman of the
meeting He briefly stated the object
and said that he believed that If strenu
ous efforts were made Alexandria would
stand as geed a show as any other city
In the State to secure the celebration
The representatives of the press present
were appointed secretaries of the meet
the following executive committee was
Alexandria City William B Smoot C
C Leadttcr J K M Norton George R
Hill M B flarlow John W May Park
Agnew Isaac Elchberg E E Downhani
K Kemper Henry Strauss J M Hill
George L Simpson C C Carlln William
M Smith F Paff George D Hopkins
Gardner L Boolhe Peter Altchesan Hu
bert Snow den Charles R Hooff William
F Lambert Louis C Barley John A Mar
shall Julian T Burke B B Smith Sam
uel H Lunt William F Carne
Alexandria County Frank Hume An
drew B Graham A A Lipscomb George
H Rucker W H Palmer Walter U Var
ney General Burdett James E Clements
A M Lothrcp Dr P M Rlxey Dr J
Tabor Johnson Jchn B Henderson jr
George M Sacgrcucller
Fairfax County J M Love J J Dar
lington Paul Kester R W Gaillard F
W Richardson Prof L M ilackford H
B Dodge B A Mankln M E Church
George K Pickett Jam j P Machcm R
V Mcore Joseph E Wllliard S R Dono
hoe T U Whitney Alex J Wedderburn
The meeting then adjourned
The members of the finance committee
of the council and the sinking fund
commissioners have recent held several
meetings to consider the question of rais
ing money to meet the payment of 32000
of bonds which fall due next July and
also to pa- for improvements at the city
gas works streets etc The bankers of
the city were invited to be present and
exchange views with them on the subject
A number cf clans have been suggested
for raising the money and are now under
consideration but no definite plan ha3
yet besn adopted
In the circuit court for the city C C
Carlln lecal counsel for the board of
police commissioners today filed a peti
tion of the board for a mandamus com
pelling the city council of Alexandria to
appropriate the sum of I3C0 fcr the pur
nnso of pnahtini thn commissioners tn
I perfofm the duties imposed upon the
board br the citv charter This was
brought about by council refusing to pay
a bill of 300 for legal expenses incurred
by the beard in the injunction proceed
ings of the mayor vs the board
The Corporation Court was In session
this morning with Judge J K M Norton
presiding and the following business was
disposed of- Cic Council of Alexandria
vs J T Davis decree entered confirming
sale to J II Robey M it Harlow vs L
McKenzIes executor decree entered dis
charging esneclal commissioners of sale
confirming their reports and oidering case
to be placed on the docket Charles King
Son vs William II Smith sergeant
final decree A H Iettit vs Sarah F
Psttlt et al final decree
Fishermen in this vicinity arc making
active preparations for the opening of tho
shad and herring season which will If the
weather rermits be commenced in about
three wetks Nearly all the shores along
the lower river will b In full operation
this season Old fishermen predict this
will be a prosperous season
Washingtons Saturday next
wH not be observed In this cltr with any
ceremonies as In former years A num
ber of clubs and frat rnal organizations
will have bancuets at night and many of
tbe nubile schools will hold special exer
cises on that daj and essaj s on the life of
Washington will be read The Relief Hcok
and Ladder Company held a meeting to
nipht and made final arrangements for
their banquet on th it night
At the request of the lady managers of
the Belle Haven Hospital the trustees
held a meeting and decided to call It the
Alexandria Hospital Instead of the Belle
Haven Hosr istl which is more fitting and
appropriate It wm fir many years known
as the Alexandria Infirmary and only re
centlj the name was changed The word
Belle Haven met with much opposition
and hence the change of name
The remains of Mr Richard Davis who
died in Washington on Saturday last were
brought here this afternoon and interred
in the Bethel Cemetery
The funeral of Mr James J Hepburn
who died yesterday morning from the
De- fects of an overdose of laudanum will
take place from his late residence 314
North Roj al Street tomorrow afternoon
at 330 oclock
Ferdinand and George Chamberlain who
left Baltimore on Saturday last with tho
intention ot walking a-
were in this
siEnu xoru
Ket SO me -
centa genuine r uuics 151
one Ueminston kievntrr perfect condition
liamei 50 cents a pair bet quality oakum ax
luindles 50 certs a dozen bret quality rooftny
lrss than the factorv price be t prlce i for ma
chinery iron etc S HEXsIXCnit CO 11th
and llus e7 4
A CKXtHAb JIEETIXO ot the stocVhoIdera ot
the Colrmbia lulveruinr Company will be held
t the cRice of the Company 1S3 South Royal
it Alexandria Va AT 1030 A M OX WfcD
XnSIlAY MAltClI 5 KOi Uy order of tlia
board of Directors conatitutin a majority of
the stockholders It C DOXALDsOX
LOUIs DUiEIJ JR 1resiJent
Seerctarr Jai3 Sft
Tclcpho - -
Cuucrthsc -
04U 1 St Ji iV
Cierjthlnx ttrictlr Srt iJ od th moat te
tonabl ternau
Telephone eall ifala JtO
Undertaker anil Livery
122 Pens Ave X VT VVuklnetnn D O

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