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Senate Adjourned at 520 p m
House at 5oo
Chief Advocate of Measure Declares
Central American Republic Freest of
All Countries From Seismic Disturb
The Senate began the consideration of
the Nicaragua Caral bill yesterday at 2
oclock It will be the order ot busi
ness each day hereafter after the morn
ing business until it is disposed of or
until the session ends
Senator Morgan chairman ot the Com
mittee on Interoceanic Canals and the
chief champion ot a canal and of the
Nlcaraguan route was the speaker ot
the da He began immediately after
the bill had been read and occupied the
remainder of the days session
The early portion of his speech as
tooted to an exhaustive analysis of
the volcanic and earthquake conditions
In the vicinity of both proposed canal
routes He quoted many authorities to
uphold his contention thit the Panama
route presents far more danger in this
Ho also read a number of letters re
ceived by him since the Martinique dis
aster from engineers and others who
stated that the Nicaragua route is safe
irom either earthquakes or volcanic
Newspaper Account Discredited
Mr Morgan read and disparaged a re
cent article in a New York dall paper
descripthe of an eruption and earth
quake in Nicaragua -which had carried
away the Government wharf at Momo
tombo and as a result of the eruption
the bottom seomd to hae dropped out
of Lake Managua
He said that he bad had a cable dis
patch sent to the president of Nicara
gua by the Nlcaraguan minister at
Washington Inquiring as to the article
and had received this answer
The news published about recent
eruptions of volcanoes and earthquakes
In Nicaragua entirely false
Ho also read other documents and
statements of witnesses to show that
there ismore danger from seismic dis
turbances on the Panama route than on
the Nicaragua route Ono of these wit
nesses testified that Nicaragua was
freest from earthquakes of any country
In the world
But whether the committee bill or
the substitute became a law It was now
certain Mr Morgan declared thai an
Isthmian canal would be constructed bj
the United States which was the only
country in the world that could build
it without outside assistance
A Hazardous Undertaking
The building of a canal at Panama
would be Mr Morgan argued a most
hazardous undertaking because eventu
ally the United States would be com
pelled to assert sovereignty over the
department of Panama In violation of
the treaty with the Republic of Colom
bia That would lead t war and war
would lead to annexation which would
bo a violation of the national honor
pledged In the Hay Pauncefote treaty
It would poison the minds of the people
of all the Spanish Republics against the
people of tbe United States and set
their teeth on edge against them
R E Holaday and H J Baehr Named
Consuls Respectively at Santiago
and Cienfuegos
The President yesterday sent to the
Senate the following nominations
To be consuls of the United States
Benjamin H RIdgely of Kentucky at
Nantes France Joseph I Ilrittaln of
Ohio at Kehl Germany Ross K Hola
day of Ohio at Santiago de Cuba Max
J Baehr of Nebraska at Cienfuegcs
To be collector of internal revenue for
the district of Maryland PhlUirs Icc
Goldsborough of Maryland
To be appraiser of merchandise in the
district of llaltlraore -Mil C Ross Mace
of Maryland
To be surveyor of customs for the port
of XnoxvIIlu Tenn James C Ford of
To be assistant surgcens with the rank
of first lieutenant William Lordan Kel
ler of New York contract surgeon U
S A Charles Clarence nilllngslea of
Man laud contract surgeon U S A
Nominations for postmasters were sent
In as follows
Arkansas William R Cady Rogers
California Reuben Edmonds Bakers
flcld Illlrols Albert V James Cobden
Iom i Geradus L Van de Steog Orange
CI v Mississippi Drewy W Rhync
Lexington New Hampshire Edward H
Clough Manchester New York Albert
P Mcrrlam Phoenix North Carolina
George W DcPrlfst Shelby Oklahoma
J W Utterbaclt Cordcl
For the revenue cutter service
Second lieutenants to be flrht lieuten
ants lrcderick J Haako George M
Daniels George C Carmine Dctlef F
A de Otte
Third lieutcntnts to be second lieu
tenantsHerman H Wolf Philip H
Scott Frank II Goudev Eugene Blale
r William J Wheeler
First assistant engineers to bo chief
engineers Charles A McAllister J Ed
ward Dorrv
Second assistant engineers to be first
isslstant engineers John B Turner C
Gadsden Porchcr Albert C Norman
rheodnre V- Lew ton
Report of District Auditor Regarding
Florence Crittenton Mission
The Senate District Committee recent
ly forwarded to the District Commission
ers a copy of Senate bill S70 To amend
an act entitled an act to incorporate the
National Flo ence Crittenton Mission
Mr J T Petty the Auditor has re
ported on the bill to the Commissioners
that there are two changes contemplated
In the proposed amendment ot the act
of April 9 1SS Incorporating the Na
tional rioronco Crittenton Mission The
first removes the time limit and the sec
ond authorizes the acquisition holding
in trust and disposition of real and per
sonal estate for the purposes of the as
He says as both amendments are be
lieved to bo necessary to the best In
terests of the corporation and the
proper conduct of its affairs and as the
Institution Is purely charitable in its
alms seeking only the moral and social
betterment of an unfortunate class in
society and thus commending itself to
the approval of all good citizens he
recommends that the bill be re
turned by the Commissioners with favor
able report
Buencamino Comments
on Theatric Utterances
of Filipino Leaders
Found United States Stood for Prin
ciples He Had Fought for When He
Read Paris Treaty and Provisions for
Senor Felipe Buencamino continued
his testimony before the House Com
mittee on Insular Affairs jesterday
Mr Jones continued his questioning
and was several times Interrupted bj
the chairman and other members of the
committee who thought that some of his
questions were not relative to the sub
ject as when Mr Jones endeavored to
discover whether the witness consid
ered the Roman Catholic faith enlight
ened rellslon
Mr Jones continued to quote from
the memorial submitted to Congress
A quotation was read by the Virginia
Representative to the effect that the
only way in which to put an odious
sovereignty over the Filipinos would be
to kill about S000000 of them
Those Who Said Die Still Living
Mr Jones asked If the witness still
adhered to that statement
The witness said that the true facts
were that all of those who said die
beginning with Agulnaldo were still
Mr Jones replied
Dut Is It not true that jou your
self are one of them and are now en
jcying a fat office under the United
States but Chairman Cooper imme
diately objected to the question
When Mr Jones raised the question
whether the witness bad been actually
captured he replied with emphasis that
be was the only one of Agulnaldos sec
retaries who had beeu Imprisoned all
the others having surrendered and been
given their liberty while he had been
in custody for five months
Mr Jones read from the memorial a
statement In regard to the sequence
of President McKinleys moves In the
outbreak of hostilities and asked If It
correctly represented his views on that
point Mr Buencamino replied that it
did then and does still
Promises Not Made
He explained that they were given to
understand that Dewey had made prom
ises to Agulnaldo which were subse
quently contradicted by President Mr
Klnley and It developed that Dewej
never made any such promises so that
If his opinion was different nowIt was
because the promises never existed lie
said that he would prefer not to illsclac
any of Agulnaldos secrets unless com
pelled to do so by the committee but
that he would state that this caused
him to separate himself as did others
from Agulnaldo In a perfectly honora
ble v aj
Representative Jones read from the
memorial a statement to tbe effect that
it was unquestionable that the rillplnos
were not the aggressors for they real
ized that If they acted on the offensive
they would not securo anj aid material
or moral and that such action would
have been suicidal asking if that rep
resented his views Mr Buencamino re
plied that that was and Is the honest
conviction of himself and his associ
ates on that point
The Afternoon Session
At the afternoon session Mr Buen
camino continued his remarks prefac
ing tLem ty a statement that he did
not desire any remarks he had hereto
fore made to be construed as meaning
that he Is now In favor ofjndepcndcnce
soeouu assistant engineers vviuiam J 01 nis service under the Spanish gov
Cllbert Lorenzo C Farwell Norris K jernment Willi Agulnaldo and with the
Davis United States
Jurisdiction cf Court of Appeals
Representative Overstreet Introduced
In the House yesterday a bill relating
to the jurisdiction on appeals In the
Court of Appeals of the District of Co
lumbia and transcripts on appeals In
raid court and to nulet title to public
lands The bill only relates to deris
ions in land cases appealeJ from the
Interior Department I
in answer to questions from the
chairmen as to tho manner In which
Aguinaldo was treated the witness ex
plained that He lived In a palace the
rent of which was M0 Mexican per
month was furnished a retinue of ser
vants and allowed 1C Mexican pesos a
So It seems Agulnaldo has been do
ing pretty veil too remarked the
thin man
The vltness took pains to explain
however that while he received about
Would Lead to
tion of Colombia He
Favorable Report on Bill Granting go-
ooo Acres to the State of
The Committee on Public Lands yes
tcrdaj morning agreed to a favorable re
port upon the bill granting 90000 acres
of mineral land to the Stale of Alabima
for school purposes The State expects
to realize upward of lC0O000 from the
sale of these lands
The committee decided adversely upon
the bill to relinquish titles to lands in
Arkansas to Mrs Genevieve Lelghton
Mrs Lelghton claims title to the land
by reason of a grant from tbe crown of
Spain to Capt Don Joseph Valllere in
1791 and by descent to her through a
succession of transfers
It was also decided to report favorably
the resolution empowering Minnesota to
file selections of Indemnity school land
upon public lands in that State other
wise undisposed of In lieu of sections
16 and 3G granted for school purposes
and lest bj reason of prior disposition
to the United States
300 per month from the United States
Government bis law practice was worth
1000 a month so that It could hardly
be said that his allegiance had been
purchased at the price of his honor
He also explained his change ot opin
ion In regard to the United States say
ing that after he became undeceived as
to her Intentions and had read the Paris
treaty and the various codes and pro
visions for government he found
me uniteu states stood for the same
principles which he had been fighting
Mr Williams of Illinois then took
charge of the examination and in reply
to questions Mr Buencamino stated
that he came to America to ask that It
grant the petition of the Federal party
which provided for a government differ
ing In many respects from that pro
posed In the measure now before Con
Senate by Unanimous Consent Passes
Bill for Purpose Uniformity in
Similar Cases Advocated
By unanimous consent upon motion of
Mr Quay the Senate passed yesterday
the bill promoting the senior major gen
eral of the army John It Brooke to the
rank of lieutenant general and placing
him upon the retired list
Mr Piatt of Connecticut and Mr War
ren advocated the enactment of legisla
tion looking to uniformity in such mat
ters Mr Warren said that In his opin
ion all officers should be retired at an
advanced grade
There were also passed by unanimous
consent the folloring bills
Extending the free delivery system to
cities of not less than 5000 population or
to cities having a postal revenue of rot
less than 000 annuallj
A House bill waiving the statute of
limitation and sending the claim of
Thlerman and Trost of Concordia Ky
to the Court of Claims
House District Committee Makes a Tour
and Visits the Yards at
The members of the House District
Committee accompanied h two rep
resentative of the Engineer Office Dis
trict government and representatives of
the railroad companies made a tour
jeterdaj afternoon of the proposed
route of the tunnel and the site of the
union station
ine party leit the uapiiol In car
riages sbortl after 2 oclock and pro
ceeded to Vlrgllna Avenue and Second
Street southeast where the new con
struction starts They followed the route
of the elevated structure and tunnel
around to where it wotid strike the
union slutlon at Delaware and Massa
chusetts Avenues
The partv then took a special ear on
tbe Baltimore and Ohio Ilnllroad and
went to Eckington and inspected the
clnnges to be made in the railroad vares
at that pel nt Thej returned to tbe Cap
itol about 4 30 oclock each member of
the committee expressing himself as
well pleased villi the trip
Next Thuisdaj the House District
Committee will give a harlne on tie
union station bill after which It will take
It up for consideration It will be re
ported to ihc House this month
Mr Fitzgerald3 Resolution Alleges
That Seeds Are Not Contracted
for as Authorized
The House Committee on Agriculture
for the Filipinos explaining that he had vestcrdav held a meeting and torsdcred
advocated their independence when he 1 the resolution Introduced In tic House
believed Dewey had made such promises ie nmroitiiw 11 v
I In Antnlln k I 1 1 -- I
I J ikuiiiuiiu UUL JiaJ IHJL WCII1U SO I 1 - ni t -I
I since iorK on me 1 111 01 ia uniting lor an
Representative Jones snent some lime Investigation into tnc metnoiis of m
Acting second assistant engineers to be in compiling rtatlstics as to the length 1 trlbutlni seed by the Agricultural De
It wah alleged by the resolution that
the method emplojed by the Sccretarv
of Agriculture In awarding contrncto for
seeds as authorized in the agricultural
appropriation bill wrs not In strict ac
cordance with the provision of the bill
Mr Fitzgerald was before the com
mittee and made 0 ttatemont which will
he submitted to tho Secretary of Agri
Whether Investigation called for
iy tne resolution win tic made or not
will dep nd largely on the reply from
Secretary Wilson
The Measure Prompted by
Unique Experience
Two Private Pension Bills Secured by
Mr Williams Followed ty the
Deaths of Beneficiaries
Representative Williams or Illinois
has had tho novel experience of securing
the passage by the House this session
of four private pension bills and having
two of the intended beneficiaries die be
fore the bills became laws
In commenting upon this j osterdaj
Mr Williams said that the two soldiers
who had died before their bills passed
the Senate were each in destitute cir
cumstances and had to be burled by
subscription to save their remains from
going to the Potters EJeld
This fact called bis attention to tho
Injustice of the Government taking care
of Its veterans during their lifetime but
abandoning them upon death and he
Introduced a bill providing for decent
Christian burial for all ex soldiers at
th expense of the Government when
Insufficient funds were left by the de
cedent to afford his rentilns a proper
Interment The Committee on Pensions
favored the bill he said but had as
yet failed to report It
Of course I immedlatelj notified
Senator Galllnger chairman of the Sen
ate Committee on Pensions said Mr
Williams of the death of the two sol
diers referred to so the Senate would
not waste time with the bills but I am
now afraid the other two will die be
fore their bills are passed bj that
Tho deaths of these two soldiers are
unfortunnte In more ways than one for
members of Congress are usually al
lowed only a limited number of pension
bills each session so that while Mr
Williams really secured but two he Is
charged with four
Carries 2627324 to Be Expended Dur
ing the Coming Fiscal
Tho Military Academj appropriation
bill was taken up In the Senate
dny IL appropriates 27324 no
change from tho amount appropriated in
the House being an Increase of J1S51
C70 over the amount for the current
fiscal jear
Consideration of the bill was not com
pleted when It was laid aside for the
canal bill
Secretary Shaw Devises a
New System at New York
Will Prevent Much Delay and Prove of
Great Benefit to All Parties
While Secretary Shaw was in New
York Tuesday in consultation with the
customs officials he devised a new
method of handling express matter from
foreign couutries through the port of
New York It is expected that this
method will shorten the time of delivery
by several dajs
Heretofore all express matter was
opened on the dock and onl dutiable
goeds were sent to the general stores
This resulted In delajs and give ric
to complaints from various parties In
terested Secretarv Shaw had confer
ences with the customs officials and
representatives of express companies
Hereafter each morning the exoresc
companies v ill deposit a lump sum with
the subtreasury largo enough to cover
ail possible customs charges on tse dajs
consignment Lpon its arrlI all ex
press matti r will be sent to the gen
eral storage There in the presence of
a representative of the collector of th
port a representative of the express
companj anu a representative of tbe
appraiser the pact ages will tm uupa
ed and examined The amount of tho
duties will be paid bj the express com
pany covering into the c ustoms the total
amount of the duties from the deposit
in the subtreasurv and thereupon the
express packnges will be released and
will be nlea by tbe express comnany
aud forwarded to their destinations It
m estimated thit in this way the saving
in time will be from eight to ten dajs
at the least
To Relieve Tounsts
In connection with this new proceed-
ure an arrangement has been ma le
which will relieve the Incoming tourist
of much of the anmivjnce which iome
with the payment of duties on personal
bapgage at the piers 11 law tbe cus
toms authorities are not allowed to ac
cept an thing but money Checks and
drafts are not accepted and frcqiientl
It has been the experience of persons
who were fully able to pa but had no
currencv their bngrage was held until
the rould leave the dock and have their
e becks cashed This frcqueutl
sending luggage to the general
stores and a proportionate charge
Pay Express Company
Lnder the new plan tourists can pa
tbe customs on persoml baggage
through the e xpress compan the lat
ter paying tho rustoms by a transfer
order on the funds deposited with the
suhtrcasury The tourists arriving with
out currency and desiring to pay cus
toms chirges on baggage can give the
express company a dratt or check or
any other aecurlt satlsfactor to it
and an order will be given by the ex
press company transferring from Its
linolr In flin olililnniMV in
uuui iiou j uii uiuuuiii aji
I flclent to cover tbe duties of the tourist
Measure Reported by Lower Body May
Be Substituted for Senate
Representative Cooper chairman of
the House Committee on Insular Affairs
will call a meeting of his committee to
morrow morning to consider the Senate
Philippine ciMl government bill
It Is not improbable that the commit
tee will strike out all after the enacting
clause of the Senate bill and substitute
the House measure which was reported
b the majority of the committee some
weeks ago There Is ni great difference
betwcin tlie House and Senate bills
It is Chairman Coopers purpose to
press the bill and he expects the House
will begin Its consideration within the
next ten days There will probably be
about a weeks debate There Is no
doubt about the final passage of the bill1
Favorable Report Ordered on Bill to
Honor Revolutionary
The House Committee on the Library
yesterday ordered a favorable report
upon the bill so long champldned by the
late Representative Cummlngs appro
nriatlnt 100000 for a monument to the
martyrs of the horrors of British prison
ships in the War of the Revolution
There has occn szoooo raised ty
private contribution the city of New
York Is to give 25000 and the State
30000 making 200000 In all for the
monument which Is to be erected In
Fort Grsne Park
House Committee on Library Orders
Favorable Report on Bill
The House Committee on the Library
jesterday ordered a favorable report upon
the hill of Mr Bartholdt Rep Mo
appropriating 30000 for a statue of
Baron Steuben
The work Is to be erected In Wash
ington Its location to be selected by
the Secretary of War and the chairman
of the Senate and House committees on
the Library
It Is the plan- of those Interested in
the project to have the statue placed
at the northwest corner of Lafayette
Square opposite the White House and
to secure a statue of Pulaski for the
northeast corner The other two cor
ners of the square are now- occupied
by the statues of Lafajctte and Ro
Influences at Work to Prevent a Vote
This Session Powerful and
There Is a wide diversity of opinion
Ipmong the Senators both Republicans
and Democrats as to the fate of the
rwcaiagua Canal bill now the order of
business in the Senate
Some arc confident that a vote will
be recorded at an early date while oth
ers arc of the opinion that the debate
v ill be long drawn out giving tbe ene
mies of a canal project both open and
secret an opportunity to arrange their
plans for postponing the question until
next session It Is the opinion of some
of the Senate leaders however that
within the present month a vote will be
Senator Hanna the especial champion
of the Panama route and a member of
tho Committee on Intcroceanlc Canals
sas that not more than a week will be
consumed in debate and that at the
end of that time a vote will be taken
Senator Hanna will speak todaj in be
half of the minority report In opposition
to the selection of the Nlcaraguan
A careful canvass of the Senate has
bee n made by those Interested in de
feating the Hepburn Morgan bill pro
viding fdr the construction ot a canal
bv the Nicaraguan route which shows
a clear majority of the Senate in favor
of the substitute Introduced by Senator
bpooner of Wisconsin If a vote is
rerchcd therefore the Spooncr substi
tute will probably be adopted but the
Influences at work to prevent a vote at
this cession are both powerful and In
The Spooncr bill authorizes the Presi
dent to purchase tho rights and prop
erty of the Panama Canal Company for
f 40000000 provided a satisfactory title
can be obtained and to order the Sec
retary of War to complete the construc
tion nf the waterwa nt a cost not to
exceed 110000C0 If a satisfactory
title einnot he obtained then the
President is to cause the construction
of u canal b the Nlcaraguan route at
an aggregate cost of J1SOCOO000
House Committee on Naval Affairs
Votes to Postpone Indefinitely
Action on Bill
Dy a vote of 7 to the House Com
nilttee on Naval Atfalrs esterday voted
to Indefinitely postpone action on the
Cummlngs bill for the purchase of sub
marine torpedo boats
Mr Palnton Inventor of the Painton
electrical torpedo boat which Is ca
ptble of a speed of forty knots an
hour was heard by the committee on
tl e merits of his boat
President Advises Congress That Fili
pinos May Come Here and Testify
The President yesterday In reiitvlnu
to Senator Hoars resolution transmit
ted to tho Senate n communication from
Secretary Uoot stating that he knew ot
no law or regulation In force in th
Philippine Islands which would prevent
ari native of the archipelago except
those pcrving sentences or awaiting
trial from coming to tho United States
and stating to the President and to Con
gress lIs views or desires as to the In
terests of the pcoplo of tho Islands
Senate Committee Advo
cates Incorporation of
American Academy
A Sanguine View of the Results to Be
Obtained Placed on a Par With the
French Academy of Arts Official
Recognition Merely
The bill to incorporate In the District
of Columbia the American Academy In
Rome was reported favorably to tho
Senate jesterday with a few slight
The following names are added to the
list of distinguished incorporators Ellhu
Hoot William A Clark Arthur T Bar
ney Richard Watson Gilder Arthur Had
Iey and Charles Laurler
An Important Sphere
The committee in its report tells the
story ef tbe Institution from Its Incep
tion In 1SD1 until the present time and
predicts an important place for it in the
art development of America
It says
In 1SJ4 the jear succeeding the Chi
cago Fair the American School of Archi
tecture In Rome was established the ob
ject being to enable American students
of architecture to develop their powers
under the most favorable conditions So
certain was the success of the experi
ment and so rapid the Improvement of
the students that three years after the
foundation of the school the promoters
enlarged Its scope to Include the allied
arts of sculpture and painting
In this way it came about that there
was established In Rome an American
Academy on the general lines of the
Trench Academ which since the dajs
of Louis XIV has trained for France the
men who have given direction unity
ard lasting distinction to the art of that
Self Sacrifice and Devotion
During the years since its opening the
academj has teen rupported by volun
tary gifts of Its founders and the
raised has represented lu the main the
elf sacrifice and devotion of men In the
active pursuit of their profession
An exhilbtlon held at the American
Fine Arts Galleries in New York dur
ing the December of 18 fast attracted
public attention to the high quality of
the work done by the students of the
and proved bejond question
the desirability of supporting such a
After describing the advantages of art
study in Rome the report continues
To this most fruitful Held the
eiuuiL ius ui trance Spain lielglum and
Germany send their most promising
leiiis to nnu mose auvantages for final
training thit are best fitted for a pro-
icssiuiiai career
Up to this time the American student
has resorted to Paris there to take at
second hand Instiucticn which may best
te obtained from original sources and
the academj was founded by men who
were trained In Paris and who recog
nized the limitations of their instruc
Official Recognition Merely
The report concludes The bill con
templates no more than nuch an official
recognition of the project as shall give
to Its students the privileges accorded
to students of the national academies of
other nations no financial aid is con
The persons named as Incorporators
are among the leading architects paint
ers and sculptors the great universities
and technical schools are represented by
their presidents the Secretaries of State
and War the Librarian of Congress and
the supervising architect and a con
siderable number of men known for
tbeir Interest in art and art education
have given their countcmnce and sup
Tort to the enterprise
A few weeks ago the King of Italy
sent for tbe dl ector of tho academy
Mr S A U Abbott and expressed great
Interest In the idea that the people of
the United States were about to nlnro
their school on the same financial basis
with the French academy
Both Houses Will Meet Today
at Noon
Senator Kearns Asks the President to
Take Early Action
Senator Kearns of Utah called at the
White House yesterday to urge the
President to name soon an agent for
the Uintah reservation In his State
The Senator estimates that It will take
eighteen months from the date of ap
pointment to bring the affairs of the
Indians Into satisfactory condition and
he is especially anxious that a start be
made promptly The legislation regard
ing the Uintahs has Just lately been
acted upon favorably by Congress
Mr Kearns Introduced to the Presi
dent two ladies from Chicago Mrs
Smith and her sister Miss Williams
Immediate Consideration of Bill for
Purpose Objected to as a Bad
Precedent t
In the Senate yesterday Mr Ellclns re
ported from the Po3tofflce Committee a
bill to allow reading matter for the
blind not containing advertisements to
be transported through the malls free
of postage and asked for Its Immediate
Objection was made by Mr Hale who
reearded the bill as starting a bad pre
cedent and It went to the calendar
Mr Morreli to Offer an
Amendment to Bill for
Presidents Safety
Urges Stronger Legislation for Protec
tion of President Engages in Con
troversy -With Mr Ray Appeals to
Democrats for More Time
Debate upon the anti anarchy bill was
continued In the House yesterday but
was without special Interest The speak
ers devoted themselves largely to the
consideration ot tbe constitutional ques
tion Involved In the bill
This was especially true of the elab
orate and carefully thought out argu
ment of Representative Jenkins Rep
Wis He opposed the measure as re
ported by the Judiciary Committee ot
which he Is a member on the ground
that it does not go far enough
He held that there was no doubt but
that Congress under the Constitution
has the right to enact a law to protect
the President as President whether ho
Is In the actual discharge of the duties
of that office or not
Mr Ray and Mr Jenkins Controversial
During the euurse of his argument Mr
Jenkins was engaged In a controversy
with Mr Ray Rep N Y tbe chair
man of the Judiciary Committee In
which considerable feeling was exhibit
ed Mr Ray Interrupted with questions
which the Wisconsin member declared to
be without merit decency or Intelli
gence and he declined to answer them
Mr Llttlelleld also asked a number
of questions but these did not seem to
arouse the Indignation of Mr Jenkins as
did those of Mr Ray Mr Jenkins ad
vocated the anti anarchy bill which h
recently introduced as a substitute for
the committee bill
In a brief speech In which be said that
after deliberate consideration he had
reached the conclusion that special leg
islation against a possible recurrence ot
such a crime as the assassination ot
President McKlnlfey except in cases ot
persons who are of unsound mind was
Injudicious Mr Morreli Rep Pa
gave notice of an amendment It pro
vides that any person convicted of be
ing an anarchist in favor ot the over
throw of organized government shall be
declared to be a dangerous lunatic and
his property subject to the adjudication
of the courts in such cases
Representative Powers Rep Mass
was the first speaker yesterday HeA
made a strong legal argument In flavor
of the bill and was given close atten
tion He said the proposed legislation
was intended to meet the demand made
upon Congress in countless petitions
evoked by the tragic death of president
McKinley nnJ to make it a crime
against the Federal Government to as
sault its officials while in the discharge
of their official duties
There was nothing in the bill he
said which Infringes In any way on the
rights of States No State was bound
to defend or protect the sovereignty ot
the United States and that was what
the bill Intended to do The real crime
of the assassin of President McKinley
Mr Powers said was against organized
society In the form of government and
for that there was now no punishment
provided by law
To Adjudge Anarchists Insane
Mr Morreli Rep Pa gave notice
that he would offer an amendment strik
ing out the punishment proposed for
one convicted of teaching or advising
the duty or propriety of killing or as
saulting officers of Government and
providing in lieu thereof that he shall
thereafter be considered a dangerous
lunatic and his property shall become
subject to the courts which administer
the estates of persons of unsound mind
The bill was opposed by Mr Jenkln
Rep Wis for the reason that It did
not go far enough -He bellved that
Congress had the power and should ex
ercise It to make It a crime to kill or
attempt to kill the President ot the
United States without any limitations
or qualifications
Amplifying this contention Mr Jen
kins was interrupted by Mr Ray Rep
N Y with a long question as to wheth
er the Federal jurisdiction should be
Invoked in case the President should
go to Chicago and there Incog enter
upon a drunken carousal in the course
Continued on Third Iase
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