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i l HI
T10N OFFlCh 1enth and I Streets
imiii nu iii- to our iir town roiMs ihnca riirtii
llllltMM 1 IIITION nnr rr Mx
months 550 throe month
oruiu Hid Mmil ii one iai 7 ni
month T5J10 lliree month IT
mulnv i onl ono nar -
t fitt tii t utonh o t
Turkey Wabbling
Atlanta Journal It Is Impossnle to
ice how Turkey can maintain an inde
pendent national existence much longer
she would have been thrown into
Ions ago but for the practical
jcrtainty o a serious conflict over the
livitlcr of the asset
More Tools
Omaha World Carrie Nation is now
in a place where a saw would do her a
great deal more Rood than a hatchet It
she kiepii on she may need a whole kit
af carpenter tools
Better Not
Xashille News A headline in a lo
cal paper reads A Womans Unusual
Teat The deadly typesetting machine
did not dare trlle with the last world
Kipling Again
tienver Republican Kipling sajs the
Intcd States has the dearebt little
rn j in the rorld Potsibly because
no ioct has ever been allowed to run it
o Record Herald Adam Ilcdc Is
c for Congress in Minnesota
another rMxturo ef literature
r0St Art
f r a Journal Judge Sheffield In
1 ttarg i i the grand Jury of Terrell
county noting the dearth of
for gambling ccmplainfd that
1 i cr seemed to be a lost art In that
i viainity The judge forgets Poker
v11 ever considered more of a trade
c n an art in Dawson
A Caution
i n innaii Tribune Fugitive Boors
i vt fl1 to South African
to ion d i new republic ought to
r ti si old settling in the
a i o mines if the want to
ai nc
I MMMi iilIHON imniciT i lx
months 1511 lliretf month T rfiit
mid Mimlm one Kir lx
tnontli w J Hirer mouth -
Morning Jvrnlng nmt Muijlni one wir
i x imiutliK
tlirt lUlHlllM
Any person who cinnot buy the Morning Afternoon or Sunday
edition of The Time on any news stand in Washington in suDurban
owns on railroad trains or elsewhere will confer a favor by
notifying the Publisher of The Times corner Tenth and D Sts
Washington D C
A dtcular heon sent out lcceiitiy fiom Wall Ptioet the aatimrs of
which raise the point that thcic grvM iLtiiirer in placing in the hamli of
one 1 inn Mich Mitt power a have lie en introteil to jlr 1 1ieipont Moi
iran The put forth the contention that li this srrcal fiimnpicr vvce to die
unexpectedly the maiket might become im ettlel and meat lo e- be oeca
Moned lo the holders of the securities which hit genius has called into be
To the ea ual observer this circular has ery much the appearance of a
bear niocment Ceitainly it is calculated lo mouse doubts and anxieties
and it might under collateral conditions hae the tendency to depiess
values and bring about the cry state of things which these Wall Stieet
men pretend to fear fiom Mr death The fact that the ciicu
lar has been widely disseminated both in this country and in England
lends foice to the assumption
If precedent furnishes a safe guide for estimating futuie contingen
cies theie is no leason to apprehend that the demise of the gieat captain of
industry would be followed by any disastious lesults in the money market
or even In temporary losses of considerable magnitude It is only 1 eces
san to look back to the periods in which fell the deaths of Jay Gould
Itoswell P Flower and some other men who contiolled Luge financial and
industrial mlciests to feel assured that such an event of itself does not
necessarily inole the depreciation of the securities based on the various
enterpiises with whielMhey weie identified As far as ill Morgan is con
cerned he associated with himself in all his undertakings men whose imputa
tion for business sagacity and integrity is only second to his own Thcie is
no apparent danger of a financial cataehsm as a result of bis demise
President lfooseelt insists that thcie must bo some legislation in rela
tion to the construction of an isthmian canal before the present session of
Congress comes to an end Keport has it that there exists a combination de
termined to prevent such legislation Public opinion is practically unani
mous in favor of the piojcci It is the people and the President against
the combination Who will win
When the pioposition to build an isthmian canal was in its academic
stage little or no objection to it was heard So soon as it assumed definite
shape and passed from the field of mere discussion to that of legislative
effort obstruction were placed iu its way at every stage of progress It
did not occasion especial surprise when it was known that chief among
those who fought the project were the Pacific steamship lines for to them
the canal means probably no inconsideiable loss in receipts and piofits and
a consequent cutting down of dividends Hut unless legislators are or
constitute themselves sponsors and advocafes of these corporations it is
not easy to find an adequate reason for their opposition to the manifest de
nies of the people and the solicitude of the President on this subject
An exceedingly peculiar feature of the situation is the overwhelming
sentiment both in the Senate and House of Hepiesentalives favoring the
canal The popular branch has given expression to this sentiment by
passing the Hepburn bill in the Senate several bills have been intiodueed
sr me of which prescribe a particular route while others leave the selec
tion to the President ilr Roosevelt so far as known has not expressed
himself for or against any one of the different propositions it is more
than likely that he would prefer that Congress should take upon itself the
responsibility of making a selection but if the task is placed upon his
shoulders he will no doubt assume it and discharge it to the best of his
On one point all except the combination refeued to appear to be
agreed Thcie should be legislation authorizing the commencement of the
xv ork
Of Two Evils
Albany Journal The argument is ad
vanced that the growing scarcity of coal
will so seriously affect the various rami
flcatlons of industry that the operators
will be compelled to make concessions to
their employes That looks like a strong
argument but it Is no stronger than the
on that the growing scarcity of money
among the Idle men will so seriously af
fect their households that they will find
themselves compelled to return to ork
on the old terms
Personal Notes About
Washington People
Chief Justice Fuller and Mies Funny
Puller left yesterday to Join Mrs Ful
lei at Sorcnto Me
Justice and Mrs Peckhani will spend
the summer In ihe AdlrondacKs at Sa
ranac I akc
Mr Moses 1 icdiam has rccoveicl
from his recen incss and us soon as
able to stand the fatigue of an orear
vcyage will take a trip abroad
Mr and Mrs Iwspn E Smith have
sold their house in Aloxandna to Mr
Harold E Stuart of that city
Justice Harl in and family left es
lirda for -Murray Hay Canada for ihe
summer months
ilr John il Janscn Jr will engage
In business In Atlanta Ga nnd will
leave for that city this ecnlng
mcng the dlplomitle erntingent who
sailed fot Europe jesterday were Mr
and Jlrs von Callenberg and famil
and Lieutenant Commander de Tara
Mr H O Cordon and famils who
have been jcndlns the winter at 1C1
it Street northwest have returned to
their Xorth Lauiel home
By Representative CALDWELL EDWARDS of Montana
orseieial years I have icad with a view to in
foiming inytelfas to which was he best and most
piattieal unite for an isthmian canal As a icstilt 1
setld on the Xicariguin route as absolutely the best
In fact that the Ilench have made such a signal
fiihue of the Panama unite makes me look with sus
pinou upon that particular unite now although fiom
the voluminous lepotts that have been made to Con
giess on the subject I incline to the opinion that it is
a veiy dill cult mattei foi the average layman to
foim an opinion on a question ot this kind that is
baed absolutely upon facts
Dealing With
Demented Persons
In discussing the Bloomington
111 Insane Asjlum a paper of that
city makes two or three verj sensi
ble suggestions to the general pub
lie It recommends that people do
not go off on a tangent whenever a
charge Is made against the attend
ants of such an institution but shall
reserve judgment until the charge Is
proved It also suggests that the
management of Insane people Is so
difficult and delicate a task that it
Is sometimes impossible to conduct
it In a nay which Is satisfactory to
the patient and that In the case of
the violently insane some degree of
violence on the part of the keeper
ma be necesarv It seems as if
an body ought ri e able to see the
truth of this nt yet whenever
there Is a charge of cruelty against
the attendants of an insane asylunul
hundreds or people apparently lose
their heads and abuse the officials
There was a time happily now
past when the Insane were treated
with actual and monstrous cruelty
In Isolated cases there have been
more recently instances of cruelty
due to carelessness or deliberate ill
temper on the part of the attendant
and neglect of the superintendent to
keep himself informed of the char
acter and methods of his subordi
nates Uut as a rule the staff of
attendants In such an Institution
is made up of Intelligent humane
and reasonable people who not only
have the sense to know that their
positions depend on their treating
the patients kindly but understand
that this Is in the long run the
easiest way of dealing with an
I lng creature
Suppose however that a patient
becomes violently and suddenly in-
I anc while alone with one of the
keepers What is to he done Ob
viously the patient cannot be allow
ed to run amuck in the ward ob
viously the attendant must protect
himself and gain control of the man
iac Is it likely that this can be
done without the chance of bruises
and lommotion Yet on account ofi
such incidents as tills charges of I
cruelty have mori1 than once been
brought I
Humorous Verse
Humorous verse How Is it that the
words aiouse I our minds so few
mirthrul associations and convey on
the vhole a suggestion of boredom or
exasperation The sense of humor is
not very uncommon the trick of com
position in metre and rhymo Is easily
tqured and it Is not essential that the
writer should I osscss any Inborn poetic
ift Nevertheless really good work In
this kind seems nearly as much of a
rarity as Is a fresh achievement in the
Iomain of roal poetry The reason we
take to be this that the true motive
power of humorous verse is not the
rihe of humor that is needed by the
leader but humor Itself the gift of
humorous creation as the Tail Mall
Gazette This Is a form of genius and
iherefuic tare and in like manner ou
nil find a thousand people who hive
the sense of music before ou villi llml
one who can create something to satisfy
that sense Hut besides his genius or
humor our writer must have a multi
tude o acquired powers It is not
enough for him to have learned the
trick of metrlc il composition he must
write verse exquisitely felicitously as
pcifntl as the best of the real poets
and if he Is a bit of a real poet too
then so much the better And he muBt
have fine taste sound sense education
he inu t be a brilliant creature Above
nil never for a moment must he sink
below the Intellectual level of the ciev
crc c or hli readers No wonder he is
A conviction has foiced itself upon my mind that
repoits aie made bv mteiesled parties and in most in
stances aie too much in the natuie of a soap adver
tisement to be of any material value
1 still however hold to the opinion that the
Xiciriguan mute is the best and the most practical
and I sinceiely hope the United Slates Government
will not only build an isthmian canal but own it and
coutiol it Iu the light of the complicated condition
of affairs in connection with the 1anama route I
would aDsolutely oppose taking hold of it or giving
it the least cousideiation
By Hon R M NEVIN Representative from Ohio
I think there ought to be an isthmian canal but I confess frankly
that I have not made up my mind which is the better loute of the two
Xicaiagua or Panama
I voted foi the Hepburn Xiearagua Canal bill which passed the
House of Iicpiesentatives in ouler that when it got to the Senate a
full discussion could be had on the merits of the two routes and the
bettei one of the two determined upon
That being done I am heaitily in favor of passing it as soon as it
can be i cached in the Senate and it ought to be passed at this Congiess
for the need of such a waterway across the isthmus of Panama is ap
paient to all and the sooner the woik of constitution is commenced the
Both political paities indorse an isthmian canal and all the peo
ple iu all sections of the country seem to be in favor of it
Hoosier Democrats Harmonious
Representative Robinson of Indiana
leturned yesteiday from the Democratic
convention In the Hoosier State All
11 e Democratic members of Congress
from Indiana attended the convention
lit remarked nt the Capitol to aid In
the cause of party harmony We found
all Democrats there of the same mind
With this purpose in view on the part
of the delegates the only task was to
outline our course for the campaign
There was no faction to run counter
to Democratic harmony The platform
although It contains no reference to Mr
Iran or former Democratic platforms
vis approved by all This I take it Is
the best evidence of the success of the
convention and a sure proof that the
Democrats of Indiana aro in a strong
position for the coming campaign and
that the prospects aro bright for suc
House Members Grow Exclusive
The House is gradually following in
the footsteps or the Senate and in time
the members will insist on exercising
a few of the privileges now enjojed
exclusivclj In the north wing of the
Capitol The latest in this direction Is
reserving for three hours lor the ex
clusive use or the members the eleva
tor In the southeast corridor on the
House side Yestrrda morning on the
cages or the elevator In the southeast
corridors there was displayed a poml
nent sign In Iirge black letters that
cculd be read at a distance
For members only between the
hours ol 11 and 2 oclock
The messcncis cill attention to
the sign and state that Ihe public
lor is in the southhJit rnrrldir hi
the building The members yesterdiy
lidnt have to wait us long as usual
for the lift
A Ruined Garden
I stood at the gate a3 Iove passed
And all the air seemed sweet
I plucked for him my one white rose
And threw it down at his feet
lue wine of mj life I poured for him
Gave him my hearts red blood
He drank he dashed the crystal cup
And crimsoned my poor white bud
He passetl through my gay bright
garden ground
And left the murk of night
My velvet pamlcs crushed to death
Threw over my roses a blight
I sit in the place he wrecked and
The bound of laughter light
Lave sits my neighbors vines
Strike God and blacken my sight
I gather my ashes of petalcd bloom
And sink in the ruined heap
Come rain fire wind and hail
My roses and I will sleep
A traveler mentions as one or the most Impressive sights he has seen
in his Journeylngs Senators ol the United States who insist on saying
deepo when they mean railway station The other impressive sights
were the horse cars and the bread line in New York the department stores
in Philadelphia and the dih water running in the gutters in Baltimore
Comments such as these do not alwas make the subjects o remark love
the traveler but on the whole It Is best that they should be made even if
he has to take his lire in his hands to do It
This matter or the misuse or the viord dept is one which ought to
recrlve the attention or the great American public Tor It is unquestionably
true that without rcrorm in this respect the great American public is go-
I ing to get Itself laughed at Better a little quiet criticism and sarcasm
in the privacy of the home circle than the derision of all Europe and pos
sibl of well educated Orientals The time has passed when we ean se
renely sail on our way of mispronunciation and misconstruction with
the ccmfortablo reeling that whatever America does must be right be
cause this is the land or freedom It is not right to call a railway station a
deepo and not even an act or Congress can make it so Congress can
legislate away one or the Ten Commandments sooner than it can decide
a ouestion or taste
A railway station began to be called a depot when various other
French words were lifted or dragged into the language by persons who
wished to appear comme 11 laut and au rait as they themselves would have
said It came along with elite and amateur and qui vive and
and a lot or other French words which sensible peonlp
hive given up using when a Saxon wcrd will serve the purpose It proper
ly means a place where quantities or goods are deposited It is proper to
say a depot or supplies but not to describe the place in which pis
senpers are deposited from trains or distributed to them as a deepo or
deppo or daypo or de pot all of which It was called in the days
or American ignorance The proper rame Tor it is station and Incident
ally It may be explained that it is much better rorm always to use an
English word rather thai one rrom a foreign language ir the rormer can
be made to convey the meaning
Or course H a man who has traveled in a rorclgn land is dscriblng his
adventures or telling a story or the people It adds to the piquancy or his
narrative ir he occasionally uses an untranslated roreign phrase being al
ways sure that his audience understands it but ror him to use rorelgn
words in an ordinary conversation is no better taste than It would be ror
him to do Jugglers tricks with his knire and rork at the dinner table
Mr Kern and the Library
As the Senate put an amendment In
the sundr civil approprlition bill
providing for the opening of the Con
gressional Librar on Sundays to take
fTect artcr the first or July I will not
therefore Introduce my resolution re
quiring the Library to bevopen on Sun
days said Representative Kera of
Illinois csterday
I have always advocated the opening
of tho Congressional Library on Sun
da and I would also like to see the
Capitol open to visitors on that day
There are hundreds of strangers who
arrive In Washington lale Salurdi
evening who have but one day to spend
in the National Capital and they are
greatl disappointed when the learn
that the Congressional Library and the
Capitol are closed to visitors The Li
brar should be open by all means on
Sunday It is a grand building and
every citizen of the United States has
as much general Interest in the building
as the people of Washington I am
more than pleased at the action of the
Senate and I feel atisfied the House
will agree to the amendment
Representative Kern is serving Ms
first term Some time ago lie announced
th it he would not be a candidate for
icnomlnation but the leaders in the
district have refused to allow him to
step aside and the news received hcrr
last night Is to the effect that he will
be renominated by acclamation in
which event he will again make -the
race for Congress against ex-Representative
The Whirligig of Time
Boston Globe Gen Iitzhugh Lee lit
tle realized thirty odd cars ago that
on Memorial Day 1002 at Birmingham
Ala ho would deliver an address at the
decoration of Union boldlers graves or
that he would withdraw from a parade
there because a Confederate flag was
carried in It
Aiss Gertrude Livingston and ir James Hamilton Mar
ried at St Margarets Church
The Jenner Schneider Nuptials on Wednesday W J Dwycr
iSs Blanche T Herold Dinner and Dance
Precede Marnaoe Ceremony
Pretty Church Wedding
Pink roses adorned the chancel of St
Church last night Tor the
wedding or Miss Gertrude Livingston
nnd Mr James Hamilton of Boston
which was solemnized at S oclock
The guests rormed one or the most dis
tinguished assemblages ever gathered at
St Margarets Church there being a
conspicuous showing from the army cir
cle with which the brides family is so
prominently identified
While the ushers were seating the
guests the organist played a succession
of beautiful and appropriate selections
changing his tneme to the nuptial chor
us from Lohengrin a the bride en
tered the church
The ushers who preceded her to the
chancel were Lieut A M Beecher Unit
ed States Navy Dr Emory Marvel or
Atlantic City Mr Joseph Fox or Ger
mantown Pa Dr Watson Ayres and
Mr Harry Blunt of this city and Capt
M L Walker or the Washington Bar
Miss Livingston who was her sisters
only attendant was handsomo In Nile
green and silver Manila gauze over
white silk The lovely robe which was
sent to Miss Livingston last Christmas
by a rriend in the Philippines was
garlanded with clusters or green leaves
Her Cower3 wero a shower of white
sweet pease
The bride passed up the aisle with
her lather Col La Rhett L Livingston
by whom she was given in marriage
She is tall and or distinguished car
riage and was regally handsome In bri
dal robe and tulle veil that was caught
with blossoms to her golden brown
hair Her niece little Ruth Stuart
daughter of the late Captain Stuart of
the Ordnance Department made an
Ideally pretty flower girl In a rrock of
white lace She carried a basket of
pink roses suspended by pink ribbons
worn around her shoulders
The groom attended by his brother
Mr William Hamilton of Boston await
ed his bride in the chancel and the
ceremony was performed by the Bight
Rev Lcighton Coleman bishop of Dela
ware an old friend of the Livingston
family assisted by Rev Herbert Scott
Smith rector o St Margarets Church
Irs Llingston the brides mother
wore an elegant toilette or black satin
with effects in white lace and JeL
Mrs Stuarts gown was or black crepe
and jet showing touches of lavender
AUer the ceremony a brilliant recep
tion was held at the family residence
1717 Oregon Avenue which was fragrant
with the June roses that the bride se
lected for her wedding flower
The army navy and diplomat circles
were brilliantly represented ft the re
ception at the close o which Mr and
Mrs Hamilton left for the North
The bride was attired ror traveling in a
basket weave of marine blue over rich
red silk
Mr Hamilton was rormerly of the
Third Artillery hut is now practicing
- Boston With his bride he will
divide the summer between that city and
tne nortnern coast resorts ami go to
the Adirondacks in the autumn
Return of Mrs Beckham
Mrs William II Fowle Beckham who
went to Winchester Wednesday to at
tend the closing exercises or the Vir
ginia Female Institute will return today
when she will have as her house guest3
J T Beckham Miss Carrie Fowle Beck
ham and Miss Caroline Bradford or Vir
Miss Beckham was one or the gradu
ates or tho institute and will spend the
summer at the coun ry home of her
father Auburn near Culpeper Court
house Va Later in the season Miss
Beckham will visit here
Excrci3e3 at West Point
Mrs Sheridan will leave todiy to at
tend the exercises at West Point Her
sou will be one ot this ears gradu
ates Afterward bcth will go to Non
qultt their summer home in Massachu
Gcrdon Brilcy Nuptials
Mr Peyton Gordon Assistant United
States Attorney of the Qlstrict and
Miss Evelyn E Brllny of Ea3t New
market Dorchester county Md were
married Wednesday at Christ Church In
Cambridge M3
The Rev Thomas Carter Page officiat
ed assisted by Dr James L Br an Tho
bride Is the youngest daughter of Mr
W II Brlley of East Newmarket She
wore a gown of white crepe do china
over white taffeta with tulle veil caught
with orans blossoms She was attend
ed by M W F Donovan of New
York city latron of honor
Mr3 Donovan wore a lace robe over
pink taffeta with picture hat The
bride was 3iven away by Dr John Mace
a brother-in-law The groom wa3
attended by Mr Ashley M Gould
United States District Attorney of
Washington as best man The ush
ers were J M Chamberlain G V Wel
tner and D W Bker of Washington
and A Shepherd Bayley and F Irving
Mace of Cambridge
After the wedding a reception and
luncheon were given at the residence o
Dr John Mace Tho newly married
tcuple left en the afternoon train for a
Northern trin and will visit Thousand
Islands and Canada The bride wore a
traveling gown or pongee trimmed In
black and white with hat to mach
Upon their return they will reside at
Gaithcrsburg Md
Married on Wednesday
A pretty wedding of Wednesday even
ing was solemnized at the residence of
Dr and Mrs T E Ogram 717 Thir
teenth Street northwest The bride and
groom were Miss Mabel Jenner the at
tractive young sister of Mrs Ogram
and Mr Charles F Schneider of this
The Rev Dr Turner of All Souls
Church performed the ceremony which
was attended by a small company lim
ited to relatives of the two families Tha
reception ncld afterward from 830 un
til 10 oclock was attended by about 200
Mr Eugene Cochran the only attend
ant acted as best man
The bride was girlishly graceful In
white silk and carried a white prayer
Book from vrnich the service was read
The popularity of Mr and Mre
Schneider wan evidenced by the wed
ding gifts which made an unusually
large and bcautUul display They will
reside at the Prince Karl
Will Dwyer Married
The marriage if Tmss Blanche T Her
old daughter or Mr and Mrs Ceorgi W
Herold to Mr William J Dwyer was
solemnized at the Church of the Immac
ulate Conception yesterday mornrg at
3 oclock
The main and side altars were beauti
fully arranged with white blossoms and
palms amid which burned clusters of
waxen lights and the sanctuary rallng
was entwined with flowers and vines
Rev Stanislaus F Ryan pastor of the
church officiated at the ceremony and
acptial mass which succeeded It
In the palm embowered sanctuary
were Rev D J Stafford D D Mon
slgnor Hooker Rev Father Daugherty
Rev Father BischofT Rev Father
Williams and Rev Father McGee
The ushers were Mr Thom s C
Noes Mr John J Walsh Mr Joseph U
Luckett Mr Charles H Merillat Mr
John B Dalgren and Mr Frank Flynt
The brldo was ideally gowned in whits
satin and lace Her tulle veil was
caught in graceful folds by a coronet ot
orange blossoms and she carried a
shower of white roses and sweet peas
The wedding marches and incidental
selections were played by the orches
tra of the Columbia Theater
v wedding breakfast followed at the
home ot Mr and Mrs Herold 1213 Ninth
Street Mr and Mrs Dwyer went to
New York on the noon train and later
w III sail trom Boston for a trip through
Nova Scotia They will spend he sum
mer at Atlantic City and in the rail go
to housekeeping In thi city
Gone to Canada for Summer
Mr3 Grant has closed her visit to
Ulantie Ciy and gone to Canada tor
the summer
Mrs Miles Recovered
Mrs Miles has recovered rrom the ef
forts or her recent rail and left town
yesterday morning to visit her son at
Uest Point
Hanna Looked To for Relief
Senator Hanna is not only the man
of the hour he Is the man of the
minute to the thousands of coal miners
In the Pennsvlvania anthracite region
said J Holiday of Serantcm at the
Nov WlllarJ Hotel last night The min
ers are looking for him to adjust the
differences existing betweei them and
the operators I foci sure that he will do
it successfully It the President is iblt
under existing laws to appoint an arbi
trator invested with national authority
Senator Hanna is the man above all
uthers who should be selected lor the
delicate dut Ho is thoroughly inform
ed as to ail the intrlacle3 or tho situa
tion and toils on the problem with the
enthusiasm or a bo
It i really marvelous the amount or
work h gets away with Ho sandwiches
the labor of his position as Utjited
States Senatoi with the immense amount
of correspondence Involved in his effort
to avert trouble in the coal regions
Trom a close friend of his I learn that
he works sixteen hours and often more
each day
This is astounding when the fact that
ho Is sixty five ears olii is considered
Talk about the overworked President
He in t a circunstance to Senator
hanra who 1 ibors straight throunh the
day without horseback rides or crcss
countr tramps or n kiuJ ot vigorous
May Go to Berlin
Bellamy Storer Uncd States minis
ter to Spain and Mrs Storer are regis
tered at the Shoreham Indications are
that Mr Storer will be given the post
or United States ambassador at Berlin
in the event of tho retirement of Dr
White who roaches the age of seventy
cars this fall
A Popular Pastor
Rev S D Bartle of Solqn Iowa Is
in the city on his way to England to
witness the cnroiitlon or King Ed rl
The citizens or Solon are greatl in lve
with their pastor and have confe 1
upon him ninny lienor At th ume
of tho late President McKinlev th
the mayor J S Bittnor sent hiu to
represent their city at the funeal r
Bartle is a native or England but has
bceu in the United States for ac I ea
At this time tba citizens are aaln
sending him to visit his old home end
witress the coronation at the same time
Rev Mr Bartle is a of tho
unoer Inwa conference of the Metlud st
Episccpil Chura and is one of tha
prominrat rung pasters He Is a
jraduat cf Cornell College Mount Wr
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