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Obsequies Attended by
President and Distin
guished Statesmen
fiirvices Held at Arlington Memorable
Ceremonies Attend the Reinterment of
Remains of Gallant Soldier Cortege
Accompanies Body to the Grave
held had charge of the arrangements
- President Roosevelt Arrives Early
President Roosevelt arrived In advance
cf the body of thc cortege nnd he was
crowd of people ranged on thc cirtoe of
the amphitheater There were many
members of the Grand Army of thc Re
public In this crowd and not one of them
was Ignorant or unmindful of Old Ro
ey thc hero of ChlcKamauga the trust
ed head of thc army of thc Cumberland
As the band advanced and thc subdued
trains of My Country TIs of Thee
reached them there were tears and kind
ling cjes reminiscent of the stlrrlne davs
and rigid trials of thc great struggle Thc
cloudB were dispersed as the patriotic
thron moved into position
Applause broke In on the feeling re
marks of the head of thc nation and of
the comrades of the deceased general
Especially were the allusions to thc mag
nitude ot the fight and the ensuing bene
fits chceri
The body was placed on a dais In front
of the speakers stand The casket was
borne by eight sergeants of the Second
Cavalry and was comejed Into the Amphi
theater between thc receiving committee
Brig Gen J C Breckinridge U S A
Brig Gen John F Weston U S A Major
John Tweedalc U S A Brig Gen E A
Carman U S V Col G C Kniffin U S
V who stood with bared heads the as
sembly meanwhile standing Thc honor
ary pallbearers were
General Schofield Lieut Gen Nelson A
Miles U S A Ma Gen H C Corbin
U S A Bvt Maj Gen A Balrd U S
A Brig Gen John M Wilson U S A
Brig Gen George L Gillespie U S A
Bvt Brig Gen Thomas M Vincent U
E A Col Frank G Smith U o A
Col Green Clay Goodloe U S M C
Bvt Maj William P Huxford U S A
Major John M Farquhar U S V Col
Henry I C N G George W Steele
11 C II Clay Evans quartermaster ser
geant U S V
Body Brought From California
The body of General Hosecrans was
brought to this city for reinterment from
Los Angeles Cal His death occurred
about four years ago at Presidio
Rev D J Stafford officiating clergy
men was In the first carriage Follow Ins
came the President and Cabinet
General Hosecrans Immediate relatives
Including his daughter Mrs Toole wife
of Governor Toole of Montana Governor
Toole and a grandson of thc general were
In the party
The carriages containing thc followlnx
people followed the caisson on which the
casket was borne
Gen John M Schofield U S A Gen
II C Corbin U S A Gen Thomas M
Vincent U S A Gen George L Gilles
pie U S A General Balrd and party
Gen John M Wilson U S A Col Frank
O Smith U S A Col Green Clay Good
loe U S M a H Clay Evans lately ap
pointed consul general at London Major
W V Huxford U S A Major John M
Farquhar U S V Col Henry May N
O D C Gov and Mrs J K Toole Miss
Rosecrans Mr Carl F Rosccrans Sena
tor C M Dcpcw and XIrs Dcpcw Gen
eral and Mrs Boynton Edwin Warren
Toole Joseph Porter Toole Congressional
carriages Speaker Hcndcreon Senate
committee House committee Gen N J
T Dana Gen James Iongstrect Col John
S McCalmont Military Order of the Lojal
Legion Union Veteran Legion Encamp
ment No 23 Union Veteran Legion Ad
jutant W H H Price and three others
IJepartmcjit pf the Potomac O A IL
Union Veterans Union detail from Han
cock Regiment No 1 National Guard
District of Columbia Fifteenth Pennsyl
vania Cavalry U S V Gen Charles F
Msndcrson Gen James Barneit Col J
V Steele Justice John M Harlan Col
John F Nicholson Major William H
Lambert Col Archibald Col H
H Pratt U S A Mrs 0 C Knlffln and
three others Mrs John Tweedale and
party Mrs Sturgle and party Gen John
Eaton Col Henry S Cohn Capt John
peed Major Lowe Col John Clem Mr
Clem Gen E P Ewers V S A Major
J T Woods Major W II Pugh Mr T
3 Cannon Capt T W Tallmadgc Oen SL
I Ludlngton U S A Gen George B
DaUs U S A Col Theodore BltiRham
U S A Col James U Lusk U S A
John C Scofleld E F Ware to carri
ages for the press two carriages for com
mittee to precede the cortege containing
the committee to rccehc the Iresldcnt
and Cabinet
Distinguished Men on the Stand
On the stand were Ircsldent ltooseelt
Secretaries Tayne and Hoot Speaker
Henderson and the Joint Congressional
Committee Kather Stafford of St Pat
ricks Catholic Church and the choir of
St Patricks and the three surviving
members of the class In which General
Hosecrans graduated from West Point
ura James Longstreet Jen X J T
Dana and Col J S JlcCalmott
Wllllnm Starke Hosecrans soldier dead ilnn he riUK Patrioti a-
clatlons were assigned places on the
but perpetually remembered was the stage General Longstrect a most
Mibject of a memorable celebration at presshc Iooklng eteran was one of Gen-
Arllugtcn the burial ground of the cral Hosecrans ablest opponents and Is
on ycserda One of the great sol- UeVrnT8 CmmandS 0t
dlers of the Kepubllc was put to final General Schofield senior of the
rrst amid the t ubdued acclaim of cry lhlng Federal generals was on the stage
element representing the strength and lowing the deepest feeling and regret for
glory of the nation The assembly that e Pallant comrades that hac passed
laid the great soldier to rest embraced
On the
casket was a beautiful eolle Hon
the President of the United States the of La France roses on a sheaf of fern
chief adlscrs of the nation and the Immortelles were entwined
heads of Its several departments the sole Gen U H 1endcrson Speaker of the
surging classmates ltT 1 IleeiC1nivcf th au
of the dead chief-
lencc t order His speech was a gem
tain and a large force of the
faltering of oratory nnd was closely listened to
fearfully diminished but untcrrlBed com- It was as follows
rades of the man of man battles the Members of the Society of the Army of
Inndr r j j the Cumberland Ladles and Gentlemen
ou hae assigned to me the sacred duty
The nrji i
proceedings at Arlington jestcrday of presiding today when you are about
be n tied a might soldier of the Republic to lay away to his final rest jour old
They were simple but still were In commander XInJ Gen William Starke
elaboration of the character of a man at Fc generals of the civil
the front who earl and to the end found l lTdlJT
his fiuty and did it fearlessly and well mand They respected they loed him
The head of the nation now at peace nn1 that Ioc Is attested by this act of
reverently gave tribute to the worth of Jours In brlnKlnP the body of jour old
the chieftain of the other time and well TVJZ E2f sacreS
rcrtrajed the present glorious state of and historic city of the dead
the Republic saed by deeds and j sacrej cnot
Urlng among its adherents the foes of
former years while the history of Carnifcx Terry
Sen ices at Arlington Sone an1
b mauga will be his great monument as a
rnernCDt of he remains of Gen roldler his grave at Arlington heights
S Itcsecrans occurred at Arlington win be
a sacred spot visited bv jou and
jestcrdaj afternoon The services at the your descendants and the loers of lib-
Erave consisted of the commitment by crt throughout the coming centuries
Kev J J Stafford pastor of St Tat- am not a Her worshiper If the
y eaat ot he soldier
are by
ricks iho
lnr tt f Ncar
fnBB l human 6 or great victories to com-
Xi God to Thte by the ihoir of St mand the devotion respect and love of
Patricks u salvo of artillery and taps he country The soldiers aim must be
The principal services were at the pa aalJcd and understood and these must
Mllon near the Arlington mansion w Vat Dc f reprehended r
7 htI hc ougnt and that love of
The cortege was formed at the
try rose above the ambition to a great
ton Hotel at 10 oclock and the Cshtcr The plow is better than the
ciscs under the sjlvan charms of sword the school book is a better guide
ten Cemetery were held about noon The tnan tIu worK oa rnllltcry tactics the
rirrt TO i builder Is better than the destrorcr the
at r homes better than the maker
Lieut Col Lugene D Dlmmlck 0
Sec- of graves and jet if the work of the
ond United States Cavalry commanding scldler Is to protect the plow the school
preceded by a platoon of the metropolitan ond the home he Is entitled to th
pollce band of the Corps of Engineers Epct ccordlng to the valor of his heart
VJTrCT 0t aSlUeQrS l the life of General nose
n b ttaIon cf the Marine
Corps the crans from his blrthnljce In Kingston
Tourlh Italteo Held Artillery and four Ohio to his resting place here the falth
trooi s or the Second Cnvalry ful student of his life must credit his
Gen H V Bojnton who was a lirclong acts with the loftiest metives of a sol
friend of General rtosecans having idler Educated at the Military Academy
ed with him during the civil war and Bni graduating as an engineer he soon
who Is corresponding hecretary of the resigned his commission to enter upon
Society of the Army of the Cumberland tne struggles of a business life and un
under whose auspices the services were doubtedly would never have been heard
of as a soldkr but for the civil war and
the call of his country to resume his
A Noble Character
In prerv nncttlnn linM hv nnnAr1
lest As a member of Congress as Minis
tcr to Mexico as Register of thc Treasury
as an engineer and business man he
showed ability integrity and an absolute
Lawn Mowers
A pltndij 10 In
Cturantred Lawn
i4M wowcr or
utomatfc Gram C tetter adjunt H CC
Lie to atiy mottt r um raking- unljr 3
4 Garden QCp
Tools for uuu
A Trowel for 5c
A Rake for 20e
A Hoe for 20c
A spade for fiOc
Pruning Mirer 85c
Screen Doors
Complete for -
25 fL Wfltrrlnft Huh
with latent Iww
combination nntzic and
coufu for
tells us that his personal efforts saved
the day He was not fouhd In the rear be
yond the reach of bullets but In the very
front of the danger where shot and shell
were making deaths music AH about
htm men and horses were shot down In
his Immediate presence and the reeling
columns of the Federal nrmy were re
united by the fierce and fearless lendcr
fcliip of this wonderful roan No detail
escaped his eagle eje Commands out of
ammunition were directed by him to the
spot where ammunition could be found
He did not wait for to
convey his orders hut would dash up and
direct commanders of brigades and Indi
cate the points In the field where am
munition was to be found and ordered
brigades to points of the field In order to
strengthen the shattered lines
So more fearless xniin ever faced
death than this dear comrade who sleeps
in our midst this morning General
Hosecrans sleep peacefully in the bosom
of the country that you fought to save
You are entitled to rest In Its bosom No
single grave can hold that sacred form
It Is Inurned in the heart of every man
who followed him with the flag In his
hand It Is Inurned In the heart of a
grateful and loving country
President Roosevelt followed Speaker
Henderson The President said
The Presidents Address
The Speaker In his address has well
said that the builder rather than the de
strojer is the man most entitled to honor
among us that the man who builds up
Is greater than he who tears down but
greater Is the man who fought In a wor
thy cause The men who see the hope of
ordered liberty In this country are those
who hold jou In peculiar honor pointing
to the coffin you great soldier of the
civil war You are the men turning to
the veterans to whose lot it fell to save
and build up the great national fabric
whose foundation was laid by Washington
Here is the spot that commemorates the
founding and caving of the nation the
home of Washington and the Arlington
Cemetery Were it not for what Hose
crans and you did the work of Washing
ton would have crumbled Into bloody
chaos Without the work that jou dll
the work of the men of the Revolution
would have meant nothing To jou was
given the one great work which if left
undone would have made all the rest
count for nothing
We are grateful that those who wore
the gray against jou who wore the blue
now see the unwisdom of that strife We
are now all Americans nothing but
Americans Now the reunion is so com
plete that it is useless to allude to the
fact that It is complete
Doing Duty Well Counts
Officer and man stand at the bar of
liven a hearty applause by the large h io h - Roosevelt In an eloquent tribute to Gen
cral war record
Other Eulogies
Colonel Hepburn of Iowa now a Repre
sentative In Congress who served on thc
aevotion to tne noblest ambitions of the sta of General Rosccrans
spoke at length
iJ concerning the war services of thc latter
I had thc pleasure of serving under his i
command the battle of Corinth and also I e ler nl m0rC com
served with him in the House of I triumphs that might have been gained
na ucncral osewans naa ene more com
sentatlves where
our relations became in-
tlmate and most friendly Hc was onVof I Pe support of the federal war author-
the most fearless officers that I ever saw
in battle He seemed to be unconscious
of danger On the tth of October 1SC2
when the armies of Price and Van Dora
were pressing our Federal lines and symp
toms of our falling back were manifested
he suddenly dashed between the Federal
and Confederate lines like the very spirit
of war
He passed but a few steps in front of
where I was I can feel his presence yet
His hat had blown off His firmly set
face seemed as though hc was made for a
god of battle Swinging his sword hc call
ed out to us
Stand by jour flag and country my
A Miraculous Escape
How he escaped God only knows It
seemed as though the very air was full
of lead and death was holding high car
nival along his pathway and yet fearless
he rode Into the very teeth of death
rail ing successfully his men for the
mighty struggle before them That splen
did fearless heroic dash was the death
knell to thc armies of Price and Van
At the battle of Chlckamauga history
ties In his campaign
General Grosvenor of Ohio Representa
tive in Congress who was a field officer
under General Rosecrans command and
who fought by thc latters side at the bat
tle of Stone River and Chlckamauga spoke
eloquently and culogistlcally
General Grosvcnor In speaking of the
time when thc army under Rosecrans lay
seemingly Inactive and In fact bottled
up In Nashville said that thc dally bat
tles or skirmishes as they were then
called would In this later period be
classed as great battles General Grosvc
nor was here Interrupted by loud and
continuous applause from thc veterans in
thc audience
After the ceremonies at thc pavilion
thc cortege again formed and proceeded
to thc burial place The Rev D J laf
ford of St Patricks Church recited thc
burial service and a quartet from the
same church sang Nearer My God to
At the conclusion of the hymn an army
trumpeter stepped to the head of thc
grave and sounded taps the soldiers
last good night and e thc notes died
away the battery of artillery stationed
near thc grave fired the first gun of a
generals salute
111 fPlP2S
A Good
Is a continuom source of Ratification a poor
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of trtttt we sell the Uronjr MitStantial and
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Sterling Puritan Blue Flame
Oil Stoves
Prices from
Ifth and G Sts
i i
Husband Picture of Wife
Wijla Stranger
Saw Moving Picture in Show With His
Better Half Clinging to Arm of Friend
He Did Not Recognize on Account of
Growth of Beard
A traveling salesman for n large coffin
factory while In Washington last week
told this story t
My route brought me through Wash
ington during the last inauguration
and I stopped oyer after I had completed
my work hercl to see it I have a friend
living In this city who Is a drummer for a
coffee house In Baltimore Ho had been
recently married to a young lady that I
nad gone tp school with and known all my
life I thought I would drop around to my
friends house n the morning and go out
with them to sec the parade 1 had seen
my companion about three weeks before
In New York and he had told me he ex
pected to be home during the inaugura
When I went up to his house I found
his wife but she told me that Billy had
been called away and would not be back
for a week
The young lady said she had Intended
going to see the parade so I asked her to
go with me nnd she readily consented
But I forgot to tell jou the drum
mer added that In place of my face
being smooth shaven as I am in the habit
of wearing It I had begun to let my beard
and mustache grow about two weeks be
fore and It had entirely changed ap
pearance At a casual glance it is hardly
possible that jou would have recognized
Went to Parade
Well we went to the parade together
While we ttcre walking down Pennsyl
vania Avenue in starch cf good seats
history to be judged not by their rank
EnorUj bcfore thc gt
but as to whether they did their
countered one of these moving picture ma-
Doing their duty well is what counts
Men are here In this assembly who fought
In the armj of the Union In the army of
the Confedcracj All we ask them is did
they do their dutj If they did all else
counts for nothing
These people many of whom were
pitted against the dead soldier come here
because thej are Americans before every
thing Americans and nothing else The
comrades of the dead general arc enti
tled to eulogize him Wc of thc jounger
generation are here only to pay to the
great dead the homage of those to whom
ordered liberty has been handed down js
a heritage bj those who fought in thc
great civil war Great are the lessons
of peace you have taught us since the war
You were the men of thc mighty days who
showed yourselves equal to thc dajs
Shame to us If we flinch or fall to do well
the task which was made simple by your
The name of this man will remain
forever on the honor roll of thc greatest
Republic upon which thc sun ever shone
Lip lojalty Is not the lojalty that counts
The lojalty that counts is that which
shows itself in deeds rather than in wcrds
and we pledge ourselves here today to
make good and perfect thc work whitdi
jou so ably began and to keep it for thc
nation as a whole
Senator Foraker followed President
chines being operated upon thc dense
throng on the sldewaik We didnt mind
the thing In the least and walked directly
along by It
In thc crowd my companion was
obliged to cling tightly to my arm In order
to prevent our being separated As we
passed directly In front of thc camera thc
crowd was pausingfbr a moment Wc of
course wero obliged to stop with them
and as wo did so woTgazed full Into thc
thing d
It was over ia moment and wc walked
on down lift street rfelthcr of us gave
the moving picture machine another
thought I t
About a mentb after the InatiEuratlon I
was In Chicago and leaving a night on my
hands dropped into a vaudeville house to
pass tho time Ona ot the features of the
show was a series of new blogranh Pic
tures several of Kern being devoted to
the inauguration of President McKlnlcy
Finally one picture wns shovn that I at
once rccognlzedi ns the picture ot the
crowd on the side walk on Pennsylvania
Avenue I continued Jo watch the scene
with the greatest or Interest recalling
here and there objects and happenings
that were famlllirj tJ
Suddcnlj I caught sight of a portion of
the picture that almost made mc fall off
my seat ThereT passlhg plainly before
my ejes and standing out In large figures
was the picture of myself with another
mans wife standing clinging suspiciously
tight to my arm The pictures were as
clear as day and I could have recognized
my former schoolmate anywhere I also
noticed that the hair on my face changed
my appearance entirely and scarcely one
person out of a hundred could have rec
ognized mc
Long before that time I had grown
tired ot wearing a beard and mustache
and had gone back to thc smooth face
Left His Wife
I was then on my route East and less
than a week after that memorable night
In Chicago I was back in Washington I
bunted up my friends at once to tell
them of what I considered a good Joke in
connection with our Inauguration day
frolic To my surprise I found that Billy
had seen the same picture In New York
had recognized his wife but failed to
recognize mc on account of the hair on my
face and had ceased to live with bis wife
He had even threatened to secure a di
vorce from her The tightness with which
his wife was shown to have been clinging
to the strangers arm he had claimed was
an evidence of her affection
Thc wife had vainly tried to explain
to him how she had come to be In tho
picture nnd that the stranger was mere
ly myself Billy would hear no explana
tion of the matter The very fact of his
wife having claimed tho man- with the
beard and mustache to be me turned him
agnlnst the story He had knocked
around with me long enough he said to
be able to know what I looked like
Well the little woman was terribly
distressed over the affair so I promptly
wrote to her husband nnd explained the
whole matter He had not seen mc dur
Ing the few weeks that I had let my
beard and mustache grew and I had to
explain my own Identity to him in a
And dont you knowsad the salesman
of coffins that I couldnt convince Billy
that J was actually the stranger he had
seen In the picture until I let the hair
grow on my face again for a little while
to show him how I looked But It nil
came out right and Billy Is more loving
than ever to his wife
Russian Assassin Executed
PETERSBURG May 17 The of
Mcsscngcr announces that Balls-
the assassin of M Slplagulrc min
ister of the Interior was executed May 16
Yesterdays Naval Orders Contain the
Interesting Announcement of
His Advancement
The naval orders Issued yesterday con
tain the announcement that Chief Gunner
Charles Morgan has at last received his
commission which Is dated back to Oc
tober 17 1901
Morgan first came Into the public eye
two years ago through an extraordinary
statement by the lac Admiral Sampson
made In an Indorsement on his applica
tion for promotion
Next enme adverse action by an exam
ining board which pronounced him mor
ally and physically unfit He was re-examined
and the second board passed him
M Santos to Marry
PARIS May 17 The engagement of AL
Santos the Brazilian aeronaut to the
daughter ofa distinguished native of his
country Is announced
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Pennsylvania Reserves Admitted
China and Japan
Membership in the Association
Tho Fifth Corps Reunion Association
held an Interesting and well attended
meeting last evening at 1403 New York
Avenue northwest The members of tho
Pennsylvania Reservo Association wero
placed on the rolls as full members oj
the organization
Dr A E Johnson was elected vlco
president to fill the vacancy caused by
the resignation of Mr J M Cults Art
executive committee of nine members was
appointed with the president of the as
sociation Mr George E Corson as chair
Matters pertaining to the arrangements
for the reunion of the corps were reported
to be well advanced The executive com
mittee announced that It would make a
report at the next meeting to be held
Thursday evening June 3 at the associa
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