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Air H Phillips Memorializes
the District Committee
Mr H Phillips a resident of Alexan
dria county Va who Leliaes that the
retrocession of that county is unconstitu
tional and that it still forms a part of
the District of Columbia has communi
cated to Congress his icus on the ques
tion of restoration
Mr Phillips statement is addressed to
the- House Committee on the District of
Columbia and is as follows
In the year 1TS4 pursuant to para
graph 17 section S article 1 of the Fed
eral Constitution Virginia ceded to the
United States a small area on the Po
tomac River to form part of the perma
nent seat of the General Government In
1S4C Congress passed an act ceding this
land back to Virginia thus dismember
ing the established seat of government of
ten miles square The portion returned
to Virginia was organized as a separate
county cnIyone fourtcenth of the aver
age size of the counties of the State
Burdensome Problems
The liroblcm of local police protection
and impnnement ofpublic highways in
this little county has become difficult and
buraensome on account of the disorder
and heavy travel incident to proximity to
a large city
In 1SC1 the War Department and mili
tary forces again tonic practical posses
sionof the county building fortifications
on eery conspicuous eminence within its
borders end at the close of the war re
tained the Custis estate of eleven hundred
acres later paying for it nd establishing
a great national cemetery a large mili
tary post and a station of the Depart
ment of Agriculture within lis borders
The United States males no contribution
to the expenses of the local government
notwithstanding its ownership- of oner
sixteenth of the area and onc sevcntirbt
the property -valuation of the county
The suburbs of cities are peculiarly
subject to the presence of unlawful per
sons who resort to suci points for illicit
liquor selling gambling and other disor
derly conduct near public highways Es
pecially is this obsered on the SaWbath
day The residents of Alexandria county
as a class are honorable Intelligent and
public spirited The attorney for the
county Is active and successful in prose
cuting offenders brought to his attention
and the judiciary resolute in sentencing
law breakers The polfce force of this
small county limited to a few men re
ceiving Inadequate pay cannot however
prevent disorderly persons entering the
county from the city of Washington or
preserve order along the extensle river
front The history of municipal gocrn
ments shows tha public order is thus
difficult to preserve near boundary imes
of a city Malefactors constantly seek
yuch border for the commission of unlaw
ful act or to escape the strong arm of
the law hence cities are usually extend
ed far beyond the limits of closely built
houses J
Sanitaiy Protection Needed
Sanitary protection equally important
to public welfare requires that Alexan
dria county should be restored to the
District of Columbia Disease is carried
to the limits of cities in deposits cf
waste material not only contaminating
iprings and water courses used by un
suspecting persons Lut adding by exhala
tion to the other impurities of city air
Kire protection in suburbs also makes an
cxttnsion of ntuniciral limits desirable
It is also reasonable that cities con
trol the maintenance of suburban parks
and driveways contributing to the health
and pleasure of its residents The cir
cumscribed limits of walls and fortresses
observed in the history of feudal towns
shculd be thus brushed aside by the ad
ance of science and civilization The
principles applicable to the extension of
cities generally become more important
when the seat of government and capital
of a nation are concerned
So disregarding the legal status of
Alexandila county there are important
and practical reasons why it should be
restored to the District of Columbia It
was urged In behalf of ceding part of the
District of Columbia back to Virginia in
1S46 that the United States had no prop
bridges acrcss the river and in addition
a large share of the lands buildings and
cihcr improvements In the county in the
property of the National Government
An Instance of the necessity of police
protection occurred a few years ago
Coxeys army came to Washington They
were ordered from the city and came over
to Alexandria County and camped and
only moved when upon application to the
Governor a company of troops bundled
the army bag and baggage across the
river The executive officers of the Gov
ernment the Judiciary and members of
Congress pass over tbia unpollced area
to and from the Arlington National Ceme
tery If Injury comes to anv official of the
Government on the cou ity highways from
come criminal or Insane pcrbon the Gov
ernment Is responsible for neglecting t
maintain a jurisdiction imposed by the
The Legal Question
It would seem hoecr to be a proper
subject for judicial inquiry whether
under the Federal Constitution one or
two of the three principal branches of
Government have power to alienate a part
of the established beat of gove rnment
Tue War Department has built on the
county highways water mains telegraph
red telephone lines and a pumping station
on laud obtained for bridge approaches in
Alexandria county without authority of
Virginia and without permission of the
owners of the fee of the public highways
co If Alexandria county is lawfully part
of Virginia the United States is a tres
passer without process of law or Just
compensation but if the Supreme Court
declares Alexandria county part of the
Ilistrlct of Columbia the Commissioners
f the District of Columbia may at once
provide for its police protection and the
Cowrmnent improvements are within the
legislative control of Congress
Congress has prohibited fishing at
certain tlmce and in various methods
Jn the waters of the Potomac along the
District If Alexandria county is part of
Vlrsinla such legislation 1 wholly un
vuri anted and notwithstanding uch leg
islation Virginians have full riparian
rights in the waterB of the Potomac op
posite Washington subject only to Vir
ginia laws
Jackson City has long been a menace
to the morals of Washington but If the
establishment of the boundary of Mary
land and Virginia has any reasonable In
terpretation Jackson City is wholly in the
District acd the Commissioners neRlcct
their dutlet If they do not police Alex
andria Island and abate a stain on Wash
ington city
Considering the restoration of Alex
andria county to the District In respect
to the wishes of President Washington It
most worthy of the attention of Con
Crcss To the efforts of the first and most
distinguished President the location plan
and success of the Capital may be justly
ascribed It will be a deserved tribute
and honor to his memory to restore the
original and proper limits survcvn and
established under his personal direction
KisardlnK the fitness of the proposed
resolution the Supreme Court has decided
that the question is cognizable only In a
case between the United States and the
State of Virginia and cannot be
Caused by Proximity to District cntt1 between other parties If the couit
lems of Police Protection and Improve
ment of Public Highways Cited as
Reasons for Re annexation
kLiiiiij witnas iuu IIUl UALttW lli euw
stitutional powers in ceding part of the
seat of government to Virginia the con
troversy ends If the rourt decides how
ever Congress exceeded its powers the
jurisdiction cf Congress the courts and
Commissioners of the District will thence
forth extend over the entire ten miles
The people of Alexandria county gen
erally favor a restoration of the original
District Virginia docs not wish to lost
more tcrrltorj The United States paid
oP0l0CO to Spain for a lot of foreijn
islands aud proposes to ray 3000000 to
Denmark for three little tropical Islets
so it may not be unjust -to contribute
100UCC0 toward the debt of the mother
of Slates if Alexandria county is re
stored to the National Government
The Capital the scat of general gov
ernment Is important however not only
to the people In Washington and In Vir
ginia but its preservation its size and
location and Its welfare are rights of j
and affect the people of the entire nation
The interests of the people from the At
lantic to the Pacific and rrom Canada to
the Gulf and the detached territory
should be fully and justly considered in
the action on the proposed resolution
It may be urged Why disturb a con
dition of dismemberment of the seat of
government established for over fifty
years In reply It may be justl stated
there Is no progress of civilization or
improvement of any description that does
not disturb existing contliiions within
lawful limits If the object of the reso
lution is desirable for the Government
and for the citizens directly and indirect
ly interested if it is entirely within the
powers and limitations of the Federal
Constitution and if the resolution N ap
propriate to the subject matter it should
be adopted1
Chief Surgeon jUaus Waging
War Against Rats
Intelligent Efforts Being Made ty Army
Surgeons to Stamp Out the
Dread Disease
A private letter recently received In
Washington gives some new and Inter
esting details concerning the energetic
and intelligent efforts that are being suc
cessfully made by the army surgeons to
stamp out the bubonic plague wherever
It may appear in the Philippines The
the staff of Major General Chaffee at
Manila and it is predicted that the meth
ods employed by Dr Maus in fighting the
bubonic plague and cholera at Manila and
other points in the Philippines where
those frightful diseases bayc appeared
will soon be adopted with good results In
India and throughout the Orient
Rat Traps in Use Everywhere
On the subject of Dr Maus excellent
work the writer of the letter says
The awful bubonic plague from which
hundreds have died every day in many
cities of China and India made its ap
pearance In Manila last October Dr
Maus at once had rat traps set in every
section of the city and surrounding dis
tricts Each trap had on it the number
of the house and name of the street The
rats that were caught were brought to
the headquarters of the Health Hoard
and killed and their blood was examined
under the microscope In everj case
where germs of the plague were found
the house from which they were brought
was thoroughly cleaned and disinfected
More than a thousand houses have been
cleaned for this cause About eight hun
dreds rats a day are examined About
twenty thousand rats in all have been
killed In this way besides many thou
sands have been poisoned Dr Maus has
vicclnated the poor in Manila at the rate
of ten thousand a week for smallpox and
the plague As a result there have been
only seven cases of the bubonic plague
In Manila since last October
Tours of Inspection
erty or buildings in Alexandria rounty
New we find the United States owns three
tiaus as president oi me neaun uoaru
organized by Governor Taft Is extending
the practical and effective method for the
eradication of the bubonic plague through
out the archipelago He has a steam
boat constantly at his disposal and in
this he makes tours of inspection to all
the islands In consequence of ills watch
ful care and attention the health of the
Philippines Is becoming noticeably bet
ter and as soon as he can extend his
methods of sanitation and prevention to
all the principal ports of the archipelago
It is confidently believed that the bubonic
plague will be completely driven from
the Philippine Islands
Dr Maus has been the chief surgeon
at Manila for nearly three years and
has made himself thoroughly familiar
with the work at hand He served with
marked credit to hlmFelf and the medi
cal department of the army generally as
chief surgeon of the Seventh Army Corps
which under the command of Gen Fltz
liUgh Loe occupied Havana province for
seven months after the close of the war
with Spain The record he made In Cuba
caused him to be sent to Manila
We -Move Anvthing
Fire Proof
For the People
Newest and best equipped Fire
proof building near all car lines
Capacity of H4i locked compart
ments Kooms li0 2 i50
1 per month up
Furniture Pianos and other
Household Goods moved in padd
ed vans by experienced movers
at lowest rates
iTCood artfully packed and shipped to all
pjrts cf the world Kttiuiatet urmhed on
923 22 E ST - - - Phone 659
Discovery Made That 17500 Is Due to
the State of Indiana
INDIANAPOLIS Ind April 19 Accord
ing to a letter received last night from
Winslow Lanier Co New York bank
ers by Attorney General Taylor Indlana
has a valid claim for 17300 more war
The bank has discovered on its books
evidence that in 1SC1 by order of Presi
dent Lincoln Gov Oliver P Morton of
Indiana was paid 150000 In United States
notes as part settlement of the loans the
State had made to the Government in the
equipment of troops The credit or the
Goiernment at that time was such that
when it came to cashing the notes only
432000 was realized This claim for dis
count will probably be allowed Mr Tay
lor thinKs as similar discount claims on
other items were allowed last week by
Comptroller Tracewcll
This claim will be presented at once
along with another for 000 which
arises from Goiernor Morton having bor
rowed that amount from county
sloners cities and other scurces during
the days of financial stringency He has I
no doubt that this also can be proved
and will bo allowed
Bottle of Precious Liquid Sent
to Senator Tillman
Mr James S Cowdon Its Owner Hopes
to Have Congressional Eyes
cused on Drinking Supply
A bottle of liquid resembling coffee
the residue cf three gallons of Potomac
water distilled esterday at the chemical
laboratory of the Treasury Department
Jias been sent to Senator Tillman with
the request that the attention of the Sen
ate be once again brought to the condi
tion of the drinking supply of the Capi
It is believed by Mr James Seldon Cow
don the owner of the bottle of mud that
Senator Tillman will realize at once that
something must be dene to Improve the
water of the city He has prepared a bill
for introduction into both houses pro
viding for the remoal of the water de
partment from the War Department to the
control of the District Commissioners
This bill he will endeavor to have passed
Quart of Mud
The District Commissioners are re
sponsible to publis opinion In some meas
ure Eaid Mr Cowdon
The flask of liquid is warranted to as
tonish Senator Tillman The bottle con
tains nearly a quart of a coffee colored
substance which Mr Cowdon claims was
left when Treasury Department clerks fil
tered three gallons of water yesterday
So much Impressed were the Treasury
Department employes with the mud they
work has been thoroughly systematized I have been drinking that they determined
hv Dr Louis M Maus chief surreon on to Present the matter to the attention of a
The Warship Reported as Being at Na
gasaki Without Orders
The United States steamer Vicksburgwas
reported mysteriously at Nagasaki Japan
yesterday according to a cablegram re
ceived by the Navy Department which Is
at a loss to understand why she left Nleu
Chwang without orders
The State Department is equally per
plexed over the matter knowing of no
reason demanding her presence at the
Japanese port
New York Firm Receives a Bale to Be
Ginned Here
NEW YORK April 10 A Norden
Co of the cotton exchange have received
a bale of cotton from Porto Rico which
they will tend to Norfolk to be ginned
and later sell for the account of a Porto
Rican merchant
At the exchange today it was said that
the cotton is the equivalent of middling
uplands our class staple not quite so
good but very fair It would sell at fl4
cents a pound at least
Big Stone Company Incorporated
TRENTON N J April 13 The Ameri
can Stone Company has been incorporated
here with a capital stock of J000000
Of this amount 3000000 Is to be preferred
stock having C per cent cumulative divi
dends and 2000000 common stock
Crowds Witness His Depar
ture for a Ride
W ft
Impromptu ProcessTon oi Carriages and
Autos a
re -of Friday
Afternoons Ovation
inij u
When President Roosevelt rode out of
the White House grounds a few hours
before his departure for New York
for his regular canter 1n the country
he found an unusuallyblg crowd of people
waiting to see him go by There were
fully 200 men women and children in the
gathering not including those who oc
cupied a score of wheels hacks buggies
and automobiles - Every day a group
gathers at the gate from which the Pres
ident emerges when he goes on his horse
back rides but it rarely contains more
than fifty people It may hae been due
to the fine weather or It may have been
due to the fact that there is a big crowd
of visiting brides and grooms In town
but whatever the reason the assemblage
of curious ones outnumbered the average
similar gatherings four to one
The President was accompanied on the
ride by Maj Gen Samuel B Young
of the army who commanded the brigade
in which the Rough Riders were included
at Las Quasima8 where Capt Allyn K
Capron Sergeant Hamilton Fish the
New York society youth and a number of
others of the Presidents regiment were
When the President had responded to
the salute ofittie spectators and thought
that the ordeal was over the drivers and
motormen of the vehicles started ahead
and formed a double line around Mr
Roosevelt and his companion In this
way the President was escorted up the
street between the While House grounds
and the Navy Department
When Pennslvania Avcnife was reached
the brides and grooms In the automobiles
and the other people In the horse drawn
vehicles reluctantly withdrew from the
procession and let tlic President and Gen
eral Young go thcryray in peace
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