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jj R today tQiTirvrcw Trr
I freJi southeasterly
NUViciR 2o i
His Vjesty Spends Parr
of the Day Propped
IJD bv Pillows
Description of Operator
Performed by Sir Fred
erick Treves
Probably Unnecessary to Attempt to
Remove ihe Appendix Which May
Be Absorbed by the Abscess Recov
ery of the Sovereign Likely to Be a
Protracted Process
LONDON Juno 2S The King rpent
tho afternoon reclining easily propped
up on pillows
The Prince of Wales was with him for
a couple of hours
It is hoped he will scon reach the
The King is now dieted on soups etc
but It is hoped that -more substantial
nourishment will be gradually admin
The King continues to be cheerful
He reads a great dal mostly newspa
p rh many of which arc given him
when he asfca for them
Version of the Case
A version of the operation on the
King which Is more hopeful than any
ot given ccmes from a source whicii
there Is good reason to believe pos
sesses positive know ledge on the sub
ject Accordlns to this account the
physiriacs all advised the operation a
week earlier but the King declined as
long as a possibility remained of car
rying out the coronation program
The operation itself when It anally
took place occvpicd scarcely Ave min
utes It consisted of nothing more than
the opening of the abscess within the
Mxloirlnal cavity
History of the Operation
Stripped of technical language what
barpencd was tbls
Sir Frederick Treves made a quick In
cision about four inches long through
the sKin and a thick layer of adipose
tlaiae to ths abdominal muscles directly
orcr the abscess which had been cor
rectly located by a dlglti examination
An instrument resembling a blunt probe
was then used to push through ths mus
cles without cutting them Into the pus
lack within
A largo quantity of pus was Imme
diately released An Instrument resem
bling a cclssors with the outside in
stead of the lnsldo blade sharped was
tlid along the groove of the side of the
probe Into the abscess
This Instrument was kept closed until
the p oba was withdrawn Then the 30
callcd scissors was opened making a
free opening wlthlii the sac The pus
released by this means amounted to al
most twenty two ounces
No Examination Made
The wound was thoroughly delugel
with antiseptic solutions and a drain
age tube was Inserted The wound was
then closed with suture3 and the opera
tion was completed
There was not even a free opening of
tho abdominal cavity and no attempt
was made to examlno or remove the
vermiform appendix It was taken for
granted that the abscess itself practi
cally destroyed It and that no subse
qucrt operation would be necessary
A point In doubt was whether the In
tcstlns aside from the appendix had
ben damaged or degenerated by the
Hbsccrs or Inflammation
The doctors wero as Ignorant as any
body so on this point when they had
fin lied tho operation It Is almost n
safe conclusion that the non-appearance
of fci ptlc symptoms within forty
Igbt aours after tho operation was suf
ficient proof that no such disaster hal
Only One Alarm
The ducr JnT had but onu alarm
T t la veiling when the
I nilcM i iceurrrnco of pain
in Ilia toiu i js accompanied by
a rl In fraperature which at the mo
rneil of ratline the bulletin tae doctor
tteBlincJ 1 irJ tic
Physicians Repotf
A Comfortable Day
LOXDOX June 2S TIih bul
letin was issued from Buckingham
lalacc at 31 oclock tonight
The King passed a comfoita
biu day His strength has been
well maintained The wound oc
casionally causes discomfort
Coronation Festivities Indulged in But
Next Day Truth Was Learned
NEW YORK June 23 The Cunard
Line steamship Lueanla which arrived
early this morning from Liverpool and
Queenstown held festivities on June 26
j Patient Can Scarcely Be Declared to Be
Out of Danger Until
LONDON June 20 Reynolds News
paper claims to be able lo btato re
liably that the examination of the phy
sicians proved beyond all shadow ot
doubt that the King is afflicted with
glycosuria and abuaiinuria This de
notes that he Is suffering from diabetes
and chronic Inflammation of the Kid
Medical opinion basd solely on the
Lullctlns while hopeful still points
out that it Is Impossible that It can be
truthfully announced that ills majesty
l ls out of danger until the expiration of
the full critical period If the bulletins
withhold nothing and -the progress Is
maintained without the appearance of
complications an announcement of this
nature may be expected by Monday
to celebrate the coronation of King Ed-
ward not knowing of his illness
The passengers awoke on Thursday to Drcibund Extended in Its Original
find the steamship decorated with bunt
ing and all the principal rooms showing
a grand appearance In the forenoon
much merriment was Indulged in In all
quarters of tho ship
At noon tho ships crew were mus
tered on the forecastle and with the
passengers witnessed the firing of a
salute of twenty one guns after which
all united in singing God Save the
King Games races and athletic com
petitions filled up the afternoon enter
tainment with a final tug of war be
tween teams representing England and
America America won In tho evening
the usual concert was held
Signatures of Ambassadors
and Chancellor Affixed
Form News Agency Re
port Asserts
LONDON June 28 A news agency dis
patch from Berlin says the Triple Alli
ance was tlgned this morning by Count
von Buelow the Imperial chancellor In
behalf of Germany and by the Austrian
and Italian ambassadors for their rfspec
tive governments
The alliance Is renewed In Its original
Special Guardians Watch
ing Over the Safety of
Young Edward
Policeman Stationed at Country Resi
dence Story Denied by Mr McLean
Headquarters Declines to Furnish
Information Boy in Charge of Valet
Precautions taken to guard the saftty
of Edward McLean the son of Mr Jonu
It McLean president of the Washington
Gaslight Company proprietor of the
Cincinnati Enquirer and prominent
la Ohio politics have given rise to a
report that a plot exists or did exist
to kidnap the boy Edward who Is
eighteen years of age Is now at the
country residence of the family Friend
ship located just this side of Tenley
A policeman of the local force has
been detailed to guard the residence and
watch over the youth Other steps have
been taken to secure his safety
Two special watchmen one by day and
cne by night have always watched over
the McLean estate especially when any
of the family remained there for any
length of time Theso forces were aug
mented almost a year ago in tho partic
ular case of yoifbg Edward by a valet
named Ash who accompanies his young
master wherever he goes
Some weeks ago the policeman Giles
was detailed at Friendship and It la
stated that his especial care is for the
safety of Mr McLeans son
Denied by Mr McLean
Mr McLean Is emphatic in his denial
of the story of the attempt to steal his
son Ho fays there Is nothing in It But
it is learned that for some time precau
tions have been taken and Captain
Boardman has admitted that tbe police
knew something of tho case In the ab
sence from the city of Major Sylvester
however Captain Boardman said he
could not give all the facts as they had
been reported to the authorities
Threats It la said have been made by
a former employe who was recently dis
charged This employe Is said to have
plotted the Kidnaping of young Edwnrd
but before it could be consummated the
police learned of the scheme through tho
McLean family or friends of the young
man S ps were Immediately taken to
checkmate tho kidnapers
For several weeks Policeman Giles
of No 7 station has been detailed about
the McLean country residence In citi
zens clothes He has been frequently
seen In the his round3 surrounding the
house where tho family spend tho sum-
jmer months Whether he has orders to
guard over Kdnard McLean hecausu ol
tho alarm created by reports from
kldcapc as is most probable
or Is there for tho purpose of protecting
tho property coucrally bv will not
state Giles Is disinclined to talk on the
All Indications point to the belief that
his orders originated at Headquarters
because he neither reports to nor visits
his station regularly as before
Able to Care for Himself
When seen at Friendship last night
Mr McLean after denying the story of
the plot to kidnap his son stated that
the boy was fully able to take care of
himself Young Edward only laughed
when asked whether he had any fear of
being abducted
In his efforts to please his son Mr
McLean Is said to have fitted up his
stablo In this city with a Are alarm
system so that a gong would Bound
whenever an alarm camo In from any
part of the city The horses In the
stablo were trained to respond at the
sound of the gong Just as do the horses
In the various engine houses
Young Edward would stay much about
the stable then and often he would go
off to a fire arriving as a rnlo In the
family carriage along with the engines
This was some time ago but it Is given
to snow now quick Is Mr McLean to
respond to every wish of his son
The alleged would be kidnapers It Is
assumed expected In the event of the
success of their plot to secure a heavy
ransom for the young mans release
Fatal Accident During Vio
lent Storm
Gust of Wind Overturned Vessel AH
on Board Sank With
RICHMOND Va June 2S Five per
sons were drowned yesterday afternoon
near Washington N C by thev Inklng
ot tho steamer J D Patterson Those
lost were
l IKV MOOISi ajrrd rlelitorn
Hl MtV DWKMOIIT engineer
IMCllMtll IHTHK flrcman
The Ill fated steamer had bean char
tered by E B Moore a whoIsaIe fish
and oyster dealer of Washington to go
down the river and tow In hU sailboat
the Eva Hubbard which was loaded
with fish The two craft had Just been
coupled together when a violent storm
The waves threatened to throw the
bants together and crush them so the
tow rope was rut loose Almost immedi
ately a heavy gust of wind Struck the
steamer which capsized all oh board
going to the bottom with her
This evening the revenue cutter Vio
let with divers went to the scene to
try to recover the bodies
New York Leader in the Field How
ever Speaks of Mr Littauers
NEW YORK June 2S 5enator Piatt
camp over from Washington this after
noon He will not return to Washington
untiP December He will remain at the
Fifth Avenue Hotel for a few days long
er and then go to the Oriental Hotel
Coney Island for the summer
Too Early Yet
It is too early to talk about the
fall campaign In detail the Senator
said Let things sizzle and simmer for
a spell The Democrats have not a
chance of carrying the State In Wash
ington the Democrats say Colonel La
mont Is to be nominated for governor In
this State but of course I do not know
how much truth there Is In tha Mitte
ment A
For a month or more It has uetn re
ported that Iresldent Roosevelt Is to
make a number of political speeches In
this State this fall Is this true was
I know nothing about such a report
said Mr Piatt but I dont believe It
to be true Governor Odell of course Is
to make a number of speeches on the
Issues of the campaign and these will
be a most interesting feature
Senator Piatt said that In his opinion
the bill to create a new place In the
Cabinet to be known as Secretary of
Commerce Is dead Representative L
N Littauer of the Gloversville district
has been im anxious candidate for this
place but it Is known that if the bill
eeomes a law President Roosevelts
secretary George Cortelyou Is to be the
Possibility of Renomination
It was announced the other day on
the authority of Mr Llttatiers f rlends
that he was surely to be renominated
for Congress though Mr Littauers con
vention had refused to Instruct Its dele-
eaten for him
The announcement was made on tho
authority of Mr Littauer himself who
as rled that Representative Stewart
and Representative Emerson would get
out of the way for him Representative
Stewart desires It and Representative
Emerson he Is In the race to stick
Only the Intervention of President
Roosevelt or Governor Odell or Sena
tor Piatt It was remarked can now
pave Mr Littauer from defeat for the
l -nomination In his district
House Declines the Sen
ate Amendment Strik
ing Out Proposition
Mr Foss Motion to Recede Carried by
Rising Vte and Lost on Call for Yeas
and Na a Further Conferences on
Naval Appropriation Bill Asked
The Hourc yesterday emphasized its
determination not to yield to the Senate
In the matter of constructing warships In
Government yard This point has been
In dispute between the conferees of th
tvo houpes ever since tho naval appro
priation bill passed the Senate and un
less an agreement Is reached on Monday
It bids fair to prolong the session for n
day or two
AH of the provisions of the appropria
tion bill were disposed ot in the House
yesterday by agreeing to the conference
report which adjusted all of the differ
ences between the two bouses save this
Chairman Foss called up the report
after the District appropriation bill had
been disposed of After some dUcusson
paitlclpafd in chiefly by Mr Fitzgerald
Dem N Y and Mr Suliowny Rep
N II regarding the Portsmouth N II
navy yard the conference leport was
agreed to
ilr Tos3 tnen moved that tho House
recede from Its provision directing Ihe
Secretary of tho Navy to construct In
Government yards one of each of the
three classes of warships authorized by
the naval appropriation bill n battle
ship an armored cruiser and a gunboat
and agiee to an amendment directing
the Secretary of thy Navy to construct
one ship In a Government yard without
stipulating the class
He sucgested that the Senate which
struck out the House provision In this
respect would concur lu such an amend
Mr W W Kltchln Dem N C a
member of the Naval Committee vlgor
oucly opposed Mr Foss motion He de
clared that It was more objectionable
than the original provision reported from
the Committee on Naval Affairs which
was to direct the Secretnry of tho Navy
to build one ship either a battleship or a
cruiser In a Government yard and which
the House Increased to three one of each
Consequences of Concession
Mr Foss proposition he said would
allow the Secretary of the Navy to build
a small gunboat In a Government yard
Instead of a battleship or a cruiser and
yet comply with the trms of the law
Further Mr Kltchln rolnted out that It
eliminated the appropriation of 1700O
made for the purpose of equipping a Gov
ernment yard for shipbuilding
On a rising vote SK Fcss motion was
carried but when the yens and nays were
demanded a number of Republicans who
did not wlch to go on record as opposed
to Government shipbuilding voted
against the motion The Democrats voted
solidly against It and It was lost 37 to
Mr Kltchlns motion that ihe House
Insist upon Its provision and ask for a
fu tacr conference was then agreed to
n Wivxtti
Hoped Thai Edvcatd VII Will Soon
tie Able to Take Substan
tial Food
A Remark by Senator Lodge Regarded
as Significant
Senator Ledge en leaving the tempo
rary White House last night after din
ing with the President Secretary Root
and a few others was askcJ his opinion
as to the probable data of the adjourn
ment of Congress Tho Senator said
laconically but with his usual suavity
that he did not Know
A number of Senators have said
Congress would adjourn Tuesday 7
Then they have more Information on
that point than I have said Mr Iodge
Will not Congress adjourn Imme
datcly iron taking action on tho con
ferees Philippine bill report and will
rot that doubtless be mode by Tues
day was the further query addressed
to the Senator
Senator Lodge replied I am not so
sure about that and then he added
sententious There are a great many
things jet to be settled and Congress Ij
not vet through by a great deal
This remark -as regarded as very
significant as coming from the Massa
chusetts Senator directly after leavin
tho President with vhom he had dined
and spent the evening The conferees
on tho Philippine bill saw the Presi
dent yesterday morning but could not
report much progress toward adjusting
the differences between the two houses
The possibility of a deadlock prolong
ing Congress through next week seems
therefore quite a possibility
Thirty four Pages
aular Government Pressing Negotia
tions in Time to Transmit to Con
gress Before Adjournment
An effort is being made by the Cuban
government to negotiate a reciprocity
treaty with the United States lu time
to have it transmitted to the Senate
before Congress adjourns
Mr Quesada the Cuban minister had
a long conference on the subject yes
terday with Dr Hill the acting secre
tary of State Afterward Dr Hill went
to the White House where ho had a
talk with the President
The terms of treaty proposed by Ibe
United States have been made known lo
the Cuban government and a statement
of 11 views has been expected It Is
probable that Mr Juesada brought a
communication from his government to
Dr Hill
All that can be learned definitely In
regard to the matter Is that no treaty
was signed yesterday
Secretary Hay Is expected back here
on Monday and It will then be definitely
determined whether a treaty shall be
negotiated Officials having knowledge
of status cf the matter decline positive
ly to say anything about it
Editor Rosewaters Political Opponent
Also Comes Here and Sees
the President
Senator Millard of Nebraska saw the
President at the temporary White
House last evening In company with
United States District Attorney W S
Summers of Omaha The Senator would
not comment In any way upon his con
ference with Mr Roosevelt It Is un
derstood however that Nebraska poll
tics were under discussion
A coincidence In this connection Is the
presence In Washington of Mr Edward
Rosewater edior of the Omaha Bee
and one ot the leading Senatorial candi
dates when Seniors Dietrich and Mil
lard were chosen last spring after a
prolonged deadlock Mr Rosevvater
talked to the President on Friday con
cerning Indian agency matters incl
dentallj but more directly regarding
Mr Summers tenure of office
Mr Rosewater is authority for the
statement that tho President has as
sured him that the present United States
District Attorney will not be reap
pointed He Is desirous however of
beelng Mr Summers removed This In
his opinion would do much toward even
ing up a few of the matters Incidental
to the last senatorial election It Is
not known whether Mr Rosewater has
prefeired specific charges
Bartholdt Says
Are Favorable
Calls on Mr Roosevelt With the Glad
Tidings President In
Representative Bartholdt of Missouri
was In a joyous frame of mind when he
saw the President jesterday at the tem
porary White House and told him of po
litical conditions in Missouri Mr Bar
tholdt has Just returned from the State
convention there where all his pre
dictions as to the work of the delegates
were fulfilled to the letter
Not only did the convention pas reso
lutions ot confidence In tho Administra
tion but a thorough Indorsement of
Roosevelt for 1j04 was made Mr
Bartholdt tool great pleasure In re
porting this fact to the President and
assured the latter that there was much
general sentiment of the samt sort In
all the other Western States
The faction headed by Representatives
Bartholdt und Joy outnumbered the
Kerens delegation in the convention by
two to one Political lines In Missouri
were very tightly drawn last winter
when many appointive offices were to be
filled by the President and compromise
between the out-and-out candidates of
the two respective sides had to be
agreed upon In several Instances This
Pght was carried imp the State conven
tion and there the Bartholdt Joy com
bination was too strong for the national
committeemans cohorts
Resolutions Indorsing Secretary Ethan
Allen Hitchcock and his administration
ot the Interior Department were passed
by a vote of 638 to 393 This was a test
vote of the respective strength of the
two factions and Mr Bartholdt was
jubilant In consequence
Tammany Plan to Ask Ex President to
Talk at Hall Next Fall
NEW YORK June 2S Borough Presi
dent Jacob A Cantor concerning his re
cent visit to ex President Cleveland at
Prlnreton said
I gathered from what Mr Cleveland
said to me that he had a lively sense of
gratitude to the party for the honors It
has conferred on him and that he was
willing to render It any assistance that
he could He indicated that It he could
lend It advice or encouragement In any
way he would do so He did not say that
he was going to make any speeches next
tall If he should decide to do that he
would make the announcement himself
Bill Signed by Presdent
Roosevelt Last
Entire North Dakota Delegation Calls
Regarding State Patronage Erecu
tive Entertains Number of Dinner
President Roosevelt signed the Isth
mian canal bill last night at the tem
porary hte House -on Lafayette
Square The measure reached him late
In the afternoon and within a few hours
afterward had become a law by the af
fixing of his signature
When the approval of the Executive
was given to the great legislation over
which so many Congresses have fought
without hitherto reaching a final decis
ion the most interested person present
with the possible exception ot Mr
Roosevelt himself was Rear Admiral
Walker U S N retired who served as
the chairman of ths Isthmian Canal
Commission in Its Investigations into
the relative claims and practicability of
the Panama and Nicaragua routes Mr
Walker spent nearly the entire evening
at the temporary White House
When the canal bill reached Mr
Roosevelt for his approval yesterday
afternoon ho was fullv aware of all Its
smallest details as agreed upon by the
conferees of the two houses of Con
gress This Information was officially
borne to him by Representative Hep
burn of Iowa author of the Nicaraguan
canal bill which passed the House and
chairman of the conference committee
named on bebalf of that body Mr Hep
burn who like Mr Morgan of Alabama
In the Senate has made a life study of
the Isthmian canal oroblem elaborated
upon such points as had been In dispute
to the last moment prior to agreement
and upon all others on which the Presi
dent desired fuller Information
Rear Admiral Walkers vast fund of
Information on canal matters contained
ready answers to all questions when he
was the Presidents guest last evening
To him the signing of the bill marked
an epoch and his satisfaction at tho
completion of the tedious process of
legislation was evident
The President also received the sun
dry civil bill yesterday but has not yet
passed final Judgment upon It
Guests at Dinner
The President had as his guests at
dinner last evening Secretary Root
Postmaster General Payne Senator
Lodge and Hon Alexander G Cochran
of St Louis a personal friend who
stopred in this city on his way to Eu
North Dakotans Call
The entire North Dakota delegation
called on tho President last evening to
confer with him on appointments con
cerning that State In order to clear up
the list before the adjournment of Con
gress The States delegation Is not as
formidable numerically as those of New
York Pennsylvania and some of the
other Comonwealths Tho callers there
fore were but three In number Senators
Hansbrough and McCumbcr and
Thomas F Marshall
Major Llewellyn of Santa Fe who
served with the Rough Riders was also
an evening caller
Representative Gcoch Make a Clean
Sweep in the Primaries
Special to The Washington Times
CINCINNATI June 28 Congressrain
Danleb Linn Gooch carried ths Demo
cratic primaries in the Sixth Kentucky
dibtrlct today by a majority of 5U00 ovr
Colonel Nndnud
Even Up With Yale for
the Recent Aquatic
Thousands of College Root
ers Frantically Cheer
Their Favorites
Clarkson Shows All Sorts of Speed i
With Garvan of New Haven ths
Cooler Crimson a ioo to 70 Favor-
ite Play a Comedy of Errors
NEW YORK June 2S Enthusiasm
excitement good plays poor plays and
thrills all were Ingredients In the Harvard-Yale
baseball game at the Polo
Grounds today the most stirring and
eventful college battle played In Ihls
city In years
Out of this lively and hard fought
contest came Harvard victorious by a
score of 6 to 3 the winning run being
made In the ninth Inning with two men
Harvard started off In the lead Yale
caught and passed her Then Harvard
pulled up on even terms and then won
In the last ditch Clarkson Harvards
star pitcher was hit harder than Gar
van of Yale but he struck out twelve
men Both pitched exceedingly well
Garvan was the cooler of the two while
the Harvard man had more curves con
trol and speed in his repertoire
Terrific Speed
His speed when he turned It on In
full was too great for his catcher to
hold and this came near costing tha
Crimson dear
Yale rather outdid Harvard in cheer
ing for they were at it more but with
Frantz the baseball man who could not
play this year as director general of
the vocal department the Harvard
Choral Society was well organized and
rang loed and true
The odds were 100 to 70 on the Crim
son bsfore thejgame but there came a
time when the Harvard men did not
feel like bettlnp 1 to 0 so slim did
their chances appear
Then of a sudden the Harvard star
was In the ascendency again there to
remain until the end of the game When
the end came a Harvard girl who had
experienced nine long Innings of pins
and needles turned to her escort and
relieved her feelinss thus
Now I can tell you what that ambu
lance back of the ropes Is for It Is to
carry away Yales shattered hopes
Comedy of Errors
Nearly every run of the game wa
traceable to mlspiays of some sort and
In the seventh Inning when Harvard
was wabbly poor judgment In running
bases was cosily for Yale
Yale fielded as well and batted a bit
more strongly than Harvard but a skill
fully applied scheme of batting on Har
vards part In the ninth inning more
than offset any of Yales superiority and
earned for the Crimson the lions share
of the spoils By the way of variety th
dress of a woman n the grandstand
caught fire which caused a small com
motion on the side before being put out
Harvard scored twice on Yale before
the New Haven men got fairly Into their
stride It Is an old Yale fault In base
ball this of losing points because they
are not on the alert from tbe moment
the first ball Is pitched
Garvan could not find the plate for
Coclldge in the firsthand Captain Endell
followed the gift with a single to cen
ter Coolidge hustled for third on Wen
dells hit and Barnwell overthrew the
bag Nobody backed up Guernsey and
Coolidge scored Wendell went to third
on the play Randall went to first oa
four balls and set out for a steal of
second Wlnslow threw poorly to sec
ond and Wendell raced home
Fast Double Play
The Harvard demonstration that ao
companied this scoring streak naa
eclipsed by the riotous joy of tbe Yale
men when Wlnslow and Guernsey ended
tha Inning with a brilliant double play
the best play of the game
Clarkson had fanned when Stlllmaa
knocked a hlsa foul Wlnslow had hla
mask and cap off In a Jiffy and ran back
to the grandstand to get under the ball
He not only made tbe catch but lined
the ball down to third so unerringly that
Randall was doubled
Two scattering singles were all tha
hits made by Harvard In the next five
Innings and scoring was at a discount
Yale meantime was unable to do any
thing with Clarkson until the eighth In
ning when two runs were scared
The Harvard portion of the seventh
begun with a base on balls to Stlllmaa
Skllton advanced his comrade with a
sacrifice and when Mathews the col
ored Harvard right fielder filed to Cote
the latter muffed and Stlllman ran over
the plate putting Harvard In the lead
onco more In the eighth Yale went to
the front for the first time getting ia
three runs
Harvard made a fine stand In her halt
of the eighth and the score was tied
once more Yale did not get a man to
first In the ninth but Harvard went
right In to win and playing the contest
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