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Senate Adjourned at 6 p m
Meets Today at Noon
Acount of Ttmn bill
lacraut h Senate
7S3T2M 87
lMi103 01
Amount u passed Senate 9634373 67
BeducticQ oc conference 151087 uo
Alacjnt u agreed
Leas Wur Department
557528 07
123106 W
342IS S7
Tick Dlrtrlrt manne ore half fiilE0 43
AdHlou ia ittDdlT civil lull 1GJ313 Oil
Municipal Eu13l3g tWK 0
tfrimtrorM2eiu aavincei itl
Mttu 299000 GO
Orsnd toUl of Dlrtrftt liabilities
for JiOS 4057223 43
Senate Amendments Disposed Of
Tho conference report makes the fol
lowing disposition of the various Sen
ate amendment In detail
On amendment relating to tho execu
tive office Increase tho salary of tho
Jenltor from 11000 to fl2Q0 and of the
property clerk from 12C0 to 51100 as
proposed by the Senate and strikes ou
tin tircvislon for an additional clerk at
Insertr tn provision proposed by tho
henato to punish bribery In the District
of Columbia
Ou amendmenta relating to the Asses
sors Offloe Increases tho salary of tho
assistant aaseisor from 1600 to 12000
and of tho clerk to the Board of As
sistant Assessors from 1200 to HJ00
as proposed by tbe Fcnato
Appropriates ttCOO as proposed by
the Senate for salaries and exponres of j
iw i xcjse uenrc auc requires mat an
ltw ticied oa 2ihth Pajr
Joint Resolution Appropriates One
Hundred Thousand Dollars for a
Suitable Monument
A oInt resolution appropriating J100
000 for tho erection of a monument at
Fort Green Brooklyn to tho memory of
the victims of the prison ships In the
revolutionary war wa3 passed In the
Senate yesterday The appropriation is
conditional on tho raising of an equal
sum by subscriptions or othcrwiso
Amended Bill Passed by Senate Goes
to Conference
The ScnVc late yesterday afternoon
passed She bill amending tho tax sale
lav of the District
The bill was amended somewhat bo
fore passage and will go back to tho
Houso for a conference
Mr Bowie Speaks for Contestee Says
Fraudulent Votes Eliminated Mr
Butler Would Still Be Elected Mis
souri Republicans Satisfied
Representative Taylcr the chairman
of Elections Committee No 1 yesterday
called up In the House the contested
election case of Horton as Butler from
the Twelfth Missouri district
Mr Rlehardron Dem Tenn sug
gested that the day under the rules
was accorded to the Committee on In
alld Pensions and as It was the last
pension day of the session he thought
the Republican majority ought not to
call up a contested election case where
the seat is to be declared vacant
He also said that Mr Butler the In
cumbent was ill In bed and unable to be
A Party Vote
Mr Tayler Insisted and Mr Richard
son raised the question of consideration
Mr Tayler demanded the yeas and nays
and by a party vote the case was or
dered under consideration
The majority report declares the scat
acant holding that there was no valid
election In the district The report as
signs the following reasons
First Fraud so permeated the condi
tion of the election as to prevent a full
free and fair expression of the public
Second It appears that about 5000
votes were cast for the contcstee and
about 2000 for tho contestant under
names and addresses which a careful
canvass could not discover as represent
ing actual residents
Wo cannot they say apply one
rule of inference to one side and refuse
to apply It to the other side Nor can
we when so many votes apparently
tainted with fraud are Involved deter
mine that he who has least benefited by
them shall be declared elected It Is
possible that the conclusion may not be
entirely fair to the contestant but we
arc conInced that this Is the only Just
decision we could render
Sis Hours DebMe Allowed
Representative Smith Rep Iowa ad
dressed the Houso In support of tho ma
jority report At the conclusion of Mr
Smiths rcmnrks an ngreement was
mado to devote six hours to debate a
-vote on tbo resolution then to bo taken
This will bring the case to a conclusion
at about 220 today
Mr Bonle Dein Ala opened the
presentation of the case for Contcstee
Butler He claimed that if every illegal
vole shown by the evidence to have been
cast had been cast for Butler it would
have no effect upon the result of the
election he would still have n majority
of legal votes
Mr Bartholdt Rep Mo followed In
support of tbo committee resolution Ho
said Republicans of Missouri would hnvo
been glad had the committee reported in
favor of seating tho contestant but they
accepted the conclusion that no valid
election was held In the Twelfth dis
Found Impossible Owing to Complica
tions to Pass Measure at
This Session
The Houso Committee on Interstate
and Foreign Commereo will not report
the Department of Commereo bill until
The bill pissed the Senate some time
ago and President Roosevelt strongly
urged that It bo made a law at thin ses
sion Owing to complications which have
ben explained several times It was
found Impossible- to get the bill through
tho Holies this session nnd It has gone
To Practice Before Lower Courts
Representative Ooldfogle of New York
yesterday Introduced a bill to enablo all
attorneys admitted to practice beforo
the Supreme Court of tho United States
to practice beforo ail district and cir
cuit courts of tho United State Judge
Goldfogle bcllcos that attorneys who
aro regarded fit to practice before the
highest court In the laud should be ner
mlttcd to practice before the lower
courts without bcinc comDellod to
jcuro further admission
7riWTtzpr r a vc Ti d rn tp uTTjn q ti nririTTp2sj House Adjourned at o io P m
J JKJI 12jLUJL X KJ 1 XVKJJjJJJjJ JllyyJkJ 11 V OVi VVXVL0J Meets Today at Noon
Senate and House Con
ferees Agree on Local
Appropriation Bill
Items Cause Stubborn Con
tasl in Committee
Pergonal Tax Provision as It Affects
Banks DecldMIy a Compromise
Must Pay m Incomes Provision for
Filtration Plant Completed
Tho conforonce over tho District ap
oroprlatlon bill between the Senate anil
House ended la an agreement jesterday
afternoon after two long discussions
end tho bill -was reported to both bouses
by- tho conferees
It was adopted by tho Senate and
v 111 be adopted without amendment by
the House today
The conference has been one of tho
most stubbornly contested on both sides
that a District bill ever gave rise to
Many raootings Merc held and for a tlrue
there was every indication of a dead
lock on some of tho points of difference
The main features of the conference
report may be summarized as follows
Features Under Discussion
Senatp amendments increasing appro
priations were generally cut down about
one half
The most radical cut was tho elimina
tion of the entire Senate addition of
600000 for the water filtration plant
The appropriation remains 600000 as
the House fixed the sum
Of the additional street improvements
provided for by the Senate about one
halt aro retailed
The increases in the number of police
men are cut down half
The highway bridge Is to cost J99GOOO
The Anacostla flats amendment Is re
tained also the repairs to the Aque
duct bridge also the Massachusetts
menue bridge amendment also the
James Creek canal amendment
The Business High School amend
ment is retained
The amendment making the tax on all
real estate 1 per cent is retained
with an addition that all property shall
be taxed at least two thirds of Its value
The personal tax amendments and the
licence amendments of the Senate arc
both retained with modifications
Personal Tax Provision
The personal tax provision regarding
financial Institutions which caused more
trouble than any other one feature of
the bill was decided by a compromise
which is considered however to be one
of the Etlffest tax rates fixed by the bill
All national banks and trust companies
are taxed 6 Fer cent on their gross
earnings The banks at first asked for
a rate of 2 per cent on gross earn
ings and finally on a 4 per cent rate
The gas company Is to be taxed 5
per cent on gross earnings and the
telephone and electric light companies
4 per cent
Following is the wording of the new
lection regarding these rates
Kach national bank as the trustee for
Its stockholders through Its president
or cashier and all other incorporated
banks and trust companies in the Dis
trict of Columbia through their presi
dents or cashiers and all gas electric
lighting and telephone comnanies
through thulr proper officers shall make
affidavit to the board of personal tax
appraisers on or before August J of each
year as to the amount of its or their
grora earnings for the preceding year
ending Jnne 3C and shall pay to the
ixuiocior o raies of the District of Co
lumola per annum on such gross earn
lags as follows
Each national bank and all other In
corporated banks and trust companies
respectively 6 por cent each gas com
pany 5 per cent each electric lighting
ana leiepuonc company 4 por cent
Advance of Funds
The provision for an advance of funds
to the District from the Treasury Is re
tained with an addition that such ad
vances shall Le paid within three
Following Is the condition of the bill
M to appropriations and Its various
stages since It was framed by the House
Senate Conferees Receded To Be Six
Justices of the
The conferees on the bill amending
tho District codo hae reached an agree
ment by which the Senate recedes from
practically alt of its amendments and
accepts the provisions of tho measure
as It passed the House with the ex
ception of the section relating to the
Justices of the peace
The present code provides for ten jus
tices Tho House nmendment cut down
the number to four A compromise has
been effected wheroby the Senate 13 to
agree to a reduction of six Instead of
four provided that the ten justices al
ready appointed and who serve for four
years shall be allowed to fill out their
Thereafter there are to be but six
Should there be not more than four
vacrncles during that time they aro not
to be filled
Neither Entitled to Seat
the Committee Re
Sundry Measures Disposed of at Yes
terdays Session
The Senato yesterday passed tho fol
lowing House bills
Authorizing tho Secretary of tho
Treasury to fix the salaries of the
deputy collector of customs at Tacoma
and Seattle at 2500
In relation to grants of land In New
Mexico providing for tho sale of the un
sold portion of tho Umatilla Indian
To Incorporate the Society of the Army
of Santiago do Cuba
Tor the recognition of the military
scrvico of tho Tirst Ohio Light Artil
To provide for tho organization of
privato corporations In Alaska
Tor the further distribution of reports
of the Supreme Court
Also the following Senate bills
Appropriate J30000 to complete the
monument on tho battlefield of Trenton
Extending for one year the time for
making final proof In desert land entries
In Yakima county State of Washington
Establishing a regular term of the
United States court in Addison W Va
ate The Cherokee bill was under con
sideration but tho Senator from Colo
rado availed himself of the latitude of
dtbate permitted In tho Senate to dis
cuss sugar instead
Mr Teller denied that thero was any
foundation tor the statements mado of
the distress in Cuba There never had
been he declared so patent and open
an attempt to deceive the American peo
ple on any subject as there had been
on this one
Ho spoko of the beet sugar Industry
of the Western States and said that tho
question of reducing the duty ou Cuban
sugar was ono of considerable import
ance to the Western farmers but yet
ttey had been willing If absolutely nec
essary to have relief granted to Cuba
but they found that the American sugar
trust was particularly active In at
tempting to secure that reduction
Spanish Market Not Closed
He denied that the Spanish market
had been closed to Cuba any more thin
It had alvvnjs been And as to the
American market the Cubans had it
now Just as they had had It when they
wcro laboring under the burden of n
miserable government put upon them
hy Spain He had letters from corre
spondents in Cuba saying that thero
was no distress there and that the Cu
bans wcro not mendicants and did not
need American assistance
It is said he the American sugar
growers in Cuba and tho American su
gar refining companies in the United
Sates that are at tho bottom of this
effort to chango our ftplfcTal system
with reference to Cuba I challenge
anybody to show that there Is any dis
tress in Cuba
Richest Country in the World
Mr Teller asserted that Cuba wbb
the richest country in tho world and
said that slnco the American flag was
run up there and the Spanish flag haul
ed down COOCO Spanish laborers had
Bono to tho Island from Spain on ac
count of the great demand for labor and
of tho good wages 23 to 30 n month
in gold paid there
Referring to the argument that Cuba
could net negotiate with oilier nations
Mr Teller denied that and said
If Cuba has not actual sovereignty
who has got It Thero Is not any sense
Continued un Thtnl Page
Conferees Fail to Reach
Deadlocked Over Question of Building
Warships in Navy
Tho conferees on the naval appropria
tion yesterday agreed upon all except
one of the Items In dispute between the
two houses and on that reported a dis
agreement which will be considered by
the House today It l elates to the pro
vision Inserted by tho House for tho con
struction of one battleship one cruiser
and one gunboat in Government yards
which the Senato struck out
The Increases of tho medical and pay
corps of the navy which the Senate in
serted were stricken out and a com
promise was reached whereby tho num
ber of civil engineers and naval con
structors are Increased by six each
Senato Item Retained
The Senate Item for the removal of
Hendersons point at tho entrance of
the Portsmouth JJ H navy yard at
a cost of 740000 is retained as Is also
tho appropriation of 657300 for new
buildings at the Charleston S C navy
yard of which the limit of cost Is 659-
500 additional
The conferees also retained the Senate
amendment for the building and equip
ment of a marine engineering laboratory
at tho Annapolis Naval Academy to cost
The Senato provision for five addi
tional submarine torpedo boats to cost
170000 each was stricken from the Dill
General Deficiency Bill
The only other important bill now
not out of tho way Is the general defi
ciency bill and this will not glvo any
trouble It Is one of the unwritten rules
of procedure between the two houses
that the men who are to be the con
fcrees on this tho last of the appro
priation bills shall agree on Its pro
visions before it is passed by the
House This rule has almost nevor
been deviated from
It is now generally conceded that
final adjournment will be reached on
Tuesday or Wednesday of next week
Memorial to Revolutionary Heroes
Mr Scott yesterday In the Senate
Introduced a Joint resolution for tho ap
pointment of a commission to consist of
tho Speaker President of tho Senate
Eocretary of War and others to devise
a plan for a national memorial to the
Declares Island Is Rich
est Country in the
Says Reciprocity Is Wanted by Trust
and American Owners of Plantations
Labor Well Paid Mr Piatt Talks
About Annexation
Senator Teller jesterday flashed a
sugar speech unexpectedly on the Sen
Bill Passed by Senate Yesterday Pro
vides for Use of Lydecker
The bill requiring the Anacostla and
Potomac Railway to extend Its Eleventh
Street lino In the northwest was passed
by the Senato jesterday
Two amendments were added to the
bill one provides that until streets
wide enough for a double track shall
be opened cars may be switched on
Lydecker Avenue and on Old Sixteenth
The other amendment was new matter
a provision that the Washington and
Gettysburg Railway Company may have
an extension of time for the comple
tion of its line for two jears from
March 1 1903
To Print Secretary Hays Address
A Joint resolution providing for tho
printing of 100000 copies of the
memorial address on the late President
McKlnlcy delivered by Hay
was passed by the Senato jesterday
Major Rathbone Seeking
Senator Hanna wishes Congress to
Investigate the case of Major Kates G
Rathbone He will Introduce lu tho
Senate today or Monday It Is eald n
resolution authorizing a Congressional
Investigation of the Cuban postal frauds
and especially of the alleged connection
of his friend Major Rathbone with
It Is understood that Major Rathbone
himself has requested such an Investiga
tion and that It is at his Instance that
Mr Hanna will take tho step
Major Rathbone said jesterday
that his purpose In asking for u Con
gressional Investigation is to disclose
all the facts regarding Ms conduct in
the island and not to revenge himself
on any person or persons who may havo
Injured him He says that soma of tho
statements attributed to him In recent
Interviews havo misrepresented hlc posi
Some of theso statements Major Rath
lionj declares are errors In fact and
others are Inferences drawn from known
conditions Ho sajs ho regards these
misrepresentations as having been made
inadvertently but they do him injustice
Cherokee Indian Treaty
The Cherokee Indian bill providing for
tho allotments of land of the nation
In severalty was pasted by the Senate
Bill Laying Rate of s6 Cents Per
Hundred Pounds on German Im
ports Introduced
Senator Perkins yesterday Introduced
In tho Senato a bill providing for the
laying of a countervailing duty on sugar
Imported from a country paying a car
tel bounty thereon This duty Is to bo
equal to the amount of cartel bounty
so paid and Is to be in addition to the
countervailing duty now laid against
government bounty
Ou German sugar either raw or re
fined the additional duty would be 2G
cents a hundred pounds
It is a comprehensive bill Intended by
Its author to nfford relief to Cuba by re
storing the normal alue of sugar de
pressed by tho operation of the car
tel and to Increase the revenues
Revision of Assessment Provided for in
Bill Introduced by Request
Representative Pearro by request in
troduced in the House yesterday a bill
which provides that the auditor of tho
Supreme Court of the District la cases
of Btreet extension where benefits have
been heretofore rendered may revise
such assessments by either Increasing
or reducing them
This Is to be dono In order that the
tax levied may conform to the actual
benefit On these matters the auditor
shall submit his report to the court for
confirmation If confirmed by the court
tho revised assessment will be as a
lien upon tho property
Mr Alexander Asks for a Separate
Vote on Amendment for Relief of
Pan American Exposition
The House yesterday disagreed to the
Senate amendments to the general de
ficiency bill and asked for a confer
Mr Alexander of New York asked If
a separate vote would be allowed upon
the amendment making an appropria
tion for the relief of the Pan American
Exposition Mr Cannon in charge of
the bill stated that It was not In his
power to prevent the House from tak
ing a vote on the amendment but that
If he had his way the Senate would
recede and eliminate the appropria
Messrs Cannon Barney and Livings
ton were appointed as conferees on the
part of the House
To Be Exhibited at St Paul
and Elsewhere
Senate Passes Resolution After Warm
Discussion Mr Hale Raises Ob
jections and Withdraws Them
Tho Park Commission plans for the
beautlflcatlon of tho Greater Washing
ton arc to be sent to St Paul and other
cities at tho urgent request of a number
of art people In various sections of the
The Senate controls the plans which
are now at tho Congressional Library
and yesterday adopted a resolution pro
viding that thsy shall be taken to St
Paul No appropriation Is made but
it Is provided that a bond shall be fur
nished for their safekeeping
A Spirited Discussion
A spirited discussion arose over the
resolution and the entire park commis
sion scheme when the resolution was
offered by Senator Clapp
Mr Hale at first insisted that no ac
tion should be taken on the resolution
and he criticised the scheme sharply as
vast vaguo and extraordinary and
said It would never be curried out
Mr Gallinger in the Breach
Mr Gallinger of the Senato District
Committee defended the plans
Mr Halo started the discussion by
saying that he did not approve of tbo
plans nnd did not want it understood
that they represent In any way an
adopted scheme for the beautlflcatlon of
tho city
Mr Gallinger said that It Is not In
tended that Congress shall be put In
the position of having adopted the plan
To Arouse Public Interest
Someone then made the remark that
the tour of the exhibit was Intended to
arouse Interest in tho plan and secure
support for It This did not please Mr
Hale and ho objected to the immediate
consideration of tho resolution
I am In faior of almost anj thing
Mr Hale said to Improve and beautify
this most delightful Capital City But I
am not In favor of this great general
Plan to cost hi ndreds of millions of dol
lars There will be plans for new build
ings and other Improvements In every
Congress but tho cllv will not bo beau
tlfled and Improved it the sug jestion of
any ono man or according to any one
This will some day be the finest city
in all the worll but not because of any
aguc ast extraordinary scheme of this
Later In the session nn amendment
was mado In the wording of the resolu
tion nnd Mr Hale withdrew his objec
tion and allowed it to pass
Resolution Asks for Information Re
garding Exclusion of Travelers
With Passports
Mrf Pettus offered the following reso
lution In the 3cnate yesterday
Whereas It Is asserted that Ameri
can citizens holding American passports
have been and are excluded by the Rus
sian empire from Its territory solely be
cause of their religious belief contrary
to treaty stipulations Therefore
Resolved That tho President of the
United States be requested If not In
compatible with the public Interest to
Inform the Senate as to the attitude of
the Russian government toward Ameri
can citizens attempting to enter Its
territory with American passports
Mr Pettus stated that ne had been
informed that such exclusion had been
The Senate Conferees to
Consent to Silver
House to Recede in Favor of Full Au
thority for the Philippines Commis
sion Differences Regarding Friar
Lands Not Yet Disposed Of
The conferees on the Philippine civil
government bill expect to reach an ear
ly agreement on that measure The bill
which passed the Houso Is a substitute
in Us entirety for the measure which
the Senate passed
There are three Important differences
In the two measures The Senate bill
provides a silver standard of currency
for the Islands while the House enacU
the gold standard The House bill pro
vides for a Filipino legislature to act
in conjunction with tho Philippine com
mission while the Senate vests all leg
islative power In tho hands of the com
mission Tho two bills also differ upon
the subject of the friar lands
It Is understood that an agreement
will be reached whereby the Senate will
accept the House provision in regard
tD coinage and that the House will re
cede from its provision for a legislature
allowing the matter to pass until a cen
sus of the islands is taken The action
in regard to the friars land3 is not
yet disposed of
The House yesterday appointed as Its
conferees Messrs Cooper of Wiscon
sin Payne Crumpacker Jones of Vir
ginia and Maddox
The Committee on Ways and Means
yesterday agreed to favorably report a
oiii 10 reiunu tne duties paid on goods
Imported from Porto Rico and the Phil
ippines prior to the tariff acts affecting
iiigse isianus
Refuses Unanimous Consent Until Bill
in Interest of Indian Terri
tory Is Called Up
Representative Moon Dem Tenn
succeeded j csterday in defeating the pet
measures of a number of members of
the House by objecting when unanimous
consent was asked for consideration of
various bills
He has delivered an ultimatum to the
effect that there shall be no more log
Islation this session by unanimous con
sent until he Is given an opportunity to
call up the bill providing for a terri
torial form of government for Indian
Mr Moon has been zealous In be
half of Indian Territory and has intro
duced a bill to establish in the Territory
a form of government similar to thai
of Uklanoma cw Mexico and Arizona
but has been unable to get It before the
House for consideration At present In
dian Territory has no form of govern
ment Congress enacting all legisla
tion affecting the people of the Terri
Numerous requests were made yester
day for unanimous consent to take up
arlous minor measures but in each
case Mr Moon objected Mr Babrock
sought to call up the Joint resolution
empowering the District Commissioners
to make special regulations for the pe
riod of the Grand Armv encamoment
but was estopped by the objection of
air Moon
Favorable Report on McDermott Bill
Tho House Committee on Labor yes
terday agreed to report favorably the
bill recently Introduced by Representa
tive McDermott of New Jersey giving
tho President authority on the applica
tion of parties Involved In a labor dis
pute when interstate commerce is af
fected A number of amendments were
agreed upon and as soon as tbo bill
with the amendments can be put In
shapo It will bo reported to the House
lUISIAT Wife of William Haialup
funeral 2 20 ocloik SaturJjv Irum bte
deuce 1210 Union st w ex
L CVX In Mil lt lovincr re nembranr nf
our dear mother FIIZ A LACKY who de-
parieu mi iiic one jear ago loaay June 27
It la one long jcar oil mother dear
Since voti have pns ed away
liut still we love jou ju t the tame
As on that sad and solemn day
She was a uood true wife mother am Mm
loved hy all
11 lltr Loving lliuband and Children
Admiral Declares Filipino
Leader Never Thought
of Independence
Sea Fighter States His
son for Extending Aid
to the Insurgents
Questions and Answers Rather Heated
Result in Humor to Effect That Ma
nila Hero and Senator Cannack Had
The cross examination of Admiral
Dewey by the Democratic members of
the Senato Philippines Committee was
continued yesterday The questions and
answers were toward the closo rather
heated especially those between the
Admiral and Senator Cannack
A story was afloat later In the day
that there had been an approach to a
fight between the two and that Admiral
Dewey had left the committee room In
a rago before his examination was com
pleted The rumor was grossly exag
gerated but It was printed In at least
one Now York afternoon paper
Admiral Dewey will continue his tes
timony today
Resuming the line of questions of the
previous day Senator Patterson asked
Belgian Consul Used
When did you commence negotiat
ing wltn the Spanish commander at Ma
nila for the capitulation or surrender of
the city about how many days before
August II
I should think the Admiral replied
within ten days cr two weeks through
the Belgian consul
When did jou reach an understanding
with the Spanish commander on that
Several days before
To whom did you communicate that
To General Merritt and of course
to all my own captains I do not think
that General Merritt took much stock in
Senator Patterson What statement
did you make In substance
Admiral Dewey That they were ready I
to surrender but that before doing so
I must engage one of their outlying fort3
and fire for a while Then I was to
make a signal by International code Do
you surrender Then they were to hoist
the white nag on a certain bastion I
may now add that I was the first to dis
cover the white flag although I had fifty
people looking for it- I do not know how
long It bad been flying
The governor general sent down the
Belgian consul who rendered me great
assistance after the death of the English
consul as a go between I said to the
Belgian consul If he Is going to sur
render why go through this form of
bombarding He said His honor de
mands It and everything was carried
out according to the program
Merritt Had His Doubts
Senator Patterson State what you
mean by saying that General Merritt
took no stock In the arrangement
Admiral Dewey I do not believe h
trusted them He thought that the Span
lards were tricking me and that thoy
were not going to carry out their part
of the agreement
Senator Patterson Did ho say so
Continued oa Fifth Page
PAINTERS MTTICE The Amalgamated Taint
er and Paper Hangfni will meet SUXDOf
JCNE 29 at 609 C et nvr AT 3 OCLOCK l
M By order of the President E F MY
of Local No P I on MONDAY
retary mzsa
ton Fire Insurance Company held June 27
502 the following- resolutions were pas ed
ResoUed By the Board of Trusteed of th
Arlington Fire Insurance Company for the D
of Columbia That we he learned with
the greatest sorrow of the death on June 23
1D02 at hU residence In tht city of the Presi
dent of our Board Walter S Cbr
Twice Cox ua one of the organizers of thU
company on February 36 lbTi and with Wil
liam 1L Ward enquire drew its article of in
corporation On April 23 13T3 he was elected
its President which office he held continuously
to hit death having been with the exception of
about one year during which tune he wai its
ice lresident President since Its incorpora
tion a period of nearly thirty years during
which time it has had ois active interest in iu
Judrc Cox was a native and lifelorc resi
dent of the Dittrlct of Columbia and one of
its moat valued citizens as a Justice of in
Supreme Court of the jilitrict lie posc essed
the confidence and respect both of the bar and a A
the laity in the unous institutions and as-
sociation looking to the welfare of our Dis
trict and citizens he participated actively glT
imr freeh of his means time knowledge and
ecund judgment as a man he was of
character and had the esteem and
admiration of the comnunitv
itesohed That this Board convey to his be
reaved family its sincere and heartfelt sym
pathy in their great los
Resolved That the oflicrn of this Cbmpany bs
draped in mournmy for a penod of ten iys
and that the members of this Board attend ths
funeral as j ldy
Revolted That these resolution be published
tn tha Iiltv mmr nnd tit an enirm3 Hl COPT
of the tame be forwarded to the family of
Judge Cox
the mnnK i n vllerv of art will bs
closed to the public from July 1 to October L
liXK inclusive rv u Jicuuiuc uirrciur
WlT i
310 F ST N
EverythliiG strictly firat clais on the most ret
sonable terms
Telenhcne call Main 340
832 Pcan Ave N tt Washington D a
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