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Fair today Tomorrow in
creasing cloudiness lresh north
westerly winds diminishing
His Majesty Passed a
Fairly Comfortable Day
and Maintained His
Reopening of the Wound
May Have to Be Re
sorted To
New Symptom May Indicate Fresh In
flammation With Resultant Secretion
of Pus Necessary to Give nourish
ment Very Carefully Services of In
tercession Give Place to Hoped for
Coronation Celebrations
iONDON June 26 The Irony of fate
ordained that the day named for the cor
onation of King Edward should be an
ideal one even for English June The
skies were clear and the heat of the sun
tempered by a cool refreshing breeze
The we vther gods who are held par
tially responsible for the Kings undo
ing seemed bent upon emphasizing the
nations disappointment The crouds
went to church to pray that the mon
archs life may be spared or made half
hearted holiday wandering through the
treetswhere his triumphal procession
would have passed -
They were eTen inclined to be joyful
in the light of the ray of hope which
rame from the palace where the royal
tufferer lay
First Bulletins Hopeful
The first three bulletins sent out by
the physicians today were distinctly en
couraging It was announced at last
that the patients temperature was nor
mal and this was the best possible news
In a case of this nature
All the other symptoms were also
favorable It W2s therefore not surpris
ing that the nation took heart again and
was almost inclined to indulge in pre
mature rejoicing
The throngs which still filled the
streets sang and were gay The King
rill lhe was heard on ail sides and
they began to talk of a coronation in
August or September
A Return of Gloom
Then the evening bulletin was posted
rt 31 oclock on the palace gates and In
all the postoffices
It concluded with the disquieting sen
tence which checked the hopefulness
There has been some return of pain
In the wound
These words would usually have seri
ous significance In a situation llko that
of the King and the doctors would have
hardly employed them unless they de
sired the natural conclusion to be drawn
from them
Fresh pain Implies fresh Inflammation
Renewed inflammation is usually accom
panied or followed by a renewed secre
tion of pus
This peril Is one of extreme gravity
It might be decided to reopen the
wound as a latt resort -
A Desperate Expedient
This has been done in many cases and
it Is sometimes successful where the
patient is strong and In the full vigor
of life
In the Kings case it would be a
It can only be hoped that the morn
ing bulletin will note the disappearance
of this alarming symptom
The Morning Bulletin
The bulletin issued from Buckingham
Palace at li5 this morning read as fol
His majesty had n better night
and had some refreshing sleep He
is Improved in all respects Ills con
stitutional condition Is quite favor
able The state of the wound is also
The Duke of Connaught called at the
palace at 930 oclock tbii morning He
staved within the palate for a few- min
Quam 14
Pain Re f 11 ins io
Wound of King
JOXDOX June 2li The fol
lowing k the uilicinl bulk tin
at I oclock toni rht
Thf Kini pas eil a fail ly com
fortable tiny ami ht niaintaineil
his strength There is a leturnitig
dcFire for food which ha to he
iiy iMrefully jrien Theie his
Ikcu oiie ivtinii of aiu in tlie
vvcnd IAKLOW
utes On Icalng he said the news re
garding the King was most encouraging
His majestys pulse and temperature
he said were normal and his condition
on the whole satisfactory
Later Bulletins
The official bulletin Issued at 2 p m
read as follows
The Kings condition still remains
The follow ins bulletin was issued at 6
p m today
His majesty passed a good day and
has taken nourishment well He is less
weak and his temperature is now nor
Papers Pessimistic
While these reports from official
sources are encouraging in the extreme
the general public is not Inclined to feel
at all secure The evening papers today
also take a rather pessimistic view and
warn the public not to let their op
timism be too great as the real crisis
Is yet to come The Evening Star
In the sickroom there is no divinity
which can hedge the King Somehow
this sense of fellowship has brought
Edward nearer to his people than the
most gorgeous pageant or most solemn
Telegrams to Kaiser
Kaiser Wllhelm of Germany when he
heard the news of his royal relatives
condition immediately telegraphed of
fering to come to London if there was
urgent danger A reassuring reply was
scat The progress of the King is being
regularly telegraphed to the Emperor
The crowds today are smaller tlan
they were yesterday as many persons
are taking excursions into the country
The decorations for the coronation are
being torn down and the streets nave a
disheveled appearance
A big throng early collected about
Buckingham Palace They were greatly
encouraged by the 10 oclock Lulletln
It is learned that the Kings entourage
for the first time have a strong feeling
of hope
Thrones at Palace
Ills majestys strength and power ff
resistance have been marvelous He
has shown a vitality and constitutional
vigor with whlch few credited him It
is recalled how Queen Victoria lived for
five days with a mortal Illness which
in an ordinary case would have proved
fatal much room r
Full Measure of Strength
The Kings sister the Dowager Em
press Frederick also displayed Immense
staying power Edward has a full meas
uro of the family strength despite his
easy life and tho recent strain he has
The doctors however while for the
first time Issuing a bulletin containing
genuine encouragement still say the
danger Is by no means over and will
not be until the wound heals and the
intestines are reunited
The greatest danger Is the presence of
the tube In his majestys bowel This
Is of a material which can sometimes be
successfully absorbed but usually re
quires n second operation for its re
Complications Imminent
Under the present conditions how
ever no complications are Imminent
The King Is under tho care of Englands
most able physicians who are now hope
ful of accomplishing one of the greatest
feats in the history of British surgery
by securing a curev
Instead of coronation services Inter
cessory services were held in the
churches all over the empire today
At Simla India the viceroy
and the entire corps of
government officials in full dress at
tended an intercessory service The
Bishop of Lahore delivered an address
upon the mutability of human affairs
At Cape Town Intercessory services
were also held as well ns childrens
Continued en llilrd Page
Sinister Statement in Latest
Bulletin of King Edwards
Many Rumors Circulated Among the
Watchers But Nothing Definite
LONDON June 27 030 a m La3t
nlshts bulletin led to the most extreme
rumors during the night among the
groups outside the Palace but nothing
definite could be learned
Nobody passed in or out of the Pal
ate from the closing of the gates at
mtdnigh until their opening at six
oclock this morning
The sentries performed their usual
Nothing unusual was noticeable in the
LONDON June 27 7 a m It Is un
officially stated that the King passed a
quiet and peaceful night
Dispatch From Brussels States That
She Is Succumbing to Heart
ANTWERP June 26 The newspaper
Opinion prints a telegram rora Brus
sels Mating that Marie Henrlette
Queen of Belgium who has been III of
heart disease is sinking rapidly
She is awar of her approaching end
Eleven oclock Bulletin Deals a Blow
to Feeling of Optimism Crowds
at a Loss
LONDON June 27 The wording of
the bulletin issued at II o ciock nas
given pause to the confident tone the
newspapers had begun to adopt based
upon the more rheerful phraseology
used in the successive official reports
The Morning Leader prints below
the 11 oclock bulletin It must ira
confessed that it does not keep tne
favorable standard maintained in the
earlier reports of the day At the same
time there is no reason to take undue
It must be remembered how well un
der the circumstances iuc muj a
done hitherto
The papers devote mucli space to in
cidents tonnccted with London s
dued holiday amid the empty stanils anu
barren display of coloring lor vnai
should have been tlie setting or tne
greatest spectacle In tho nations his-
Manv thousands of persons went
round the intended route of the corona
tion procession once more sorry appar
ently at leaving the dismantled ghost
of a great day Piccadilly was a wilder
ness of uprooted masts
On the pavement of St James Street
lay a great golden crown which had
been the centerpiece of the most am
bitious scheme of decoration attempted
in any quarter of London
Around Westminster Abbey were
masses of timber and floral and decora
tive ruins rinally the busses which
had been traerslng the streets at treb
led and sextupied fares exhibited fre
quently notices that they would take
passengers to Richmond JIampton
Court or other summer resorts
Thousands of people went to these
For Two Days a French
man Says Cries Sound--ed
in St Pierre
Blacks Luxuriously Treated While
American Relief Was Refused to
Whites New York Chamber of Com
merce Holds Secret Meeting
NEW YORK Juno 26 A secret
meeting of the chamber of commerce
was held this afternoon to hear the
report of W R Corwine concerning the
distribution of supplies in Martinique
M de Medeull of the French chamber of
commerce was present at the meeting
Previously to attending the session M
de Medeull spoke freely of the methods
of distributing the provisions sent to
the islands by the United States Gov
ernment and the chambers of commerce
Attacks Authorities
M de Medeull bitterly attacked the
authorities of Martinique for their ad
mnlctratlon of public affairs in general
and their system or lack of system in
distributing the supplies sent for the
n nf tho stricken people of the
Island He has Just returned irora Mar
tinique where he went as the envoy of
the French chamber of commerce of
this city taking with him 22000 francr
In gold for the relief of the Mon Pelee
The French government said he is
partly to blame for the wretched condi
tions which followed the catastrophe of
May 8 The island Is practically under
negro government the great majority of
officials being negroes While political
factions subdivide themselves into
whites and blacks the blacks are in so
much greater numbers that they prac
tically control all public offices
Politics Instead of Relief
Almost all of these blacks are unedu
cated and unscrupulous and the events
which followed the destruction of St
Pierre proved It conclusively Tho au
thorities were so busy Insuring the ip
eltctlon of all the negro officials that
they would not bother about sending re
lief to St Pierre
St Pierre it must be explained was
the stronghold of the autl negro party
The elections were to be held on May 30
The governor was too busy electioneer
ing for the defeat of Clerc the anti
negro candidate of the northern depart
ment of the island to send help to St
Two Days of Agony
Contrary to all that has been pub
lished on the subject tho inhabitants of
St Pierre were not stricken dead in
stantaneously For two dajs the half
choked and half burned survivors were
left writhing in the streets in agony and
crying for help that came not
Governor LHuerre tries to create the
Impression that all were killed as they
stood Two gendarmes who made their
way into the ruined city the next day
havo already testified to the contrary
The governor declares that he will put
Continued on Fourth 1age
Afghanistans Ruler Quietly Celebrates
Quintuple Nuptials vent
Occurred Recently
PESHAWAR June 26 It Is reported
that the Ameer of Afghanistan twenty
five days ago married quietly five wives
They included the daughter of his
commander-in-chief Mohammed Amin
Khan the daughter of the governor of
Herat Gasl Saadulla Khan and the
daughters of three other great chiefs
The Russian governor of Tashkend has
requested the Ameer that he be allowed
to have an official representative at
The Ameer wishes to assent but the
widow of the late Ameer is hostile and
Is exhorting the Ameer accordingly
Quiet Ceremony at Cris
field Maryland
UKii KiKLiiJ via June 26 A man
giving the man of Samuel McKay be
lleved to bo the millionaire proprietor
of tlip Hotel Dewey In Washington
came here today to be married Ho was
accompanied by his prospective bride
Miss Mabel O Gejer of Washington
and her brother and sister of the same
At 1020 in the bridal chamber of the
Crlsfield Hotel the couple were married
Ly the Rev G W Gwynne of
Smiths Island an uncle of the bride
The brides brother was groomsman and
her sister bridesmaid
After the ceremony the party re
mained at the hotel until 1230 oclock
when they left for Peninsula Junction
where a palace car of the Pennsylvania
Railroad awaits them to take them
through to Atlantic City They will le
maln there during the season
The groom is seventy one years old
and the bride but twenty seven The
license was obtained by the Rev Mr
Gwynne at Princess Ann Md yester
day He performed tho ceremony ic
celving a check for 200 for his services
It is understood that his marriage
here Is due to the opposition of his chil
dren and possibly of his former wife
from whom he has been divorced for
three months
Ail Indications are that the contract
ing parties to the marriage reported in
the foregoing dispatch are Mr Nathaniel
McKay proprleter of theIewey Hotel
and Miss Mabel Gever a pretty young
woman whose home Is with her mother
at 1347 L Street northwest Until re
cently Miss Geyer was employed in one
of the Government departments
At tho home of Miss Geyer It was
stated that the entire family composed
of Mrs Geyer a son and two daughters
one of whom 13 Miss Mabel had gone
away for the evening They had not re
turned at a late hour The reported
marriage of Miss Mabel Geyer was a
surprise to boarders In the house
Colonel McKay is well known In this
city where he has rt sided for some
vears Some time ago he was separated
from his first wife
He has two sisters one living in
Philadelphia and another who makes
her home in Oklahoma
District President Fahey Denies That
the Men Are Returning
POTT3VILLE Pa June 26 Sheriff
Bedall sent deputies to Ashland and
Lost Creek today to quell disturbances
which were reported there In contra
dicting the reports that any of the min
ers in this region have returned to work
District President Fahey gave out an
tcrvlew In which he said
This talk of men returning to work
Is all bosh for every man who entered
tills knows that It is the fight
of his life and that Is he loses it the
only thing left for him to do will be to
move from the coal regions n
we lose the man who Is the first to leave
the anthracite regions and tho entire
coal regions wilt be tho best off
T V Powder cx Commistoner of
Labor is at the head of a company
which has begun opening up what will
be the largest colliery in the anthracite
region The operations will be located
on the Starr tract near Tremont Over
1000000 will be spent by the company
in opening up the workings
The company has ben named the
Black Diamond Anthracite Coal Com
pany and has been chartered in Trenton
Democrats and Populists Agree Upon a
Ticket Latter to Retain Or
HURON S D Jupc 2C The Demo
crats and Populists of South Dakota
have decided to fuse The conventions
of both parties met here last night and
appointed conference committees The
Populists declared that while they
would surrender their name during the
coming campaign they would maintain
their orgsnlzatlon and reserve the right
to act independently at any tim
The following ticket was nominated
For Representatives John B Wilson
of Lawrence county F S Robinson of
Brown county
Governor John W Martin
Lieutenant governor Everett Smith
Secretary of state W E Ashley
Treasurer Louis Chladek
Attorney general A Ljnch
Superintendent 67 public Instruction
Miss Nina M Small
Auditor Wayne Mason
Railway commissioner H B Rouse
The Populists adopted a platform re
affirming the Sioux Falls platform of
1S0O expressing faith In tlie leadership
of W J Bryan and commending the
campaign of education and the adoption
by the Democratic and Republican part
ies of part of the platform
The platform favors the election of
United States Senators by direct vote
of the people and denounces the Fowler
bill for the retirement of silver It de
nounces trusts and demands the en
forcement of laws against them It de
plored the action of the South Dakota
Representatives In voting in favor of
tlie ship subsidy bill ami denounces ex
travagance in State affairs
The platform adopted by the Demo
crats reaffirms the principles of the
Kansas City platform denounces the
Fowler currency bill and the working
of the text book trust In the State It
favors Government control of railroads
nnd public utilities and the election of
United States Senators by direct vote
of the people
Bourke Cochran and Senator Culberson
of Texas Selected to Ad
dress the Braves
NEW YORK Juno 26 The long
talkers at the Tammany Society cele
bration of tho Fourth of July will be
Bourke Cockran and Senator Culberson
of Texas There will be half a dozen
short talkers ail of whom have not
been selected yet
Robert B Roosevelt ex Minister to
the Netherlands was invited to read the
Declaration of Independence and ac
cepted but today be sent word to the
committee that his phjslclans said he
must not attempt to fulfill the engage
National Convention Like
ly to Grant Plenary
Miners However to Be
Called Out in Unorgan
ized States
Michigan to Follow Lead of the East
era Unions The Fight Regarded as a
Life and Death Struggle for the Or
ganization Operators Sue
cording to President W F Williams of
the Michigan United Mine Workers hc
national convention of the miners to le
held at Indianapolis- July 17 will place
the entire power of ordering a national
strike In the hands of President Mitchell
and he will call it In piecemeal
For two days President Williams with
a committee of Michigan mine workers
and operators has been in conference
with President Mitchell arranging
wage scale The scale was completed
this afternoon and will be submitted io
a committer of Michigan miners
No National Strike Call
The delegation left for home tonight
and before going Williams talked freely
He said
I do not believe there will be a na
tional strike ordered directly although
there Is no doubt the bituminous min
ers will stand by the anthracite work
ers in every way possible I should
not be surprised to see a strike called
in all the unorganized States and la
those States where the men are not
working under contract
I believethe power will be vested in
President Mitchell by the convention to
call out any or all men a3 he sees fit
but it is not likely that the men hoU
ing agreements with the operators wll
be asked to strike except as a last re
Re rrlng to the feeling of the Michi
gan men he said
Michigan will follow Mitchell and if
Mitchell makes a mistake Michigan will
also It will be bad to have to break
agreementa but I beieve the present
strike means the life or death of tho
union and before the union breaks the
agreements will be broken
Ohio Delegates Investigate
The delegation from Ohio where it is
stated there Is great opposition to a
strike started today through this region
to make a personal investigation into
the conditions in order to report to their
They have yet sought no conference
with Mr Mitchell but will do so before
thev return home
Thomas Borthwick an engineer at the
Law colliery of the Erie Coal Company
today commenced civil action against
seven strikers on the char re of slander
Four similar cases were started by him
In Scranton yesterday The Erie com
pany is supporting Borthwick in the suit
Five United Mine Workers who form
ed the committee which posted unfair
lists nre to be charged on over fifty
counts with criminal libel and the ac
tion vigorously prosecuted They posted
tho names of sixty eight omplove3 of
the Lehigh Valley and the Delaware
Lackawanna nnd Western companies
who refused to strike classed them as
unfair and slmed their own names
beneath The operators made a canvass
of the sixty eight men and got the con
sent of fifty to prosecute The informa
tion was gathered today and warrants
sworn out
The Delaware and Hudson Company
reported this afternoon that all of Us
engineers at Plymouth have returned to
work except three
Lightning Sets Fire to Several Bains
Trolley Party Held Prisoners on
HAGERSTOWN Md June 26 A de
structive thunderstorm of great violence
prevailed in this county last night Sev
eral barns were struck by lightning and
other damage done
The IarEe barns on the farm of the
Rev Victor Miller near Charlton were
struck and burned together with a lot
of corn and hay farming implements
and several vehicles The barn of
George Rover near Blue Ridge Summit
was struck and badly damaged and the
barn of George Pound near Cavctown
was also damaged
A heavy rain fell over all the county
and some damage was done to the wheat
rREDEHICK Md June 26 A terrific
electric storm passed over the city farly
this morning Lightning struck a large
barn on tho farm of Ilenjamin L Relck
near Frederick and destoved it to
gether with a quantity of grain and
farming Implements
The storm caught a large party of
young people at Uraddock Heights and
owing to the fact that the ovirhead trol
ley wire was disabled by the lightning
the party was compelled to remiiu on
the mountain all night
Quintin Banderas One of the Islands
Powerful Negro Leaders
HAVANA June 26 Gen Quintin
Banderas one of the most powerful ne
gro leaders in Cuba yesterday appeared
before the houc of representatives and
demanded that the revolutionary army
Le paid the money they claim is due
In case of the failure of payment he
said he would take to the woods and
head another Insurgent army He
claimed that there are many whites
who would be willing to Join in a move
ment for the overthrow of the govern
Considerable uneasiness Is felt as to
what the result of Banderas threat will
In an Interview yesterday United
States Minister Squiers deprecated the
talk of revolution now current In certain
circles here He expresed it as his be
lief that the government Is able to copo
with conditions and that one month Is
not a sufficient time for the administra
tion of the new republic to deal with all
the Important questions confronting It
President Roosevelt Wit
nesses the Famous
Annual Regatta
Pleased When Cambridge
Freshmen Row a
Dead Heat
Old Eli Loses Four Oared Event Heavy
Gale From Northwest Made Water
Rough Gala Event on the Beautiful
Thames Course
NEW LONDON June 26 President
Roosevelt stood on the auarterdeck of
the Dolphin this afternoon and watched
the annual rowing races between Har
vard and Tale Mr Roosevelt was de
lighted when Harvard won the four-
nnrnl race and eauallv radiant when
the Cambridge youngsters by a magnifi
cent SDurt in the last half mile rowea a
dead heat with Tales freshmen
But the nations Chief Executive was
blue when the Yales varsity crew after
a snnerh exhibition of watermansnlp
strength training and skill rowed ma
jestically down the beautiful Thames
course and finished threa lengths In
front of the Crimson eight
Probably no other Harvard 1 ale re
gatta ever occasioned so much
tin Miiea nf an Tni1fll inn
fusion It seemed as if everything went
wrong even though the officials did
their best to right matters By mere
good luck the whole affair escaped being
turned into a farce and when tne
freshmen finished their struggle In the
CTowlng shadows of night there was a
sigh of relief all around
Rough Weather
Starting wun bad weather and plenty
of rough water when the Inhabitant
here closed their eyes last night the
string of misfortunes began Then there
was a rallroadwfeck on the
River brflge which delayed all
trains and brought people into town this
morning four hours late and In anT
thing but good humor
The weather cleared about 10 o clock
but the water was rough
President Roosevelt who went on tha
Dolphin on arrival from Boston was a
most enthusiastic spectator in the vast
borde of men and women that witnessed
the race3
Now- London never saw such a picture
when the rarslty race was rowed A
Beet of 130 yachts was anchored at the
finish all of them festooned with the
flags of both universities On their
decks were groups of students either
from Harvard or from Tale with the
and sweet
parents the pretty sisters
The referee William A Melkilham
of Columbia was on board August Bel
monts Scout while the regatta com
mittpV headed by Julian W Curtis
ltokcd after things from the decks of
Cornelius Vanderbilfs Mirage
Yale on the West
in snlto of the choppy sea and the
fw MlH that blew down from the
northwest all the uornlng the referee
decided after looking the course over
i the four oared shells come to
the line at 3 oclock Talc bad the west
ti nitr then was very rough ana
the wind was howling down the river at
a great rata and yet the crews were
n crl iarilnr start
SCIlt 1VM iw -I c
vard quickly tcok the lead and at tne
first quarter 01 a miie uum
rowing 36 to the minute
The Crimson fcur showed superior
strength and ttey gradually Increased
their lead to a half But Tales four
outweighed anl cutrowed were game to
the end They showed the real Yale
spirit and becavse of it were cheered
all the wav down to the navy yard
where the tace two miles in length
finished There It was that Harvard
crossed the line two lengths In front In
11 1914 Yales time being 1120-
The rough weather had not interferea
much with the fours but the oflclal3
acting upon protests from the coaches
decided to postpone the freshman race
and to try to row the varsity race at
4 oclock The observation trains were
sent back at l oclock when thev went
up to tho start from the varsity race
for the officials had decided to have the
big race rowed at 6 oclock sharp
It was impossible to row earlier they
ald because tlie oarsmen both varsity
and freshman bad to eat it was ex
rlalncd so they put away good din
ners and lolled about in their train
ing quarters while tho water became as
smooth as glass in spots and the big
crowd fretted and fumed
Call to ths Crews
r ttis -143 when the Scouts whistle
was blown for several minutes without
let up The referee boat was midway
iroon Vnles ouarters at Gales Ferry
and Harvards boathouse at Red Top
This signal was to call tne varsity
-- tn the starting line The obser
vation trains were In their proper places
and tnousanns wcru bis
pistol to be fired Meanwhile the word
1 i ka nAcEol nn nnd down the course
to keep it cleared and that the fresh
man race would ue rowea uirecwy alt
er the big evnt had been decided
Harvard was prompt In appearing but
Yale was delinquent Ten minutes
Cestuiucd on Mnth rage

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