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Addresses Delivered On
Sweden Chile and
Enormous Power of Woman
in Realm of the Sultan
Vrllilltf VIsh niit tn I2mlr iVetl
ITHI lirncl In- DiMir In tlic
laeriiinn AVitmrii IHIeKftliM i He
Jfraril liy CiutKres Ttnlnj
At 10 oclock this mornins the woman
i utfracjsts will be given a hearing before
Conress In announcing the distribution
ot tickets Mrs Catt serenely said
It will be no use for anybody to hang
around Miss Anthony or Miss Shaw and
ask for tickets Miss Anthony is not to
be given her ticket until she gets into
the carriage to go Every year she has
tUen her ticket away to some one who
asked her for it and this ear we do not
intend to have this happen
Prosriiinmc for Toilny
The programme for the day Is as fol
Morning 10 to 12 oclock Congression
al hearing Speakers before the Judiciary
Committee of the House neo V Ray
chairman Subject Woman Suffrage In
Practice Australia Miss Vida Gold
stein England Mrs Florence Fenwlck
Miller Russia Madame Sofia Lcvovna
Triedland Canada Dr Augusta Stowe J
Cullcn Representatives Wyoming Colo
rado Utah Idaho Speakers before the
Woman Suffrage Committee of Senate A
O Bacon chairman Subject Woman Suf
frage la Theory Miss Gail Laughlln
Itcv Antoinette Broun Blackwell Har
riet May Mills Rev Olympia Brown Rev
Anna H Shaw
Afternoon 2 30 oclock Prayer Rev
Donald C MacLeod congregational sing
ing led by Miss Etta Maddox interna
tional reports Women in Russia Madame
Sofja Levovna Friedland Women in
Australia and New Zealand Miss Vida
Uoldstein Women in Germany Frauleln
Antolnc Stollc Women In Norway Mrs
Gudrum Drewson Womcc in Sweden Mrs
Emmy Evald brief reports from Italy
France Belgium and Switzerland Mrs
1 L Blankenburg Women in Japan pre
pared by Rev Clay Macaulcy read by
Mrs Mary C C Bradford Women In
China prepared by Mrs F L Whiting
tead by Miss Kate Gordon
Last evenings session of the woman
suffrage convention was devoted to for
fltr guests
pening address was made by Mrs
tfnife furl feSposa
Emmy Evald the delegate from Sweden
who took for her subject Deborah
Mrs Evnld is a clear eyed
fnir halrcd little woman trim and
dainty in figure and dress and the ap
preciative laughter which punctuated her
nddres3 proved that American audiencea
ipiite understand ScandinaUan humor
Her address was in part as follows
As a fotcigner I wish to object to a
few things said Wednesday evening not
because my pride is wounded but it hurts
our woman suffrage cause to have such
statements made Condemning the for
eigners by the wholesale saying that all
that goes wrong in America is du1 to the
foreign element putting all the fault and
hlame at the thresholds of the foreigners
What do ou mean thereby or whom do
you mean Who arc the foreigners
Can help if Amcrii a has recklessl
bestowed the right of citizenship on
tramps and vagabonds Europe doesnt
How many of our Seuatois and Repre
sentatives are foreigners Count and see
How many foreigners have made your
laws Let me make a little comparison
Taspaying women in Sweden have voted
in church matters since 1736 Every wom
an is taxed in the Lutheran Church in
America but has no voice no vote and
they blame other Americans because tha
clergy educated in America have imbibed
the male spirit ot liberty of freedom am
justice of America So you see this
movement of womans right is greatly
lncl nmn Drbt to Snellen
Remember that in your civil war you
owe a great debt to the Swede John Erics
son Applause
The Bible shows us clearly that there
was work for both Deborah and Dara The
work of the one cannot be done by the
other The eye cannot say to the hand I
have no need of you Nor the head to the
feet I have no need of you A man dis
cussing with a woman suffragist said Ah
remember we men are the htad of human
ity She retorted Yes and we women arc
the neck that turns the head So the so
called lord3 of creation ought not to say
We have no need of women in politics
Opponents to womans cause argue and
say woman was crealcd after Adam
meaning therefore that she should be
secondary submissive they forget to see
a second edition of man must be an im
proved edition Adam Is the lord of crea
tion because lie was created first that is
their argument from priority of creation
Do they therefore want to prove by their
argument that the bear and lion dog and
cat are greater than man because they
were created before Adam Laughter
We know how to do house cleaning
and it is time for us to step into Uncle
Sams bachelor apartments and do some
house cleaning
Mrs Evalds address was followed by
a musical number e Maria Bach
Gounod Elizabeth P Pierce iolin
obligato Miss Hclnricli
The next address was that of Senorita
Huldobro on the women of Chile Sen
orita Huidobros overflowing good nature
communicated Itself at onco to the
IMS DO LI M Washburn
audience She Legan with the statement
This is the occasion I long have sought
and been o unhappy because I found it
not The way In which she used bits of
slant was too apropos and
I altogether too nahc not to reach the
heart of American audience
You see sh3 said jou are respon
sible for all those little South Vmerifan
Republics because when you begun jour
trouble with England you started the
The Chileans a3 she explained are not
a mixed lace but Spanish with the tra
ditions of old Spain Anglo Saxon Ideals
however hae great influence particular
ly in educational matters
Women write for the papers said
the speaker but alwa3 under a mans
name so that they will be read Why I
hae sat at my cwn table and heard one
of the guests say I wish I knew who this
man Carlos is who is writing such and
such articles I would wring his neck
And then Senorita Huldobro paused and
looked at the audience with an innocent
significance that started another laugh
She retired amid hearty applause
Her address was followed by a violin
solo by Miss Minnie Hcinrkh accompan
ied by Mr Edward H Droop
AVfininiin Icmer In Turkey
The next address was made by Miss
Florence Fensham dean of the American
College for Girls in Constantinople MI3
Fensham is an American woman but
spoke for the women of Turkey because
a law forbids the Turkish woman to leave
her own land She said in part
It needs but a short residence In the
country to convince one of the enormous
power women have in Turkey The force
may be a latent one but It has to be
reckoned with on every hand
The beginning of education for girls
among Moslem women was made by the
Vallde Sultana in the reign of Abdul
Medjcd 1S39 18C1 Being interested in
education she gathered the 3lave girls
of the palace about her and taught them
There are three grades of schools for
Mussulman girls primary secondary
and the high school In 1SD3 there were
more than 130000 girls in primary schools
3000 in secondary and 270 In the Dar ul
Monallmat gate to knowledge a high
school for teachers in Stamboul
One other influence upon the intellec
tual future of women la Turkey remains
to be spoken of and that is the system
of schools for girls which has been es
tablished by America throughout the Em
pire at the head of which stands the
American Collogo for Girls at Constanti
nople This college chartered by the Leg
islature of Massachusetts and empowered
to grant degrees as any American institu
tion aims to give to women of the
East a liberal education
Turk inh Women Xot Timid
A Turkish woman thcasb he goes
about veiled Is not quite as timid as she
s supposed to be A Turklsdi woman on
being told that she could not go aboard
a steamer wlhout a ticket pulled off her
slipper aLd beat the official first en ono
side of the face and then on the other
Formerly a polygamous Turk could
keep all his wives in the same house
now be must keep a separate establish
ment for each wife
Miss Fensham after describing the con
dition of Mohammedan women in Turkey
defended the Mohammedan religion from
misconceptions current in this country
She asserted that the evils in Turkish life
were duo not so much to religious as to
- Ht--1
economic and social causes and explained
that the law of Mohammed enjoined
scrupulous rehpeet for womens rights so
far as these were defined at the time and
allowed women a considerable degree of
Winner in Jermnnj
The last speaker of the evening was
Kraulein Antolne Stollc whose subject
wns Women in Germany t
Behind every great man is a great
woman said Frauleln Stolle Queen
Louise was the power behind the throne
great as woman wife and mother Em
press Frederick was thoroughly appre
ciated by the German people She opened
the door to the Germtn woman When
the German people saw how good a
mother she was they gavo her their
Frauleln Stollc referred humorously to
various tales of German life which have
reached her ears since her arrival in this
Sometimes she said I wonder if it
is really true that 1 was born In Germany
I never heard of these thlng3 before
They say our women work in the fields
Hut that is better than working in a
school house
At the close of the evening Miss Shaw
was Introduced by Mrs Catt as a speaker
who could put a climax to any pro
gramme Her climax on this occasion was
the statement that the presidents speech
was printed and ready for distribution
Mine Frlcdlnnd DUcamie Suffrage
Movement In Ilnnaln
The afternoon session of the Woman
Suffrage Convention was opened with
prayer by the Rev Alexander F Kent of
the Peoples Church followed by the
congregation singing the hymn The
Morning Light is Breaking
Possibly nobody in the audience thought
of it but the original old words that
used to be sung to the tuno of Webb
were not altogether Inappropriate They
The morning light is breaking
The darkness disappears
The sons of earth are waking
To penitential tears
It is quite likely that that will be the
result of this convention in some places
where the womens chic clubs are plan
ning to get after the politicians
The minutes of the last meeting were
then read after which Rev Anna Garlin
Spencer spoke on the work of the Interna
Council of Women
3iiip Frieillandx Aililrrso
She was followed by Madame Friedland
the Russian delegate who spoko In part
as follows
Owing to an absolute Government and
also to the inferior intellectual standard
of a great number of our women the
womans question in Russia may be con
sidered a new movement It Is true that
beginning from the forties here and there
a voice was raised in our literature de
manding professional education for our
women as a futiirc means for livelihood
but not until thirty years later was it
claimed officially and energetically In
1S5D a scientific meeting was held at the
University of St Petersburg and before
Russias most brilliant men stood a woman
of thirty the first in our annals who in
earnest convincing tones claimed in the
name of her Russian sisters eual educa
tional advantages with the men Eugenie
Ivannovna Conrad was the first pioneer
In I he womans question
Xadcstra STjS3o1T was the Srst who
by her own sterling goodncS3 had con-
I qucrcd the last existing prejudice against
womans professional education Thanks
to her energy and to the belief in its
I necessity she succeeded in 1S72 In found-
lug the higher pedagogital courses in
St Petersburg existing today
Our young Czarina Is in the best sense
of the word a nifidcrn woman Some of
the professional women of Russia have
brought reproach upon the whole move
ment by becoming nihilists
These women were the first to call them
selves emancipated but the fact is they
had only emancipated thcniselvs from soap
and water comb and brush for they could
be recognized in the streets of our cap
itals by their short cut hair eye glasses
and shocking manners
I have said a great deal of our pro
fessional women and if time would not
slip away quite so fast I would tell you
more of those who have ulstinguuneu
themselves in the fields of science and lit
You have all heard of Sofja Kovalevsky
the woman who was far ahead of her coun
try and consequently had to carry great
genius to Sweden where for a number of
years she Occnried the chulr of a pro
fessor of hlsher mathematics at the Uni
versity of Stockholm Not many have read
her book or have hpard of It At the age
of twenty she was considered a light In
science Her work was crowned by the
greatest reward from the Academy of Paris
We have a great number of women writ
ers editors and journalists of no mean
ability There is not a country In the
world which has so many women members
in her scientific societies
Women Share Suflrnire II Ik MR
The president ot tha Archaelogical
Congress lately held in Russia was a
woman the Princess Uvaroff In Russia
women seem to be everywhere The city
of Yalta has last year elected a woman
honorary citizen of the town This Is only
a title but few men get it Honorary citi
zens are rare it Is true but citizens wo
all are we Husulan women for we share
the suffrage rights of our men
Mrs Catt then spoke ot Kennons scries
of articles on Russia and suggested that
possibly there was another side to Rus
sian life than that presented by him She
said that In no country in the world were
men and women on such terms of equality
as in Russia
The woman who has just spoken to you
is a voter she said and she brought to
me last summer as a souvenfr of Russia
a great pile of clippings from Russian
newspaper on the woman question They
might have been taken from our most ad
vanced press The women ot Russia
owned their own property 200 years before
the women ot Anglo Saxondom secured
that right
Imerru Mnile Ity SnlTrnBlnts In
Clille mid Vcnemeln
A report from Venezuela by lire Jose
Raphael Ricarto of Caracas was read by
Mrs Harriet Taylor Upton
Mrs Upton said in Introducing the
paper that she and Madame Rlcano met
in a railway carriage in South America
and that the latter on discovering that
Mrs Upton did not know Spanish ex
claimed in disappointed surprise
Why I thought American women knew
Then said Mrs Upton we found
that we both knew a little German uad
anything funnier than her Spanish-German
I never heard but I suppose my
English German scunded just as funny
to her
Venezuela added Mrs Upton Is the
meet peaceful place I was ever in I
never heard a father or mother speak a
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cross word to anybody else Theft Is un
known A woman can go anywhere In
the country without being molested
Widows as legal heirs of the husband
have the right to the full administration
YIB darii it lioilrrn IVoninn their estates and are the legil guard-
IIU3 Ul bllll 1111141 VU I CUClUUIdU lUUltU
have no form of suffrage Public em
ployment is not forbidden them by law
They can be employed in telegraph and
mail service and when they arc they get
about one half the amount of wages given
men The Central University of Caracas
has conferred upon Corn la Cardlnas a
midwifes diploma but she Is the only
woman who has defied the social preju
dice There are no womans colleges in
that country-
Punishment for crime Is the same for
men as for women Married women can
make wills and can testify in court but
as a ruio their depositions are taken in
their own homes
As the Catholic Church U the official
church women hold no church offices A
Venezuelan woman usually selects her own
husband provided she is of age There
are iparatlons in Venezuela but no di
Addrrmt of Chilean Deleicnle
Mrs Catt then Introduced Senorita Car
olina Huldobro of Chile who wore a
quaint costume such as Is worn by the
Chilean women She spoke In part aa
I can endorse all that Mrs Upton hat
said of the marriage customs of Ven
ezuela In Chile we call it playing bias
Many people have asked me since I canm
here whether I am married I say no
there ha3 been too much playing bias in
my life I prefer to wait until I can
choose my own husband
The conditions of the South American
Republics must now bo of especial inter
est since Uncle Sam has reached down
into tne west Indies and adopted those
babies down there
We hope that the tariff milk will con
tain a sufficient amount of the cream of
reciprocity so these children may not
be starved
Standing of Chilean Women
Let mo clearly state and I say this
either from the standpoint of my know
edge or my ignorance that the women
of Chile as a whole that is from tha
aristocratic to the middle and working
classes are far ahead of any other wom
en of Spanish America and in this they
are aided by the liberal views which tho
men are beginning to entertain concern
ing the status of our women Within the
last two decades the men have felt helpei
ty the courage and far sighted ability
which the women have showu both in
political and monetary crises and no
longer ridicule the man of feminine sex
el nombre de sept feminlno
Our progressive woman of Chile has
begun to question If there are not rights
denied her which are enjoved br other
vomen of the world she feels that she is
a factor in the affairs of her country
and the maternal instinct within her that
antagonizes the brutality of war is every
where felt In her efforts in tho present
oay tor advocating arbitration always
These scholarships arc given on merit
not because some Senator or Representa
tive has a 5uil One ot the finest doc
tressej In Chile was the daughter of a
laundress educated in Berlin at the ex
pense of the Government
The middle clas3 Chilean women aro
very apathetic They may be called tho
sewing-button-on sort of mothers I
think the only thing that could rouso
them would be to tell them that equal
suffrage would mean the cessation of
wars for tn that they suffer more than
the men do
Condition of Women in Porto Illeo
and the Philippine
Senor Fcdcrlco Dcgetau resident com
missioner for Porto Rico spoke on tho
suffrage movement as follows
I found more wonderful than the com
mercial development more remarkablo
than the Invention the sense ot justice
the development and the intellect of the
American woman
Speaking of the Porto Rican woman he
said that she controls her own property
In educational matters there is a little
prejudice against co education but In
general the Forto Rican woman has only
the same difficulties as those of the Porto
Rican man He spoke of a Porto Rican
girl who at Havanna University took the
degree ot doctor ot philosophy
In this connection Mrs Catt repeated a
statement made at a convention at Buf
falo to the effect that when the Spanish
soldiers were deported from Porto Rico
their wives and children were left behind
In distress and poverty without even a
hospital to receive them in sickness
And this condition ot things she said
was brought about by our own Govern
ment shame upon it Surely the women
of that country need the helping hrnd ot
the women of America
Conditions In the Philippine
Mrs Harriet Potter Amiss then gave
the report from the Philippines based
upon reports from Governor Taft Bishop
Potter and others She said that the
Filipino women were superior to the men
and were nearly all self supporting in
dustrious and saving
In commenting upon the last speaker
Mrs Catt said that the Filipino population
had formerly been governed by a matri
archal syjtem which in Egypt had proved
We must remember she said that
all of our reports of Egypt have filtered
through Its conquerors the Romans Mat
riarchy wns a system which has now un
der fair conditions proved an Inferior one
The last speaker on the list was Rev
Anna II Shaw who was enthuslasticall
received She said in part
Itcv Anna Shaw Outlines Her Trip
on the Inland
Rev Anna Shaw the last speaker told
of her experiences and observations on her
s a means ot settling international I recent trio t0 tbe West Her ready
and there is not
putes a doubt ia my
j Shivkri maJve 5Q00BAND3
i Bands
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1 American Cigar Company
- ttttM i
mind that the women of both Chile and
the Argentine Republic have been In
strumental with that rare subtlety pecu
liar to the Spanish in bringing about the
amicable arrangement In this last bound
ary unpleasantness between the two coun
There is a great work yet to be ac
complished and I think most of us feci
that the time has come in the history
of humanity when the women must be
factors Ic the great work of reform as
well as the men
The Chilean Government has a fund
of 600000000 for the free education of
any boy or girl showing unusual gsaius
wit and eloquent appeals for common sense
and humanity in the treatment of the peo
ple ot Cuba moved the audience with equal
force Among ether things she said
They say that the people of Cuba are
lazy I was riding along in a carriage ono
afterr oon with an American who held that
opinion We passed a man who was swing
ing a sick well about as a sweeper la
Philadelphia wields a broom laughterj
and this gentleman said Oh yes these
Cubans are so lazy
And I leaned back in my seat and
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