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years ao The doctors therefore were
In lv compelled to compromise witi he Strand r
Lira i Newspaper men did not fall to no-
Su one of the callers jctte da found co that the oilcial copies of the honor
bim w th his had slightly propped up a Hst issued from Downing Strc ct on Wod
rrcci unci in one band a clcaretlo ncsday jilrbt had been ccnsiderablj cut
In thr otkcr and poking quite contented names hiving been i rir d with a pen
und Lonifcrtable knife and then pasted over with slips
The almost inevitable criticism of tbecf p jper In a manner which defied all
Klnr1 physicians lu begun displte tho effort of curious investigators to gain
remarkable result their skill hat ihui Mirrcptltious knowledge
fa Inrpired Tnc reports of the Kings It was evident that there had been
illness published in the Lancet and file some honors which tho unexpected ill
BrltUh Medical Journal do not of ness of tho King had rendered desirable
courfe tell the crtlr t jtj otnerw s to v i uo J 1 -a cli d
the vould have had to apportion the j that these included a dukedom for the
Physicians Marvel at Wonderful
Elasticity of Constitution After
Recent Operation
His Majesty Not an ideal
Patient Objects to
Illness of Sovereign Endears
Royal Family to the
Colonial Troops to Pass Before Her
Majesty A Picturesque Camp Im
mense Losses From Postponement of
Coronation Fetes Destroying Food
Supplies Descriptions Published of
the Event at Westminster by Un
fortunate Magazines
Special Cablegram Copyrighted
LONDON Juno 28 There Is no reason
to doubt that the King has astonished
his physicians by his remarkable rally
from the grave operation performed onl
four days ago He has shown wonderful
elasticity of constitution and a high re
cuperative power such as is usually
found in a man of half his 5 ears
Tho rapidity of his progress thus far
tends to discredit entirely the idea gen
erally held that his manner of life had
drained his store of vitality below most
men of his age
It is unreasonable of course to jump
at the conclusion of the British public
that his complete recovery is already as
sured Such confidence -will be unjusti
fiable for a considerable time jet and
we have not been told officially whether
a second operation is imperative after
his strength has been fully restored
Knowledge Not Certain
We know indeed nothing of what the
surgeons have actually done bejond
opening the abscess The semi oIScial
account of the operation published on
Welnesday and uncontradicted t
corded the removal of an obstruction Swj
that a system of tubing was resorted rto
to make the intestines available for
their natural functions
This would mean a far more serious
operation than for ordinary appendicitis
and In view of the progress male It is
more reasonable to believe that nothing
was really done bejond dralm g th
There remains In that situation the
question whether the appendix must be
removed later on Sir Frederick Trees
himself In previous lectures and writ
ings on appendicitis advises that In
most cases where tho appendix has been
the seat of an abscess not to operate
further saying that chances are that na
ture unaided will absorb whatever may
remain of that useless organ which very
likely has been entirely destroyed by
May Expect Recovery
if this very hopeful version is accept
ed then considering the great recupera
tho power already shown It might rea
sonably be expected that the King would
make steady progroas toward complete
It Is regrettable on tho whole that the
doctors will not vouchsafe a plain state
ment of the exact situation The sick
room report which most surprised medi
cal men was that the King was allowed
to smoke
The story w as scouted at first but It Is
now hnown to bo true Seeral surgeona
who were utterly Incredulous said such
a tblor If true would signify that the
case was hopeless and that the doctors
vera allowing the patient to indulge in
anything which might be desired
As a matter of fact the Kings smok
Inc has no sinister significance He has
been a large consumer of tobacco all his
life and the sudden and complete de
privation of this pleasure the doctors
fouul threatened a greater danger in
ccn epicure of his ntrvous restlessness
than would a small indulgence of hi
Not an Ideal Patient
It as absolutely ccscutHl to keep the
xt cf the operation rootlonlt SB More
over th Kingllkc most men as not
in dal pitlenL
He va never subjected to any pergonal
re tralnt since he had typhoid fever man-
blame for mistakes in the diagnosis and
for the delay in operating
I or the former Sir Francis leaking Is
held malnlv responsible and for tho lat
ter the vhole medical and surgical staff
not one of whorl apparently had the
courage to restrain hs majestys pathetic
impatience to get to London for the coro
It Is doubtful not- whether tho King
ought ever to have been allowed to leave
the rcyal pavllioi at Aldcrshot for he
vas a very ill man then He most cer
tainly ought on his arrival at Windsor
have b en put to bed aad kept there
Evcrybcd Including tho King himself
apparently argued that tho coronation
was so supreme and sacred a thing that
it must bo gone through at all risk A
horrcf or postponement took possession
of ail and risks were in consequence
taken which would not have been ac
cepted in tho caso of the humblest of
the subjects of the King who had been
Everybody ws engaged as a logical
consequence In this recklessness in the
game of make believe
Newspapers Aided
Even the newspapers who were not
compelled to take a hand in tho game
joined in it so unaccountably as to sug
gest official instigation going to the
length of descriptions of his ma jest s
robust vigorous appearance when ho
appeared in London on Monday at a
time when the King was suffering great
pain and walked with difficulty and with
the aid of a stout stick
It is to be hoped for the sake of the
King that this exaggerated worship of
the coronation fetich will not expose
his majesty to risks before his conva
lescence Is thoroughly completed A wise
course would be to postpone the cere
mony till next year
No harm would be done by the delay
and precedent which Is also a fetich
here would be In no way outraged for
British kings ere now allowed seeral
years to interene between their acces
sion and coronation
From all appearances however this
sensible course will not be followed
The King it seems must be crowned
this year the Times suggests in Au
gust which is ridiculous In view of all
the circumstances
Effect on the Country
The effect of the weeks tremendous
drama on the British public has been an
interesting study It furnishes extra
ordinary contrasts The impression
created on the better classes is well de
scribed by the Spectator when It savs
While contemplating the events of
the last few dajs It is Impossible not to
be struck bj the fact that the sjmpathy
felt for the King will have a marked
effect on the future position of the dy
nasty an efTect which will last far be
yond the life of the King though we
trust that It be prolonged many jears
It Is a commonplace that men do not
so much love those who confer actual
benefits upon them as those whom they
have helped and with whom tley have
sympathized and suffered The King
and Indeed the whole rojal family will
be more to the nation after his illness
than they were before
Every sorrow and eery act of suf
fering is a link which binds the na
tion and the trown and in this tie of
sorrow and anxiety the whole empire
share for all the statesmen of the em
pire are gathered as it wcrp around
the sick bed il the King
Royal House Endeared
The Queens death coming as it did
while the sacrifices of war were still
going on and the knowledge that the
efforts she had made helped to shorten
her dajs had a perceptible effect In en
dearing the rojal house to the nation
The oerthrow of the nations hopes and
desires In respect to the coronation and
tue deep anxiety over the Kings illness
will still further strengthen the ties be
tween the people and the djnasty
But there is another picture which has
been shown In London itipets chiefly at
night and in other parts nf the coun
try wlirc ti o masses or rjther the
lower classes manifested the 3tiongest
resentment against any curtailment of
their holidaj privileges which consti
tuted their solo interist In the situa
tion It made not the slightest differ
ence to tivm apparently whether the
King Ihed or died
A Signficant Feature
It may seem d courteou perhaps to
call attentioh to tbs levclatlon of a
feature of the situation but It has sig
nificance of iomo importance It is in
deed bardlj possible to ignore It when
It U remembered that most of Tues
day nights dlspafhes were written
amid in urrou of music hall songs
ihouttd by parading thousands throush
Marquis of Salisbury preliminary to his
Desires Private Life
The suggestion tint he make the
ratlon hc occasion of his retirement
from public life Is of course not now
but It has recently increased in proba
bility and today there is good reason
for describing it as a settled thing
Lord Salisburj under tho Increasing
burdens of -ears and anxiety has lost
much cf his phjsical vigor Ho has
tasted to the full the sweets of place
and power and they now pall on hun
Unlike the average statesman retiring
to private life he is passionately In
love with a hubb the pursuit of which
will give him ample interest In life
That hobby is electricity and experi
mental chemlstrj in both of which he
is more than an amateur
Tho enormous number of private tele
grams sent frjm the Central Telegrauh
office to all parts of the world well In
dicated the anxiety felt for tho King
The number of telegrams on Monday
far exceeded tho number the day before
Queen Victorla3 funeral vhich estab
lished a rev record
Mondays Record Broken
Tuesday again was exceptionally basy
and when the announcement of the
postponement of tho coronation v as
made the office for hours was flooded
with telegrams beating Mondays record
b 59 per cent
Wednesday was about the same as
Tuesday the whole available staff being
on duty from 12 to 1C hours each day
Thursday and Friday showed a slacken
ing but the staff was fully engaged
morning and afternoon
Thousands of people had been tele
graphing the latest news to their friends
in towns and Ullages throughout the
country though the bulletins are posted
in over telegraph office In the United
Kinzdom and receive precedence In
transmission oer all other mes
No body of men were more keenly dis
appointed oer the postponement than
the Indian and colonial troops v ho hae
come from all ends of the world to take
part in a historic event
Review of Colonials
Tha colonla premier with the
hearty support of Mr Chamberlain tho
secretary of state for the colonies hate
now arranged to the great delight of
these troops that an Indian and colonial
review shall be held at the Horse Guards
parade on Tuesdaj and Wednesday next
Representatives of every Indian regi
ment are now here Including the Sikhs
Charkas and Patbans With tbem wiil
be the Canadians Australians Now
Zealanders Maoris the Hongkong Pir
Tallcd Sappers the bare footed Fiklans
and the fair white yellow black and
brown soldiery of every clime
Queen to Review
Queen Alexandra as at Aldcrshot
will take the salute Jhe Duke of Con
naught the Prlnco of Wales the Indian
native rulers the colonial premiers and
other distinguished visitors will b
The men even hope that they may
march up the Mall past Buckingham
Palace to be seen by the King but
herein they are doomed to disappoint
ment The review of course depends
entirely on the state of the Kings
health Unless his eonalescenco is
maintained it cannot be held
Another fixture for the Indian and col
onial troops arranged during their visit
was to make a tour of the British licet
at Splthead Here twenty one British
battleships ten first class cruisers
thirteen of the second class and twenty
of the third one sloop of war seven
teen torpedo gunboats thirty two tor
pedo destroyers seven torpedo boats
and ten training ships with a person
nel of 2S1S1 officers and men and nine
teen foreign warships arc drawn up In
five lines where they will remain until
A Picturesque Camp
The Indian camp at Fulham was one
of the most interesting sights of the
past week The grate picturesquelj
garbed Indian catalrjmen seemed to
have lived there for years
They are all fine handsome men of
such native dignity and refinement that
1t is impossible for those uot initiated
to distinguish botv ccn officers and pri
vates The ramp is as orderly and runs
as sracofily as if they had been quar
tered there for months
In open tents one sees the quaintest
vessels of pewter and brass gorgeous
clothing and the most comfortable
courhes Tho men at first refused to
believe the reports of the Kings Illness
md the postponement of the coronation
They bought the non commlpsionel
officers of their ov n race wore foaling
them bu when the English officers told
them the had received the news there
was stony consternation When they
were dismissed they went apart with
one accord
Prayers for Emperor
Asked Where are you goin thev
replied We go to pra Since then
ever night at sunset they offer a vray
cr In their own way for the Great White
Emperor His Illness was their only
topic and visitors afterward had no
peace There were few In the tents who
w era unable to understand enough Eng
lish to ask this question Tho King
what of the Kins was he ill why was
he ill
The all had confidence that he wouU
get better and they could not return
home without seeing tho emperor
The great heat of the past few da a
has completed the confusion of tho fool
markets The coronation program meant
that they had to lay in supplies on
Wednesday to last until the following
Mohday as the intervening Saturday
was only a nominal business day and
certainly would have been a public holi
Tons of Food Condemned
The government inspectors have been
re enforced and arc working overtime
today in condemning thousands of tons
of all kinds of perishable provender
The merchants of the SrnithOold market
after selling hundreds of animals at a
loss of 5 a quarter on Thursday found
much of their beef getting discolored
Yesterday thoy got rid of some at one
half penny per pound and the remainder
vas destroved today
The fish market had a similar exper
ience One dealer in lobsters received
consignments back from his customers
bringing losses of 3000 The chtm
pagne merchants are also heavily hit
Vast quantities were shipped to Eng
land in the last few weeks to drink the
Kings health Most of this remains
Most of the West End houses which
had prepared feasts for guests to wit
ness the procession have taken various
ways of disposing of the dishes
Feasts for Police
Julius Wernhtr the South African mil
lionaire and a tenant of the Marqjls of
Baths mansion In Piccadilly astonished
three hundred policemen of that dUtrlct
by Inviting them to a series of repasts
of the most luxurious delicacies wht h
those of them who were not compelled
to go on the sick list therefrom have
been vainly trjlng to describe to their
uninvited comrades
The hospitals Lave more than thoy can
consume The rule at Buckingham Pal
ace was to lejcct everthing arriving
after the announcement of the post
The purveyors of perlsViblo goods
s itfcr severely as whatever their legal
rights they dare net oh end the palace
by importuning for pavment The palace
is alwas a h rd bargainer but roal
tradesmen find that its custom attracts
better pavers elsewhere
The last consignment accepted was
ICO packages of pate do fole gras at
S70 each Tncse are not soon perish
able and were placed In eold storage
It may riadll be understood how the
sudden postponement has upset the
ular J value
duced to
Greater Attractions at the Annual
Reduction Sale
As tho Annual Rsduotion
becomo moro unci nioro attra
special montions for Monday
Ladies Tailor iUadc Suits
Ladies Elpgant Tallor Made
Suits in tan gra black and Ox
ford in walking and dress skirt
stles jackets are silk lined
skirts have seven gore Aire or cir
cular flounce All this seasons
stylish creations rf jf nn
that sold for 22 50 V S 8
to 40 reduced to 4 I ftJJ
r Tub Suits Reduced
L Line of Ladle3 Tub Suits In
blue rose and green new designs
spleudldly made and prettily
trimmed worth from
I t to JGOO reduced
I- Laces Reduced
I Superb howlTg of fine PoIntMe
Venice Point Gaze find
C Laces in bands edgings applique
I and medallion effects whlto and
i ecru worth Jl 2j to
- 1 per jard reduced
Salo nror333M thohnrrralns
otivo W tall you of tlioso
a soiling
Thin Goods Reduced
Choice line of Dimities Batiste
and Persian Lawnb in the most
d sirable colors and pat
terns regular worth li
and 2jc d reduced to
Exquisite Line of
White Goods
New Parasols at
Haif Price
Ladies Waists Reduced
Line of Ijdloa fine White Indlt
Linen Waists tucked bael end
front embroidery trim
med or ill JI CO ic
dticed to
Robes Reduced
Elegant White and Eeru French
and trijuned with
Hee Insert lour reg
New and beautiful lino of whlto
and colored embroideries in
edgings and insertions
worth from JOe to COc d
reduced to
Smooi Coffer McCalley lm F
weeklj illustrated papers which go to
press with illustrations on letter press
some das before the issue Nearly all
of then had huge editions with pic
tures of the procession the service at
Westminster Abley and so forth prac
tically rcadj to issue with dscrlpti2ns
written in the past tense
Some have been fr weeks printing
elaborate coronation numbers to be
read to issue en Thursday and Friday
and their losses will run into manv
thousands of ponrds sterling But the
illustrated monthly Lads Realm
has nctu illv appeared with a full ac
count of th coronation discussing and
criticisirg iloings which have not oc
n article on Soeletv by A Peers
Daughter not only describes and dis
cusses personalities in the Abbey and
Trldays procession but gives a lengthy
eritl Ism of the Covent Garden gala
An Awful Disappointment
Tills sys the Peers daughter was
a disappointment to many but not all
Seldom have we heard a worse chorrs
and even the stars of song sing less
brightly as the years go on The un
rivaled Jean de Keszke has not the
wonderful power he hnd once Madame
Mclba Is as delicious as ever is no
better Caruso was a distinct disap
pointment What makes this particular
article worse is the fact that Jein de
Res7le was not to slug on the gala
It is an ill wind that blows to one
good For tvo days past members of
Parliament have bcn lunchlnz dining
and drinking champaene free of cost
Large extra supplies of food and wine
had been laid in for Thursday and Iri
day for the members and their guests
who were to have occunled huge stands
Much of this as sent across to West
minster Hospital Some of the num
bers even condescended to take home
prime salmon at four pence per pound
There were other such bargains but
much remaned both to cat an J drink
so the members whether they contribut
ed to tho purchase of these articles or
not have been living luxuriously for
louiaK AH of them J5 aud 3 SO
For 4 Dav
Si Summer Coots
Featherweight turn sole and ex
tension hand welt sole finest 1
Kid and Patent Ideal Kid Boots
The grades at other
stores CO IP
Foi Hns 31 J
Cool and handy UathrooTi
Slippers for men and wo
Womens Misses and
Childs Vici Kid Oxford
Ties 1 grades at
Cent luod hvai lir t Iajie
feared might foreshadow septic poison
ing hence the warning sentence which
subsequently proved not to be signifi
There is a similar suggestion In the
latest bulletin tonight but it is hoped
that this will also disnppear within a
few hours The operation above de
scribed Is such as Sir Frederick Treves
always performs in cases of acute ap
When the abscess is found it 13 much
more simple aud shorter than the re
moval cf the appendix During the qui
escent perlcd of the disease it i3 an
operation which according to Sir Fred
erick Tf eves own statistics proves fa
tal in 20 per rent of cases a far higher
proportion than the removal of the ap
perdix Itself in non acute cases on ac
count of the danger of blood pofsoning
First Bulletin Late
It was considerably later than
usual when tho morning bulletin
was posted on Buckingham Pal
ace tcday Meanwhile the somewhat
smaller crowd than usual outside ths
gete had noticed Increased activity In
the palace and word was circulated that
gocd nes was coming When ihc bul
letin was posted the crowd made a ruah
forward and the police were unable to
restrain them They were only placated
by a constable shsuting ofit that the
King was out of immediate danger This
announcement vas received with mur
murs of gratitude
The Duke cf Connaught called at the
palace at 9 oclock The fact that he re
mained but a few minutes for3hadowed
the good tidings contained in the Lul
Earliest News of the Day
The following bulletin was issued at
1030 a mi
The King had a good night His im
proved coaditlcn was maintained We
S2 Oxfords
Four Days at
Weve Jist bought 2C0 pairs of
Oxford Ties one of the best
known and most reliable makers In
Th s purchase brines to our pa
trons the most excellent IZ bhoes
at only 115
This purchase consists of PAT
Bos and Girls best Canvas-top
Tennis Slippers
black tail or vhlte Any
Englleh Barefoot Sandals
sizes 12 to 2 125 to 11
l sizes 4 to
3 Reliable Shoe Houses
are happy we are able to state that we
consider his majesty out of Immediate
cangcr His general condition is satis
factory The operation wound however
still needs constant attention and such
concern as Is attached to his majestys
condition Is connected with the wound
Under tho mo3t favorable conditions his
majestys recovery must be protracted
The following bulletin was Issued at S
oclock this evening
The King passed a very comfortable
Jay His progrers continues quite satis
factory TREVES
Rjmairinj Quiet and Comfortable
No official bjlletln regarding tho
Kings health was Issued at 2
oclock toiay a3 has been the cus
tom heretofcrc t t It was stated offi
cially at Buckingham Palace at 230
that the i nprovemtnt in his majestys
condition has been maintained aad that
the patient was then quiet and comfort
The Kins saw several members cf tho
royal family tcday
Esvcys Departing Fiotn London
Among the distinguished visitors who
dsrarted for their homes thl3 morning
were Prince Kerry ef Prussia end hl
consort d the Egyptian Austrian and
Moorish rnvc s The Moorish repre
sentative said- I am smitten to tile
earth with scrrow England is a great
country tit I am glad that I am return
ing to civilization again
Early today it was stated that the
prince of Wales would review the Colo
nial troops on Tuesday It the condition
of the Kings health would permit- This
statement is now officially confirmed
Ws k P
vVf AB
Finest S5
MI our 53 Oxford Ties and
Blucher Ties except the RCHI
LIA There are none finer made
at any price In choicest Surpass
IId or Guaranteed
Patent Kid
Poi 4 Dav at
S3 Shoes
or Oxfords
night different stvles hand-sewed
welt Vici Kid Yclour Calf an
Patent Leather 3 Lo- and Hlgn
cut Shoes made ca the most ppp
ular lasts and equal to most 3 50
For 4 llavs at
ft O -a
looming MiQe Mie
leforc the Fourth
The next four das are to be lite ract advantageous yet for
your sboe buying
Wc have never had Mich a varirfy no other local -tore can
show even one quarter as many styles of cool natty durable sum
mer footwear Aiil what eMiptionil reductions are named for
this vcek Made possible by Ejreat opportune purchase- from a
market depressed by the recent cool weather Theyll make this
week a record breaker in 1JIU BUSINESS for and BIG VAL
UES for j cm
Three Big Shoe Values for MEN
Fine 5250
Shoes at
Hand sewed White and Crash
Linen Laced Bluchers and Oxford
Ties C styles of fine Vici Kid and
Calf Laced Shoes and Oxford
Ties stylish shapes and thorough
ly good wearers
For 4 Ua at
Womens Summer Shoes and Oxfords
S3 and 350 Low Shoe
18 kinds of most stylish Surpass
Kid Patent Kid and Calf Turn and
Welt Sole Oxford Ties and Co-
S253 Fine Low Shoes
Swell Blucher Ties Oiford Ties
and Colonials made of best Vici
Kid or Guaranteed Patent Kid 15
up-to-date styles
For 4 Da
Pretty Low Shoes
Crash Linen Oxford Tie3 and Co
lonials and good wearing Vici Kid
Turn and Heavier weight Sole
Oxford Ties and Sandals
5125 and 150 values 95
For 4 Dav
Small Priced Summer Foot Comfort
Ping pong Outing Shoes
for children sizes to 2
75c sizes1 to S
White Gray and Brown
Canvas Oxford and Laced
Shoes for men boys and
Corner Seventh and K
1914 and 1916 Pa Aenici
233 Pa Avenue S E

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