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Fair colder today and tomorrow
fresh winds becoming westerly
Number 2847
Infantry and Artillery Stood
Their Ground Well
Men and Officers Fell at the Gun3 Gen
eral Methuens Ecrse Killed Under Him
Kitchener Sends Details to the War
LONDON March 17 General Kitchener
teligraphs from Pretoria 10 the War Of
fice as follows -
SItlhuen has sent me a dictated de
spatch eorrectlns Inaccuracies His
mounted rear guard was overwhelmed at
dawn Methucn immediately re enforced
it by all available mounted troops and a
section of the Thirty eighth Battery
which maintained themselves for an
hour while the convcs were closing up
without disorder
Mounted Hen Driven Back
The Boers pressed their attack hard
The mounted troops in attempting to fall
back on the infantry got completely out
of hand carrying away in the rout the
bulk of the mounted troops and leaving
two guns of the Thirty eighth Battery
The guns continued in action until
every man except Lieutenant Nashaai whs
Refused to Surrender
The Boers demanded that Lieutenant
Nasham surrender He refused and was
killed Slethuen with 200 Northumber
land Fusiliers found himself isolated He
held on for three hours while other de
tachments occuried a kiaal and resisted
repeated attacks At this time Methuen
was wounded His ammunition was most
ly expended and he sunendcred at
830 a m
Others Torced to Yield
The kraal party withheld until two
guns and a pompom were brought to bear
on them making the position untenable
General Kitchener confirms the report
that most of the Boers wore British khaki
uniforms Many also wore British badges
of rank Even at close quarters they were
undistingulshable from the British troops
Infantry Fought Well
It Is clear that the Infantry fought well
The artillery maintained the traditions of
Its regiment In addition to forty Capo
police a few parties of yeomanry con
tinued to hold the ground after the panic
had swept the bulk of the mounted troops
away -
Used British Guns
A despatch to the Daily Mail dated
Klerksdorp March 13 via Pretoria March
16 gives an account of General Methuenc
disaster It says that the pompom and
field guns that the Boers brought to bear
on the kraal occupied by some of the
British were some of those captured from
Colonel von Donops column
The pompom sent in TOO shots Th
British infantry were outnumbered ten to
one An exceptionally gallant defence was
Fell at the Guns
Men and officers fell around the guns
Two officers who fell across the limbers
were removed and then the firing con
General Methuen mounted his horse to
go and bring up the mounted troops who
had retired for some distance He was
then hit in the thigh and his horse was
Delareys Courtesy
After his surrender General Delarey
rode up and treated him with every con
sideration and courtesy He ordered Gen
eral Methuens return to Klerksdorp un
der the care of his own nephew with Col
onel Townsend who was wounded In three
Many of the burghers bitterly opposed
the release of General Methuen and a
party was sent to bring him back
Delarey Had His Way
General Delarey however insisted upon
bis being set free and carried the day
He placed two of his own wagons at the
disposal of General Mathuen and Colonel
Townsend The correspondent in a later
disposal of General Methuen and Colonel
larcy saying that he displayed all the
old tine chivalry which characterized his
Huguenot ancestry
A despatch from Pretoria to the Cen
tral News says that General Methuens
column which was recently routed by
the Boers under General Delarey was
only GOO strong
Delareys force according to the corre
spondent numbered 2000 General Meth
uens command at first mistook the Boers
for British troops
John Dillon M P Leads Applause for
Boer General
GLASGOW March 1C In the course oi
en address to a large meeting of Irish
men this afternoon Mr John Dillon M
I said that Lord Roncbery had Joined
the chorus of ruffianism against Sir Henry
Canipbcll Banncrman the Libcial leader
He added that Lord Roicbcr was in th
rame beat with the Government
He called for a ringing cher for On
eral Delarey and Ms audience responded
with prolonged cheering
SLort Term Treasury Bonds Likely u
Be Issued
paniSMsretriC The Senatorial Snaac
torcraillce had two sittings yeslci tU rtt
Iwii today The estimated opcrditr
wi reduced by S00Ci francc
With the detria j d cptadi
I I -11 to t out Ki 1 i
Wikh it Is propo td to iiuc si i
fsury bonds
Qfc to
English Troops It Is Now
Asserted Were Badly
British Explanation
of cMetfyiens Defeat
Further details of the- ficht
in whiiirGiiienil DVliirey de
featfd iind captured Jletliutn
have bwnMMit to the Ihifish
War Ofike and the ban of the
censor lias evidently been lift
ed fiom the correspondents
It is now asserted that the
English were heavily
by the Iloers The
mounted troops were soon put
to night but the artillerymen
hold their jtoiiw1 well ofiicers
and privates falling dead
around their guns
The light continued until late
in the morning
One Man Killed and Four
Persons Badly Hurt
Twenty five Houses Totally Destroyed
in Piper Bibb County Much
Other Damage Caused
BIRJ1INGHASI Ala Slarch 1G A cy
clone passed over Bibb County between
11 and 12 oclock this morning but did
no damage except at Piper a mining
camp operated by the Little Cababa Coal
Company where seventy five houses oc
cupied by miners and mine laborers were
more or less damaged twenty five being
totally destroved
One Man Killed
Ed Turner a miner was found dead a
large tree having crushed through his
John Allen wife and three children
were caught under one of the houses and
all were hurt Sirs Allen very seriously
Work Suspended
All work Is suspended In the mines and
It Is estimated that 10000 worth of dam
age was done to the mining company
Packages With 30000 and Two Men
ST LOUIS March 1C Tho disappear
ance of packages ha Id to contain 30000 Is
reported at the office of the Adams Ex
press Company of this city
It is said also that Larry McKce a
messenger employed by the company is
missing and that charges have been pre
ferred against him at Terra Haute
Tho officers of the express company will
give little information as to the disap
pearance of the money and beyond the
fact tint the case is engaging the atten
tion of the emplojes In this city Indian
apolis and several Indiana towns nothing
can be learned
Captain Refused a Tow and Ship Is
6400 Out
SAN FRANCISCO March 1G As a re
sult of not taking a tow from San Diego
to Portland on her recent trip up the
coast the British ship Inchcapc Rock lost
Upon leaving San Diego the ship had
only two weeks in which to reach Port
land in order to save her grain charter
of 40 shilling and had the greatest good
fortune attended her passage she would
scarcely have reached the Columbia River
with more than a day or two to spare
Rather than pay a tow ago fee of per
haps J1M0 the captain of the Inchcapc
Rock sailed to Portland and was Mx
weeks on the way losing tho charter
Subsequently a rate of 2C shillings was
obtained the difference representing a
ess of jiIOO A tug boat at a cost of
1500 would have caved the original
English Couple Loso Their Gcnw While
on z Tzit
LONDON March 17 A despatch to the
Daily Mall rrcm Brussels says that ju
a2lsh lldy and gentleman whose names
-re net iCiitioncd while from
endcu by way of Calala to Vlenni
d oj rchintx Ipbilel en the
l fionu if hr r j Mr va
1 t C S ho lau In i ia
Ohcr c hi ay that the Jifel v
urt J UeC0
Resting Fairly Well But His Condition
Does Not Improve
CAPE TOWN March 1G Sir Cecil
Ithodes who is suffering from heart trou
ble was weaker tlds morning
At midnight Mr Rhodes was resting
fairly well but his condition had become
weaker since an examination made by Dr
Made in Cape Town Ca
- - thedraL
CAPE TOWN March 1C In the cathe
dral liere tcdaytho dean read a letter ex
pressing an earnest desire that prayers
bu offered for Mr Rhodes who Is most
dangerously ill
Baikentinc Reported Ashore Not Far
From Point Lookout
NEW YORK March 1G Fire Island re
ported at 1145 oclock tonight that a
barkentlno was ashore on Long Beach
two and a half miles west cf Point Look
There was a high southeast wind
The telephone wires to Long Branch ari
dow n
Belief in flic Philippines That a Conviction in the Case
Will Be Impossible
MANILA March 1C The trial of Major
Littleton W T Waller of the Marine
Corps on the charge of putting natives to
death without the formality of a hearing
will begin tomorrow- before the court
martial appointed for the purpose It is
considered that the prosecution will havo
a most difficult task to prove the charge
and It is the general opinion that convic
tion will be Impossible
The first official report made to Wash
ington after the rescue of Major Waller
and his little party on the Island of Sa
mar described Major Wallers recollec
tions or his experiences as being disor
dered Captain Porter and Lieutenant
Williams were also described as having
only a hazy recollection of the hardship
through which they had passed
Lukban the noted insurgent leader
who was captured recently Is still con
fined in Catbalogan He assorts that he is
acting In good faith In trying to induce
his subordinates to surrender
The families of army officers hero aro
coming out In quite large numbers This
is due to the feeling that peace is shortly
Physician Blamed for Death
of Child
Coroner and Civil Courts Had Exoner
ated Medical Man Bullet Hits Mark
But Fails to Do Any Harm Assailant
NEW YORK March 1C A vcung rather
who felt himself grievously wronged shot
at a physician whom he believed to be
respcnsible for the death of his child on
the East Side this morning just no the
phjsician came out of a patients house
The bullet struck the doctor but harm
lessly The man who fired is locked up
charged with attempted felonious as
Last December Dr Samuel St Lands
man was called from his office at GS Third
Street to attend the sick child or Alexan l
dcr Spinner at 4 First Avenue The child
a boy wa3 suffering
from convulsions and the physician pre
scribed a hot bath
Placed in Bath
No hot water being at hand a tin bath
tub was pressed into service and an oil
stove lighted under it Into the Water the
baby was put the doctor holding the child
and testing the water with his fingers
When the boy was taken out he was
badly burned and soon died The direct
heat applied to the bottom of the vessel
on which the child was sitting had madd
the bottom much hotter than tho water
and blisters on the child showed what
agony he had suffered
Doctor Exonerated
At the coroners investigation Dr
Landsman whom the childs parents
charged with the responsibility for the
death of their offspring was acquitted on
flic testimony of physicians and that of
Coroners Physician Weston Dr Lands
man jn his death certificate naa ascribed
the childs death to convulsions-meningitis
and broncho pneumonia vTbe jury
found that this was a correct list of
The burns Dr Landsman said were
superficial nothing that the child would
not have recovered from under any cir
cumstances Dr Weston testified that
the autopsy showed that the child had
mcninglis befors Dr Landsmans treat
ment was begun and ho spoke of tho
burns as blisters
Civil Suit Dismissed
When the coroners jury refused to
charge Dr Landsman with responsibility
for the childs death Spinner brought
suit for damages against the physician
Ho sued in the City Court Tor 1003
Last Friday Justice Conlon dismissed the
suit after the presentation of the plain
tiffs evidence refusing to send it to a
jury In the meantime Dr Landsman
heard nothing from Spinner and supposed
that the matter was ended
This mornlhg he wont out to make his
calls one of which was at 120 Fifth
Street He drove there In his buggy one
of the fort generally used by doctors
and his driver Joseph Sutter remained
with the rig while the doctor was with
Lis patient When tho doctor camo out
and stnited foi his horse he saw a re
volver in front of hl3 lead In the hands
of Spinner who had sterped up to the
Fumbled With Revolver
Dr Landsman eavs that Spinner fum
bled a moment with the revolver Tho
doctor was too much terrified even to
attempt to throw up Spinners hand In
stead he struck bis horse with the reins
and urged it forward As the horse
jumped forward and the carriage wheels
and top forced the assailant back a lit
tle the revolver was discharged
Spinner who ran as soon as he had
fired was chased and captured He was
locked up Dr Landsman after putting
distance between himself and Spinner
turned around and headed for the station
Acknowledged Shooting
Spinner acknowledged the shooting and
said that he did not know why he bad
done It except that he was beside him
self as he was distraught over the loss of
his child and deeply aggrieved that hci
was as he believed unable to secure jus
tice anywhere Ever since the death of
his boy Spinner said he had worried and
grieved over his loss
His wife who visited the station house
later said the same thing Spinner felt
that the verdict of the coroners jury was
unfair and when his suit went against
him he concluded there was no such thing
as justice for him
Defective Flue the Cause
A defective flue was the cause of a flro
at C Factory Hill occupied by Jesse
Wood yesterday morning The damago
causes as far as it went but added burns i was estimated at about SCO
Bellamy Storer Declares
Kings Health Good
Neither Physically Nor Mentally Weak
Minister to Spain Intends to
Return Shortly
NEW YORK Slarch 1C Bellamy Stor
er United States Sllnlstcr to Spain was
a passenger on tho St Louis which ar
rived at her dock at 9 oclock this morn
How about the treaty with Spain he
was asked which was concluded and
ready for the signatures What ground
was there for the stories of disagree
Really I cant discuss Government
business I shall have to refer you to the
State Department All I can say is that
the negotiations have been concluded and
tho treaty is now ready for signing
A Natural Delay
But why the delay in signing
That is only what one would expect in
view of the nearness of Alfonsos ascen
sion to the throne on Slay 17 next Per
haps there will be a new ministry and
naturally such an Important matter as
this would be held over if possible for
the new government to dispose of
Then Alfonso will be crowned in
Certainly why not
Dont you know of the stories that
have appeared of his health and mental
In Good Health
Utter nonsense I saw Alfonso short
ly before leaving Sladrid He was all
right physically and mentally He is
bright active and of a sweet disposition
His mother has reared him carefully 10
fill the post he villi shortly assume For
more than a vcar she lias gradually
pushed him forward on all possible occa
sions retiring to the background herself
He Is a fine horseman and is alwavs
present at the army mnneurrei spending
frequently eight hours iu the saddle with
out any unusual fatigue He has grovn
fully a head In height since I have known
him about two and a half vtars He is
slender of grave appearance and un
usually intelligent for a boy of his years
Journey to Rome
Is It true that the Queen Regent will
journey privately to Rome to seek the
Popes advice about continuing the lc
I hno v nothing whatever about it Al
fonso v ill be crottm d In Slay
Mr Stcrrr lurther said that he was co
ins baek In ily or perhaps ninety
which la the limit of his leave lit has
not ten Lj c c four years
Flames Place Seventy two Youug Women in Petit All Repotted to Have Escaped Without
Injury Aid Summoned From Philadelphia to Help Figfyt the Flames
BRYN SIAWR Pa March 17 1 a m
Fire which started between 10 and 11
oclock last night at Bryn Slawr College
swept through Denby Hall a dormitory
practically destroying It and endangering
the lives of seventy two young women
who lived there All escaped witbojt
Injury however
The fire started in one of the wings of
the hall and was caused It is believed
by the upsetting of a lamp by one of the
Students So far as known there has been
no loss ot life
The fire spread rapidly arid In a short
while the entire building was In flames
Apparatus which is always kept In readi
ness at tho college and which the stu
dents know how to use proved not equal
to the sudden emergency hnd aid was
sought at nearby towns and Philadelphia
Holy Father It Is Said Will Judge
King- Fitness
LONDON Slarch 16 Somi sensational
statements have been made here recent
ly respecting the young King ot Spain It
has been hinted not obscurely that he is
weak minded These reports arc gross
ly exaggerated
The actual facts are that a short time
ago the papal nuncio in Madrid wrote to
the Pope that Alfonso was not qualified
to take over at present the full functions
cf kingship because his intellectual fac
ulties in spite of careful training were
not sullicleatly developed for his high es
Bodily Health Only Fair
He also stated that the Kings bodily
health though good was not excellent
in fact that lie was mentally and physi
cally inferior to the average voung aris
tocrat of his age
There was therefore grave fear that
the development of King Alfonsos fac
ulties would be seriously re rrded should
he be now called to assume the active
duties of a governing sovereign
The nuncio wrote with the Knowledge
and approval or the Queen Regent who
at the same time asked the Holy Fathers
advice The Pope replied that upon the
nuncios report the prolongation of re
gency for three or four years appeared to
be imperative but before pronouncing a
final opinion ho would like to see his god
May Visit the Fope
Such is the position todav There Is
reason to believe that Queen Rrgcnt
Christiana and King Alfonso will pay a
private visit to Rome in Easter week
Two Passengers on the HSw England
Weary of Life
QUESNSTOWN Slarch 1G Two pas
sengers by the steamship New England
from Boston which arrived here yester
day attempted to commit suicide on the
trip across
One man named Regan tilel to strangle
himself while another caued Lyons at
tempted to Jump overboard
Returning From Visit to Kr and Mrs G
W Vandertnl
RMEIGH N C Slarch 1 Lord and
Ladv Paunccfotc who have been guest-
at Iilltmore House the mountain home of
Mr and -Mrs George W Vandorbllt left
for Washington
Among the guests romiioing arc Mi and
Sirs E G Flabbry Sir and Slrj E
Douglas Robinson our Cu ta Sir jnl
Sirs William D uglaii MI s Lila
Sloane and Sir V 1 ied
From the latter city engines were sent
out and Ardmore was the next to re
At midnight the fire was still blazing
despite the efforts of the combined force
of fire fighters
Denby Hall was one of the largest
buildings of the college It contained
dormitories only and Is isolated from the
other structures that cluster about the
Defeated Strikers
Now Cry Tzcacbcry
The freight handlers who
struck in IJoston in svmpathv
for the teamstersvoted yester
day to return without condi
tions that is ad many of them
as the railroads care to
ploy will be set to work along
side the non union men hired
during the strike The long
shoremen took similar action
It is a crushing defeat for the
Those who took part in the
sympathetic demonstration are
particularly angry against
their leaders and say they
were betrayedi
Miners Said to Be Determined on This
WILKESBARRE Pa Slarch 13 The
delegates irora the upper end of the an
thracite coal field will leave in the morn
ror the Shamokin convention They re
ceived their instructions at meetings of
the locals today and while they will not
sa what they aie It is evident tbey do
not expect a strike They believe the
operators will make one concession which
will avert it recognition or the union
It is planned for the convention to ask
for rour principal things an eight hoar
day a uniform scale or wages recognition
ot the union and a continuation or the
present scale The operators have already
granted the latter They are not expect
ed to grant the two former and If they
will allow recognition or the union tho
eight hour day and uniform wage de
mands will it Is understood be with
If they do not get recognition the men
say they will certainly strike
Submerged Vessel -Found Off White
Point Nova Scotia
HALIFAX N S March 16 A sub
merged wreck suppobed to be that ot tho
steamer Tiber wa3 discovered on Satur
day by Howard SIcKenzie who was duel
shooting at the White Point Ledge six
miles from Canso McKenzie saw near
the ledge a spar sticking out of the watet
which proved to be a cargo gaff with cha r
He got close and saw the bow of a
steamer about six feet below the surface
A large section of the bow had been bro
ken away revealing the Interior of the
forecastle The stern was in deeper water
It is possible that the wreck on White
Point Is that of some other steamer than
the Tiber The tug that went to the
ledge stranded on her way back but even
tually she got off without much damage
Mischievous Chinese Lads Act Results in a Decree Declaring
Foreigners Under Special Protection
PEKING Slarch 1C An International
incident has just been settled here which
caused considerable amusement to those
who have not forgotten that they were
once boys themselves A few das ago a
number of bojs in playful mood were en
gaged in throwing a stone which was at
tached to a string
They threw the stone In the direction
of a party of Italians including Baroness
Romani Avezzana wife of the Italian
Charge dAffaircs It is understood that
the stone cither became loosened or the
Funeral Services Take Place
at His Old Home
Dead Editors Associates in the House of
Representatives Set Up Senti
ments for His Paper
BOLIVAR N V- Slarch 1G The funeral
of William J Glenn doorkeeper of the
House of Representatives who died in
Washington on Wednesday was held In
Cuba tills afternoon A special car at
tached to the Pennsylvania fiver brought
a large delegation from Wabhington this
morning including Representatives E G
Vreclind James Sherman D S Alexan
der C II Glllett W II Ryan Charles II
Burker Clerk of the House Alexander
SIcDcwell and Sergeant-at-Arms Ileniy
Prominent Men Present
Nearly ever prominent man in the
Thirtj -fourth Congressional district was
present Among them Justices Warren
II Hooker John Woodard F W Kruse
and United States District Attorney Chas
H Brown So large was the attendance
from out of town th very few Cuba peo
ple were able to gain admittance to the
Presbyterian Church after the visitors
were scale 1
The services were conducted by the of
fivers of St John a Commandery No 21
Knlfhts Templars 01 Olean a listed bv
the Rev Thomas r hit M nd the Re
r w Bcccher a neh 1 g H nry Ward
string slipped from tho hand or one of
the boys and the missile landed a little
distance rrom the party
Tho Incident insignificant in ltseU was
reported to the Charge dAffaires who
complained to the Throne with the re t
suit that an edict has been Issued re
proving the people for not showing re
spect to foreigners in Peking
The edict declares that the foreigners
are under the special care of the Court
The premises where the incident occurred
are in the part of the legation quarter
which is under foreign control
Deecher The march to the cemetery was
made in a driving tain
Set Up Sentiments
All the officers of the House of Repre
sentatives ccccpt Speaker Henderson
were formerly publishers of country
newspapers tho list including Doorkeep
er Glenn Clerk SIcDowell Sergeant-at-Arms
Casson and Postmaster SIcElrov
This afternoon Sir SIcDowell and Sir
Casson went to the office of the Cuba
Patriot Sir Glenns newspaper and set
up sentiments for tho dead editor
It was the first time Sir SIcDowell had
set a line of type In thirty two years and
the first time that Sir Casson had been
at the case in twenty two years Sir Slc
Dowclls sentiment was this
He is dead but his memory will be a
sweet song to us forever and forever A
Sir Casson set up this William J
Glenn was a delightful official associate
He was at all times and under all circum
stances kind and considerate to all with
whom he came in contact Henry Cas
Probable Successor
The Washington delegation returned
homo tonight In an interview on their
way home from the funeral Representative
Vrceland and Representative James
Sherman were questioned regarding the
probable successor of Sir Glenn Sir
Vrceland stated that Frank B Lyon cf
Cuba Allegany County at present super
intendent of the Hoese folding room
would bo the unanimous choice for door
keeper at the Republican to be
held probably tomorrow afternoon Sir
Shcrnnn agreed with Sir Vrceland
The news ot the probable actiou cf the
Republican caucus is very pkasing to ihu
Republican leaders or this Concessions
Ocean Steamship Movements
NEW YORK Slarch IS Ariived
Havn Photiuv 1 1 Hipi
Slilano llaiibur PMiw 1 it fi
Arri td out X u 1L1 In a Ni i
at Llicriiccl
The Price of THE TIMES is Two Cents Do
Not Pay More to Newsboys
Price Two Cents
Men Cry Treachery and
Return to Work With
out Terms
Non Union Freight Handlers
to Be Retained in Sheds
Members of the Unions Acscrt That They
Were Sold Out Left Places to Aid the
Teamsters Who Are Being Well Cared
for They Say
BOSTON Slarch 16 Unless thn freight
handlers and longshoremen should change
tnelr minds before 7 oclock tomorrow thn
great strike which threatened to cripple
the business of the city seriously for a
time at least is at an end The freight
handlers have voted to give in and they
will accept such places as are now vacant
In the various sheds aid the
men have taken like pction
A Crushing Defeat
In following the wishes of the strike
leadera tho men have admitted that they
have received a crushing defeat Instead
or getting regular employment at regu
lar wages the greater part of the men
who struck at the freight sheds of the
New York New Haven and Hartford
Railroad two weeks ago now find them
selves without work
Where is Sir Cox president cf tha
Allied Freight Trades Council was
asked or a striker
Where is he Hes all right Hes
in New York and he had better stay
there it he knows ivhat is best for him
was the reply The men teel very bitter
toward the leaders
Blame the Leaden
What about the teamsters wa3
The teamsters are all right was the
reply Theyve got their Jobs back again
and we who went out to help them are out
In the cold andthey donUglvearap
Vehave been sold out - x
Dont you think it was bad generalship
rather than treachery
v - - -e t lenorant coal bearer
r V - t - WiniJTtcj
- l i J his strie
1 flr
tavnr v
em and that
i I
1 Kx i sine
The group or men that talked thut
timated that the mistake or the whole af
fair had been made In giving Governor
Crane full power to make a settlement
they having heard a rumor that he was a
stockholder in the New Haven road
against which the fight had been chiefly
General Manager Chamberlain of the
New Haven road said tonight that he did
not care to say that the men had been
badly defeated
That Is rather a harsh term to jise
and would give them the idea that we are
walking around with a chip on our shoul
ders he said Tomorrow morning about
250 of our old hands will be given work
steady employment such as they rormer
ly had
Work by the Hoar
Then about fifty more will be taken
on for a few hours each dav when the
crush of business is the heaviest and
they will have permanent places as soon
as the opportunity offers
It appears that out of the SG0 freight
hands employed by the New Haven Roa51
who went out a week ago last night less
than one half will get their places back
and it is because of this that the others
are wild with anger against the strike
Lumbermen Beaten
Two ot three lumbermen from Linccln
N H who it is said came here Friday
to take the places of some or the strik
ing lumber teamsters arc In the hospital
with fractured skulls and the third ofthe
party has mysteriously disappeared I
The police have reached the conclusion
that they were the victims or strikers or
their friends In each case the injured
men were fcund unconscious and there
had been no attempt at robbory
New York Dry Goods Merchant ErpireS
at His Home
NEW YORK Slarch 16 Hugh ONeill
the dry goods merchant and sole owner ot
ONeills stores in sixth Avenue died
this afternoon at his home on West Fifty-seventh
Sir ONeill who was s stalwart man
of North or Ireland origin and six
feet three Inches tall was the last per
son in tho world to be taken for an in
valid but he had not been thoroughly
well for tho last ten years Since De
cember ho had been confined to his home
and for a week his death had been ex
pected His strong constitution hl3 doc
tors said was all that kept him alive Tor
vears He leaves n widow and two
iaughUrs An only son died in 1S55
Sir ONeill was born July 13 1S41 near
Belfast Ireland Ho came to this coun
try in 1S3G In 1EG7 he entered Into a
partnership with his brother Heury and
the opened a little millinery and notion
store in Bioadway They were success
ful from the start ana in 1870 moved to
Sixth Avenue and gradually enlarged
their btores The estate is estimated at
about 3000000
Two Hotels sad Three Houses Robbed ia
WILKE U rtaK Ta Slarch 1C Two
Vatels and ih co i SImorn
- tiH 1 0 - la mornlnc
TV - p 1 1 s liofoia riI vera
v tore daligi
1 el i fl
i j a j j Wilry

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