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Sentenced for Foreerv to
o -
Seven Years at1
Han Indicted and Convicted on Seven
Counts Executive Clemency on Rcc
omacrdilxon of Attorney General
ciPjert B Towles convicted of forgcrj
ni the March terra of the Supremo Court
or ihe District ISO and sentenced to
the penitcntiarj for c period of seven
jiars was pardoned yesterday by the
President on the recommendation of the
Atiornc General
llr Tovrlcs was well known in busi
ness circles In this city for main jcars
and was closely identified with many n
tcrprises Because of this his tral was
th sensation of the hour while in
bfore the local court
Tbe indictment upon which he was
tried and convicted contained eight
counts District Attornes Gould repre
senting the Government howcer an
nounced at the outlet of the proceeding
that he would not ask for a conviction
on tbe last count
Guilty on Seven Counts
Each count specified a separate of
fense and ho was found guilts on seven
counts Under the law he could have
been sentenced to Imprisonment for a
period of more than fifty 3 ears but Jus
tice Col who Imporcd sentence fixed
the pcnat at seven 3 cars imprisonment
ii the penitentiary at Moundsville V
After his conviction In the criminal
branch of the Supreme Court of tho Dis
trict Mr Towles counsel Messrs
and Woodard took an appeal to
the Court of Appeals for the District
That tribunal not long ago announced
its decision affirming the Judgment of
the lower court
After this his counsel and other
friends made an appeal to the President
for a full pardon In reporting the mat
ter to the President the Attornej Gen
oral stated that the rightfulness of the
conviction cannot be questioned I am
moed however to adIse you to heed
the praser of the great number of sup
pliants In behalf of the petitioner
The specific charges made against Mr
Tonics were that he changed raised and
ohcrwlsc altered certain certain prom
issory notes issued In connection with
the purchase of part of the Gettysburg
battlefield About 100000 of the pur
chase money was paid and the balance
of the money was represented by prom
issory note
It was the purpose cf those interested
In the enterprise to cell the land to the
Government but this was not accom
plished It then becime necessary to
Issue other notes of smaller denomina
tion from time to time to Veep afloat the
original Issue This was mostlj at
tended to by Mr Gilbert B Towles Gen
erally these small notes were Indorsed
by Henry O Towles C C Bryan and
Zcnas C Bobbins
The Forgeries Discovered
During the latter part of 1SO0 parties
holding several of the small notes upon
payment being refused when they be
came due filed suit to recover the
amount It was then first discovered
that the notes were in any way changed
or altered This statement was made 33
a defense to the suits
The matter being called to the atten
tion of the District Attorney an indict
ment charging Gilbert B Towles withi
forgery was reported against him Since
his trial the civil suits on several of
the notes alleged to bae been changed
and altered have been tried in the cir
cuit branches of the Supreme Court of
the District
In each instance except one the last
the suit of Capt Charles B Tanner a
erdlct was returned in favor of tho
defendants In the last trial the Jury
reported against Henry O Towles and
C C Brjan and held that Mr Bobbins
vr not responsible for the pajment of
the note
Thr Tinner case was the most strongly
cintesfed of any of the suits which arose
ever notes issued In connection with
the purchase of the Gettysburg battle
field In that case it was alleged that
tbe Tanner note was made origlnallv
fir 1 1 payable in thirty daj s and
that it was changed to 1010 payable
in ninety dass
U his trial before the Criminal Court
Jr Towles in testlfjing In his own
defense stated that he had changed the
notes In question and contended that he
did so with the full knowledge of the
Indcrsers He further said that he was
often given notes Irdorscd In blank
which he afterwird filled In with the
amount necessary 0 meet the demand
Sometimes he said It was necessary to
change the amount entered and this
was done but It was always with the
fall knowledge of all concerned
Surrendered Himself
When Mr Towles v as Indicted he was
out of the cltj As soon as he was In
formed that there was an indictment
agaiu t him he returned Immediately
and surrendered himself He then gave
bond in the sum of 10000 for his ap
peiranec at trial After his conviction
he a aln pave bond to await th result
of his appeal to the Court of Appeals
01 tne District
Mr Towles is about sixty five 3 ears
of azc
Movements of Naval Vessels
June 27 Michigan sailed from Detroit
for Maekluac Island Sterling sailed
from Hampton Roads for Lamlwrt
Pc int Dolphin arrived at Ojster
Jun 2S Dolrhln sailed from 0y3tor
Bav fr Navs ard N V Lebanon ar
rived at Lambert Point New Orleans
sailed from Nagasaki for Kiauchau
Kentucky sailed from Nagasaki lor
Kla cbau Hannibal sailed from Lam
bert Point for Trcnchman Bay Bu3alo
rolled from Milta for Port Said Caesar
rnled f om Malta for Boston Esox
salb d from Newport for Itocliport
Alert s lled from San Diego for Vcn
Tlie Slavflowcr was placed In com
mission jctstcnoy at the Brooklyn nnvy
rollonng Is the Itineran cf the
Unit d States training ship
Leave Newport June 2S arrive Rock-
port Juno JO leave Juis 3 arrive
ClouecsKr July Z leave July G arrive
Portland July 31 leave August S nr 1
rive Halifax Avgust 15 leave August
25 OTlve ovri Scpt mMr X 1
le u Setem1 r 1 arrive Yoritown
Septfioei 0 leave October 13 arrive
Hampton Pouds October IS
and 03 Public Bills
Led signed S2 priato bills and 01
public lulls and resolutions sent to hlci
pri sle laws 532 originated in the House
jsua SbO In lit- Senile
During ilic rcssion there have been
I rnin lot ti tl TTmcn n r ltli
r j 1 thohcaii rnPn r t uun unij ui
in i iv iiUiv Ui1liiiiiiii jj iiiiil t t
these r03 have Lccn passed leavirg G21
on Tho rf lln niliK lIIID
Morument at Alexandria to the
First President
The Senate sestcrday passed the Sen
ate bill providing for the coining of
200000 silver souvenir medals to be sold
in the interest of the Washington Mon
ument Association of Alexandria Va
The r urns from the Eale of the
met Is arc to be used in erecting a
mo iment at Alexandria Va commem
orating the of the death of
The medals are to be coined at tho
Philadelphia mint but the association
is to furnish the metal
A R Veterans See the
Order of Director of Census Criticised
as Being Against Soldier
Additional protests against removals
of army veterans from the Census Of
fice rolls were filed with President
Roosevelt at the temporary White House
Col M Emmet Urell and Adjutant
General L C Dyer representing the
Spanish War Veterans of the District
called on the President and declared
that Director Merrlam in discharging
veterans from die Census Office force
was acting in an arbitrary and illegal
The specific cases laid before Mr
Boosovelt 3estcrd3y by these gentlemen
were those of Thomas Joe W
Nolan and Ernest R Galthcr These
employes of the Census OSlce have been
notified that their services will not be
required after Jun 30 and some action
by the President has been requested to
protect tnem in the service as veterans
Colonels Urell and D3 er brought to
the Presidents attention that although
two of these men had been promoted
three times and the other one once they
had been informed that their discharge
from the service was ordered because
of lack of
President Roosevelt Informed his call
ers that he could not make any prom
ises as to what might be done for the
veterans but said he would look into
the matter as soon as possible The
necessity for prompt action was urged
since the reduction of the force to the
permanent staff goes into effect July 1
Unless it can be shown that Director
Merrlam has exceeded I1I3 official pow
ers any Interference by the President
is cry unlikely and the determination
Closo July and I
5 oclock
Excepted 1
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more ha 11 ell no
returned In good SCS
C spools O N T
Spool Cotton
Toll Will Be rive Ccnt3 Irssad of Ten
Charge Delayed to Avoid Possible
The telephone company has derided to
President Has Sijncd g82 Private Bills rclueo ltl ray station rate from 10
iiii 10 j rents per can lrcssueit
T- lll i 1- -
i iiicii sum i siLiiijv ijuc iiic
Ip to noon jetcrday the Pres dent
en lad been determined unin some
time ago Ly the director of the
nnnv Ii if ii tt it 1
b5 Congre s at this session Of the l V ua la
Mutrxiuu - iu ttiii H 11 snuuiti take cuc t
He further stated that v hilc the tele
phone rate question was aw itirg the
decision of the Supreme Court and a
0111 to regulate tbe use of telephone
resolutions o iginated and patred bj the CF e District was pending in
House r2 have iiot become laws of the I ii ot not deemed -vise to
Senile public bilis and resolutions a reduction because it vns
amended ard passed b the House 22 1 tJousht that the compnj b motives
have not become liws and of the nri
v-it- bill- Hou e and Seneto passed by
the House 57 have not become lows
Sin possum- jjc misunderstood but
the Supreme Court having rendered It
decision and the act respecting wires
and conduits hiving been pissed b
Co gres and approved hv ilm Prnt
the idtLitfan crptnt tn y u -
SOUVENIR MEDALS Wti m rate could I pSw7 Si
I misunderstood
Wlln arI 1 about tho questions still
rroceeds of Sale to Be Used to rcct to be determined as required by the de-
clilen of the supreme Court Mr Bethcll
said that he did not think it proper to
I--- iu se questions as thej are in
the hands ot counsel who must meet
them In the rroper way when the case is
taken up Dy the Supre no Coart of the
District to which it lies been reman Jed
He would only say that the company
would endeavor as far as possible to
gain the good vdll of its customers bv
rendering the highest class of service at
rates which he believed when falrlv
considered would be found to bo rea
sonable and Just
derful pictures of Western life that can
never be seen an where else It will lie
a matter of only a few years until the
poor unfortunate Indian will be num
bered among the dead races and for this
reason he Is all the more interesting
to the people of America toda Even
at this advanced period there are many
people In America who have never seen
an Indian
The superiority of the cowboj to the
redskin will be shown in a thrilling
manner by Buckskin Bill In his great
educational exhibition which is recom
mended by ministers and members of
profession as one worthy of the
greatest patronage
Young Girl Victim cf Drugs
The police are trslng to unravel the
of the drugging of Julia Folk-
hurst seventeen 3 ears old who ha3 been
in an unconscious state for over thirty
hours Phsslcians say that the girl Is
a victim of chloral She formerly lived
on UStii Street New York city She
visited New York on Thursday and was
seen here that night with an unknown
man Later she was found wandering
nlmlesslv nhnnf the streets hv tho nnllno
of Uic legal point would le left to the as if in a stupor She soon became un-
aiiorncy uencrai 1 conscious and has remained so
is Known as Bureau of In
sular and Tei 1 itorul Affairs
Government Here Obtains Its Knowl
edge cf Our foreign Possessions and
Within the past few months a new di
vision has grown up in the Dcpa traent
of Justice It is known ai the Bureau ot
InjUa and Territorial Aifair3 The idea
orisimted v itli Attorney General Knox
Congress authorized it the Attorney
General established it and now Special
It is a vast field of information
BULKiKIN BILL S WILD WESTwIlcn department cf the Government
iiirau data or even sort out more par-
A Tribe of Sioux One of the Ferttires
of the Show
The American Indian will 30on exist
only In histor3 His extermination has
been gradual but will be sure He has
been gradually driven from his
nomo in the East to a few barren reser
vatlons in tbe West where by amalga
matlon dissipation or separation he is
fast becoming extinct
The redskin has alvajs been one of
the most picturesque as well as cun
ning of the races He is jabd of per
ception licet of foot loal Jo a friend
and unsielding to the enemy Thre are
many other things that make the In
dian interesting to people who know
very little about him and his habits
They learned to ride and shoot from
the white man but many of them can
almost excel their teachers
With Buckskin Bill who comes to this
cit tomorrow arid there are
some of the most noted of the Sioux
tribe of Indians Their exhibition of
horsemanship marksmanship with rifle
shotgun or pistol their war dances and
attacks on stage coaches will form won
ticiilarlv letral decisions technical
knotted points of law enacted In every
Source of Information
Especially s this bureau designed
however as a source of information re
specting Cuba the Philippines Guam
the Isle of Pines Danish Islands
la and Manna Guano Icland3 Midway
Islands Porto Rico Hawaii Island of
Vicfjj s Alaska Indian nud other Terri
The subject of the ocean cables and
especiallv the Pacific cables al3o iocfs
under tbe observation of the Bureau of
Insular and Territorial Affairs so that
every quick means of communication
with our nc v possessions in the Pacific
and the Par East is not only preserved
but provision made for any legal tan
gle which might tend to overthrow- the
right of the Government to their con
tinued use
Recognizing the growing importance
ot the new possessions Congress on
Pcbruarv 14 enacted as a rider to the
urgent deficiency bill the following
Insular and Territorial Affairs For
defrajing expenses incurred
in the conduct of insuiir and territorial
matters end affairs within the Juris
diction of the Department ot Justice
including the pajment of the necessary
employes at the eat of Government or
elsewhere to be selected and their com
pensation fixed by the Attorny General
of the United States and to be expend
ed under his direction An appropria
tien accompanled and was attached to
the foregoing resolution
Officials at Once Named
Thus Congress authorized a now- branch
or division of the Department of Jus
tice No sooner had this action been
taken by the National Legislature than
the Attorney General acting by direc
tion of the President originated the Bu
reau of Insular and Territorial Affairs
On March 1 Mr Charles W Russell
was appointed a special assistant attor
ney general and at once took charge of
the bureau His assistants appointed 1
shortly afterward are as follows- Alex- J
andcr U temmes Glenn E Husted
Henry A Victh Dr P M Cox Leslie
duller The translator of tho bureau
is Mrs OConnor Mr Charles H Robb
formerly of the oflice of Solicitor of
Internal Revenue a Iawjcr of ability
has recently Jointd the staff
Hardly had the new bureau been or
ganized before the Attorney General
prepared terse yet comprehensive In
structions to guide this branch of his
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Government Questions arc constantly
cening un whether from aifairs In tle
Philippines ia Cuba cr Porto II co
wNtli Involve nice icints ot interna
Land in the Tar East Established tional livv and upon th proper himllln
by Ccnsress in Februatj
elepirtmcnt The rlan evolved requires
that the nev bureau make prelimlnarv
rxamiuations Into such legal question
relating to Islands Territories and the
like as the President and heads of the
various departments of tho Government
submit to tho Attorney General for his
opinion and advice ard also legal and
administrative questions presented to
ihe Attorney General In correspondence
with United States district attorney
in Islands end Territories over which
tbey exercise direction and pre
pare answer- to Inquiries which are
proper for him to answer In his ofllciil
It Is erparcnt that the new Bureau of
Insulir and Tcrritoiial Affairs deals
with matters of vital importance to the
rf which depends possibly the peace
01 tne liovernuient with foreign coun
Many Delicate Qjestiens
Many questions of importance are
presented to tho Bureau of Insular and
Territorial Affairs or the Department of
Justice for preliminary examination
at I report
There they are thorouchlv investi
gated and the conclusions reached by
Assistant Attorney ocnciai onirics vv ir c bjrcauhro reported to the Attornv
itussell of West Virginli directs its General who in turn advises the
varied and Important operations Scccnl dent and jjeads of departments as to tho
in authority is Mr lcxinder II ufr icsai aspect or ever case
pmmrs cme the able Assistant United
States District Attorre who but re
cently moved his c k from the City Hall
to the Department of Justice that he
might assume the duties of his new
At the title Implies the bureau has to
deal with subjects broad in tcce rd
as varied as the nations and peoples that
have come under the protection and au
thority of tho United States because of
the Spanish American war
In order to Intelligent- investieate
these varied and complicated questions
the Bureau cf Insular and Territorial
AiTalrs is building up rapidly a library
sively on the new Islands and like nos
sessions of th United States Maps an I
pamphlets of ever description vhl h
may have any bearing directly or Indi
rectly upon the Philippines Cuba Porto
Rico and any other lands affected one
way or another by recent International
events such as tho Spanish American
war are constantly flowing Into the new
bureau where they arc carefully in
dexed and filed away for reference
Wherever possible those employed at
the bureau make special study of sub
jects contained in these reports and
pamphlets so that the Government al
ready has a corps of trained legal clerks
conversant with matters of every sort In
the various islands of the seas
Library Is Growing
At this time there are eight hundred
books In the library of the Bureau of In
sular and Territorial Affairs and these
works are largely supplemented by mapsj
or every section of the earth The maps
for the most part are hung on the walls
of the rooms occupied the bureau
and reference to them accurate In
formation as to location or distance of
any of our new island possessions can
be had
A majority of these maps are military
maps prepared under direction of the
War Department by army engineers In
the field Naval maps are also Included
In the library and these show the sound
ings of the ocean at various points and
other useful Information The Bureau
has subscribed for and receives news
papers from the Samoan Islands Manila
Honolulu Havana Porto Rico St
Thomas etc
The laws of the various Islands so far
as obtainable have been secured and
i You
filed away for reference in this now
library and they include not only acts
of recent date originated since Ameri
can occupation of this Island or that
but the old Spanish enactments and
even the tribal regulations of the peo
ples living throughout the seas Thus
ihe Bureau of Insular and Territorial
Affairs con refer readily to the Spanish
laws as they were enforced in Cuba or
the Philippines some fifty years ago
All the official orders of American
commanders whether in the Far East
or any other part of the globe and es
pecially if in supreme temporary com
rr l at any seaport city or town of
the new possessions of the United
States ore on file at the Bureau of In
sular and Territorial Affairs
Thus since civil government was de
clared in the Philippines by executive
order tirder date of April 7 1900 the
icts of the Philippine Commission bet
ter known as the Taft Commission be
cause of its presidency have been duly
preserved and now they form an Im
portant part of the library at the De
partment of Justice
Judge Taft in Charge
The full Instructions given the com
mission by the President are also there
By some of these records it is shown
that th commission began work at Ma
nila Philippines on September 12 1S00
Judge William II Taft Is president of
She Commission which Is composed of
eight members five of whom are
eans and three native members Judge
Taft was formerly Solicitor General of
the United States
The first act of this Philippine Com-
conned of beaViKgt enl If JyTT
out of the Philippine funds for the
1 jwtf
A AflfRf
III lir
p 1H11I
mm m
- i I
v lit m
1 I H
t Mm
building and Improvement of highways
and bridges In the islands A copy of
this measure Is held at the Bureau of
Insular and Territorial Affairs In this
Although the United States does not
yet control the Danish Islands and like
possessions In the Pacific the Bureau ot
Insular and Territorial Affairs is look
ing Into the conditions as they exist In
these islanls This fact would seem to
Intimate that the Government mas have
e3es wide open on the subject of even
still greater expansion
On the other hand it may be stated
that information as to these Islands Is
of advantage to the Government from
other standpoints However Information
cf every nature bearing on the Pacific
islands is being carefully preserved
Alaska Is Watched
The vast Territory of Alaska Is also
under the observation of the Bureau of
Insular and Territorial Affairs Maps of
this wild region have been secured and
fchould the disputed question
with Great Britain suddenly assume an
aggravated phase the Government
through the Department ot Justice
would be ready to deal with it as would
best advance the interests of the United
No bureau is of more importance than
tbat on Insular affairs It has come to
sta3 The need of such a branch In the
legal department of the Government will
enhance the value of that branch and
time will build up such a division a3
v ill make the Department of Justice
proud As the new- island possessions of
tfce country grow In population and im
portance so will the bureau about
which so little Is yet known
Leaders Since 1867
Our Jui
Suit Instituted Over Street
Cleaning Machines
Petitioner Alleges Breach ox Contract
Justice Hagncr Orders Defendants
to Answer
Proceedings were filed In equity yes
terday by Gcorpce C Esher and Joseph
SI Wheatley to restrain the Sanitary
Street Sweeping Company from collect
ing JSOO which will be due the companjr
from the District next Tueiday for
work The court Is also asked to en-
Join the District authorities from pay
ing the amount named pendfng the pro
John Fitzmorrls and Charles D Ni
cola president and secretary respec
tively of the Sanitary Street Sweeping
Company are named as defendants At
torneys Ralston and SIddons are counsel
for the complainants
It is stated that the complainants and
the defendants Fltzmorris and Nicola
entered into a contract whereby the for
mer agreed to put the street sweepins
machincs manufactured by the defend
ants on the market either for sale or
lease or both as exclusive sales agents
Terms of Contract
According to the terms of the con
tract it Is alleged the machines were to
be leased at a rate of J625 a month For
placing them in use tbe complainants
were to receive 325 a month for each
machine leased to the District It was
further agreed it is stated that a set
tlement was to be made monthly
Among the orders placed by the com
plainants it is said Is one by which
th District agreed to lease 130 ma
chines to be delivered before July 1
1301 It is also stated that the com
plainants also placed for the sale and
lease of a large number of the machines
In Ohio Indiana New York and Cuba
vvhen the petition was presented to
Justice Hagner he issued a rule requir
ing the defendants to make answer on
July 7 next
Third Anniversary to Be Celebrated at
Tenleytown Tomorrow
Tomorrow marks the third anniversary
of Potomac Council Knights of Colum
bus The council since Its Installation
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numbers over 3C0 members
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None worth less than S ----
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