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After Number of Berths
in the Assessors
Likely That Policy of Promotion Will
Be Followed Out as in the Past
Municipal Triumvirate Kept Very
Most of the time of the Commissioners
was occupied yesterday In listening to
the plaint of the ofllco seeker In fact
tor several days the municipal trium
virate hare had time to attend to little
else The fact leaked out about ten
days ago that there were a few fat
Jobs in the Assessors Office to he made
in connection w ith the personal tax as
sessment and immediately about fifty
gentlemen were impressed with the idea
that their talents were needed
Commissioner Macfarland stated yes
terday that there arc really but five
or six new places to be provided for
and that many of the applications could
not even be considered seriously owing
to their number The same is true with
reference to the appointment of a mem
ber of the board of police and fire sur
geons and to the three or four clerk
ships which are to be filled In the va
rious departments
Must Be Efficient
The policy of the Commissioners pas
been to promote clerks and employes
of the District who have shown them
selves to be efficient If this policy
prevails and many think It should the
positions in the Assessors Office will
ill be filled from the forces now encased
In the offices of the Assessor and the
Auditor and the lower clerkships will
be supplied with new men
It Is not known at present whether
this policy will be followed but It is
likely to be If too great a pressure is
not put upon the Commissioners from
the Caoltol
In any event the fact should be
recognized that the importunity of those
seeking appointments In the District
Government will avail little and the
Inroads upon the time and patience of
the Commissioners will be materially
lessened if the majority of the appli
cants would stop to consider for a mo
ment that after their claims have been
presented the Commissioners will be
helpless to do a thing tor them how
ever strong their Indorsements or the
desire on the part of the municipal au
thorities to do so
Resolution Affecting Grand
Army Encampment
Without opposition the House yester
day passed the joint resolution intro
duced by Representative Loudenslager
graning authority to the District Com
missioners to make special regulations
for the period of the Crand Army en
campment In October
Mr Babcock chairman of the Commit
tee on the District of Columbia asked
unanimous consent for the consideration
of the resolution Immediately after the
Objection Is Withdrawn
Mr Moon Dem Tcnn who on Fri
day declared that he would object to
every request for unanimous consent
during the remaining days of the session
because the Speaker refused to recognize
him o bring before the House a bill
giving Territorial form of government
to the Indian Territory withdrew his
objection to the consideration of he
resolution which he had made on Trlday
Mr Moon Renews Threat
Mr Moon said that the days of the
present session were so few and that
there were so many Important matters
beorc the House he would v ahe the
carrying out of his threat for the
present He declared however that
beginning with the first day of the next
Fesslon he would object to every re
quest for unanimous consent until a
hearing had been given his bill The
resolution was then read and passed
without opposition
Provisions of the Resolution
The resolution empowers the Com
missioners to make special police regu
lations and appropriates J11000 for this
purpose It also authorizes the Secre
tary of War and tho Secretary of the
Navy to loan to the encampment offi
cials flags and ensigns for decoration
purposes authorizes the stringing of
elei trlc light wires lor illuminating
purposes authorizes the use of certain
streets and reservations for the erec
tion of reviewing stands and the loan
by the War Department of hospital
tents and medical supplies
Well Known Here Where He Had Many
Relatives and Friends
The drowning of Trancis S Klcln
dlnst while attempting to ford Mill
CrctiC near LIgonlcr Pa several days
ago has occasioned considerable Inter
est In this city where the family of the
dc- ascd Including the widow and three
children Miss Maud and Messrs Ilalph
and Campbell Klelcdlnet rcsidos
Mr Klclndlnst was known to many
people In ihs city having heen a fre
quent visitor here during his residence
in Ro kville After the death of his
fist wife a Mls Lillle Campbell of
lha plate he removed to western Penn
ey vanla where he embarked In the ho
tel bw necs While there ho was mar
r 1 to M sm Mollle Clifford of the town
ncir which he was afterward drowned
A ix-year-old daughter had been resld
I113 a Ith her father in Llsonicr but the
House Agrees to Conference Report on
Tiie House yesterday agreed to the
conference report upon the imendments
to the District code The amendments are
chiefly those included in the bill as 11
passed li c House with several minor
A compromise was effected tn the mat
ter of justices of the peace by which
the number s to be rcduiod from ten
to six after the expiration of the terms
of the present justices
Senate Passes Money Resolution Call
ing for Copies
A resolution was offered in the Sen
ate yesterday by Mr Money Dem
Miss and agreed to directing the Sec
retary of War to furnish oplcs of all
orders Issued by the governor general
of Cuba from the date of the beginning
of his administration up to May 20
Boy Had Been Away From
Home Nearly Two Years
ALEXANDRIA Va June 2S Mystery
no longer burrounds the disappearance
of young Judson Gardner son of Dr
James L Gardner of Plainfield Conn
who has been absent from his parents
home for nearly two years Young
Gardner Is now at the Alexandria Hos
pital and is rapidly recocring from a
seere attack of typhoid fever It wts
while at the hospital that he revealed
his identity His father was communi
cated with and as a result there was a
happy reunion of father and son last
evening Tho case has attracted con
siderable attention throughout the coun
try and many believed that young Gard
ner was dead The meeting of the fa
ther and sou after such a long period
was a most affecting one
Young Gardner came to this city about
a month ago and secured employment In
tho shops of the Southern Railway Com
pany During his stay in this city he
was taken ill with typhoid fever He
was carried to the Alexandria Hospital
and for a time thore was grave doubt
as to whether or not he would recover
The officials of the hospital communi
cated with joung Gardners father and
as a result Dr Gardner arrivel here
last eenlng He expects to leave tor
his home la a few days He however
does not think that his son will be able
to return home Just at present
Kept Identity a Secret
The case Is a remarkably strange one
According to reports young Gardner
who was then sixteen years of age left
home about two years ago During that
time he kept his Identity it is said a
secret and his apparently unexplained
ctFence caused his parents no little
amount of anxiety and considerable no
toriety During his absence he travel
ed all over the world He however
wrote very Infrequently to his father
and so little was heard from him that It
was supposed that he was dead The
boy It Is presumed thought that If his
whereabouts became Known to his par
ents they would compel him to re
turn home and he seemed to lovn tho
roving life more than life in the little
town of Plainfield
Dr Gardner was first apprised of his
sons presence In this city through Mrs
Margcrlo C Adamson matron of the
Alexandria Hospital who wroto him a
letter concerning the story told her by
young Gardner He at once communi
cated with her by telegraph and as a
result of tho correspondence reached
here yesterday Dr Gardner is now
registered at the Hotel Fielschmann
When seen at that hotel tonight by
The Times correspondent Dr Gardner
seemed at first reticent to talk on the
case He said that little less than two
years ago his son left home During
that time little was known of his where
abouts although at Infrequent periods
he would receive a letter stating that
his son had sailed from a certain port In
some foreign country
Has No Bad Habits
The boy he said was good and had no
bad habits He said that he had a fair
education and was remarkably bright
although he always seemed to love tho
water from the time of his birth While
his parents lived In New London Conn
when the boy was but seven years of
age ho took an old trunk and filled the
cracks with putty nnd after seeing that
tney were lined lie threw it Into Long
Icland SounJ and thn jumped in and
made efforts to enjoy a boat ride A
number of workmen nearby becom
ing alarmed at the youths perilous pre
dicament cried t6 him to look out The
little fellow however succeeded In
making hib waj to shore safely
Long Loved the Water
This was tho first time that he showed
love for the water Afterward he was
sent to school nnd seemed to take a
liking to electrical engineering He
b aevcr failed to give up his Ioe for
the water During tho summer vacation
of the school he pleaded with his father
to allow him to take a sea trip with a
captain who was a friend of the father
who sailed en a coaBt steamer Young
Gardners request v as granted and the
fever seemed to strike him with full
force after he left home for he never
returned but sailed on different vessels
after leaving the captain with whom he
started During all that time ho has
sailed on viss ls of all descriptions and
has visited seaport towns In all parts
ot th world
When questioned as to whether or not
he would take his son back with him
Dr Gardner stated that he would not
but said that he would let him reLaln
here until his health Improved Dr
Gardner lcImatcd that he wo ild let
the boy follow tho course that he
thought best He said that his son who
It now flghtecn years of age would bo
rblc to fill the position of first mate
en a sailing vessel It Is more than
irobablc that young Gardner will return
to the home of his parents when he re
covers suiaclcntly to leave the hospital
but It Is expected that he will follow
0 members of the family have been the water after he pays his old home a
tn ihls city for tome time IWslt
Services to Be Held Today at the Res
idence of Son
Tuncral services over the remain of
Mrs Maggie C Stags widow of tho late
Louis Stagg will b held at the resi
dence of her son Mr P H Stagg 1731
Seventeenth Street northwest this
afternoor rt 1 oclock The services
will be rivate Ilcv Dr E S New
man of the First Congregational Church
will of elate
On the 2 oclock train the remains will
be conejcd to Cincinnati Ohio the for
mer home of the deceased where they
will be Interred In Spring Groe Ceme
tery Monday afternoon
Mrs Stagg died Friday evening at 7 20
oclock She hub in her sixty ninth year
and was born in Springfield Ohio She
lived at her birthplace until her mar
riage to Mr Louis Stage a well known
ami inlluentlal resident of Cincinnati
Upon the death of Mr Stagg scleral
years ago she came to Washington to
reside witn ner son
She is survived by two daughters ida
M and Carrie M and a son Mr I II
Stagg a clerk In the Pension Office
me pallbearers at the funeral today
will be Col C
Q C Lamar J
II T Guethcr and I
b Brown Messrs L
Jone3 Fred Chase
C Lord
Henry Harry Falls From Car on Met
ropolitan Line
Henry Harry aged thirty ears of 2203
L Street northwest fell of a Metropoli
tan car at Fourteenth and F Streets
northwest last night about 10 oclock
He sustained a fracture of the skull and
was remocd to the Emergency Hospital
In the ambulance He will probably re-
Womans Auxiliary on
orations Making Plans
Busy Week Aheadfor Several Branches
H C Loomis Returns
to Kansas
Ctino H Rudolph of the
general committee on decorations for
the Grand Army of the Republic encamp
ment was an Incited guest last night at
the meeting of the committee on deco
rations of tho Womans Auxiliary at
encampment headquarters He took tho
opportunity to assure the ladles of his
hearty co operation in all matters that
may come before them for consideration
and said that his committee would do
all In their power to assist In the work
the Indies have undertaken
The meeting was presided over by Mrs
Ada if Weiss the chairman of the com
mittee and was of short duration The
chairman of the committee was directed
to appoint a committee to call upon the
florists of the city to see what arrange
ments could be made for the loan of
palms and other potted plants for tho
decoration of the various halls In which
the women will hold their contentions
When the meeting adjourned It was to
meet again the first Tuesday in Sep
Secretary Barry Bulkley of the ex
ecutive committee left yesterday for At-
Continued frcm Second Paje
carefully considered and it had been
finally agreed that fSOO was the point
at which it would yield the greatest
reenuc They left tho tax upon the
gross receipts of traction companies at
4 per cent where It was they put 5
per cent upon tho gas company and
thought it could well afford to pay 0
per cent but 3 rer cent was accepted
as a compromise
It was found that the banks and trust
companies had p ild practically no taxes
to the District revenues except wher
they owned real estate The Senate pro
pored a tax of 4 per cent upon gross
earnings that would yjeld 60000 a year
It was suggested in lieu of that to tax
the capital stock at par value plus the
surplus and undivided profits which
would yield he thought about 100000
This was opposed by the Senate and
finally an agreement was reached to fix
the tax at i per cent on gross earnings
which he estimated would jlcld 100000
although even this would be consider
ably under 1 per cent upon the capital
ization and surplus of those Institutions
Mr Sulzcr asked If there was any
other instance where the rate of tax
was doubled as In tho case of the license
upon saloons Mr Cannon said that
heretofore the banVs bad raid no tax
at all and now they were to be taxed
C ser ceuL Mr Cannon said he knew-
the bill was not perfect but it lay In
tho hands of the District committee at
the next session to make any remedy
by providing adequate legislation
Greater Sum Needed in 1904
Still greater sums would be needed
for the year 1304 especially if the mu
nicipal building were to be erected the
railroad terminal station built the
flats along tbo Eastern Branch reclaim
ed and other projects carried to com
pletion which the present estimate does
not contemplate The bill would how
ever provide enough for current needs
Mr Babcock said ho had been directed
by the unanimous vote of the District
Committee to oppose certain provisions
of the bill as contained in the Senate
amendments He said the amendment
relating to the Highway Bridge across
the Potomac gave to the Washington
Alexandria and Mount Vernon Railway
the right In perpetuity to say what road
should cross the bridge Other com
panies must get the consent of this com
pany In other words It transferred
the right to say what roads should cross
the bridge from Congress to the Wash
ington Alexandria and Mount Vernon
Railroad Company
Mr Babcock also opposed the amend
ment granting the electric light com
pany the right to string live overhead
light wirep outside of the fire limits
Eight persons he said had been killed
by these wires
Outside Fire Limits
Mr Cannon pointed out that tho same
privileges had been granted west of
Rock Creek and the amendment simply
proposed to allow the same privileges
east of Rock Creek outside of the fire
Mr McCleary said In regard to Mr
Babcocks statement as to tho highway
bridge that the law provided for U13
submission of the matter to the District
courts In case there was not an agree
ment with the Washington Alexandria
and Mount Vernon road
Mr Pearre called attention to the
provision in regard to bill posters lit
opposed the section which confers upon
the District Commissioners the right t
say what property shall be used for bill
posting He also attacked the further
provision which requires that before a
piece of property can be used for bill
posting purposes consent be obtain
ed of a majority of the residents of
the square In which the property Is lo
cated He thought this provision would
not stand in the courts
Mr Sulzer had the clerk read a let
tcr from Mr Louis Shade protesting
against the increase or tne license tax
on the ground that It would drive out
of business tho smaller saloon keepers
whose places are patronized chiefly by
wormngmen Mr Sulzer said he hoped
the conference report would be defeat
ed and that the House would bo given
an opportunity to voto on these amend
Compliments to Mr Cannon
In a clever little speech Mr Sulzer
paid his compliments to Mr Cannon in
such a manner as to arouse the House
and to cause Mr Cannon to bow low
in asknonledgment and to throw a kiss
across the aisle at Mr Sulzcr
Mr Sulzer said he realized the great
burden Imposed upon Mr Cannon aud
desired to relievo him It was surpris
ing how- nluch he know Referring to
the fnct that Mr Cannon opposed Mr
Sulzers bill to encourage the salmon
industry in Alaska the latter Bald that
Mr Cannon knew the habits of the lit
tle fishes In the waters ot Alaska aud
he knew the concomitants of mint Ju
leps In Washington He reminded him
ot Goldsmiths lines
And still they gazed and still tho won
der grew
That one small head could carry all nc
The conference report was then adopt
ed on division D4 to CO
Continued from Secnd IaKC
a foreign land nnd in the course of the
performance of his olficial duties In that
foreign service he Is accused of high
crimes anl misdemeanors it is the duty
of the Go eminent of the United States
to see that ho has a fair and Impartial
trial under usual and regular rulc3 of
judicial procedure
He should not be subjected to trial
by arbitrary and unusual methods of
procedure contrary alike to the laws
of that country and the fundamental
principles of Justice He should not bo
rentcuced to and unusual penal
ties without the right of appeal to the
Go crnmcnt of his can country for re
lief and protection
Tour petitioner further represents
that he wa3 Improperly tried unjustly
convicted sentenced to unusual and
severe penalties and as a new trial can
not now be had because of the amnesty
by tho Cuban go content which new
trial under uninfluenced conditions
would bring out all the facts your peti
tioner submits that as a citizen of the
United States he is justly entitled to
a full fair and impartial investigation
by the Congress of his own country
Your petitioner mikes the following
statement of the reasons for th3 appli
The proceedings which led to his
conviction were not judicial proceedings
but were special proceedings directed
and controlled by a person or persona
or an authority by whose orders such
courts were established and controlled
and who In Iolatlon of law and estab
lished rules of Judicial proccduro Issued
orders Instructions and communica
tions to the courts by whom your peti
tioner was tried from time to tlmo dur
ing the progress of the trial and so in
fluenced and dominated these tribunals
as to thwart the purposes of Justice and
Inflict a fireat wrong upon your
Er Parte Evidence
Ex parte evidence was admitted to
the trial consisting of cx partc deposi
tions taken In the United States on be
half of the prosecution at the taking of
which neither tho petitioner nor his at
torneys hail opportunity to be present
or cross examine tho witnesses and the
trial court refused to summon witnesses
In his behalf in -violation of Article VI
of the Hill of Rights amendment to the
Constitution of the United States that
his attorneys were not given proper
tlmo to prepare tho defense and that
evidence vital and material to his de
fense was withheld and that the prin
cipal witness for the State and practi
cally the sole witness against him was
not sworn upon the trial His testimony
was not given under oath This wlt
ntbs testltled as a defendant
Your petitioner further represents
that under the laws of Cuba a defendant
In a cilmlnal trial Is not required to bo
sworn or put under the sanction of an
oath He cannot be punished for perjury
if no gives false testimony Tlii3 wltneg3
was convicted under the same proctedlngs
as your petitioner and afterward was
rardoned as a witness for the state In
the postofllce cases when In fact he was
not diclnrcd a witness for the state as re
quired by law but was a defendant In
the case This witness took advantage of
his position as a defendant tn escape lia
bility for perjury It he gave false testi
mony He took advantage of his position
as a witness for the state to secure a par
In view of these and other reasons
your petitioner requests Congress to
make a thorough and exhaustive Investi
gation of all of his acts in Cuba in con
nection with the ofllcc to which he was
assigned under the authority of tho
United States Government the methods
employed to secure his conviction to the
end that the truth may be discovered tho
ends of justice secured and that your pe
titioner may be relieved from the unjust
aspersions cast upon his character
And jour petitioner will ever pray
lantlc City where he will remain until
tomorrow morning Ho was
nled by his wife
Mrs Ellen Spencer Musscy yesterday
announced the following as the person
nel of the committee on courtesies of toe
Womans Auxiliary Miss Cornelia Clay
chilrman Mrs William S Spencer iviee
chairman Mrs A R Pyles Mrs W X
Dancnhower Mis Mary B Lewfa Mrs
Allen S Cromwell Miss Eliza A Poole
Miss Anna Terrls Misses Tlllle and Min
nie Roth Mrs E M Zane Miss Lillian
Lockwood Mrs Celynda Ford Mrs Wil
liam S Odell Mrs Libby M Porter
Mrs E W Sumner Kettelle and Mrs
Sarah Pittman
The following committee meetings
have been announced for the coming
Monday afternoon at 415 oclock at
encampment headquarters 1403 New
York Avenue northwest Mrs Musseys
committee on courtesies
Monday evening at S oclock at the
Rlggs House the medical committee
Thursday evening at encampment
headquarters tho Western army reunion
committee and the reunion committee
of tho Army of tho Tennessee In the
Western Army Corps are included all
who served west of the Mississippi
outside of the Stales of Louisiana and
Tho department commander II C
Loomis of Topeka Kan and his quar
termaster general left for home yes
terday after having been In the city
all the week Ho expressed satisfac
tion at tho results of his cffort3 to se
cure accommodations for his depart
ment for the encampment vveek next
Octoher Ho has engaged headquarters
accommodations at the Oxford This
will bo department headquarters for
the Grand Army of the State and the
auxiliary organizations His department
will bring the Cammon Military Band of
Wlndfiold and the Modock Club of To
peka He has arranged to decorate tho
hotel outside and in and make it a
veritable Kansas sunflower
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Senate Accepts Report of
Twelve Items Still in Dispute A
Further Conference Ordered Sen
ate Items Agreed To
partial conference report on the
general deficiency appropriation bill was
presented to tho Senate yesterday by
Mr Hale and agreed to
Twelve Items yet remain In dispute
Including the appropriations of 100000
to reimburse tho owners of buildings
burned In Hawaii In stamping out the
plague of 500000 to cover a deficit
in the Pan American Exposition and
of 100000 for a deficit In te Charles
ton Exposition A further conference
was ordered on these twelve Items
Among th Senate Items agreed to are
For the enlargement of Governors
Island by filling bulkheads 200000
For payment of physicians who at
tended the lato President McKInley
Court of Claims Judgments in Indian
depredation claims 442116
For expenses of the State of Vermont
in raising volunteers 250433 The ac
counting officers of the Treasury are
authorized to reopen and adjust the
claims of Pennsylvania Maine New-
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Hampshire and Rhode Island for similar
Tho bill also provides for these pay
ments on the same account To thof
States of Indiana 533833 Iowa 436
417 Michigan 3S2I67 Ohio 45SS3D
and Illinois 1003129
Tho conferees struck out an appro
priation of 80000 for a steel ferryboat
for use between Ellis Island and tha
Battery Now York Harbor
Bill Introduced in House by
tative Foss
Representative Foss yesterday Intro
duced In the House a bill to establish
the Melville Engineering Laboratory so
named In honor of Admiral Melville
chief of engineers ot tho Navy Tno
measure provides that the laboratory
shall be on Government land selected
by tho Secretary of the Navy to cost
not to exceed 100000 or thereabouts
House Agrees to Conferees Report on
Tho conferees report on the bill to
prohibit the false branding ol food pro-
ducts the subject of Interstate com
merce which did not materially affect
Its provisions was agreed to yesterday
by the House
Her Third Conviction for Murder
ELDORADO Kans June 2S Jessio
Morrison on trial here for the third
time for the murder of Mrs OHn Castle
In this city In June 1S00 was found
guilty of murder In the second degreo
today The jury was out twelve hours
The case may be appealed again
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liana torn and Ironed Each
Sheet stamped the genuine
special for
GO dozen Heavy Quality Slx90
Sheets Cases j
and Cottons t
AYe will hold another of our old
time bargain feasts in the Domes
tic section tomorrow to which all
money saving people are invited
The list offers some very strong
value in just the things needed
for every day use
2f0 dozen 72x90 Mohawk Sheets
give you this season And to these who follow this stores daily doings Dwight Anchor Sheets full double
that is sufficient
There are fine Cambric dainty Nainsook and sheer Swis Embroid
eries Inscrtings to match also Headings nnd Match Sets Every sort
for even- ue from the beautiful narrow widths for babys dicss to the
elaborately wide affairs for petticoat flounces e with an endless va
riety of stjles between
Our purchase is divided into four big lots at these little prices
Fine and Dainty Cambric Swiss Exceptionally line qualities and
i vinnv Pmhrnlderles Insert- le est inirinsic values ever 01-
ings and Beadings The assortment
is Immense tho styles are one and
all of the prettiest description
Every piece is of newest and dain
tiest designing Widths up to 4
inches Representing values
nnallv unrlli Re nnfl lfle vnril
rino qutllty Mat
tings both In Jap
nneso Cotton warp
Heavy Seamless
China Mattings Tho
former aro in hmd
T some carret patterns
f and other effects All
I tho best colors hluefi
greens reds ami
browns Qualities sold
regularly In eveiy
other store at 33c and
40c a yard Special
for 4
A very wide assortment of new
Cambric Snlrs and Nainsook Em
broideries widths running up to 6
inches Patterns of every sort for
every use Included aro plenty of
patent edges that will be In such
favor for shirt waists as well as
the popular beadings These 73p
represent values worth up to r
12Vc and 15c yard for a 4-
fered for the money Flue grade
Nainsook and Swiss Embroideries
both edgings and Insertings Beau
tiful openwork patterns Point de
Alencon effects etc in match sets
and fetching point applique designs
Some of them wide enough
for skirt flouncing Quail- c 1
ties well worth 19c and I -it
23c yard for -2
Choice of very fine and elaborate
Embroideries of finest quality Naln
sock Svlss and Cambric Patterns
are as excluslvo as they are hand
some and include the very desirable
applique and openwork effects
Widths ample enough for
skirt flounclngs Qualities ap
that are actually worth up to
30c yard for Lmj
Mattings Reduced
A special lot of ex
ceptionally fine grado
qualities consisting of
heaviest Double warp
Seamless China and
Llnen warp Japanese
Mattings Splendid
range of newest and
handsomest pntterns
These aro regular 40c
Mattings Tomorrow
at only-
40 rolls of China
Mattings double warp
Ironed Sell usually at 63c
Tomorrow we lower them to
100 dozen 43x38 Diana Pillow
Cases regular size deep hem f o
Special value for Mondays C
buyers at U
3 cases of full yard wide Bleached
Cotton quality heavier than Andros
coggin and suitable for un- 73 f
dergarments and childrens jr
wear Tomorrow for 14
23 pieces of Fancy Striped Feather-
proof Ticking in red tan m 1 f
ufi itai
fcr tomorrow at s
CO pieces of full yard wide Per
cales In a wide assortment of de
sirable styles Patterns In
clude stripes and figures ot p 7r
all sorts Special for HFT
Sale of American Lady X
Corset Samples J
Xo merchant is allowed to sell the J
American Lady Corset under 1
regular price and pnly because f
these are samples can we cut t
prices J
AVe closed out the entire sampl
1- T 1 1
and reversible close llne llsprt i tirummers on me ria1
woven desirable In all the newest shapes and I
ors This is a good styles Included are French Cottil J
strong quality Batiste and Netting in short J
iceable and desirable dinm and long styles Only in j
We bought this lot un- sample sizes 2U 2 and 22
dor price and hence
this special offer per
yard at
----- m M
Values from SI to 1 7S
Lot 2 95c
VjIucs up to 2 75
-- ---- -- -

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