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Section Two
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Creeping Things or the Citys Streets
Every Tall Building Appears to Be Tipping
Over Backward Nothing Retains Its Per
pendicularDescription of a Sight Seeing
Tour Personally Conducted by an Expe
rienced and Well Informed Insect
tiny bit of life -called the ant
TMIAT jou so frequently and un
knowingly crush under foot lias
opportunities of seeing the world
under circumstances not alwajs possible
to mankind Thoroughly at home is tho
insect in everj walk of life and in the
most sacred of places Not even an ex
ecutive session of the Senate Is privi
leged to deny him entrance while too
he has the entree to Cabinet meetings
and is to be found on occasions even in
the sanctity of a boudoir
What the Ant Sees
A moving picture of what the ant sees
in a single day would disclose all the
happenings of that day in this comfort
ably busy town Nothing escapes his all
seeing ejc
It maj bo that a family of ants has its
home in a crevice in the pavement They
arc a set of little bus bodies and their
lives are fraught with excitement and
toil from avoiding the wonderfully large
feet by passers by and from the dally re
pairs that must be made to the old home
stead as a result of the dcstructlveness
ot human pedestrians Ants like these
do cot have much time for forming any
very distinct impressions unless it be In
the early morning just after sunrise when
the destrojer man Is not about in very
large numbers
F Street Ants
lerbaps this family of ants lives on I
Street Imagine jourself to be born as
Samnij Weller would say In that station
of life and living any place on the same
street Owing to the circumstances aris
ing from the location of your home jou
arc compelled to be a sort of day labor
ing ant There are always repairs to be
made in the old home and food to be
hustled for during the day In the early
corning then jou have your only chance
to look around and enjoy the scenery At
the corner of Ninth and F Streets you
take an upward hide wise peep at the tall
buildings there The mass of stone that
meets your gaze frightens your eyes back
to earth for the monster you have looked
at seems to be ljlng on Its back
At Closer Range
Being of an Investigating tutu of mind
and since your curiosity has been aroused
jou determine to have another look this
time at closer range The opportunity oc
curs at luncheon time when you have
dropped your sand carrying labors for a
bit of rest and refreshment Picking jour
way along like a cat creatine a wet street
you succeed in avoiding those wonderfully
large feet of the striding giants and
with a mad rush at the end you reach
the building Climbing Its side you seem
to be In a desert of stone which extends
far to either side of you and away off
Into the very sky Terrlfiel by the
lation jou hurry back toward the crovice
in the pavement and reach there without
Injury from the cruel foot of man After
that jou are content to remain at home
Immune from the terrors of wandering
and undisturbed by tho Incomprehensible
magnitude of a world in which every liv
ing thing is bigger than jourself and in
which jou arc at a loss to find anything
smaller unless It be the grain of sand
which is the burden of jour life
Poor Ants of Business District
Those poor ants of the business district
were born under an unlucky ntar It js
work for all time with them to keep a
heme only to have it destrojed In tho
end acd with It go their own lives per
haps crushed out by the merciless tread
of humanity There arc other ants more
pleasantly situated They live in tho
parks and in the green untrodden places
of the town
To sec the world as one of these society
ants looks at It lend one of the little
insects jour pcrsonalltj or better still
submerge jours into his tiny body Sup
pose that your home is In that very aris
tocratic ant resident section the Monu
ment Grounds Your neighbors aro all
members of the first ant families of the
District with Immense estates to enjoy
Plenty of food is within reach for the
human tourists drop lunch boxes full of
crumbs here and there and the boys who
come over to play baseball lcavu apple
cores and such things around so that
you live on the fat of the land
Far Away From Sandy Home
Par away from your sandy home is a
great white shaft that has long attracted
your attention and you are curious to
know what It Is At a distance it looks
not unlike the swoet Icing on a piece of
cake that a little girl dropped near jour
home a few days ago and on which all
the ants for jards around have been
feasting ever since Then there a
piece of meat which fell from a butch
ers wagon It wasnt a very big piece
but It was big enough for the ants to
lisvc a splendid barbecue These Inci
dents prove your Independent Matlon md
the ood thing ot life that you njoy
As to the neat white thing far away It
has conquered your curiosity to eoin
pletely that you an di teruilneil to visit
It even tliouili It Id not 1 H thin twenty
fei t from your home
Set Out Upon Journey
Gathering about you u dozen Mudied
spirits jou bet out on the journey On
the way over you fall in with a party
of ants from an nnt republic Hltuatc d to
the cast of your own abiding plsie This
party Is In charge uf a wIho looking old
fellow who In overflowing with ant talk
lie In telling bis friends ot thn lunt time
he made the trip and of how he was In
terviewed by the Hug Man from tho De
partment of Agrlculluie
When we reached the mass of wlilto
f Wu
lVvv f
stone yonder rays the leadtr of the
personally conducted ant tour wc were
cordially received b u deputation from
the scientific societies of WaHhlogton
Tin Ir HpokcMnaii v as the Hug Man and
he want d our imprc sslons of the Monu
mint I made an address In vvhli li I took
oecaslon to cnmpllmt nt hlin on Its size
and cleanliness He wanted to know
many things about us and our ilcnn stle
relictions but we lire fc rred to Investigate
tho Monument and discouraged hln eon
v run Ion by nnililnc Rome whiit curt re
plies HtnndiiM onctl at the Vune of
the Monument none f im couM m
where It ended ho deeply did It cut Into
th bluo Hky
Degan Ascent of Monument
Some of those with mi begun tlm us
cent of tliei white pile with n hopo of
reeurhlng tho top Wo badt thcmi fure
well and they we rn otf on thulr perilous
journey Wo luivo not hcurd from them
since Bomu Riflil lei think tluet they
were uwept away by tlm wind uhlli
others Incline to th opinion lint they
found a crevleu In the ttonu and staved
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WASBdiNrGTOr sttnday april g 1902
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there ever after It would however be
Impossible to ex for long on that des
ert watte wkere there arc no crumbs
fiom the luiii h boxe s and the hclf eaten
apples are never to Ixj found
Impressed by Old Ant
You and these with jou Iind j ourselves
iiiueh Impn Hoed by what thej old ant Ins
told jnu and you hasten jour steps that
jou may see the wonderful structure
As jou draw near jou Iind It strangely
llliiHtve Prom n point In a straight line
with 0110 of Its eornerh the marble pile
nceins to be a pjramld Cast jour ejc3
upward from a position at its very base
and jou behold as did the old nnt a renh
of solid whltinebS stielihlng an infinite
dUtiime htaveiiward tho sldm ever con
verging but never lomlng to a point
Buildings Seem Lying on Backs
Iliamliilng the Ultihtratlons aLCompiny
hig this nrtlelo the reider will observe
thai the fnmlllar buildings which are
plctuied here seem to be lying on their
Imelis If you place jourself at the foot
oi sumo lugn siren euro unu i ju
head tar back so that tho ejes will have J
Si - SJ - -
- - St -3 A
i l
ZT f
yr zl5
frinrni yA
the bame naturil position as in looking
straight ahead the building up whose sido
jou are gizlng will seem to be stretching
before jou Tho State War and Navy
Ilullding if viewed from a point a little
distance from its foot seems to be a
stunted grow tli Its an Kits appearing like
caverns in its side and Its pillars converg
ing as they neir the top
Unpleasant Method of Viewing City
Viewing the cltj through the ejes of the
ant Is not a pleasant method of sight
seeing It gives one cramps in the neck
and after sensatious are not unlike those
tint attend on trying to see all that takes
place in a circus with three rings Then
again it is extremely doubtful if the ant
ever looked up the side of a high build
ing He is equally at home on tho per
pendicular or tho street level and as to
his receiving impressions it is more than
likely that they arc confined to the fleet
ing sensation of being stepped on or the
feeding a little more drawn ut which
follows his pirtallng of an atom of In
sect powder placed eouvetntly near his
haunts and lurking places
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Editorials The Drama
and Society
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W Gref Office A2
Men and women endowed with horns
are not by any means unknown in the
world we live In today
A short time ago Surgeon Lamprey ot
the British army medical staff mt with
and studied three horned men in Africa
each having a horn on either side of his
While serving on the Gold Coast
said he I had opportunities of making
drawings of these people The first
horned man I had an opportunity of ob
serving was a Fantee named Cofea aged
about thirtj two jears from the little
village of Amaquanta In Wasau territory
The second horned man was a long
faced youth aged about eighteen named
Quassle Jabin from the German terri
tory and not a kinsman of the firt
Trom a statement made by him
through a Tantee Interpreter I gathered
that this hornlike growth had been In ex
istence as long as he could remember
The third case was that of Cutljo Dan
so aged about twentj He stated through
an Interpreter that so far as he was
aw e 1 is hornlike 1 nob had grown of It
self It certainly hid grown larger as
he had grown older It give him no in
convenience He could see and smell
HLiuiicla of easci more remarkable-
have recently been collected In an In
teresting report by Drs George Gould and
Walttr Pjle both well known patholo
Human horns they saj are far
more frequent than ordinarily supposed
Nearlv all the older writers cite ex
amples Manj mention horns on the
In the ancient times horns were sym
bolical of wicdom and power Michael
Angeio in his famous sculpture of Moses
has given the patriarch a pair of horns
There is a greater ot horns
among women than among men according
to these authorities
The combination ot horns and tail on
a human being would naturally give rise
to extravagant superstition There i3 a
description of such a case In a recent
medical report The creature said to have
been dubbed the Hoodoo of Plato was
born eight jears ago in Minnesota He
was a boy five weeks old when described
He had hair two inches leng all over the
bodj his features were fiendish and his
ejes shone like beads beneath bis shaggy
brows He had a tail eighteen inches
long horns from the skull a full set of
teeth and claw like hands He snapped
like a dog crawled on all fours and re-
fused the natural sustenance of a normal
Oicar S Straus was at Constantinople
when Agulnaldos forces rose against the
United Mates Government in the Philip
pines and through prompt action sijs the
Saturday Hvenlng Io3t he prevented the
augmentation of the insurgent ranks j
the large Mohammedan population ot the
The Mohammedans ot the Philippines
recognize the Sultan of Turkej as the
head of their church Mr Straus knowing
this called on the Sultan as soon as li
heard of the outbreak of the insurrection
I come he said to beg jour Imperial
Majesty to use jour good offices to brln
the Mohammedans of the South Philippine
Islands Mindanao and the Zulu Archi
pelago to our side and to restrain them
from Joining the Insurgents
But said the Sultan wont jour
country try to take their religion away
from these rcople
Certalnlj not The cornerstone of the
whole sjstem of government in the Lnlted
States Is religious freedom and so far
from there being any hostility to th
Mchamnudin religion the case Is exietly
the rev else As an evidence of the recog
nition of this by Mohammedan powers I
be to call jour Majestys attention to the
terms of a treaty negotiated more than
ICO jears ago
Thereupon Mr Straus produced a copy
f Mi onlnnt trpltr fll iprif PTlstPTlPn
of which Is probably not known by a
The Darbary Powers had always de
clined to enter into any trcntj with the
European Governments because of tho fact
that under them a church and state were
united and a recognltloi of the govern
ment would have involved a recognition
of tho Christian church as an institution
When the envoy of President Washington
iroposed the treatj which was afterward
agreed to the Government of Tripoli de
clined to consider it
Ihe envoy thereupon pointed cut that
in the new government across the ocean
there was no recognition of any church
and a special article Tas inserted In the
treaty to that effect On this basis tho
treatj was agreed to
s soon as Mr Straus had finished
reading this clause ot the understanding
between President Washington and tho
Bey of Tripoli the Sultan declared him
self rertectly satisfied and ready to do
whit he coud with the Mohammedans Ja
tho Philippines

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