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Senate Adjourned at 51 5 p in
Meets Tomorrow at J I a m
Avanccs 2S0000
For municipal
One fourth cost of highway bridge
Making a total of disbursements of
3201000 or a surplus of 49000
Adoption of Report Opposed
Considerable discussion resulted over
the motion to adopt the report of the
conferees which was made by Repre
sentative McCleary the chairman of the
subcommittee on Appropriations for the
District of Columbia
Mr Babcock and the other members
of the District Committee sought to
have the report rejected because of
certain provisions In which It was con
tended that the Appropriations Com
mittee had usurped the rights of the
District Committee Mr Babcock and
Mr Pearre opposed specifically several
ot the amendments proposed by the
Senate and to which the conferees had
Mr Sulzcr attacked the provision In
creasing the license tax upon saloons
from 400 to S00 a year and Mr Lacey
asked for an explanation of the provi
sion for a tax of 6 per cent upon the
gross earnings of banks
This led to a brief but comprehensive
statement by Cnairman Cannon as to
the provisions of the bill as agreed to
In conference which be said was not
perfect but was the best that could bp
had In view of the fact that the Dis
trict Committees of both the Senate and
House had fniled to prcnido any legis
lative remedy
The report was taken up immediately
after the Horton Butler contested elec
tion case was disposed of Mr Sulzer
objected to the omission of the reading
of the full report and statement because
of the Increased license tax but later
withdrew his objection
Mr Babcock asked for a separate vote
upon three amendments attached by the
Senate but Mr McCleary raised the
point of order which was sustained
that the conference report must be
accepted or rejected as a whole
To Meet District Needs
In answer to Mr Laceys request for
an explanation as to the C per cent
upon the gross earnings of banks Mr
Cannon said It was found that under the
legislation of the last session of Con
gress the District fell short and for
the coming year there was a difference
of 1100000 The District had increased
Its demand and the Committee on
propriations was confronted with a con
dition where the estimates for expendi
tures greatly exceeded the estimates of
The committee had waited he said
from December until March for the
District Committee to propose some leg
islation which would increase the rev
enues of the District but it had not been
forthcoming Then in Its appropriation
bill under a special rule the House
Inserted a provision to carry Into effect
the old personal tax law
The Senate substituted its personal
tax amendment Then came the butcher
the baker and the candlestick maker
the saloon man the capitalist the
banker and the broker all with objec
tions and the only trouble the commit
tee had was the necessity of raising
more money for the District and to get
the money without having anybody pay
Mr Cannon said that in the Judgment
of the House conferees the bill did not
raise sufficient revenue They calcu
lated that the Increase from the pcr
soual tax would bo 503000 tho Senate
committee estimated It at between
000000 and 700000 he preferred to be
conservative and clace It at 500000
Then If he wns disappointed he would
be happily disappointed
Under the new assessment of G5 per
cent of valuation real estate would
yield at least 1000000 more than at
present The Senate thought 1200000
with the personal tax and the increased
tax from real estate ho thought 1500
000 additional would be safely relied
The license tax he said had been
Continued on Fourth re
Measure Incorporating Organization in
the District Offered ty
Mr Fry
Senator Frye jesterday Introduced In
the Senate a bill chartering in tho Dis
trict the American National Institute
for Artistic and Educational Pur
Tho object ot the organization is said
to be to establish an institute in Paris
under tho patronage of tho United
States Government for tho study of
architecture sculpture science paint
ing music dramatic art language ap
plied design etc
The board of examiners of the Insti
tute Is to Include somo of the most
prominent art people in the country in
cluding Thomas V Wood president of
tho National Academy of Design J G
Brown president of the American Water
Color Society George W Breck presi
dent of the Art Students Leasue of
New York J Q Ward president of the
Notional Sculpture Society
The most prominent French critics
of art music the drama and literature
are to be Judges of the yearly competi
tions of the society
The incorporators include Miss Ma
tilda Smedley the founder- Senator De
pew and Gen Joshua L Chamberlin
Appropriation Bill Will
Yield He Thinks an
Excess of 49000
District Committee Offers
Opposition to Specific
Mr Cannon Charges It With Remis
sions in Failure to Provide Legislation
Bill Not Perfect But Best That
Could Be Had
The conference report on the District
appropriation bill was adopted ye3tcrday
by the House and according to the care
ful estimate made by Chairman Cannon
the provisions of the measure will yield
a surplus of revenues for the coming
fiscal year of 19000
During the course of his remarks In
advocating the adoption of the report
yesterday Mr Cannon read a state
ment of the estimates receipts and ex
penditures of the District for the com
ing year
Mr Cannons Estimates
The estimate of income under the ex
isting law he placed at 3750000
Estimated increase from real estate by
revision 1000000
Probable revenue from personal tax
-and privileges 500000
Total receipts 3250000
The liabilities Mr Cannon estimated
as follows
Amount chargeable in District ap
propriation act being the one half paid
by the District 1212000
In the sundry civil and legislative
-bills 104000
- Amount required to reimburse
bulldlng one half
Bill Introduced Applying Chinese Laws
to Island Neighbors
Representative Poblnson of Indiana
yesterday Introduced a bill to prohibit
the Immigration of Japanese and persons
of Japanese descent and to regulato the
resilience within the United States its
Territories and all territory under Its
Jurisdiction of such Japanese as are now
within the limits of the United States
Tho bill provides that the same laws
which now npply to the exclusion of the
Chinese shall apply equnlly to the Jap
anese Japanese laborers in the Philip
pine Islandt and in Hawaii arc required
to obtain certificates of residence under
penalty of being deported
Senate Agreed Yesterday to Prohibitive
Amendment Proposed in the
The House amendment to the Senate
bill amending the law relating to tobac
co was agreed to by the Senate
The nmendment prohibits tho annex
ing to packages of tobacco of brands
stamps or marks presenting chances In
lotteries or Immoral pictures
Says Lobbyists Are Thick
Enough at Capitol to
Stir With a -Stick
Declares Alabaman Intimated Senators
Had Been Bribed Into Voting for the
Panama Route Resolution Ordering
Investigation Talked to Death
Another outbreak of the bitterness of
feeling existing between Senators Mor
gan and Hanna the champions of the
two rival isthmian canal routes oc
curred in tho Senate yesterday
Mr Morgan accused the people con
nected with the new Panama Canal
Company of corruption and said that
their lobbyists have been hanging
around the Capitol so thick that you
could almost stir them with a stick
Mr Hanna Resents Statements
Mr Hanna resented Mr Morgans
statements and said that he was prac
tically intimating that members of the
Senato had been corrupted into voting
for the Panama route He asked tho
venerable Senator from Alabama to
specify and have an investigation and
in conclusion asserted that he did not
believe any such Influence had been ex
Tho difficulty arose when Mr Mor
gans resolution coming over from Fri
day was laid before tho Senate It
asked that tho Committee on Inter
oceanic Canals he Instructed to Inves
tigate and report whether any claims
exist in favor of citizens of the United
States who are bondholders etc of the
new Panama Canal Company to pub
lish a request that such creditors should
die their claims with tho committee
and to investigate and report whether
any unlawful or corrupt efforts or
practices exist to obtain any part of
tho sum of money to be paid to the
now Panama Canal Company or to
Costa Rica or Nicaragua
Mr Morgan Explains
Mr Morgan said his object in offering
the resolution was to facilitate tho
building of the canal by clearing up the
questions Involved and the rumors of
scandal that had been so persistently
Mr Spooner thought It was not the
business of the United States to help
tho French courts to wind up the af
fairs of the Panama Canal Company or
to sec that the money to be paid to the
company was distributed He looked upon
the resolution as an advertisement for
the filing of objections to carrying out
the provisions of the canal bill
Mr Morgan replied to Mr Spooners
argument Hp wanted to know and
would know he said whether tho lobby
which had been hanging around Con
gress so thick that It might almost be
stirred with a stick had been receiving
or was to receive a jart of the forty
millions Things of that kind he said
had occurred in diplomacy since the
first treaty was made Iargesse stipends
and bribes were paid today to men who
conducted great negotiations and he
wanted to know that the United States
had not been scandalized In any respect
Mr Spooner said that If tho President
chose to take action In the premises he
might do so but he Mr Spooner was
not prepared to assent to the Senate
assuming that American creditors of the
Panama Company could attack the de
cree of the French court in this coun
try so that ground might be found for
nn Indefinite obstruction of the will of
Congress In regard to nn isthmian canal
Mr Mitchell Still Hopes
Mr Mitchell said that he had always
been nn earnest advocate of the Nica
raguan route and he still hoped and be
lieved notwithstanding tho action of
Congress in favor of the Panama route
that the result In tho end would bo the
construction of tho canal on tho Nlca
racuan route
Ho could not believe that tho new
Panama Canal Company would make It
clear to the President of the United
States that It could give such ft title as
tho President under the language of
law would be disposed to accept Lit
as the resolution would necchsnnly
cause delay he could not sec his way
clear to supporting It and would havo to
part company from the Senator from
Mr Hanna said he had not expected
to be again calltd upon to speak on the
canal question The people had accept
ed the result and were satisfied If
there had been a lobby in the Senate on
the subject of the canal he knew noth
ing of It and he wanted something
more than newspaper paragraphs to
convince him of the existence of auch
a lobby
The matter might safely be left In the
hands of the President and he hoped
that the resolution would be defeated
Mr Morgan denied that he had inti
mated that any Senator hod been ap
proached by tho lobby and said that he
could not understand why the Senator
from Ohio should nay that he had done
so unless be has got something which
he wants to cover up
At 2 oclock the morning hour expired
and Mr Morgans resolution had been
talked to death It was placed on the
Mr Deboc and Ir Blackburn in an
Acrimonious Altercation
Mr Deboc Uep Ky adjressed tho
Senato yesterday on the subject of State
politics In Kentucky
Ills remarks were in support of an
amendment proposeJ to be offered by
him to the bill for a popular election
of Senators declaring that the quali
fications of voters shall be uniform In
all the States and that Congress shall
have power to enforce that article by
appropriate legislation
Mr Blackburn Dcm Ky replied to
his colleague and n somewhat acrimon
ious altercation took place between them
as to the facts and tlrcumtTVinces con
nected with the Goebcl assassination In
Kentucky which Mr Blackburn declar
ed to be the foulest and most dastardly
murder that ever disgraced the records
of a party or of a country
Bouse Adjourned at 645 p m
Meets Today at IT a m
House Also Agec3 to Make Bill Reor
ganizing State Militia3 Continuing
Order of Business
The House yesterday agreed to re
ports from the Committee on Ilules
making Mr Dicks bill to reorganize
the militia of the several Statcs the
continuing order of business and to
give the resident commissioner of Porto
Rico the privileges of the floor
Conference Report on Bill Ratifying In
dian Treaty Agreed To
The House jesterday agreed to tho
conference report on the bill ratifying
and confirming the treaty with the
Choctaw cd Chickasaw Indians
Senate bill was passed requiring any
consular officer who accepts appoint
ment as executor or administrator to
give bond satisfactory to the Secretary
of State
Also Senate hill extending benefits of
the provisions of the act of 1S71 for the
relief of settlers on railroad land grants
to settlers on lands granted In aid of
the constrctlon of wagon roads to
permit them to exchange their holdings
Minor Bills Disposed of by Upper Body
in Congress
The Senate yesterday passed bills au
thorizing the Duluth Pierre and Black
Hills Railroad Company to construct a
bridge across tho Missouri River at
Pierre S D and the New York Chi
cago and St Louis Jtallroad Company
to construct a bridge across tho Calu
met River at Hammond Ind
House bill to pay 430 to the heir of
Joseph Ramsay balance due him as col
lector of customs at Plymouth N 0
from 1855 to 1661
Houso bill to pay 36G to P A McLean
of Philadelphia for adhesive revenue
stamps destroyed
Senate bill to make the compensation
of the inspector of drugs at Philadel
phia 1S00 a year
House bill to authorize the Secretary
of War to Issue certificates in lieu of
lost or destroyed discharges from the
Vacancy Declared to Exist
From Twelfth Missouri
Maiden Effort a Notable Speech
Frauds on Both Sides Mr Butler
Understood to Be Candidate at Fall
Representative James J IJutler Demo
crat was unseated by the House yester
day and a vacancy was declared to exist
from the Twelfth Missouri district
which embraces a part of the city of
St Louis
The consideration of the contested
election case was taken up after the
House had disposed of a Bmall amount
of routine business
Mr Dutler took the floor in defense
of his title to the seat It was his
maiden speech In tho House and he sur
prised his friends as well as his oppo
nents by his powers of oratory prov
ing hlmBclf to be not only a forcible
but eloquent speaker
A Notable Maiden Effort
For an hour be held tho close atten
tion of the members on both sides of
the chamber and was frequently ap
plauded by his party Colleagues His
speech wns filled with striking rheto
rical expressions and was delivered in
vigorous and entertaining btjlo
He administered a scathing rebuke to
those who had attacked his father for
the part which ho took In bis Represen
tative election and made an
eloquent plea for title to tho seat
Ho maintained that the district was
normally Democratic and that it was
especially so in 1900 AH factions of
that party wero united he asserted and
his opponent was personally unpopular
with the laboring element because of
his connection with the traction com
pany which had Just before experienced
a bitter strike He pointed to the fact
that the present mayor of St Louis a
Democrat carried the Twelfth district
by 7000 or nearly double his Butlers
Frauds by Both Sides
Representative Talcr Rep Ohio
closed in support of the majority report
declaring tho seat vacant by reason of
frauds committed on both sides He re
viewed at some length tho conditions
prevailing in the city of St Louis under
tho election law and cited a number of
alleged frauds
Ily a strict party vote 136 to 100 the
minority substitute declaring Mr Ilut
ler entitled to the seat was rejected
The majority report was then adopted
without division
It Is understood that Mr Dutler will
be a candidate at the election this fall to
fill the vacancy
Nomination for Reappointment Con
firmed Yesterday by the
The Senate yesterday confirmed tho
nomination for reappointment of Wil
liam Mahone of Virginia to be collector
of custonis for the district of Peters
burg in tho State of Virginia
Recess Excursion for Senate Committee
on the Pacific Islands and
Porto Rico
Mr Mitchell Uep Ore offered a
resolution In the Senate jestordaj which
vas agreed to Instructlnfi the Commit
tee on the Pacific Islands and Porto
Rico to Investigate during the recess
tho general condition In Hawaii ard the
administration of affairs there with
leave to visit tho islands
FOItI Irpflrted this life on Fatunlay June
2 IM2 afttr a short Illnru BHNCHE
Funeral from her late residence C010 Flagler
Strett nortliweut at 4 j m Mumlay ni29 2
husband ot arah lluchanan depicted tlm life
Friday morning 610 at Ids rfIdencc 3 F
Street northwest
Funeral from the Elcne7er Cfcurch corner of
Fourth and 1 Strccta ncuthrcKt Sunday June
2ir at 2 oclock p in Frfewli and n lath fa
are In W ted to attend
Jonc hut not forgotten
lie ha pone to iiuet hi darling loved one
In thtlr luppy home a lime
One b one nn darlings hae left mc
Irft mc all olonp
Hut tis Cod who has bereft me
lie will all inr sorrows heal
mi in ins Kutitoniva wife
HLKK On June 2 InC at 10 a m WIL
LIAM IILKK Lclottd luiftliand f Mary Ithkp
at his late residence HUi Trinidad Artniu
Funeral Monday at D90 a m High maw at
Holy Xame Oiurrh r2i 2
K I LKV Departed tm life on Fridiy June
27 VXJl at 4 20 p m aftrr a low and pain
ful Hlnct a which the bore with Clirfttlnn retdK
nation CH CK llced wife of liarlfj It
IJiiei axd tuentj lit jtars threw months ard
twenty he dajs
0 darling wife could jou but speak to ui
And could you Ue again
Our iichinp harU would then be healed
Hut thU we wi h m an
U her litiiband and Children
Dearest daughter thou hat left us
c tin lcw deep feel
Hut it H Cod that hntli btreft in
He can onl our sorrow heal
Hy her parents II and F L M MLEY
If arret steter from us has gone x
The oict f low so well A plnec Is
Vacant in that hum1 width can lie neer filled
Ty her Hrother and Sitter
Funeral will take plate from her late resi
dence 1502 Twelfth Street northeast Monday
June CO Hi2 ut 2 p in ltelatncs and
friends are Jntlted to attend i2 2
SIANCIEU On Saturday June 28 10O2 at
243 a mf at her residence 101 eventh Street
northeast MItS KATE MUXCLKK widow of
Funeral Mondav June 30 10t2 at 4 p m
from abtne rtsidcnce lit lithe and friends
imltcd t2s Z
Presented in the Senate
Yesterday ty Mr
Document Declares He Was Not Ju
dicially Convicted Duty of Govern
ment to See That He Has a Fair and
Impartial Trial Unusual Methods
A petition from Major Eates G Rath
bone asking Congre3s to Investigate the
Cuban postal frauds and his trial and
conviction In connection with them was
presented In the Senate yesterday by
Senator Teller The petition was read
and will be printed In the Record It
was referred to the Committee on
Senator Teller In presenting the pa
per said that It was a most unusual
petition which demanded the atten
tion of the Senate
A Unique Question
Mr Rathbone stands before the
world an a convicted felon without op
portunity for a review of his trial he
said The question presented to the
Senate is unique but It Involves never
theless the rights of a citizen of the
United States and therefore It demands
the attention of the Senate
Major Rathbone In his petition re
quests Congress to thoroughly investi
gate his acts In Cuba and bis trial He
says he was improperly tried unjust
ly convicted and ghen an unusual sen
It was the dutv of the Government he
says which sent Its citiien into a coun
try to transact business to sec that that
citizen had a fair and impartial trial
and not as In this case by arbitrary
methods contrary not only to the law of
the country but also to the fundamen
tal principles of the Constitution of the
United States
He further recites that he can obtain
no redress from tho Cuban courts
Text of Petition
The text of the petition follows
Washington D C June 2C 1002
To the Congress of the United States
lour petitioner respectfully repre
sents that lie is fifty throe years of age
and i citizen of the United States that
late in the jear 1S9S as an appointee
tho Iostoffice Department of the
United States he went to Cuba in the
capacity of director general of posts
of Cuba that while acting in such ca
pacity In Cuba and while that country
as governed by the United States ho
was accused of high crimes and mis
demeanors in connection with such of
fice in the year 1000 resulting in his
being arrested and put upon trial for
iuch alleged crimes and misdemeanors
which resulted In his conUctlon and
sentence for a term of Imprisonment and
fine In April 1002 Later he was re
leased under a general amnesty act to
nil American citizens by the Cuban con
Your petitioner respectfully requests
the United States Congress to direct
that a thorough investigation be made
by a committee of its members or oth
erwise Into all of his acts and doings
in Cuba in connection with the said
postal service to the end that all the
facts may be known and the truth es
Right to a Fair Trial
Your petitioner bases this petition
upon the ground that whenever the Gov
ernment of the United States assigns
one of Its citizens to public service in
Continued on Fourth Tajre
MTCIUj NOTICE M oHccs lartU nml docin
uih lie rloMil lYTUtDUS at 12 O CLOCK
ilurmff Julj and Auinut J MAUltY DOVK
PAINTER NOTir E Tlie malramatptl Paint
eri anil Paper Manners will meet SUXDV
JtM S -at C C t mi AT 9 OTIOCK 1
M Hr order ot the rrrniiUnt 1 F II Y
J E JIITCIIKU Secretary ni2S i
ATTENTION- IlASTKWItM pedal meetlns
of Local -No ti I I 1 on MOXDVI
refip m2S 3
rloed to ttie public from luh 1 to October 1
1 incluaire F 1 jUtlIRE llireLtor
m27 l
Special course from now until cept 1 day or
Clenlns WOOiri COMMI1K HI COUhfiE
311 Ka t Cauitol Mrnt Jt23 cod If
010 F ST X W
Ererythlng strictly first class en the most rea
sonable terms
Telephone call Main 310
232 Pcim Ave X U Washington D Q
Appointments Provided in Military
Academy Appropriation Bill in Ad
dition to Regular Quota
The Prcsldcntycstcrday appointed the
following cadets-at-large to tho United
States Military Academy
James M Lockett son of Capt James
Joclcett Fourth Cavalry Reynolds Hay
den son of Lieutenant Commander H
E Harden United States Navy Fred
erick II Dlckman son of Capt Joseph
T Dlckman Eighth Cavalry J M
Walnn right son of Major R P P
AVainwrlght Fifth Cavalry Walter SI
Vcstman son of Major Richard T Ycat
man Twenty second Infantry 31 II
Thompson son of Capt John T Thomp
son Ordnance Department Henry B
Clagctt son of the late Major J R
Clagett Second Infantry V C F Nich
olson son of Capt William J Nicholson
Twelfth Cavalry John C Pratt son of
Slajor Sedgwick Pratt Artillery Corns
and Henry W Torrney son of Slajor
George H Torrney surgeon United
States Army
Alternates George E Turner son of
the lato John V Turner T 31 Wilder
son of Major W E Wilder Henry W
Wessells Jr son of Col II W Wes
sells Third Cavalry Edwin V Sumner
third son of Brig Gen E V Sumner
retired Albert D Carroll son of Col
Henry Carroll retired
Those cadetshlps were provided In the
Military Academy appropriation bill re
cently passed by Congress and are In
addition to the regular quota
Cadets are ordered to report at West
Point July 23 next
Announces That He Will Speak in the
Senate Tomorrow on His
Cuban Proposition
Senator Elklns the father of the Cuban
annexation resolution will deliver a
speech in the Senate
noon In support of his proposition
I was In earnest In submitting my
resolution he said yesterday I be
lieve the Island should be annexed now
as It will be inevitably some day
intimates a Desire to At
tend io Mere impor
tant Business
Says Co suls Wildman and
Pratt Sent In urgent Lead
er to the Philippines
Admiral Dewey mtdo his third and last
appearance as a witness before the Sen
ate Philippine Committee yesterday
Tho line of questions by tho Demo
cratic members of the committee again
Injected a good deal of bitterness Into
the hearing Admiral Dewey chafed
under them on several occasions and
at one time Intimated his intention ot
leaving the committee room for more
important business Acting Chairman
Boeridge succeeded In preventing an
open rupture however
The hearing opened by a question to
the Admiral by Sir Carmack as to a
statement made by him about the
Spanish governor general having sever
al time offered to surrender the city of
Manila and the Admiral said that the
governor general had sent word to him
more than once between the 1st of Slay
and th 13th of August that he should
llketo surrender To the navy the
Admiral added after a pause
Senator Tattcrson When did he first
send a request of that kind to you
Admiral Dower The first time he sent
me word by the English consul who
was carrying messages between us and
Continued on Fifth Tact
inwr mm nr
J12jro JKJLf ffcJJE
810-812-814- 7Jjt ree t
aid of II
f 7i5 Mrkct Spacc
With the McCalls Patterns apy woman can
dressmaking AVere agents for them
do her own
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velvet ribbon with circular flounce skirts S3 and SS value for 293
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ence of Troops on May 1 Would Have
Obviated Trouble
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