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If L
Wives and Daughters o
Miners Very Aggressive
v iikisiiarri pa jUDi i ai
tign poini to a speedy mil of the pure
passive attitude in the great anth acitc
strike An change in the com
ploxion oi ilings has taken place witliii
the pan twenty four hours
The e is activity of an aggressive typ
all along the line of the strikers am
new wi e at the beglning or the epie
o open violence The violence for tli
i2 i pari doi s not date back mure thai
tvvcniv iour hours
There has been another Lining that I
even more significant But In a wore
ii an ounts to the virtual defeat of tin
ciai operators In th r attempt tii puni
out the mines with their own employe
Less Confident Now
Two days ago in this region all ver
confident that vlth their derks ant
bosses and sutli of their einpoeis ai
would not obey the order to strike the
could i ep their pumps going with r
minimum of Imported non mllon aid
Yesterday they talked In the saint
Cuatlaucd on Third Vjhh
Gotham Board of Trade and Transnoztation Passes
Ait ion Requesting Mr Roosevelt to Inteifere in
Anthracite Coal Stzike
Committee of Three Ap
pointed to Call on Chief
All Signs in Mining Regions Point to
Speedy End of Passive Attitude
Entire Change in Complexion of
Things Looked for in Next Twenty
four Hours
NEW YORK June 4 The Board of
Trade ami Transportation at its meet
ing today passed a resolution calling
upon President HocseeIt to interfere in
the coal strike with a view to bringing
about a settlement
It was argued that under the inter
state commerce act chapter 1063 of ihc
Federal laws of 1SS8 the President ha
it In his power to take steps for the set
tlement cf differences between the ccal
carring railroads which are the prin
cipal owners cf the anthracite mires
and their employes because when dif
ferences which may affect interstate
transportation and commerce arise be
tween railroad ccrrracies and theii em
plojes the President tinder the law re
ferred to may relect a commission for
the purposes of examining the causes of
the controersy the conditions accom
panying and the best means for adjust
ing It
Points to Cleveland
In Hie discusslpn it was brought cut
that under this act President Cleveland
appointed a commission of three in IS-
to trim about a settlement of the Pull
man Car Ccmpacr strike in Chi -ago and
to recommend plans for cb iaitng futur
ecu ests between capital and labor
That commission held mery uieetirg
aid abcut three months later submitfd
a elaborate report The ommsslon
ers recommended that there should be a
Permanent commission of three members
with power to investigate disputes be
tween railroads and their
end to decide upon the merits cf such
It was further lecommcnded tha
power he given to the United State
couis to compel railroads to obey tin
decisions of the Commission after sum
rar hearing unattended by technical
ics and that no delays in obeying th
decision cf the Commission he allouc
pending a ipeals
Committee of Three
committee crnFisting of Darwin C
Jamea John D Kcrnan and James Tal
icu waw appointed to lav the resou
tlon betorc President Rooseeit Tb
president of one of the largest of tin
coal carrjiuB railroads said later abou
the beards action
I do not believe that Mr Roosevelt
will be so foolish as to take this reFO
lutlon serious The only thing about
the mattrr which I regret is that this
will In all probability work mischief
and lengthen the strike b creatine
the impression an one the strikers that
the operators can be forced to Riant
preposterous demands whuh they are
not disposed to grant and will not
As far as the operators an- con
cerned the situation is unchanged
Duke dArcos on Account of 111 Health
Will Be Succeeded by Senor
Don de Ojeda
An announcement was made vesterdaj
to the State Department by the Spanish
government that the Duke dArcos min
ister of Spain to the Inited States
would iot return to this country on the
expiration of his leave of absence as he
had been transfe rred to Hrussels as
minister to Belgium
It was announced also that Senor Don
de Ojeda the present minister of Spain
to Tangier Morocco would succeed the
Duke dArcos in Washington Senor de
Ojeda sencd as secretarj of the Spanish
commission sent to Paris to negotiate
the treatj of peace with the United
States after the war of 1SS
There will he much regret here over
the failure of the Duke and Duchess
dArcos to return The duke was the
first minister of Spain to the United
States after the Spanish merican War
and he managed to make the bst of a
delicate position showing no resent
ment and winning man friends In
this he was aided b the duchess who
was Miss Virginia Lowery of Washing
ton and it was said at th time of her
husbands appointment that his selec
tion was due largely to the fact that hir
Iwife was an AmTican
The duke served In Washington twenty
years ago as secretary of the Spanish
Legation and it was In this cits he met
Miss Low cry
Forrrer Presidential Candidate Being
Boomed in Tlebraska
CM MIA N i June 4 i Senator
Mien today said
If Iirjan is cieiled governor f Nc
raskn tlii fall b il lie in a position
to theckinatf the rcorgaiizrs of the
ij n y in -1 and would
ilnifeU be th caididae f r Pr3idi lit
ut tine or will his friends wouid
FLle t some landidate holding
his vies
p i a Evsteinatie booinleg of
rvan for gmfiror goiiM on all over the
imp uincng the PopulNts and Ilemo
irls Altliouili Hiva i Is ireriited with
ot ili slrlng the position If le nderf 1
Ira by both Il trorrato and Populism
wevl r In will undoubtedly ai n pt I lie
lcmliat1 n
June Conferred Upon Ohioan by Dick
inson College
riiiIK Pa June 4 Wcrd was r
liee tcdav by lreidcnt Ceore
eil from Cnltid States Senator Ilanua
f Ohio announeing that he was unable
o attend Dickinsons comminrem nt
urelFPs en aceojnt of the eonsldira
oii of the i anal bill before the Senati
M i ommencrmi nt day exercises this
fi rnocn degree of LI I was eon
lerred on Senator Hanna
FierceMorning Riot Between
Edwardsville 111 Forces
Pistols Brought Into Use Five Men
Wounded Two of Them
this morning a riot started between
sti iking molders and non union men em
ployed bj the American Steel and Foun
dry Company
As a result fie men two negro non
union workers and three white strikers
were shot two of the latter mortally
The names of the injured are not ob
tainable as the- were hurried away to
places of safety by their frlen Is
The trouble started at 5 oclock when
a tralnload of employes of the steel
company who had not struck reached
Granite City As the men were going
through a narrow lane to their work In
the mills they were threatened by the
strikers and then assailed with stones
Revolvers were brought into use and
several shots were fired b both parties
Two non union men negroes and three
white strikers recelveel wounds Two
of the latter were shot in the back anl
it is believed they will die as the result
of their wounds
State Organization Re
fuses to Indorse Former
Presidential Candidate
Monetary Issue Not Kentioned m Plat
form Free Silver Outvoted at Every
Turn Governor Duthins Adminis
tration Scored
llcna Democrats 1 William
Jennings Brjan and the i etary issue
nlrelj In the platform ad tcd by the
baic contention and for first time
in th history of the Indiana party it
aas refused to give its latest Presi
hntial candidate indorsement
Ti is icsult was rclieveet b the eon-
natives after an all nirit dlsu slci
n wrih three free members of
the committee on resolutions flrt d
nanded and thpn becked fcr an indorse
ment but the were outvoted at eery
ti and liryans naTc did not go into
ne platform
Fourteen Nominees
The ticket consisting of fourteen
nominees vvaj made with only three roll
alls for there were eontests but foi
hree positions and all her candidates
Atre nominated bj acclamation Albert
5Cboonoer a new man iu State lolitics
u nominMcd for Scistan of Mate
jnd heads the ticket
The resolutions cond nn trusts the
ireseni tariff law shl subsidies the
iduinisirations IhIipiiine polio and
h acquisition of I ina Incorporated
ailoads by foreign cor orticns
V in iff f r revenue S demanded th
isiinniaii anal appro wl and the lec
iin of lnlfj State Senators bv lie
icople ti ini
The iimiining planks relale to State
si s one of them condemning lovernrr
iiurbn fa protecting Talor and Tin
e ilie IC ntuck reiugecs fioni tries
Meet at Sioux Falls and Nominate Full
State Ttckit
SIOUX FMIS June 4 At the Kc
publican State contention heJd here to
day the following candidates were nomi
nated For gornor C N Herried
f goernor O V Snow
for brc -- uf tc O f Berg for
treasurer C H Uoilins for suoerin
tcndnt of public instruction O Y
Xash for commissioner of public lands
O J ISaerh fcr C H
Durke Pierre I W Martin Deadv ood
The dmlnlstration of Prchldent
Uoosevrlt was indorsed arl ills utter
ance on Memorial Dai heartily com
mended II Kittredgc was Indorsed
for re Ie tiun to the I nited State
Little Leo Cohen May Die
as Result of Accident
Had Been Playing on Car Tracks and
Rn in Front of a Moving
Electric Train
While plaving In the street about 1
oi lock labt nigiit little Leo Cohen
eight j ears old living with his njrents
at 1700 Seventh Street northwest re
ceived Injuries which will in all prob
abilitv cause Ins d ath He- rar iu
fiont of a moving ear and was Knocked
dovn and run over before the molormun
cctild bring the car to a standstill
The aeridenl happened dlre tl in
front of the bojs home mid was
by hi p1ajmate and ielaives
who vere niarliv at tile time The In
jured I ov was hurried to rredmans Hos
pital In the pairol wagon nf the Hlghth
in e cine I and the doctors made n ha
I xamlnallon It was found that the
I- It right leg bad been almost ntlrelv
Kiit off Just above the ankle He Ufa
Mieivid serious injuries about file he id
and body n a r suit of being dragged
b the lar
Slight Hope for Recovery
The doe tors i utertalned hut s liglit
1 opes of bis n r merv The surgeons were
eouip lld to amputate the leg Just above
the I nee in mi t ffort to tave tie bevs
lift iolfruntu Iliukby and liosAell
ansud Motorman William Hrlduill and
Coidmtor Cicirge Ioplilns in licse
barie the ear was when ilie aiildent
luipprni d
i ih huiidrtd or itnre ehildi u wto live
in Ilie vlciiiitv in which the u mleiit
hippemi eiuujiefate at ihe eorner of
Stventh Street and Ilhnd Island Avenue
nlot every ni jl t ami piaj in the park
Warned by Policeman
l ii ins lortlj before the atiheut
Strgiant Loyle of the I it Ii t li pre inn
laulioneil them about running anoss the
err trails hut the did not lit id hi
warning and tonllniied to pn on the
tnicka afttr he hail disappeared
Whin rar somhhciind ame doiwi
evtnth Slrtet Motorman Hilda- hiii
he sounded his gong a number in limes
i older o warn the ounghtiis Leo
darted across the trails It an endeavor
to gc t on i he same side n the street
villi his companion Just i lie rcii hd
the center of the hoiilhbound lic ks he
us knocked dov n Ir Thomas Miller
wes summoned and ndvhed that the lad
dc sent to the hospital
Supreme Court Grants a
Permane t Injunction
UI XY N Y lime t Supreme Court
Justice Chester has granted an Injunc
tion restrainiig beef packinc companies
of the Wesit from carring on business
In this State in iolation of the pro
visions of the Donnelly anti trust law
The order was served upon the rep
resentatives of the concerns in this city
and Troy today nndnlll be served on
others throughout t lie State as quickly
as the can bo reached It was obtained
on the ahdilt of D W Meredith a
former manager of Swift Co
Against Western Concerns
The injunction is directed against Ar
mour fo Swift Co Cudahy Pack
ing Co Hammond Company Schwarz
scnild Sulzberger domestic and for
eign corporations and against Nelson
Morris Kdward Morris and Ira N Mor
ris co partners cairying on business as
Nelson Morris i Co
Their managers and all persons acting
for them are restrained and enjoined
from riving and determining by combin
lig together the prices to be charged
for meat and from agreeing among
themseUes as to the supply of meat to
hie brought into this State b them and
from acting upon any understanding
tending to diminish such supply and
from fixing or rralntainiiig prices of
tneir anri eacn otner s products dj
They are also enjoined from acting
under any agreement whereby the price
of labor shall be affected or competition
therein affected and also from main
taining uniform rules for credit to deal
ers or fixing uniform charges for cart
ttorney General Davis asked that
the injunction be made permanent and
Justice Chester decided that it con
tinue until the other or further order
of the court
meets with the warm approval of the
colonial office
iude General of Army and
Raised to Viscount
Also Proposed in Parliament to Make
Him a Present of Fifty Thou
sand Pounds Sterling
LONDON June 4 Lord Kitchener
who lias hitherto been a lieutenant gen
eral has been promoted to be n general
In addition it was officially announced
tills afternoon that he will be promoted
to be a viscount He is at present a
ha ion
In tile Hous e of Commons todav a
message was read from King IMvvard
expressing the hope that the House
vould vote a grant of 00fmi to Lord
Kite hencr
The Klngo message which was read
bj tlie Speaker recommended the grant
ing of the sum to it neral Lord Klteh
ener in recognition of his eminent ser
vices In South Africa Mr J Hal
four tin government leader moved
that tlie message be refer cd to the
committee on supply Wht n the Speak
er put the question to the House ex
pulsions of dissent were heard from
tin Irish bene lies
Controversy Aroused
The amount of grant that It is pro
posed to make to Ceneral Kitchener lias
roused controveisy Mr llenrv
the well known Kailieal iiim
her of the House of Commons has given
nolle e tit be will move its reject Inn as
being iiniic t ssary
tltht r menihc inc hiding a number of
Llleiais declare that the amount ought
to have hi en at least nitiil n thai void
lo iiri Itoh rts will h was J luuMa
Mi Liovd ceoiKe a Welsh nationalist
declared Hut H Iirl Huberts was n
tltltdto J liaitii I then Lord Kiieneii r
had iiruid iUMM li hid done liaid
work and he had brought peace
Coolness cf Kings Cable
Tin re is mm h eouipaiiscin bet net n the
I I nines of Killfs telegram
to Cen r I Kitchener and lliat of Il line
Minister Salisbury who telegraphed
c inv lieartv congratulations for
ur brilliant achievement which has
brciuc iit the war to so sitisfac tory a eon-
i Install
In Ihe House of onimmib tilts evening
Sir Michael Hicks Beach c bar elhir of
the ixc heciuer explalued that illeiiuons
General Wilson and Daughters Accom
panied by Admiral Watson on
the St Paul
NEW VORK June 4 Many persons
who are going to attend the coronation
of King lalward VII of Hngiand sailed
from this port this morning In the
American liner St Paul mong them
were two of the special representatives
of the United States for the coronation
hear Admiral John C Watson who
will represent the navy at London and
flen James H Wilson who represents
the armj General Wilson took with him
his two daughters the Misses Katherlne
and Elinor Wilscif as well as an aide
Lieut Col John Diddle who is entered
on tli2 passenger list as Engineer Com
missioner of the District of Columbia
Patrick Walsh Overcome and Expires
at Hospital
Patrick Walsh an employe of tho
Iennsjlvania Kailroad Company who
resides at 41G Thirteen-and-a-half
Street southwest was overcome by the
heat while returnlrg from work about
4 30 oclock Jesterday afternoon and
died at the Emergencj Hospital tevcral
hours later Mr Walsh who is nearly
seventy jears of age had complete 1 ids
days work and rested for a while be
fore starting home He complained of
feeling ill but declined the offer of
those who had been working with him to
accompany him home He had pro
ceeded within a block of his home when
he fell on K Street between Twelfth and
Thirteenth Streets southwest
By papers found on his person Officer
Hlbl ascertained his name and address
and his relatives were notified His
daughter came to the hospital but he
was still unconscious and did not recog
nise her He died about oclock
Coroner Nevltt was notified and de
cided to allow relatives to take charge
of the remains Arrangements for the
funeral are in charge of Undertaker J
H Ilradley
The objects of the scheme are two
told first to meet the Morgan com
bination on American ground and sec
ondly to arrange a new and fast service
to Canada which will he largely sub
sidized by both the British and Cana
dian governments But nothing will be
done regarding the subsidy question un
til the meeting of the colonial premiers
en the occasion of the coronation
The leaders of the new scheme siy
thoj recognize that the fight for freight
will ha severe The British combination
will not be hampered so much by Mr
Morgans control of American rallvvajs
in the budget were made possible by the
conclusion of peace The reduction In
the South African force would effect a
saving in the direct expenditure of 2S
OiOOOO This saving would be applied to
restoring the sinking fund and otherwise
to reducing the national debt
The chancellor announced that It had
been decided bv the government to re
tain the eorn tax anil also the addi
tional Income tax
The Standard says there is a gen
eral feeling in the House of Commons
that the government erred on the side
of parsimony in the matter of proposed
xrant to fleneral Kitchener Even the
Kadicals think that General Kitcheners
tact and humanitv in the closing -stages
of the war did much to render it easier
for the Boers to acknowledge defeat
The Radicals are much more favorable
lo General Kitchener than to Iord
It is expected that a special Invitation
will be sent to Dr Kuvper the prime
minister of the Netherlands to take
part in the coronation festivities In view
of the good offices of his government In
connect ion wiih peace
Says They Are Good Fighters and He
Admires Their Pluck
LONDON Iudp Kull reports from
Prtioria of tho specrh made by Gen
eral Kiti lit tier at VereemInR state
that he said he was pleased to meet
so munv hrae men The had fongut
nlinirabh None could liae foiifiht
better and he doubted whcthei others
ouId have fought so well The MntK
glo had been a Ioiir one but it hail
been marked by good tonilun lie fell
sure that as soldier- the Itiitlsh and
lloers rospet ted eafli other Now tin
strife was eided th should unite a
Mian ts and heal all vounds
lenerals ltotba mid De Wet rehpoiultd
indorsiiu whir len ral Kiuhener had
ald and adding tint his conduit ha 1
been honorable and Renerou4 Thev of
t n d a toiiit lo iod t omrude hi
It Is siattd that Generals Botha Dr
hii and Do Wei I itud lo moed
Kuiopt io obtain p Uiiiir usislanre
lo te estnblisli iheir ruined farm
llliTruitlA June 1 train eon
vevmg tlie pi ii e delegates from Vereen
Iging did not leeve tli forme r place
until a late hour last night As the
night was cold huge bonlires were built
along tlie track About these lioers ami
IlrltMi met and fraternized The scene
was hlghlv picturesque n entire lack
of hard feeling was noticeable all join
ing in singing Hard Times Come Again
no More Home Sveet Home ail 1
Auhl Lang Syne
The Orange Itlvcr Colorv fain was
the first to leave It pulled out amid
laud clieerB
WITH toii
Seventeen Military Prisoners Set Free
by Courts Decision
SAN FRANCISCO June 4 Seventeen
military prisoners at Alcatraz prison
were -released today on orders from
Washington They were ex volunteers
who had committed various offenses in
the Philippines
inev were released because of the
Supreme Court decision that volunteers
coult not legally be tried by regular
army officers Joseph F Kershaw Is
r nr hn wen fnrmerlv of the Forty-
seventh Regiment who deserted In the
Philippines He received a eweuiy
year sentence Henry Vance formerly
of the Thirty seventh Volunteers de
serted to the Filipinos He received a
life sentence
English Chancellor of the Exchequer
Makes Announcement in the
House of Commons
LONDON June 4 In the House of
Commons today Chancellor of tho Ex
chequer Sir Michael Hicks Beach an
nounced that both the income tax and
the corn tax would be retained in the
budget for reasons which would be ex
plained tonight
A message was received from the King
today expressing the hope that the
House would vote 50000 to Lord
The Irish party announced that It will
oppose the Kitchener grant at every
During the debate Colonial Secretary
Chamberlain said that no definition of
self government had been asked for or
given to the Boer leaders
Sir Alfred L Jones Head of the Beaver Line Energetic in Movement Leader Sees a
a Severe Freight Figfy
LIVEPIOn nine A The report is
fLlI confirmed that the Cunard Steam
ship Companv has commenced the for
mation of a British shipping combina
The Ilci ver Line of which Sir Alfred
I- Jones Is the head will Jolu forces
with th Curard Line Sir Alfred is
the most energetic orianlier of Eng
lish shipping He is the head also of
he Kld r Dempster Line and initiator
of tne recent line of ships to the Brit
ish West Indies The Mian Line will
support ine new combination which
as ly the fact that the principal freight
steamers are n the hands of Us op
It Is denied that Mr Morgan offered
the Cunards 11000000 for the com
pany The offer did not approach that
A Hamburg correspondent telegraphs
that shipping men there believe that
ilia Cunard Conian will eome to a
working arrangement with the Union
and Castle lines in older to secure a
monopoly of the African trade and that
the lestilt will be the establishment of
new lines from the United States to
Senator Piatt in Manhattan
to Confer With Odell
Cleveland and Hill Slated to Attend
Shindig of the Tilden Demo
cratic Club
NEW YORK June Senator Piatt
came over from Washington this ev fl
ing and was at the 1ifth Avenue Hotel
He expects to remain until Monday
Governor Odell it was said may meet
Senator Piatt and other Republicans
while here on Friday or Saturday
When Governor Odell left for his va
cation trip to the Pacific Slope he took
with him the proposition that he should
be renominated by the Republican State
convention which is to assemble in
Saratoga September 23 Governor Odell
has had plenty of time for reflection and
somehow before he left for the West
it eame to be understood that on his
return he would make formal announce
ment as to his attitude It vas ascer
tained tonight however that It is the
present Intention of the governor not
to make anj formal announcement
whatever just now fter he consults
with Senator Piatt and other Republic
ans he may decide otherwise but the
matter is to be left entirely with the
governor himseli
Governor Odells Plans
With the presence of Senator ilatt and
re turn of the governor it was expected
tonight that drill in Republican State
politics will take gome definite shape
williiu a few lavs uspeciallv as to the
candidates for lieutenant governor and
other State ofliiers There is a see r
turj oi the State board of railroad com
missioners o be appointeel to succeed
the late John S Kenvuu of Sjraeuse
Portlier Stcretary lleurv J oggeshall
oi Oneida has announced that he is a
candidate Tor tue place anl Mr Cog
geslialls friends suj that if he does
not gel it he will run a- an i nlepeudent
Republican candidate- for senator
1 It Hill is anting 1115 inii miests
to the nitlvu Club Democratic shindig
on June P Mr IIlHb friends said to
night that lie did not know whether to
aeec ut the Invitation or not they hoped
he would
Mr Cleveland Iivi accepted tlie invita
tion to atfnd tlie Tilden Club gathTlng
and is to make a roeech The last time
that Mr Clc eland and Mr Hill met on
tlie same platfirm was In Cooper Lnon
and then Mr Clevelinl In Introducing
Vr Hill said niorelv Gentleman I
suppose It is a v ork cf supererogntloi to
Introduce Mr Hill
The Packers and Strikers
Reach Tentative Agree
ment Late at Night
Crazed Teamsters Turn Of
ficers Clubs Against
Them in Fight
Attempt to Deliver Goods From Stock
Yards Causes Much Disorder Store
Drivers Go on Strike City Hall a
CHICAGO June 4 At a conference
held late tonight In Mayor Harrisons
office In the city hall attended by tho
packers and representatives of striking
teamsters a tentative agreement was
practically arranged
Todays meat riots were a repetition
of yesterday with double the number
of injured and increased ferocity on tho
part of the mobs At times tho police
were helpless and drew their revolvers
forcing the crowds back In many In
stances they were beaten with their
own clubs
Several officers were seriously hurt
An unknown number of rioters and
spectators were clubbed and arrested
The hospitals began to feel the results
of the melees and a number of persons
are near death from injuries received
in the various battles during the day
Bullets and Socks
A battle of bullets and rocks took
jilace between the police and the mob
that for several hours pursued and as
saulted the meat wagons at Sixteenth
Street and Michigan Avenue at 315 this
afternoon A number of the leading
spirits of the mob gathered on the via
duct ot the St Charles Air Line ot
the Illinois Railroad at that place
The mob lined both sides of the street
It formed in great numbers on Lake
Front Tark It Is estimated that fifty
Bhots were Sred It is supposed that
tho police fired at their assailants but
their aim was inaccurate and no one
was hurt
The shots scattered the crowd on the
tracks This mob was particularly
savage and all manner of missiles were
hurled at the blucoats and several
were more or less seriously Injured
At this time the meat wagons which
had delivered meat at the store of A M
Rothschild Co left to Join the rest of
the vans The caravan moved south in
Michigan Avenue until It reached Seven
teenth Street There the blockade was
raised again and the chasing mob caught
up with the police and caused renewed
trouble while the police labored to re
move empty wagons drawn in large num
bers across the avenue
Police Clear Way
The police finally cleared a way for the
meat wagons Riots In the downtown
district reached the height of a pitched
battle in Fifth Avenue and three shots
were fired between Monroe and Quincy
Streets two by policemen and one by a
driver for a packing house Later the
police fired freely In attempting to dis
perse the crowd They apparently fired
in the air Xo one was hurt They fired
several times to clear the alley back ot
v an Huren Street
Meat Driver Assaulted
Quincy Street and Fifth Avenue was
another point where the melee assumed
dangerous proportions Just as the pro
cession of wagons having reached the
end of their deliveries were crossing
Fifth Avenue a cobblestone hurled by a
strike sjmpatbizer struck a driver on
one of Armour Cos wagons and but
for the assistance of a companion on tho
wagon he would have fallen to the street
In an Instant he whipped out a re
volver and fired The bullet grazed the
cheek of the man it was Intended for
but did no serious damage The shot
was a signal for a number of policemen
to board the Armour wagon Taking the
revolver from the driver they placed
him under arrest Then the crowd again
became demonstrative and charged about
the wagon t this Juncture a
of police drove the thron
Battle of Teamsters
In a desperate battle at Harrison and
State Streets at II oclock the team
sters by what appeared to be a shrewd
iv planned maneuver divided a thirty
eight wagon meat caravan of the pack
ers whieh left the yards early in the
It was guarded but the crowd bat
tled with the rolice and twice drove
back the officers The third charge
equaled any police charge seen in Chi
cago since the Haymarket riot for merci
less clubbing The crowd was finally
beaten bach but while this was clone
the teamsters had surrounded the
wagons of the packers The vans with
the meat were tied up
Reach Agreement
uother similar battle took place a
few moments later at Congress Street
The meat was finally unloaded at Roths
childs store The strike of the drivers
and deliver lovs ot the State Street
department stores was settled this after
noon al a conference held at the Great
Northern Hotel at whih both sides
signed an agreement
The merchants agreed not to discrim
inate again3t union drivers but further
direct recognition of the union is not
apparent Other concessions bave been
gi anted the union men and both sides
expressed themselves as thoroughly sat
isfied with the outcome The acrement
as signed Includes every big store on
S ate Street

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