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Davis lb 4 0 0 12 2 0
L Cross 3b 3 0 0 3 1 0
Seybold rf 4 110 0 1
Schreck c 4 0 112 0
M Cross 4 1 0 2 Z 0
Castro 2b 4 0 12 4 1
Plank p 4 0 12 10
Totals 2 3 S 2J 15 3
Washington 02000002 x 4
Philadelphia 00000200 13
First iiase by errors Washington 1
Philadelphia 1 Left on bases Wash
ington 4 Philadelphia 3 First base
on balls Off Orth 1 Struck out By
Orth 1 Homo run Sej bold Three-
base hits Carey Drill Two base hit
Carey Sacrifice hit Orth Stolen bases
Hartsel 2 Time 1 hour and 40 min
utes Umpire Carruthers
Washington and Philadelphia will
play again Monday This will be the
last game that will be played In this
city until July 10 The Senators are
scheduled to inaugurate a thrcr game
scries with Boston Tuesday and on the
Fourth of July they will play at Phila
delphia morning and afternoon
Yesterday was the first game Drill
has caught on the local grounds al
most elnce the signing of Bill Clarke
His backstop work was all right and
he has not forgotten how to hit the
ball but his brain Is a trifle rusty
Ryan made a sensational catch of
Schreck8 hit to deep center In the fourth
Inning The ball vasonly captured af
ter a long run and a Jump Into the
air It was easily the best catch of a
fly during the game Rjan also raado a
great catch of M Cross hit In the sev
enth Inning
Manager Loftus will be compelled to
present a patched up team when Wash
ington plays at Philadelphia on tthe
Fourth He will not ho able to ase
cither Delehanty Wgjvcrton or Orth
Dels place can be taken by one of the
pitchers and Coughlln can be shocd
around to liis old position at third
Kelster to short and Drill played at
second But with such a club as this
what chance will we have for getting
away with a game from those fast Ath
letic fellows
Castro the Athletic second baseman
wae given a round of applause when he
The Visitors Aiake a Fast
Finish and G ve the
Crowd a Scare
He Remains Anchored on
Third When Thrown Ball
Was Sent to Bleachers
The Georgetown Catcher Fails to Size
Up to a Very Easy Situation for Get
ting a Run Without Any Great Ef
fortHank Plank No Terror
Lew Drill the ex Georgetown ball
catcher displayed the difference he
t ecn professional work and collegiate
playing yestprday afternoon In the
seventh Inning of the Philadelphia game
Admiral Bill Clarke assistant com
mander of the local mud scows had an
attack of that tired feeling and guessed
he would lay off for the afternoon
It came very near being an expensive
loaf for Drill while he caught well and
hit a triple the first time he came to
the plate nearly threw the game away
by a play that would entitle him to
his release from a Departmental League
Lee opened this particular inning with
a single and then Drill tried his hand
at bunting It was a slow hit and when
Pitcher Hunk riank fired the ball to
Harry Davis it was nip and tuck be
tween the ball and the runner Umpire
Carruthers he of the cobwebby vision
and soggy thought reservoir decided
that Drill was safe Then Orth sacri
ficed to Davis and Lee and Drill were
each advanced a sack
Ryan hit to Lae Cross and Lee en
deavored to oroflt thereby by making a
hurry up chase for the plate but he was
too late by several seconds and was
tagged some feet from the rubber In
the meantime Drill had humped him
self around to the third station
Drills Stupid Work
At this Juncture of the proceedings
Drill displayed a rusty judgement that
made Manager Loftus squirm over on
the bench and say things to himself
while Bill Clarke looked very much
ashamed for remaining out of the tunc
Pitcher Hank Plank imagined that ho
would be able to catch Ryan napping off
the first bag hurled the ball over to
Davis but the big first bag guardian
Jet the sphere get away from him and
It rolled over near the bleachers Drill
was urged by Coushlln who was on the
coaching line to hasten home but he
obstinately refused to budge an Inch
end remained anchored to the third
cushion thinking ornate thoughts of
that three bagger of his made some
fcixty minutes earlier In the afternoon
The crowd moaned Delchanty threw
a fit and everybody took on as If some
thing remarkable In some way had hap
pened that Is all except Drill for he
was still wallowing In the beauties of
that three baser of his When he came
to and realized that he had committed
a faux pas he determined to retrieve
bis fortunes and once more manifested
that there Is a deal of difference In the
game as played by sand lots graduates
and young men who patronize the sheep
skin factory
An Old Time Trick
That old trick of the catcher throwing
the ball to the shortstop temporarily
occupying a position midway between
second and the Ditchers box was
brought out from Its resting place among
the cotton batting and the camphor
balls The poor old decrepit thing wab
bled around for a moment and It was
actually pitiful to sec such a weak-
kneed affair made to do duty once more
after ever body supposed it was laid
away for good
But the moment the ball went down to
Monte Cross Drill Imagined that he
saw a chance to cot that run In
He made a start for the home plate
and the ball was sent speedinc In the
same direction
Then Drill guessed he would meander
bark to the third ottoman for another
rest but this time he was too slow for
Catcher Schrecks throw and he was
caught scleral feet off the slate
The old trick laughed a hoarse hol
low laugh and limped away to Its rest
ing rlace among the ether antiquaries of
the game
And Mr Drill walked to the bench and
Ilsened to the advice of his fellow
fter this brilliant display nobody
would have been surprised to hae sen
Karl Wagner on the bench figuring in
Ms miad how much money he could sell
Drill for
Visitors Finish Strong
Luckily this run was not needed to
win the game although It was a mighty
close finish that the visitors mnde and
threw a scare into the Senatorial camp
that ca ised Manager Loftus to have an
attack of vertleo When the contest
was oor and the crowd was dispersing
he candidly admitted that the game was
very nearly thrown away
Vcu can always lay a bet on sorc
Washington man making a fluke play
that will bring back the good old dajs
wacn wi had acquired the tail end habit
AI Orth was thought to bo very fit so
he was i Itted against Hank Plank the
Gettysburg college phenom Orth put up
a rattling good game although In the
last inning he went Into the air for a
second when he had to make a throw
to Coughlln at second to catch Monte
Washington 4 Philadelphia
Boston i rtaltimou 0
St Iouis Clc eland rain
Chicago- Detioit rain
Chicago C 1
Boston t2 JO
SI Louis 27 24
Philadelphia 27 2i
Ce eland at St Imti
hiciiro at Detioit
Won Lest PO
027 Detioit
2 Washington
2J Baltimore
0 Ov eland
Cross who was headed for the bag on
Castros hit to the box The local
twlrler Imagined Coughlln was an acro
bat and hurled the ball secral feet to
the wrene side and nboe the short-
fielders head Otherwise Mr Orth was
very much in the game and figured In
the hitting as well
Younc Mr Plank was not fo much of
a prl7e puzzle He had lots of speed
and his usual repertoire of curves and
shoots but they did not worry the Sena
tors as mud1 as usual
How the Runs Were Made
Washingtons first runs were secured
In the sreond Inning when Carey and
Lee crossed the plate on the formers
double Lees base hit and Drills triple
to the clubhouse
Two more runs came cur way In the
eighth Wolverton was the first man
up and went out on a fly to Monte Cross
Delehanty singled and Kcistcr did like
wise The hit went to Seybold who
fumbled It long enough to permit Dele
hanty to get home by a lead of seeral
feet Careys hit for three bases to cen
ter sent Kelster in with a tally
Philadelphia went for five Innings
without making any showing in the run
column In the sixth Tultz hit safely
to right Lee tried to kick the ball
back to the Infield but by the time he
was able to get his feet untangled from
his hands the ball and the sod Kultz
was across the plate Then Sebold
knocked a low cune over the left field
fence for a homer
Schreck started a lot of excitement In
the ninth by hitting safely M Cross
slammed the ball to Kelster who tbvew
to Coughlln and retired Schreck Castro
hit to Orth and in the ki mans anxiety
to make a double play he threw wildly
to Coughlin and Cross made the base
and Castro was all right at first Plank
hit a little fly that Orth captured M
Cross brought In a run and made It
seem very dangerous to our sides pros
pects for a victory when Hartsel hit to
center for a base Fultz was expected
to turn the trick for the Phillies and If
he had been able to land on one of Orths
curies as he was requested to do
thered be another story to relate this
n orning but the best he could do was
to bang a fly out to center which was
handled very cleverly by Kyan
The score follows
Washington AB It IB PO A E
Ryan cf 4 0 0 5 0 0
Wolverton 3b 4 0 0 0 0 0
Delehanty If 4 1 2 4 0 0
Kelster 2b 4 113 5 0
Coughlin ss 4 0 113 1
Carey lb 4 1 1 11 0 0
Lee rf 3 110 0 1
Drill c 3 0 2 2 0 0
Orth p 2 0 113 1
Totals 32 4 9 27 11 3
Philadelphia AB R IB PO A E
Hartsel If 4 0 2 10 0
Fultz cf 4 12 10 1
Won Lot PCt
4 i
made a one hand stop of Wolvertons
drive In the fifth Inning- Nobody had
any Idea that he had any chance to stop
the ball but stop It he did by giving
a leap to the left and throwing up bis
gloved hand In which the ball lodged
securely Wolverton was as much dis
gusted at being robbed of a base hit
as castro was pleased over tnc minus
lastlc demonstration of the three thous
and spectators
Manager Tom Loftus Has nigh Hopes
of Securing Ex Giant to
Cover Right
Manager Tom LoTtus announced last
night that he had practically closed a
deal with Jack Doylo of the New York
National League team Doyle was serv
ed with a notice ten days ago that Ills
services were no longer required The
ten das expire Monday and Loftus is
confident that Doyle will sign the con
tract on that day
The locals leave this city for Boston
on Monday and LoftuswIU stop over at
New York and complete the deal He
will doubtless take Jack on to Boston
and allow him to participate in the en
tire series with the fleaneatcrs
The former Giant Is to play right field
for the locals Lee who has been cast
ing his shadow In that garden since the
Erst scries of games the locals played
In Philadelphia when Delehanty and
several other Senators could not play
Ii tn pitch again
It was thought that his twirling ilajs
were over but when the new player Is
signed Lee will be considered a regular
pitcher Lee has been playing in the
field for some time an his arm Id
doubtlers out of shape He will need
seme preliminary practice before he
can pitch winning ball
Umpire Connolly Orders McGraw From
the Ball Field
Special to Tlie IVanIilncton Tlm
BALTIMORE June 28 The game here
this nfteriyjon was declared forfeited to
Boston In the middle of the eighth In
ning A dispute arose between McGraw
and Umpire Connolly In which the Ori
ole manager was ordered from the field
He refused to go and Connolly handed
the game over to the visitors The
Baltimore R IB PO A E
McGraw 3b 12 10 0
Kelly cf 0 1 2 1 0
Selbach If 0 110 1
Williams 2b 113 2 0
McGann lb 1 1 S 1 b
Seymour rf 0 14 0 0
Bresnahan c 0 0 3 0 1
Gilbert ss 0 12 0 0
MtGlnnity p 110 2 0
Cronln p 0 0 0 0 0
Shields p 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 4
Dougherty If
Collins 3b 3
Stahl cf 2
Freeman rf 1
Parent ss 1
LaChance lb 0
Ferris 2b 0
Crlger c 1
Young p 0
TotnU 9 1G 22 10 4
One out when game forfeited
Baltimore 0 0 0 1110 x I
Boston 10 0 0 0 4 3 19
Earned runs Baltimore 3 Boston 7
Two base htU Gilbert Stahl Three
base hits McGlnnlty Stahl Crlger Mc
Graw Home run Freeman Sacrifice
hits Selbach Ferris Stolen bases By
McGann McGraw Collins Double play
Williams Gilbert and McGann Base
on balls By Young 1 by Cronln 1 Bat-
Icr hit By loung 1 Struck out By
McGlnnlty 2 by Young 3 Left on
bases Baltimore 5 Boston C Tirst
base on errors Baltimore 1 Time 2
hours Umpires Johnstone and Con
nolly Attendance 3366
Sierial to The lushlttiii Tinirt
CHICAGO June 2R The Tigers and
the Champions were prevented from
plajlng today by rain which fell In the
morning and left the grounds in bad
fiat to The nalilns1un Time
ST LOUIS June 2S Todays game
which was scheduled to be played hero
between the Spiders and the locals was
postponed on account of wet grounds
Huflmann of the Engravers Is putting
up a rattling goon game at eeconil and
is also doing some lung distance swatting
lie scores a goodly number cf his teams
runs in every cume
Treasury and Census Of
fice Fall by the
War Department and Postofficc Await
Sound of Gong to Set the Pace
Manager Lamar Signs Big Cy
Cummings to Cover First f6r His Pets
Because of the Inability of the mem
bers to play together the Treasury cam
has dropped from the league and given
Its franchise to tbe club from the War
Department The latter team plajed a
game Thursday with th Interiorit
and showed decided strength
The Census Ofllce has nlo roppd out
Its work does not Justify its remaining
In the league
A recent resort had It that the Cen
susltes were strengthened and voulu
put up a better article of ball but their
last game failed to bear Cili out Thi
PostofTice team a strong factor last
year takes its place
Bradley and Russell of the Interior
team are two verv heady players ami
make good in any position on the field
Bradley Is at his best behind the bat
Russell plajs an where
Ashley of the Printing OfJcc has had
hard luck Possibly no pitcher In the
league has allowed fewer hits and non6
hive struck cut as many men Poor
support however has lost the majority
of his games lie has been hitting the ball
with surprising regularity and his
friends depend upon him for a timely
one when he comes to the bat
McCabe of the Interior Is another of
the all round stars He plays fast at
second and is a shifty outfielder He
has pitched several games for the La
marltes and his efforts have been re
warded by victory
Wllkerson formerly a member of the
Treasury Is playing right field for the
War Department and Is doing good
work He tvirled for the Treasury and
won several games It is to be hoped
hat he will be given a chance to pitch
tor the new team
jhe crowds that attend the games ar
lirreaslng every day and Secretary Sy
bry who has charge of the grounds
hai had great difficulty in seating the
rco ers owing to the limited space In
the grandstand
Walilcr of the Interior Department
Is on of the best pitchers and heavy
hltteri In the league He twirls for the
t Elizabeth team on off days and has
won alaost every game he has pitched
Hunt of the Printing Office Is putting
up a great game In right field He form
erly stood behind the bat but recently
has ocen In right field where he has
made good He Is picking up in his hit
ting and can be depended upon for a
safe Unele almost every time he comes
Big Cy Cummings has been signd
by Mamger Lamar of the Interior team
Cy has been holding down first base
but whci last heard from he was parad
ing arouid In center field and was put
ting up i good game Manager Lamar
will in dl probability put him on first
again 0 Is the tallest man In the
Dave Vciablc Is quoted as being the
squarest lltle umpire that ever came
down the pkc by those who are In a
position to lnow There have been very
few kicks atainst Daves decisions and
when It is dove he exercises his author
ity and puts be obstreperous individual
or lndlvldualson the bench
Shorty Highes the shifty little sec
ond baseman jf the Navy Yard team
is now out of 1 It is reported that his
arm has gone lack on him His loss is
a heavy one to the Navy Yard team
Demar of theNavy Yard who former
ly plaved first It now In the outfield and
Is making good
Padron who lolds down third base
for the Marines has developed Into a
great plajer and Is as fast as the next
one His hitting has been remarkable
In the last three r four games Recent
ly he made a hit md run everv time he
came to the bat
The Marines what thev call the
Original Pensaloa Battery Berber
and Mooney compae tho combination
Berger Is a fine plfcher and ther ire
few catchers who an do as well as
Mooney when he Is n form These twj
men were brought fnm Pcnsncola Tla
for the local Marino Corps team They
have made good and have many friends
In this citv
Harding who has leen dolns the re
ceiving for the Comrjissloner3 tcok a
couple of weeks off re entlv but is mw
back In the game Hejs a gool catcher
and can throw to the bases with sur
prising accuracy
Collllioucr of the Commissioners Is
somewhat of a pitcher Birr has been
doing all of the twlrllnt tin to a week
aw when Colllflower wal given a chance
and mnde good It la exp ctcd that thee
two experts of the zlg zigglng art will
take turns
It is reported that Enest Atchison
who formerly played shoitstcp for the
Commissioners has asked fir his release
Atchison Is negotiating with Manager
Havens to get on the Printing Office
ttam and will in all probability suc
Cleverly Take the Census Oflic Outfit
Into Camp
Sergeant Berger twirled the bll for
Mnrlnes yestcroay at Natloml league
Park end hell the Census teamVlo vn
at critical moments Kafer
ur field and did aomo good work d the
br scoring three out of the fle tuns
Hutchinson Ut of tho Inttur Ilgbj
Standing of the Clubs
Won Lost
Navy 3
Kngrners 7
Interior 7
Comtiii sioners 7
Pi infers i
Viistis 2
War I
Kafer cf 5
Turner 2b r
Smith c 5
Mooney rf 5
Esmond ss 4
Small lb 4
Larimer If 4
Iierger p 4
Hindlc 2b
Ballirecr lb
White ss
McKte 3b
Wjnkoop cf
Everett If
Bradley rf
Hutchison p
LItz c
Totals 35
Marines 0 0
Census 0 0
2 S00
3 700
i 700
4 031
o dOT
0 451
5 200
1 000
School League served the ball for the
Census Office team The seamen were
able to find him whenever they wanted
to and placed thirteen hits to their
The score
Marines AB
Padron 3b 5
1 1
1 3
First base on balls Off Berger 3
Struck out By Berger 6 by HutchUoa
2 Two base hlti Padron Balllnger
Stolen basc3 Padron Berger White
Hutchison Time 1 hour and 40 min
utes Umpire Mr Spauldlng
Agriculturists Again Make Unsuccess
ful Attempt to Win
The division of chemistry of the De
partment of Agriculture made another
unsuccessful attempt to down the base
ball term from the Weather Bureau
yesterday but after nine Innings of play
It waB found that the chemists had been
defeated by the score of 14 to 7
The pitching of Rozzelle and the catch
ing of Hughes for the Weather Bureau
team were the features Another was
a sensational double play made by Talt
and Chambers With three men on
bases and one out Hly of the chem
ists came to the bat and sent a long
fly Into the left field which looked good
for at least two bases but Talt after
a long run caught the sphere and sent
It to second retiring the side The
W tr Btiru AB R IB PO A H
Durnb i r l 3b 4 0 1 2 1 1
E Chains ss 1 2 3 3 1 0
Rozzelle p 5 2 2 0 3 0
R Hughes c 5 4 3 9 2 0
Talt If 5 3 3 2 3 0
C Charr V f 3 1 0 0 1 1
ONell lo 3 0 1 11 0 0
E Hughes cf 3 1 1 0 0 0
Ilynn rf 2 110 0 0
Totals 30 14 15 27 11 2
Chemists AB R IB PO A E
Watkins 2b t 1 2 2 3 0
Jordan If 3 0 0 1 0 0
Nortcn 3b 4 1 1 3 0 0
Tolraan c 4 115 0 0
Cleary p 4 10 110
Wade lb 4 0 2 6 0 2
McCarty ss 4 2 1 2 2 1
Ely rf 4 0 13 2 0
King cf 4 1110 1
Totals 34 7 9 21 S 4
Weather Bureau 3 7120100 x 14
Chemists 0 0010010 2
Left on bases Weather Bureau 3
Chemists 2 Struck out By Rozzelle
S by Cleary 5 Base on balls Off Roz
zelle 3 off Cleary B Hit by pitcher
by Cleary 1 Two base hits G Hughes
E Chambers Talt Rozzelle Flynn
Durnbaugh Wade and Watkins Double
play Talt to E Chambers Umpire
Mr Whlttlcton Time of game 2 hours
Annual Baseball Game to Take Place
Next Friday Morning
The bascbp teams representing the
Elks nnd the Jolly Tat Mens Club will
engage in rivalry at tne American
League Park at 10 oclock en the morn
ing of the Fourth of July
This tame has become an annual
event of more thnn ordinary Interest to
a large number of persons either mem
bers of the fraternal and social orgnn 1
lzatlons or friends of the players
There promises to be unusual skill
displayed by the members of the teams
this year as the players have been
practicing steadily for some weeks past
to get In good condition for the game
which promises to be bristling with fine
There will no doubt be many good
plays made as the players are for the
most part experienced basebnlllsts and
not mere tyros nt the national game
As usual there will be an outpouring
of Elks nnd Jolly Fat Men to the park
Friday morning to cheer on their fa
vorites and If the large number of tick
ets that has already been disposed of ia
any Indication of the Interest that is
being taken In tho forthcoming game it
H easy to predict that there will be
several thousand persons out to watch
the contest
This will be the only game of import
ance that will occupy the attention of
the baseball experts on the Fourth as
the Washington club will be nt Phila
delphia for the dar Tickets for the
Elks Fat Mens game may bo secured
from members of the two organizations
Kicked by Horse
John Williams who recently came
from Philadelphia was kicked In the
stomach by a horse in Havenners Alley
about 5 oclock yesterday afternoon He
was removed to tho Emergency Hospital
Hl3 Injury Is not regarded as serious
Results of Yesterdays Games
Philadelphia 9 New York S
Brooklyn 5 Boston 4
Boston 3 4
Pittshnrg Cincinnati rain
Chicngo St Louis rain
Where They Play Today
PitMiurg at Cincinnati
Chicago nt St Louis
Standing of the Teams
Won Lost PCt
Pittsburg 40 12 70
Biooklvn 20 V0
Cliic nsro 20 24 547
Boston 27 27 300
Cincinnati 22 31 413
St Louis 21 33 3S0
New lork 20 30 357
Bobby Blewett Pitches Magnificent
Gase for Giants
the second lnnins in which both sides
went to pieces Philadelphia and New
York put up a rattling good game
Twelve Innings were necessary to de
cide the locals winning out Attend
ance 3159 The score
New York
Brodle cf
Dunn rf p
Jcncs f
Lauder 3b
Bowerman c
Smith 2b
MithC7 son lb
Bean ss
Blewett p
OHagan rf
Thomas cf
Barry rf 7
Hulswitt ss
Jacklltsch c
Douglass lb
Browne If
Hallman 3b
Child3 2b
rellv p
Duggleby p
Totals 30
Totals 50 8 12 Z 27 3
Two out when winning ran scored
Philadelphia AB R IB PO A E
14 38 14
New Ycrk 05001000010 1 S
Philadelphia 04000002010 29
North Carolina League Newbern
Raleigh 1 Greensboro 1 Charlotte
Durham U Wilmington 2
Eastern Rochester 9 Providence 5
Toronto 6 Jersey City 3 Montreal 9
Ne vark 5 second game Montreal 8
Newark 3 Buffalo 4 Worcester 7
Connecticut Waterbury S Meriden
1 Second game Waterbury 10 Meriden
9 Hartford 2 Norwich 3 Second game
Hartford 4 Norwich 7 New Haven 3
New London 3
American Indianapolis G Minneapo
lis 1 Louisville 7 Kansas City 2
Western St Joseph 3 Omaha S
New York State Blngharaton 7 Illon
2 Syracuse 7 Utica 3 Troy 2 Sche
nectady 3 Albany 3 Johnstown 10
New England Manchester 4 Haver
HI1 1 Lowell 4 Lawrence 14 Nashua
7 Dover G Concord 12 Fall River 5
An Interesting fame was played yes
terdav afternoon at National Baseball
Park between tho emplojes of Columbia
Chemical Company and tho Norris Peters
team The latter aggregation wen by a
score of G to 3
The Manhattan ball team has organ
ized for the season under the manage
ment of Mr P Beckett 309 H Street
northeast and are anxious to hear from
all seventeen-year-old teams
The llnc up follows Farrell second
base Coughljn third base Smith
catcher Myers shortstop Lanahan
right field Krau center field
steln left field Beckett first base and
pitcher Hurd pitcher and first base
Rival Teams Will Settle Differences on
the Diamond July 4
Interest In the game to be played July
4 by the Rock Creek Stars and Brian
ton ns grows as tho date of conflict ap
The feeling between the teams repre
senting different sections of the city is
Intense and the conditions resemble
somewhat those existing between the
old Nationals and the Crelghtons somo
years back There was a bitter antag
onism then and so there Is between
these teams which can be settled only
on the diamond Each has a large fol
lowing and will be well backed when
they play
The teams play a high class game
and an interesting contest may be ex
pected League Umpire Bctts will of
ficiate and a fair gamp will be In or
der The game will be one of the fea
tures of tho all day picnic for the bene
fit of the school building fund of Huly
Trinity Church of Georgetown
Bridegroom Wee Willie
Keeler Carries Off
Batting Honors
Phillies Win From Giants After Twelva
Innings Christy Mathewson Covers
First Base Bobby Blewett Shows Up
Well on the Slab
BOSTON June 28 The locals broks
even with Brooklyn In their double
header today
The visitors won the first game by a
great rally In the ninth following an er
ror by DeMont In the seventh Inning
of the second Boston clinched the game
Two singles a base on balls and er
rors by Flood netted three runs
Brooklyn was unable to touch Pit
tlnger after that The scores
Boston AB R IB PO A E
Coolcy cf 3 0 0 2 0 0
Tenney lb 3 119 10
DeMont 2b 3 1113 1
Carney rf 4 12 0 0 0
Courtney If 2 0 0 1 0 0
Gremlnger 3b 3 110 10
Long ss 3 0 0 2 3 0
KIttrldge c 4 0 2 11 1 0
Willis p 4 0 0 12 0
Totals 32
Brooklyn AB
Dolan rf 5
Keeler cf 5
Sheckard If 4
McCreery lb 5
Dahien ss 2
Irwin 3b 4
Ahern c 4
Flood 2b 4
Hughes p 4
Total3 37 3
Boston 3 0 0 0
Brooklyn 0 0 0 0
Long ss 4
Moran c 3
rittlnger p 3
Totals 29
Brooklyn AB
Dolan cf 4
Keeler rf 3
Sheckard If a
McCreery lb 4
Dablen ss 3
Irwin 3b 4
Ahern c 3
Flood 2b 3
D novaa p 4
If 27
0 1
11 1
13 3
0 0
0 0
First bae by errors Boston 2
Brooklyn 1 Left on bases Boston 7
Brooklyn 8 First base on balls Off
Hughes 4 off Willis 3 Struck out
By Willis 9 Home run Tenney Three
bnse hit McCreery Two base hit Do
lan Sacrifice hits Tenney Long Stolen
bases DeMont KIttridgc Double plays
Willis Long and Tenney Hughes
Ahern and McCreery Wild pitch
Hughes Passed balls Abern 2 Um
pire Cantlllcn Time 1 hour and 4i
Second Game
Tirst base bv errors New Yor 3 Bcston AB
Philadelphia 3 Left en bases New Ccoley cf 2
York Philadelphia 12 First base on Tenney lb 4
balls Off Dunn 6 off Felix 3j off Dug- DeMont 2b 4
gleby 1 Struck out Ey Dunn 1 bylCaraey rf 3
Feliv 3 by Duggleby 2 Two base Courtney If 4
hits Duggleby Bowerrcan Smith Sac lGrcmlnger 3b 3
rlflce hit Hulswitt Stolen bases Dunn
2 Bawerman Thomas Child3 Double
play Bean Smith and Mathewson Um
pire Emslie Time 1 hour and 49 mlm
utes -
CINCINNATI June 2S Thc Pirates
were scheduled to play here today but
the heavy rain prevented a game
0 0 10 0
1 1 19 0 1
114 0 1
2 2 0 0 0
12 2 0 0
0 0 3 2 0
0 0 4 S 0
0 0 3 0 0
0 0 0 3 1
Totals 33 4 6
Bcston 10 0 10
Erocklyn 2 0 0 0 2
- -
13 S
0 x 3
0 04
Tirst bdso on errors Boston 3 Left
on bases Boston 3 Brook n 7 First
base on balls Off rittlnger 3 off Don
ovan 3 Struck out By Pittinger 2 by
Donovan 3 Three base hit Sheckard
Sacrifice hit Flood Stolen bases Ten
ney Carney Dolan Keeler Double
play Lous and Tenney Hit by pitcher
By Pittinger 2 Time of game 1 hour
and 40 minutes Umpire Cantlllcn
Attendance 64C0
ST LOUIS June 23 The locals and
the Orphans were slated today but ow
ing to wet grounds the game was not
Bradbury Factory Can Use 50 Second
hand Square and Upright Pianos at
Once and Will Make a Big
Allowance for Them
Do tou want any nore oM fnaare and
nsht puno asked tae Writer of Mr an
nufcle naraccr ol the llrauburv runo Co
C Ia etc
es indeed responded Jlr Van WicUe
We tan ue about 50 pianos right now
Tlie burnirtr M ur Brookh n factorv ami
tlm 300 second hand pianos contained therein
ha eriousi embarrassed us and ue are in
tl e market for a many old nianos as we can
secure to ipplr tl e demand from our country
Lrar lie
If you Know of anyone who has an oil
squire or vpnjht piano no matter nhat the
make tell them that now w the time to pet
ri 1 or u to very Rooti advantage-
iitmo who arc coirar on their racution tint
coming week should let us send for thir old
square pianos btfore they leae Well Rive
mem a ue in 1 for it e pivaient to caih
Then when they return in the fall they caa
call and select a new upright piano usin
the due lull in part mTiucrt and settlnz tha
Iwilanee It Email monthly installments 44 con
There aro a number of people aliout town
too who own old quare or upritrlit pianott anl
ere ctn pairtr btorji on them or are loaning
them out for their keep so to pra
Theyd far better wrd then to u and pet
pomt tliiiv for them OM piano steadily tl
creae In value and they neer will be worth
as much to us at now Tht opportunity is a
windfall to ahircton owners rf old punot
epetuty uhen it U considered that they art
undr atiolutelj no epere in the matter
We mote the puicw to our warerooms fre ol
If von have an old piano cimply notify ui
bi pon Main TtT or drop po 4al card and
one of o ir renrcsertathe will call and nuke
trrani meats to take your piano
Let uj hear frcm ou Mondar or as early
In the week as poribIe for we shall h closed
all dat Fndar and atimai Jul i and 5
and uLr crw np hours for the summer monthj
will be 5 p m on week djys and 1 oclock
Saturday ml

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