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The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1901-1902, May 18, 1902, Image 15

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V ANT1D White cirl for store and ltglit Imnse
V orr 1S31 II U nw mlS I
W ANTED Ctrl for ccneral liousmork
I is 1 st nw
1 AT
M ANTID ladi lo help in dairy lunch
room and fancy bakery PEUOTI UW Pa air
iir ml
M NTED A rood cirl to assist in lifrlit houe
vork Address 1K 117 llii olhcc ml 3
ANTl Oiils to work on cutom vcstB eocwl
liay 1203 II tt nw 1 HHhljllAMM roisf
3 iIIi letters l home cither ms
incose two sUmi uith aijilication ILLINOIS
IMll TltlAL UNION Dcartnioeit 2 Jlasonic
Trmiilr Chicago 18
rt cirl for housework
rrfcriiii ii M0 Ljdctke r vr iiw
V IVIED neat reliable cirl
old for liRlit -work and to attend child 4 J Mrs
old must brine reference 1323 T St nw tnlb 3
WANTI ll Gnnd rook to co vutli family to sea
shore lest clti refcicnee rcqulicd Appl on-
dai 115 JI st nw
Tilth -rood references
WANTED Two white uotnen
ences one for omit and other for chambermaid
and wsitmes Hits o K oft distance in
country for summiT a pood icrnianeiit place lo
riciit panics e aii ai iuiiniu -
2S3 N st H
WANTED l woman to do Reneral homework
for a family of 3 adult 140 Corcoran st cl
W INTED Woman to cook wash and Iron v2
month co to country 3 in famil IpplJ
VEAIEH BROS 1I1G F st cl7 2
M ANTED Two lady lo call from
bouse to house and show new coffee dripper
salary by the da or communion on sales lust
aa you prefer Vuu call make JO or S each week
If jcu are fitted for the work Call after 10
oclock C A SICK1L CO F tl nw el
V ANTED Colored cirl for ccneral housework
small family Call 1201 U St nw cl
WANTED A cood cook for private familr must
stay nights and haic beat city references Apply
1730 Q at nw el
l ANTED White woman for childs nurse
fly Hit V st ni
V INTED Cirls to help at drmsmakinc It once
Applj at 1229 11th st nw cl
MASTED White cirl as nurse A
st but
730 6th
WANTED A younc ladi to learn ladles tailor
ing and dressmaking also an prentice girl to
help tidi rooms 1111 K st nir cl
HANTH White cirl alwut 17 yean old for
genet al homework Apply 205 A st Be m7 3
WANTED A rcliahle German woman as house
VeelHT Rood VS Apply 17SI lllh St
ml 3
WAVTKU Rood cook hitc Ccrman pre
rarrd good wases IfcHMAN OIUIIAN AJi
LUal Anacwtia D a Apply IBtD 11III0F
cor 9th and It tts ny elC 2
WANTI I Jirl or youmr woman for licht work
at 113 U st ec good liomc yidowcr without
children mIC 3
AVANTEI A cood steady girl or woman for
general housework short dutance from town
Inquire at DOCTUITS OFFICE 317 Cth St mr
el3 7
TIIL TnitltOIt and horrors of the gTcat casUs
trudie at M rierre and Martinique as told liy
numtlln ee bic lmok fully illus
tnuil reUil prii e H50 50 per cent commis
sion to flcnts send loi for postage on free out
fit II 11 K k CO- Chicago ml
M IVT1 11 iniit niln unit ftmato for lii Mell
uxg noieltlcs good wazes assured uorktrs 2
cents full particilars tddress KOOM ins I
tadc Clereland Ohio MUNtlOE C0M1A ml t
MMITIMVIE Disaster and Other I
tanic Lntptions with mai nl compute
Kok greatest silh r puhlWied cxcluslte lerri
tory citraordmar books on credit out
fit free aioid fictitious firms Addreui N TftV
AL riHLWIlNC HOLbE Lstablihed 1SJ7
Lakeside Djildlng Clncsgo ul
llASThD gents to sell the Martiniques fear
ful diHUtcr big lnwk 150 Vi per cent com
mission tredit ghtn exelusn e written by a
aunrjrim e outfit ready send 10c
MhllItAN rUBUMIIM 1101 bE Clucago
wecklr to copr letters for us evenings Address
COMPANY qiicago ml
ACENTa cither sex arc making big money
daring Andrew Carnegies great work TLc
1 mpire of HusmcM one agent sold 20 one da
fast seller to business men Apply to DOUIIUi
DAY PACE A CO 20 1 ast list St -New Wk
city ml
WANTED nnt start mail order business at I
partment TS Chicago 111 ml
WANTED Agents imitorted perfumes fiaioring
extracts toilet ajtlcles foajis etc profitable
Kteadi cmplollnent credit given PAItla PER
rViii COMPAN1 Jersey City X J
W ANTED Agents bright energetic men and
wcmento represent our buslneas in their local
it business high grade and profitable no cash
required write at once for proiwsition THE
MilGLE PLIIIJslllNG COMPANY 733 Majestic
liuilchng Detroit Mich apiO Su fet
IIARTIXIOLE 1XO0D of Ere and burning rain
The grcatewt homr of modem times Immense
sales harvest for agents best terms credit
given freight paid outfit free T W ZIEGEEll
i CO MS Locust sU Philadelphia Pa mlO 0
WANTr I Young lady will pay 25 to anjonc
aecuriiig her Government position strictly con
fidential Address BOX 110 this office ml
A LADY wishes to find siuatlon tor excellent
bwedish cook free June 1 can recommend her
m every way wages 23 to T5 also footman
thoroughly understand duties wages 33 Ad
clrtn HO 103 this ollice el
WANTED By middle aged lady position as trav
eling solicitor good couirnsationalist speaks
Irene h Cennaa and Engluli 110 97 this of
fice el
WANTED By conitetent dreswmakcr just
to the citl first- class work to do at
liorae or go out by day or week satisfactory
guarantee MHis M It FtlRD 434 I st nw el
VANTED By colored woman place tc do gen
eral housework cJ3 II st nw eI7 2
WANTED By a middle aged lady without In
cumbrances the care of a house tor the sum
tner HOI 93 this office el
WANTED ewing in families all kinds bean
tifulli done 4 a week references BOA 94
this office el
WANTED By lady pution for the summer as
teacher companion mother helper or to relieve
the raistres of the house in various ways mod
erate compensation references exettanged Ad
dress C IE BOX 133 Ilockillle Md elC 3
WANTID By two exiierienced chambermaids
positions for Atlantic Lit hotel only L M
S30 M st clS 3
X INTID Night wurt In luncli room by young
man understands csKiking and preparing luncbeM
Address G S33 T3th at Tie ml
XI ANTED By a liright coliTed boy positici as
waiter after ichou lejurc small salary 1513 yj
St nw ml
XANTIMI By a good laundry man a plaie as
wasli man city or country best of refiTenecs
1033 17th at nw ml
XVANTED By man of family work good
reliable handy most anything
Iiearancc groce y dHving watehtnsn anithtng
lor work good reference BOA fl thin othce el
XMIJ PAX 200 cash to anyone who can sesrure
jne a lNjsltion in Congressional ULraiy Address
In coEflelciicc BlA SI this office ini7 2
XANTFD By young boy place In
to learn good trade 511 tb st se
office oi
el0 2
V ANTED TipewTlling Sc per je words short
hand and tiiiewntlng Cc ROOM 79 ilrCHI
niilldiiig Also 11 Sd st nc ml
XltNTED By nian wIUl 10 years cxrrriciic In
Tiotel and restaurant from kitchen to office po
sition Sieaks German and French sober and
laithlul Address BOX 7f tills offii tlfi 2
XfANTID Summer leoardera ever tiling guar
aiteed comfortable and pleasanE Apply to MRS
CEO I BRLCE Warrenton Xa mI5 4
WANTED Young horse must lie cheap Apply
1103 tali al ps unday or Monday ihIb 3
O JUTED Slat wagon must be in good
and cheap also good double set elraft har
1irs W O B0OMK JR 1J4 at wnsrf mlf S
A NTF1 Two youm men rspeTlrnccd in
clothicsT and cults fumMtlrir s no ftlirr nerd
ate nw ml
WANTID lluitllnc joung man in established
buMiicsi -mall 44tital icqiured Addrcw lt
13 this outer ml
w NTH t once cTenciicTd lnLhrlman on
nuns tlotlnng ixnnannit pljce to npht man
410 Till st nw ml
W WTID Twenty file good carpentirs Appl
Nindai iKtween U and 12 XW C St nw second
floir ml
W ThI rapethancer at 11 9th st
WAVTID lirst clas blacksmith day work or
as partmr small taptlal riijmritl Adlrrs HO
IIS this olhcc ml
W ANTHl llright aitnc lsiys as parcel wrap
kts must hate cxpinrncc toLDKNItKHC
7th and K sts ml 4
job printer
CltOE CQUlAW Ilond Iluildmg
Appii Tin
mlS S
WANTlll ti a wwk anl all expenses for men
with ris to introduce tioultn iimirkmnd straight
IM Di partment 10 Tarson Kan ml
WAVTlI Carruae smith helper with some cl
THriemt DhCKN A URICKHH 1JJ7 Till St
nw inlS 3
WANTED Colored mau for meemjer in print
ing otnee Call Holiday morning 11 INK OIM
rvNl flotld Iluildlng ml
WAYTrD alcsimn reliable wholesale house has
two gooil traieling ivisitions open June 1 no
novice need applj we want salesmen M F
11IMI It CO ltd Cleveland Ohio ml
WANTED salesman to call on doctors only on
behalf of the badng Ann in the business estab
lished trade to illon permanent applicant miLst
be intelligent and indefatigable state eaperi
enct Address I O IIO ejS nilladilphialnl
WEI Ilranih otni e manager V and com
mLssirn rcpli with stamp alMTAHY COM
lNl fct luis ilo aul
W VNTED Lngineera flrcinen maehmivtj and
rlectncians send tor 40 page pamphlet contain
ing questions asked by cyatrinin board of cluji
necrs to cbuin engineers license Addren GrO
ZLLn lubluher room CS Is b 4th st
5L Louu Mo mlO SulCt
WANTED Clear salesman cxpeiieuve unneccs
tary grwl pa IMtNll L A CO blaticn J
cw ork uiallllsj
W NTEIs oung men lo 6tudy French by mail
ciuy rapid and tliorough coukc For turticu
lars and circular addinu MIIIll SrONDINCK
ork malJlliSj
WANT1D Todsi farm hands S13 to 0 white
or colored 3 dishwashers IILE CO 0 St
nw el
WANTED loimg man from country to work
in furniture store Call 1737 7th st nw cl
WANTFD 130 able bodied colored men for rail
road grading at DeteiUy W a 1 per
day Call at 302 10th st for information cl
WNTEI Ejprrt uplKd tercr none but first
class need apply J AIJ1I RT 1I0LO1IT0N 1511
F at nw el
WANTED Two stiong colored bojs about 18
years of age to work m factory must be active
Appl S3a Iciinsiliama aie nw cl
WANTED Second man to leate the cit for the
summer pply at M lwh sU el
WANT1D htair builder
Apply 1st and sts
WANTEIV V hows boy one that iindist3nl
something about cooking Vpply 1123 Wlutnty
ai c el
W AVniD Salesman ci0 monthli ard exiienscs
permanent lERRi NUnSEHY COM PAN V
Ilochestcr X Y ap6ST na3410111718
W NTED sre ond and roast cook gardener and
I lumber for resort fare paid llLUKEsa Ilo
TEL ACINCV aa ICth st e7
WANTH Five good bootblacks at the WASH
Mlianla ate irti clO t
WANTFD First rlsss botler and groom callable
to manage a stallion in season must be strictly
sober and reliable no other nerd applv W 11
DFNN Itnsntwood U C 15 S
W ANTED Registered druggist I0 week and
board Addrcst IIOV 70 lhu oflce elV3
W sjCTFl Urcnts for The Martini nc
1 111 inTaf ail t 1l1tif Pl tabl Vatnliln rfsOi piliTttaess 4 n
LADIES AMI GENTS can cam from 3 Xo 15 i lmlic frum jj to rj7 j ptpjjj lr Ad
drew 1lIIE HiniE ll 11L1MIING COMIANVf
i nuaaeipiiia I a ml 0 3
WANTED Honest white boy 1C or 15 years old
for work about store country boy prcfened no
loafers wanted Sm F st nc mlG 3
WANT1D Wliite dief J1W month colored
home we furnish cviTything sample 310 page house chef 73 month out of city
catalogue zuc aj iagc caiaiogoc 4c circulars i imirij himli iztn ana l a ale
WANTED Colored fry cook scullicm two night
cnginc ers third clasK for Uiu city DICKS
HOTHj AGlNfl lth and Pa aie ml6 3
nilO 3
W 4NTED ExiieriencesI laundry drliers state
references Address U0 C3 this efftcc clS 3
W NTE1I 40 bricklayers at once Ipply at
WarreT st nw near New Jersey aie G
KYtN Hi 3
WANT II laborers and teamsters Apply to S
S DAISH k SOVS ioS HeirieU are ne Csal
and Firewood anl ti
WANT 11 By gentleman with Govenimc nt iiosl
lion room on or near Capitol II 11 1 place fur
wheel Address BOA 111 this cilice mla 3
W VNTED Iloom and board bv a ladi in the
snburlM wheic there aie other lioanbrs along a
car line northwest section Address BOX 101
this office ml
W NTFD Bi gintlemsn ingle cool room with
board fib to 20 clc an acccintneslations all
rcejuired Kddrcss with full particulars BOX
39 this efbee ml7 3
W Vnll Bj widow in Treasury room and
loard for self and daughter 7 ycais old private
family no objection to suburlm if cars come
direct to Treasury state terms Address BOX
72 this office mlG3
W NTED Furnished house for summer no
children Jdip a II M 1 J3 k st nw mis 3
WANT1D To buy six or sercn room house for
about 3OsJ Nejrthwest section will jiay all
cash state numlicr of house and price or no
notice taken Address BOA 3 this office
ml7 3
children would like to talc care of lioue for
summer tnontlu for party going away will pay
Part of rent can give lt reference Address
BOX te this ollcs m7 3
X ANTED Bi experienced lady fumbliesl house
to care for during summer months bewt of ret
iTenrea Address BOX 113 this office mlb 3
WANTFD At ilNCTaillN C33 Ixiuisiana ave
furniture showcases roll top desks stocks if
grocrnew injiciiasesi mis J
W ANTED Furniture of all kin Is store ami office
Allures s UH 4ir lele Ihonc Jlain 2730 2 1 Itll s
A IIOPVWKHt fth and K sts nw mls 3
WANTED- Menr We buy stolen Ne m be
fore you sell your stove We juiy big money
for storea Sec us cr lc1clioiie Mam 27yl 2
XOIIE tnuldirg gyn nastic strengthen the voice
and extend the vocal register price 25c 4
WANTED m feet of space and about 5 horse
ir BOA bO this oflice el0 3
WANTED HIghe t cash price paid for ladles
and gentlemens cust off clothing Address pus
tsl and 1 will call 11 TAR III FJT 7th st
nw inylo sot
W SATED A second hand wheel must lie in good
order and a bari ain Iddic JOHN care Car
hit No 3 City Puslofncc mIO 3
WANTED To buy old feather beds I MRIs
7s Myitle tt tI3
WANTHI To buy at once 5 old feather
lievls will iay the highest cah price Send
ieeUl to MILTHHtN lTlTIIHl COMPANl ill
Cth st nw mil 7t
W NTID fio to JOHN 11 HOPKINS stands
1 to 1115 Center Matkct when sou want a good
market -basket Baskets from 3c up nils 71
W4NTE1I Htchest cash price paU for ladies
and getitlenie na cst off clothhic tddnws rio
tal and I will call M lilCh 1332 7th it
mis 2s
fHTrClTJPlJsIljlcibxLtRTH TO IlFk
ladies and gents watches lold sllerr or tilled
cases diamond rings pins or etuds and In
fact Jewelry ol all kinds cash or credit J
DRLKKER late with Castelbergs now corner
12th tt and Pa arc upstairs over hat Here
OLD COLD SIL11U and coins bought watch
clone ana jewelry repairing 113 C sL nw c
T MAR11X na3 30t
W sNTED Pawn tickets lor diamonds and
jewelry cash paid for old gold silver L ABRA
HAMS 433 nh st nw ap5 tl
WANTED Highcwt uii riaid for ladles
and gents esut off clothliur Address imstal will
call S hlBlKa 1200 71h at nw c29 S0
FOP nFNT Nicrli furniJicd rooms with lird
1S 3
r llth st nw
Hilt lllT Three nlic rmimi all conirmeniv
hip Ii3 Indiana ate nw inl9
FOIt IllNT rnrnihM room at lMsemnnt ibt
on Citi anl line one car fare MPr
at store opo ite station mt 3
I OH ltlNT To pntliman lurnslieil hall room
1I1 k st im
Hilt ItlVT SII 3d St
Iiasonablc rates
furnithed rooms
Kilt 1I1NT lutnsheil rooms f1 to 15 alo
rooms for light hcnsekei ping 51 K st nw cli 3
FOIt ltKNT Nidi furnished rooms 3 and 10
a miiith all moJeni lmprovimcnt 520 lenn
el7 3
sj lvania arc se
llt KENT One large front room furnished or
two unfurnished in a private family Call rat
Hhode Island are nw fl 3
Kill KENT Furnished rooms tor light hous
kcrpnw baUi on Mine tor 113 C st nw eli 3
Kill KENT Two la ge room large closets 10
abo furnished room i la F st nw C17 3
Hill HINT Fuinishnl rooms one second stori
front two on third fixuri lutli hot water newly
paereil and aintJ term inwlrralr ISil 9th
sUn m7 3
HIt HENT V large front hall room two win
dows and iloset a month 1114 N st nw
m7 3
TOll RENT Rooms with- or without board
tisnsients JO cents 1111 II st nw ml7 l
FOR RENT One or two rooms furnished or
ttiituinLsliisd near elesrtric tars CEUIV UR iO
Te nleytown D C clll 3
KIR 111- NT Very cool nicely furnished front
room 7 022 K st nw elO 3
FOR RENT Third floor at 113 B st sc op
Jiomtc Congrc ffional Library furnished or not
for light housekeeping latb and porch ml 0 3
FOR RENT Furnished front room newly pa
ered Iwcclaln bath TeVi 3th st nwl ml0 3
mil RENT I mulshed room 1 per week CU
N st nw nU0 3
FOR RENT lively cool furnislied rooms very
ressonablr 713 15th sL nw lnlO 3
011 RENT 1221 New Xork ave
and other looms
FOR H1AT see ond
floor four
1110 rionda avene
I OR HXT IurnLshcd rooms
aie nw
mlC 3
rooms bath
ml 0 3
1113 Xew York
mlC 3
FOR RENT Large fumUied front room suitable
for two 227 12e sw inKW
1X111 RENT lumlshe l hall room for gentleman
with board in private family 3 per week
Apply at 220 th st aw ml0 3
FOR RENT Tlirec nice rooms urnUied or un
furnished third floor 1010 lllh st nw el5 3
FOR RENT Ver cool room furnished or un
furmshed 3 large windows southern expos
ure cabinet mantel bath and elevator sum
mcr rates Montrose flats 1115 9th sL nw elS 3
FOR THAT Furnished second storv room gas
liath same floor 0 will rent to two gentlemen
for S 710 4th st nw - elS 3
XR RENT Two beautiful communicating rooms
on eecond story new house country air very
reasonable gentlemen 231 llth st se eI5 3
011 RENT Cool furnished communicating room
for grntleuen 910 9lli St near New Xork
ave nw 15 3
FOR 1INT 1203 llth st nw
cheap gas fur cooking
furnished rooms
el3 3
011 RrNT Large second story front room next
to ltath near G P O Mil 1st it n T el 5 3
FOR HENT Iurnisheil room
week 207 c st nw
one person 130
elS 3
FOR RENT Niceli furnished room delight
fully situated for he summer 1203 New Jersey
ave rm el3 3
OII RENT Nicely furnished rooms for man
and wife or single rooms for gentlemen with
board or without at the OUDtlVALl 31S 3d
st nw cl2 7
W XNTED By couple three unfurnished rooms
housekeeping central and cheap BOX 102 this
oKij Ili
W NTH June 1 thiev or four unfurnished
looms over a store preferred state pner Ad
dress BOX W this office m7 3
WAVn D Hi yourg man lioanl within tliree
or four blocks of New Jersey ave and N st
Address BOX 113 tins office mls 3
WANTFD Men in ami out of the Dejiartmrnts
to sell stock for an Ohio Oil Cbmpanj good in
vestment references Address IOX U this
trace mlS 3
43 20 roflt monlhlv on an investment of 10
Dividemls ixid monthlv Trial IniestmenU
c4 23 aee pted Haielseir ie booklet free DUE
A Co 231 Broadwaj New Xork city ml
WILL INiEsT 81irtl to 30 with service in
legitimate business 2UI 121h tt nw mla 3
lOIt S l F cood location
XeHres BOX IV this ortke
mleJ 3
I ID PARTNER procure capiul and cell
lieitlniate enti irises no matter where located
I Smd full particulars and learn bow W M
os ntMihlt ortli American iiuuaing
Pa ml
3l CIMI will liuy interest in 1I acres of pe
troleum land rare ihancc for a fortune lor
IarllculaM address BlX HeJ this office eli 7
W NTED lady iartncr in light business
no capital resiuired Allium BOX 100 this of
fice el7 3
OIl Cigar eonfeetionery arid notion
store cheap BOX 103 this office e7 3
MN or woman with SW can make 23W in su
months Aildrix BOX VJ this oltle e el
IMIt sjLF Fixtures and leuinants of a first
class grocery store the lst cash cor in the
citl cheap rent no reasonable offer tefusM In
ejuirc 811 New Aork ave nw el
WIlHIW UDX wishing to retire from busi
netH will disjs isc of her liejuor saloon with lease
and lies rise at cost situated in good family
trade section of Baltimore lnuire of MR
SMITH 307 North Pine st Baltimore Md
m7 3
Kill blLE V salon on 9th st nw
Market Address BOX P3 this oHce
m7 a
Kill S UI firncei store and fixtures will take
Inventory busine ss a week no agenta
sddrcM BOX W this offlee ni7 3
OR sEL Barber shop clearittg tlOel per
month ilinlng and lunch rooms cigar and cotifec
tioner uteres rooming house- and millinery store
IHNIU s ItU r17 3
OR cigar store arid newsstsnd
3 bth st nw eI03
FOIt l Meat and gioeery store duuT good
liusini sw and cheap rent owner m imor luvlth
and must sell Call at ne cor 21st and 1 sts
bet 2 and 5 oclock p jn clG3
OR 30gsllon milk route horse wagon
and cows pply at II II st tie ni0 3
1011 fc UL tlresrerv stole doing good cash lsisi
1211 3d st liw inlC 3
1011 SAI F Croeery and fixtures cheap J2th
and 1 sts se nilO 3
IMM I o iiortunit 31 buys establisheil
lminess clearing iej weekly owner leaving
city BOX 04 this oftce el31
TRITH vBOLT WATCHES and mainsprings 50c
BROWNE lot F tt n m21 U
Kill SUE toilet set roll eslge basin
latest spe cial 1 4 ltllA A IIOPWOOD
till and K sts nw mis 3
FOR bI M ladys V wheel in perfect
condition 715 Rhode Island aie mil 3
Kill SsLE renta bicycle high frame 3 ill
ItlllLh r XCHXNRU 611 13th it ml3 3
1111 bAII Mcktl plated bicycle 10 IM 1st
St w nilS -3
Kill SUl Lads Oneiit wheel aln est new
will sell cheap Apply 1015 New lork ave nw
third floor nil 3
NEW WHEH Ju t out F xplorcr with Mor
tow cr Xew llepaiturc eoaster X3 on time
a ieach Bargain lot Searchlights while the
la J 170 come ruek Hi COjWHE k
CO 2123 Pentueillanla ave and 3031 M tt
ml7 3
Kilt st IK Ladys nickeled bicycle new tires
M0 alO P st nw ml7 3
FOR SsIF IjJi biryelc good condition 3
BOX 77 this office elS3
WHY PAX 130 for storage when c store for
iSU lh tt nw lllVS
01 RENT Two plen anV ucfurnishcd roo ns
light lHiMekTiing U atter i oclock IC10
Mh L nw nils 3
OR IlT To ehcertal ts nn rent cheap
Ill California tt nc mlS 3
mil RENT Two cr tlree Amfmnishr1 room
litht limsekeepiru Cllfilh jt ne ml 3
Kilt RENT Two large Mnnecting unfurnishrel
rooms verr cool ami plcasirt au nmer rates
light housileeping if desired no children ref
crrlites exehangesl lriy Pa ale nw mlS 3
1X1H RENT Tlirec line unfurnished rooms with
liath sesi oid floor 617 K st nw ml 3 3
FOR RENT Two or 3 untumishcsl rooms 21
floor light hou ekee ping 130a 9lh st nw el 3
lOR RENT lour rooma and bath
furnislied f 12 C st ne
0R RENT Three unfurnished rooms
at nw
2d floor
mil RENT Three unfurnished second floor
rooms tr adults only light housekeeping 12
month in advance bl New ork arc nc el
FOIt RENT Two pleasant unfumUlied rooms on
second floor convenient location rent 12 lt
Rhode Island are nir m7 3
I OR RENT Tlirec unfurnished rooms second
floor for light housekeeping gas and bath no
children S3 II st nw ml7 3
KR RENT Largo room and tiasemrnt for busi
nesw suite of three rooms and two single rooms
for residence purposes 518 Hrth St nw inquire
Room 11 m7 3
mil RENT Tlirer rooms facing Willach Place
IS1913 13th mL ml7 3
011 RENT Tlirec unrumislied rooms for light
housekeeping on second floor heat bath and
gas for cooking rent rexsonahle 733 22d st
nw nl7 3
Olt RENT Two large looms
10 122 New York ave
bath same floor
mlT a
111 RNT Flit summer rates with or with
out lioaieL 13al 13th at nw ml73
OR RriT Tliree or four nice large unfurnished
rooms second floor or two large unfurnished
rooms third floor rent reasonable 407 ast
Capitol at ml7 3
OR RENT Tliree rooms north south and went
exposure heat gas and bath if wanted second
floor very cheap Address BOX 00 thu olBec
m7 3
Itou sth
0ll RENT Two unfurnished rooms for light
home keeping 750 adults 1243 Md ave ne
mlO 3
10II RENT rntire second floor of thr e rooms
and bath suitable for light housekeeping rent
reasonable references required 1303 10th st
nw mIO 3
XR RENT our nnfumished rooms second
floor 21 fth st ne ml 3
1011 RENT Flat unfurnished 3 rooms 21 floor
gas liath 1013 B St ne el3 3
KIR RENT Two large unfurnished front rooms
southern evpurc heat gai and bath on same
floor G45 Florida ave nw e5 3
Kilt RENT Two unfurnished rooms 3rd floor
heat and gas very reasonable 1315 S st nw
el3 3
FOR BENT Tliree second floor large cool
rooms po celain bath light housekeeping ser
vlces of man 1011 lth st nw ml3 g
FOP RENT Kooms The Astoria 3d and G sts
nw centrsl location modern m21 tf
Kilt HI NT FurnisheJ or nnfumished second nl
third floor Hats or single w K t nw ml3 3
loll IIENT Kiirmslicsl an 1 unfurnished rooms
1 I sL nw ml 2
1011 RENT Furnished er unfurnished second
floor thrtss communicating rooms southern ex
MKure rent reasonable and light housekeeping
permitted 2221 II nw mlS 3
JOB 11 NT Columbia llrichts fumishesl or
fttrtiu licu large south Iront reora to party em
plonsl during dar ddrcs BOX III this office
mlS 3
1olt IILXT Iurnisbeil ami unfiirnlsheil reotns
convenient ueikhlioihood ycrj motlerate rates
4 I st ne i ml 3
Fl RNIiFD or unfurnished rooms for house
kcqilng 107 II st nej r ml 3
KH BENT Rooks furnished of unfurnished
fl s and second floor hrar PclihaylranU are
Capitol Hill 327 Cth St se ml7 3
home table
K st nw
furnished rooms
mlJ 3
KR RT 713 K it nw two furnished rooms
secend fluor joining lialh transients
ml 3
ROOMS AND story rooms with
board reasonable SO Rhode Island aec nw
el7 3
201 EtsT CMITOL ST facing Capitol and Li
brary cool well furnislied rooms excellent table
rooms 5 per month up table board 3 per
month transients 1 5ei ier lay m7 7
1SB1203 M ST NW Large comfo tablc back
rorm suitable for two with excellent board
1 eaeb m7 3
131 O T NW Nicely furnished rooms single
or en suite cicsn comfuitable reasonable
boanl If elesiied ml7 7
HR RENT rurnishrd rooms
board 15J0 15th st nw
with cr without
ml7 3
BOOMS AND BO Villi 103 Sth st ne con
vergent to two lines of cars near a beautiful
park Library ami Capitol house nearlr new
clean cool and airy location and nelghtior
hoesl good New ork evoking home table
prtcc s teasonahle call and see me branch P O
near by elO 3
0R RENT Large sunny front
board central 211 D st nw
rooms good
clo J
IXI5T left hand glove saddle color owne
No 7 Leave here get reward Ad Irrsc BOX
1IG this office ml
IO TT bnndle and white female bull terrier
Reward will be aid it returned to 714 21th st
IOT Iriday night diamond stud liberal re
ward If returned to 1113 Huntington Place nw
e7 3
lO iT shaggy Xorkshirc terrier male dog
long yellow hair had on collar and tag No 5W
when lost 5 reward if leturned to Iril Ncw
Ilamlisliire are nw el7 3
IO iT In Woodward A faith ops in envelope
from merican security Bank 40 Reward If
returned to WQODW Mil A LOTHUQpa e7 3
KteT Tall gate and storm cover Liberal re
ward if returned to S DXER Biggs Market
mlC 3
LOVr steel coloresd pearl mart pin Reward
offered THE NEW Will Mill BOTH mIO 3
UT Tuesday niht silver chatelaine purse
Iietween Bund Buildirig ahd till Wyoming arc
Reward if ictiirnrel to 2132 IVyoming ave el5 3
Mil ND Hoof painting srd repairing done
cheap noik guarantifd WJI II CIIWEi
ua Callan t nc mI7 3
KltND IMipse chainlesi bieiele basement of
107 st nw owner ean hive same by prov
ing iroiKrty and paiing for ad elC 3
KII ND Wllklns Jlelcrn Utctnc Ice Cream
Plant JIakc your c otitraet with Wilklnv fee
eriam and cake less than wholesale prices
Washington frozen dainties P21 lth tt n
ml5 U
FOUNl At Laceya most modern Ice cream fac
tory In Ameilca delicious chocolates vanilla and
stiataLerry kc cream made from tue fruit not
the acid OX jcr gallon Also laceya special
70c per gallon Cice cA7 New Xurk Ave Phone
Main 933 delOtt
ROOMS PVPIRID 1 7i up iainling lonnt
irlres CUIIIMK BIlOl IM Mh st ne
Ihunchast Ssi 1 mlS3
IIIMIMl PUHtlD 2 up work guaranteed
win lea 1 fought HUNT 4C7 C st nw inl 7t
N0LTF tZI 9th st nw Is tomtantly receiving
the latest and most attractive designs in Wall
Papers and pafiers rooms from v2rj0 up Call
and inteitigate lor yourself and be couvlnccd
mil tf
COUNTIli BO MID Three double rooms with
good lmard tuo in room gmllemcn preferrcsl
adulta only Addicac JI K B Takoma Park
PO ml7 3
SUMMER ROUtD Adulta per month chlt
ilren half prie e shade snd fruit In abundance
F M BULOU Herndon m ml7 J
OR sLome of the finest lunch room fU
tiirri this side of Xew Xotk 1 RIEb d HOP
WOOD Mh and K sts nw m 3
KIR hXI St tcnpiiM and lulls the proper
thng for a summer re rt price 730 HtllJ
I OR Ijrge sectional lee box cent 150
will sell cheap HUES A HOPWOOD Bth and
K Sts nw n13
KMt SUE Invalid rolling ehalr cost m will
sell for 10 IIOPWOOD Sth ami k
sts nw mlS3
Kill SMI jmlly leaving city have oak Do
mestic all attachments 10 104 II st niv
KIR hMK Refrigerators and all kinds of sec
ond liaml furniture at ORDONa l 9th st
niv f mliJ
011 S VLB Three piece mihogany lieilroom set
1H cost 300 ORDONS ISM 9th st nw
mis 3
roil SLE One graplwphone with 20 records
ami reproducer This machine Ium been used in
the different theaters and halls in different cities
This machine is complete and good as new The
cutflt cent 100 will sell for VI to a quick buyer
UIIS A IIOPWOOD Sth ami K sis nw mH t
011 SL Extraordinary fine furniture very
cheap leaving city JW piano 03 solid bra
bed 13 solid mahogany bedroom suite extra
large anil line 130 cost H3 extension table
from Paris Exposition cost 100 for 23 solid
oak liedroom suites 10 up odd dressers
tables chiffoniers iron betU hair mat
tresses ladies desks flat roll top desks leather
dining chairs 330 cost 14 Roman chairs 1
couches 7 up library table pier mirror ward
robes folding Iifils Iwokeases parlor and musis
rahmelA rockers entire contents of an army
officers residence ordered away Will the dealer
who offered 2000 for the entire lot make offer
on lulance or send address GEO M AnlllTT
431 llth st nw mH 3
OR SL The best importeil raxora at lowest
prices 4ll Cth St nw ml 3
TOR SALE II loot awning reasonable In good
condition Also bicycle for gentleman lsa IStli
st nw mlS 3
1011 SXU Boat Ilfoot batleau new very
light copper fastened sjltable for fishing or
pleasure Can be seen at 1320 V at nw after
lpn m8 3
011 s Curios 73 uncirculated nickels with
out cents 730 100 Columbia Isabella quarter
75 collection minerals worth 123 du
mond or gold watch 917 C at sw e7 3
011 sJlLi Gas ranges new and secondhand
from 3 up B i DICKINSON 1731-33-37 7th
st nw el7 3
OR SLE Refrigerator suitable
store B S DICMXbON 1731-33-3
f r small
i st nw
eI7 3
FOR SIM solid oak liureau new 50 chif
fonier 173 B s DICKINiiON 1731-33-37 7th
st nw e7 3
li L Clieap high arm S ingcr sewing ma
chine B S DICKINlOV 1731 33 37 7th Jit
nw el7 3
KIR SALE 3 piece mrlor suit new li30 3
piece oak chamber suit new 1210 II s DICK-
INSOV 1731s23 37 7th St nw
e7 3
011 SI Refrigerators and ice chest new and
second hand large and small any kind you
want B -S DICKINSON 1731 33 37 7th st nw
e7 3
1011 SVLE Dry kindling wood large truck load
50c 615 E at nw e7 3
Kill feM Or trade 3 picture slot machines
ami pictures in good places BOX 101 this of
fice e7 3
011 SALE Cheap Jewel gu range and ice
chest no use for same 2iArfI st nw el
011 SW A ladrs gold watch chain and pin
cheap BOX this oBce el7 3
FOR SALE Indian fortune teller just the thing
for summer resorts l machine for 7 Apply
at once after 5 p m C T lllNTLR 113 Penn
sylvania are el7 3
Olt sVLE r ewihg machines on credit 5c a
week all makes eiak and walnut 3 up fully
guaranteed 423 44 st sw Open evenings
el7 7
011 SLE Three ladies ruddle 1103 llth st
nw eI7 3
0lt SL hinger sewing machine 4 30 New
lamily l New Home 10 renting and repair
ing at McFRLVNDS 1XW im t nw corner
It st ml7 3
lOIt SIE Clieap counters shelving glass jar
dishes fl foot slxiwcase at a sacrifice to rejire
from liuslness 1707 7th st nw m7 3
BUslNlSsi MEVS CH NC Hxrtford Tire No
77 2S3 nt on at 113 Pa ave ml7 3
FOIt SU V fresh Jersey cow and calf 1311
Spring st Mount Pleasant ml7 3
011 S UE Gas range three burners and oven
will sell cheap J II MM is 13 7th at nw
elS 3
H SUB standard machine oak all attach
ments 15 cont 33 also Domestic 7 drawer
oak masMne cost 05 will sell for 20 cash
BOT 73 fliis ofiee clO 3
ROOM AND 110 MID Transients 1 per day I It SL One large sectional ice box cost
single per wc ck iloublc 0 rsrr month and I 1C0 will S 1I cheap A IIOPHOOII sill
up with good board table beianl rcslueed 110- and K su nw Telephone Main 275V2 ml 5 3
TlL BiLTIUOKl 15th st and New iork ave
nw el 3
KIR SMI singer Sewing Machine 3r Home
4 50 New Home M0 Household 11 Whetlcr
Wilson v 11 50 all warrantrd for fire years
at OPFENIILIMEHsj 511 Jtli st nw Machlnca
lenteel by week or month Rerairing 1 war
ranted mlO 3
011 SAI New utomatlc iewing Machine 2
02a st nw Machines cl any make rented by
week or month 3arhtncs repaired and warrant
e1 1 mlO 3
10R fine large rubber plant 1301
X st nw mlB 3
KR SWE New upright piano standard nuke
sell at saenAee Ili25 llth nw ml 0 3
0lt U E several amusement games suitable
for picnic excursion or sununer resort 450 Va
ave sw mlO 3
rOR SAI F Oak bedstead and spring and voung
sliephcrd dog all cheap MIS I st se cl5 3-
1011 SAI E 1 telephones dynamo and two
tents in trie condition WJrl th st nw eli 3
Also one Chlckrrlng piano at 33 and other rare
opiiortunltles to secure genuine lurgalns In our
annual clearing sale of square pianos
F G SMITH lass Pa- Ave
SII C1L One gallim port sherry blackberry
Catawba or claret wine for 73c one box 21
bottles lager beer 73c delivered TIIOs It
BEVWRs 123 IW at sw Phone Main lOOci 5
tt9 tf
1011 SALE Carload ol wind Jin screens anJ
doors sciccn from lie up dcors complete with
all fixtures 59c fancy hard oil finish doors oc
riRh grsde suburban doors in all sixes in stock
screen windows l4c square foot substantial
screeas made to order 7jc KLLLBLATT lllh
and II sts ne ap22 tf
FOR SALE 5 for Morris chairs with hair cush
ion vLfor hair mattress in two parts oak arm
rockers 1 4S bedroom arc parlor suites II W
per week REDMONDS 311 313 7th st aw
ei tf
FOR SALE Good cpislify opacue shsdes fitted
to your windows ooly 23c tbs Lest eruality oil
cpaque ihades 30c hung tree will call with
samples LLELBLAiTS llth and II sts ne
Phone last 23 D elO If
I Ol irS 12TW Bth St n
rciviirs cl
mlS 3
TRUNK III PAIIUNII at your residence cenU
up send ws tal 751 Cth st nw mla 3
LUIl teacher will take few more piano pupil
at summer price 15c and 23c nr lesson BOX 9rf
this cinre e7 3
HUE XOU I TIN ROOF Hut no one can re
pair We mil repair and juint as good as new
or no charge l cents jier VH feet three years
crarantcc JOHN F IOVOIIOE i SON eenU
for this city 30o East Capitol at ml7 7
MIRCHINT IROCHIS anl others hiving
ligllituatc claim against foiernmcnt employe
address in confidence BOX Si this office miJ 3
HIBNITUltE ItHAIRH uphoUleied and var
nUhesL lirty odd eara experience repairing
fine furniture Send tal M 3d it se C
and 3d mil 7t
MUSIC STOItl 1712 7th st ma5 lm
FULL DRESS SUITS for hire one dollar JULIUS
COIIFV 1101 7th cw c5 II
Louht snd sold also boos llndior In stt Its
branches 813 O st nw eSO tf
Kilt KENT Two elegant parlor suitable for
doctors or ilcntists offlee MW llth at niv cl6 3
I OR RENT sltBces In Bliss Building opposite
Cspitol electilc lK ht tjephune iarltor service
free 8 up ROOM 8 mh20 tC
Kill a ILL Singing canaries parrots eats does
rabbits guinea pigs fancy poultry pea fowls
goldfishes Incubators da hCIIUIDS BIRD
STORE lit 12th it nw nU tf
From Station Pennsylvania Aft and 13Vi St
In effsct May 1 1902
For Alexandria Week days 8 30 704 730
BOO 8 29 8 59 823 10 00 10 25 1100 11
a ra xltOS 1220 1245 xlrOS 125 2 00 J
x3 02 3 30 59 ilII 433 4 51 5 03 x5
6 4ft 0 03 S 30 70 7J0 8 00 843 B JO 1015
11 20 11 59 p m
8undays 745 9 00 015 10 SO 11 00 1130 a
m 12 CO noon U 30 1 CO 130 3 00 lS0 3C0
J SO 4 00 4 30 5 O0 5 80 6 00 6 SO 700 750
8 00 8 43 9 30 10 15 1120 IISO -
For Mount Xernon Week days 8 30 00
10 00 11 00 a m X12 05 xl05 1 00 art 02
830 xl14 x5 a 708 830 p m
Sundays p 00 i m 12 00 noon 2 09 f
30 700 8 30 p m
For Arlington and Aqueduct Btldga We ls
days -30 7 04 7 30 8 00 8 29 8 59 9 25
10 09 II a ra 05 1220 1245
lr25 2 00 2 30 3 02 3 JO S 58 MSJ -
822 8 03 8 30 700 8 00 p m
SUNDATS 745 9i 845 10 SO 1100
11 30 a in 12 -00 noon 11 20 1 00 lJO J 00
2S0 S OO 3 30 4 00 4 SO trOO 530
8 00 8 30 71X 7 30 8 00 p m
x Express To Afllxsrton only
Psrctla carried Birnft checked
J COLVIS SuperUUndrnt
Q E ABBOT rrealdent
CapiUI City Bouts
in jTi
sowva flianiociion ihuis s -
FA3T MA1L Ttok
lOtae s tAiiuans a Awe
DAILY Pullnri oiefcs to J -- PI-
contMctiruj at UanvUt with
man Sleeper to Atlanta
tlvfi rvn SU1M trsla to
Auguatine with Pullman Drawing Room Com
partment Oeawrvation ana inn s
Fullmaa Sleeper to Atlanta Pullman S f
Tuesdays Thuradays and Saturdays to Souln
enn lines Plnehurst
These trslna offer excellent aehedulea am r1
lo Petersbura Raleigh Southern Pines Pa-
fumel r snilsn rTnlnmhl Savannah Jackson
Tille and all Florida points Charlotte Athens
Atlanta New Orleans Chattanooga Jiashvllls
points West and Southwest
430 A M LOCAL To Petersbiir r Is
DAILY Bouthera Pines Plnehurst Iliaf
lit and Intermediate polnta
Office 1421 Ponno Avo
W U DOLL Cen Agt Pass Depl
Tot Richmond Xa and pointa South via Altx
indria and Fredericksburg Leave station Cth and
B streets 4 30 a m 3 13 p m stallj dliie
ear for Richmond and point on Atlantic tTovs
Line for Florida 10 41 a m 7f p m elally
Rorlda and Metropolitan Limited for Rich
rrond and points on Seaboail Air Line an
norida 10 M a m dally for Rlchao id ai l
pointa on Southern and lorida din
Ing caO 40 a m week days 4 13 p m daily
cxprssa for lilchmonei only i unman we y
cars on all atwve trains except 510 a m
commodation for tvuantico a n a ra
enlr 4 25 p m week days 8 00 p
Lr W ashington 630 pel
Lv Alexandria pm
ArH Sfonroe700 am
ArNorfoIk 3 00 am
Ar Portsmouth 9 L am
crpt Saturday
President Ccneral Mgr TralUc Mr
tnaC tf Richmond Va
Every day In the year from toot of 7lh
- it for Ft Monroe Norfolk Newport Newv
and all poinU south by the superb power-
rut steel palace steamers vs
Norfolk and
Lt Portmouth5 00 p i
Lt Norfolka00 pm
Lt t Monroe700 pm
Ar Alexandria 20 am
Ar W aahlngion700 an
ramrnii7h connections made at Norfolk
- with steamers of Okl Dominion Steamship
Co for Xew Xork and Merchants and
Miners Steamships for Boston
i3For further information apply al
- eral ticket office Bond Building llth and
NX ave or 7th st wharf W ahf rgtonD C
Phone220O JN0 CILLAIUX Ceneral Msrager
Only as Minutes to Alexandria
By Washington and Alexandria Ferry Steamers al
The Washington Steamboat Company
Alexandria Terry from 7th SL Ferry WTharL
Sew Schedule In effect April 1 1502
6 10 610 730 830 C0 10 00 10 JO 1139
315 415 5 00 330
p m 1230 130 I 30
and C 30
550 C 50 730 810 015 45 10 43 1130
p m 1230 130 2 30- X13 413 4 JO 3 15
ud CM
SUNDAXS X M 9 30 10 30 II SO p nv
12 30 130 I 30 330 4 30 6 30 and JO
JOHN B PADGETT General Marnier
Daily Sunday Excepted
Ueated throughout by steam
Leaves 7th St Wharf 10 tT m uid 115 p ra
strives at Washington 110 and 5 15 p m
StLoule May 21 10 a m MPau June I 10 am
Philhla May 2- 10 a m fMtLoulsJune 1110 a m
I aderland Jlav 21 noon Zeeland June I noon
Kensington May 2noonFrIcsIand June 11 noon
N II or Ceo W Jlois 1111 C N W
FOR SVLE Davton wagon in good order cheap
Apply at 910 F at ne mj 7t
1011 SALE Clieap small panel wagon
tOONV siTUIIt G st near 7th nw
1U15 3
Kill MLE Or exchange for gentle horse one
leather top buggy Rear 432 Jl st niv mlj J
FOIt SALE NIne ycariild bay horse good
worker and a fancy driver G W HALL south
west corner 10th and K sts nw ml7 3
KR fcUF It once carriage buggy delivery
ami Dayton wagon nothing in reason refuseiL
GEXER 1210 Ohio ave eI6 3
Kilt SLE Cheap good working mare weight
1150 Kun I 17uo 1st st nw mlG 3
Kill bllF To cover charges for repairs three
two horse dirt or brick wagons 10 each
Blacksmith bhop 1220 D st se
mlS 3
10R blLE Good bay horse 70 1127
Sth St
eI3 r
MM SALE Platform spring delivery wagon and
harness lheai JOIINMINs 711 E st e3 3
I OR S I F One young family horse buggy and
harness and work mare Call at residence 129
Indiana ave nw m2 7t
MR SUE b ven hones
refused Rear Gil F st
no reasonable offer
Mill RENT 12 room furnished house for three
months good location 12th and 11 sts nw rent
very rrxsonjlile BOX 107 this ollee e7 3
Kill HINT Brick stable
on in nine
917 B st ne Apply
ml 3
Kill HINT Neat brick carriage house stable
behind Ill Iranklln at nw 130 mlS 3
KIR REXT btore with fine fivturr and two
dwelling room in tear good location for dairy
Ml tt FBI is IS 7th st ne mltS 3
01 MCE OF tiiE COMMlsstOSHlS D C
Washington I C May 5th 1U02 SEALED
PIIOPOSUs will be received at this office until
14 51 ON JI NE 7T11 1112 to connect certain
preinlaw in the District of Columha and bids
Uion these fon u only will be considered Plans
and rpceitUation together with all necessary
Information can be consulted at the same office
The right is reserved to reject any or all bids
ProfiosaU must no Inclosed In a sealed envelope
iiiilorsnl Proposals a connect certain prem
ises in the District o Columbia with public
sewers and water mains UEXKY B T MAO
Commissioners D C e lj
and Dining Cars llarrisburs to Pittsbura
Slaeping Dining Smoking and Ob
servation Cart Harrtsburg to Chicago Cincin
nati IndlaiupolU St Loula ClereUnd and
Toledo Bullet Parlor Car lo Harriiburg
1050 A M DAILT FAST USE Pullman Buffet
Parlor Car to HarrUburx Buffet Parlor Caf
llsrrliburg to Pittsburg
EXPRESS Sleeping Car Washington to SL
Louis and Sleeping and Dining Car llarrisburs
to Indianapolis St Louu Louisville tU Cin
cinnati and Chicago
man Sleeping Car llarrlsburz to St Louis
man Sleeping Car to Pittsburg and Chlcajo
Dining Car to Chicago
NATI ETPRESJ Pullman Seeplng Cars Wash
ington to Pittiburg and Harrlsburg to Cleve
land and Cincinnati Dining Car
Sleeping CMr te Pittsburg
with through Parlor Car Dining Car and
Coaches te Buffalo via Emporium Junction
750 A SL for Kane Canandalgua Rochester and
Niagara Falls dally except Similar
10 50 A M for Flmira and ltenovo dally except
Sunday For Williamsport dally 3 JO P
With through Buffet Sleeping Car and Coaches
to Buffalo via Emporium Junction
715 P Jf DULY for Erie fo Rochesler Buffalo
and Niagara Falls dally except Saturday with
Sleeping Car Washington to Rochester
1040 P Jf for Frle Canandalgua Rochester
Buffalo and Nlsgaru Falls elally Pullman
Sleeping Car Washington to Rochester Satur
day a only
4 00 P it CON GRESSIOVAL L1M1TFD dally
for New York all Parlor Cars with Dinioaj
Car from Baltimore
For Philadelphia New York and tits
Express 7 00 Dining Car 757 Dining Car
POO 10 00 Dining Car I02a and 110
Iininr Car from Wilmington A M 1245
315 4 50 Dining Car from Baltimore S 50
10 00 P Jl 1210 night On Sundays 7 00
Dinlcg Car 757 Dining Car 900
1025 I Dining Car from Wilmington A
Jl 1215 313 4 50 Dining Car from Balti
more 830 10 00 P JL 1210 night For
Philadelphia only Express 745 A M 1215
P Jf week days 201 110 and 540 P It
For Boston without change 715 X II week
days and 4 50 P JL daily
For Baltimore 0 13 7 O0 745 7 50 7J7
9 00 10 00 1023 10 50 11 C0 A JL 1215
1215 123 201 315 330 4 00 Limited
410 420 4 ja 4 30 510 813 050 715 745
10 00 1040 11 35 P JL and 1210 nlrhL Oa
Sundays 7 00 750 757 9 OO 9 03 10 25
10 SO 11 00 1L 12 15 113 2 01 313 3 J
4 00 Limitd 410 4 20 4 50 5 10 MS
C30 715 715 1000 1010 P M and MM
For Popes Creek Line 745 a m and 433 p a
week days Sundays 9 05 a m
For Annapolis 7 30 V JI 1213 and 4 20 P M
week days Sundays 9 00 A Jl and 510 P M
For Atlantic City
Via Delaware River Rrldze only aB rail route
1245 p m week days through Pullman Buffet
Parlor Car 410 p m and 1210 night daily
Via Jlarket Street Wharf 9 00 Saturday only
10 25 a m 1215 p m week days 1210 night
Ticket offices corner Fifteenth snd G Streets
and at the station Sixth and II btreets where
ardTt oan be left for the checking of baggage
to destination from hotels and residences
Telephone call 1111 lor Pennsylvania Rail
road Cah Service
General Manager General Passenger Agent
Schedule corrected to April 27 1002
Trains leave from Pennsylvania Station
8 01 a m Dally Local iur Harrlinburg lar
renton Charlotte and way stations
10JI a m Dally Washinaron Richmond and
Florida Limited FIrst cIasj coaches and draw
ing room steeper to Jacksonville Fla Dining
car service
1115 a rn Daily United States Flit Mail
First class coaches and drawing room alecper la
New Orleans Dining car service
1137 a m Daily Local for Warrenton and
401 p m ileek Days Local for Harrison
burg and way stations on Mana sas branch
430 p m Daily Local for Warrenton and
C 30 p m Dally Yashlngton and Ciatianooga
Limited via Lynchburg First class coach and
sleeping car to Roanoke Knoxvllle Chattanooga
and Memphis sleeper to New Oreanj Diain
car senrke
9J0 p m Dally New York and Atlanta Fx
pres lirst clais coach and sleeper to Atlantt
Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays Sunset Rout
Tourist sleeper Washington to ban Francisco
Pullman buffet service
9 53 p m Dally New York and Florida Ft
prra rirst clas coach and sleeper to Savannah
Jacksonville and Port Tampa sleeper to bum
mervllle Charleston lugusta and to Thomas
ville Cv and connection for Aiken Dining
car service
1015 p m Dally Washington and Southwest
ern Limited All INiIlman train club and obser
vation cars to Atlanta and Macon sleepel td
Naahvllle Atlanta Macon Memphis New Orleans
Dining car service
Leave Washington 901 a ra dally 100 p m
and 119 m week Jays and 625 p m Sua
days only for nlucniont and 433 p m and 625
p m week days
Through trains from the South arrive Waih
tngton t12 a m 0 52 a m 735 a m 10 15
a m daily except Mondays 200 p m 9 03
p m and 930 p m daily Local trains from
Harrisonburg 11 37 a in week days and
910 p ra dally From Charlottesville 82J
a ra and 940 p m daily
Tickets sleeping ear reservations and detall d
Information can be had at ticket offices 705 15th
8t SU Pennsylvanlv Vvenue and Pennsylvan a
Station Baggaga checked through from hotes
and residences
Thone Main 1411 P B R Cab Service
C II ACKFRT General Manager
S 1L II UIDWICK Cenc al Pasir AgenL
L S BROWN General Agent
behedule in effect Jlay IS 1002
Leave Washington New Jersey Ive and C St
Clucago and Northwest lOJO a m nrJO
Clncinnati rt Louis and Louisville 101I5 a
m I 15 p m ltlO nicht
Pittsburg and Cleveland 10 30 aa m i 43 p
m and 1 CO niiht
Columbus and Wheehngr ei20 p m
Winchester IM a m III 15 and 5 30 p ni
Luray l13 p m
Annapolis VJSO i 1111 30 a m 4 30
5J3 p m
lreileriek 3 33 S OO ilo30 a m 113
4 30 jfl 0 p m
Hagcrstown 110 05 a m and 3 10 p m
Bovd and wav pornt j 33 aexi a in
115 1 30 5 SO 1013 llllTO p m
Gaithersburg and way point I Ja 33 9 si a
m 1230 113 3 30 l a 5t 5 30
II7 1YJ 7 20 1015 11 31 p m
Washington Junction and war point IS 35
U a m 115 l 30 11330 p m
Baltinorr week elavs xJ tjO 3 H b JO x7 05
71 x3 CO 8 35 xj CO xlOS II 30 a m
xl220 noon xl 35 1 1 xlCO xl Sii 133
X5 03 5 23 xh i ISO x3 e xlO 00 tllJl
1133 p in Minday x3 tfl v7 IV 7 Jl x SO
x9t a m Xt2 2i 113 x3 00 x3 en
830 X8 OO xlO e ill 50 11 JS p m
uoyal iitii ii ni
All trains illuminated with Pmtseli llht
Baltimore Philadelphia New Jork lUsitoii ami
the East es 7 Oi Diner IS 30 Bullet
91 Diner loe Diner a m 12S
Dmcr Jlel lloval limited Diner 11V
Philadelphia only 3or Diner 3 00 anl
11 3 p m ileeping Car open at 10 ex oclo k
Atlantic City 705 IJtn a in 1 20
noon 3 eje p m
Daily jlExcrpt buncny only
x Ixprcsei traini
Baggage culled or and checked ro n hotel anl
residences by Union Transfer Co on orilers left
st ticket office 619 Penrsvlranta avenue nirth
vest New ork avenue and Fift enllt Street anl
it station
3e P Jl DULV Ctncinrti and St Louis
special Solid train lor CincinnatL PuPmai
Sfcepera to Cincinnati Lcxl itton Louisville lir
dtanapolls ami St LouU without cluner Con
rectlon for I Irrinia Hot Spring Dininz car
Parlor Cars Cincinnati to Chicago
1110 P 51 DULY F F I Limited Solid
train lor Cincinnati Pullman Sleeprs to Cini in
nstl LexlntCton and Louisville without chvrKC
Compartasent sWeper to Mrrclnla Hot Sv15
daily except Sunday Dining car Sleepers
Cincinnati to Chicago and St Louis
Reservation and tickets it Chorwptate and Ohio
etnecs 515 Pennsylvania Avenue oOO llth Street
near F and at the station Telephone call llala
1441 lor Pennsylvania Railroad Cab Service
Telephone Main lOotl Gtn Faasenxer Actnt
findUchjrgapprf UIID -
Call or write
llth artel P JJ tr IVashloiton

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