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Official Synopsis Claims
Gains in Aany
Check for 50000 Given to Aid the
Strikers in West Virginia Dynamite
Bomb Thrown Into a Stockade Con
ferences at Wilkesbarre
VILKESBAURE June 2S The engi
neers firemen and pumpmen emplojod
b M SKemmarer Co at nun
did not report lor work this morning
They refused to work eight hour shifts
for eight hours par demanding ten
hours pay
The weekly strike situation synopsis
issued officially by tho United Mine
AorKers today follows-
Anthracite situation unchanged since
last week AH quiet and favorable
West Virginia practically solid iten
not distressed by tho injunctions Firm
and favorable
Michigan like Gibraltar
West Tcnn Road Settlement in sight
District No 12 Illinois has -voluntarily
contributed 500C0 to aid the
strikers in West Virginia The check
for this magnificent contribution was re
ceded at natioral headquarters today
Cost of Struggle
According to tho best figures at the
end of the scenth week of the strike
the losses have been over 40000000
President Mitchell started for Chicago
this afternoon refusing to say more
than that he was to attend to some local
matters and see his family That ho
will sec union officials from the States
having the interstate agreement there
is no doubt for there is much to be
done with them before the national con
icntion on July 17 The other officials
here believe he will return with the
news that the opposition of OhioIndlana
Illinois and Iowa has been overcome
nnd that they will bo in lino at the na
tional convention not necessarily to go
on strike but to do as HVchoIl desires
He will return next Wednesday or
At a conference last night and this
morning the general situation was dis
cussed but what plans were made n
any was not announced
A long meeting of the district execu
tive board was held at Scranton this af
ternoon and the situation was discussed
thorcughlj Special attention was paid
to pian3 for storping work at the sev
eral washeries now operating and In
ducing the workmen at them to Join the
The fact that these washeries are pro
ducing about 60C0 tons of coal dally and
giving work to many men is serious for
the strile The Hlilman washery in thU
city started today with a few men It
reports a full force engaged for Mon
day morning Arrangements are being
made to start other washeries in varl
ous parts of this alley
About midnight last night a dynamite
bomb was hurled at the William A col
1cry of the Lehigh Valley Coal Com
pany at Durjea The bomb was thrown
over the fence and exploded Inside the
stockade No guards were within rane
and the only damage dene was to the
Shot at Stockade
The whole town was aroused by the
report It was followed by scleral pis
tol shots from the dynamiting party and
then silence The guards rushed to tho
colliery but could find no trace of the
dynamiters and there is still no clew to
Earlier in the evening the guards at
the Simpson t Watkins Companys
Vvatkins Glen collier were attacked by
a number 0 bojs and when stones were
thrpvvn at them the fired over the
head ol the joungstcrs
In fifecn minutes a large crowd ot
jin gathered and the stone throwing
was redoubled A volley fired over the
strikers heads had no effect and the
e ards then charged them caught Hor
a Moses and made good their retreat
In o the stocxade with their prisoner
Later he was hed under bail
b ut twenty non union men who
ttarrd for the Panther Valley colliery
iear T iniaqua last night were cap
tured toon after midnight by a large
fcr e f 1 led by a drum corps
r J were marched through the town of
Mc coo and some distance avva from
tl collieries ana told to leave the
country They did
Firemens Relief Association Makes F
J Brown President
t a meetini of the Firemens Relief
A eeiation held in their hall last wcelc
of era weio elected for the ensuing
jeer as follows
PrMdent Assistant Foreman Prank J
I5rc n No 14 Engine Company vice
pr- icnt Torcmau John Smith No C
Ens Company necretrry Prlvau
Ch iri s Arhstctter No 14 Engine Com
pany treasurer Foreman James Kcli
her No 14 Engine Company
The new officers will bo Installed on
JlIj 1
First Assistant Chief William T Belt
has been president of tho association
during the past year
New Wlllard S B Manning
C J Clarke St Louis E L Rus
scl Mobile C A Johnson Thomas J
A a St Louis F A Roberts Kansas
fit George E W Whltccomb New
Torn E Heap England F M Parker
L Moyer New York C W Whitney
City W E Kelly Philadelphia
S ITdoo New York
Th Raleigh IT A Dawson Chicago
S Evans Boston C C Crosby Ohio
C I Clark Philadelphia C S Austin
Te Vt J Crawford New York L
M S nehart Texas A Lackman Ohio
A M Coy New York S Dixon Vir
gin r E Ilcrke Delaware
Tl Arlngton E S Lawrence E
II ju en New York D W Healy Cbi
The Shoroham George McDonald
Ci ago d T Ramse Pennsylvania W
C Torbes Boston A A Ojp Now
Rgirs House S V Scott Phliadel
phl H J Adams Ohio J II Oath
Inc Norfolk Va T W Slmmlns llal
eiii N r
The Fairfa E II Reynolds Boston
Charged With Embezzling Funds of a
Tirm for Which He Was
Campbell I Gibson who has been
wanted by the local police on the
charge of embezzlement was arrested
at Atlantic City yesterday and a ill
probably be brought back to Washing
ton within tho next two or three days
Gibson is charged with making away
with JC47 belonging to a local firm He
disappeared on March 17 and it wa3
not until the past da or two that any
thing was heard of him
Detective leck and Miler who were
assigned to the case secured Informa
tion upon which Detective Miller wont
to Atlantic City esterday morning In
the evening Captain Boardman received
a dispatch saying that the fugitive had
been arrested It is understood he has
been working in a hotel there
He is thirty seven years old and
formerly resided at 1311 Thirteenth
Street northwest and Is said to have a
wife and tw small children now liv
ing with Mrs Gibsons parents in this
The Agriculturists of Illinois
Made Good Showing
Gain of 871 Per Cent in Total Value of
Products in the Past
Ten Years
The Census Office yesterday is picd a
ounetin giving tnc statistics 01 agricul
ture for the State of Illinois
The farms of Illinois June 1 1900
the report states numbered 2G4131 and
were valued at 17C55S13jO of which
amount L514C73S0 or 142 per cent
represents the value of buildings and
51514113Ji0 or So S per cent the value
of the land and improvements other
than buildings On the same date the
value of farm Implements and machiner
was J4477S10 and of live stock
758037 These values added to that of
farms give f 3004316897 the total
value of farm property
The products derived from domestic
animals poultry and bees including
animals sold and animals slaughtered
on farms are referred to In this bulle
tin as animal products The total
value of all such products together with
the value of ail crops is termed total
value of farm products This value for
1SD3 was 345019611 of which amount
5I30S1G50 or 3iS per cent represents
tho value of animal products and 214
S3270G or 622 per cent the value cf
crops Including forest products cut or
produced on farms The total value of
farm products for 1S99 exceeds that for
1ES3 by J160S90598 or S71 per cent A
part of this Increase Is doubtless due to
a more detailed enumeration in 1900
than in 1890
The gross farm income is obtained
by deducting the value of the products
fed to live stock on tho farms of the
producers from the total value of farm
products In 1899 the reported value of
products fed was S81B571S0 leaving
203752131 as the gross farm income
The ratio which this latter amount bears
to the total value of farm property is
referred to In the text as the percent
age of grcs3 income upon Investment
For Illinois in 1899 It was 132 per cent
As no reports of expenditures for
taxes interest insurance feed for stock
and similar Items have been obtained by
any census no statement ot net farm
Income can be firs en
Customary Stake Up Soon
to Occur
Delay Probable on Account of Action
of Congress on Appropria
tion Bill
In accordance with the annual custom
extensive and important changes will be
Inaugurated throughout the Police
Department within a short time and
the members of this citys finest are
somewhat anxious regarding the pro
posed action to be taken by Major Sji
v ester and his associates
This tar the changes will It Is
thought be announced later than usual
becaurc of the dilatory manner in which
the police appropriation hill has btcn
handled by those sitting In the House
of Representatives and it Is safe to say
that no action will be made b Major
Slvestcr and his associates until after
the bill Itself iiaa become a law
Candidates for Lieutenancy
It Is thought that at least one now
police lieutenant will be appointed it
being the Idea of those high in authority
to Instill as much of the younger ele
ment as possible In the department
and let some of the veterans spend the
rest of their careers in their homes A
score or more of active policemen have
been mentioned for the position of lieu
tenant but It is more than likely thai
Acting Lieutenant and Night Inspector
Matthews will be given preference
Acting Lieutenant Matthews Is re
garded as one of the ablest police offi
cials of the department ind has an ex
cellent record Fcr jears he was a
mounted sergeant in the Eighth precinct
end won for himself numerous friends
among the oluecoats because of his kind
ly disposition Not long ago he was as
signed to the position of nliht inspector
a duty which mi iUclf lb anythlnu but u
pleasant one and one which Lieutenant
Jordan of the Eighth precinct held for
a long time beforo being made lieu
Sergeant Matthews Chances
It is the duty of the Inspector to watch
the policemen and If possible catch
them when the arc violating the rules
of the department As an evidence of
his work Sergeant Matthews has had
more men before tho trial board tlnn
any other insrector although at the
same time he retains his popularity with
his subordinate
Another feature of the changes to be
inaugurated It is expected will be the
installing of rt least ten or fifteen more
men at Police Headquarters to become
a part of th Detective Bureau Tho
preent force there consists of twelve
men This force is not sufficient It is
claimed for the needs of the depart
mnt There Is a lively contest on hand
among the men who are at present do
ing patrol duty for these positions
Eight Hour System
The most important of the changes
which ma take place although there
is at the present time no certainty of it
is the inauguration of the eight hour
Sstcm among the bluccoats Tho sys
tem has been cne of Major SIv esters
pet schemes for some time In fact
ever since ho assumed the command of
the department it his been a desire on
his part to give his men as much rest
as possible He asked Congress for
1C0 men with which he hoped to intro
duce the change but falling to secure
that number will enlcavor to lighten
the duties of the patrolmen in the best
possible way
The usual number cf new sergeants
will be created and each precinct has a
candidate for one of the positions Arty
number of slates for tho new posi
tions are bcins circulated among the
members of the department and the
topic of conversation to Jay is What
will the changes be
Services at St Pauls P E Church
The funeral services over the remains
of Miss Elva M Emerson wero held cs
terday morning at her late residence 1444
N Street northwest the interment being
in the family lot In Oak Hill Cemetery
Rev Alfred Harding rector of St Pauls
P E Church officiated
Miss Emerson was a daughter of the
late Ocorge V Emerson a well known
business man of tho West End and
great granddaughter of John Emeron
of Virginia and of Captain Richard Dor
sey of the Revolutionary army Mary
land line
Miss Emerson was born and reared la
this city where she was highly esteemed
for her kindly disposition and modest
charities She was a member of St
Paul3 P E Church
Since the death of her mother Mrs
Jerome Sanner one year ago Miss Em
erson had been in poor health
Explanation of Publication ot
Chicago Inquiry
Findings of Court Were Printed and
Distributed as a Squadron Order
and Thus Obtained
The Navy Department has reccivcl an
explanation in regard to the publica
tion of the findings of the court of in
quiry In tho case of the four officers of
Ihe Chicago- who were nrrested and im
prisoned by the Italian authorities in
Venice which acquits Rear Admiral
Crownlnshield of responsibility Tor the
It has been ascertained that the find
ings with Admiral Crowninshiolds in
dorsement were printed on board tiie
flagship Illinois in the form of a squad
ron order and that copies of this or
der were distributed among the ships
of the European squadron
The Usual Procedure
This is the usual procedure in such
cases nnd tho Navy Department Is sat
isfied that some of these copies which
were not regarded as c liadcntlal reach
ed newspaper offices iu Europe with
out Admiral Crowninshields knowledge
The publication would not have at
tracted offlrial attention if the Italian
ambassador had not seen It and com
plained of Admiral Crowninshields
statement that the officers arrested at
Venice had been subjected to revolting
indignities while in the custody of the
Venice police
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni Associa
tion Meeting
The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Alumni As
sociation of Washington held Its second
regular meeting at the New Wlllard
Hotel laht night whicn proved to be
very successful in every way
A special feature of the meeting was
the appointment cf a committee con
sisting of J 1 Maclas chairman H M
Louders and A T Ellis which will have
in charge the entertainment and ar
rangements of the national fraternal
convention which will convene in Wash
ington during the holidays
A smoker followed the business meet
ing Those present were Judge Charles
11 Howiy Dr J H London Iiond An
derson W E llurtt J B Duke A T
Ellis Charles S Havves Porter Ilolils
W II Lcmly J E Llghtie Henry M
London J M MacHs C E Mrltao
T J Rlaml D C Roper Rev C D
TaIor and F H Saermullcr
Music on White House Lawn Enjoyed
by Hundreds
Tim White House lawn to tlio south
ot the mansion itqb the rccno of a gath
ering nf hundrcils of persons lato ytstcr
lay nftcrncon when the Marine Uand
gave its repular open air concert bcln
niiiK at 5 3 ocioek Uriler the dire ction
of Lieutenant Santclinann the follow ins
program was rcndercil
March Tli niitr
Overture labile
Arablvi Vrrnvif
Wrddlur March
Cljriorct Io Ualti ric
Miulctiii J tcciuc M VjntmiiiLo
i 3noy
IxrftN riiuliu
St lireiner
Graml PjitiIjiIj 1i nlle M iljme
AllROt ITtKtl
Kjcinlunr li g frat time ami
Si lection I o cy cjulllcr Di hovtn
lUiI Culuinbia 1 jKb
Continued from Second PJKe
who was very fearful that we wero go
irg to bombard tho city He died be
fore the surrender Afterward word was
sent more than once by tho Relgiin con
sul I said to him Why arc you taking
such a great interest in this matter
He said Uecause ail the property I
have in the world is in Manila anl if
the cit is bombarded I am ruined
Senator Carmack So that with the
exception of that one instance of the
English consul there was no proposi
tion of surrender until the Belgian con
sul commenced in July
Admiral Dewey My recollection Is
that the governor general sent word to
me several times that he wished to sur
render again after a pause to the
Troops Would Have Obviated Trouble
In answer to further questioning the
Admiral said that if he had had 5000
troops with him on the 1st of May he
would have taken possession ot the city
and obviated trouble
The Filipinos were our fricnd3 then
They were very grateful to us for lib
erating them and I think they would
have accepted us
I do not know how long It would have
continued Perhaps the Insurrection was
bound to break out Hut there was no
insurrection then and I believe they
would have accepted us I think that
Aguinaldo placd a very small part In
the insurrection He was tho figurehead
Ho had one of the ablest men they had
Luna assassinated Aguinaldo plajcd a
very small part
Senator Carmack Do Ou recollect a
statement of Consul Wlldman wherein
ho spoke of the story of Aguinaldo sell
irg the rilipino cause to the Spaniards
as an effort to blacken the character of
The dmiral with a deprecatory
Ehake of his head No sir
Senator Carmack Do you know that
Aguinaldob character was a matter of
Inquiry before the Paris Peace Commis
Had No Leisure
Admiral Dewt No I did not have
the leisure to read those proceedings
The acting ciiariman Mr IScverldge
interrupted this line of Inquiry and a
rather unpleasant colloquy took place
betveen him and the two Democratic
members of the committee Senators
Carmack and Patterson
My opinion the Vdmlral broke In
is of no consequence
There I3 no man Senator Patter
son put in whoso opinion goes farther
with tho countrv than yours
I will not permit the acting chair
man interposed any member of the
committee to lecture Admiral Dewey
At another point of tho inquiry the
Admiral said- It seems a little ungrate
ful in mo to speak of Aguimldo In this
way He sent me a herd of cattle for
mv shrs
The acting chairman Cattle taken
from his own people
Cattle Taken From His People
The admiral From his own people
Senator Cormacs You spoke In your
report of Aguinaldos treating prisoner
humanely and kindly did you not
Admiral Dewey Yes He got be on I
rcc very soon He got out of my hands
very seen
Being asitcd whether he coincided with
statements made by certain generals
the Admiral said I would rather not
answer these questions These gentle
men arc ai frieids of mine I have
given you my opinion I would rather
not criticise the opinions of others
The acting chairman informed the Ad
miral that ho need rot do so
I am very glad said the Admiral
because It Is not a gracious thing to
Senator Carmack commented upon the
statement of the acting chairman ami
said that he knew- of no rrlc to justify
It but he would not press tho matter
The Admiral I have given ou my
opinion of my own knowledge and nm
not prep irec to say what opportunities
Consul Wlldman had 10 know Aguinaldo
Ho was the United States consul at Ma
Senator Carmack Is It a fact that the
man you took to tho Philippine Islands
to be the leader of an insurrectional
movement there ou knew to have re
cently betrac his people for a bribe
Aguinaldo Forced Upon Him
Admiral Dewey I did cot want any
body there for that purpose I would
like to say now that Aguinaldo ard his
people were forced upon me by Consul
Pratt and Consul Wlldman I did not
want these people Whn I lert Hong
long I was led to suppose that tho Phil
Asthma Bronchitis and Catarrh
Wonderfully Siircrful Hfsullt liy tho Kcxh
Inlialjtiou Slcm
- nocrRT
- t i
Fop Consumption
co r r ana asthma
Minj n7erers from dU raws cl the throit and
Ii n In I ft uitamtmcni ard in ouw 1L C ini
is to iiw If ntntlar uslts for treatment to
tlii oflcts t rtnstcian
Tin hu rh Till rc uHuc InhtUtion Home Treat
ii tit with pccitll in pared Inhahtiuu j
liaratti is row In iw in thomand
f Vi icncjii hotiici Tins iMhteni met tXaUly
ti 8Jm irtntmtnt tliat has cured th imundi
of patients end wlmli Is in Giiue sful omtj
tion in til the principal cities of the LnittJ
hi in-
liy the Koli which has reevmd in
dor 4ii diU Ircrn tlie rejtet in I
H iertwts the world ocr the Inalin mlv
wrto s ladin with the irerni kiMmsr Tul r
ctiiine are Lr Mthcd direttl n to the ort
plates of the dUerred Iunia and ar tubes
killiit the fen is and curing the d to use Uute
f r ilecriptie booklet Uh tuttiptn n blank
IatUntM tailing at th ntthe f tin hi h I urj
Cur 7 O llh ut ii j hitinttri rtuhc
it riMilution examination auj trul tnatirunt
frtu ml
ippine Islands were in a state of Insur
rection I was told by Consul Williams
that at m first gun there would be a
general uprising and I thought that
half a dozen or a dozen refugees from
Hongkong would play a very small part
in It I did not want them and could
have got along better without them
Senator Carmack But it is a fact that
ou took to the Philippine Islands and
tncouraged to organize an army a man
who had got rich by betraying his peo
Admiral Dewey with a show of in
dignation I am not going to answer
that question
Senator Carmack You did not know
at the time that Aguinaldo was such a
bad man
Admiral Dowey I did not know any
thing at ail about him I permitted him
to come
Senator Carmack You encouraged him
and assisted him
Admiral Dewe I did to a certain ex
tent I gave him a few arms and did
encourage him
Senator Patterson Did Aguinaldo
ever ask cu for money
Aguinaldo Wanted Gold for Sliver
Admiral Dewey He wanted me to
give him gold for Mexican dollars and
I was pretty certain in my own mind
where he got those Mexican dollars I
thought he was getting ready to leave
and that was what made me think that
he was feathering his own nest At
Cavito he had a chariot and four and
a band of 100 pieces and everything In
tho grandest stle
Do ou think Senator Patterson
asked by way of remonstrance that
these innuendoes are Just
I do the Admiral resiled
The acting chairman interposed the
remark that Senator Pattersons ques
tion was discourteous to tho admiral
but Senator Patterson in3i3ted that It
was not but was perfectly Justifiable
and he asked the Admiral whether
Aguinaldo had a dollar today To which
the Admiral replied How can I know
Do you not know Senator Patter
son continued that he might have be
come rich if he had oered the Govern
ment of the United States to give up tho
effort he was making for the Independ
ence of his people
I cannot answer that question of
course sad ho Admiral decisively
A Heilection on the Government
The acting chairman said that tho
question could not bo permitted to go
Into the record without the expression
of his opinion that It contained a reflec
tion upon the Government as being at
any time willing to bribe Aguinaldo It
was not a proper questibn he said He
assumed that the Admiral did not know
any such thing
The Admiral nodded assent and said
fc hid not been at Manila for two years
finished was
1 fo Cart clop woven ratten haml
v mo cer 11 dcsijin mbbtr tire uhetla
heat fUel ccann P -S r
ird aittilmicnls
Mi now
1 Itabv rmatp close woeu reed
I o h c frame
nil hir tirL wheels wn
12 nnv
1 eh nr Couch steel
c nstrmtion o p e n
spring work was
U noft
elour cover prinj
b u ed
Uatdct tout he
cdse and well upholstered can
at j fa d Iran or
c vh nas 2G jO
4 J tlM Oa Parlor Ilockers cobbler
c it hanilMinic embossed
b uk find broal arms
wj 23 now
3 Sdll Oak Itoekers hcav cine cat
Inch bit- and broad arms C Oi T P
3 White Maple Swln Itockcn
heat 3 nimble cine peat
rll nnuhed wa 150
8 Solid Oak Dinintf
fhalrs pantasotc neat
brace ana roo1 finish
was iow
10 ii 1 Oik Dining Chairs polished
finish hiffh broad back
turned pindles and Trench
KhaiHil leTS was T5
Leonard Cleanable
son persisted that Gomez was paid
3O00 In Cuba
I do not know anything about 11
the Admiral answered
Senator Patterson wa3 preparing to
ask another question when the acting
chairman said to him encouragingly
Go on
Thank you said the Senator with
mock courtesy
Being askcJ about the contents of a
letter from General Anderson the Ad
miral said I never read that letter
General Anderson did not confer with
me He was quite independent of me
He went his own way and I did not
consult him I remember with a laugh
saying that If I were he I would not
write any letters
Admiral Dewey Impatient
At this stage the Admiral began to
show signs of Impatience and said that
ho had more important duties waiting
for hfa
You may think so said Senator
Patterson apparently offended but
Senators do not
I do not llko your questions a bit
said the Admiral I am hero to give
jou all the information I have I am
not responsible for what other people
wrote or did or said
Did ou coincide with those views
of General Anderson Senator Patter
son asked
No said the Admiral I differed
from him very much
Do you recollect said the acting
chairman the conversation with me In
Manila in which you said you could
not help but feel that there was a
higher power in the matter than yours
or ours
Yes replied the Admiral I said
that often That was my opinion from
the first of May and it is my opinion
You signed the report of the Sehur
man Commission that the Islands if
turned over to tho Filipinos would
lapse Into anarchy said the acting
That was my opinion the Admiral
Was It always your opinion the
acting chairman asked
Yes the Admiral replied I said
that they were as Incapable of self-government
as the Cubans I think now
that neither of them Is capable of self
ICnccked Down by Automobile
Jeffercoa Winston an aged negro woo
lives in Navy Place southeast was
knocked down by an automobile near
Seventh Street and Pennsylvania Avenue
rorthwest yesterday afternoon The mi
dline was In charge of Mrs W J Fosr
of 2O00 F Street northwest Winston
was removed to the Emergency Hospital
where it was found that he had been
hurt about the head He was detained at
tho Institution although It Is not
Do you not know Senator Patter- thought his injuries are serious
5 Mahranr Finished
Dininx Chair hiRh ba Q f ff
French shaped- Iejr was 3 tl i
3 now AiUV
1 Mahosanr FinL M I f
Arm Chair to match the VL 9 J
abote waj C now T W
S Solid Oak Z pece Uedroom Sattcs
large dreT with lax Q J rv r
rrras i o o y
2 Solid Chi 3 piece Bedroom Suites
liamt conicli cirrcd and
1 Golden Oik Sideboard with plate
mirror and larjre f -ft rt r
board was fl3 9
rfow llfJ
2 olden Oak sideboards with French
bevel pljte mirror ard a f y p
aaeil drawer uai 30 V fia 3
2 Oolden Oak Sidcboird witi Krcnch
bevel plate riirror and A J r
sncll drawer ai 31 MS j 2 5
1 Harcsome Fideboard fall quirtered
oak French lev el plate C A i ff
mirror huMy At 1 156
failed uas non VVW
t RoMen Oak China
bent glass encli as s5 i T 1 fa 1
nm AJoW
1 Golden Oak China Closet fail
qu irtcrctl top lent C f P1
rUm indi well fin- 5 VJ aS
ished w 21 iO no s v
1 Gold ii Oik Side Table handsome
dc trn er niceh fin
Wied has cm drawer C Oi If
and one lief was s I U 2
U50 row V
1 ItufTct full quartered oik French
lecl plate mirror one r P
drawer and one shelf V y 83
was 23 now i J o J J
2 Solid Oak Frame Hall Mirrors IU
2i Frerch bcel plate Q rf f
plj nicelv fim hed was 41 fl
S now - v
1 Pull Quartereil Oik Frame Halt
Mirror 3rr trench boel C p
glass hislilj rnlbhed Hai S
Ja3 J
was S10 now
K Refrigerators and Ice Chests
built rcicntific
Tlie kind that arc on a liasis
Ittfrifferator with ice capacity cf ty fcr S7S5
Leonard Cleanable Ice Chests from S49S
If theyre Richs Shoes
theyre proper
Ten one F Cor 10th
Entire Iluildinj Thone one titr
I The somclhing which cannot
J be des-crib-d but which is known
a style- is present in every
t pair of Uichs Shoe-
all off
ifichb Footwear Those makers t
all find representation here and
4 their superior excellence has
f nude this the leading shoe house
I of Wa hiiifrfoii nnd thn South-
I Here jou find a most complete
anety of Footwear for brides
t the Wedding Slippers of suede
hiti uruuze sauii or parent j
er and all the Footwear needed t
while touring f
Here jou find the correct styles
in liens and AVomens Walking
t i i ci T
f Here you find Xorelty Foot- I
wear embracing Footwear for t
butlers coachmen housemaids I
X etc
Here you find the swell styles I
in jlens and Womens Hiding f
1 Hunting Yachting Golfing and X
Tennis Footwear T
I Xot a pair or so of a sort but r
7 a most comprehensive variety I
I from which the most fastidious
J Iensoii may select I
The question of Shoes should T
bo of very considerable import-
I ance to parents tvho are f
i ing to send their children away t
t for the summer Just how im j
X portnnt we consider the proper
I littins of them if evidence 1 bv T
X the character of the Sheet we
uH and liv tho skill nf thp prn I
I employed The
r tliirjl fitinr is ilprntpI
J J 4 JO lJLll
Hlh grade Footwear
Ten one F Cor 10th
We shall be closed all day Friday July 4 and Saturday 5 During July
and August we close at 5 P M Saturdays at 1 1 M
llnrinf flip ivpsi vvpnV vrn lifivn linen rciyv nnr flnnr2 nml wnrelmiicrQ in slinnr fnr nnr wminn
r ji
r3 ntal steek taLinc and we find that since the first of tho vear we hao accumulated lots of oeld nieces of
iiOR -
fttinilme etc of which we have only a few on hand and a s we greatly desire to begin the next six
months with a new clean slock we will offer these edds and end while they last at greatly reduced
prices Among the lot aic
lSj t Corntr Cliain well up- n PIT
fJ hfkterel nalicrany tin-
KpJ Jiicd frame was 4 nonr t 3 J
lA i CnCirt dose woven
recti imdy iieavi green
iraincl eannp wa 10
1 w
I C f art close woren
ImmH Iijvj granny anI
nil ict tire n lii el was
Sps1 now
- Gv Carts cXe woven
roil ltnI high sides
deavj ft eel jcarHj wa
lt cow
rattan heaty
I Gotirt close woven
roll anl pi Irs brst O
jrin anl
rm nn was I3 now
r s1000
1 olid Oak Hall Seat or
Settee well finished
very pretty ueifrn was
10 30 now-
2 Golden Oak Pinini
Tables fcizp nicely
carved and good nLh
S50 now
Hn T
tl LUG
selinr of Childrens Footvenr r
f and hle the Footwear for rldci
t people it has an individuality
1 is entirely different from that X
r shown elsewheie I
1 H you lne out of town en 1 1
T have to depend on the mail I
4 liiuil vfur uieier iiuciil vviui us
through our perfect irail order J
svstcin will bo most r
rilv filled
i700 h
1 Full Quartered Oak Round Dmtac
Table S ft c pedestal base highly
pohJied and liandome QQ1 g
carvings waa 30 Jj 1 SJ x
2 Mahogany Finished 3 piece Cedroora
bmtes larse crewr
with Xil French bor
el plate mirror was
12 now
2500 ffl
1 Maloarv Finished 3 piece Bedroom
cuiTe swell drawer dresser Ith 24x3
Frrnrh bevel plate A
mirror wa 33 jfj9
1 Mahoanr FinKheil 3 nIece Bedroom
uite full swell front draw with 2is
U French bevel plate
sh pIU nurror was
2 olid Oak Drovers swell top drawer
nlcvlr nnisheu and
carved 20x24 mirror
was 416SO now
2 Solid Oak Dresser 22x23 plat mir
rors well finished and
jnitely carved was
J Codn Oik Finished Chiffoniers
five dt p d rawer very
nicel carved waa W
now -
2 Silid Oak Chiffoniers Q j fj p
carved tcp ipv pood fin- 8625
Mh a co
I Solid Ook Cliiffonier fit It swell
front 1W20
wjii 2250 f now
K i750
2 5 Piece Parlor Suites mahofrany fin-
fabed frame covered
wth fancy damask
wa S0 now
Odd Uirans well up
hoMcred coereiI with
fantr damask was 3 50
2 liM Divans ilevp tufted back ma
hocanj flnihed frames
covo ed with Rood
qualit fancy damask
was H 50 no
China and Japan Mattings
Lote of lnmlsemc and desirable patterns to ilioosc
from all new Roods and strictly frah Priee begin from
I2I 2C 51- tr good quality China Jiattines
SO 1 903 7th St
Eye St

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