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Strapped Leather Sandals for the Boudoir
monogram looks vry trim and modish
on a well turned feminine ankle
Tho letters are quite large and are
wo ked in the usual Initial style Jf
th eo loiters appear Instead of an Inter
laced menogram then 1 Is a pretty
ica to ltt uzo thi m on a slant
Socfce anb Sanbale JSucMee anb ffiowe mow tbe ttogue
Uo tbe tient anb Bacfc to Colonial
Bas Goes flfc 3Lab Bow tot Ibet
latest footwear Sas fIDiss flban
battanbe foot Xef t Bate at tbe
Batbino Beacb Save for a protect
ing Sole of Xeatber anb tbe Ubin
Straps Ubat Ibolb Ut n
are told that once in every
WE seven yearn the pendulum of
fashion swings round and
modes repeat themselves
However true this saying may be with
regard to ordinary toilette affairs It
Is certainly many times seven slnco Ori
ental footwear has been In vogue
For the last twelve months or more
history has endeavored to repeat Itself
In this particular InBtanee and has at
last succeeded in re establishing the
sandal wearing fad
Fair femininity which Is represented
by the up-to-date young woman Is tak
ing to wearing sandals whenever oc
casion permits and her enjoyment of
this Eastern type of shoe la equalad
only by that of tbe chubby legged
youngBters of fashion who are denied
the bliss of barofoet dayB
In England one sees hundreds of these
email bits of humanity playing in the
Brassy parks and on the seashore with
their stanch little understandings ex
posed to sun and wind and acquiring a
beautiful healtbr tan
What particular recommends this
Etjle of foot covering to the modern
young woman Is th perfect freedom al
lowed the feet and by no other means
can the natural shape be retained
Plain leather sandals are the thing to
put on first In thu morning strapped
canvas ones are best to go with a bath
lng suit while fancy suede soles held
on tbe foot with soft leather straps are
especially appropriate when rne Is wear
ing a dainty negligee
Those who are truly thorough In this
revival of an ancient mode arc appear
ing on the beach without stocking hav
ing their slender ankles and well shaped
ealves crossed and recrossod with the
canvas ribbons of their bathing sandals
Bemetlmes theso are all white though
eftener you see gay colors looking pretty
and effective against the gleaming white
skin of whleh one gets scarcely more
than a glimpse
Leather eandali roit a dollar end a
half a pair and are made with only two
straps ens going around the ankle and
the other Joining thin strap with the too
6f the sandal Thin leaves the entire
foot exposed to light and air an ex
tremely beneficial arrangement
Those who find this fad too much of
an innovation compromise by wearing
very thin llslo or silk stockings so thin
era they in fuet that one could ecarcelj
espslder them as a real covering
Of late stoeklngs have grown to al-
raeet cobwebby texture and the variety
6 UBVolies crertd i3 really bewilder
ing to the fair purchaser
EM of eourte is the stocking par ex-
esiienee and oae heiltates between the
sica of a pair rua up and down the
SSie with entre deux of real Chantllly
SSd others plainly cheeked In silk to
lilac remains the fevorlte color with
waite and green representing seasonable
fide The greea lire of the popular
Uilliant Patrick hue and if tbe ankles
Efe not eioeked then the instep Is daln
Uiy embroidered with spots or diamonds
la solid eolers Th se look really very
smart when worn with dull kid or patent
leather shoes and the dainty white
frilled petticoat Is held Just high enough
to afford the observer only a peep now
and then of vivid gieen
Initialed and monogramed hosiery
wnile not strictly now Is nevertheless
one of the prevailing fads and for nov
elty I must admit that a prettily worked
This vogue for InitlalB has certainly
found many lndonsers and not only is
dainty feminine lingerie so marked but
outer apparel too from stockings to
shirtwaists and neckwear is now orna
mented with the wearers monogram
Just above tho cuff on the left arm is
the place to have ones cotton and linen
shirtwaists embroidered with pretty let
ters In colors while the Ascot or four-in-hand
scarf shows a monogram worked
in contrasting lines across tho ends
White hosiery which at first struck
ted with white pink and blue pin striped
with white for summer frocks plain
thin silk in black or colors clocked to
match and lace open worked ones em
broidered in dainty patterns
The same designs that are popular for
stockings are in oguc for half hose and
monograms maj be considered a prom
inent feature in the way of ornamenta
tion Ribbed effects are liked for morn
ing wear and for outdoor games and
the golf girl who has once tried the new
socks without supporters will feel much
freer In her movements than when ham
pered bj elastic bands and straps
At a hosiery shop on Tlfth Avenue the
other day the proprietor told me that
many women are buvlng mens socks
They dont insist upon the longer va
riety made especially for them and the
reason for this is that much prettier
patterns are To be had in mens half
hose than in the newer feminine length
After all there is very little difference
In the actual length of the so ks and
so long as a woman is careful not to
choose a pair that shows contrasting
stripes running around the ribbed top
Bhe may wear her brothers stjle of hose
if she likes
One can scarcely mention stockings
without some reference to shoes and
there is such a variety of new styles
that much might be said on the subject
tbe wearers monogram in raised metal
letters The Idea Is novel but has lit
tle beiond that to recommend Itself
No shoe has succeeded quite so well as
the dull leather colonial tie with its
smart Cuban heel and though women
are still trying to retain this shoe
among their fashionable footwear by
substituting ribbons for the commoner
buckles the shoe appears In so many
cheap stjlcs that It has ceased to be
long to the smart set alone
The fashionable woman is forced to
choose some other shoe and from pres
ent indications the one which will In
all probability replace the colonial tic
Is a strapped shoe not unlike a sandal
in general effect Alreadj this shoe has
made Its appearance on the street and It
may be had at some shops in dull kid
with Louis Quinze or Cuban heels ac
companied by medium weight soles
The shoe Is cut quite low and is there
fore cool and certainly it presents a
much neater appearance than those
adorned with huge bows and loud
Three unornamented straps of leather
cross the Instep and fasten with ordi
nary buttons so that between these the
stocking pattern is displayed to excel
lent advantage
At the present moment milady thinks
so much of her fanc hosiery that she
I j
saw swo
- 1 r
rzzt -
- rr flMfcllimiBi - v I The Prettiest Evening Shoe Made
WmS W V 1 fVV j A I The New Socks for Women
Bathing Sandals
Worn without hose or with those
cf very thin silk or lisle thread
The sandals are of canvas white
tha ribbons may be white or of
contrasting bright colors
of the regulation masculine article
Socks really look very well and their
coolness Is obvious Iiepides they come
in such charming colors and patterns
tLat one Is tempted to wear them on
that account if on no other
There arc dark Hue lisle socks
tion to the hows lies in the fact that
many young women insiBt on wearing
long loops and ends which give tbe foot
an ugly appearance from any point of
One firm here has introduced a flat
oval buckle which h ornamented with
Is not at all averse to exhibiting a tiny
bit of its beauty The slightly extended
sole and heavy kid of the strapped shoe
save it from looking too much like a
slipper though the tendency in feminino
footwear for tho street has certainly
of late been in this very direction
There Is absolutely nothing clumsy
about the new shoe It does not hide a
prettily arched Instep as tho broad co
lonial tongues and ribbon bows do and
the simplicity of its style renders it in
conspicuous On -the whole the shoo
presents a remarkably smart appear
ance and with so much in its favor
there is no reason why it shouldnt
rapidly replace the colonial with the
fashionable set who are looking for this
viry thing
Oxford ties are seen much less than
formerlj They seem to be reserved for
sports and rougher wear while on every
other occasion women like to appear in
more fanciful styles
High heels have certainly come In
again Eoth the Cuban and military
are popuiir but the Louis Quinze is by
all odds the heel for fashionable folk
j a-v-
U urn iiiftmi
one as being altogether too startling to
find many admirerii has after all at
tained considerate vogue Especially
dalnt and smart are the thin lacey
white stockings when worn with white
canvas or kid shoes and airy summer
frocks Since black shoes and stockings
no matter how pretty they may bo are
out of date with light batistes and
lawns we have all grown to consider
white as the correct thing to wear and
as plain whlto hosiery is never pretty
it naturally follows that In this Instance
there should be fads of ornamentation
Some of the white lisle openwork
stockings show pinfiecks of black
throuqh the pattern plain white ones
are embroidered across the ankls with
diamonds and fancy designs In black
silk while lace Incrustations make
beautiful hosiery for evening wear For
these expense Is never considered by
the woman of fashion and bhe may have
her dainty stockings hand painted or
spangled or ornamented with real lace
To some feminine minds the Idea of
half hose may seem rather shocking
there is alwavs the possibility of the
skirt being lifted a bit too high but tho
fashionable girl who h is made a trial
of this comfortable form of foot covering
has found It altogether too delightful to
forego Half the young women any
way turn their stockings down in a
tight little roil below the knee so what
Is the difference between that and the
wearing of extra long socks7
Some there are who manage to keep
their half hose up without the aid of
garters but those who fear to do away
with this form of supporters make use
Colonial Buckle Shoes for the Street tulJjkASBfcJ MmlSmmKr
the wane there appears to be no falling S 7t rfH v V rM
off in Its popularity so long as the 50 fl I dH PflHBSSi HZfl v S
weather continues fairly cool Dull kid f SBW WSSSSSi W
shoes are extremely well liked and 111 S 5 I CWPlJfM -
broad ribbon ties have replaced the I J l SSSsSESCmSilj J
favorite square gun metal or silver J
buckle of last season The one j C
Patent Leather Shoe
With Broad Bow
To predict about black bass with much
confidence is unsafe and unwlst That
fish has an appetite mest puzzling In its
whims One thing certain Is thi selfish
ness Is largely developed In blftck bass
particularly in the big ones
A well known sportsman wa3 fishing
for black bass in the St Lawn nee Riv
er He had poor sport At last he got a
strike from a small bass
The bass had taken his leader fly He
was reeling in when suddenly he got
another strike that made everything
hum and out of the water at least two
feet came a great three pounder This
bass bad fastened In Its Jaw the drop
per fly next ahead of the fly the small
bass was on After a hard fight both
bass were landed
The angler encouraged began to cast
again but a long time without success
Then another small bass took his lower
dropper fly
As he was reeling the fish In zip
came a second strike and as before
out of the water leaped another big fel
low This one had taken tho fly Just
ahead of that the little bass was on
and that gave the fisherman an idea
He had often noticed In a pool or
aquarium where large and small black
bass were together that a large bass
after declinirg food would Instantly
make a rush for It if a small bass at
tempted to take it and would frequently
abandon the pursuit of one minnow to
go after one a smaller bass was pursu
It was this selfish greed that had act
uated the two big bass he had hooked
immediately after hooking the two small
ones Thus the angler argued and af
ter landing his second catch of bass ha
left the small one on the hook to test
the correctness of his theory
The result was that the use of the
small one as the lmnglnary pursuer of
that dropper fly aroused the determina
tion of no fewer than ten big bass to
circumvent it and gobble that fly them
selves much to their own discomfiture
and to the satisfaction of the fisherman
who has tried the same ruse many times
since with similar results New York
v a city without a country
Never was there such another town
as Dalny Russias new commercial sea
port in North China says the Boston
Transcript It was built to order for
one Emperor on the territory of anoth
er Nicholas Czar of all the Russias
ordered the creation of the town after
his emissaries had persuaded Kwang
Hsu ruler of countless millions of Chi
nese that It was a worthy project In
the beginning not two jears ago Nich
olas invoked the blessing of Cod upon
the undertaking so truly peaceful and
took upon himself the care of building
the ucsT city and its port
Dalny is a citj without a countrv If
such a thing is possible No particular
Hag has more right to float above It than
another It Is the freest port In the
world They have not even built a cus
tom house and no import or export du
ties will be collected on any sort of
goods whatever Even the moderate
rates of Chinese customs will not be
charged on goods landing or to be ex
ported thence
If Daln ever grows to a large city as
those acquainted with the Eastern trade
conditions say It will it will be the most
cosmopolitan Its tendency In that di
rection is shown alreadj There Is a
ponulation of 50000 persons mostl Chi
nese but with nearly every other na
tlonaiit represented In the architect
ural stjle of the houses and the build
ings already complete his is shown
more dlstinctl Combinations of mod
ern and ancient of Occidental and Ori
ental such as are In the houses of Dal
n can be found nowhere else
Take oae of the most prominent
houses In the foreign residence quarter
for instance The first floor Is full ot
French lines the second half timbered
after the old English stjle the half
story above is Chinese and on the
roof are set Russian chimneys
Clerra in traces predominate in the ad
jolntrg house with its stepped coping
but it has English doors and windows
and porches like those in Japan and
Chini In the distance is a group of
American dwellings and near them a
colonial house Around many of the
houses are stone fences with fancy tops
after the Idea which prevails in Assyria
Danlj in Russian means far away
and it is far away from other Russian
ports Talien Wan Bay on which the
port is built is on the eastern side of
the Liao Tung Peninsula of Manchuria
facing the Bay of Korea anl by rail
forty five miles north of Port Arthur
It Is the Pacific Coast terminus of the
Eastern Chinese Railway which con
nects with the Central Manchurlan and
the Great Trans Siberian Railway
The plan of Russian engineers on
which Dauly was built divides the town
into five quarters commercial quar
ters administration town private
residence quarters civil adimnlstra
tlon quarters and Chinese city
the latter being remove some dis
tance from tbe rest of the town
Around a circle from which the princi
pal streets extend the town club the
theater the post and telegraph offices
the Judges office the town hall and po
lice headquarters have been built It
was the intention to sell the land at
auction to the highest bidder last April
those who had already erected buildings
having the first right to purchase or to
have all their improvements paid for
by other purchasers
The harbor Is of such depth that
steamers drawing thirty feet can steam
up alongside the immense docks and
piers which are well protected by the
breakwater Their cargoes can be un
loaded directly into car3 which run far
S 000 miles or more to St Petersburg
rive large pies are being constructed
ot blocks of stone and cement each
weighing from twenty to fifty tons
These piers are from sxty to two hun
dred feet wide and vary In length from
a quarter to a half mile Docks for for
eign vessels will extend between tho
piers and along the shore for two miles
The piers and anchorage for Chinese
vessels will be in another portion of the
bay opposite the Chinese citv Two
enormous dredges brought out from
Glasgow are pushing the work on this
improvement -
Russia has invested heivily In thi3
peculiar port of Dalny already 120CO
000 rubles more than J600O0CO having
been spent up to last October and the
total cost of constructing the city and
harbor will be 33000000 rubles or J1S
000000 This includes an electric light
and water system already in operation
and an electric street railroad which
will be completed shortly The city
will bo governed by a council to be
elected bv the ratepayers the only re
striction as to nationality ot tbe
cilmen being that two shall be Russian
and not more than two Chinese or two
Japanese can he elected to sit at the
same time

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