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Ileal Itatr Title b SI
Columbia Title 4 i
HfhfniTton Title 2 4
ChoJifaJit ami Potomac olyt i3yj
American Craphcphone I 4
Aincrkan Uraphophojc ptd 7 b
al injjton Gas 70 72i
Georgetown Gas 7y
Jlerenthaler Iinotpc 1J 131 j
Larsion ootip j ji
reent Copptr 2 j
Uflishlngloij ilarket lu H
or folk i a5llnjton I7j
NnV VORK June 28 Despite the
calling and shifting of loans prtparatoiy
to tho July 1 interest and dividend dis
bursements which promise to bo un
usually large the money market lias
rilcd comparatively easy during the
past week In the call loan department a
moderate volumo of business was trans
acted at rates varjlng from 2 to 4
ror cmt the high rates being attain
ed on Frldi Tho average rate for tho
week was about 2 per cent There was
a better inquiry for time accommoda
tion especially for the short dates
There was also a good demand for six
and suv en months funds but lenders
were not Inclined to offer with muih
libtrnllt Itates at the closo were
quoted as follows Pour and one-quarter
ier cent for thirty and ninety dajs
on all ri Iroad ecuritlcs and i per
cent lor ioi r to seven months on good
ialx d collateral The commercial paper
Missouri Pacific Once
-More Leader in Point
of Dealings
Chicago Great Western Scores an Ad
vance Other Stocks Dealt in Only in
Minor Quantities Reading Sustained
Wet Loss The Bank Statement
SEW YORK June 2S The volume of
business In securities todav t as upon
the recent average record of inactivitj
Only throe stocks footed up respectable
totals These were Missouri Pacific
wtich was again the leader Illinois Cen
tral and Chicago Gre it Western com
Only one other of the usually promi
nent railroad issues exceeded the 3000
chare mark St Iaul which bad to its
credit at the close a net gain of only 2
per cent on transactions of about S000
chares Missouri Pacific rose to 110
the highest price of the movement but
finished with a net improvement of less
than a point
On nominal trading Et Louis South
western preferred gained li per cent
net nit in none of the other Southwest
ern shares was there reflected the re
ports of further rains in Texas break
ing tiro long drought in that section
Restricted by News
There was no selling pressure but
dealings In the granger stocks as a
proup were restricted on adices from
the West of excessive rainfalls where
dry weather had been hoped for
These reports resulted in higher prices
for wheat and firmness in the domestic
Eraln markets It is to be noted how
ever that the receipts of wheat from
first hands arc Increasing Illinois Cen
tral was also taken in hand by the
Western speculative contingent and en
joyed an advance of 24 per cent all of
which was retained
The continued rise Is accounted for bv
the fact that notwithstanding the irreat
falling off a year ago in the corn crop
the company has been earning al the
rate of more than twice the amount of
dividend requirements
The third active stock was Chicago
Great Western which roce nearly a
point Heading which usually marks the
tend nry of the anthracite coal shares
w only moderately active and con
trary to Its recent course sustained a
net loss of nearlv 1 per cent
Small Holders Uneasy
The decline was posslblv due to un
easiness bj small outside holders of tho
eio k excited by the representation
made to tho Attorney General regarding
the report of the conditions leading up
to the anthracite coal strike submitted
by Labor Commissioner Wright
Tne feature of the stock market to
day was a number of net gains in vari
ous issues that an usuallj classed as In
active The improvements in this cate
gorj of securities included Chicago and
Erstcrn Illinois the Soo stocks New
York Xew Haven and Hartford and
Iowa Central preferred and extended to
4S per cent in the first mentioned
The dullness was as pronounced In the
industrial list Colorado Fuel and Iron
did less than 3000 shares and after
fluctuating within a range of 2 points
finished at a trifling net decline Con
solidated Gas gained nearly a full figure
on nominal transactions
The Bank Statement
The bank statement fshnwed that the
a erase operations of a number of small
er In titutiens had more than offset the
changes in the accounts of the larger
benks so that the loans increased over
MS00OO0 and an almost exactly simi
lar increase showed that all but one
third of the improvement in the re
s ures of the banks after allowing for
th heavv subtrcasury collections hal
t hn place sufficiently ear in the
i I 10 figiiro In the statement
TTe rrarkct closed quiet but hrm
New York Stock Exchange June 28
IilRli Low Ijih Tjck
Ar a Copper 63 63a C3 - H
Am Dlrjcle 7 7 4 Vt
m Car Foun 32 21 32 -
Am Ice 12i 12 UVi -
Au Ice pf 414 41 iZ y
Am Loconiotvc 32 SI7 tls i
Am loco pi 34yt jt k
ni Smelting 47i 47 474 V-
ini Surar 120 126 126
Am Id Tel 173 Kii 179 14
Anaconda lOfliA 100 106
Atchison i2 S2 S2j S
Achisun pf 101 lOOi 101 H
Ualto Ohio 100 lOfl 100
Irookljn ItapidTr C7 67 07 t l
Canadian PC 133 4 13 133 -
C a Ohio 47 4Ci 47
Chic Cist 111 193 18s 193 1
CI 3 West M r 399
Chic Gt tt pf B 4g 8 4SV M
Cuic Ind L 7iV4 V
Chic M f St P 170 17 ITS
C V k St V pf 110 1K io
Chic K I Pac 172V4 171 171V
H Tcr Trai 21i 21 21H -
Ch c Trr Tran pf 38 37 3S y
Ch In Trac 17 17 17
C 1 ruvl Iron 87 SO 87 Hl
C Midaed Gas 220 220 220
C t Tob pf 122 122 122 1
C 1 Product 2S 28 2S
J r r R G 4J 42 42 1
1 c it H O pf 0Z MK 3V4
I ier South 41 41 41 1
1 Ca S4 43 y
lie Kuth 26 201 20
L t Hall 77 77 77 VS
r s cf 3H 5 u
1 - of m pf 3V 35 38 1
D t 17 17 17H 1
U A pf 30V 29y 30H 1
Fll 36 36t 36 -1 i
P I 1 pf E3 5 33 A
North pf 187 187 1ST
Jfckn Valley SI i SI4
I rf Central 180 1S 160
1 1 t f enirjl 4 ii 4 4i
I r f 1 pf Sv S7Vi 87l I
iC SoJth C3t 3- a3i H I
llilli low Ilt Clis
IC C k South pf V7 ois iii -
K C T S f M pf S27t 82 823 -
Lculs Nash 137H 17 r71 Hz
Manhattan Ilccch 154 1H l H 24
Manhattan Con lli 1314 1314
I Met b 1st in pf 117 117 117 t
Met St It 14SU 14S 14S
I Mexican Central 2 25 S 4
Minn A St I Ill 114 111
M St 1 5 S M r 4 COU CO1 91
MSP tSSM pf 127i 121 I2G 2
Mo Kan f Tex 27 27 274
Mo Kan T pf 1H 51 3 i
Mi3ouri Pacific 110 1104 110
IXntioml Ltad Co 21 21 21
I Nat Lead pf SSW 884 85 14
Xat K It of Mcx 18 1S 1S 1
X It K of M pf 1 31 3i
X Central iS 134 1371 4
V Y Dock pf 034 554 4 4
X i X H H230 230 230 -1
X O 4 VCit 32 324 32it
Penn Ianli 151 1114 151 4
Pco Gas of Ch 100 1001 100
Peo East 3fi 31 21
P C C S L pf Ti 93
K St Spring pf S5 S 8 -1
Heading Cfl i6 63
Heidlng 1st pf 84 84 84
Heading 2d pf 704 6171 61
Republic Stcl 17 17 17 V4
Republic Steel pf 73 72 72 -
St J A C I 1st pf 7 74 74 4
SI J t II I 2d pf 71 71 71
St L Southwest 31 20 31
Ft L SoVot pf 68 60 68 14
Southern Pacific 64 64 64 4
nuth Hailin 36H 36
outh Raina rf ii 9 3
Tcnn Coal Iron 62 62 62
Texas Pacific 43 43 43
Tol St L W 214 21 214 x 4
Tol 3 L pf 37 374 37 4
T C It T rts 1 1 1 4
fnlon Pacific 103 103 1034 4
Urlon Pacific pf SI S1 S3
U S Leather 124 12 12
U S Leather pf 81 84 S4
V S Steel 38 37 3S 4
U S Steel pf 81 81 8j 4
Wabash 30 30 30
Wabash pf 404 46 40
West Un Tel 894 SS 894
Wisconsin Central 27 26 26 4
Wisconsin Cen pf 48 4S 4S66 H
Total sales cf stocks 124623 shares
Government Bondu
J n CS June 27
rul Uktl Hi J UVM
V 2s rre 1930 107 l4 107 104
I 2s 011 HOI 10 4 105i 14 3 l4
U S 3s res 1118 107 V 107 105
1 S as coil 1116 107 3 107 10
U S 3s SII 101S 107 10 107 103
f 8 U n K l7 101 110 10ii 110
I S 4 coil 117 110 111 110 1114
I v 4 rt s 11125 13l4 13- 114 13-
I 4 com IM 131 13 13 1
V 3 i tfff U0 10i 101 101 10rt
I S 3l roil lrll 103 1W 103 1M
1 C 3Xs 1S1 121
Sales Chesapeake and Potomac Tele
phone os 30001x103 Capital Trac
tion 80120 100120 10f120 10f
120 10S120 30120 15120 20
121 Firemens Insurance 10020 Xa
tlonal Union Insurance iOSS
Rlggs Fire Insurance 10074 JOS
7 Lanston 1005J124 Greene Copper
82Si 712S 1S2S 100028 Af
ter call Mergenthaler 53184 10iI183
Greene Copper 10028
Bid Ksiti
Capitll Traction K It 4 HI7U I0i
il II It 5 s 1923 l J 123
Hit 1L It Cfrt uidebtrdncM A 103 109
HcUHilt Ctrl indebtcdnois n 10 1 109
Columbia It It 0s 1311 121 lil
Sodmbu It It 2J mort in 107 f IC
ftWi5Strfft 4 61 oj
Wah Cos Co fcr C 1902 27 1U7
Hash as to mt It CtlJOlJl IJ7
U s I lee LljrkUeb imp ljoi ICj 107
U 5 I Iec IIslit Cert Indcbt IOj lui
Clir Pot Tel Com S 10 107
American ccunly A Tnist 4 IJ
Haih lllrkit Co 1st Sa lK
1811 7000 retired annually 103
Jiasonlc Hall tn 5 C 1003 191 107
Amokan rapliorbone Deb 5s 94
atlonaI Safe Deiosit and Tnt 16J
aUunjrtcn Loan and Trust in 225
Amrriian Security and Trut i 0 23
Ualtillton Site Deitosit 70
Union rriut and iterate 101 10j
Wasblnton Savings Bank 1JU 115
Capital Traction 12014
WjJi Street By pt 41
Bank of Mafeblsston J75
Metropolitan 7j
Cectral lb
1 armeri and Mechanics Zii
feectind Hi
Ciin it
Columbia 110
Capital Ijj
West 1 nj I3i HO
Tiatirs Uj jj
Lincoln Jjj
Kiff3 725 cj
Hffinrn 26 TjQ
franklin 40 lo
ilttropolitan 7j W
Corcoran fii
IotoirAc 6
rlinirton riH
Oeriran mprlcin 2oj
National Lnfun 6H C
ColuniLU l
iX8 7f
lroplcs 6 7
CctnniNcIal 5
Colon la I 03
market was quiet The demand from
local institutions was cr light and too
offerings of prime material were not
lirgc Hates were as follows Prime
indorsed bills receivable 4 per cent
prime single names 4ff3 per cent
and other good names 3ii per cent
Morey rates here and abroad compare
as follows
Thu ui k Lut wee k Lar1 car
iu ork call 2 7
c erk da 4 4 4
linMon e ill 214ei4 3 133
I oliion Cfl lM 224 1
ltirlm O il4 24 24 34
00 dm 24 2 1
Trac in Wheat Light While Corn
Loses Activity
CIIICfiO June 2S Trade in wheat
was light tcdov and mostly all of a
professloml character The market
arls ruled firm cu unfavorable weather
throughout the winter wheat belt and
cables from Paris cm account of unfavor
abe wcatrcr In Prance Later there
1 as more or less selling bj earlj buj
or which caused reaction The
marl et closed suadj July September
and December iWi higher than last
night There -ere no cables Palely
good cash demand heie
Corn Trade in corn vns not so large
toda In fact the market was quiet
though tho undertone as firm July
ranged from 68I70 closed at 6i Sep
tember closed at 61 December sold at
48 and clc rd at 47 Weather too cold
and wet Cash demand continued qulef
Receipts at priraarj points were 301000
bushels There were ro cablei Esti
mated Monday 3C0 cars
Oats There was a large and acthe
trade In oats again toda and the mar
ket ruled strong on covering b shorts
and vcrj unfavorable weather A good
many complaints arc coming In in regard
to weather belns too wet and oats lodg
ing Countrv movements very light
Cash demand continues nrlsk at full
Provisions evened firm on smaller re
ceipts than expected and advanced by
locals Later lost mest of the advance
and closed about uncharged The fea
ture was the weakness in July ribs
Trade vas smaller than for weeks In
The following arc the quotations
V 1 1 -AT
Ojicn Ihab Lou oon 3ct
Juli 734 73 734 73 73
724 724 724 72A 72
Dwcnibcr 73 73 734 73S 72
July C0 70 Ci4 CT4 C43
Bcptniir Cl fl4 Cl V CI
Dm mlirr 47 4 47 7 16 47 47
lull 484 47 40 46 454
Sptemlier S JI S 33 334
Ilecimbcr 334 33 33 32 324
Julj 10 37 10 574 103 10 53 10 32A
ptcmlicr 10 r 10 02 10 57 10 57 10 53
Jui 10 671A
epiemoer 10 02 10 2 10 00 10 00 10 X
Julr IS 30 1S33 15 27 1S27U l2il
cptemlK r It 52 IS 32 1817 ly I S 15
Sharp Rise in July Option Owing to De
mand for Shorts
NEW YOPK June 23 There was a
sharp rise today in July cotton owing
to an active demand for shorts largely
it is supposed for Philadelphia acco int
But Theodore Price was also reported
The general list advanced only slight
ly owing mainly to the strength of July
though there was also more or less cov
ering and some new buying on the Idea
that though Texas has had good rains
thej were not general enough and be
sides other sections of the belt aie
believed to need rain
Bit July v as the featuro and the pos
ition of that month Is by many believed
to be much stronger than had been sup
posed Just before 4 he closo Che Gov
ernment report predicted fair weather
for Te cas rain elsewhere
The market closed stead with quo
tations unchanged to 23 points higher as
compared v 1th jesterdays closing
Ojxi Hull Lo Clos v est
June fifJtt ft S3
iiuv a sa t iv i no t v
URtist 6 CO 8 25 r 1U S 2Si S 27 0 21
Vrtembir 7 -S 75 7 77iil m
Oitobcr 771 7 11 7 73 777i 7 70
NoiemWr 7 7 71 7 Gt 7 7ft7 71 7 70
Iccemlxr 7 fill 7 72 7 K 7 707 71 m
Jamian 7 ft i 7 71 7 0S 7Q9rf7 70 7 Ol
Pclruary 7 GS 7 S 7 6- 7 707 71 7 O
Itartli 7 00 7 72 7 6 s 7 71g7 73 7 71
The New York Quotations
NEW YOUK June 28 The following
quotations were r corded on the Produie
lchanire todiv
Open Ilih Loir Clos 3 est
Juli 74 V 7lH 704 71
S J tember 774 77 774 774 77
lli nitilwr 754 7li 7SS 7b4 7s
Julr n rt7 07 f7 CVi
rptlinlxr fit7 SI 7 10 ftp fl4v
llmrober VN 525 52 52 o2
V 2 re1 rnvjffibPf I o b afloat
u 1 iirtlurn Dulutli Slj fob afloat
No 2 corn OOU fob afloat
Says He Has Not Sold Colorado Fuel
and Iron Stock
The recent weakness of Colorado Tuol
and Iron stock on the sew York Stock
Exchange has caused much gossip re
garding the position In the stock mar
ket of J C Osgood ihnlrman of he
board nf directors of the company
llr Osgood has given out the fol
lowing statement regarding the matter-
In view of tho false and malicious
statements which have recently been
published to the effect tint I am
short of Colorado fuel and Iron com
mon stock and have advocated tho
suspension of dividends for stock Job
bing purpiiwi I state most emphatical
ly that I have not sold a share of stoct
Uiort I have not directly or Indi
rectly sold a share of stock for the
last sixty dajs and the stock I told
prior to that time was for the purpose
of reinvesting In the Colorado Fuel and
Iron Companys per cent debentures
The stati ment that there was a gen
tlemens or any other kind of agree
ment to pay dividends for another ar
Is as false as It Is ridiculous I have
purposely r trained from discussing the
matter or payment or non payment of
the common jtock dividend leaving It
for discussion acd action by the hoard
of directors
Continued Heavy Buying
for Fall Delivery
CIcse of a Remarkably Profitable Six
Months Blast Furnaces Resume
With Coke Crop Prospects Above
the Averages Money Market Easy
NEW YOUK June 23 Bradstrcefs
The current week closea a six months
period which as regards volume of busi
ness done excepting speculation and
general prospects at the close has had
few equals and no superiors Thus ends
quite satisfactory a fiscal jear which
owing to smaller crop vieliks gave lit
tle promise at its opening
No ground appears to have been lost
but on the contrary distinct gain over
the best of previous jears have been
noted in manj lines Profits may have
been smaller but tho volume of trade
turned over has about made up for this
Export trade In agricultural products Is
one of the few- lines to suffer In com
parlson with previous jears
Weather a Drawback
Unseasonably cool weather Is n
drawback to Immediate retail distribu
tion and arrests the progress of the corn
crop East and West Confdence In ths
outlook however Is evidenced by tho
continued heavy bujing for fall delivery
noted in the great grain growing sec
tions of the West
This is also reflected by the con
tinued largo increases in railway earn
ings over the best results of previous
jears except where as In the case of
the coal roads distribution is para
lyzed bj tho wholesale shut down of
production and consumption
Aside from this single exception
however the general Industrial situa
tion has rather Improved The proposal
to Inaugurate a general shut down In
the silk industrv has failed of adoption
and features In other lines particularly
Iron steel and glass manufacturing
have been the large advance in wage3
made to thousands of operatives
The Coal Strike
Even In the matter of tho coal strike
the feeling grows that this trouble has
been fully discounted The price move
ment has been irregular in keeping with
varvlng weather conditions
Cotton moved higher on continued
dry weather reports from Tcxa3 and
Louisiana but rains at the close of the
week In southern Texas gave hdpes
of a change here In the rest of
the cotton belt conditions arc still of
a favorable character and while Imme
diate demand and collections are slow
fnll business Is imoroved
Talluns 153 against 177 last week
and 196 In the corresponding weeK last
j car
Dun s Review
Duns Review- savs
Foreign markets were badly disar
ranged by the sudden illness of tho
King and there was much liquidation
prior to tho closing of British ex
changes from Wednesday afternoon to
Monday morning Heavy losses will be
suffered by the postponement of the cor
onation ceremony but these will bo
borne with equanimity if the King con
tinues to Improve In health
Domestic financial conditions aro ex
ceptionallj satisfactory and trade Is
well maintained although low tempera
ture interfered with the distribution of
midsummer specialties Probably this
business has only been postponed how
ever and pales will be made later in
the season
Manufacturing concerns have Increas
cd In activity cspoclallj In the iron and
sttel industry and textile production
vhlle the constructive work on new
buildings and bridges Is very heavy La
bor difficulties have not improved In tho
anthracite coal region but numerous
settlements have been effected elso
vi here
Itallwav earnings thus far reportel
for June exhibit an average Increase of
4 0 per cent over lost 5 car and li 1 per
cent over 1900 while bank exchanges
fcr the week at this city were onlv 13 2
per cent smaller than a 5 ear ago al
though the ratio of loss In stoik specu
lation was much greater
Most of the blast furnaces that wcro
stopped b the scarcltj of anthracite
coal have resumed with coke and the
ovens have established new records of
output and shipments have been still
larger owing to the stocks accumulat
ed during the car shortage
Despite the vigorous pig iron produc
tion nu nerous contracts have been
placed abroad and still the machine
shops manufacturers of stovs and im
plements and consumers generally are
seeking deliveries Structural shapes of
steel and all forms of railway equipment
continue to lead the market
Footwear and Leather
Eastern manufacturers of footwear
report a lnrrer volume of ctntracts
mainl for delivery In ugust and Sep
tember Leather has accumulated and
some tnnncries arc closed but belting
butts continue in demand at fall prices
Hides arc slightl easier
More nctivlt occurred In cotton
goods although at some concessions in
prltcs The changes vie re a natural
result of recent di c lines In the raw
material lmjers having dclavod orders
on tint account Although bleached
cottons were freely purchased at tha
decline there was llttlo trading in print
cloths even a 3 cents
Woolen goods have heen taken more
friel and especially the better quali
ties and clothing manufacturers are
prcjarirg for a large fall trade Itaw
vool Is in better request at Eastern
markets but the new clip Is held at a
prtmlum that limits trade
Good Crop Prospects
Agricultural prospects arc far abovo
the averace and rapid progrcrs is made
with winter wheat harvesting Each
daj puts much grain beyond the reach
of harm and advances other growing
trcps ne irer maturitv Delajs have
been encountered from h avy rain while
Injuiv has occurred In the Southwest
from drought but these adverse Influ
ences are less extensive than usual
U Ide differences between cash prices and
utxt crop options Indicate tho views of
The week brought little alteration In
spot quotations light supplies holding
ill cereals fair steady Injury In
Texas has partially offset the splendid
outlook In other cotton States while
the strong statistical position togcthT
with liberal consumption and cover
ing of short contracts at Liverpool com
bined to cause a rharp rise in option
prices rnd a moderate stifTealng of
spot cotton but the advance was not
Aside from heavy arbitrage selling
early in tho week there was nothing to
arouse the stock market from its leth
argy The money maruct is remark
ablv easv considering the enormous div
idends about to be distributed Foreign
exchange became- slightly firmer reviv
ing talk of gold exports but no engage
ments were made
Tallurcs for the week numbered 200
In the United States and 20 in Canada
BALTIMORE Juno 28 Following are
the quotations in todajs local whole
sale provision and grain markets-
Wheat Stock In elevators 335201 bus
Markot for Southern today was steady
Sales on grade of No 2 red new at
76c and steamer Xo 2 red new at 72e
Bag lots sold by sample as to quality
and condition at 70c 73c 74c 73c 76c
77c 7Sc 78c SOc 81c and 83c
Market opened quiet and closed weak
Spot June 7S55c bid Jul 7Gc bid
August 76c bid Settling price con
tract 79c So 2 red 79c o 3 red
7Gyc steamer No 2 red 7Cc
Corn Stock In elevators 36130 bus
Southern corn today was quiet and cn
tlrel nominal Receipts were absent
Quote Xo 2 white on grade at 70c to
72c and vcllow at CDc to 70c Cob was
firm at J3 00S3 CO per bbl for prime nev
yellow on spot In carload lots
Market opened qtIet and closed quiet
Spot June 67c bid July C74c bid
Settling price mixed 674c steamer
mixed 66c
Tlour The market was quiet Win
ter Extra 3 1003 30 Winter Clear
SS liSS 60 Winter Straight 3 63S3 SO
Winter Patent 3 90ft4 03 Spring Clear
3 1jI3 33 Spring Straight 3 8004 00
Spring Patent 4 0004 23 City Mills
Best Patent 4 SO City Mills High grade
Patent 470 City Mills High grade
Straight J4 30 City Mills Choice Fam
ily 103 City Mills Super 3 0033 10
Rio Extra 3 90i 410 rve flour medium
to choice 3 20JI3 30
Oats Market firm Stock In elevators
S7302 bus No 2 white 57c No 3 55
36c No 4 354c mixed No 2 33054c
No 3 321i33c
Rve Market was dull Stock In ele
vators 4514 bus No 2 spot in carloads
Clc No 1 rve COc No 4 rye 5Sc No
2 Western rye 62S63e in export ele
Haj Market Is steady No 1 timothy
large bales 16 00 do small 16 00
No 2 timothy 14 30Q15rO No 3 tim
othy 13 00fll4 00 No 1 clover mixed
13 3011 00 No 2 clover mixed 11 30
12 30 No 1 clover 12 0001250 No 2
clover S10 0001100 no grade hay un
sound musty stained etc 3 00010 00
Straw Market was firm No 1 straight
rve 12 50 No 2 straight rye 1150
tangled rjc blocks 750S0O wheat
6 0006 50 oat straw common to prime
S0038 50
Mill feed Market firm Winter bran
as to weight and bulk 20 50H21oO
spring bran In 200 lb sacks 22 00 do
in 100 lb sacks 22 30 Western middling
In bulk 110002100 City Mills mid
dling steady at 22 a ton
Grain freights The market was quiet
Liverpool per bus 1 to ld Julv
London none offered Glasgow per qr
Is 6d Jul Belfast none offered Bris
tol none offered Cardiff none offered
Dublin nono offered Lclth per qr Is
ld Jul Cork f o per qr 2s Id
Jul -August picked ports 2s July-Au
gust Antwerp per qr 2s 3d August
Hamburg per qr 10d Jul Is 6dls
7d late July Rotterdam per qr Is
6d51s 7d July Bremen per qr 200
22 pfgs July Havre per qr Is 2d
Butter Market was firm Creamery
eparator extra 24c oxtra first 23c
creamery first 21S22c do imitation
extra 20c Iowa and N vv ladle extra
19020c do extra first 19c Elgin
creamery orints -lb 25fi26c do 1 lb
23c do 2 Ib 25c Maryland and Pcnn
Slvania creamer prints -lb 25c do
1 lb 2l25c
Kggs Tl e market Is firm Strictly
fresh 1701c Western 1701SC
rish hard crabs and clams Market
stqad Rock boiling per lb 12c do
medium per lb 10 12c pan per lb
ICc white perch large per lb 12015c
do medium per lb S01Oc perch yel
low per lb large 6Sc do medium
304c mackerel per lb 12015c floun
ders per lb 450 starfish per bbl
506 catfish per lb 304e crocus per
bid large 06c green pike native per
lb 8010c gray trout per bbl large 7
0S do small i0G eels per lb 304c
salmon trout per lb 603c sturgeon
dressed lOi skin on Sc tailors large
per lb 70Sc dot small 506c clams
per 100 30033c frogs live per do7
1 2301 50 hard crabs per Hour bbl
15002 soft crabs per doz as to size
Green fruits and vegetables Market
was steady Apples Early Harvest per
bbl fancy 13O02 2r do small 100O
1 2j do per s dui oasicet uc to 1 uu
do per box 4O0COc asparagus Eastern
Shore Mar land per doz prime 1 2 0
Liu do seconds 1000125 beets na
tive per bunch 101c blackberries
Tastern Phore per quart Rochelle C0
7c do Wilsons 70Sc do wild 405c
do Maryland and Virginia per bucket
50c cabbage Norfolk per bbl 75cj
100 do native per 100 10003 30
cantaloupes Florida per crate 1 000
175 cherries Mar land and Virginia
per bbl red 4 0001 50 do per bus box
red 1230150 do white wax rer lb
70Sc do wax per box 2 5002 75 do
wax per bas 1 2501 7u corn
V1FY tn loan on real ci tatc terminal
crl and collateral
J c I v is
n23 7 y3 K st mv
10009 fOIt VOI
I lute tie above sum idle and uUh 0 per
ecntt will acicnt second trust loam Com
minion charged II C real estate only
iWnis ISUV 313 this oillcc ji7 1m
VOMt TO IOv AT 1 iH AM Pf It
jf lrn C C M1INU 1111 i st n
Money Loaned Salaried People
Itctall merchants tcanistcrs boarding houses
uitliout security largest Imsni in 42 prin
cipil cities TOLM VN Koom 101 233 ljtli it
nn mil tt
JIONEV TO LOVN at 3i to 5 per cent li suras
ol ltiu to -10010 on D C real estate pay
off 6 ami 0 per lent inortpaRis and bcin anew
all transactions conducted iiilii economical ton
tidtratton lor Lorrooera Wat II blUMLH3
i CU 11U7 1 st uu
hannock per doz S014c cucumbers
Norfolk per bas 9Oc0l 00 do per bbl
2 5002 75 do Anne Arundel per bas
45030c egg plants Florida per crate
1 500175 green peas Anne Arundel
per bus sugar S0S90c gooseberries
Maryland and Virginia per lb green
C06c hucklcberies Eastern Shore per
quart 9010c do per bucket 50060c
lettuce native per bus box 1015c on
ions new Eastern Shore Virginia per
basket 90c to 1 00 do Rappahannock
per bbl - 00 peaches riorida per
11 rft iln flenrirln ner carrier
1 0001 50 plneappIesFlorida per crate
sZ75M3u raoisnes naiiv per iuu
bunches white 65075c raspberries
Anne Arundel per quart black 10llc
do Eastern Shore Mar land red per
pint 4403c do per quart 10llc do
uinni nA nior incite snrlne onlon3
kt 100 bunches 35060c squash Anno
Arundel per basket 10015c string
beans Norfolk per DasKet green 0
on n hit ner bnsket 5Oc0lOO do
native per bus green 7073c do wax
9Oc0lCO do Eastern Shore flat wax
basket 50073c tomatoes Florida per
0 basket carrier fancy 10c to i uu uu
i 1 rnw7 c do Mississippi
per crate SOc to 63c do Norfolk per
carrier 1 00 to 1 23 do Potomac per
n 1 i Tfif 1 l no per
basket carrier 73c0l 00 do per peach
basket 50065c waiermeioiit riuu
per 100 18020 do Georgia per 100
n 1 - now eitiMT sfcidv refined
Uiueuiva omc 1
ensy Per 100 pouna 101s urauuiaec
475 cut loaf 5 23 Keystono A
I I7 In 3 65 MO
lasss X O St Clare 35c Kingsland
SOc Sunlight N O 26c St vinceut
t 1 os e inhn P R 19c No 12
Sugar House ISe Syrups Market was
steady Gold Me Jal 2c King evamuiw
9c Rock Candy Drips 21c cut fu5
1- e Vn 1 17e Tea was
Arm Hyson superior to fine 28032c
choice to choicest isu itC uutoiuicu
Japan new crop finest 31033c choice
iinAa affile extrri choice 46cl
Oolong Amor and Fuchow new crop
finest JO043C cbolce to cnoic esi cv
tra finest 30040c
Potatoes The market was steady
White now Charleston per bbl Xol
22502 75 do seconds 1 23 to 175
do culls 75c0lOO North Carolina per
bbl No 1 2 500275 Norfolk per bbl
No 1 2 5002 75 Rappahannock per
bbl Chile ti lUttisu uu
ofTi rri An spennds SI 2501 50 do
11 t ti on- An Pnstprn Rhnre
glnia per bbl No 1 240 to 2 CO do
Maryland per doi - iw name-
grown seed Houlton Early Rose per
kki ct t etn Tleautr of
rons per bbl sack 3 2503 35 do Bur-
bankc ner Dbl sacK eJji
Green Mountains per bbl sack 3 253
3 30
Poultry Market steady Old fowls
12013c spring chickens 1 lbs or
over 20c 1U lbs 18c 1 lb and under
ISCTlfie ducks 9010c spring ducks 140
16c roosters each 30035c
Cotton The local market was steany
middling kc Stock 4138 bales
First Bale of the Present Years Crop
Reported in New York
xnw YORK June 28 The first bale
of new cotton from the crop of 1902 was
reported today At Devlne Tex one
bale was brought to market late yestcr
The date Is very early and Is due to
the hot forcing weather in Texas and
Atn Tuiitnna of h Southwest- which
has matured cotton earlier than U3ual
ISSUED FREE Upon Ilceincit
OUR 400 PACE cloth bou id MiKtrited
Guldo to nna
Dally Market
Orders lolicited all amounts
i htiiiiNiw 1 nn Main ornco
isao u S3iiwij
148 lSt N W XV jiililligton
Phono 2233 Main
TMcrmimnsj the character and findi re
tponsibiliy of jour Brolcr i as in portant ai
the eclectiiin ot ritflit stocks
Stocks Cotton Gram and Provisions
ohicf ci nitovuvu mv
MnlirntA vlartrin Ijcrrllent Service
IIizhet tninkirc onl nicrcaniue rcirreic
t it n i ninTTrpn f T OITTSinn
corrnos in w nifiTov ami klu
iocm m iFs with iiutiii ca
Store Your Silverware
and Other Valuables
In tho
Fire and Burglar
Proof Vaults
Of til
Washington Loan and Trust Co
lrumu Vn m Uttlvtry trvlcj
TtUplmno 340
Capita la000
Surplus JoOOOOO
Fate Deros1 Boies for wnt In larse burglar-
rrool vault i per annum and upward
nao tt CL J BFLX In wlt
S lOOOOO t0 Ioan n Any Amoun on
At lowest rates without removal publicity or
delay Acu enn pny it back in small monthly
payments to suit lourstlt If jou have a lean
elsewhere and need more monev come to us
We ean accommodate jou 1nvate rooms
business confidential
ROOM 1 Warder Bide 2d floor J h an F nw
uho you owe we will pay them oil and ad
vance you more money Come to set us Lo t
rati Monthly payments
707 a ST If w
Rumor Has It That It
Will Be Done Through
the District Courts
Thought That Despite Failure of Con 1
gress to Pass Bill Authorizing In
crease in Stock of Local Gas Com
pany It Will Be Done in Another Way
An Interesting rumor Is heard regard
ing the Washington Gas Company which
F Street connects with the recent
strength of gas stock despite the defeat
of the companys bill In Congress
It is asserted that the defeat of the
bill providing for the increase of tho
capital stock of the company from
2500000 to 12500000 Is not to deter
tho company from accomplishing Its
purpose but that other means will be
found to increase the capitalization
The storv as it is told In F Street Is
that the lawyers of the company have
given It as their opinion that the la
crease of capitalization can be accom
plished in the District courts without
any sanction by Congress It Is said fur
ther that this plan has been agreed on
and that It will bo carried Into effect In
the near future
Advanced Many Dollars
Washington ga3 stock dasccd many
dollars u share in price during the time
that the Washington gas bill was under
consideration by Congress It wa3 said
by many brokers that this advance was
due entirely to belief that the bill would
be passed- Some brokers said that the
movement was a speculative one entire
ly and that the people who were buy
ing the stock were selling quite as much
as they were buying
Predictions Not Fulfilled
As a result of these stories it was
generally expected that tie price of the
stock would Immediately tumble when
the bill was defeated One prediction
made by a well informed local broker
was that gas would sag back to 60 and
that it would not recover either
-There has been much surprise that
these predictions were not fulfilled Tho
stock did tumble in price but not near
ly so far as had been looked for And
it has been particularly strong recently
at a level which brokers say is not war
ranted by the 10 per cent dividend paid
by the company
TVe loan from 10 to 3000 on
Hmiehord Iirmture Wagons etc
without remoral from jour poases
fion gi have the use of both
the money and the cooda Our
ntes are the cheapest and our
terms the easiest in the citr Ex
tensions ffranted in case of slck
ns Call on us before roinff else
where and be convinced Every
thing confidential
Iloum IS and 13 National
Iniou HiiIIiMif
sis r st x w
On persona note without indorser reference
or security simtjlr your promise to pay Our
nevi plan enables everyone to secure ready cash
at once without inconvenience or delar Our
method of conducting a loan business is based
on the word Confidence more than on Se
curity ion have our confidence we have year
confidence You need money we hare money
we dont need When you fail to gt aceonv
modatrti elsewhere call on us and you will not
be disappointed If you hare a loan now it
will net prrsvnt you from securing further ac
commodation from the old reliable
6M F St N W
Phone East 205
Corner Sixth St
Loans made on furcl
turc pianos etc with
out removal simply for
MONEY the asking You can
taako your own terms as
to repayment ot loan and
TO we make no unnecessary
charges If you approcl
ate low rates courteous
LUAPJ treatment and honest
dealing wo can bo ot ser
vice to you Private of
610 F Strut N W
PIOS at lowest rates and en the day yon
apply We are loaning on the Building- and
Loan Association plan which makes tie coat
of carrying loans much Ie than you pay eLw
where and allows you to pay it o2 in any
sued not s you deiire runninir from on t
twelve nontIa If you have a loan with som
other companv re will pay it off and advance
cu more money If desired Uzt cheerfully
rfven anu n cost to you unless loan is madV
Call ard set rates Front room first floor
mtxoxa mortgage low ca
625 F St X W
It you do call on us
We loan on Pianos
Furniture etc with
out removal and oa
terms to suit your con
venience AH dealing
quick end private
Rooms 74 ami 70 Atlaotta
Bide r st i w
Tel Jlaln 63 3
Take elerator to ath Coor
On voor furniture pianos organ etc an 3
you can pav it bacic in small weekly or month
ly pjvmcnts UlsOLUTLLY NO DEWY
Our liusineM H ftrictly confidential no era
LarraSing qiwlns to as you Loieat rate
in the Private cfflir
613 r street S W

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