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Partly cloudy today Tomorrow
increasing cloudiness fresh west
to northwest winds
Number 2321
llcpiililicnii Cnnillilnle for Comptrol
ler May lie Onl Inception
SicCorraick the Democratic candidate for
major was elected today over Dr S F
Hassler the Republican candidate by a
majority of at least 2CC0
He has probably carried the entire Dem
ocratic ticket with him with the possible
cx eption of H W Gough for comptroller
The great fight was for public improve
ments and a loan or over 1000000 for
this purrosc wins with at least 3000 ma
Jracticnl Tests Marie With
the OliI
llclle Isle
LONDON Feb IS The old battleship
Belle Isle which had been plated divided
Into compartments and had coal bunkers
put into her so that she resembled one
of the newest armored cruisers has been
used ns a target In Important gunnery
tests in the English Channel
Tho gunboats Plncher and MaEtlff using
their C lnch and S2inch guns fired a
new kind of lyddite shell common shells
and armor piercing projectiles at her
The Belle Isles C Inch Cammeli Krupp
plates were splintered but the projectile
did not go through the plating One shot
from a 92 inch gun pierced a plate to the
depth of four Inches
The undcr water plating was consider
ably damaged and It was necessary to
stop the tests and tow the Belle Isle to
Portsmouth to prefnt her from founder
ing Each shot mark will be scrutinized
and photographed before another test Is
Tfti tests are a continuation of those
made with the Belle Ifle aomc months
Temple MIiich Hcmiihc
Temple Iron and Coal Company after sus
pending S00 miners at the Harry E and
J orty Fort collieries for a week becauso
they lay Idle one day resumed work this
Jlcult Cmlse n Political Surprise
Combination to rVciv York
mi lnrInii Io ciaciit Won lite
Victor V lint Ililcet 31 lie
riTTSHUUG Teh IS By the most re
markable political Hndslide in the history
of this city the citizens of Pittsburg to
day defeated the local Republican aggre
gation and condemned the deal recently
made with Senator William Ilinn by
Governor Stone when Stone lemoved A
JI Brown the city recorder whom he
himself had appointed and replaced him
with J 0 Brown one of Fiinns lieuten
IlTeetcd lij u Coniliiitntioii
The defeat of the organization was ef
fected by a combination of the Demo
cratic organization Qaay Republicans and
citizens who ordinarily take little ic erest
in politics all of them forming the Cits
sens party
The election was for city comptroller
all the members of the common council
and half the members of the select coun
cil The machine candidate for comp
troller was defeated by about 100C0 ma
jority a defection of 20000 Republican
votes since the mayoralty election of two
years ago
3In Control Iloth Council
The chief significance of the victory is
the fact that the Citizens party has
carried a majority of common council and
perhaps the control of select council
The recorder appointed by Governor
Stone will serve until next year and he
has all the appointments in his hands
but the councils will be able to hamper
him considerably All the big machine
leaders In the present council were de
feated among them the brother of the
late Senator C L Magee for years chair
man of the finance committee in common
llenriiiK on Stntc Imhmok
It Is a revolution as citizens move
ments have heretofore neer been able to
dislodge the machine from the control of
councils The result will have an Im
portant bearing en State issues
Attorney General John P Elkin is
Governor Stones candidate to succeed
himself Senator Quay has not approved
Elklns candidacy for the Republican
nomination having stated he would wait
to see whether the result of the Pitts
burg election would demonstrate if Stones
course In the ripper bill contest was ap
proved by the Republicans of Pennsyl
vania Elklns chance to secure the nom
ination Is now gone
Aftcriitnth of Kipping
The result Is an aftermath of the rip- I
per legislation The Quay Republicans
In the Legislature aided by Covcrnor
Stone passed a bill rapping the Repub
lican anti Quay machine out of power in
Stone first appointed A JI Drown a3
recorder as the mayor is now tailed but
later removed him to secure the old ma
chines aid in his contest for the Senator -ship
to succeed Quay or Penrose
Lilc yv York ContcM
He thereby alienated the Olivers mil
lionaire manufacturers and all other
Quay Republicans who thereupon made a
combination with other political elements
The movement is similar to the non-partisan
contest that drove Tammany out of
power In New York and it was that re
pult that encouraged citizens of no par
ticular party to Join with Democrats and
Quay Republicans to secure another
W t
Condemnation of Rippe
Policy Shown In
Citizens Victory
Elkin Not Likely Now
Secure the Nomination
Pittsburgs pretest against Gov
ernor Stones ripper policy was re
corded sternly yesterday when the Re
publican machine was defeated by
the Citizens party a combination of
Democrats and Quay Republicans
The result is likely to have a far
reaching effect in State politics It
Is raid that the Pittsburg landslide
will act as a personal blow to Attor
ney General Elkin who is Governor
Stones candidate to succeed himsclt
Tin HIviiIvck AIicnl Comumiiiling
lniiev Irlcc In Itnltlmorc
BALTIMORE Teb IS Not an oyster
boat arrived today and oysters arc now
higher than they hae been for fixe jears
The lowest price at which the delicacies
could be secured today along the wharves
was JlK while the best varieties brought
JJ1C0 and in several cases even fancier
prices than that
The terrible conditions existing down
the bay are of course responsible for this
rise in price and ojster men predict that
next week will see the bivalve bringing
J2 a bushel
Contract Let In u M Iouls Ilrnl of
ST LOUIS Teb IS The contract for
the erection or the textile building of the
Worlds Fair was let this afternoon to
Bunnazant E3tcl St Louis contractors
for J3in389
The contract calls for a building 523
feet by GOO feet wide and it will require
5250000 square feet of lumber and 123
tons of steel and Iron to complete it
Preparations to Kntcrtnin Officers
Sanitary CoiiKresn Meet
HAVANA Feb IS The North Atlantic
Squadron has arrived at Clenfucgos from
Guantanamo and preparations to enter
tain the officers at a ball and other fes
tivities arc being made
The sanitary congress in session here
has few representatives from the Latin
American Republics A majority of these
Republics appoint Cuban tloctors to rep
resent them
Dr Llceaga president of the Board of
Health of Mexico urged the congress to
adopt the sanitary regulations recom
mended by the recent Pan American Con
gress held In the City of Mexico
Major Glennan made a similar recom
ST PAUL Feb 1 The referees hear
Ing in the suit of Peter Power against th
merger was resumed today in Minneapolis
Mr Hill in
NEW YORK Feb IS Lyman J Gage
ex Secretary of the Treasury has ac
cepted the presidency of the United States
Trust Company Announcement of the
fact was made In a letter from John A
Stewart resigning the presidency re
ceived at a special meeting of the trus
tees jesterday -Mr Stewart wrote
Owing to my advanced years I have for
some time been seriously contemplating
the importance of installing a suitable
successor to myself in the presidency of
the company but until very recently I
have been unable to suggest anyone for
the position Within the last few weeks
Colli Wave link Solidified Ice
In lie
All immediate danger of a flood has
passed according to the best informed
people along the rier front The cold
wave has solidified the ice in the river
and it will require several days of warm
weather to start the ice moving from the
upper districts
The Washington channel is practically
free from ice owing to the efforts of the
police boat Vigilant assisted by the winds
that prevailed jesterday Commodore Sut
ton also sent the little vessel to attack
the Jam that was forming at the fork 01
the channel opposite Gicsboro Point but
the Ice was so solid that but little prog
ress was made In this direction
Harbormaster Sutton is satisfied that
with Jhe appropriation of 3000 which is
available in case of necessity he will be
able to keep the river clear and preclude
the possibility of a llcod
Ml denier Score Wonderful Suc
ccfc iin a Contralto
LONDON Feb IS Miss Eleanor Clea
ver of New York a contralto singer who
has already won a high place In the mu
sical world sang for the first time with
an orchestra in London at St James Hall
tonight I is not too much to say that
she won a place second to none among
She will sirg at the philharmonic con
cert In Paris Friday and will sail for New
York Saturday She will glc her first
concert in New York on March 12
Ingo Simon who sang most artistically
tonight will accompany Mlbs Clearer to
Belgian League of Rights of Man Begs for Intezference in tfye
Cases of Commandant Kzitzmger and Others
LONDON Teb 13 The Brussels cor
respondent of Ihe Chronicle telegraphs
that the Belgian League of Rights of Man
has sent a message to President Roose
velt referring to the executions in South
Africa by the British of Commandants
Letter and Scheepef
The league expresses its fears that
Hill Tells Alore About North
ern Securities Alerger
Declares Tlint llnii I iilon Incilic
Secured nrtliern Pacific Control
Jt Would Have Sold Out
Will Go to School to Learn
Our Business System
I Aipi TciicIiIiik in IVanc
Itaron fTistoitriieIIcs
iiiK flic Iroji el
French admiration for American pro
gresslveness has led a number of promi
nent Frenchmen Including Baron
the course of his testimony i touruelles de Constant or
I mean Just what I say if the Union
Pacific had gained control or the Northern
Pacific we would have sold out as q ilck
as we could
Reviewing the circumstances connected
with the negotiations Mr Hill bald Uih
a chuckle he remembered Jacob Schlff
bad asserted that good legal authority
had pronounced against the rttliement of
the Northern Pacific stock
A lanuli on Scliiir
I told him not to waste his breath as
our counsel had advised us that it could
be done And added Mr Hill with a
smile it was done
The first actual steps for the organiza
tion of the Northern Securities
were taken about two years ao hat tic
plan had been thought of even beior3 that
In June said Mr Hill Mr Kennedy
dlscuEEcd the matter with me and sug
gested whether we should not include our
holdings in the Northern Pacific so as
to unify the interests of the Great North
ern and the Northern Pacific
3lr MurKiuin Connection
As to J Pierpont Morgans connection
with the forming of the Northern Securi
ties Company Mr Hill said that he was
connected with It through Mr Pi rkins
who wai his partner It was Messrs Ken
nedy HaKcr Jaync Thorn Clough Per
kins and himself who practically decided
upon and perfected the organization or
the Northern Securities Company
Do jou not know that prior to the
agreement Mr Harriman was promised a
large block of the Northern Securities
Company slock for his Northern Pacific
stock Vas aiked
I know that was the tourso likely to
bo pursued but I do not Know Just when
1 gained that knowledge whether before
or after the sale
Mr Hill was asked If the sale of tho
block was not a direct result of a con
ference between Mr Morgan Mr llarri
inan Mr Schiff and hlniEdf
Mr Hill replied rather easlvely that
he had neer made tiny agreement with
Mr llarrlmau regarding the sale
Coramandan Kritzlngcr and other Beer
leaders will be similarly executed and
prajs that Mr Roosctelt In the memory
or Washington intervene in a friendly
manner to present their execution
The message concludes
For the oe of God take this mes
sage Into consideration
Chamber or Deputies now
the Front h
guest of M
Jules Cambon the French Ambassador to
plan the establishment of a schoul in this
country where Frenchmen may learn
American business methods for applica
tion In France One branch of this school
will be established In Chicago and the
other probtbly In Philadelphia
More Inliiiiiile Itelii I ions Doireil
Baron dEstournelles was presented
yesterday by the French Ambassador M
Jules Cambon to President Roosevelt
The latter expressed great interest in the
project Not only has M dEstournelles
the founding of the institution in wew
but in common with other prominent
Frenchmen who have recently visited tho
United States he desires to establish
more intimate and cordial commercial re
lations between the two nations This
he thinks can be accomplished by Ameri
can universities chambers of commerce
and great manufacturing corporations
sending young men to France to
I industrial Institutions there
New Movement In Trance
A movement of this nature started some
time ago Ir France has resulted in the
public spirited citizens of France organ
izing with a view to interesting foreign
ers in France by giving them a personal
knowledge of the peculiarities of the po
litical and economic organizations of that
Republic M dEstournelles will address
the Union League Club of Chicago on
Washingtons Birthday February 22
Vatnlcrliiltrt IiikIiic Derailed
ELKHART Ind Feb IS The forward
tt ucks of the engine drawing the Lake
Shore passenger train to which the pri
vate car of W K Vanderbilt was at
tached Jumped tho track this morning
at Kendallville Ico clogged the swlt h
at a crossing causing the accident The
pastengers were severely jolted by the
sudden stopping of the train but none
were Injured
however it has occurred to me that pos
sibly the Hon Lyman J Gage the late
Secretary of the Treasury might be
available for the position and it affords
mc great pleasure to state that after
correspondence and personal conference
with him ho has been prevailed upon to
signify his willingness to accept the presi
dency should It meet with the entire
concurrence of the board
I am convinced that Mr Cage is admir
ably fittcdfor the place and believe that
under his guidance the prosperity of the
conpany will continue In Increasing
The steps which r had assumed the lib
erty of taking in this matter have met
with the approval of every member of the
executive committee and will I trust
have your unanimous approbaliou
Mr Gage will hac to be nominated
as a trustee of the company Jn the first
Western Legislators Dined by
Air John Barrett
The Interest nnd Hope ofMntes In
Shade of tlir HocIIch the Kcj -note
of Speech
One people and one coast- was the
spirit of the dinner given at the Now
Wlllard last night by Mr John Barrett
of Oregon to the Senators and Reptesea
tatlcs in Congress of the Stales of the
Pacific slope No more notablegathcr
ing or men large In the affairs of that
section of the country which tls shaded
on ice cast by the Rocky Mountains has
been held in Washington foriyeam Each
of the many brilliant speeches teemed
with the interest and the hotJes of the
I people of the extreme West
Jir Ilarrelt to Ienic for Orient
It was In a manner a farewcll for Mr
Barrett who will in a few dajs ac
companied by his secretary Mr Theo
dore Z Hardee sail from SatP Francisco
for the Orient to begin his work as the
Asiatic commissioner of the Louisiana
Purchase Exposition Covers T rc laid la
the Presidential Fuite for iMjnty two
Around the board was seated aeflrly the
entire Congressional contingent from the
Pacific slope States
With the cigars the speechmaklng the
more brilliant perhaps for its extempo
raneousness began Senator PerkiDs or
California responded to the toast The
President He made reference to the
plncn rnlitlnna Tihlh nvlstAil lu laPPTl
Iti iuiir Mini
Will Be Elected a Trustee in
April and Then to Headship of
the Concern
Is to Succeed John A Stewart
at an Annual Salary of 25000
It Is Reported
week of March and he will be elected
a trustee In the first week of April
After that he can be elected president
He will probably assume the duties of
his new office by May 1 It Is reported
that his salary will bo 23000 a year
The United States Trust Company was
organized in 1633 largely through the in
strumentality of Mr Stewart who was
its secretary He continued until 1SC3
vhen for a few months he was sub-treasurer
In 1SGG on the death of President
John Lawrence Mr Stewart became pres
i Also to He Moved
Tli at Cllj
Vt Feb IS An agreement
was made today with Dr W Seward
Webb chairman or the board of directors
of the Rutland Railroad by a committee
or prominent Rutland citizens whereby
this city will give the Putland road 23
0C0 and In return will get a 130000 new
depot and new railroad shops costing
200000 more
The repair shops at Malone N Y win
be moved here and all the repair shops
cf the entire system including the Can
ada Atlantic Railway will be located in
nutianii ine V ofiOO offer was made as
an ofiset to an offer by Burlington of
S00C0 for the same things
Although Rutlands offer was but half
the size of Burlingtons yet Dr Webb
decided immediately to accept the Rut
land proposition It Is believed that his
favoring Rutland is due to the fact that
this end of the State has all along fa
vored his candidacy for the governor
ship while Burlington has shown a pref
erence for his opponent Gen J C Mc
The work on the new desot will begin
within two weeks and the other changes
will be made during the coming summer
lrcelona and the unconfirmed reports
President Roosevelt and the West and of the neighborhood as being under a reign tue constitutional guarantees in the
the sympathy which the Chief Executive i of terror It Is said that several con- province or Baicelona as was requested
displayed In the afiairs or me Iacmc veris nave oeen burned and mat mere yesterday by the Minister of the Interior
sennlor Mltclic Un llroail Topic
Senator Mitchell swept the whole ocean
line in his glowing response to The Pa
cific Coast and Senator Thomas Kearns
or Utah brought out the Interests of his
State which has no coast line but which
Is so closely allied to those sister Com
monwealths which have when lie rose
after the toast Utah and ItsRelatlon to
the Far West
Mr Frank L Coombs ex United States
Minister to Japan went lar out to en
when he spoke on The Interests of the
United States in the Pacific He was fol
lowed by Representative Julius Kahn of
California who talked about the Philip
Then Representative Cushraau put in Ids
vigorous oratorical oar in behalf of Wash
ingtons relation to the Pacific Coast
tevvlaililx Iolitienl llou Mot
Quite a Tolltleal bon mot was scored
when Representative New lands the cham
pion ot irrigation faretlouily remarked
that tliis Government might better pay
attention to the irrigation of arid lands
than m the irritation of foreign lands It
was an apt application which elicited great
applause and laughter -
Mi Frederick W Holls of New York
about the only guest who thud no Pacific
Coast affiliations and who was attached
to the United States Embassy at The
Hague Peace Conference spbke on the gen
eral interests of t e United States in pro
moting pence and Mr Arthur W Dunn
of t e Assoiiatid Press responded to the
toast The Press Senator Clark or Mon
tana dropped in before the speechmakiug
was comidetid and snoke iirielly in characteristic-
graceful manner or the relation
or Montana to the Pacific Coast
ThoFO present were- Scnatois Perkins
Bard Mill hell Foster Kcarus nnd Clark
and Representatives Kahn Woods Necd
hani McLachlnn Tongue Moody
man Jones Newlamls MtSHrs Frederick
V Holls J V Dunn A W Dunn
1Z Clark am ThoIore Z Hanlee
i iiliiiinii itl Torcc at Colon IteceMc
From Sii anilla
j COLON Feb 18 Tho political situa
tion Is quiet The garrison here was in
creased yesterday by SCO men from Sav
anllla It is now expected that the
i ernnipnt forces will go to attack the in-
surgent stronghold
I It is reported that the insurgent steam-
I cr Padilla Is aground near Punta Chame
The commission to take over the steam
er Tinto recently purchased by the Co
lombian Government Is proceeding south
There is lively speculation in building
lots here The Loom is cauwd by the ex
pectation that the United Slates will pur
chase the Panama Canal
The Government has Issued orders for
the raising of the steamer Lnutaro which
was sunk by the insurgentsin the naval
engagement in Panama Bay
Ii Ht tep Tovvnnl Itcliinv iasc Line
Irom Itccci errt Control
AUSTIN Tex Feb IS In the Federal
Court here today In the i asc of the In
ternational Trust Company of New York
against the Austin Rapid Transit Rail
road Company a decree of foreclosure of
the mortgage for the amount of 374000
against lie road was entered by the court
The court alto ordered that the road be
sold by Ira II Evans receiver to satisfy
the Judgment This Is the first step
toward taking the read out or the hands
of a receiver
MADRID Feb 18 Late this evening
some of the street cars In Barcelona were
running but every ear was escorted by
I cavalry A tew factories are working
Declaration Made by General
Torrance Last Night
rom nut u tier In -Chief A il - lie
Tltirij lniirUi An una I Coin rntitui
of linrtiiinit of Hit Ifitfimitt
Criniil rm of the Itaiultic
The next annual encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic will be held
In the beautiful city of Washington was
the text of a statement rontained in a
speech made last night in Grand Army
Hall by Torrance at
the opening session of the thirty fourth
annual convention of the Department of
the Potomac Grand Army of the Re
This Is hc first authoiltative state
ment vet made by the officers of that or
ganization regarding the proposed loca
tion for the grand encampment of tho
civil war veterans this fall and the fact
that the head of the Grand Army had
finally decided upon Washington as tho
place of the encampment was received
with ncarty cheers by the bundled or
more veerans assembled in Grand Army
Hall last night
Commander-in-Chief Torrance who re
sides in Minneapolis Minn but who Is
at nrosent on a tour of inspection to all
departments of the organization through
out the country arrived in this city yes
terday afternoon accompanied by his
Among those who attended the conven
tion last night was Past Commander-in-Chief
Rassieur who occupied a place of
honor upon the i litform and also Past
Commander-in-Chief William Warner
t on cut ion llelil in Secret
The convention is held in secret only
the members of the Grand Army being ad
mitted When seen by a Times reporter
last night one of the department officers
stated that the convention was so far one
of the quietest assemblies ct held by the
Everything Is harmenious among the
veterans said he there being no divi
sions nor contests The names of those
nominated for office cannot yet be given
out for publication but will be announced
immediately after the election
Eveiy post in the District of Columbia
has its full repi escalation of delegates at
the convention which is hi my opinion
one of the largest ever assemlled
During the evening anuinber of patriotic
addresses were made by pant oilleers of tho
organization and the largo building rang
with the hearty cheers of the veterans un
til long after midnight
llilliillict ill Honor of Gen Torrance
A banquet will be held this evening In
the banquet hall of the New Wlllard in
honor of Commander-in-Chief Torrance
and the members of his staff
Is constant bloody flghting and wrecking
of property
The officials state that although the
strike continues the authorities
are suc
cessfully fmnncln nnt1 i -
Between the strict official censortMp in I 7
troops arc holding the streets preventine
current here It Is difficult to arrive a the
truth Rumor represents Barcelona and i - l urlea nas vted the suspension of
New Story in Mysterious
Case Related Privately
Seiiark Woman llKnre In Latest
Version ccnscil IJirls Case Ooe
Over in 1 olicc Court Until TmEu
IJiseliarsc 3Inj He AhKciI Ior
NEW YORK Feb IS Certain Informa
tion relative to the death of Walter S
Brooks was given privately on Mondav
nlght which if true makes the case even
a greater mysteiy than It has been and
will show that a grave mistake was made
when Florence Burns was tentatively
charged with the young mans death
A Vin Version Told
The substance of the information vas
that Brocks went to the Glen Island House
on Friday night not with the Burns girl
at all but with another young woman
that they seated themselves in one of the
public rooms downstairs had some drinks
and that while they were sitting there an
other man came along get into a dispute
with Brooks shot him and escaped from
tho place with the young woman
The Information also included the de
tails of how the young man got to the
room in which he was found unconscious
about 1220 Saturday morning There is
no means of knowing whether this story
is true or not AH information on the
subject has been turned over to County
Detective Hammon and he and his men
are now- making an investigation
Woman Irom Nevvarlv
It was also said that young Brooks met
for the first time in Newark last Friday
afternoon a joung woman with whom he
went to a Newark hotel It may have
been arranged that the two should meet
again in Manhattan that night The Glen
Island Hotel is directly across the street
from the Pennsylvania ferry which con
nects with Newark trains
Miss Burns stood calm and collected be
fore two hundred persons In the Centre
Street Police Court this afternoon while
her counsel Foster L Backus argued
with representatives of the district at
torneys office and not once did she show
the slightest sign of nervousness
The Case Goes Over
She listened to the argument of the
lawyers with interest and when she real
ized that the case wa3 to be put ove
another day which meant twenty four
hours more In jail for her she did not
show any signs of regret
The unwillingness or Mr Backus to go
on with an examination of the case with
out depositions from the peoples wit
nesses and the inability of the district
attorney to produce those witnesses until
tomorrow nrevented a dlsnnsitinn nf tho
I case so far as police court is concerned
A Washington Paper
For Washington People
Price Two Cents
The consideration of amendments
before the Daughters of the American
Revolution Congress yestcrdaywas the
occasion for heated debates and a di
vision of the body Into two fairly
evenly strong factions
An amendment providing for a cur
tailment of the size of the delega
tions to the Continental Congresses
was lest This was a victory for the
smaller chapters whose representa
tion would have been eliminated by
the passage cf the measure
An amendment to allow the chapters
to retain three fourths of tho annual
dues cutting down the proportionate
amount paid Into the national treas
ury wa3 laid on the table The vic
tory In this result was with the op
ponents of the chapters This meas
ure however will be called up today
for reconsideration
Siiffcriiifc Irniu Sertoli IrfiHtrntion
3 at Ialin llencli Kin
George Dewey Is suffering from nervous
rrostration and Admiral Dewey la some
what worried because she does not gain
strength as rapidly as he had hoped She
is not dangerously ill but has remained
in bed all week taking a sort of rest
The admiral says he believes all she
needs Is a good rest While Keeping quiet
in her room she feels comfortable but
any excitement distresses her Quite a
number of dinner and luncheon parties
had been planned for Admiral and Mrs
Dewey but her Illness has caused all of
them to be postponed
Her Illness also was the cause of his de
clining a number of invitations to attend
ainners anu receptions to be given to
Prince Henry
Meagre Details of Repotted Fierce Fighting Leak Out by
Way of Madzid Strict Censorship in Force
with a reduced number of hands
No Curtailment in
bership of Congress
Decided Upon
Question of Annual Dues Laid
on the Table
Ililliirc of ifTort to llnte Iteeouxlil
creil Amendment Limiting Hie
Service of OIHccIioIiIerx o Two
Terms Opinion of Justice Ilnjincr
The second session of the Daughters or
the American Revolution congress was
concluded at 10 oclock last night with
opposing factions among the delegates
testing on their arms and an armistice
All day merry warfare wa3 wjgd ever
the question of amendments and thi fac
tion which opposed a decrease In tho
membership of the congress
wa3 vie-
Just before the night session ended an
amendment to allow the local chapters to
retain three fourths of the annual dues
and one half the life membership fees was
laid on the table This made a victory for
the other side and honors were even
Small Chapter Victor
This amendment will be taken up today
at 11 oclock Mrs Donald McLean of New
York having given notice to this effect
The fight will again be continued So
much strength was shown yesterday by
friends or the small chapters that it is rt
garded as probable that they will agsia
carry things before them today
Every amendment affecting the small
chapters dlsadvantageously was voted
down by big majorities- The most note
worthy event of the entire days session
was the manifested strength of those In
favor of retaining the membership of the
congress at its present number allowing
for the natural growth of the society
Able arguments were advanced to prove
that many years must elapse before the
organization attains such proportions as
to make a theatre as large as the Grand
Opera House lao small for the conduct of
Minute 3Ien on Gnard r
A tody guard of Minute Men of the
Revolution was in attendance at the thea
tre last night They formed a line through
which the delegates passed In catering
the foyer and served as a guard through
out the evening
Attired In their Continental unforms
and wearing side arms they paced up and
down the aisles and added greatly to
the scenic effect of the first night ses
sion of the congress
After escorting Mrs Fairbanks presi
dent general to her carriage at the con
clusion of the convention they marcbd
to their armory to the music cf a drum
The trouble in Warren Chapter or Mon
mouth III was again brought up last
evening when Mrs Fairbanks ai pointed
the following committee to investigate tho
entire matter and report to this congress
Mrs F S Nash South Carolina Mrs
Frances E Ormsbee Vermont Mrs Sam
uel Ammon Pennsylvania Mrs H G
Foster Washington Mrs Edward Orten
At the evening session the date for the
payment of dues was changed from Oc
tober 11 to March 22 In order that the
treasurer general may be relieved from
the arduous work attending both the re
ceipt of dues from all over the country
and the preparation for the annual con
gress which have hitherto occurred at
practically tbe same time The amend
ment wax considered for the second time
and finally passed alter considerable
cussion but little opposition
Most Iniportnnt Amendment
Then came up or consideration the most
important amcndmei t proposed or all those
left over from last year
It provides that local chapters shall
retain three quarters or the annual dues
and one half of the life membership fees
and would lend to cut down the receipts
cf the National Society The amendment
was offered by Mrs J C McKenzie and
was earnestly supported by those favor
ing other privileges for the small chap
The argument was lengthy and spirited
several Incidents occurring to enliven the
evening It was finally decided to lay
the matter on the table Immediately
Mrs Donald McLean of New York was
on her teet with a motion to reconsider
the amendment She was informed br
tho president general that the motion
was not in order
Mrs McLean then gave notice that she
would bring the question up once more
for further discussion at U oclock this
The following amendment offered by
Mrs McCartney was laid on the table
Article VI section 1 Amend by adding
after the words Delegates from each
State and Territory to the Continental
Congress at the annual meeting tho
words Or State conference It will then
The national board of management
shall be composed of tho active officers
of the national society and a State re
gent from each State or Territory to be
chosen by the delegates from each State
and Territory to the Continental Con
gress at the annual meeting or State con
Iniil on the Tabic
An amendment providing thit the boarJ
nf management should submit onlhe first
day of each congress an estimate of tho
probable expenses for the following year
was laid on the table v
The amendment changing the date for
the payment of dues vas then passed Ono
of too ame rtnvnts in regard to dues lo
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