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The Washington times. (Washington [D.C.]) 1901-1902, June 29, 1902, Image 15

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J T 13 rtKl K1Y V tam asking if lw
e ij a an I our CT two linings will M
Ki - a j cells iniimif -tamp
v i n Adh 4
yr fnti i am utiili oil
PvJ Tui Ohio m
fl Vnl lnhilic lady to work at
1 m ii 1 or I lavs trial
tl Mil fal r lllllS EXGWALL lJiiilc
Jnsiltll I Mcagn 1U1
WANTED--Few ladle to lis copying at home
no ch1 salary inese Ktflrop
iiuii 1
W NTFD 1 hid- white or colorcl girl e as
sist in h Mid ittntl t children 801
Ilt no ml
tt VNTED Fxpcrincc 1 white woman or girt
preferred for tiding anil hnis wer
sin niglm 2Io ISlh tt nw -
R artist young laily to hw one
wlm nuVrstamL imenritiiir nrrferred morn
ings tins Apiilv earl mc nnnc 1110 Mav
WANTED Waist hands sleeve hand am help
M a on c U s lDtli - nw el
WANTED colored woman to took nash awl
inui cfcrrii c New Jersey ave - ol
Vt ANTED ttliitc Klrl or settled innng woman
for gcncnl liou wirk n ill famils no wash
ins iwrnanent place ard rood home tor right
per on Appl Til iin h mr 2
W Yonnff woman as teiphoncoierator
quick intelligent accurate ami neat previous
experience desirable Address UOX le7 this of
fice rt
WANTED Girl to sing illustrated songs BOX
102 this offlce tl
WANTED-I-adv ticket seller miil have Pk
cash security tnri BOX VJ till- otHre el
AX ANTED Jliddle ogcd white woman to ilo
light housework Za New York arc nw
VINTKD Ten ealc waitress f week tor
this city totiajr WOKS HOTEL AGENCY 12lii
ft and Pa are e27 2
WANTED An experienced saleslady for dry
goods store 131fi 7ti at rear
WANT- V girl for general housework 7 12
niontll jSd Harvard st nw
AVASltB Yourelady for ontside position
I10X 1S this olrlce
WANTED Colored girl 15 or 10 years old to
cook and do housework no rasliing 403 II
it ne oSS e
WAXTED Ladies to learn SiIOimiAXU and
TYPEWMTIXO after 7 p m C3 K st ne
u2 3
WANTED Settled woman for care of infant
nine months old references pood wacef Ap
plv personallv 1023 lliehland are Cleveland
1 ark c2T 3
WANTED White girl who can run machine to
nu dressmaker 330 II st ne cSG 3
512 WEEKLY copyinjr letters at home cither
sex send stamp for particular KINfi MAN
ITACTLTtlXO COSUANY 3 Warren ave Chl
cajro ml
HOME WOIIK monthly eopjinj letters
either sex send two stamps for particulars
Ciiicago ml
WANTED Work by first class laundress to taks
home or do out by the day Apply 1S2S 31
st nw ml
WANTED Uy reliable white cirl place as
nurse or light housework will not leave city
Address flOX 1T5 this office m29 2
WASTED 10 managers and 100 local and trav
eling salesmen and salesladies for District of
Columbia Virginia Maryland and Pennsylvania
pictures mirrors and hooka on installments
1INMJ1E PUBLISHING CO 021 7th st n
C2S 3
WANTED Hustlers to sell soda water fountain
no charging of tanks make jour own syrups
t rnpifte no fraud for 20 investigate great
est invention out Address DOX 111 this of
fie t2C 3
VNTED Agents bright energetic men and
wnm n t reTcscnt our business in their lo
talitv buuneM high grade and profitable no
t si required write at once for proposition
Majestic nuildinc Detroit Mich a
STOP lirNAWAYS locket hitthing osts hitch
lion s solid instantly carrj in pocket sight
seller agent wanted POCKET HITCHINO
POT COMPANY llichmond nL ml
ANTED Active person to work at liome 30
aid tor 12 dais trial permanent if satis
factory Address MANAGElt ENCWALL lake
side Buildimr Chicago ml
AGENTS are coining money selling the non
pickable door and window lock sample 10c
Hcadinc Pa ml
AOEXTS MAKE 30 a week selling Prudential
yPocketbook price 5 which carry SS0
and pay 13 indemnity WILCOX 331
Broadway New York ml
WANTED Situation by English ladies maldf
would not object to takinc charge of children
Address G 1710 13th st ml
WANTED Washing to do at home tlrst clats
laundress Aply 410 It st nw ml
IVANTEDSituation city or away by tfiV
cient colored nurse chambermaid waitress ref
erences 1013 New York ave ml
f WANTED By cooking school graduate iiosi
tion for the summer in hotel or boarding house
or as housekeeper for private family Address
BOX 1S3 this efflce e2S 3
WANTED Work by the day In families by one
competent to cut ft and Unith dresses or any
ether family sewing Address BOX 1CI this of
fice e27 3
WANTED Position of setae kind by man with
lrasinces ability and thoroughly reliable age
20 lit reference Addrtss BOX So2 this ofiice
WILL PAY M to one set jring me Gov
ernment jiosition as messenger or watchman
liave passed examination for same Address
VOX 133 this oHte inl
WANTED By a man with engineering license
position anywhere in vicinity Call or write to
W C L 2215 9th st nw mls 2
WANTED Two furnished rooms for light
housekeeping with gas or gasoline until De-
cembtr state price Address BOX lMi this
utnee C2S 3
WANTED- Eurnished room in j DroltPjrl
tr vicinity Address BOX 177 tills olnce inii 3
WANTED Two large or three small unfurnished
rooms fcr light iicusckcepui oy fathtr aud
daughter SIC IS st sw e7 3
WANTEIV 2 furnished rooms light housckeen
inc nar Pateit Otfics Atidresa BOX JW this
onicc nr2i 3
WANTED By younc man room and lioard
vltii private family in vicinity ol ColumbU
Heights particulars Address BOX 17a
WANTED By elderly gentleman emplosed at
llght room Lr xkfat and dlitoer vi lcr week
1H X 13K llris vttc c2fl 3
W S00 or 230 for five jean Will e
cire deed of trust tn arinc 0 i r cent Intcr
t tji real estate custinc 5j0 and which I
Wive to lie worth r ore AdJreM llfll
Illl 12f this tmce rJI ai
WANTED llortes to patu e at E35i no
miitli fine low land plerti simile and water
In vvery pas tire i lujuw jicrwjn u
WANTli fIs ar gerts bin ties gos or
ha1 Ar rei UliX lul tl i 27 3
V N V rl nd 1 i eles ihc LE
EXOiIASGE 73 10th it ct niiJ S
W INTK1 Kmk rirncnl collet tor with i
nfiitne AiMie 1M SOS nil
MANTVU Thiiin Apply at l1 I nw
la2y 2
WANTED At Hp E si nw a pond irrainer
and nisrdejcr nril i
V ANTiJ rmeers f remen and
elri rifinaj rid for sJ puire pinpMft ecll
talilnt ptrjlir asscl liy enaminiK bviril
of eTiinoers to ootjin enIieriV lie ie Art-
r ntro a zruAi i iibiisiicr rocra rs
li Jtist lilis Jlo
WANTED doril man to trucl and collert
in DUtrict of toluinlili oO Agkir to liexin
no eperknce iiMijry tifen noes iend
emiliiiie for particular- MANrrAC
Triirll Tlt CC Dfltrhom t Cliica o ml
WANTED llnKUt attive white Ixiy 15 jeirs
old in menV turnidimtr store Apply 3V Ij
ave nw m 2
WANTED- Vtmnz nun to take tlianre nitat
stand in K M Mnktt Addrnu with ptieu
lars ami rt fercmeo 1X llcl this olilce ml
ENEHOETlf JIEN i make money dUtrilnt
imr Hiniidts or loert Ii4ndlsi ttc We secure
adtertisiiit matter for distribution tlirouhout
the counlii and wml men to do the woik
sootl Jiaj llllliN AtCHTllX llC llrcuil
way uti Yoik ml
U ANTID EiiH riintMl MleMiian to fill vacancy
July l limit have ticsn record and ability to
earn elV and exjienses iht month 25 wtekty
adiuitc M V lUMEIt A- CO lld lcve
land Ohio tnl
WANTED Waiter colored must knov how to
open oytcr iid clams and be able to read
ami write i l Id ave nw nil
for country trade- state
ace n fe and allrv expetted EI
W WTED tncn 5 jwt wts k and vx
Ienscs niaranteeil stdlin ehrmieai nfriirer
nlli fr m ichiniis to hotels restaurant liutcbers
and merchants cool all kinds of rririieratois
tbeaper than ttx Also chemical ice tream
frt7ii works automatii write fur territurv
KKEEZElt COMPANY Mirtlnn I CheaKo ml
WAXTT3D Ixical representative for our pub
lication department ol ojieiiiajr for tho riht
man must lie of gtiod addres education ind
Inuiness cTpcrieme Apjdy THE TIMES IjOX
DON 225 4th ave New- York fllj ml
WANTID At once erperienceil traveling
jleiren for Distrtt of Columbia We want
salesmen no novice need apply UOX 311
liicago ml
WANTED A lartcnder at 1133 H st ne cS 2
WANTED Young man aj telephone night op
erator state experience Address BOX IcS
this orJitc el
WANTED Man to operate moving picture ma
chine BOX 1gj this orbec el
WAN ED Young man between If and -0 to
sing illustrated songs Box 1U1 this office el
WANTED Carriage washer In rear 30 C st se
B F SHAW c2 3
WANTEIs Ten plasterers 1st and Albanv sts
nw Apply to F E SMITH c25 3
1 VTt tk i Anrilaci inTiniiirlia anrl
s 1 ji s iiiri viaan ri asusta Atii74 aim kj fx
vrriUr Call at ZfPS Htli at nw 4th floor Mon
day 4 lo5 30 el
WAXTKI PIr active mercetic solicitors bis
money fur pood workers Apply CH Tenth it
ne eis z
WANTED Younjj or middlo ae raan cf
to do orlt in snare time
state age and experience BOX 35of this of
fice el
AVAXTED 75 able bodied men lor railroad
Kradm go to lieimy V a Call for in
formation 802 10th st nw el
WANTED Two Catholic men to sell a new
atholie picture talary lb per ieek DINS
MOE rULlHUXG 0 fi21 7th st nw ft 3
WANTED IJuycT and saltcman for retail frivh
ireat department Audn a UOX 173 this ottee
m 3
WANTED Hotel clerk experienced rtference
and finrle for hotel out of city DICKa HO
TEL AGENCY 12th st and lennhania ac
WANTED Colorcd barWr for Hot Pprlncs Va
with reerence 0 Mttk room lcard and fare
DICKS HOTEL AGENCY 12th st and lennjl
rinla are eiTZ
WANTED Hotel storeroom man cxp ricnce
reference ningle for out cf city DICKS HO
ara rctmsnania ave
Ci7 2
WjIMEl Experienc ml counter man good
ar e27i
WANTED Colored lalorcn and teamtera 123
pfi day S S DAlill Si OS 5H Honda ave
n -77
WANTED Hrot tusliemsn on new work
pood naici ttadv work Applr at once JJI
TEIN k a 413 lltb t ni27 3
WANTED A j rang nun under 25 who Lnows
Itou to repair sowing mac nine AuUretH VUX
103 tills ollke m27 i
WANTED A handy blacksmith
st nw
Apply M7 tth
m27 3
WANTTD Tlirrc iwjr with btcyclct to delUer
Tinirr Call at 1420 5th at ntv c2C 3
WANTED Iants flnkner
WE1NDEUG 62G I st nw
Apply ELI AS
e26 3
WANTED A youi man In wholesale Hquor
store one vho can dress windoVs and make
himsflf ttrjirally useful one whu ha a some
trade desired must bae bitt reference Ad
dress HOX 137 tins ofhee e2C 3
WANTED lien for industrial in5uranre Ap
ply to W W CliSttELL tjupcrintendeut C13
F st nw e23 ll
WANTED nc acre of jrround m CViwluit
Road prefer to deal uith ovncrsr 3JIIS
NEVIN 012 Sth it nw aiter 4S0 p in
mJ Z
- - - -
WANTED rumitiirc cf air kind ttore and
otlit c fixtures TRIES t HOrWOOD itJi ard
K sU nn Telephone 27 JL m2S jl
WANTED btmex ttc buy Moves We pay
bij money for Moves Jhv us liefore jou
jour tove FRIES k HOPttOOD fcth and K
nut nw Telephone 27M M mJ Z
GOLD RINGS ladhV and crntx at half price
J DHUKKElt 1201 corner Ji ae and 12th
i U ml7J 5
THE I ATKST In siltir lorgnette thainZ and
lockets eaiy tetms J Dili KXKlt ViOl
ctrner Ia ave and 12th L ujJtiUlri uvi Z
12tirt aud Ia ae upstairs m2J 3
WILL IAY hiKjt i ath frr th nifejary
asltanv to wrure me a Government kU
thm Addrr BOX lUh this iHiif ml
FLVj fAlm DIAMOND- tirlc stone or
ciusien nngs an pmn etc caaii or n sht
L Dill KKIJt 1L01 corn r 12th t and lj
ave vptafrs m20 4
ILAJTERING eemertU calciniininz brlrk
virk uhitcwajJnnjj M J PLEASANT 211
3 1 st sw m2 3
WANTED A few more jtritons to l arn type
nritfci tenni reavnaMe For jwrtlculdrs
UOX It this offioc Ja Z
WANTED repairing ac
t utntely act urate work thoroughly thunfitti
TpHritr Repair C II Gc onif uianaer
Jwi F at 1lwnc 194 m fiajl
WASTKD linjo teaiUr for tvo pupiU 5
raj a lewoii Addreas IiX 133 thi oCicc
mt t J
ttANTEI Horses to Iward nice airy rttahlr
eentrally Iwtnl tirms reatcnahlc Call tlJ
Ui it m m2S3
UlAlirCAxTxt llijlr cauliis sutnidcr prlcejc
INMlal TM II jt nw iii2 3
WANTJi Ftirnittiri and carpets Inning
of housis a pe ilty nlirt mui vun
ltiws piJ drop postal to A- II LEVY If iS
E st nw pnrnijt attention jeiMin
WANTEIIlUnjTipafcli price paid for ladle
andKitlrtHtr t a it -oil elcthii AdJrcv PJ
tal and 1 Hill tll li TARMirjj 13Ci 7th st
nw e i3
KilO til er vatctici anTfdta
mn llifftiet cash j rites ARRAHAMb
tUifnvt iUL
1ANTEI Furniture and carpets buyirg fon
tent ft hMJt a ptiaUt hitK spot cih
price pjnl drp pwtal to A- II LEW 140S
L ft itn tTimpt nttkntion nxyZSSOl
U s aw G 5IARTIN jel SKA
n llKXT I imihrJ 7 to M2 listht
lOLikcTpintr i vt i in
Ft J It RKXI Twn tMimiUtfl fniVietl rorHH
Epht hotivkeeplnc heat ya buth fth rwns
fiont etfht vrinrnVft l 112 Mis ne 1
e nier 2d pr
11 S
nut RENT Nicely funiwhed 9 oHlttory
front moitl verj feamnalilc 12JS 12th st uv
rR RENT One hird torv fumislitl room
1Q ner nnnth LMFIC t m m2tfS
OR RENT Just inured In oierv room
ennt bath ra rent very reasonable TSt
IStb at nw ni0 i
FOR RET Two fnrnltiheil ncmn for limnc
kcepinj ec ntl Moor 123 C t ne ml S
TOR RKVT Two ftirnlriipil roniiMTT vli It
month gentle tnrti onle fi33 New Jerev ave
n in2C 7
room Mvond Iliicr
tittr 3 p m
nw newly fomiilipd
for eut Iciilih Call
ntM S
FOR ItENT Deliithtfully cool large
fiont rf in facing south upp wite
pars rpjwnahie in I t nw iut
holt RENT Three lirtfc bricht rtwitne itrivatc
bath Addre RtX VJ3 other m2J 3
IOR RFNT New ork awi uol
aide liieelj furnished
1U RENT 130 New York ae nw two
rooms Mtitijdcfor lijcht housekeeping m29 3
nR RENT N Kid v fttninbed motiut mtv low
rstea HOTEL ST LOlfS Eumpenn plm
FOR RENT ltnre kI front mom 1 t CiKr
with or without board stnlleinen only fii
litis St nw e2S S
FOR RENT Medium sljed romiH reai oiiabte
ran 50 cth t nw efi 3
FOR RENT mi ntAm sJiaded 3th IMuhIc
Island jc ne el
1R RENT t 221 I t m fmir furnislied
loems for Iiffht bath hot and
cold water tear Library and Capitol healthy
ItHit ion el
FOR RENT To centlenun or trained nrrse
in modern hou e d flor well lumishe room
southern exjKtsiire Iwith KJ and elwtric lht
telephone finall prlvae family 132U L t
11 w el
FOR IUnT Cool mniforlable furnished room
transients taken JI8 New Yrk ave e2t 3
FOR RENT Larrfo tool eeond story bay win
dow rocm with or without fubltns bexl porce
lain bath MiitAhh for two gentlemen firt
elatw lotatlcn 7 17 h nw c2s 3
FOR RENT Five ry Urpe elegant rooms with
from 3 to 3 windows In each fiiroiahfd or un
furnished rent singly or for lhjht hou ekeepin
jcw and modem ht water heat tilM
bat lis reasonable 110 Jti st nw el
IX R RENT Large bav window Iront room
fecond fiocr with or without board transients
5 cent 1111 II t nw cS3 3
KtIl RENT 3 furni bed rooms 4 f3 and
Ir month 417 i t t nw e2S 7
I OR RENT Two large furniJied front roonn
light housekeeping 1UJ3 cw Jersey ac nw
c2S 3
FOR RENT Cool airj roonw excellent loca
tion comenlent to c ar 1104 Obt nw m2S 3
FOR RENT Two frcond storj communicating
front roouu furnbhed light housekeeping
14S3 Sth st nw ir2 3
FOR RENT Furnb hed room on Fcctmd iloor
next to bath suitable for young man rent H
Ir month 1317 S st nw in2S 3
FOR RENT Desirable furnLshel rooms with
out beard summer rates 120J 10th st nw
tn2S 3
IXR RENT IirnJfihed complete light house
keeping three delightful parlor roonw
large cool rooms third floor all eon
icnienee refrigerators rcreens gas range
rent moderate 33 K st ne m2S 3
FOR RENT Cool airy room fie porcelain
bath tut central location tt sS 10 410
Ctli t nw m2S 3
FOR RENT FurnMied rooms l per week
liall 619 N st nw m2S 3
FOR KENT Nicely furnished room fl 20rt
12th ft nw ic25 3
FOR RENT On tet ond floor furnlhetl room
831 L t i nw in2s 3
FOR RENT FurnUhel roonw cheap no ob
jection to light housekeeping 1209 11th st
C27 3
FOR RENT Two neatly furnished rooms on
tloor hlad trees on front and rear
lawn modern bathroom terms low near cars
1003 D tt ne e27 3
FOR RENT Hrt and third floor front rooms
cheap 21R C st nw e27 3
FOR RENT liniished rooms cool clean
cheap 122 lath st n eiT
FOR RENT Two furnished rooms single or en
5iite 21 Hh st te o27 3
FOR RENT Two large newly furnished rooms
summer rates t3 I kt nw e27 3
FOR RENT Xieclv furnished front room cheap
121 31th ft e c27 3
FOR RENT A large front room nicely fur
riWiod 12 abo one for ifi ill Cth st nw
m27 3
FOR RENT Nicely furnihel front room sec
ond floor large cool centrally located with
hall suitable for light bousekeeplng including
gjs for cooklnir 12 4W H st nw m27 3
lOR RENT Urae dtlightfully cool front
rooms north and south iosure 7 12 C22
E st nw ui27 3
FOR RENT Second floor room bath same floor
good kept hoiwe Ki II ht nw m27 3
FOR KENT Three unfurnished room suitable
for light hoot keeping if3 alai one furmshfi
room S 5llt 2d st nw inu 3
FOR RENT Very cool pleasant roeni fiirnUhe I
or unfurnished southern exHurc Imtb u
fain flei r and elevator suitable for 1 or 2
gentleiuin Mimiuer ratea 1113 lth st nw
Mortjve Hats e2i 3
FOR RENT Nfte 2d lor roonw with ir with
outboir1 044 New York ae nw
FOR RENT Furnshcd or ufurnihed rindu
U L t he
FOR RENT rumifthvil or iinfitrniheI two er
li n e rouins M cond tlf r housekeeping per
mit Ud Call undny njrninc 110 K hi nw el
FOR RENT Room slrgle or en suite irs I
st nw e2h 3
FOR RENT Rack parlor or two room- fur
hnusokieplrg furnished or unfurnished Ill
Mil a tie n25 3
IDR RENT Thre bjtitiful communicating
rooms light houtekeeping line location rtu
jounlde 013 II nw e27 3
mil RENT 07 al t nw larjc
muilifrnnt room aIo back room ini 3
Toil Ill NT Thfr vri rooms witVhath leat
as - 3K 2d St inv owner m27 3
yiH HET ai IC st ne fnrnHhcd or unfur
nf4ieil rixms brat and gas in27 3
FOR RENT Furnished and unfuinisieil r ms
nnjdrn reaimiuble ol New York ave nw
ROOMS TO RENT Near Congress Heights and
Sf Elizabeth fumbhed or unfurnished Vi
lli JtlOX IH thb uffii m I
ORRFNT i C - nw funudieJ and mi
furnUhed rojm all nmciikncc1
FOR RFNT Newly furnifdiel front room pri
vate familv riwin 3 board 12 yj 11 ht
ne m27 3
IXR RENT Fumiletl room hall 3 mo
comfortable convenient At 11 ft nw m27 3
FOR RENT 1221 N Y ae nw
single rooms
double or
rn27 3
FOR RENT Reauiifil newly funiisbed rooms
for gentlemen 420 3d ft nw m27 3
FOR RENT FunibJied budging room for gen
tlemen in small adult Ltimly G20 U st nw
n7 3
FOR RENT Two or three rooms nicely fur
nlilied for houekeepiig V20 I t nw e2J 3
FOR RENT Furnfshed rooins cheap 107 E st
nw c2G 3
rOR REST Pleasant furntshftl rooms 3 333
11 st nc e-20-3
FOR RENT Nicely furnUhed rooms summer
rates faft 11th st nw 1 203
FOR RENT Nicely furnished hall room aLsj
other rooms toll I st nw eitf 3
FOIt RENT Furnfsliftl Itall room is 111 rent
for 1 per montlk 7o3 th st nw e2f 3
lOR RENT Irge cool room at summer rates
VATOLDI s5fr ytlijst uvr iii27
roil RENT Facing Lihrar handsuruely
clean cool rooms OWNER Ilo 2d st
Rrautifully furnished rooint with bat lis at
summer prices jell tf
HUE RENT FmVrixhed entire mam floor toil il iloem
ftitir ro in 1123 4th t nw m2i 3 idr ss Ro p
1XR RENT Three fumUlieil roem liltht
loiKkeep tij privilege no sign 7ift 10th t
nw mil J
FOR RFNT Tn sfesnd 5tory front light
houaele tuns hich ami hcitln conenient to
cans SU Ifll D t t ne m2H 3
FOR RENT Flat tf four rooiirt and bath Hl
ltlh nw H15H 3
FOR RENT KO 31 st nw
W 7 l
three front noms
H121I 3
FOR RENT Nicely furnUhed room 3 jnr
inoatli 17 Mi m nw m2l I
roll RENT Three rams on set end floor in
baj wimluw botme near Capitol eabinet man
telv 331 A tt r in2lt 3
FOR RENT Wry nice connecting parlors
hit floor suitable for doctors office er btii
ms iJS h s t nw m23
IXR RENT Threv large airy roonw jdeas
antl Hilinti L 1711 tith St nw m 3
FOR RENT Two unfurnished front rooms sec
ind floor Iet location 1440 Cliapin ml
FOIt RENT Three nice room for liulit heuHe 1
helping in private family heat gas and
bath 423 I tt nw tn21t -3
Vim HKST Fnfirnitirfl rooms at 3423 6th ft
nw pleasant and e onvenlent locjtkn ln23 7
FOR RENT FnfurnUhed Hat of four rooms 21
floor 1227 mil st nw c2S 3
FOR RENT Three cr four large imfirnlslieI
tin theap if taken at once 1308 UIkxs t
lXHt RENT Desirable uniurnUhrd rooms e
t el lent I cation newly papered and paintetl
single or en iitr 1122 t U nw e2i 3
FOR RENT 3 iinfurobhed romns adjoining
tuth entire 2d floor liht housekeeping per
ml t ted or hoard If desired 12Jl 4th t nw el
FOR RiXT Part of E ronm botnc to desirable
iwrti terms to mi it Call 731 4th At nw
mS 3
FOR RENT Five light airy untarnished
riMim every convenience for hoiueeeepiiii
central bean to adults 22 1 st nw iu2a 3
FOR RENT Three rooms and batli light
housekeeping 700 R st sw m2b 3
FOR RENT Unfurnished
f00 rth st nw
three rooms iJlO
m23 3
IXHE RENT Two unfurnished rooms ivc ond
Hicr near bath ftW 12th si nw m2d 3
FOR RENT Two second story rooii3 for house
keeping all conveniences no children 12ti D
st ne c27J3
FOR RENT Tlireo elegant housekeepirg rooms
porcelain bath 43a K st nw c27 3
FOR RENT Three rooms newly papered pri
vate family light houkeepig 13 I53S fith
it nw e273
FOR RENT Foui nice unlurnudiM rooms par
lor floor and basement 10 N Capitol st rn27 3
FOR RENT Two rooms second floor three
rcomkt third floor light housekeeping desira
ble cheap W Indiana ae nw in273
FOR RENT Unfurnished two larpe connecting
rooms second floor citable for light house
keeping no children 121S R st ne c26 3
FOlf RENT Two unfurnished rooms reason
able ZZJ Ah st se c26 3
FOR RENT Two large comfortable rooms
alcove bath Mcond floor light housekeeping
1230 311 F st ne e203
roil RENT Unfurnished two communicating
rooms bath adjoining 112C Hrth st nw
e2 3
FOR RENT Rooms The Astoria 3d and O jts
nw central location modern m2l tf
122t NEW YORK AYE FurnMied rooms and
board good home cooking rjl30 and 3 per
week m2D 3
HR RENT Second story rooms with geod
loard fla and 20 jrer month 223 lst Cap
itol tt m2U 3
FOR RENT Front room with board 4 Tr
we ek transients C12 3d st nw mM
FOR RENT Room and board to a lady in
private fiinily i wr week referenceii ex-
chanireL17I7 Hrth t nw m2 3
FOR RENT Nicely furnished rooms with good
table board lioft L st nw m2J 3
FOIt RENT First and second floor rooms with
Iniard summer rates 303 2d t lie ni20 3
ROOMS and boanl shade near cant 1225 De
troit Drooklajid i2S 3
2212 I SfFNW Room and board 430 a week
near departments e2s 3
AXTiIIoarder to occupy bright 2d floor
roum -married couples preferreel good open
its for the riht par ties Apply 1240 11th st
nw t e2S 3
FOR THCNT Furnished rooms with or with
out lAinV 10 New ork ave nw rn2i 3
FOR UrJNT 1214 New York ave nw fur
nUhcd rooui i with or without lurd ibo
table loard 4 per week two meals m23 3
modated at summer rates location central
irnirn pleasant Apply 710 12th ft nw mi i
FOR RENT Superior accommoIatl3ns at sie
cial near Cjpltol 210 1st st ne c27 3
ROOM AND HOARD Two In roonltl7 per
month 4trj 10th n nw iu273
m27 3
FOR RENT Furnished or unfurnished rooms
commtmieatlng or sirgl with board very
reasonable 010 3d st nw m27 4
KOU RENT Large pleasant nicely furnished
room corner house good table board 1013
L tt nw
FOR RENT Willi or without IxMrd Iare
third storj corner room southern exiKure
alto hall rvom 4J1 4th st nw m23 3
Tittt RENT Large front room second story
till or without board 10 W M ft nw miV7
LOT Saturday night hr a poor girl pocket
Iok containir f 3sf litis tt car or corner
11th and F Mk Reward if to RON
ailthi oflice ml
VosT Thursday gold frame Re
waid is returned to M0 tjuiney st nw e2S 2
2 REWARD fur name of ro who had br Indie
and white bull dor in Capitol grounds We dues
da e tiling June 23 Addri Mi 027 A st ne
e2 3
IjOVT Rlack and tan fox hound June 22 Re
ward if returned to 1323 Howard ae Mt
IJeusatit e23 3
LOT IUtween Capitol and 11th and X sts
pair gold spectacles rvturn to 1233 12th st
nw andreeehe reward el
IOnT Thuuday evening ty terrier name
Hone hair 11T its back reward it returned to
413 11 r c c27 3
LO JT Weilneydjy night goin from California
st to DeUware ae and C St a ladjs black
wnlth and fliiln valued as a gift reward If
rfturneil to 241 New Jerwey a nw e27 3
UHT 1tHketltook containing if 21 3 rewarZ
610 Ouinty st nw e27 3
FOUND The best place vhere I can buy an
linerhan watch olid or gidiullcd lidle
cr K nts 1 a week J DllUKKrlt 1201
eonur Pa aye ani 12th st up talris m20 4
XIXD A Daughters of Iteolatlon pin Kth
drts W D KINO 152 Jacksun st Anacostia
nw I owt prin i m2j 3
FOl ND Only at Wilkins 024 Oth St Kiund
niiii Me and iVint cake 2 pouudri fur 23 cents
3 pouinU cake fur CO cents e230
J1H The onlt plate to get a delicious
jee cream and cake and loan saucers and
rpouiw WILKINS irit itth st e23 0
FolND At Ijceys utt modern Ice cream
tactory in America delicious chocolates ia
nilla and strawberry ice cream made from
the lnit not the acid l0c per gallon Alo
Laeejs special 70c jx r gjRon Ottlce is7 New
Vor -v Phcne Mail Ctl dflO tf
FOR EXCHAXOE Fine fanu near Rotkville
Md 23 aeTfS good dwelling and outbuild
ings price per acre will etclune for good
city proprrt u r ten days T J CILES J13
14th nw 7 m2 3
WANTED To exthsngc perfect grnmophnre
records cist 33 fur wapJroh ihtn i
Inset fdeloaid oil tdo dilui ur poultrv
UOX 1 Kiullworth D C ml
cheapest In town Ad
0IS1 e n20 J
A sFE OPPORTUNITY offered large and entail
mwtir to pirtn tpit in profits uf responsible
bHfknuking euiieTii Enfiis have averaged 52s
iiMnihl 11 tjh sieo Investment Commercial
and financial ret inte S II JACKSON
Downing Ibulilir New ork ml
UE HAIK whu will pay cash for
Rree erv and eonfectioneiy sturei NEW YORK
RUMNEss iitoftiis pn r st
THE HEaT ELOJN or Waltham watches in the
onipanys filleil e fs il7 t ost
ebewhere Jf5 li week only a few left J
DIUKKER 1201 corner 12li and Pa ave up
stairs 36
fOOl INCOME sonnd gobl mlnirg remtpany
ere offering 0t t shan s of their trcantry
tixk nuestor i ealeMncn or ladies and gen
era Addrcxs TWIN CITY DK EUP
MLNT CO 10 Fulton St New York
JtrrtglMj 1
FOR SALE On account of leaving city will
aenfiee stock and fixtures of rrocery stnrcr
1120 I t se
FOR SALE irler aliop for yn
will take cah balance i asy luimenta
Apply afte r 7 p m 023 1 ct nw m25 3
mercantile or niarnifaeturtng business 2u20 12th
st nw m2a 3
FOR SALE Obi etabIMed grocery stock and
for coyli 1V1 M tise rn2aj3
FOR SALE laineh and pool room combined
clearing OJ month rare opportunity NEW
UHK Rt MNEVS IIROKKKS till F at m2a 3
FOR SALE Oeneral notion and cigar store
itaon for selling leaving city AddrcM ROX
174 this offlec m 3
yOR SLK Dniff store inwlprn new
fountain northwest no reasonable offer re
fibwl limw IiU 170 this ollicc 4i7 3
f30 WIII Hi PAID to party securing me per
manent overnmtnt pcwitUm or with cood re
llalile ofimiianv or in nary yard strictly eon
fidential Adrr IlOX 107 this oltlce e27 3
TOR SALK OM ctitablislie1 ire cream parlor
oriI confettionerj cheap little cash lonsr
time Adilnw UOX ltfl thU oilicc e27 3
WAXTKD lartnfr at onre to nianaRe estab
lished business little money required imesti
Katc Rood chance Address ItOX Ito this of
fice tf7 3
WAXTK1 To buy a crownin machine fcr
lwttlin beer tt J MOAVG17 ljul3ian
Ule e27 3
rtlt SAIl Iunch room doiwc first class bwi
nes no reasonable offer refused alM ice cream
and confectionery clieaji lo0jX V J UU
OAX 017 fJilllsUna ae e27 3
FOIt trociry central location must be
sold at once cheap rent Address UOX 16r
this office m27 3
WILL BK IAIU to -party securing me per
manent loiemmrnt position or uith good com
IKinr Ust of reference strictly c onfidentut
Addrws ISOX this otnee m27 3
IXU SAIH 223 clear and confectionery store
doirt ocmI businebs cause leaving city Ad
dr llOJC 13 thia otBce m27 3
FOR SALK Centrally located ilgar store do
Int large business llfVIAl VU F St m27 3
FOR SALF Lunch room for J230 clearing iM
1T month DLXLAP QUO I st m27 3
FOIt SAIX Ilarber shop doing splendid busi
ness DINLAP W F St m27 3
WANTLD To buy a crossing machine W J
DltiAN 617 Ij ave m27 3
FOR SALE Country inn close to Washington
doing loagniilceut business 00 rooms price
tfJ W J DTGAX jnr zi3
FOR SALK Saloon prominent street nw must
be sold worth 5 price 33W W J
nUCAX 617 la ave m27 3
FOR SALK Lunch room doing first class busi
ness no reasonable offer refused also itccrea n
and confectionery cheap 13I0 W J DUCAS
C17 La ave m27 3
FOR SALE Wholesale lirpior license W J
DLCAX 017 U ai m27 3
FOR SAIhChoite little cigar and confection
ery northwest clearing 12 price 175
m27 3
FOR SLK Oroccry elegant corner for busi
ness good reason for selling BOX 1G1 this
office C20 3
BUlBKIi SHOP clearing J1SI month will sae
rlSce heart of citj XFW YORK
BltOKEIt 111 Fst e20 3
FOR SALK Jood irrocery and market store
1304 V St nw look at it and say what you
will give for it will be sold this wee
A It McCIIKSXKY Central Hank Building
m2C l
roll SALE Barber shop 100 Cth it
B and P depot
e24 J
ILST HOlfiliT 10 Klgin and Waltham watches
in Kejstone Cos filled cases others price
23 I will tell them while they last for 1730
on time Jl a week Dont miss this oppor
tunity They wont last bng J DIILKKER
1201 corner 12th and Pa ave upstairs m24 0
60c BROWNE 504 F tt nw rtSl tf
FOB SALK Two fine horses suitable for family
use carriage or wagon one is a fine saddler
H35 II t ne c2a 3
FOR SALK Small horse good driver 33 call
after i p uj or Miuday 127 32d st nw
FOR iALE Light delivery wagon cheap 1726
Pa ave 2S 3
FOIt SALK Driving horse
Cili and A sts se
m2S 3
FOR SALK I argc biy workhorse a little sore
J years old iheap Apply ttJI SKIDrtXUKRO
18th and Spring Itoad nw e27 3
nR SALK Several second hand wagons bug
gio curriagts knd lot of wheels bargains
V 1 CEVKI1 1210 Obi ax- m27 3
FOR SAL1 To mule- dirt wpgon one et of
double harnei s 031 Grant me nw m27 3
nut SALE - heap pair large horses and brick
uarri 1 3d sL sw m27 3
FOl SALF Deliver wagon With top good
condition very cheap can be seen PATK
Ldecker ate and lailm St 3lt Pleasant
m27 3
JlST arrived 2i horses from Virginia among
Hum rjft iirirs and general purpose horses
also 3 low prued horses alwi two fast trot
ting horsos N bCIILEGKL In rear KB I st
nw e26 7
FOR SALE One good work horse weighing
12Xl pounds can be seen 317 lsth st nw e26 3
FOR SALK Black liorseT fine driver 10 hands
higii safe for family also rnbUr tire run
about and harne s 1103 11th St nw e20 3
IARHKItS AXD CITY MEN take noticel To
be sold withuut reserve 1- horse and mares
rarging in age from 5 to 0 years weight fOO
to 1W imuiids fiitable for any baslness
Also tivo fast lrliing mares no reasonable
offer refused Call bruise 212 ij st nw m23 7
FOR SALK Two bay sure suitable for family
or business purpemea one runabout and trap
Rear of 2K Kill St nw m23 7
improwments erne fare jKirehrs Applv MRS
1 W DAY1IOFF Cumurl st first door east
of 12th St Brkland I C rr20 7
dale near Linditi Vs on Blue Ridge for good
ourtr board pure mountain water lee milk
nice bath house lurches fresh Vegetabes
spiing chickens close to Shenandoah River
three hours from Washington D C four
daily nulls m23 3
WAXTlD Men Imarders terms 13 per month
A J HUtl OVi Orange a c2 S
j v-Tit- mi i -
near Blue Ridge Mountain adults 450 per
week eliildrrn 2S Address Mrs W V
Mll ri c larhsnurg jic nisomery county ni
IH27 3
UK IIAVK room for six boarders lady of the
house is a trjined nurse long experience ref
er nee giien and required Address BOX 70
Garrett Park Maryland C2C 4
WANTED At Kdgeworth teiTcr twelvedejl7
able boarders among the mountains cf upper
Fauquier large store house plenty good shade
good water ice and g od country board near
est station Marshall Hall terms 920 to -3
per month Further lurticulars apply to MBS
If 11 TKMPLKMAN Orlean Fauquier courtv
Va mlJ 12
LOCKSLEY HALL Iiwer ivomac terms mod
erate GEORGE IIOCERS Kldge Md JcJ lm
i From StaUon rmvlTania nJ HVt L
i In iOtc llv 1 iSltf
Tor AKtjnilris tttt r oI3
SUO s ko u s in ii ii iS 1100 113
m Ml M li iO 1J45 si OS I
230 jrt02 330 55 JH W V
I5 5 S0J fib Jttl J30 D0 5
930 1013 iSo 1153 p m
Sundsjs 713 aUU 1113 luS3 lM
m 1200 noon 1280 100 130 30
3W S3D D0 iSD 5U SW 6K10 030
70 7J0 800 63 830 1313 2120 W
p m
ror Moti nt Vtrnon TCet lays 89
10W l oo m 10J xl05 S00 30i
S0 xlll i 22 708 930 p 13
Sundays 900 a m 1209 noon 200 loo
5o roo Psa n m
For Arllr Bton anil AqnfJuct nrlillf
laji C30 701 70 a00 829 839 Vij
1000 noo a m 1205 12OT 123 1
123 200 -230 302 330 39 133 IH
C22 C03 C30 709 809 p m
SUVDAYS T 000 015 1030 1100
-1230 100 ISO
jc 12m noon
200 230 SC0 330 400 130 300 530
00 030 700 730 fM p m
iKxprrv To Arlinsrtcn only
Partelj cirrled tlizzc ciecknl
J COLVIV Scpcrincnilrnt
Schedule corrected to liay 23 1W
Traics lave fron Pennsylvania Station
C1 a a Dally lcal for Ilarrisonturs
Warrenton Charlotte and way station
m ri ii- naiitnfrton UlchmonJ
and Florida Limited First class coaches and
orawinj room sleeper to Jacksonville ria -in
car service
1115 a m Dally Unltejl Stales Fast Hall
First clasi coaches and drawing room deeper
to New Oilcans Dining car service
1137 a m Dally Local for Warrcntort and
39 p m Saturdays only The Warrcnton
Special Alexandria lljnassaj Calvcrton and
tt arrenton
1CI p m Week Days Local fcr
burz smt vr tatfrn rn t3na34 branch
r 430 p m Dally Local for Warrtaton and
fc45 p m Dally New fork and Atlanta E
press First class coach and sleeper to Atlanta
liendays Wednesdays and Fridays Sunset
Route Tourist sleeper Washington to San
Francisco Pullman buffet service
p m Daily New York and Florida
Express Firc class coach and sleeper to Sa
tanruli Jacksonville and Port Tampa sleep
er to Suuimerville Charleston Augusta and
connection for Aiken Dining car service
1001 p m Daily ttashmjton and Chat
tanooga Limited vU Lynchburg
coach and sleeping car to Roanoke Knoxville
CbatUnoa and Memphis sleeper to New Or
leans Dining car service
1015 p m Daily Washington and South
western Limited All Pullman train club and
observation cars to Atlanta and Macon sleep
ers to Nashviile Atlanta Macon Memphis
New Orleans Dining car service
Iave Washington week days 810 a m
100 p m 433 p m 4M p m and 623
p m Latter to lesburg only Sundays
only 901 md 910 a m and fi2S p m for
Through trains from the South arrive Wash
ington 042 a rn 632 a rru 740 a ro 913
a in 200 p m 913 p m and 930 p m
dally Local trains from Harrisoburg 1137
a week days and 910 p m daily From
Charlottesville 823 a a and 940 p m
Tickets steering car reservations and de
tailed information can be had at ticket of
fices 703 15th St 511 Pennsylvania Avenue
and Pennsylvania Station Baggage checked
through from hotels and residences
Phone Main 1441 P R R Cab Service
a II ACKERT General Manager
S 11 IIARDWICIC General Passr Agent
U S BROWN General Agent
Capita Citr Route
Washington Pesna It K SUtlon
iinllv Through IMlIman Sleepers to
yu Jacksonville connecting at
itmie with 1ullmafi Sleeper to Atlanta
7 Pinliv LlSIITED SolIJ train to St
ArrnutuM with Pullman Drawing Room
i nartmeni Observation and Dining Cars
PuUman Sleeper to Atlanta Pullman
iier 1 uesdays Thursdays and Siturdays to
outhrn Pines Pinehunt
xhu trains offer excellent schedules and
to Petersburg IlaMgh Southern Pine
tem einehurst Camden Cjmiia Savannah
ffeksonvilk and all Fltrida points
rl te Athens AtlanU New Orleans Chat-
Nashville points West and Southwest
fila m LOCAI To Petersburg Raleigh
JTliY Southern Pines Pinehurt
Hamlet and intermediate points
Office 141 Penna Ave
Gcnerul Pass Agent General Agent
Kflectivc June 2S 1P02
Trains leave District Line Station freached
by Columbia electric ears as follows
Week da 1030 a m 100 230 313
and 7 P m Suiiias and Holidays 915 1030
11 S0 a m It0 230 330 330 7 and S3J
Week dajs 1240 230 3 S and 10 p m Sun
dajs and Holidays 120 150 3 520 030 S
910 and 10 10 p m
Week dais 915 a ra 515 p m Sundays
915 a in 530 p m
A II LFWIS G P A 1420 Now Ynrle r
Every day In the year from foot of 7th
st for Tt Uonroe Norfolk Newport
enr aiu in iiuils milu uj mt
AH fill I
peu inJSll
-Newport News
tt ashington
Lv Washton630pra
palace steamers
Norfolk and
Tt Psrtli sert n
- - - lll
Lv Alexonuria ou pntiv iscroiKooo pm
Ar Ft Monrce700amlv Ft Monroe700 pm
Ar Norfolk 800 am Ar Atcxandria03O am
Ar PortsmthS13amAr ttashingtn700 am
xTTThrough connections made at Nor-
folk with tteamers of Old Dominicn
Steamship Co for New York and
chints and Miners Steamships for
HTFor further Information apply at
generil ticket cfSce Bond Building 14th
and N Y ave or 7lh st wharf Wash-
ington D C
Phone 2200 JXO CALLAHAN Gen Jgr
Kenaington Jv 12pm rhlla July 0 10 am
St Louis Jv 210aml St Taul Jv 1010am
Zeeland July 5 noon Vaderland Jy 15 noon
Frilnnd Jv 12 noonfIvromlandjy 2 noon
N W or Cec W Moss 1111 Gvst N W
BOOMS PAPERED 173 up house painting
lowest prices roof minting 50c per square
CMHISLE BROS 1103 Oth st ne Phone
East 3061J W2U3
FEW DAYS MORE Rooms paperc1 130 up
Ill XT 487 st nw ri27 7
NOLTE 24 9th st nw is constantly receiv
ing the latest and most attractive designs In
Wall Papers and papers rooms from 200 up
Call and investigate fcr oursclt and be con
vinced rall tf
BELGIAN hsres and guinea pgs l ralr up
Just the stock fcr boya to breed during vaca
tion wc have also white mice and pigeons
SCHMIIVS BIRD STORK 715 12th st nw eKtf
WHY PVY t Si for terge when -we store for
420 10th St nw UCD3
3lArio lAJKNUt or SIXTH AXD U ala
Parlor and iuuig Cars Jturrisburg la lltta
TED Pullman eelng DinlDi Snwkmc anj
Observation Cars llanisburg f Chicago Cm
rinnatl Indianapolis tt Luuu Cieveuud uJ
Toledo Bullet Parlor Car to lUrrubur
1050 A M DAILY I AS UMv Iuilnua
Buffet Parlor Car to Harrtiburg Buffet Parlor
Car llarrisburg to Pitteburs
Car Washington to St
Louis and Meeping and Dining Cars Harriitmrj
to Indianapolis st Louis Louisville IvU Cin
cinnati and Chicago
PnllrMn Sleeping Car llarrisburg to St Loaia
Pnliman Sleeping Car to Pittaburg and Chi
cago Dining Car to Chicago
CINNATI EXPRESS PuUman Sleeping Cart
Washington to Pittsburg and llanisburg to
Cleveland and CindnnatL Dining Car
PuIIman Sleeping Car tc Pittsburg
PRESS with through Broiler Buffet Parlor Car
and Coaches to Buffalo via Emporium Junc
750 A If for Kane Canandalgua Rochester
and Niagara Falla dally except 9uadty
1060 A JL for Elmira and Kenoro daily ex
cept Sunday JFor WillUmsport daily 3 P
IltCSS With through Buffet Sleeping Car and
Coaches to Buffalo- via Emporium Junction
745 P M DAILY for Erie for Rochester
Buffalo and Niagara Falls daUy except Sat
urday with Sleeping Car Washington to
1040 P SL for Erie Canandalgua Rochester
Buffalo and Niagara Falls dally Pullman
Sleeping Car Washington to Rochester Satur
days only
daily for New York all Parlor Cars with Dia
log Car from Baltimore
For Philadelphia New York and tnti
Express 510 Dining Car 70 flMnlnc Car
757 Dining Car 810 Dining Car 900
1000 Dining Car 1023 and 1100 Dinind
Car from tt ilmington A M 1243 315 430
Dining Car from Baltimore 050 1000 P M
1210 night On Sundays 530 Dining Car
701 Car 757 Dining ear 810
Dining Car 90 1035 1100 Dining Car
from Wilmington A M 1213 315 450
Dining Car frm Baltimore 030 1000 P M
1210 night
For Philadelphia only Express 745 A JL
12 15 P if week days 201 410 and 510 P
U daily
Fcr Boston without change 745 A if wek
days and 130 P M daily
For Baltimore 000 330 613 70 745 750
737 S10 900 1000 1023 1050 110 A
JL 1213 1215 lr20 12s 201 313 330
400 Limited 410 420 423 430 540
615 6Jf 715 7 45 100 -1040 1135 P JL
and 1210 night On Sundays 5a0 700 730
737 810 D0 905 lOil iqiw 1I3JO A-
Ji 1215 115 21 315 530 400 Limited
410 420 oO 3JO 013 6 M 715 713
100 1040 P JL and 1210 night
Fcr Popes Creek Line 715 A JL and 433 P
U ureMavs Sundays 905 A U
For Annapolis 750 A 1L 1215 and 423 P
JL week days Sundays 900 A It and 51
Seashore Connections
ATrAsrnn ctrY SPECIAL 120 P JL
week days Solid vestibule train Pullman Buf
fet Parlor Cars and Cuachcs through to Atlan
tic City
ia Delaware River Bridge only all rail route
1101 A JL 110 P and 1210 night
clailv 1243 P M wcek dajs
Via Jlarxet Street Wharf 90 Saturday emly
10M and 1100 A JL 1245 P M week days
1210 night dailr li13 P M Sundays only
For Caj Jlay 1000 A JL 12L and 1213 P
SI wees days 120 night daily
Kcr Asbury Park Ocean Grove and Uin
Ilninilk 1210 icM r 810 110D v M
ard 1245 P J week dajs
Ticket omcjs comer riueentn sna c screen
and at the station Sixth and II Streets wherj
orders can be left for the checking cf bag
gage to destination from hotels and rerltesces
Telephone call 1441 for Pennsylvania Rail
road Cab Service
General Manager Ceceral Passenger Agent
Ljtc Washington New Jtzxj Atc tad C St
Chicaco ana JforthwMt lo50 x m 6i3
ti cf TflTif nm Lanf st rill - lftrOS
a m 13 a 110 night
100 nisht
n m
ITOtllMT1 sJ iiuvi r
Winchester 1S33 a in 413 and 5JJ
PLuray Rivertcn Front Royal Elkton
IlTn S W 111150 0 m llir
525 p
ntn A rnrtt
Rav ridge went us - - vvii
and 430 p m Sundays 010 a ra and 111
r Frederick JS35 300 10W a m 1 1S
li so and 11620 p ra
Vlacerstown 111003 a m and 5S0 p m
Lov7nd way- points II3J3 30 a a
i 15 ltS0 I3S0 U30
aS50 JIJ M30 500 HSjSO
05 7 0 W15 HllS0 p m
Washington JuneOon and way points 833
4 mTl 115 U30 5S0 p rn
i ili noon xl l5 x300 x400 x430
tiTVi 11 3S m Sundays x300 x70J
Ji X3 30 1900 a m xl220 115 x30
xsYm x55 630 jxS OO 11000 zIl SO 11M
KUl au i
sv trains iliiirainateJ with Plntsch light
An trail
jl v vs- r
ttiTore 1 niiaiTiii - uww
hSt 300 73 Diner J3SJ Buf
DinS 111000 Diner t in
IU Vj Diner 3 n0 UIW
iwrt 1 too PhUadelphia Only 103
Jmner 1130 m Sleepinj Car
noon 30 P ra A
tifc u j s
Daily lie
xExprcss trafci
it 1 -- ntirl k fn ffrY ri KntoTa
bv Union Transfer Co ea ordert
V Tt tfeket offices 6lS Pennsylvanl Avtnn
northwest Sew Tort Avenuq and FUteenth
Street anu a -
Schxlulc Effective Jnne 20 1P02
Tralrj I ave Prnnsylvanla Station
v 11 Dailv CIM lNA vii av iftj
Cincinnati Heaehea Mountain Resort Station
erniini Cincinnati and laratsrllle next
Sornlw Louis and Ciiicago that cvenlt e
Pullman Sleepers to Cincinnati and Ljl
Dai Observation Pirlor Car to Mrglnli
HotSorings week days Cite far
630 P St llT ASlTINim
SStl SET VrrlvTnr H
Indlanapolb 325 p m St I u
15 30 a m
lit v si Cbicaso 840 p m Ihillman
Sieepes to Clnrftsnatl lndhnapol and Jt
iiujV without ch wte Parlor Car
1 SSrruwrnn solid
C mpartmrnt Sleeper lo Y irg lnl
and Satur
Hot Springs TuTwUys Thursday
days- connection dilly Sleepcra Cincinnati to
Chlengr - and St Loul Dlnltw Tar
rtrsnv end
tv it 9
Ohio ofRre 513 lnajlvanla avenue o 1 r
teenth rtreet neas F and at th on
Telephone call 1441 far PtniWwna R It Uh
Telephone JL lIn 1006
Fcr Richmond Va an 1 points South via
sTvsnilri ami Frederiekaburff Iave station
tth end II streets 430 a m 343 t m dally
dining car for mchmontl ana pointa on At
lantic Coav I - art Florida 1041 a m
7X p m dfly Foridi ami Metropolitan
Limited for Rihmund and points on Sea-
beord Air Lice and Mnrlls 10sl a m train
connects at Klrliiund with C O Ry for
Ncport News Od Point Comfort ctej 1031
a in lallr for Richmond and points on South
ern Railway and Florfda dlidng car 7il0a rn
ueek lay 44a p m oaiy exprcu or iicn
mond only Pullman or parlor cars on all
above iralru except 7l40 a m
for Juartlro 70 a m Sunday only
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