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Number of Changes But
Property of Small
Record Breaking Season Coming to a
Close Large Transactions Expected
in the Fall Office Buildings Going Up
Building Active
Renl estate men are much Interested
in the pending measures before Con
gress particularly the Income tax fea
ture of the District bill When the prop
osition vias first submitted It ins de
cided at a meeting uf the Washington
Ileal Estate Exchange -which is com
posed of most of the local brokers to
mnke a fight against the measure This
nas done not so much to defeat legisla
tion as to secure the best measure pos
sible for the business Interests They
succeeded fairly well and practically all
the brokers are satisfied v lth the out
come Other provisions of the District
bill also meet with tho approval of this
class of business men
Real estate transactions during the
past week were quite numerous but
the properties involved were small and
medium values There are few new
deals being entered upon at this time
and the brokers are kept busy closing
those which are already under way All
of them are looking forward to their
vacations and some have already taken
short trips away from the city Tho rule
of closing the offices nt 1 oclock
days which Is forgotten during the busy
season is now being strictly adhered to
and only a few of the large offices are
found open after that hour The season
just being brought to a close has been
a record breaking one and it is expec
ted that in the fall there Hill be more
large transactions Even yet there are
some few large ones imolvlng tens of
thousands which will be closed soon
Building Operations Active
Building operations have assumed a
very active state In recent weeks and
everywhere the mechanics can be seen
at work There is much remodeling go
ing on while there are probably more
new buildings in course of construction
than for a number of years past The
high price of building material has tend
ed to interfere
somewhat with one or
two large projects but as a rule those
for which plans hae been drawn are
being put up It has been noticed that
thcVe are not as many apartment houses
planned as last spring but many new
resmences and a score or more of Iaree
office buildings are now under way or
soon will be
JIuch attention has been attracted to
he manner in whlchtbe improvements
wuxuvu ior uy congress are beine made
at the White House by the rapidity with
which the work is being performed In a
shrt time there will
not only be a new
office building to the west of the present
structure but he old mansion will be
so changed that it will be hardly recog
nizable 475000 will be expended In
improvements alone nnrt in riiiti
- ample money has been provided for the
uew omcc ouiiamg Mr Glenn Drown
of this city has charge of the work
clthough the plans were prepared by
McKim Meade White of New York
Interior Removed
iuring me past week hundreds of
workmen have been kept on the move
and the whole interior of the old struc
ture has been remoed while the work
of construction on the new building
which is to be erected west of the pres
ent one is well under way It Is ex
pected to have the work completed in
about four months so that by the end of
October it will bo available for occu
pancy On the street between the White
House and the Navy Department a frame
structurn has been put up where the
draftsmen are preparing the plans for
the changes
While nearly half a million dollars is
to be expended in mere improvements of
an old building the character of these
will weI rcray for tho expenditure It
is intended to coier the entire expendi
ture for decoration and refurnishing as
well es remodeling While the exterior
walls of the house are not to be touched
and the Interior arrangement Is not to
be changed except in Instances where
deviations have been made from the
original plans still it Is proposed to
fire proof the entire first floor and the
celling of the East Room Iron beams
arc to take tho place of tho wooden
joists and tho spaces between will be
spanned by brick arches
Floor of Stone
The entire floor of the entrance vesti
bule as well as the floor of the hall or
corridor extending In front of the tier
of rooms on the south of the building
will be of stone The principal change
In the Interior will bo the taking away
of the staircase at the west end of the
corridor and throwing that space into
the state dining room thus giving
much needed addition to tnat room
There will be doors opening from the
corridor Into the state dining room Just
as they are from the corridor into tho
East lioom
The staircase that gac access to tho
Presidents office will bo the only one
tcween the two loon while the stair
way into the basement will be trans
formed into a wide and generous flight
built of stone If will be by this latter
aprroaih that the guests at all public
functions will reach the main floor The
a proach to the public entrance of the
V hue House which will be on the cast
will be along the colonnade which will
mark the range of what were termed
offlc s in the old days when structures
of he colonial type made provision for
the slants and the domestic depart
ments in that fashion
Above this range of offices wll be a
tcr a e which will be tiled with stone
and v ill be approached through an open
ins from the East Room A correspond
ing terrace will be on the west side of
the house with access to it from tho
state dlring room
The New Offices
The office building which is being
erected is to be located at tho extreme
west of the eclonnade on that side of
the house and will be only one story I
hich Owing to the formation of tho
ground as well as the elevation of the
building only the top of the structure
will be oeon from the north sic The
approach to the office will bo by tho
read between the White House and the
War Department just as the entrance
for all public functions will be by way
of the loadway between the Treasury
and the White Houtc The present en
trance to the mansion will becomes en
tlrely private and will be only for the
use of members of the family and those
who come to visit them socially
Premises 1332 New York Avenue
northwest ere sold during the eek
tnrougti the firm of E T Kaiser rot
20000 The property hns a frontage of
nearly twentv flve feet and contains
o3j square feet of ground It is un
derstood the purchaser contemplates the
erection of a modern four story office
building which is to cost about f 23000
The ground is now occupied by a resi
dence structure ard when this is torn
down it will mark another step in the
transformajlon of the block on New
York Avenue for purposes of business
Other Changes Hade
About a 3 ear ago Mr Hugh Reilly
purchased the property known as 1331
New York Avenue and turned the build
ing into a structure suitable for his
business He paid about 16000 for It
A little later Mr Thomas Hjdc pur
chased the property known as 133S and
made extensiio improvements and al
terations The price paid was 19000
A few months ago -Mr James M Green
bought 133C which he has turned into
an office building He paid for the
property 20500 The transaction maae
during tho week involved the transfer of
mi New iork Avenue for 30000 In
both of the last named Instances the
buildings were of a substantial charac
ter and their value entered somewhat
into the consideration
E Lodge Hill has made the following
sales of property recently
For Thomas Allen Houses 111G and
1118 Twenty third Street northwest for
3S50 To Miss Fanny Knobloch C24
Twenty third Street northwest for
32 0 To John B Tlffey 1327 F Street
northeast for 3200 To Mr Bevana
house in Garrett Park Md for S40C0
To Lewis Raley 229 Fourteenth Street
northeast for 2000 To Mr W Gld
dings 707 Eighth Street northeast for
Plans for a Residence
Mr Waddy B Wood the architect
has prepared plans for a house to be
built for Mr John W Hunt of Califor
nia on tho Rite recently purchased by
him at the southeast corner of Connect
icut Avenue extended and Wyoming
Avenue The house will be one of tho
Snest In this locality where are situat
ed the homes of many of the local busi
ness men Just across the street is
the spacious home of S W Woodward
which like the one planned for Mr
Hunt Is surrounded by spacious
J W Ratcllffe the auctioneer made
an effort early in the week to dispose
of the remainder of the Travers es
tate but owing to the low- prices offered
withdrew the same The property known
as 1221 and 1223 Pennsylvania Avenue
northwest was first put up and brought
a bid of 10 per square foot while the
property Immediately in the rear front
ing on E Street brought a bid of but
5 per foot In the bidding on the
property at 927 and 929 Pennsylvania
Avenue northwest the highest bid was
18 per foot By direction of the trus
tees all three parcels were withdrawn
The remainder of the estate was dis
posed of about a year ago It is prob
able these properties will be sold on
private terms
Mr V XL Tucker president of the
Congress Heights Citizens Association
has had plans prepared for a handsome
cottage which is to be built near the
site of his present home near the
Wheeler Road Mr Tucker has disposed
of a portion of his land in that section
Many Sales Made
Among the sales made by Mooro
Hill real estate brokers during the past
week were the following houses 122 and
121 r Street southeast opposite Garfield
Park for 3700 each for George E
Walker house 912 Second Street north
east 4500 for Thomas J risher
Co house 309 M Street northwest 4500
for Pumphrey Palmer house 715 Thir
teenth Street northeast 3500 to James
S Martin house 1731 F Street north-
wi si jouu lor ueorgc Henderson a lot
ou t ievenin street between T and U
Streets 20x94 feet 2200
There hmn iitst hnrn n1mns r ll yl
firm for salo ten houses newly flnlsheJ
on University Place between Euclid and
Huntington Places Columbia Heights
tuuie ai ijjuu anu omcrs ioU eacn
and ten houses on Howard Street be
tween Hnwnrd nni Tlrnun Ainnfui
Mount Pleasant for S500 each
Stone Fairfax real estate brokers
dnrlnp tho nrtt kiwV lncal Tin la
of tho whito stono front residence 2113
S Street Connecticut Avenue Heights
to itoi unaries k or
I fiinnrTi tho throo stnrv lirlelr bmiiin
1412 S Street for 500 for Trancls
ulundon house 71 r irst street
niai lui 4JWV uliu uiiuau iu rusi
oirecl lur uvuv iui u v oiuveiii
house 940 First Street for 3239 for
B H Warner house 42 CJ Street north
east for 3850 house 1729 Rlggs Place
for 10000 to James S Mcllhenny for
tho estate of Adam Michel house C4 S
Street northwest for 2700 for Mrs
Lucy II Armes the properties 712 and
714 Tenth Street Just north of G Street
for 15000 cash The Improvements con
sist of two three story houses with a
stable In rear The fronage Is 2954 feet
with a fifteen foot alley on the south
and depth of 100 feet
Cood lor Cad Teeth
tct Had for OnoJ 7cei
The best that Money and occ
Experience can produce ZJ
At nil MorCK or by mull for tht prlr
Chris Xanders 1 or I
RasLberry Syrup - g
CHRIS XAIlDERi imionucVh j
Rain today tomorrow fair fresh
southeasterly winds
Highest temperature 12 m SO
Lowest temperature 5 a m CO
Sun rises -36 AM Sun sets -7 29 PM
High tide 1 32 A M and 150 P M
Low tide S 10 A M and S 21 P M
Lamps lit today S07 P M
Lamps out tomorrow 343 AM
Steamer Macalester for Marshall Hall
at 11 a m 2 20 and C 30 p m
Norfolk and Washington line for Tort
Monroe and Norfolk at 6 30 p m
Trains leave Pennsylvania Avenue and
Thirteen-and-a-half Street for Alexan
dria and Arlington every half hour
Mount Vernon see schedule under rail
Chesapeake Beach See schedule under
Railroads and Steamboats as totimo
Colonial Beach Steamer T V Arrow
smith See schedule under etcurslons
for time
Max Mln S pm fall
Atlantic City 74 CI CI
Atlanta Ga 90 71 SS T
Bismarck N D 70 32 62
Boston Mass 7S 58 72
Buffalo N Y CO 34 65
Chicago 3S 51 36
Cincinnati 71 02 72 72
Chovcnnc Wjo 51 4S 48 50
Davenport Iowa 58 52 36 01
Denver Col 72 50 56 40
Des Moines Iowa 62 31 56 10
Galveston Tex S6 82 84
Helena Mon 66 4S 62
Indianapolis Ind 72 34 70 4S
Jacksonville Fla 91 78 8S
Kansas City Mo 70 IS 64 T
Little Rock Ark 88 72 84 - 10
Marquette Mich 53 46 58
Memphis Tenn SS 78 80 1E0
New Orleans La 92 80 84 02
New York X Y 78 62 74
North Platte Neb 72 38 64
Omaha Neb 64 54 56 16
Pittsburg Pa 70 60 64 04
Salt Lake City Utah 74 56 62 -OS
St Louis Mo 78 64 65 352
St Paul Minn 72 5S 68
Springfield Ill 65 56 64 lSS
Vicksburg Miss 91 80 88
The following deaths for twenty four
hours reported at tho Health Depart
ment un to noon yesterday
Jane M South S3 years
Ruth E Thompson 79 years
John 1 Trcinkert 77 years
William Dugnn 77 jcars
Thomas J Maylar 63 sears
Rebecca Hull C2 years
Mary M Collins 3S years
Charles S Wlxom 53 years
Elva M Emerson 43 jears
William Smith 44 years
Thocbe Pendleton 29 years
Hugh Crossficld 20 years
Ella P Cochran 8 months
Charles H Hager 6 months
Arthur R Mattlngly 5 months
Matthew Xiland 4 months
Infant of John G and Mamie L Mar
shall 3 months
Edward Brown 1 month
Benjamin Cairns 27 days
Infant of James A and Jane L Davis
5 days
Mary Jones 2 days
Marriage Licenses Issued
Trank Rowley and K E Vcnable
William J Nocton and Louisa T
F ederick Downs and Effio A Sauther
Warren W Jones Fortress Monroe
Va and Florence N Matthews District
ot Columbia
Carl E Grablll District of Columbia
and Josephine G Dunham Philadel
phia Pa
LolIs B Gilham and Emma E Gal-
llnger both of Henrico county Va
Ernest Ponkow and Ella Brcnson both
of Baltimore Md
Albert J Berrls and Anna Elizabeth
Arthur Norrls and Lucinda Dixon
A little Model Mixed Taint will transform
the appcararee ol the liusc mnLc it clran and
fresh loot in in or 15ct and itli It a fine
Paint Urusli Tree
30 Different Shades
For Interior or Exterior Use
913 Seventh St
1 uWxS
IIandoncit nit
Case ccr offcrrd
for the money
Ginuinc Cowhide
Cloth Iiit d lira
Bolts and
LUTZ CO 497 Penn Ave
F llinchalrdanJrufI
lly CUWl 3 F
j viiiui wii
jurtii it wuuuuun u i
11 til and 1 A 11ultlU40U
bliould lie rcau daily as changes may occur
at ant turn
1 ORhI 1 MLS arc dipatchnl to th ports
of tailing ilailr and the wlinlulc of clonnss
1 amnxitl on the iirvuimptlon of their unin
t rruptod oerland transit For the week end
i Julj 1W2 the Iat lunnectins ihaci will
U i lade from the MAIN OITItK n follow
Trans Atlantic Mails
5IOM e U 1123 p m for ElROIK
per a ltronpnnz Wilhelm from e ork
tij Phmoutti Clicrhourc and Ilremen
e At 1123 p in for 1TH dmct per s a
Nord n erica from New ork Mail must lie
directed IVr a Nord America
TTrfcliU b M Till p n for KlKOPi
ptr s s bt lyjjH from New iork ia South
ampton JHii for I11KHM mint Ke directed
Per s s M 3UU13
U 11 K p pi for KlHOPK per n s Ma
jfstic from Nev ork ia Oueenstoun
UIKnD 1i At 713 p in for KC
lEOlK ptr s s Colamlda from New York
via INwroutll CI am Ilmidtnre Mail
for KIUNCK inut be directed Pir s Co
c t 13 p m for FRWCK SUITZhn
IOIiKN1 MVIIOLK per s Li Ilrctasne
from New oric u llnre Mali for other
part of ILItOIE must lie directed Per s s
Ia Hrcttizrc
ntlllVY b At 7r p m for ITALY 11
reet per s Hohenzollern from New York
Mail niuvt lie directed Pr s s Hoienrollcrn
e t 11 M p m for NETHMILWIIS di
rect per s s Potsdam from Nra York Mall
must lie directed Per s Potsdam
c U 11 M p in fnr SCOTIVM direct per
s s FLrnes a from New Iork Mill mut be
directed I ei s s Furnea
t U 112- p m fr IIKLCIlM direct per
1 Zecland from New iork Mill must be
directed Per s s Zeelaml
c At 1125 p m for LTIlOPi per J s
Lticanla from New York lia Queentown
PHINnI MVrTKII irrc Tlil steamer
take PrlmeJ Mtatter Commrcial Papers and
Simpler for CKHM Y only The sime clas of
mail matter for other parts of LI HOPE will
not lie wnt h this ship unlcw special di
rected by her
Mails for South and Central America
West Indies Etc
IODY c Vt 11 23 p m for CENTRAL
AMFIIICV except Cmta Rica and J OITII
PVC1HC POllTb per i s Orizaba from New
Iork via Col n Mail for CLVTKMAIA must
be directed Per s s Orizaba
c U 1123 p m for LKjHIAKD and WIND
FRENCH dHM per s Tontahelle from
Nett York tful for GllLV VIA and TRINIDAD
must lie directed Per s Fontabclle
TUIAim n At 230 p m for HMUCA
per s s Admiral IWwet from Boston
c U 1123 p m for TURKS INLAND and
LOMINICW IlhlTIlLIC ptr s s Cherokee
from Ne Yorlc
lUiNESY fe U 11 23 p m for CAM
per s Havana from New Iork Mall for
other parts of MEXICO mii4 be directed Per
s c Ilafata
c At 11 23 p m for St MRC PETIT
fiO WE and JUjILL per s 8 Prim V lllem
1 from New York Mail for other p3rt of
rected Per s Prins Willem 1
c it 1123 p m for the IWHAM1S and
Scffurarea from New York
e U 1123 p m for YUCATAN and OWl
PHIIE per s s natcnwUle from New York
c At II 25 p m for the IIIIAMS per
s s ntilfa from New York Mail must be
directed per s Antilia
c At 1123 p m for IXVm and 11 UTI
per s Paloma from New York
THLHD4Y 111 At 230 D m for J WIAICA
per s s dmiral Sampson from Ronton
Ii At 715 p m for II VRR VDOS and NORTH
ERN RR ZIL per s s Oranrense from Ncw
York via Para Maranham and Ceara
FIWUY fcl At 1125 n m for BERMUDA
per n b Pretoria from New York
c At 1125 p m for PtlHTO IIICO per
s Coamo from New York via an Juan
e At 1125 p m for CURC0 and VEV
FZULLV per s s Maracaiho from New York
Mall for SWMILA and CXRTAGENA must
lie directed Per s s Alaracailio
c At 1123 n m for FORTUNE RISD
OltEYTOH N pel s s Alene from New York
Mail for XXTA RICA must be directed Per
p Alene
e t 1123 p m for NEWFOUNDLYND di
rect ptr s s Silvii from New York
e t 1125 I m for OIUDFLOUPE MAR-
HltMII liLIANA per s s Talisman from
New York
ft At 1125 r m for 11RA7IL tot
Diron from N w York via Pernambuco
Rahia and Rio Jarplro Mail for NORTHERN
GUAY mut lie directed Per s s Byron
cl U 1123 ll m fnr ARGENTINE URU
GUAY and PARAGUAY per s s Honorius
from Yo
el at 1125 n m for MEYICO per n s
MVrN7S from New- York ia Taropico
Mail mint lie directed Per s i Matanzas
Mails for Newfoiindla d br rail to North
Sjdriey and thence ia st close liere daily
except Fundays at 1201 m and on Sundays
at 1130 a m the connecting closes are made
on Monday N wlnesilavs and aturdais
Mails for MIQUELON by rail to Boston and
thence ia steamer cre here daily except Sun
days at 12- in and on Sundays at 1130 a
n d h
CI 11 M MLS close here via Port Tampa
Hi Mondays UVdn sdajs and J aturdays at
3 IX p in and via Miami Fla Tucsdjys and
Sundys at 10 30 a n
Mails for Mexico oyerland unless specially
addressed for Ii patch by steftTicrs sailinir from
New York close ere diil at 1030 a m and
10 00 p m
Malls for BFI17E PLVRIO C0HTE7 and
GUYTEMH ly rail tu Ne v Orleans and
thence ia steamer close here daily at 10 30
a m and 10 p m the connecting closes for
which beintr on Mondays
Mails for CST UKs bv rail Jo New- Or
leans and thence via steamer close here dally
at 1030 a n and 10 00 p m the connettlnsr
closes be1 on Tucdais
Trans Pacific Mails
Mills for flllNs and JAPVN yia Yaneotl
yer and ictoria B C cloe here daily at
0 30 p Pi up to Julr 1 indusie for dis
patch jxr s a Empress of China Registered
rrafl must be specially addressed Merthin
dLse for the United States Postal tfency at
Hiant lui bit a cannot be forwarded la Can
ada o
Mails for CIIINV lpN and 11 Wl MI and
first cla matter for the IMIII llPINE L
AND yia Fan Francisco close here dallv
at 0 VI p m up to July 3rd Inclusive for
distiqtih per s s hl ia o
Mails for ClIINW and J PAN yii Tacoma
clee hire daily at 030 p m up to Jul lth
ire lush c for dispalch per s s Taouia o
Malls for II W YII yia n Franclsm ele
here daily at C 30 p m up to Jul 7th in
ctia1vc for dtspiteh jier s s Vlaine Ia ol
Mails for CHIN - and IPN via settle
clcs here ilall at C SO p m up to Jul 9th
wlosi e fur disjiitib per s s Rlojun Maru
lepistcied mill must be directed Yia Seat
tle o
yia Fan Fnecisco cloe here dnll at fl 30 p
in up to Jul 10th fnclusic for itlspitch per
B s Maraposn o
Malls for CHIN Y JYPYN ami HAH Ml and
first clas matter for the PHILIPPINE
NDii U IVanciseo cbwe here diu at
C 3o m up to Julr lllh incbisiie for dis
patch s t Done o
Mails for the PHILIPPINE ISLANDS yli
can Francisco close lure daih at ft TO p m
up to Julv 11th incluMe for tljspatcli per
Unltsl States lrinsprt o
Vails for M Tit MJ except thoe for Yest
ustralla which are forwarded via Europe
yia San Uranico close here dnil at 0 T
p in after June 2Sth and up to Jul llnh in-
cliche for ili pilth jicr s s Antury o
Jlars for MM It Mil feyeept tlios tor Hest
Australia whuh o via Europe and New Zea
land malls for whuh are disoathed via -an
IYa icnwo an 1 nil ILIN1S la Yancomer
aid Aieloria I C lose hn dail at 010
p m up to Jul lltb inelusne for dispytch
jur s s Moana Specially addresseil mail
Mails for COCHIN CHIN I are dispatche1 to
New York for connection with European
IlHIIITlNi IllNDS Mlllta Mall ds
pjttheil to can Francisco at all cos for
that office to connot t with Goer imcnt tranj
Iiorts the Falli s of which are irregular
ItrciSTKIlED MMLs close at the MMV OF
11CE us follows b at 1 cO p m same ila
c at S 00 p m same da d at 5 O a m
tame das f at 1 00 p in previous da h
at 12 O p m preyious Satnnly k at 8 00
Ii m peyious day o at COO p m reyious
da l
Plinnt f nst qu ii ot tn
I IIU1IL Laiil iOtihnKtoI llrmins
fnr H sr - fanious Golden Hop Beer
tor i Dtli tred in unkttircd
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fine praphophone and outfit costing I2 what
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its nw m2U 3
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fwwy y vy y
fl weckljr pajments
F G SMITH 1225 Pa Ave
FOR SALE Carload of windows screens and
doors screens from lie up doors complete
with all fixtures 59c fancy hard oil finish
doors 96c high grade suburban doors in all
sizes In stock screen windows IJtc squars
foot substantial screens made to order 75c
kLLEBLATT llih and II sts ne
FOR- SIL1 5 for Morris chairs with liair
cushion 0 for hair mattress in two parts oak
arm rockers L1S bedroom and parlor suites
tl00 per week REDMONDS 311 313 7th st
nwv c9 tf
SPECLAL One gallon port sherry blackberry
Catawba or claret wine for 75c one boj 21
bottles lager beer 75c delivered THOS K
BEW LRS 123 4H L sw Phone Main 1904 5
m9 tf
FOR SALE Good quality opaque shades fitted
to your windows only 25c the best quality
oil opaque 6Lrfdc 50e hung free will call with
samples hLEEBLATTS 11th and 11 sty ne
Phone East 25 D elO tf
Ervicc Millon the celebrated clairvoyant and
palmist positively tell everything all names
een yours exactly what you wish to know
etc flours 9 to 9 911 New York ave nw
DIAORCES ligally and speedily obtained ref
erences lianks and leading Washington at
Box 70 Omaha Neb 12t
IONELY B INKER retired and immensely
rich seeks ImnieiLatclv poor hut wife
Address MR WEILFH Real Estate Board
Building Chicago 111 ml
ITTRACnlE MAIDEN absolute alone age
Oo worth ISO wants able honest husband
Address PACIFIC 59 Dearborn St Chicago III
ywirth sA Ofs will man immediately and
ait kind husband fnanc ally Addn as
HUM 134 A an llilrcn St Cliicago ml
Hiri iitKH BLMNESS MN middle age north
sft seeks at once pinir but faithful wife
Address MR HAMILTON 103 Omaha Budding
Cliicrgo ml
RE ITTAILE iOlX WIDOW no children
or near relatives not handoinc hut inde
pendently rich wants tme honest hu ibanJ
Iddrcfs GliAND 191 Washington St Chicago
513 12th st rw second Ilnor walk up ni27 3
AMIO dont know the Old Porch ard what it
means to the workingmen of Washington The
onl and oldest one price house where a man
can bus a complete outfit suit ot clothes and
everything a lean ssears tailor made slightly
us h for prices far below that hand me down
new sliff lour friend JLSTHS OLD STAND
C19 D st Z
DASPEPsIA and constipation cured Box free
C II ROWAN North Milwaukee W is Jel lj
Expert Specialist in cure of all acute and
chronic ailments Complaints of the digestive
organs nenous and blood disorders quickly
Conrultatlcn free 602 FSt NW
t lt money in a bank ou look for the
safest Institution why not use the
same care when you dejioMt your
yalLables for a loan Wc have a building and
safe made for that purpose All business
absoliitel corfidentlal Money ioaned on
1 A trr fltlTtAshniTs dnnlrl aIa 14 am4 m
t roc per cent ins trail of ten
Fstahlbhwl 1ST0 311 Mnth Strett nw
rOU SAIK SpIemlU cottage colonial sUle
I indon I C S rooms lot fOxIM price
10 or so caih lialanie J0 nionih
C WARIXG 1111 fi itt nw m 3
FOR SIE ir room cottajie In BrightwcKul
Iark CVrncr 7th ami Dcs llntnea nts m2U 7
To Cure Any Knj of HEADACHE anl
INDIGESTION In fifteen minutes take
Absolute Liralesi 10c c and 50c
null u
FOR RENT 15 T st nw neiv house- ccntmn
in G rooms reception hall cellar and bath
handsomely decorated- back porch and larse
ard Key at adjoining houc OWNhR 157
F t ne m2J 3
FOR RENT A new and completely furnl hed
house at Colonial Beach good water shade
one square from boat on Irvtmr eve Za per
season Address MRS DE LEYS IN Colonial
Beach m2s l
FOR RENT 333 D st sw a two story eisht
room house newly papered throughout rent
WOIO Inquire at 2H2 K st nw m2S 3
vnn iipvt in n K An 1 T1
j s 111 mjk ivJ tiiio
gas rapgc water large parking perfect con
ditlon house open 19CO ni2S 3
FOR RENT live rooms anl bath rear yard
and porch 3121 litis st W P MET
CAIF iros 1 St nw e27 3
FOR RENT Desirable 10 room house COO 3d
St near Pension olfice modenr improvements
he at Wl 3d st e27 3
IOR RENT House six rooms bath large
yards and closetj a m i 2C22 K St nw Rent
10 50 m7 3
TOR RENT 13 Floriila aye nw six room
house a m i in excellent condition Inquire
next door ni27 3
FOR RENT Those desirable new Hals 1017 and
1019 12th st nw 20 and 22 per montn THE
10th and G sts e25 3
FOR RENT Tios beautiful ceitrally located
2 and 1 room flats corner 9th and I sts nw
910 E St all modern improvements each flat
has hath cas electric lights conyenunces for
light liousckcepng ni29 3
FOR RENT Flat four large rooms liizht
bath 13 per month for the summer 11 E
st nw m9 3
FOR SALE Fine broom cottage rear
town D C large lot large stable lath hot
and cold water nearly n w sfduced for five
days from 3500 down to 300u one car fire
Sec it today tomorrow may be loo late T
J GILES 715 11th st nw m29 3
IOR SME House aid lot in Brookland good
repair clear title ntar cars OWNER Ms F
st ne m23 3
FOR SALE New 7 rooii cottage Swiss archi
tecture high ceilings tonfmodious porch 2
large lots lawn hcce fence handsome trees
I block ste im and elect ic cars an center of
Ilvatl sville price 1700 2O0 down balance
monthly J C ROGFtS owmr 33S Induna
aye or Ilttsville 25 0
FOR SALE Six roonhouse JlolnoiuhTy pay
menU EW IIMICE Vienna A a jel7 30t
IOR SALE Four fine 8 and 10 room houses at
Berwyn Md from 1000 to US09 each large
grounds fruit shade good water also vilia
sites and lots at 1 cent per foot will lie sold
ti close an estate on monthly payment -team
and electric railway JOHN J KLEINER 4
CO B17 F st nw or Bcrwyn Md jel3 tf
FOR SALE A nice 5 room brick nice lot
Southeast always rented good neighborhood
cost 1250 It0 pays 10 per ctnt Also
other bargains V BUiER E bON 221 7tli
st sw 1 m29 3
IOR SlLl31 O st nw frame house lot 31x
133 to a 30 ft alley price 3000 R M
MORHION 017 F si nw m2S 3
FOR SALE II st ne between Sth and 10th
eight rooms nd bathroom stable basement
store lot 1SxS3 to alley price 2000
WM C DUNNE 1007H st je5 t
FOR RENT Desk room nicely furnished offlce
JANITOR Pacific Building e2S 3
FOR REIT Offices in Bliss Building opposite
Capitol electric light telephone janitor serv
ice ROOM i m20 tf
FOR RENT Cneap in advance improved farm
Address BOY151thls office mi3
FOR RENT Two nice country homes about 2
miles from electric cars Apply 309 eth st nw
m23 0
IOR RENT House -02 Callan st ne 2l
also store corner Cth and Callan sts flU pej
month GFOHGE BlRGtiS Attorney Ct F
st nw m2a 3
FOR RENT Store and rooms fixture- and
household goods for sale GI5 C st re m29 3
FOR RENT Sit room house furnished J1230
per month PIERCE A PIERCE Vienna A a
c2S TO
FOR SALE By owner desirable lot on 12th
near O st ne onlv X on reasonable terms
Address BOX 163 this office c2G 3
Lots S500 Upward
Xeiv Ilftmpshire Aa cduc oxfension
anil houses hoiv being built and others
to bejnn soon Avil advance prices in
Ictwortli Wc have some line bar
Riins to olTer Shade trees fine park
in sidewalks asphalt roadivay sew
er Aiater and We sell lots in
Petvtorth of any desirable size tar
facilities hoav good and new line be
ing proiided for by Congress Jut
the place for homes The terms aaiU
be made on many of these lots that
the clerk ivith small salary need not be
deterred from purchasing and tho
lets are Acy low in price Special
inducements to builders of homes
Ifcinember this is one of the groiving
northwest suburbs Call at office for
plat and full particulars
1407 F Street
BRENTWOOD Ml One car fare to District
line lots 3 minutes wolk beyond Djtnct
S125 to 330 a few lots OxCOO still offered
at 125 on monthly payments of 3 Inquire
W A I1MITLETT Loan and Tnat Building
ctS 30t
25 feet on north rde of AAyomlng ave
Three 50 ft lots on south side Wjoraing ave
Two 30 ft and ore 25 ft on the north side
California avc
Four Oft and one 23 ft on the south side
California ave
30 ft on 1Mb sL near Wyoming ave
Call for full list
130 F St rrw
For full narticulars drOD DOStal telephone
or call foe new IG page illustrated booklet
piat etc ot ortn 0 umoia tieignts
IU S00 and upward only 30 to 10O cash
rcqurea balance payable vu to f sj mommy
Aloney Ioszcd to ouiid at lowest rates
Carriage free to see the property
The extension of 13th Hth and ICth sts il
booriinsr the sale of lots in this section You
nu t buy now or ycu will be too late
Telephone Mam 593 M 701 lltb st nw
1500 BLAS Hi acres 33 00 buys 3 acres
Almost given away to clo e estate Adjacent
to summer resorts bur prices for produce
boating- bathing fishing installments 3100
week Addrcs MPLLBY ESTATE Drexel
DuiIdinfT Philadelphia m23 5
701 Hth St N W
At 4K to 5 Per Cent
On approved city real estate at 1 IJi and i
per cent interest Special privileg s uith re
spect to prior payments Large amounts s
1307 F St N AY
LADIFS SUMMER SI ITS stylishly made 2
and upward 510 E st nw m29 3
TRUNK EEPAIRING at your residence 5Cc jp
Send postal 730 Cth St nw m2S 3
NOWS THE TIME to have chair caning done
122 Oth st nw m2S 3
FULL DREp SUITS for hire one dollar
JULIUS COHEN 1101 7th nw e5 tf
bought and mid also bookbindinj In all its
branches i2 ll st nw e30 tf
FOR SALE Chainlcss new gents wheeL
Send carl Address BOX 190 this offlce m2 3
llR SALE Two ladies bicycles new- tires
S aid 12 by lady leaving city 12 lth st se
EXAMINE OUR STOCK of second hand bicycles
bef re buying your rew wheel yve have some
thing gw d to show you m that liner It will
pay you to do so CACLE EXCHANGE 733
10th st nw m27 3
IOR sLE Ladies bicycle in good condition
10 320 E st ne m27 3
E fl sgy V n p DKT fa n

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