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Rain today and probably Sun
day light to southerly winds
Despair in England Again
Gives Away to Opti
mistic Feeling
Daily Mail Writer Reiter
ates That Patient
Had Fits
Stitches Will Probably Then Be Re
moved From Wound If Present Re
covery Continues The Story of the
Day as Told in the Official Bulletins
An Alleged History of the Sov
ereigns First Illness
LONDON June 2S The last bulletin
regarding the condition of the King
which was posted in the postofflces of
London and Its suburbs and the prov
inces evoked the most extreme confi
dence that all is well just as the first
nev3 had caused equally unjustifiable
despair among the people
There is now talk of the coronation
taking place in the autumn and there
is a wide assumption that nothing is to
be expected henceforth but announce
ments of an uninterrupted return to
Doctors Not So Sanguine
Medical opinion does not share In such
easr optimism Trained opinion is tsnt
the first treatment of the Kings malady
has been successful In Its first stage
and that the evacuation of the abscess
has not been followed by the immediate
deadly sequel that was at one time
The fact of the presence of pain In the
wound Is so far encouraging because if
the gangrene had set in there p would
have been no pain but It must always
be kept In mind that both tubes still
remain in the body and many hours must
paES before an attempt is made to re
move the stitches
His majestys present diet cannot be
continued indefinitely although the In
testines must be vastly repaired before
stronger food can be administered
Lastly it remains a fact that the sur
geons bae not yet touched the vermi
form appendix Itself
A Comfortable Evening
The King passed the evening comfort
ably The Queen was at his bedside for
some time as was also the Prince of
Wales but his majesty was not allowed
to see the Princess of Wales or anvone
except his own children
He reads a great deal and occasion
ally he Is permitted to look at a news
paper He has also been permitted to
read an unexciting novel
Prince Herry of Prussia and the
crdwn princes of Sweden and Norway
and Portugal and a dozen other guests
dined with the Queen at the palace
The Dally Mall reports that all of
the functions of the patient are work
ing admirably While the drainage
pipes have not yet been removed there
Is no trace of pus reappearing In the
No Trace of Disease
There Is no trace of organic disease of
any kind The writer who is In a very
sanguine mood says be understands
that It has been settled that when the
time arrives tho KIrg will be removed
to Cowes to the royal yacht there to
rffiafn his strength
He repeats that the Kings diet has
already Included soup fish and baked
Lord Warwick whose brother Sid
ney Grevillc is Queen Alexandras pri
vate secretary In proposing a vote c
sympathy to the Warwick town council
said he bad been told on good authority
that tho Kings first words upon recov
ering consciousness after the operation
were Will my people ecr forgive
me referring to the postponement of
the coronation
The anxiety caused by thetfficlal bul
letin issued at 11 oclock last night In
which It was stated that hl3 majestys
wound was causing pain was somewhat
let at rest by another reassuring
wut waOTinpn
King Edward Makes
Substantial Impzovement
LONDON June 27 11 15 p
in Tlie follow inir bulletin was
at 11 oclock
His iiiajests condition is in
all lespect satisfactory The
Kins lias had a comfortable day
and ninrio substantial improve
nient TREVES
letln posted at Buckingham Palace at
1013 this morning This bulletin read
Mornings Bulletin
His majesty had a fair night with
some settled sleep His appetite Is Im
proved and his wound much more com
fortable On the whole the Kings con
dition is attended with less anxiety
Tec official bulletin issued from the
palace at 2 oclock this afternoon was
of the same hopeful tone as that issued
at 1013 It reads
His majesty passed a comfortable
morning All the svmptonjs today are
so far satisfactory His temperature re
mains normal
No other than important fluctuations
in his majestys temperature will be re
corded in the bulletins Issued
The following bulletin was Issued at
C p m today
Contimu d on Third Page
Condition of His Majesty Said
to Be in All Respects
Dissuades Her Father King Christian
From Coming to London
at Present
COPENHAGEN June 27 It Is report
ed that King Christian whose health
is excellent wished to start for London
immediately but his daughter Queen
Alexandra dissuaded him saying that
King Edward was making good progress
Officially Announced That the Govern
ment Is Considering Matter
LONDON June 27 It Is officially an
nounced that the government Is consid
ering the situation in regard to the naval
reIew which was to have been held to
morrow When a decision Is reached no
tice wilt be sent to all those who were
to take part in It and to the ticket hold
Stocks of Supplies Laid in for Fes
tivities Go for a Song
LONDON June 27 In view of the ex
pected extraordinary demand dealers la
supplies rf all kinds laid In heavj stocks
hoping to reap large profits
The abandonment of the coronation
and the dispersal of the crowds of vis
itors here and the absence of the others
who were expected caused a slump in
prices which will result In large losses
to the dealers Many of the supplies
were of such a nature that It was neces
sary for them to be immediately con
A leading firm In the SmlthtVId Mar
ket sold a ten of meat at a half penny
a pound Fish and fruit were also sold
at sreat loss
Not Held on Account of King Edwards
KIEL June 27 The naval re view
which was to have taken place today
was postponed by order of Emperor
William in consequence of the sick
ness of King Edward
Extraordinary Precautions
Taken for Guarding
Air Roosevelt
Anarchists Began to Arrive in Boston
at the Same Time as the Chief
Magistrate Many Secret Service
Men on Hand
BOSTON June 27 It is stated here on
high authorlt that anarchists flocked to
this city from various sections of New
England on Tuesday the day before
President Roosevelts visit to Boston
and Cambridge and it is hinted that the
presence of the red flag followers was in
consequence of a plot to do bodll harm
to the nations Chief Executive
There is no positive proof that a plot
to attempt Mr Roosevelts lire existed
butln police circles the arrival of a lot
of anarchists from such places as Provi
dence where riots have been frequent
of late at the same time as the Presi
dent came Is looked upon with sus
Suspicious Incidents
The officers knowing of the matter do
not think the lawless clement were here
for any good purpose and It is stated
that several Incidents or a suspicious
nature were observed during the day
The report Is that the first Intlmatljn
rame from the Secret Service men at
Washington who wired the Boston po
lice asking what the anarchists liiro
were doing The replj was given that
little wis known about the doings of
men of this class In Boston but what
Information the Government detcctlt s
had Is not known but the precaution
was taken to prevent the carrjlng out
of any conspiracy which might exist
An an iad bodjguard came out from
Washington with the President and he
was never out of their sight Tnen
twenty plain clothes men from the Bos
ton Inspectors department were ordered
to keep close at hand during his stay
and the detail of police was considered
J unusually large
Ju3t what occurred during the visit
here which tended to still further arouse
the suspicions of the detectives can
not Le learned
Keenly Guarded
One circumstance which showed how
keenly the President was cuarded oc
curred at tho station a few minutes be
fore the Presidents train pulled out at
midnight A stockily built Italian came
through the gate to take the 1203 train
for Providence
This train was standing Just beside
the Presidents and es tho Italian
walked In half a dozen men In evening
drets and several officers In ordinary
clothing nearly surrounded hlra and es
corted him down tho platform until he
got aboard his train
Then a watchful eje was kept upon
him until the Presidents train started
Senator Hanna Predicts Close of Ses
sion Early Next
Congress will adjourn the beginning
of next week cither Monday or Tuesday
according to present Indications said
Senator Hanna yesterday as he was
leaving the temporary executive offlcs
after a short conference with President
With the isthmian canal bill out of
the way and the Philippine civil gov
ernment measure In the hands of the
conferees there Is the greatest prob
ability that ever thing can be quickly
cleared up and an adjournment taken at
Jlr Hannas visit to the President was
in regard to a number of Ohio appoint
ments awaiting determination and
which he is deslrlous of having settled
before leaving town for the summer
Draft of Document Cabled
to Manila
To Take Effect July 4 When Complete
Details Will Be Made Public
Terms of Proclamation
Secretary Root and the President
terday completed preparations for the
amnesty proclamation to be Issued In
the Philippines July 4
Several cable communications have
been exchanged between the Secretary
of War and Vice Governor Wright at
Manll regarding the wording of the
proclamation and the first draft of the
document was cabled to Manila
The proclamation grants complete am
nesty to all persons who have been en
gaged In Insurrection against the United
States Government In the Philippine
archlpclego and reviews the attitude of
this Government toward the Tlllplnos
It will be made public by Secretary
Root at the time It la proclaimed in
People of Watford Bound to
l ave Rejoicing
Lit Coronation Bonfire and Threw Hel
mets of Police in It Shops
Sacked and Burned
LONDON June 27 The abandonment
of the coronation feastings have led to
a number of riots at different places
The worst occurred at Watford where
when it was announced that the dinner
for the poor and the distribution of
shillings and slvpenccs to children hid
been abtndoned a mob stoned end
wrecked the shops of the committee
hating the affair In charge -
Tlicy J touted a boLfire which had been
prepared to celebrate the event over
whclmcd tho police and threw the of
ficers helmets into the fire
Re enforccmects Beaten
Hundreds of other police were sum
moned but they too were overpow
ered The major read tho riot act and
swore in citizens as special constables
to maintain the peace
There was desperate fighting and
many persons were seriously hurt
A number of shops were sacked and
set on fire
Stitches May Then Be Removed From
the Wound
LONDON June 27 The medical men
are now satisfied with the Kings
provecipnt which though slow Js reas
suring after the alarm caused by Tues
day evenings relapse when It la gener
al understood in palace circles it
was almost a case of life or death
His majesty throughout has exhibited
remarkable fortitude to which his phy
sicians attribute his present favorable
condition Lord Lister and his colleagues
held a longer consultation than usual
this morning It is learned that It wa3
upon the subject of the removal of the
stitches from the wound If the present
favorable symptoms continue this will
probably be effected on Sunday which
Is expected to be a critical day for hU
perceptibly relieved until
the Stitches
have teen successfully removed
LONDON June 27 The following Is a
list of the subjects to be discussed by
the colonial premiers at their confer
ence which will begin on June 30
These subjects were selected by tho
colonial office The political relations
of the empire the relations of Aus
tralla and New Zealand with the Islands
In the Pacflc suggeited by New Zea
These subjects were discussed
Preferential tariffs by way of rebate
dutlfK on BritMi manufactured goods
carried In British owned ships and in
the mother country a rebate of duty on
colonial products which are now taxable
an Imperial reserve force for service In
case of emergency outside the dominion
or rolony in which nich reserve Is
formed the cost of maintaining and
equipping to be agreed upon between the
imperial and colonial governments the
Australian squadron to be Mrengthericd
or the lines 01 existing arrangements
that subsidized mall services be estab
lished between Australia New Zealand
Canada and Great Britain the steamships
lo be British owned and so fitted that in
time of war the may bo armed and used
as cruisers that In South Afrlcn mem
bers of the learned and skilled profes
sions vho have been admitted to practice
in Canada Australia anl New Zealand
be allowed to practice and that triennial
conferences be held betwien the Imperial
secittary of state for the eolonlos and the
premiers of the self governing colonics
These were suggested uy Australia
That preference be given to the colonies
In army and navy contracts ine con
struction of ocean cables and the pur
chase thereof the establishment of an
imncrial court of appeal the mutual
protection of patents against loss the
ost favored nation treatment anu it
a British preferential tariff Is given Im
perial stamp charges on colonial bonus
No official information Is available as
to the suggestions made by Canada
Kaiser Is Prepared to Leave for Lon
don in Case Bad News Is
BERLIN June 27 Prominent German
medical authorities consider the tele
graphic reports of the state of King
Edvards health too optimistic They
buppose I1I3 con iltion Is incurable The
Kaiser Is prepared to leave for London
in ta3e of worse news Sympathy by
the German press and tho mbllc is
ci ervvliere expressed
Sir James Ritchie Expires While En
tering Lords Cricket Grounds
LONDON June 27 Sir James Thomson
Ritchie alderman and sheriff of the city
of London dropped dead as he v as en
tering Lords cricket ground this after-
Sir James Thomson Ritchie was a Jus
tice of the peace aldermsn and shrlff
of the city of London and was a Irothcr
of tho Right Hon Charles Thomson
Ritchie M I and secretary of state
for the homo department The alderman
was born In Scotland In 1S33 educated
at Dundee settled In London was suc
cessful In business became a useful
city father and was knighted In 1857
In recognition of his work In behalf of
reforms and the betterment of the poor
His clubs were the Carlton and Oarrlck
Mr Morgan Offers Resolution Empow
ering Canal Committee to In
vestigate Claims
Mr Morgan Dem Ala chairman of
the Interoceanlc Canal Committee of
fered a resolution In the Senate yester
day Instructing that committee to Inves
tigate rlaims of United States citizens
for stock or bonds of the Panama Canal
Company and empowering it to publish
a request to stockholders to present
statements of their claims
Mr Jlanna wa3 beginning to argue
asainst the resolution when an objection
to It was Interposed by Mr Quay and
It went over
Attempt to Hold Ministiy Responsible
for Inactivity Results in Gov
ernment Vote
PARIS June 27 In the chamber of
deputies today M Mirman Interpellated
the government on the Humbert ques
tion wishing to hold Magistrate Billow
responsible for not taking active steps
to secure the swindlers arrest
The government however was sus
tained by a vote of 133 to 71
Subjects Proposed by Eng
lish Possessions
Detectives Sad to Have
New and Important
Believed That Missing Young Man Can
Be Found When Wanted Things
Recovered From the Bottom of the
Bay Tigure
was placed in the bands of the sheriff
late this afternoon a warrant for the
arrest of Louis Disbrow It was signed
by Justice Edward II Foster of this
place who went to Good Ground this
afternoon at the request of District At
torney Smith The warrant was Issued
on circumstantial evidence the full na
ture of which was rnfused It Is under
stood Ilnkerton detectives can put their
hands on Disbrow whenever they want
Detective Held who had been con
stantly on the ground since a few days
after the tragedy which resulted In the
deaths of Clarence roster and Sarah
Lawrence seemed Impatient while wait
ing at the depot his morning for the
arrival of District Attorney Smith When
the latter arrived he remained In close
consultation with Detective Held until
Justice roster arrived from the village
The three at once entered a carrlase
and started on a round of visits which
ended Ihit afternoon when the warrant
had been issued
Statements Sworn To
Today It developed that something
more important than usual was under
way as the persons interviewed were
formally sworn by the Justice before
they began to recount for the hundredth
time perhaps what they knew or
thought they knew
It Is said that Detective Tield made
a running statement of the result of
his Investigaticn The car locks taken
fiom the leaky boat were produced
Their Importance is said to lie In the
fact that they were or a Kind that had
the boat been even partl turned over
would have fallen out of the sockets
From Bottom of Bay
Somo things have been taken from
the bottom of the bay and while De
tective Field will not say the rope came
fiom the same resting place as Fosters
handkerchief It Is supposed that It did
If this bo the caso It proves beyond a
doubt that the watertight boat was out
on the bay that night
It has all along been pretty certain it
was but if the rope was found on the
bottom of the bav it proves the supposi
tion correct
It Is believed Disbrow is now in Con
Caucus Condemns Re
publicans for Failure of
Cuban Reciprocity
Charges That Majority in Congress Is
Dominated and Controlled by Trusts
Oppose Adjournment of Congress
Until Legislation Is Enacted
Trusts and tariff will be the leading
isucs of the Democratic party In the
1 comlt Congressional ccrsiijS This
Is ram the resolution adopted
av 6V x caucus 01 uouse
crats In wmch they denounced the Re
publican majority for Its failure to en
act a reciprocity tariff with Cuba and
also because It has not enacted any leg
islation looking toward restraining the
power of the trusts They further de
dared their willingness to remain la
session until these questions are actd
About eighty of the mlnoIty members
were present and Representative Hay
the chairman of the caucus committee
presided Representative Griggs the
chairman of the Congressional commit
tee presented a set of resolutions which
were drafted by Representative Jackson
of Kansas Although the meeting was
entirely harmonious there was some dis
cussion by Representative Richardson
Representative Griggs and others The
resolutions were unanmlously adopted
and are as follows
Resolved first That we condemn the
Republican majority In Congress for
their failure to pass a measure provid
ing reciprocity with Cuba
Supported by Democrats
The bllf which passed the House of
Representatives was heartily supported
by the Democratic majority after the
protection to the sugar trust had been
removed by the solid Democratic vote
aided by a small minority of Republican
members As It passed the House the
bill carried relief to Cuba reduced the
price of sugar to American con
sumers and struck a heavv blow
at the notorious and obnoxious
sugar trust The refusal of tho
Republican Senators to consider this
measure unles the protection to the
sugar trust could be restored gives evl
aence that the President and Republican
rarty in Congress were willing to refuse
reller to Cuba and totally Ignore Ameri
can consumers rather than abandon
their alliance with the trusts
The failure of all reciprocity legisla
tion with Cuba rests upon the Republl
can administration which la willing to
reduce the duty on the raw srgar of our
producers but unwilling to destroy the
sugar monopoly
Controlled by Trusts
Second that the Republican majority
in Congress Is dominated and controlled
by the trusts and monopolies which havo
the great industries of our country In
their grasp Is shown by its actlonj H
passing an anti trust bill through tre
House of Representatives In the Fiftj
slxth Congress in the closing hours of
the session the Senate refusing to con
sider same as a subterfuge to tide over
the elections of 1900 That the bill has
Leen abandoned and they have ever
since and do now refuse and fall to
bring any measure to suppress the
trusts or to favorably report any of the
numerous anti trust bills Introduced b
Democratic members duilng this Con
Third that we favor the Immediate
passage of a measure to amend the pres
ent anti trust law so as to more fullv
protect trade and commerce against un
liwful restraints and monopolies and
also a measure to reduce th duties on all
articles and commodities mauufactured
and controlled or produced In the United
States by a trust or trusts so as to
destroy any Illegal combinations and to
reduce the rate of duty on any articles
or commodities manufactured In tho
United States and sold In a foreign coun
try more cheaply than in the United
Fourth we oppose the adjournment
of Congress until the measures mention
ed above have been enacted into law
Amalgamated Association Takes Meth
od Showing Dislike of Gompers
SHARON Pa June 27 It is stated
officially that the Amalgamated Asso
ciation of Iron Steel and Tin Workers
are quietly arranging to resist the de
mand of the executive council of the
American federation for contributions
to aid the striking anthracite coal min
President Samuel Gompers of the lat
ter organization is the chief object of
the animosity of the Amalgamated lead
ers en account of his attitude In the
big steel strike last summer
The Amalgamated is determined that
no aid shall be extended as long as
Oorapcrs is at the head of the organiza
MANILA Juno 27 American senti
nels have killed two Moros who were
acting In a suspicious manner near the
American camp on the island of Min
The relations bctwen the Americans
and Moros are becoming more strained
Prompt Arrests Being
Made in AH Cases of
Clause Permits Their Quit
ting Without Violating
New Schedule Goes Into Effect in No
Two Soft Coal District Power to
Declare Tie Up Without a National
Convention Presidents Meet
VILKESBRRE June 17 The oper
ators today continued their plan of
making arrests In all cases of assault
or intimidation against the workers at
the collieries At the Instance of the
Delaware and Hudson Company thirty
four warrants were Issued this after
noon for men who were concerned In
the attacks upon the workers at tho
Ollphant colliery
These occurred Wednesday night and
jesterday morning and on each occa
sion Sheriff Shadt had to go to the
scene to disperse the crowd Three of
the warrants were served this after
noon one being upon Stephen Reese a
member of the United Mine Workers
tiistrlct executive board
The three had a hearing before Alder
man Miller Reese was fined 20 and
costs and held under G00 ball to keep
the peace anj the others were fined 10
and costs and held under 3300 ball They
paid the fines and furnished the bail
Prompt Arrests Made
This morning saw a disturbance In
this city followed by prompt arrests
A large crowd attacked Tudor Roberta
end Reese Griffiths fire bosss at the
Stanton colliery and beat them severe
ly before they were rescued by the po
lice and the men taken to the colliery
Seven were arrested and this afternoon
held under ball- They could not furnish
bail and are no A- locked up
The D L W Company and tho
Lehigh Valley Company men whose
names were posted as unfair and the
list signed by the names of the United
Mine Workers committee swore out
seven of the fifty warrants today for
the arrest of the committee on the
charge of criminal libel and the others
will follow
The United Mine Workers officials at
the headquarters here are certain that
a national strike will be declared bas
ing their statements upon facts received
from the soft coal districts and especial
ly the States where an interstate
agreement exists Pennsylvania Ohio
Indiana and Illinois President William
Carne the head of the Wilkesbarrs
local one of the best Informed men on
the soft coal situation said today
Not only will the soft coal contract
men yield to the vote of the delegates
but also the districts not under con
tract embracing Mississippi Iowa Mis
souri Kentucky portions of Pennsyl
vania Colorado Tennessee and portions
of the Virginias will stand by the deci
sions of the delegates at the convention
Have Nothing to Lose
The non contract districts have abso
lutely nothing to lose and have every
thing to gain It would be a foregone
conclusion for them to come out
It appears today that there is a reso
lution regarding which President
Mitchell for reasons of his own has
not said anything It allows the soft
coal workers to strike without break
ing their contracts It was passed at
the recent Interstate convention at In
The gist of It Is that If soft coal from
a union district Is sent to an anthracite
market in the event of an anthracite
strike or If Eastern railroad engines
which use anthracite replace It with
soft coal the national board shall hava
tower to declare a strike either sec
tional or national or take any other
action necessary to aid the anthracite
mine workers
It Is true said President Mitchell
when shown the resolution tonight
This makes it possible for the national
executive board to declare a strike with
out calling n national convention
Restricting Output
The restriction order which cuts the
supply of No 2 district in central
Pennsjlvnnla to two thirds what It Is
now has not been extended and no
other district Is curtailing its output
The restriction order In No 2 district
went into effect today at the mines
where they have no coke ovens and all
the men will be idle tomorrow Presi
dent Mitchell heard nothing from ths
district today
The Dusky Diamond colliery at Beaver
Meadow and the Ilutcblns colliery near
Wjomlng resumed work today and
there was no Interference by the strik
District Presidents NIchoIls Duffy
and Fahey together with a number ot
hoard members gathered hero tonient
and tomorrow morning will hold en Im
portant conference with President
Mitchell The union oluclas feel it
necessary to make greater exertions than
at present to keep tho men togetner
Plans for doing this will be discussed
There v Ill also be outlined a plan for
stopping work at the washerles If It U
possible There are now eleven of theso
operating and producing some 3000 tons
a day This Is supplvlng the local trada
and there Is gradually growing less tha
belief In the mine workers ability to
prevent the production of coal

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