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The proposal of Carter Clark to
furnish white oak lumber for the repair
of Iennslnnia Avcnuo bridge lias been
receptee b the Commissioners
The Commissioners liac directed that
the Ieaeb of absence for per diem cm
loes of the District for the ensuing
fircal year shall be distributed as during
h current jear that Is the 500 dajs
granted under the Ian are apportioned
among about sevcnts workers Hiss
Marlon West and K Myers have been I
i Hi
1 L
appointed to prepare the list and sug
gest the apportionment of dajs for the
next fiscal jear
Trueman Lanhani Superintendent of
Iarklng stated estcrda that the pe
cial appropriation of 1000 mule for the
trotection of the trees from the attacks
of caerpillars has been expended and
that the work will be completed under
the regular appropriation for the next
fiscal ipt Up to noon vestcrday work
men were employed in clipping off the
webs throughout the cltv and parting
them off to tne dumps
The Commissioners hae voted on the
rccommenlation of the Collector of
American Sale of
Made of muslin cambric nain
sook and lawn Among this lot
vou will find govuis chemises
drawers corset covers long and
short petticoats and kimonos
made ol lawn and outing flannel
as well as pillow shams The e
goods are all more or less trimmel
with line cmbioidery and Val and
Point de Paris laces and embioid
ery Xo two pieces alike Weve
divided them into 3 prices Ameri
can Sale Prices
98c 68c and 59c
First floor Center bargain tables
500 pieces of Batiste In all the pre
vailing figured floral Dresden md
symmetrical effects which 1 7p
Glveenmade to retail at Sc prL
American Sale Price O
700 pieces of American Batiste
corded leno effect In floral and fig
ured designs all colorings r o p
which Glvecn made to retallrjM
Vat 124c American Sale
Fine Pique in two colors navy and
black different size dots a verj
stanch and well wearing quality
wMch Glvecn made to re
tall for 15c a yard Amer
ican Sale Price
American Sale of
73 pieces of new All silk Plain and
Broche Printed Satin Foulards In
this offering will be found some of
the most exquisite designs and col
orings shown tills season lots of
pretty blue and white old rose and
white reseda and white black and
white tan and white In nem and
natty effects this lot of foulards
embraces one of the grandest oppor
tunities of the season these goods
are offered nt about half of their real
worth as the old selling
prices were SJc 1 and 123
American Sale lrlce
American Sale of
Womens Shirt
500 pieces of the prevailing black
on white line sheer India linen ef
fect also other light colorings
which Glveen made to retail p op
at 124c a vard American X- I
Sale Price
Navy and Mght Blue and Back
Duck al3o navv black and white
with dots these Glveen maderi p -
to retail at 12Wc a yard X-
American Sale lrlce
75 pieces of Fine Madras this
cloth Is the flnest of Its kind It has
a satin stripe with black on white
enects Glveen made this
cloth to retail for 2c Amer
ican Sale Price
American Sale of
American Sale of
Refrigerators and ice Chests
Hardwood Golden Oak lined with gilvamed iron insulated with
irineial wool and iion tonduction chmoil sheathing lee chamber re
movable in section as well as shelves and drain pipes AH these offer
ed tomorrow will include ice pan nnd pick
Xo 1 Ice Chest 10 inches long IS inches deep 2i
itthes high American Sale Price
Xo 4 Refrigerator 27 indies long 17 inches diep
41 inches high Ameiicnti bale Price
a a ItIL I m
a vv
JL JEL4 1LA 1 A f
7 QQ
Xo 3 Refrigerator nickel lock and hinges 2S
inches wide 1 inches deep 43 inches high American Q11 fQ
Sale Puce IlyO
Xo 20 Refrigeiator etri large sie made with
two dooi b capacity lor 120 lbs ice American Sale 11 fiO
Price lT iO
Taxes to refund an ocrpajmcnt on tlc
assessment for widening Columbli Koril
amounting to 12 18 in favor of George
C Drown The overpayment was the
result of a clerical error In making out
the bill
The Commissioners have nted to In
form Edward A Keeltx that the owner
of the acnnt lot adjoining premises 4
Twelfth Stret northeast has complied
with the regulations to present the
washing of earth upon the sidewalk
The Commissioners have appointed
Mr L Cabell Williamson and Mr Iien
laiIn r Lclphton members of the
Hord of Vtdlcal Supervisors for terms
of three 5 ears beginning with June JO
the latter being named In the place of
Mr Corcoran Thorn wno declined re
Joseph Fagtie has been Informed by
the Commissioners that the are with
out authority to rc nlt Interest and
costs on special assessment for the pnv
Ing of allej agaiust sablot 3 square
Ssl hi belnlf of Whltefield MiKinlay
On recommendation of Captain New
comer acting Engineer Commissioner
William H Manogue attorney for W
T Walker and W W will be
informed that the dedication of the
strip of land from lot 1 square 225 of
23 dozen Womens American made Percale Shirt Waists large variety of
neat and prett effects in stripes and figures all good washable col
light and dark designs trimmed with rows of fine cluster
tucking worth E0c American Sale I lce
23 dozen Womens American made Striped Madras Waists In
American Sale of
nfnl Hffflf hlllo rind PMV itrtri nnilp fill hlmian frnt nnw airi V 4C
and cuffs perfect fitting all sizes 73c Amerlcal Sale Prlc fJ
23 dozen plain and striped Madras Waists a large variety of nobb and
neat designs this soason3 most desirable colorings button front
and button back stvles some trimmed with cluster tuckln and hem
stitching others with bla3 folds all sizes worth up to Jl
lean Sale Price J i
23 dozen Madras and Chambray Waists made of the very best domestic
materials beautiful stripes In gray pink light blue tan and rose tucked
to form oke some with straight tucking to the waist white pique n
stock finished with long tie to match all sizes vorth up to 2 30 MXv
American Sale lrlce vLv
Second floor Shirt Waist Department
American Sale of Wash
CC0 pieces of One wash materials
such as Have Batiste and Mouss
Hne Batiste In a hand ome collec
tion of pretty designs and colorings
which Glveen made to re
tail a 15c a vard Amer
lean Sale Price
430 pieces of very fine sheer cloth
in connection with the entire sur
plus of one of the largest manufac
turers of fine wash goods inctlv
polka dot3 on white grounds which
Glveen made to sell for n i p
First floor Sections C and H
Laces and Embroideries
A decided bargain in line Valen
ciennes Edge and Beading a large
eunecuon 01 oest patterns
worth 50c and 60e per dozen
jards American Sale Price
Special valuo in fine Laco All-
overs white ecru and linen color
for joke sleeves and walBt
10c and o0c value American
Sale Price
Exceptional showing In Cambilc
Swiss and Nainsook Edplng Insert
ing and Beading large range
of showy end neat designs rr
20c value American Sale I ML
Price I J
Phenomenal bargain in fine Sheer
Lawn Cluster Tucking 13 rows of 5
each or 75 rows to the vard
worth 73c American ilc
A marvelous lot of Black Silk
Chantlllv nlso white ecru and lin
en colored Serpentine Laces in an
unexcelled collection of enVctive
patterns none worth less r i
than ISc and from that up L
to TOc American Sale Prlct I L2
53 pieces of fine Cambrle Swiss
and Nainsook All overs 22 Inches
wide choice open work patterns
nrtuallj worth from 51 25
to lid Amerlian Sale
SI 00
Another Interesting Item Is COO
pieces of wide hhowy cambric also
Swiss and Nainsook Edging Insert
ing and Itibbon Beading
Instead of ISc 20c and O 1 f
25c jard American Sale i
Price L2
First foor Sections II and M
fered for sale for the amount of taxes
now due will be acecptcd for use is a
public aller
On request of George S Wilson secre
tarj of the Board of Charities James
II Oliver a driver in the ambulance
service has been reappointed additional
private In the Ioliee Forte for duty In
said service
On the recommendntlon of Capt Ches
ter Harding assistant to the Engineer
Commissioner Thomas G Steward who
requested water facilities provided for
houses to be ronstructed on Sixteen h
Street extended was Informed that until
the general Improvements lu the locallty
iiiAlsA JVWirtKVic
37vc a sard American Sale
Special offering of very fine Sheer
Whlto Persian Lawn silk finish 32
inches wide real value 2c
per yard American Sale
1 cato of wide
Whlto Sheer Victoria Lawn- p l p
worth c a jard American Irt M
Sale Price v4
Special value in Tancv Stripe Swiss
and Laco Stripe Lawn 1 nop
wavs selling at 15c a vard
American Sale Price
omens Neckwear
Wo are showing a pretty display of
Turn over Collars In Point de Venice
Lace embracing linen nnd velvet
turnover effects with the new
American knot also prett assort
ment of Washable Automobile Ties
In all white and colored bor
ders valuo from 23c to 49e
American Sale Price
Soft turn over Collars in plain
white nnd white with colored bor
ders also large Sailor Collars and
the new Dollj Varden
mobile Ties American Sale lL
Irlte LJ
Large assortment of Silk and Mull
Neckwear in various stvies such as
Ilng pong Stocks Iace Ties
Automobile Ties nnd the
Kaiser Stocks American
Sale Price
First floor Sect
Lace Whlto Mull and Grass Linen
Collars In all the rew shapes very
pretty and swell American
lrlce from
98c to 49c each
Washable Crote and Ascot Stocks
In plain white polka dot and col
ors also Ping pong Golf
nnd Tennis Stoks Ameri
can Sale Price from Sc dow
1 lot of Neck Boas in black and
white ind all black Just the thing
for seashore mountains
and evening wear Amer
lean Sale Price
Neckwear Department first floor
Sectlot G
nre taken up by the Commissioners It Is
not deemed wiso to consider the ques
tion of extending the water mains as re
The Commissioners have voted to re
scind their order of August 22 1301 di
recting the establishment of a parking
line and the laying of a sidewalk under
the- assessment system on the west side
of Iourteenth Street northeast between
F and G Streets
The Millennium
Subject a tie tent comer Msrvbnd vvenue
and Ihlrlftnth Street northeast Src ts mce
Week niht 3 p in New Vric Avenue can
VI invited
American Sale of
100 Macrame Cord Hammocks made with spreader and pillow L
in assorted colors American Sale Irlte 5 J
1 23 Macrame Cord Hammocks deep fringe spreader and pillow
In assorted colors American Sale Il ice JJ
2 heavj closely woven cotton Bed Hammocks deep valance J U j
all good colors American Sale Price 4 J
13 extra size Macrame Cord Hammocks with pllow ondfpQ A A
spreader colors of blue red green or yellow Amricaa Sale fjl
Fancy Jacquard Woven Macrame Ccrd Hammocks with foot fj Q
head rest and pillow made villi deep valance American Sale f MX
Price vJJUvU
ti and Jj Golf Plnld and Novelty Stripe Macrame Cord Ham- tr r
mocks In a choice line of light combination colors deep fringe i
and valance American Sale Price JJoTTv
Third floor Upholstery Department
American Sale of Ribbons
100 pieces of Fancy Striped llib
ben white and blue red pink lav
ender mnl black full 4 inches wide
American Sale Price 1 1 1C
per vard lit 2
300 pieces of All ilk Taffeta
Kibbou in all the most desirable
colors also plain atin taffetas
plain metallic taffetas and taffetas
with polka dots of the same color
this is an elegant bargain and veiy
timely lor loscttes and ash ends
-1 and 4A in wide 1 QC
can Sale Price per vard I s
American Sale of
-00 pieces of Plain All silk Me
tallic Hibbon in the following col
ors Light blue pink cardinal
nile gren navy blue lavender
maize white and black UH inches
wide American Sale Price 1 C
per v ai d 1
Half inch All silk Taffeta Kib
bou m the following colors Light
blue pink white and black Ties2
ribbons are elegant for dres trim
ming such as i tinning through
beadiig etc Full piece of 10
vards American Sale 25
White Goods
S pieces only of the finest Ameri
can Mercerized Striped Oxfords a
beautiful veavc for wash
dresses and waists worth
Exceptional bargain In very fine
Sheer White India Linen full 49
Inches In width real -a r i p
value 20c a jard I tItL
can Sale Price I 2
23 pieces of Fine White Clipped
Dotted Lawn positively
worth 23c a jard American
Sale Price
A decided bargain In Fine Quality
Shirting Madras In assorted i self-
colored stripes the usual
telling price Is 30c a jard
American Sale Price
Sublime oualltr of Fine Shec
Drap de Chiffon Batiste and Persian
Lawn 47 Inches wide ac
tual worth 33c and 40e
American Sale Price
Ion E
American Sale of
Mr Charles Herbert Asks Court for
5000 Damages
Salt was filed In the Sunrcme Ccnrt
of the District yesterday by Charles
Herbert through his counsel Mackey
Mackey against Charles R Lu3combe
to recover JoCCO claimed as damage
for alleged mallcloas libel
The plalntllf tllesea that he always
bore a good reputation in the commu
nity and has never been aussccted of
theft Notwithstanding he declares
that on Aueus 1W1 the deendant
Luscombe said He roeanln the
plaintiff has been stealing shoes and
s lllng them to niTars
During the entue week vac shall give even- pm
cbaser of a soda ticket one of our celebrated
Our house is the only place where this new con
trivance can be had as we have i ole control for Wash
ale of Americaipmade Goods
The declared independence of I he American people in
their support of home industries makes the producer and con-
sumcr go hand in hand with the middle man Today were
showing the Old World that the true spirit of American enter
prise is upheld by the American people Therefore we have
inaugurated a weeks selling of nothing hut Americanmade
Commencing Monday July 7 our establishment
will close1 every evening at 5 oclock until September
13 Satin day excepted This is not done on account
of the lack of trade Wau e The Uuy Corner is al
vvavs busy it is done for the good and welfare of our
loyal legion of eniploves
American Sale of
3C0 dozen comprising the entire
surplus of one of the largest manu
facturers of Flllcw Casei
slz 43x26 usually sold nfi 1 P
12ti and 13c American Sale t
Price Z
0 dozen 31x50 Salem Bleached
Shees cne of the best makes hanl
torn and Ironed guaranteed
full measurement- American
Sale Price -
S3 dozen S0x0 Salem Bleached
Sheets as stated one of the best of
Its kind on the market hand
torn and Ironed full n yr
urement American Sale li IK
Domc tlc Department First floor
Section II
Beautiful line of colors in Taf
feta Moire Antique Hibltn 3 in
w idt just the thing for srsl e
which are so very much worn the
colors are light blue turquoise
pink nile green maize violet
whit and black O J
can Sale Price per vard
ide Sash Hibbon in ex
tra quality satin taffeta There are
onlv three color light blre pink
and white American Sale QHC
Price per jaid S
Wash Goods Departmnt First
floor Section B
American Sale of
20 pieces of good quality Perca
line Lining in white only for sum
mer dresses Iiirlit and durable Rej
ular 12ic quality 5
can bale Pnee a vard
First floor Section C
Summer Footwear
Misses and Childrens Oxfords and
Shoes In this assortment voull find
the kind vou want dressy and ser
viceable patent leather and plain
kldskin 20 styles In this lot
In all weights and sizes
rserlcan Sale Price
Jllsse3 and Childrens Patent
Leather Oxfords and Slippers This
special lot will hardl last through
the dav If you see them vou sureli
villi buy for the are very pleasing
from every point in sizes
from 0 to 2 American Sale
Womens Oxfords and Colonials
The include a large showing of pat
ent leather nnd kldskin either turn
ed or welt soles all the new shapes
lasts and comfortable heels You
can have the Colonial with either
gilt silver or gun metal
buckles American Sale
American Sale of
fables overflowing with light fic
tion elegant summer leading
1000 titles to choose from every
w ell know ii author representee
American Sale Pute I i for AC
2C oi each
Third floor Front
Womens Dress and House Slip
pers Your choice of strap 3 bar
Sandals plain opera toe and common-sense
stles made of soft pli
ant kldskin hand turned soles In
either heel or spring heel
all slze3 American Sale
Womens Colonials and Oxfords
This lot Includes man sample pairs
and all sizes of Booth Cos ideal
Patent Kid also an endless show
ing of kldsklns in an endless display
of trimmings all weights
of soles and every shape
toe American Sale Price-
Heavy Linen Crash OxforJs for
Misses and Children These have
plump soles made with spring heels
are cool and proper for this season
of the year in red and A Of
linen color American SalexJV
Shoe Department Second floor
CO The Busy Corner
js I
J u

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